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tv   WFXR News First at Ten  FOX  February 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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virginia tech a little bit. >> tim: this is where the building and the history comes in to play. it is never easy getting a win in the carrier dome. i think now there is some debate over really who did call the time-out, that is what they are trying to find out. so boeheim clearly feels that williams called it and buzz is saying no, the hall of famer called it. that is what the debate is over. clearly if bay hype i charged with the time-out he's out. phoeul that is the big >> mike: that is the point. >> tim: virginia tech has plenty. they cap stop the clock
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they've got three. i don't mind williams saying that wasn't me, that was him, from a tra at the strategic standpoint that puts boeheim in a difficult spot. we're waiting for word from the officials. perhaps we had a clock stoppage without anyone calling a time-out. so maybe both coaches got a freebee. that seems to be the explanation john gaffney is giving us. >> mike: the clock stopped at 1:01, shouldn't stop until it goes under 1:00, so they took three seconds off and syracuse got charged with a time-out. >> tim: so they are out of time-outs, which is important here in the last 55 seconds. bibbs in a position almost for over and back. >> mike: both feet and ball
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bibbs fouled by lydon. so tyler lydon has four. here is to your point, mike. >> mike: even it goes over it is not an over and back. both feet have to be in the frontcourt. >> tim: bibbs a 70 pear free-throw70% free-throw shooter. syracuse with the quick burst, cut to it two. >> mike: still plenty of time. even if he makes the shot it is a two-possession game you don't have to go for the three now, you can go for a quick two. >> tim: it is a one-possession game, loose
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cooney comes away with it. syracuse can tie with a three, cut to it one with a two. there is a ten second discrepancy between the shot and game clock. gbinije! take that! wham awhat a dagger, 56-56 at the carrier dome. time-out, virginia tech. with poise and almost got away, virginia tech almost got this offensive rebound, everybody hustling for it,
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then gbinije was at least six or seven feet behind the three-point line, almost at the "s" with the game-tying shot. here is the thing, tim, this is for virginia tech right now, buzz williams has to be pumping them up but you have to get something going to the rim. give yourself a little bit of time to get the offensive rebound, but put pressure on the referee to make the call. >> tim: without a doubt our continental tire play of the game driven by continental tire and yeah, this was really deep. this was almost taken from manley field house. i think in that direction. wow. >> mike: we talked about how solid he has been all year long for this
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to come by in this conference, a power conference like the acc on the road. >> mike: i have to go with bibbs, just because he has the size to get in the lane and get a shot. >> tim: ability to drive in. one of those guards. robinson, back in with bibbs. and allen. blackshear has been helpful. cooney challenges, here is bibbs, right on cue, it won't go, gbinije has a shot at it. he gives it to richardson! we're going to overtime. >> mike: the guy we thought would take the shot did and almost got an offensive rebound but a really good shot with only 2.5 seconds
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>> mike: in today's college basketball when a player like bibbs and there you see at the end, it was almost there for richardson, most of the time, a guard goes on straight line, he is at least going to get to the foul line, syracuse did a
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shutting bibbs down. >> tim: tied at 56-56 as we come to the beginning of overtime. coming from down 9, down the stretch of this syracuse both teams have played and you see what their story has been. >> mike: for the first couple minutes for virginia tech they have to feel like they had this one. >> tim: yeah, --
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the confidence. >> tim: they were in a position late to put this game away. that seth allen runner is where it turned. syracuse had two big answers, one of two, another a three. and suddenly it was game on. virginia tech trying to hang tough but you see gbinije wit answer. that is the first lead of the game for syracuse. they had tied it at the end of regulation. this is the first lead, that was a two. >> mike: jim boeheim doesn't show a lot of emotion but motioning to the crowd to get in the last five minutes. >> tim: blackshear goes reversal puts it in past lydon. >> mike: i was shaking my head, that was a tough
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>> tim: it 5-5 in the league after a tough kept it going, a near miss at home against georgia tech and now virginia tech taking them in overtime hokies were 4-1, they have been in virtually all of them! bibbs, out of bounds last touched by blackshear. gbinije and blackshear are the guys responsible for the scoring early in ot. >> mike: the opening jump
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the end of the shot clock, lydon giving up the baseline that time. >> tim: two minutes gone by in the ot. cooney off the curl. cooney off the curl! and he delivers like a heavyweight. >> mike: that is the example of an upper classmen who had a long night but coming up big when it matters. >> tim: he loves running that curl. that is the first time he had room. listen to this crowd. >> mike: this is not an e see shot for a right-handed player to come back to the left and then square up and make the jump shot with the defense coming after you. >> tim: well, think how devin wilson must have been feeling. he was shadowing him all night but this cooney hit
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will not soon be forgotten in syracuse. acc basketball is being brought to you by: >> tim: in so many way, mike gminski, the game was shaping up the way the road team would have liked it. they kept cooney at bay much of the night. as you suggested at the outset, what is the difference in syracuse, how you defend trevor cooney. >> mike: that was a good screen and he had enough space. he has had a defender in his shirt most of the game. >> tim: we mentioned down nine late and syracuse gone through a six minute drought, but an amazing comed back to get us where we are, which is in overtime.
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and richardson stepping up, making this big step back three. lydon with the dunk, that has been a terrific play for syracuse. then this was one at the end, 27 seconds left. then bibbs able to get up over cooney but couldn't come up with that offensive rebound and syracuse the rush up the floor, this almost went down. skirt with a 13-3 run, tim, in the 1:29 in the second half. >> tim: amazing home run in a building where we have seen many through the years. out of the time-out let's see what buzz can draw up. starts right there. inside out from blackshear to bibbs. bibbs needs help. finds it from gbinije on the run-out. lydon the follow! >> mike: gbinije knew he
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he had lydon trailing the play. >> tim: blackshear, count it and a foul. this big fella is hard to deal with when he gets the ball that close to the rim. >> mike: there is the look. this is what you do, tim, you don't give up or concede the layup, both guys going for the block, let the offensive rebound. but blackshear has been very solid with his post moves inside. >> tim: tyler lydon, his fifth foul, he's done for the night. that means coleman, who has not been in the game for some time will check back in. and join roberson and richardson along the front line. >> mike: you lose a big offensive weapon with that
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the ball game. 13 points and 6 rebounds in this game. really played well. how about gbinije has been able to play with four fouls for a long time. >> tim: yeah, his basketball be a acumen has been stretched through the course of both halfs, really. he committed 3 and 4 as quickly as 1 and 2. in the second half as well as the first. the iron unkind for blackshear. the lead is three and syracuse with possession.
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richardson for malachi rising hig >> mike: that is not a freshman playing, he has shown me robinson, too strong, the put-back, does not fall for leday, and we have a tie ball, arrow to virginia tech. >> mike: 39% from the floor, 36% from the three. that is a look of frustration, richardson made that play all by >> tim: buzz williams gets the time-out. 1:13 left. >> mike: only two points in the second half and overtime
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i hadhad a chance on that offensive rebound to score. >> tim: you made a good point about what syracuse took back, the high low entry from the elbow and what turnovers we have see seen late for virginia tech have been passing made in traffic knock aid way and scramble situations led to the gbinije three just a moment ago. >> mike: they were 5 of 10 at the half and taken one in the second half. >> tim: the difference in the three-point shooting. cooney hit that one off the curl, gbinije two tremendous touches. right to virginia tech's solar plexus. the hokies have been tough tonight, see if they answer. leday, not this time.
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quick foul. 60 seconds left as this >> mike: leday shoots 43% from three, capable of knocking that shot down. >> tim: the thing you notice and i understand this nine-game suspension was something everyone thought knew was going to happen, jim boeheim was not aware until two days before the georgetown game, to mike hopkins credit he did all he could. jim said it is still my team. and every coach in america is going to be a head coach needs to have their team. i think there is no doubt that his presence has made them better defensively. >> mike: the thing is for hopkins when you're an assistant, a different relationship, you're the good cop. when you have to be the head
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hard transition to make in a short period of time. >> tim: syracuse has started the trend upward. leday, missed that one and it was from pointblank range. syracuse's defense much better down low here in the latter stages. >> mike: but still, that is a shot that he has to convert and has converted all year long for them. >> tim: getting over the hump, that is where virginia tech is. there is no doubt they are more competitive, light years better than a season san franciscoago, now confidence shaken on the road, will take a while to breakthrough. >> mike: not that any of them hurt any more than another but this one has a chance to linger a little bit, i think. >> tim: it does. i go back to the run tear wasrunner that was missed by
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then a turnover and quick bucket allowing cooney to run the curl. and everything changed. virginia tech needs something quickly. >> mike: a bad pass to close it out. >> tim: a lot of guys passing upshots for buzz. as toughs that loss will be for virginia tech, security security dodged a dodged a big one here. one of the storied programs in college basketball. they may be new to the acc, but trying toin here on the road is old news for all
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what league you're in. boeheim's orange get the victory. his sixth in 11 acc tries.
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in just a moment. >> tim: 68 60. once the game was tied, syracuse outscored virginia tech, 15-4. and win the game 68-60. one of the stars of the game, was michael gbinije, he's with our mike gminski. >> i'm joined by michael gbinije and coach jim boeheim. michael talk about the last shot at the end of regulation and to tie the game up. >> we wanted to run a ball screen and they jumped the play and i saw a wide open shot i just took it. >> what were you thinking
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to tie this game, where was the resolve coming from to get back in? >> we wanted to win. we watched the scoreboard and we had tough guys tonight, we toughed it out, got stops when we needed to, had big contributors off the bench. >> you were down, you started out with four losses, where is the resolve come to get on the run you're on now? >> all about competing. each loss we had hurt, and we're trying to get to the tournament, obviously, and only way to get there is to win that what is we're trying to do. >> congratulations on the win. good job. jim, i want to go back what was it like the first practice back, the first game back after being away? >> it was hard, we had north carolina, we played great but they were great, too. but you know, these guys have gone to work, this is the first bad game we've had. we played great, we played great against north carolina, loss, great at virginia in the loss there.
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didn't seem to have our legs, it is tough playing thursday saturday, tuesday, i don't care who, and we're playing six guys, i thought at the end, we had to make five or six plays in a row and we did. tyler lydon did, a couple blocks down there, and hit a couple big shots down here which we've done in this run but it was a great -- an unbelievable character win to come back like that when you're that far down. >> how about trevor connie, cooney who struggle and made big shots. >> i called that play, no reason i should have called that play, we called it and he didn't have a good look and he made that three. that was the key shot right there. that got us some space. >> congratulations, great to see you back on the bench, too, good job. >> good to be back, i don't have to stay home and listen to you so i can be here.
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>> thanks, jim. >> tim: always a good humor. after a victory like that why wouldn't he be? jim boeheim, hall of famer, he got away with one, this could have been a speed bump along the highway to march after that poor shooting start for his team. as you look at numbers, virginia tech struggled in the second half as well, both just around the 40, 39% area, and syracuse's defense particularly late in the game, mike, i thought was the difference in the basketball game. they just did not allow those bounce pass entries near the bucket for leday. >> mike: i think this is a loss that is really going to sting for virginia tech, five in a row now, this one they had in hand, we touched on in the last couple
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key of a team ina everybodyyke of a losing team, they got their legs back underneath them at the right time. >> tim: buzz is about resolve and faith and i'm sure that he's going to be calling on all of that from this point forward. but for syracuse, mike, you look at the rest of the schedule if they can get to say 9-9 in the league and at 6 now, 6-5, i think this is a team you get in the tournament i don't care what seed you are, they are dangerous. >> mike: i think probably a good showing in the acc tournament would certainly help but i think this team has a different resolve with jim boeheim at the helm, obviously. >> tim: no doubt. there is a reason why the guy has won as many gameses he has in 40 years. great to be back at the carrier dome in syracuse. good to be with you again, my friend. always a pleasure. for our entire crew here, alex, our director, outstanding lonnie, t
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with us for a remarkable night in college basketball in the acc. for highlights, must see moments check out, our next telecast is saturday at noon, some of you see louisville. others see virginia at pitt. you've been look, i know you're a cow and all.
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but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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hello, i'm meteorologist john carrolland this is your weather first... rain showers will move through the area overnight, but thatis just the appitizer, the main course of heavy rainis slated for tomorrow, your full forecast on theway in a few, but until then, wfxr news first at 10
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cause of death revealedsot: there no mistaking the anguish this family had to endure this investigators continue building their case against these two suspectsthe family prepares the lay 13-year-old nichole lovell to rest.alsothe news of the murder victim's social media activity has parents on edge.sot:our job is to protect our kids, keep them safe ."tonight experts weight in on how parents can protect their children and their online profiles.andlandfill stink.sot:it hinders you from even being able to eat. neighbors say the smell from a pittsylvania county dump is getting worse everyday.what officials are doing to try to clear the air.
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short's alright. yeah, i can't do that part.the last part here just says, "our hearts still ache in sadness and secret tears still flow. what it meant to lose you, no one will ever know."an emotional news conference in blacksburg today- as nicole lovell's mother takes the stage.right now- she's living every parent's worst nightmare- mourning the death of her child. this, as the suspects face new charges.natalie keepers is now charged with being an accessory before the fact to the murder.david eisenhauer has already been charged with first degree murder.both suspects were in court yesterday and are locked up in montgomery county. according to police-- nicole lovell was stabbeed to death. authorities say she was killed the same day she went missing- on january 27th- and other aspects of the autopsy
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very preliminary determination of the cause of death is stabbing. certain portions of an autopsy, such as laboratory results, take time. receipt of a formal report is not anticipated until just prior to the preliminary hearing.tonight we have live team coverage on this quickly developing case- wfxr's bill wadell has answers for parents - worried about their own kids on social media. but first let's get to wfxr's solina lewis- who was at today's emotional news conference. hi guys, it was definitely an emotional day, nicole's mother tammy read a prepared statement but was so shaken up she wasn't able to finish...
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be on american idol...someday" but someday would never come for nicole, a 13 year old who beat the odds against several illnesses during her short life...overcoming a liver transplant, lymphoma, and a mrsa infection...."we are advised at that time she'd only have a one percent chance of survival after 8 months in the hospital she started to thrive"nicole beat disease, held her head high in the face of bullying by other students for the tracheotomy scar on her throat, only to be stabbed to death police say, and left by the side of the road, 80 miles from home... "nicole was very lovable person she touched many people throughout her short life"the two virginia tech students
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could keep them in jail for life sentences...for the mother of a child who'd been so close to death so many times in her short life, the knowledge that the fight was finally over was too much to bear...."yeah i cant do that part...."nicole's pastor finishing her mother's she embraced family for support..."it just says our hearts still ache in sadness and secret tears still flow what it meant to lose you, no one will ever know" funeral arrangements for nicole have been set for this week, and we heard from a friend of the family that all of the costs for the funeral have already been taken care of through donations...solina, we've been hearing that this case is being held in juvenile court- did
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today?all preliminary proceedings in which the victim of physical violence is a minor are required by statute in virginia to begin in juvenile & domestic relations court. after preliminary hearing the cases will proceed to grand jury and then to circuit court for trial. police were able to quickly make arrests in this case. nichole lovell was first reported missing was first case.arrests in this to quickly make circuit court jury and then to proceed to grand cases will hearing the preliminary after preliminary hearing the cases will proceed to grand jury and then to circuit court for trial. police were able to quickly make arrests in this case. nichole lovell was first reported missing from her home last wednesday in the lantern ridge area.her body was found 80 miles away on saturday-- in surry county north carolina-- near the virginia state line. investigators also made the first arrest in the case on saturday.virginia tech student david eisenhauer was charged with abduction and first degree murder.on sunday---virginia tech student, natalie keepers was arrested and charged with helping dispose of nichole lovell's body.and today police announced she was stabbed to death. her family realeased funeral arrangements today for
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for tomorrow from 5 to 8 p-m at mccoy funeral home in blackburgthe funeral service is thursday at 3 p-m at mccoy, followed by the burial service. family memers tell us- all the arrangements have been paid for. thanks solina. authorities say - social media - and teen dating pages - played a big role in this case. w-f-x-r's bill wadell spoke with an expert - who works with teens. bill - she has a warning - that parents should hear tonight. becky, after watching this tragic case unfold - we're hearing from parents - who want to cut the cord all together;turn off the wifi at home, banning their kids from using social media. one expert tell us - that knee jerk reaction - could cause more harm than good. 00:02 - 00:07brooks michael "that is not the solution because it's in the library, it's at their friends house. you can't lock them in a bubble."brooks michael knows a lot about teens - hooked on social media. she's an educator with carilion children's - and prevention
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plus - she's a mom. brooks michael "it's a lot of work, but we have to keep up with what they're doing."instead of banning middle schoolers and teens from social media -- michael says parents should set ground rules - even posting a mutual contract on the fridge. she also says - accounts, apps and passwords -- cannot be private. brooks michael "we need to know their passwords. we need to know what they're doing on their phones. it's a whole underground system of communication."a network - where harmless fun - could lead to a life and death situation. brooks michael "our job is to protect our kids, keep them safe and have them become successful adults." bottom line - michael says - start a conversation with your kids - without overreacting or overwhelming them. she also says - prevention council of
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to talk with classes, and even church youth groups. and today the montgomery county sheriffs office announced a new partnership with the organization " help save the next girl".gil harrington, the founder of the organization spoke to the crowd about what the organization is working on.the sheriff's office also revealed a special wrapped s-u-v at today's event.the organization has been instrumental in nicole lovell's case- even getting an online dating group shut down that nicole was part of. and while we're not on the air- we're updating our website with the can see our complete coverage on this case- at virginia first dot com. we have an update to yesterday's train accident-- that killed an a-e-p worker in roanoke county. officials say the surviving a-e-p employee has been transferred to a burn center.johnny collins from abingdon is now being treated at the burn center at wake forest.collins was driving the truck when it was hit by the
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crossing yesterday afternoon. county officials say there is an a-e-p lot across the train tracks- and they believe thats where the truck was headed. under state law--the private crossing is not required to have gates.william lineberry was killed in the crash. in danville- city officials say they;re wrapping up an investigation related to employee officials say a small group of employees in one city division are accused of misconduct. authorities didn't go into details- but here's what we do know.the investigation started in 20-13 when danville police uncovered evidence of the misconduct.six employees were convicted.officials say they're instituting several new safeguards to ensure that such problems will not happen again. the danville police department is offering a ten thousand dollar reward - for information leading to the suspects involved in a shooting last night - that involved a doctor.police say two men were shot during an attempted robbery - shortly after 7 o'clock last night - on the 200 block of mount
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block of virginia avenue. one of the shooting victims was treated at the hospital and released. authorities say the other victim - doctor randolph neal - who was walking home from a meeting at danville regional medical center - is still in the hospital but is expected to recover. in roanoke-police say speed and alcohol may been factors in a crash--that killed a 29-year-old man from roanoke. it happened last night in the 2500 block of garden city boulevard south-east.police say gregory davis was driving southbound when he lost control of the vehicle and hit a parked trailer.davis died at the scene.his passenger was checked out by e-m-t's and is expected to be ok. let's get to kevaney martin who has dteails on the big game! the carolina panthers go for their first super bowl win in franchise history... the big game is only 5 days away...our guy john kucko is out in
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gets all the attention, but that panthers defense is very good as well isn't it???
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it's a birthday bash- for a special member of
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we'll show you who's turning one! plus-do you grow your own food or just like to use local products?where you can sell your wares- or pick up something tasty in tonight's ag life report-- a little later.john? rain will arrive after
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.tonight...cloudy . rain likely...mainly after midnight. nearsteady temperature in the mid 40s. southeast winds 10 to 15 mph. gusts up to 35 mph after midnight. chance of rain 70 percent..wednesday...showers. breezy and not as cool with highs in thelower 60s. south
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up to 45 mph.chance of rain near 100 percent..wednesday night...mostly cloudy. a slight chance of showers inthe evening. lows in the upper 30s. west winds 10 to 15 mph withgusts up to 30 mph. chance of rain 20 percent. .thursday...mostly sunny. much cooler with highs in the mid 40s.northwest winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. .thursday night...partly cloudy in the evening...then becomingmostly clear. cooler with lows in the upper 20s. northwest winds10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. .friday and friday night...mostly clear. highs in the mid 40s.lows in the mid 20s..saturday through monday...partly cloudy. highs in the upper 40s.lows in the upper 20s..monday night...mostly cloudy with a chance of rain and snow.lows in the upper 20s. chance of precipitation 30 percent. .tuesday...partly in pittsylvania coutny - a landfill is causing quite a stink in ringgold.but the company operating the landfill - say the order problem maybe over soon. w-f-x-r's kristen eskow spoke with the landfill's operators - to get answers. :13-:17:32-:37:39-:44:46-:51 first piedmont corporation's industrial landfill in ringgold has been open for decades - but people who live in the area - say it smells worse than ever."the odor has been really bad for the last, i'd say, eight months. it hinders you from even being able to eat."sallie rice lives near the landfill. she and
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sometimes smell odors from the landfill - inside their homes. "you just feel sick, frustrated, don't know what to do about it.""a week or more ago, i said, 'let's go outdoors. it smells so bad in here.' and they wouldn't open the door. it smelled bad outside. we didn't have anywhere to go."standup: "the company that runs the landfill blames the odor problem on a higher than usual amount of rainfall and says it may soon have a solution to the issue." "that causes a faster decomposition of the materials that you're disposing of, and as they decompose, therein lies your odors."tommy stump is the ceo of first piedmont corporation - which operates the landfill. he says some odors reported to his company several miles from the landfill - are likely not coming from the dump site- and may be from another source. he also says his company has started to cover the trash inside the landfill with soil - to cap odors from spreading think this is a short-term, temporary problem. just trying to move soil on wet days and when you're off of awful lot of rain, and maybe it is too much water. and of it."officials at first piedmont corporation say all trash at the landfill will be covered with soil - within the next few weeks. in ringgold,
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as our local black dog salvage television stars look ahead to season 5 of the salvage dawgs ... one of their "dogs in training" celebrates her first birthday! molly may - the "black dog in training" is now one year old. she shared her birthday celebration with stella - the shop dog at black dog salvage. her friends at vinton veterinarian hospital thew a party complete with cupcakes - for the humans ... and gifts for both dogs.since we first introduced molly may last year
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whiteside, says this pup has come a long way in her training. very good in public, we have a lot of traffic. it's super nice that she likes to travel too. mike thinks he might start taking her on the closer salvage jobs. so she doesn't mind driving in the car. quiet in the car, travels well, likes to be with everybody.molly may will make their international debuts during season 5 of the salvage dawgs ... it premieres sunday, february 28th. farmers needed! up next in ag life - we'll show you the farmers market - how they're helping families in need - to afford fresh
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produce - raise chickens - or products - you could make some extra cash - at winter farmer's markets.we stopped by the west end community market - on patterson avenue - in roanoke. vendors sell produce grown in greenhouses - and fresh goodies here - every tuesday - between 3 and 6. the market even doubles - 'snap' benefits. organizers say - they need some new farmers. sam lev "we're actually doing
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the 2016 at all of our markets right now... if you make good food and you're within 100 miles of ronaoke, fill out an application."the deadline - to sign up as a new food market vendor is next thursday. we have a link right on our website - virginia first dot com - just click on the 'ag life' tab. dates for the annual governor's conference on agricultural trade have been will take place march 7 and 8th at the hilton richmond downtown hotel. this year's conference will focus on our ongoing efforts to help existing businesses expand and attracting new businesses to the commonwealth.some topics covered will include-- the impact animal diseases have on agricultural exports and developing export markets.for more details on the conference, head to our website virginia first dot com and click on the ag life tab. coming up-now that iowa is out of the way-candidates are vying for new hampshire-how they plan to win over voters there. plus- helping people with
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