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two virginia tech students charged in connection with the murder of a 13-year-old-- go before a judge.while investigators continue to build a case against them.also deadly train crash.a norfolk southern freight train slams into a car.they investigation into what lead to the collision.andsuperbowl scam. sot:counterfeiters are looking to make a buck wherever they can find the panthers prepare for the big game-- law enforcement officials are warning to beware of what you buy.details on how fans are being targeted. two virginia tech students make their first court appearance today-- for the death of 13-year-old nicole lovell.david eisenhauer -- is charged with felony abduction and first degree murder. natalie keepers is accused of helping eisenhauer dispose of the bodythey were both arraigned in montgomery county court today. at the same time, divers spent another day searching a pond on virginia tech's campus- looking for anything related
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reported missing last week, and police found her remains just over the state line in north carolina over the weekend.right now- investigators are working on an autopsy to determine how she died. since the beginning, this has been a fast moving case- most of the developments taking place just within the last few days.investigators found out ----- nicole was part of an internet dating group.that group is now shut down.wfxr's solina lewis is live in blacksburg-- following this developing news.and solina, you talked with an organization instrumental in getting that dating group shut down? that's right guys, but for every group that gets shut down, those involved say there are hundreds more that pop up, and with new apps being invented every day, being an investigator, and especially a parent, only becomes more difficult to navigate... nicole's friends and family
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those close to the case are trying to make sense of how a thirteen year old could have such a different life online than the one she shared with classmates and neighbors..."we cant believe facebook would allow these types of groups allowing a thirteen year old when it's just pornography"in the wake of 13 year old nicole lovell's abduction and murder, new details continue to emerge about her online activity,and participation in teen dating groups on facebook...kenny jarels, who's been close to lovell's family since the teen went missing, says some of the responses nicole was getting in those groups were nothing less than terrifying..."the guys that were sending her messages and talking to her were thirty and forty years old so we're trying to get facebook to shut them down" kenny jarels has seen his fair share of missing, murdered, and exploited teens through his work with hstng, a non profit started by the parents of vt student who was kidnapped, raped, and murdered...jarels says social media continues to present new challenges to both parents and law enforcement..."there's so many apps out there today that i don't know how parents are supposed to reign them in"he's successfully battled with facebook to get one of these groups shut down but says the war, is far from over..."we can't have another child out
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one of the teen dating groups nicole belonged to on facebook had more than 18,000 members, jarels says it is so important for parents to monitor their child's social media and make sure kids know not to put any phone numbers or addresses on any site or in blacksburg, solina lewis, wfxr news thank you solina. 10:30- the virginia tech community is still reeling from the news-- that of two of their classmates have been arrested in this case.hear
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hear what the accussed murder's former high school principal is saying about him. and as this story continues to develop- we will keep you updated on air- and also online on our website- virginia first dot com. in franklin county-a woman was indicted on second degree murder and child abuse charges- after the death of a child in her care.hope perdue has been indicted just months after sheriffs started investigating the suspicious death of a 3-year-old child. police say callen mullins was found dead in perdue's home back in may.according to the search warrants filed in roanoke county, hope perdue's husband told investigators hope was the last person holding callen the morning he was killed. as we get ready for the big game- fans from all over the country are already showing up in california- to cheer on the carolina panthers-- or the broncos- we will have live reports throughout the week from california.wfxr's john kutch - koe is live in san francisco for us tonight- john
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super bowl week has arrived in full, here in the bay area. we're at the epicenter of san francisco, what they call "super bowl city", and later on in the week, when the fans arrive here -- thursday night, friday night, on those three to four night getaways, this will be bustling with activity. it's a city within a city. super bowl city here in the heart of san francisco. it's quiet now, but by the end of the week, this will be the epicenter of super bowl 50. the highlight being a replica of the golden gate bridge, complete with a zip-line flying over it. most fans will not arrive here until thursday or friday, save for one.rocky the leprechaun: "here we go broncos, here we go! hehehehehe!"kucko: rocky, the legendary leprechaun, from denver.rocky the leprechaun: "i got here thursday. last thursday! i'm leading the charge for the denver broncos fans, that's what i do. you know, i lead the cheers. for 33 years, i've been leading the cheers at denver broncos games, and now, i'm leading the charge here, getting
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the teams, like i said, staying way away from san francisco, minimizing distractions as best they can. we'll be here every step of the way, covering it for you.
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jose, i'm john kucko. hey john have you seen any panthers fans yet?and john there was a media event tonight- how are the coaches feeling? in roanoke county - police are working to determine what lead to a deadly train crash. one utility worker was killed - another seriously injured - when their truck was hit by a locomotive. w-f-x-r's bill wadell is live - with new information about the victims. travel. a 22-year-old man from washington county - was seriously hurt. a 56-year-old from west virginia was killed.
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in a company truck. we just learned from norfolk southern - this wreck happened at a private crossing - that does not require gates or warning lights. 00:00 - 00:0500:28 - 00:33 "upon arrival the truck was on fire"this is all that's left - a burned and mangeled truck. police say - this truck was on spring hollow access road - at a crossing - when it was hit by a norfolk souther freight train. roanoke county police say 22-year-old johnny collins of abingdon virginia was seriously hurt. his co-worker - 56-year-old william lineberry of bluefield west virginia died. both worked for a-e-p. sgt. jeffrey johnson "members of the blue ridge transportation safety board regional crash team, including salem police norfolk southern police." officials at norfolk southern say - the train had 3 locomotives and 14 freight cars. this wreck happened in a 40 m-p-h track speed for the train - and again - this crash happened at
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live, bill wadell, wfxr news. a virginia student has now come down with the zika virus- this as the c-d-c adds four countries to its travel alert list.william and mary college in williamsburg said one of their students contracted zika while traveling over winter break in central america.the school says the student is not experiencing symptoms and is expected to make a full recovery. meanwhile the c-d-c added american samoa, costa rica, curacao and nicaragua have been added to the list of countries where the zika virus is active. the lack of a vaccine or population immunity spurred the world health organization into action. "members of the committee agree that the situation meets the conditions for a public
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international concer a mild disease for most people... but the virus is bad for pregnant women.. zika is linked to a rare birth defect that leads to babies being born with abnormally small heads. wfxr news is your local election headquarters.tonight presidential candidates are waiting for the results of the iowa caucus .but carl cameron reports some candidates are concerned- a storm heading toward iowa- may affect turnout. 0:06-0:11 0:24-0:31 1:14-1:19 1:45-1:50 2:00-2:05 donald trump had sarah palin back on the stump with him today in
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a virginia teacher gets the opportunity of a lifetime!coming up next- the famous voice she says- helped her come out of a coma! getting a good deal on merchandise for the superbowl- can sometimes leave an even bigger hole in your pocket.and coming up at 10:30- how you
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overnight...cloudy. a chance of rain this evening...then a slight chance of rain with patchy drizzle. areas of fog. lows inthe lower 40s. light rain50 percent. .tuesday...areas of fog in the morning. cloudy with a chance ofrain with patchy drizzle. cooler with highs in the upper 40s.southeast winds around 10 mph. gusts up to 25 mph in the afternoon. chance of rain 50 percent..tuesday night...rain likely with a chance of drizzle in theevening...then rain after midnight. near steady temperature inthe upper 40s. southeast winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to30 mph. chance of rain near 100 percent..wednesday...showers. not as cool with highs in the upper 50s.south winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 35 mph. chance of rainnear 100 percent. .wednesday night...partly cloudy. a slight chance of rain andsnow showers after midnight. cooler with lows in the mid 30s.northwest winds 10
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mph. chance ofprecipitation 20 percent..thursday...mostly sunny. much cooler with highs in the upper30s..thursday night and friday...mostly
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a virginia high school teacher wakes up from a coma- and meets the man behind the music- her family believes saved her life!kelly hennessa got the chance to meet david cassidy!but the story behind how she got to meet him is remarkable.last summer, hennessa and her son were in a car reck in gainsville- and she went into a coma.her husband decided to sing and play cassidy's music during the two months she was hospitalized.then one day- she woke up.friends helped spread the word of her recovery- and eventually one of david cassidy's managers her about it.they made her dream of meeting him- come true. "the doctors said that, you know, talk to her reach out it might help pull her out. it might cause her to react to something she hears. because he says it's very important
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are to come out of the coma." cut to cassidy says: "you made my night."hennessa says: "you made mine too." now while hennessa has made a lot progress she still has a long recovery road ahead. a go fund me page has been set up, for anyone willing to donate to help her recover. coming up-what should you do to get ready for the next big snow storm?in tonight's ag life report- experts explain
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this week has been a rollercoaster ride of weather - from a foot of snow - to temps in the sixties!those drastic changes - can take a toll on farm buildings and livestock. w-f-x-r's bill wadell shows us what farmers should do now - before the next big storm. 00:00 - 00:0500:08 - 00:13 last weeks forecast - left many farm insurance agents - a bit nervous. stacy simmons "when you start talking about snow in feet, that's when you start worrying about barn structures collapsing due to the weight of the snow. " luckily - stacy simmons says - there were no claims from any of his farmers - after the storm that dumped a foot of snow across our region. now that most of the snow has melted - simmons says - now is the time to inspect barns and other buildings. stacy simmons
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damage like that, even if the building didn't collapse, it could do damage to it."just like home or car insurance - not everything is covered for most farmers. collapse coverage often costs extra - along with added winter perils - which insures livestock lost during weather weather. stacy simmons "you're selling livestock, buying new equipment, you need to sit down at your renewal and go over your policy."that way - what matters most is covered. and - you're not paying for something - you no longer need. with the ag life report, bill wadell, wfxr news. simmons says - farmers should simmons says - farmers should keep updated pitcures of their property and equipment - just in case - something goes wrong - and they have to call their
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two virginia tech students locked up tonight- in connection to the death of a 13 year old girl.coming up- reaction from students-and when the suspects are due for their next court appearance. plus-13 years later- nasa remembers some of their own.. coming up-the anniversary of
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investigation into the murder of nicole madison lovell is far from over. this morning virginia tech freshmen david eisenhauer and natalie keepers were arraigned in court. w-f-x-r's charlie cooper spoke to students who are still shaken from the weekend's discovery. virginia tech freshmen, david eisenhauer and natalie keepers headed to court today for the
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in the abduction and murder of 13-year-old nicole lovell meantime, classmates on tech's campus were still in disbelief. rachel lowery-senior, virginia tech"no one really knows what to think or do, everyone's just coming together and supporting each other." eisenhauer is charged with first degree murder and abductionkeepers is charged with helping to get rid of the body."to think that it could have been somebody i sat next to when i was eating lunch. " as police continue to search for clues the school is taking extra precaution.niko milosevic- freshmen, virginia tech"in my dorm they put signs up just reinforcing the fact that it's residence, specific guests only, dont just let anybody in that's waiting outside. "hannah flavin- freshmen, virginia tech"i'm going to be a little skeptical and look out for my friends a lot more."this has rocked the blacksburg community to it's core ... as students keep the memory of a young girl gone way too soon in their thoughts and prayers. in blacksburg,
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eisenhauer and keepers are being held without bond.their next court appearance is set for march 28th. the man charged with lovell's murder graduated from wilde lake high school in maryland. david eisenhauer's former high school principal told reporters---- that eisenhauer was an outstanding athelete and student- and he is having a hard time believing he could be involved in the crime. ""he was an excellent student. very focused. very goal driven." cut to "you know what, anyone in that situation, when you know a student to have those allegations to come up would be shocked. disbelief. you know, i don't know the details about the situation and i don't really want to say too much more than that."police say david eisenhauer and nicole lovell knew each other- but have not elaborated on their relationship. police also arrested natalie keepers-- also a student at virginia tech-- in connection with the 13 year old's murder. keepers is charged with helping dispose of the body.
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since the challenger disaster. today marks 13 years since the destruction of the space shuttle columbia. seven astronauts were killed when the space ship broke apart during re-entry in 2003. columbia was the first of nasa's orbiter fleet.its first four missions -- starting in 1981 -- helped nasa prove the concept of a reusable spaceship.on its final mission, exterior tiles were damaged during lift-off- and led to the break up on decent. the big game is a big oppportunity for counterfeit you can avoid
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overnight...cloudy. a chance of rain this evening...then a slight chance of rain with
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lows inthe lower 40s. light and variable winds. chance of rain50 percent. .tuesday...areas of fog in the morning. cloudy with a chance ofrain with patchy drizzle. cooler with highs in the upper 40s.southeast winds around 10 mph. gusts up to 25 mph in the afternoon. chance of rain 50 percent..tuesday night...rain likely with a chance of drizzle in theevening...then rain after midnight. near steady temperature inthe upper 40s. southeast winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to30 mph. chance of rain near 100 percent..wednesday...showers. not as cool with highs in the
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mph with gusts up to 35 mph. chance of rainnear 100 percent. .wednesday night...partly cloudy. a slight chance of rain andsnow showers after midnight. cooler with lows in the mid 30s.northwest winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. chance ofprecipitation 20 percent..thursday...mostly sunny. much cooler with highs in the upper30s..thursday night and friday...mostly
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before you buy gear for your favorite team facing off in the super bowl-- make sure the products you're buying are authentic.tonight we have new details about counterfeit merchandise... and why you should steer clear. 00-056-10 super bowl run for the panthers-- means a super surge in product sales.weaver says: "these things don't happen that often and its nice to remember these things with this memorabilia." but the department of homeland security is warning people--major events like this-- also draw major counterfeiting.cox says: "counterfeiters are looking to make a buck wherever they can find it. they see an opportunity to sell a product they're going to take it. the super bowl, being a major
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opportunity for counterfeiters." u-s immigration and customs enforcement officials say its one of the biggest weekends of the year for counterfeiting--and the department of homeland security has already removed thousands of fake super bowl 50 products from the bay area. cox says: "last year ice seized about 19.5 million dollars in counterfeit nfl merchandise. when you consider that a jersey here and a jersey there, gets funneled up the chain. that 19.5 million dollars of counterfeit sales goes onto the black market and is used to fund a variety of criminal activity." so why spend money on something authentic? officials say the counterfeit product isn't made to last-- and buyers should beware.cox says: "they put it together just enough for you to wear it, you wear it once or twice you put it in the washer and it falls apart. on a counterfeit jersey you turn it inside out and you can see it frayed edges and loose threads, i can pull the jersey apart already." fans we talked to say they plan to stick with buying authentic merchandise to support the home team.artis says: "you don't want to spend a lot of money on something that is fake and realize its not real and you
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after some early acc struggles the cavs seem to have righted the ship... and it's coming at the right time...jermaine ferrell traveled to charlottesville this morning to see what has changed for uva and what it means going forward... and it's a big intra-county battle with james river hosting lord botetourt... highlights from the battle of
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after 4 straight wins, including a thumping of the louisville cardinals on saturday, the virginia cavaliers are back in the top 10 released today... uva returns to action wednesday night at john paul jones arena against boston college... jermaine ferrell has more on the cavaliers current hot streak... 01-0521-25 jf 01-05 virginia head basketball coach tony bennett talks about there's a fine line between winning and losing. last week in their 2 road wins the line was real tight against wake forest. in their game with louisville it opend up big the cavaliers are tied for 3rd in the acc because of those two big wins. tb 21-25 i think the fact that the guys played that well in a tough environment against a quality opponet was important. we certainly got some momentum in the win over wake forest. but how you prepare in practice and staying after it. guys continuting to battle and keep trying to improve collectively and individually that is always the key.jf next up is a home date with boston college. the eagles are winless in acc play. but coach
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shouldn't take boston college lightly.tb they have hungry youn guys and it is the ability to establish your kinda game against them. knowing record don't matter as much as you think because the separation is smaller than most people think. wake forest only had one win in the conference and a talented team we were on the ropes or maybe flat on our back on the 8 count but luckly we got lifted up.jf reporting from charlottesville, jermaine ferrell, wfxr sports. there are 3 things i like when doing highlights... alliteration, bad puns and a good rivalry matchup... tonight we have all 3... the battle of botetourt brewing in buchanan... james river
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cavs working on their knight moves... lord botetourt won the first meeting back in december, but both of these teams are very different now...1. the cavaliers working the inside-out game to perfection... justin mcivor drills it from the corner... he had 4 3s in the first half... botetourt up 9...2. but the knights would go to work, chipping away at the lead... the strong move through the lane by jesse boston for 2... it's more than a feeling he can play some ball...3. then it's garrett dorton bulldozing his way to the rim and showing the soft touch off the glass...4. but there was just too much of this... joe mikalauskas to ryan fralin for the double pump reverse lay-in... that's a nifty move...lord botetourt cruises to the 62-37 win in the battle of botetourt county... coming up... we head to california for media night as we continue our week long coverage of the panthers and
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:00-:06:26-:32:54-1:00we are only 6 days away from the big game where the panthers go for the first super bowl win in franchise history... but tonight it is media night in san jose, california where the players and coaches have to
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comes from playing in the world's great spectacle... our guy john kucko is there taking it all in... john it seems the coaches and players dealing with it all???john kucko: "normally at super bowl week media is on tuesday and during the afternoon. all the players and coaches are exposed to about 4,000 members of the media from all over the world. the nfl decided to put it in prime time. so that's what's going on this evening. broncos head coach gary kubiak talked about being at the super bowl and what he expects on sunday."gary kubiak: "they're a great football team so our challenge with them is their entire team. they've been dominate throughout the course of this season. you win doing a lot of things right. so it's going to be a challenge. but if you get to this point that's probably going to be that way. so we have a lot of confidence in our team. we've been pretty consistent as a group and hopefully we have one left in us."i've talked to a lot of players over the years. they just want this day to be over. you get some crazy antics going on inside the sap center in san jose. they just want to get past this and just look
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archer: "looking at the game. is there a fan favorite yet?" john kucko: "it's too early yet. the masses don't arrive until thursday or friday nights. nothing more than that because it is very expensive to go to a super bowl for even 3 or 4 nights. we haven't seen a ground swell yet. later in the week we can give you a better indicator on that."jeff archer: "thank you very much. we'll have much more with you from out there all week long. for now, try to enjoy yourself
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national signing day is just 2 days away... and standout magna vista running back jac hairston knows where he will sign to play college football... hairston committing today to coastal carolina according to the roanoke times... the senior finished his career with an outstanding 352 yards rushing in the warriors state
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lord botetourt... tonight - there is breaking news in danville. two men have been shot - in an attempted robbery - on mount vernon avenue. police tell us - one of the victims - is doctor randolph neal. officers say - he was shot - while leaving a meeting at danville regional medial center. doctor neal is being treated at the hospital - for several gunshot wounds. a second man who was shot - has been treated and released. we'll have the latest on good
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