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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 8  FOX  February 2, 2016 8:00am-8:58am EST

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ever seen.craziest they've high pressure wedges southward today into tonight. a strong coldfront will arrive on wednesday bringing widespread rain.seasonably colder air returns to close out the week. >> tonight a warm front will make the region through today. highs in the upper 40s to near 50 with patchy drizzle and dense fog for much of the morning at least. details on the forecast and the rest of the week coming up in
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"good day, virginia" returns right now. >> anchor: the dangers of the internet concerns are raised about online social media. >> kyle: and the results are in. the front runners before iowa's caucus are no longer alone at the front of the pack. >> tonight is a victory for the grass roots. >> anchor: then afraid of his shadow. can you really trust the weather forecasting rodent? we'll put the ground hog to the test. tuesday, february second. i'm kyle benjamin and i'm january keaton new this morning: a crash in southeast roanoke killed a man last night. roanoke city police say it happened around 8-30 last
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near craig robertson road. right now, it's not clear how the accident happened. two people, including a danville doctor are expected to recover after someone shot them during an attempted robbery monday night. officers say dr. randolph neal was walking home from danville regional medical center when he was shot near mount vernon avenue. a neighbor who heard the gunshots came out to help and was also shot. police are still looking for the suspects. two virginia tech students made their first court appearance on monday in the death of 13-year-old nicole lovell. david eisenhauer is charged with first degree murder and felony abduction. natalie keepers is accused of helping eisenhauer dispose of the body. s since lovell's disappearance, most developments in the case have taken place within the last few days. investigators have found out that nicole was part of an internet dating group. that groups is now shut down! wfxr's solina lewis talked to the people responsible for getting that
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nicole's friends and family are still reeling in the days after her body was discovered, the case are trying to make sense of how a thirteen year old could have than the one she shared with classmates and neighbors... "we cant believe facebook would allow these allowing a thirteen year old when it's pornography"13 year old nicole lovell's abduction and murder, new details continue to emerge about her online participation in teen dating facebook...kenny jarels, who's lovell's family since the teen went missing, responses nicole was getting in were nothing less than "the guys that were sending her messages and were thirty and forty years old to get facebook to shut them down" kenny jarels has seen his fair missing, exploited teens through his work non profit started by the student who was kidnapped, raped, and murdered...jarels says social to present new challenges to both parents and law enforcement..."there's so many today that i don't know how supposed to reign them in"he's successfully battled with facebook to get battled with successfully he's reign them in"he's successfully battled with facebook to get one of these groups shut down but says the war, is far from over..."we can't have another child exposed to sexual
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that was solina lewis that was that was solina lewis reporting. one of the facebook teen dating groups that nicole belonged to had more than 18- thousand members. jarels says its important for parents to monitor their child's social media use.. and make sure no personal information like phone numbers or addresses is listed anywhere. wfxr news is your local election headquarters
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first real campaign event is now in the books. let's see what they decided. fox news says the democratic caucus is still too close to call. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders each received 50 vote. for the republicans, donald trump is no longer the front runner. ted cruz won the caucus with 28 percent of the vote. trump gained 24 percent and florida senator marco rubio was a close third with 23 percent of the support. the results have already led two candidates to drop from the race. both democrat martin o'malley and republican mike huckabee have quit the campaign.scarolin shively has more from des moines. "00:13-:20:29-:42:49-1:00 1:07-1;13the iowa caucuses deliver some big surprises for both the democrats and the republicans.
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race is now down to just hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders... after martin o'malley suspended his presidential campaign.clinton says: "i am excited about really getting into the debate with senator sanders about the best way forward to fight for us and america." clinton was expecting a big win in iowa... and, while it was too close to call last night... sanders is claiming victory for having such a tight race.sanders says: "as i think about what happened tonight, i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message, to the political establishment." for the republicans --- after donald trump led the months... texas senator ted cruz scored a surprise victory.cruz says: "iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. it was an upset for trump who was hoping for an iowa win.have been much of a shock after he skipped out on last week's moines.trump says: "we get the republican nomination and we will go on to hillary or bernie." now with fewer they move on to new hampshire... with the primary just a week in des moines, caroline shively, fox news newsshively, fox caroline
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punxsutawney, pennsylvania was the place to be this morning as thousands gathered to get a glimpse of punxsutawney phil in celebration of groundhog day. not too long ago, we learned that phil did not see his shadow for the first time since 2012. that means spring may come early for us this year. however, as meteorologist taylor kanost punsutawney phil isn't nearly as might think. that's right. you would think with all of the fanfare surrounding groundhog day that there would be something to phil's forecating skills. it
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since this tradition began back in 1887, phil has seen his shadow 102 times and has not seen his shadow only 17 times. that means we would usually expect winter weather to extend well into the month of march. in reality, the split between an extended winter and an early spring is close to 50/50. so let's look at how phil's predictions compare to virginia's weather in february and march. determining if the weather is "winter-like" or not is kind of subjective, but for the sake of argument let's say the threshold for winter weather in virginia is around 40 degrees. since records have been kept, phil has correctly forecast virginia's weather 55 times while guessing incorrectly 61 times. that means phil is only accurate 47 percent of the time. that percentage will put you in the hall of fame in baseball, but in regards to forecasting the weather, that is not very good. to phil's credit, he has
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weeks of winter for virginia the past two years. historically speaking though, you have a better chance of guessing correctly with a coin flip than following phil's lead. reporting live in the studio, taylor kanost wfxr news. high pressure wedges southward today into tonight. a strong coldfront will arrive on wednesday bringing widespread rain. seasonably colder air returns to close out the week. coming up-what should you do
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you coming up- what should you do to get ready for the next big snow storm?in today's ag life report- experts explain how
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cancer is one of the leading forms of cancers in this country forms of cancers >> anchor: welcome back, everybody, to "good day, virginia". we know breast cancer is the leading form of cancer in the country and it can prove deadly and this is why the komen is dedicated to stop the cancer. they raised millions for local breast cancer programs and national research and next month it will hold the susan g. komen and welcome. tonya, first of all thanks for
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getting up bright and early with us. want to ask you what inspired you to do this? >> well, actually, i am breast cancer survivor. i'm a static breast cancer survivor so still fighting the fight. i was diagnosed in 2008 and been through several surgeries. chemo, radiation, the whole gamete. >> when you say mostatic breast cancer, give me an idea of what mostatic means for those that don't know why it's the continuation of the fight for you. >> sure. it's basically there are stages. this is stage 4 and what that means is that the breast cancer has spread to another part of your body. mine actually spread to my liver. >> anchor: so you have cancer of the liver now and it started as breast cancer? >> well, it's actually still called breast cancer even though it's in the liver. it is still called breast cancer. >> anchor: wow! but you look amazing and hard to believe you're fighting stage 4 cancer.
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here a little bit, producers. but how do you physically feel? >> i feel fine! actually i go to duke cancer center and i just go for a basically every starting this time and just go through the scans and we watch it and monitor it. >> and what can you tell us about this soiree? >> it's an event we've done for several years now and this year we're separating it from the race for the cure out as its own stand alone event to really earmark .2 the survivor and celebrate them. and survivors are invited to come and bring a guest and fee
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and it is expect that to be a grand event. >> anchor: and the full screen for those out there making coffee. just turn and look at the tv real quick. there's information that will be on our website, of course. what is it? i know a soiree is a party. i think a big party. >> it's a big party in celebration of breast cancer survivors and want to single them out and make them special and have fun and talk to each other and celebrate themselves. >> like you said, you don't necessarily have to be a survivor of cancer. you can be a supporter of the cancer survivor and come as well. >> that's what we would like. survivors earmarked to come and bring a guest, spouse, child, whatever. >> anchor: and this is the first year you've actually separated the survivor soiree from the race. usually you do them tandem. >> anchor: but this year you wanted to party alone? >> if you clump everything together in one event or one month of the year, it kind of
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so we wanted to open it up march and have it thought about then as well. >> anchor: where can people go and how can they find out more about the soiree? >> you can go to the virginia blue ridge website which i'm sure you will post and a link to the survivor soiree and you can buy tickets on that link. i think your link wfxr is going to have information about it. >> anchor: we definitely are and wfxr, we are a proud sponsor of this survivor soiree and doing all we can to definitely help you out and this is going to be absolutely fantastic. i know you are expecting a big turn out. >> and can't thank you enough. >> anchor: the pleasure is all ours! if you want more information on the survivor soiree or susan g. komen, anything like that. go to thank you ladies both for being here this morning and getting
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about this and, of course with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level.
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>> foggy with blacksburg socked in here at the virginia tech campus. please give yourself the extra time to get where you got to go this morning. i sound like porky the pig right now! excuse me! please give yourself extra time and slow down out on the roads and keep those low beams on and leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you. officially visibility over a mile in blacksburg. but looking at that shot, i say
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however that is just kind of a spot with the observation and certainly parts of blacksburg and they fall quite a bit thicker than that. the same story into roanoke and look at witville and down to new river valley and up towards hot springs as well. slightly reduced towards lexington and visibility clearing as we go throughout the morning hours. and slowly improving visibility for us. so, again, going to need plenty of time to go out on the roads this morning and heading on into the afternoon. see that visibility come back down as we start to pick up with the rain shower action. the warm fronts lifting through the region and right now the patchy dense fog as well as some patchy drizzle out there. the drizzle not showing up on the radar. the droplets are too fine for that radar beam to pick up on, but there is some there with the winds out of the east for us as we go through morning hours and as that warm front lifts up and through, though,
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the southwest and that will help to usher in milder air for moisture. and then see showers brought down to the south just crossing the corner of south carolina, heading into north carolina. notice the direction of travel heading up to the north and east with those. that's because they're back behind the warm front. once that warm front lifts up and over and pushing up over that shower action and the right now. for the most part during the day today, we'll be dealing with that easterly wind with the area of high pressure to the north. remember, clockwise flow in the area of high pressure so the winds coming out of the east, that's our wedge that we always talk about. the high pressure being wedged up against the eastern face of the mountains. so as we break down that wedge in the warm front that lifts up and over as we go throughout the day and the winds shift more down to the southwest. temperatures tend to go up as we go through the overnight tonight and on into tomorrow. take a look at the future cast as we go throughout the morning. there it goes. see the winds out of the east and we speak now this morning.
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around and come out of the southwest as we go through the evening. and overnight they'll really start to pick up out in advance of this cold front and, boy, that is a potent cold front going to make the way into the region as we head on through tomorrow. could be thunder as we make it on with heavy rain and things clear up in the back half of that as we head on through second half of the week. temperatures in the 30s to near 40s and 50 in roanoke valley and the patchy drizzle through the afternoon and the same story into central virginia. temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50 . that's the case for pretty much everybody and a couple of degrees either side of that 50 degree mark and into the new river valley warmer in spots and they'll be dealing with the rain first as it makes its way along the warm front from southwest to northeast. your 7-day forecast, well, with that warmer air streaming in temperatures into the 60s tomorrow. quickly, though, and then dropping back down into the 40s for the rest of the week.
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with us as we go right on through the weekend. >> i'll just hang on to that 62 and keep it in my heart. >> put it in the bank. >> i don't know. >> that's your opinion. i'd rather take 62 and rainy any day, honey. give me the warmer temperatures. all right. >> we'll agree to disagree. >> and we reach it at the same moment. >> kyle: tender i moment on "good day, virginia". don't forget you -- we love you, too, jason. for all the news, weather and sports. as you probably noticed the last few weeks is a bit of a weather roller coaster. hot and snowy and sunny and everything in between. drastic changes can actually take a toll on livestock! >> anchor: that's right. you don't really think about it, but bill lidell shows us what farmers should do before the next big storm happens. >> reporter: last week's forecast plus many farmers and
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>> when you start talking about snow in feet, that's when you start to worry about barn structures collapsing due to the weight of the snow. >> luckily there were no claims from any farmers after the storm that dumped a foot of snow across the region. now that most of the snow is melted, simmons says it's a good time to inspect other area. >> even if the building didn'ts collapse, it could do damage to it. >> reporter: just like home or car insurance, not everything is covered for most farmers. it cost extra with added winter peril and livestock loss during severe weather. >> buying and selling livestock and new equipment. you need to sit down at renewal and go over your policy and make sure everything is covered. >> reporter: that way what
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you're not paying for something you no longer need. with the ag life report, bill lidell, wfxr news. >> anchor: coming up, a lot of people would love to be at this weekend's super bowl to watch the carolina panthers play at the championship, of course, but one man in greensboro didn't think he had a prayer of going! but he did and he is going.
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interstate 81 in >> kyle: we have a traffic alert. i-81 in montgomery count. a vehicle shut down all lanes near mile marker 126. if you have to head south there on 81, expect some major delays. traffic's already backed up more than 2 miles right now there in montgomery county this morning. >> anchor: that looks bad! >> kyle: a north carolina man didn't think he had a prayer to see his favorite team play in the super bowl on sunday, but then his church stepped in. >> that's right, 75 people to be exact from his church and they all attend kingdom vision life center. they sent him thousands of dollars to -- they chipped in thousands of dollars to give the pastor the trip of the lifetime and the all-expense paid trip to super bowl sunday. he'll trade the pulpit for the stands at levi stadium in santa clara, california. it's a dream come true for someone who's been a life-long panthers fan. >> kyle: now pastor wilson's wife rachel asked the congregation to chip in as a way to show their appreciation.
8:27 am
ministry and life for the congregation and what better than congregation to give him when he's always dishing out sundays. >> kyle: of course the game kickoff 6:30 sunday in san francisco. pastor wilson said he's excited to be there, but he is going to miss being with his congregation. >> anchor: i'm sure he will be all right. >> kyle: and to feel like a normal person going to the super bowl? >> anchor: someone well-deserved and unexpected and just gives himself in service every sunday and now his congregation giving something in return. >> kyle: you reap what you sow. >> anchor: in a good way. i like that very well. stay with us. you know what happens at this point. we take a little here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight,
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look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin
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>> jason: 8:32 now. not only dense visibility problems but 89 southbound in montgomery county is shutdown both lanes as a car fire is causing at least a 2-mile backup at this point. give yourself some extra time. obviously if you're heading through there, but also if you're heading down into the new river valley. the visibility certainly an issue with us and that very dense fog and will that improve as the day goes on and obviously the car fire clears up but be careful and looking up in the second half of the week and we'll see the sunshine. details on that coming up in just a couple of minutes. "good day, virginia" returns
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tuesday, february second. i'm kyle benjamin and i'm january keaton in franklin county-a woman was indicted on second degree murder and child abuse charges- after the death of a child in her care.hope perdue has been indicted just months after sheriffs started investigating the suspicious death of a 3-year-old child. police say callen mullins was found dead in perdue's home back in may.according to the search warrants filed in roanoke county, hope perdue's husband told investigators hope was the last person holding callen the morning he was killed. the presidential campaign that has brought many surprises delivered a few more monday night in the iowa caucuses. republican ted cruz scored an unexpected win... over donald trump, who came in second. marco rubio also outperformed the polls, coming in a close third. , but, democrats are still counting votes in a remarkable finish to the race. a razor thin margin separates
8:31 am
sanders.doug luzader has more. :00-20 :33-:39 :50-1:02 1;03-1:071:20-1:33ted cruz defied recent polls and won with a pretty clear margin yesterday. in fact, donald trump found himself fighting for second place because of a last minute rise from marco rubio. for democrats, meantime, the narrowest of margins between bernie sanders and hilary clinton in a state that clinton once dominated. down to the wire. the clinton team had to nix elaborate victory plans that would have included speeches from bill and chelsea clinton with only the candidate herself making a vague statement about the results.clinton says "..i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you iowa!"sigh of relief, breathing a big tonight breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you iowa!" a sigh of relief maybe, but, clinton will leave iowa with almost the same number of delegates as bernie sanders, who felt that his showing last night was a win no matter what the final count is. sanders says "..i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political
8:32 am
establishment and oh by the way the media establishment." cruz says "..tonight, is victory for the grassroots." for republican ted cruz, the win was clear cut. a fox poll shows that a stunning sixty- two percent of g-o-p caucus goers consider themselves evangelicals and, a third of them backed cruz.rubio says "..we'll see you soon again and new hampshire, we will see you in the morning." the same poll shows that late deciders broke heavily for marco rubio, who beat expectations, and that left donald trump fighting for second place, ending his plans to run the electoral table.trump says "..we finished second and, i want to tell you something. i'm just honored." and, iowa also claimed two casualties. republican mike huckabee -- who won the caucuses here eight years ago -- dropped out of the race last night. so did democrat reducing the to just two. and about those candidates. fox polling indicates that a majority of the democratic caucus goers -- fifty-five percent -- want to continue with the policies of president barack obama. that's something that hilary clinton has been stressing in recent
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high pressure one of roanoke's most unique races is happening this weekend. it's the waz-up- wi-dis, no really that's the
8:34 am
climb, wfxr's paris holmes is on the course right now. good morning! it's 3.25 miles of running and 1000 steps of climbing through several roanoke landmarks. we will talk more about the wuz-up-wi-dis challenge coming up on good day virginia. virginia. good day wi-dis challenge about the wuz-up-
8:35 am
wuz-up-wi-dis challenge running a running a race... >> and welcome back to "good everybody. right? running this race -- not that we're counting at all -- running a race is pretty simple. start at point a. on your mark, get set, and get to point b. and it's probably on the trail or street or track somewhere. usually how it goes? >> kyle: you try to make it to the end and not get cramps in your side or charlie horses but this weekend roanoke city parks and rec put a new spin on racing with their waz up with this urban race and stair challenge. paris is out and about this morning and has all the details you need to know. hey, paris. >> reporter: good morning, kyle and january. that's right. that's what a typical race
8:36 am
joining me is joe from the roanoke city parks and recreation. tell us about this race and how you guys came up with it. >> and then this is the combination between us, parks and rec and mount junkies which is another race organization here in town. we got the idea of using the urban landscape which is beautiful downtown and parking garages to climb up and down during the race so that's a pretty good idea and then mount junkies called in and said you know what would be neat? the wells fargo tower and go up and down the tower. so the crazy idea ends up being the race and it's called waz up with this. >> reporter: it is crazy. the wells fargo tower is 20 floors that you're going up and down! i'm scared for anybody that takes it up. tell us how did this help your other programs? because it's not just about racing. >> it sure does. and for us as parks and recreation we'll use bigger events as fund raisers and supplements other programs we have. we talked about the youth program. a lot of the youth programs for office reasons. we like to keep the prices a
8:37 am
that means sometimes we don't always recoup all of our costs. so by doing this race it will work as the fund raiser to recoup some of the costs for other activities and programs that we have all around the city and different ones. >> reporter: roanoke city is coming up with different ways to keep you in shape and also helping the community. just quick details. the race is this saturday, february 6. register right now with the cost about $45 at the door and you can go to waz up with for registration or for more information. try to sign up. it sounds like great fun. paris, wfxr news. >> jason: drizzly rain in the region and more details coming
8:38 am
just it's about time the taco...camam out of its shellll unleash the power of dough. give i it pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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>> we've been keeping an eye on this camera out of blacksburg this morning and seen it come and go as far as the fog is concerned. it's lifted just a little bit for us. at least you can see out to the end of the parking lot now. but do expect some pretty poor visibility up and down 81. it's not been the greatest day for traveling for us. you can see the visibility down with whitville and down to zero. it has improved a little in bloomfield and up near a mile with 2 mile visibility in blacksburg and just over a mile in roanoke and still socked in in hot springs and still have that car fire and the backups
8:40 am
southbound both lanes closed and the 2-mile back up and to travel in that direction you may need to find an alternate route and maybe your gbs will help you out with that but give yourself an extra bit of time as you will be waiting quite awhile if you can't go around it. same story with the fog. if you need to travel in or around the new river valley, need to be there through the morning hours and starting to clear up heading into the later morning and the afternoon. but a little extra time goes a long way on the morning like this. on the satellite radar, just a lot of clouds and patchy drizzle as well and showers start to lift on as we head into the afternoon. the warm front that's going to be lifting in our direction and that will bring some scattered showers and see those forming up in the corridor of south carolina, georgia and north carolina right now. there's that warm front for you. all the warm air pull pooled up to lift up to the north as we go throughout the day today and that will bring in some extra moisture and nice temperatures as we go through the overnight
8:41 am
down and actually be on the rise as the warm air streams into the region. chair in on the future cast as we go throughout the morning and most of the east with that late in the evening. the potent cold front making the way across the area into tomorrow morning and moves through the door in the peak heating time. that could put down not only blistering rain but also hearing thunder with that thing crossing through and certainly keep an update on that through continue:00 tonight and clearing out quickly as we -- 10:00 tonight and clearing out quickly as we go into the day wednesday and thursday.
8:42 am
of patchy drizzle around and the clouds lingering making for the raw feel out there for us. cloudy and damp for the central virginia area with the temperatures also within a couple of degrees of 50. a little milder down to the south side and a couple of degrees above 50 but for the most part lots of clouds around for all of us as we go throughout you can get your and don't forget and don't forget latest weather and news on .... 24 hours a day. for this weekend's super bowl 50 -all eyes are going to be on quarterbacks peyton manning and cam newton.but all eyes were on the panther's newton recently... for other reasons...jeanne moos has the story.
8:43 am
get penalized for those pants? is arriving for the super bowl in zebra pants a fashion fumble?"it's a female's pants" "it's ugly...i'm sorry to say but it's ugly.""tres chic but a little too loud for my taste."chic and not cheap. they're versace. and sell for around 850 bucks, if they weren't sold out. though they may have been sold out before the carolina panthers quarterback wore them.he posed for his teammate...actually the flamboyant quarterback was least he didn't wear the matching guy on twitter compared cam to a retired wrestler. "does brutus beefcake know cam newton stole his pants?" "wait a second. were cam's pants yellow and black or blue and black?""i wouldn't be caught dead in those."i would not be
8:44 am
"would you wear them?""i think i would actually. he's totally rocking them." "it's good.""it's good?"note the matching gold toed, gold heeled loafers. "but what's a wearing zebra?" after all, in africa a panther has spots. it's called a leopard and it preys on young zebras.a meteorologist joked that cam newton's pants were apparently from the okapi collection...that's a relative of the giraffe with striped legs like a zebra.but most guys weren't ready for zebra pants."for me, it's too tight for men, ha."no tighter than his uniform. besides no one complains that this guy wears his stripes skin tight. "he's at the 10. he's at the 5. touchdown"talk about a backfield in motion.jeanne moos cnn new york. it's time now for our furry friend of the day... and joining us now is tim white from the roanoke valley s-p-c-a and he has brought us
8:45 am
a virginia high school teacher wakes up from a coma- and meets the man >> anchor: welcome back. a virginia teacher meeting a man after waking up from a coma and meeting the man who saved
8:46 am
she got the chance to meet david cassidy. >> kyle: but the story about how to meet him is remarkable. they're in a car wreck in northern virginia and she ended up in a coma. her husband played and sang cassidy's music to her during hospital. coma. >> she actually got to meet david cassidy upon waking up, as you saw there. friends spread the word. casidy's manager got in touch with her. they made that dream come true happen and as you saw there, excited. >> pretty cool that cassidy's managers reached out to the family and got him involved very grateful. >> jason: i love to see celebrities do things like that.
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