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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 6  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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high pressure today into tonight. a strong coldfront will arrive on bringing widespread rain.colder air returns to close the dangers of the internet. friends of a murdered 13 year old raise concerns about online social media sites. the results are in....before last night's iowa caucus are no longer alone at the front of the pack. "tonight is a victory for the grassroots.afraid of his shadow can you you really trust a weather forecasting rodent? we'll put the groundhog to the
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thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's tuesday, february second. i'm kyle benjamin and i'm january keaton new this morning: a crash in southeast roanoke killed a man last night. roanoke city police say it happened around 8-30 last night on garden city boulevard near craig robertson road. right now, it's not clear how the accident happened. two people, including a danville doctor are expected to recover after someone shot them during an attempted robbery monday night. officers say dr. randolph neal was walking home from danville regional medical center when he was shot near mount vernon avenue. a neighbor who heard the gunshots came out to help and was also shot. police are still looking for the suspects. two virginia tech students made their first court appearance on monday in the death of 13-year-old nicole lovell. david eisenhauer is charged with first degree felony abduction. natalie keepers is accused of helping eisenhauer dispose of the body.s since lovell's
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developments in the case have taken place within the last few days. investigators have found out that nicole was part of an internet dating group. that groups is now shut down! wfxr's solina lewis talked to the people responsible for getting that site shut down. nicole's friends and family are still reeling in the days
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those close to the case are trying to make sense of how a thirteen year old could have such a different life online than the one she shared with classmates and neighbors..."we cant believe facebook would allow these types of groups allowing a thirteen year old when it's just pornography"in the wake of 13 year old nicole lovell's abduction and murder, new details continue to emerge about her online activity,and teen dating groups on facebook...kenny jarels, who's been close to lovell's family since the teen says some of the responses nicole was getting in those groups less than terrifying...were sending her messages and talking to her were thirty and forty years old so we're trying to get facebook to shut them down" kenny jarels has share of missing, murdered, and exploited teens through his work non profit started by the parents of vt student who was kidnapped, raped, and murdered...jarels says social media continues to present new challenges to both parents and law enforcement..."there's so many apps out there today that i don't know how parents are reign them in"he's successfully battled with facebook to get one of these groups shut down but says the war, is far from over..."we can't have another child out there exposed to sexual predators on facebook" that was that was solina lewis reporting. one of the facebook teen dating groups that nicole belonged to had more than 18-thousand members. jarels says its important
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child's social media use.. and make sure no personal information like phone numbers or addresses is listed anywhere. wfxr news is your local election headquarters wfxr news is your local election the first real campaign event is now in the books. let's see what they decided. fox news says the democratic caucus is still too close to call. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders each received 50 percent of the vote. for the republicans, donald trump is front runner. ted cruz won the caucus with 28 percent of the vote. trump gained 24 percent and florida senator marco rubio was a close third with 23 percent of the support. the results have already led two candidates to drop from the race. both democrat martin o'malley and republican mike huckabee have quit the campaign.s carolin shively has more from des moines.
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1:07-1;13the iowa caucuses deliver some big surprises for both the democrats and the republicans. on the democratic side --- the race is now down to just hillary clinton bernie sanders... after martin o'malley suspended his presidential campaign.clinton says: "i am excited about really getting into the debate with senator sanders about forward to fight for us and clinton was expecting a big win in iowa... and, while it was too close to call last sanders is claiming victory for having such a tight race. sanders says: "as i think about what happened tonight, i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message, to the political establishment." for the republicans --- after donald trump led the polls for months... texas senator ted cruz scored a surprise victory. cruz says: "iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. it was an upset for trump who was hoping for but it may not
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on last week's moines.trump says: "we get the republican nomination and easily beat hillary or bernie." now with on to new hampshire... just a week away. in des moines, shively, fox news high pressure wedges southward today into tonight. a strong coldfront will arrive on wednesday bringing widespread
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punxsutawney, punxsutawney, pennsylvania is the place to be today as thousands gather to get a glimpse of punxsutawney phil in celebration of groundhog day. in just over an hour, we will find out whether or not phil will see his shadow this year. since 2000, phil has seen his shadow in all but three years. of course everyone is gathering in punxsutawney to find out if we will have to
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winter or if we can expect an early start to spring. however, as meteorologist taylor kanost found out, punsutawney phil isn't nearly as accurate as you might think. that's right. you would think with all of the fanfare surrounding groundhog day that there would be something to phil's forecating skills. it turns out that's not the case at all. since this tradition began back in 1887, phil has seen his shadow 102 times and has not seen his shadow only 17 times. that means we would usually expect winter weather to extend well into the month of march. in reality, the split between an extended winter and an early spring is close to 50/50. so let's look at how phil's predictions compare to virginia's weather in february and march. determining if the weather is "winter-like" or not is kind of subjective, but for the sake of argument let's say the threshold for winter weather in virginia is around 40 degrees. since records have been kept, phil has correctly forecast virginia's weather 55
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incorrectly 61 times. that means phil is only accurate 47 percent of the time. that percentage will put you in the hall of fame in baseball, but in regards to forecasting the weather, that is not very good. correctly guessed six more for virginia the weeks of winter for virginia the past two years. historically speaking though, you have a better chance of guessing correctly with a coin flip than following phil's lead. taylor kanost wfxr coming up-what should you do to get ready for the next big snow storm?in today's ag life report- experts explain
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the past couple of weeks has been a rollercoaster ride when it came to the weather.... snow - to temps in the sixties! changes - can take a toll on and livestock. w-f-x-r's bill wadell shows us what farmers should do now - before the next big storm. 00:00 - 00:0500:08 - 00:13 last weeks forecast - left many farm insurance agents - a
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"when you start talking about snow in feet, that's when you start worrying about barn structures collapsing due to the weight of the snow. " luckily - stacy simmons says - there were no claims from any of his farmers - after the storm that dumped a foot of snow across our region. now that most of the snow has melted - simmons says - now is the time to inspect barns and other buildings. stacy simmons "see if there's any damage, any rafters sagging, or any damage like that, even if the building didn't collapse, it could do damage to it."just like home or car insurance - not everything is covered for most farmers. collapse coverage often costs extra - along with added winter perils - which insures livestock lost during weather weather. stacy simmons "you're selling livestock, buying new equipment, you need to sit down at your renewal and go over your policy."that way - what matters most is covered. and - you're not paying for something - you no longer need. with the ag life report, bill wadell, wfxr
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good news this morning for chipotle lovers! it appears the restaurant chain's e-coli outbreak is finally over! dozens of customers in several states reported getting sick after eating at the fast food chain. to win back customers, the restaurant is planning some deep discounts for the upcoming big game. next monday, chipotle will briefly close all of its restaurants for a health and safety meeting with employees.
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wedges southward today into tonight. a strong coldfront
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seasonably colder air returns to close out the patchy dense fog this morning. this morning...then a chance of rain this afternoon. much
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variable and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. roanoke city police chief chris perkins held his final briefing before city council ahead of his retirement march 1st.and some good news to report... crime numbers across the valley continue a downward trend. there is a 64-percent drop in violent crime. a 39-point-9 percent drop in property crime and a 42-point-7-percent drop in total crime since 2005. five year numbers are also down as a see more of the report, head to our website, virginia first dot-com. the legal blood alcohol level may become lower. at least that's what the national transportation safety board wants. it's asking states to lower their legal limit from point-zero-8 to point- zero-5. they say it's a way to reduce alcohol-related road accidents. in the last decade, one-third of all highway deaths involved alcohol.
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of seeing his favorite team play in the super bowl this sunday.but then his church stepped in. 75 people who attend kingdom vision life center chipping in thousands of dollars to give their beloved pastor -- ronald wilson -- the trip of a lifetime. gifting him an all expenses paid trip to super bowl 50... on sunday - he'll trade his greensboro pulpit for the stands at levi's stadium in santa clara, california... a dream come true for someone who's been a panthers fan since the team first started. pastor wilson's wife, rachel, asked the congregation to chip in - as a way to show their appreciation.rachel wilson says: "he gives his life for a ministry... he gives his life for the congregation... and what better than the he's always dishing out sundays." pastor wilson saying he is excited to attend super bowl 50 next weekend -- but he will miss his congregation. it's tuesday and that means there are a lot of new
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if you're if you're looking for some new home entertainment options this week, you're in luck. the choices range from a cold war spy film, to a comedy about a father and step-father trying to out-do each other with the kids.adam housley
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snd full: "have you represented many accused spies, this will be the accused spies, represented many "have you snd full: takes a look.adam housley kids. other with the kids.adam housley takes a look. snd full: "have you represented many accused spies, this will be the first for both of us" the oscar- nominated cold war era film "bridge of spies" leads the "bridge of war era film the oscar-of us"first for both this will be the represented many "have you snd full: takes a look.adam housley kids. other with the kids.takes a look. "have you represented many this will be the first for both of us"nominated cold war era film spies" leads the week's list of new releases. the steven spielberg production events follows an insurance lawyer recruited to defend a soviet spy then tasked with rescue of an american pilot. "we've been ridiculed, ignored." for more drama based on real life events, there's "suffragette" with carey mulligan, helena bonham carter, streep."tonight we have new information on the presidents military service" stars cate blanchett and robert redford as mary mapes during their 2004 cbs 60 minutes investigation into president military service and the fallout as a result.snd full: "if you want to win we'll have "our brand is crisis" has sandra bullock as a campaign to get a controversial bolivia reelected---thornton plays her longtime rival.snd full : "be grateful i got hurt." in comedy home" with mark wahlberg and squaring off as dad and step-dad kids' attention.snd full : "book check, blind date check" there's also "man up" with simon pegg and lake bell mistakenly thinks bell's character is his blind date---in a comedic search for love. the same producers of shaun of the dead and hot fuzz. snd full : "this has got to be fate" for laughs world bill murray plays a music manager afghanistan in hopes of finding a star in "rock the kasbah." snd full : "you're not qualified for what happens next" for fantasy-adventure vin diesel leads the way in the action-packed "the last
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last fight" from the there's the complete fifth "falling skies." snd full : "things you don't forget" and in new music elton john releases "wonderful crazy night."snd full: in
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high pressure wedges southward
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cold front will arrive on wednesday bringing widespread rain. seasonably colder air returns to close out the week. thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's tuesday, february second. i'm kyle benjamin and i'm january roanoke county police continue to investigate a deadly accident involving an aep truck and a train. the accident happened on monday shortly before noon on the spring hollow access road near west river road. norfolk southern tells wfxr news that the crossing where the
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and does not require gates or signs. johnny collins of as seriously hurt. his co-worker, william lineberry of bluefield, west virginia died. both worked for a-e-p. the investigation into the murder of a 13 year old girl from blacksburg is far from over. virginia tech freshmen david eisenhauer and natalie keepers made their first court appearances in the death of nicole lovell. w-f-x-r's charlie cooper spoke to students who are still shaken from the weekend's discovery. virginia tech freshmen, david eisenhauer and natalie keepers headed to court today for the first time ... facing charges in the abduction and murder of 13-year-old nicole lovell meantime, classmates on tech's campus were still in disbelief. rachel lowery-senior, virginia tech"no one really knows what to think or do, everyone's just coming together and supporting each other." eisenhauer is charged with murder and abductionkeepers is charged with helping to get
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it could have been somebody i sat next to when i was eating lunch. " as police continue to search for clues the school is taking extra precaution.niko milosevic- freshmen, virginia tech"in my dorm they put signs up just reinforcing the fact that it's residence, only, dont just let anybody in that's waiting outside. " hannah flavin- freshmen, virginia tech"i'm going to be a little skeptical and look out for my friends a lot more." this has rocked the blacksburg community to it's core ... as students keep the memory of a young girl gone way too soon in their thoughts and prayers. in blacksburg, charlie cooper w-f-x-r news. the man charged with lovell's murder graduated from wilde lake high school in maryland. david eisenhauer's former high school principal told reporters---- that eisenhauer was an outstanding athlete and he's having a hard time believing he could be involved in a crime like this! ""he was an excellent student. very focused. very goal driven." cut to "you know what, anyone in that situation, when you know a student to have those allegations to come up would
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know, i don't know the details about the situation and i don't really want to say too much more than that." police say david eisenhauer and nicole lovell knew each other- but have not elaborated on their relationship. police also arrested natalie keepers-- also a student at virginia tech-- in connection with the 13 year old's murder. keepers is charged with helping dispose of the body. in franklin county-a woman was indicted on second degree murder and child abuse charges- after the death of a child in her care.hope perdue has been indicted just months after sheriffs started investigating the suspicious death of a 3-year-old child. police say callen mullins was found dead in perdue's home back in may.according to the search warrants filed in roanoke county, hope perdue's husband told investigators hope was the last person holding callen the morning he was killed. high pressure wedges southward
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will arrive on wednesday bringing widespread rain. seasonably colder air returns to close out the week. one of roanoke's most unique races is happening this weekend. it's the waz-up- wi-dis, no really that's the name....urban run and stair climb, wfxr's paris holmes is
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good morning! it's 3.25 miles of running and 1000 steps of climbing through several roanoke landmarks. we will talk more about the wuz-up-wi-dis challenge coming up on good day virginia. one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
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running a race... normally it's pretty simple, right? you start at point
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it. and -- it's probably the street or on a trail. but this weekend roanoke city parks and rec have put a new spin on racing with their wuz-up-wi-dis urban race and stair challenge. wfxr's paris holmes is live on the course with what makes this race different. the wuzupwidis urban run and stair challenge is considered roanoke's breathtaking race. runners get to race 3.25 miles plus 1000 steps through office buildings, parking garages, and train yards. the objective of the race is to run through several downtown roanoke landmarks, traversing surprisingly difficult elevation in three of the city's parking garages and finishing with a breathtaking climb and decent in the wells
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people participated and that number is expected to grow this year. registration is happening now. you can got to to register. the race starts is february 9th at 9 a.m. it's $40 now, $45 on race day. you can get more details on our website . a virginia high school a virginia . . . website details on our can get more race day. you at 9 a.m. it's is february 9th the race starts to register. you can got to happening now. registration is happening now. to register. is february 9th at 9 a.m. it's
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a virginia high school teacher wakes up from a coma- and meets the man behind the music- her family believes saved her life! kelly hennessa got the chance to meet david cassidy! but the story behind how she got to meet him is remarkable. last summer, hennessa and her son were in a car reck in northern virginia- and she
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husband decided to sing and play cassidy's music during the two months she was hospitalized. then one day- she woke up. friends helped spread the word of her recovery- and eventually one of david cassidy's managers her about it. they made her dream of meeting him- come true. "the doctors said that, you know, talk to her reach out it might help pull her out. it might cause her to react to something she hears. because he says it's very important because the longer your the in the coma the less likely you are to come out of the coma." cut to cassidy my night." hennessa says: "you made mine too." now while hennessa has made a lot progress she still has a long recovery road ahead. a go fund me page has been set up, for anyone willing to
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have you ever had an overdue library book? you can rack up a little bit of a fine.... and that's why afraid to take his book back....but then again it *was* seven decades late.we will tell you
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not usually news when a library book is returned--- but we are making an exception this time. after all this is one is 71 years late. frank ryan says he
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"football through the years ", on june 8th, 19-44. he says he forgot he even had it, until his wife died back in december. ryan says his daughter was helping him clean up some of his keepsakes when she found the book. she tried to tell him to call the library and return the book-- but he was afraid to go to jail, so his son picked up the phone and called the library. library officials assured the family that ryan would not go to jail-- and says the library system caps the fines on overdue books at just ten dollars. ryan says: "she says you know you're a little late with this book and i said don't tell anyone because i don't want to go to jail." ryan said he considers the book a good luck charm, especially since he met his wife shortly after taking it
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