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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 7  FOX  February 3, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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a strong frontal system will shift east across our region today into this evening. this front should be east of the piedmontby early thursday morning. cool high pressure works in from thewest thursday afternoon...and should be
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nicole touched many people throughout her short life.throughout her many people throughout her short's alright.yeah, i can't do that part. searching for answers in blacksburg. the mother of 13-year-old nicole lovell speaks publicly! how she's remembering her daughter and what new charges one of the suspects faces! a richmond father also speaking out after his daughter disappears without a trace! and a landfill in southern virginia is causing quite a stink for some! but relief
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good morning, it's wednesday, february 3rd. thanks for waking up with good day virginia! i'm january keaton and i'm kyle benjamin. we're following breaking news out of rocky mount this morning.police there are investigating the suspicious death of a baby.carilion police notified the ocky - mount police department of a suspicious admission to roanoke memorial hospital on tuesday. the patient, 24- year-old katherine dellis showed signs of recently giving birth, but rocky mount police say she denied that claim. investigators obtained a search warrant for dellis' home in rocky then led them to a dumpster at the blackwater collection site on route 220.inside, they found an infant dead.the body is at the medical examiner's office in roanoke for an autospy. multiple agencies are working
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autospy results before determining if charges will be filed.this is a developing story and we will bring you updates on all our platforms as they come in. fire crews are still working to figure out what sparked a house fire tuesday night in roanoke. these photos show flames and smoke coming from the home in the 1-thousand block of 12-th street southeast.the fire broke out a little before 10-o' injures were reported and it's still unclear if anyone was home at the time of the fire. continuing coverage now, on the death of 13-year-old nicole lovell in blacksburg. preliminary results from the medical examiner reveal that the teenager was stabbed to death. commonwealth's attorney mary pettit delivered that news during a press conference in blacksburg. she also announced that the 2nd virginia tech student involved in nicole's death now faces new charges. natalie keepers.. now charged with being an accessory *before* the fact to murder. nicole lovell's mother tammy weeks spoke to
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every parent's worst nightmare- mourning the death of her child. "coley had a passion for pandas, music, dancing, dreamed on being on american idol. her favorite color was blue, a very loveable person, and touched many people throughout her short life." such a tough thing for any parent to have to go through. funeral arrangements for nicole lovell have been announced. visitation is tonight from 5 to 8 p-m at mccoy funeral home in blackburg. the funeral service is tomorrow at 3 p-m, also at mccoy funeral home, followed by the burial service. authorities say social media and teen dating pages on facebook played a big role in lovell case. wfxr's bill wadell spoke with an expert, who works with teens. she says
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watchful...but dont need to take drastic action. brooks michael "that is not the solution because it's in the library, it's at their friends house. you can't lock them in a bubble."brooks michael knows a lot about teens - hooked on social media. she's an educator with carilion children's - and prevention council of roanoke county. plus - she's a mom. brooks michael "it's a lot of work, but we have to keep up with what they're doing." instead of banning middle schoolers and teens from social media -- michael says parents should set ground rules - even posting a mutual contract on the fridge. she also says - accounts, apps and passwords -- cannot be private. brooks michael "we need to know their passwords. we need to know what they're doing on their phones. it's a whole underground system of communication."a network - where harmless fun - could lead to a life and death situation. brooks michael "our job is to protect our kids, keep them safe and have them become successful adults."for wfxr news, bill wadell, good day virginia.
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sheriff's office announced a new partnership with help save the next girl. gil harrington is the founder of that organization and mother of murdered virginia tech student morgan harrington spoke at the event. the sheriff's office also revealed a special wrapped s-u-v to commemorate the partnership. save the next girl played an instrumental part in the lovell helped get facebook to shut down a teen dating group nicole was active in. the danville police department is offering a ten thousand dollar reward - for information leading to suspects involved in a shooting.police say someone shot two men shortly after 7 o'clock monday night on mount vernon avenue.doctors treated and released one of the victims...but another- dr. randolph neal is still recovering in a north carolina hospital. new this morning: the white mill dam in danville could soon be removed. a presentation was given last night for that possible removal. city staff recommends the removal to make
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city crews removed the brantly dam, which was located downstream from the white mill dam. both dams are low-head, meaning as water flows over the dam and drops to the lower level, the force creates a backward movement of water toward the dam that can trap anything that floats.3 the next step will be for city council to gather engineering information and sediment testing in the area. a strong frontal system will shift east across our regiontoday into this evening. this should be east of the piedmontby early thursday morning. cool high pressure works in from thewest thursday afternoon...and should be
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in pittsylvania county: a landfill is causing quite a stink for some the company operating it says people who live in the area, may see or smell an end to the odor problem! wfxr's kristen eskow spoke with neighbors and landfill operators to get answers. ... first piedmont corporation's industrial landfill in ringgold has been open for decades - but people who live in the area - say it smells worse than ever."the odor has been really bad for the last, i'd say, eight months. it hinders you from even being able to eat."sallie rice lives near the landfill. she and other neighbors say - they can sometimes smell odors from the landfill - inside their homes."you just feel sick, frustrated, don't know what to do about it.""a week
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outdoors. it smells so bad in here.' and they wouldn't open the door. it smelled bad outside. we didn't have anywhere to go."standup: "the company that runs the landfill blames the odor problem on a higher than usual amount of rainfall and says it may soon have a solution to the issue." "that causes a faster decomposition of the materials that you're disposing of, and as they decompose, therein lies your odors."tommy stump is the ceo of first piedmont corporation - which operates the landfill. he says some odors reported to his company several miles from the landfill - are likely not coming from the dump site- and may be from another source. he also says his company has started to cover the trash inside the landfill with soil - to cap odors from spreading to local neighborhoods."i think this is a short-term, temporary problem. just fighting the elements of trying to move soil on wet days and when you're off of paved surfaces.""we've had an awful lot of rain, and maybe it is too much water. and they'll be able to take care of it."officials at first piedmont corporation say all trash at the landfill will be covered with soil - within the next few weeks. in ringgold,
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"the only thing that really loved me was my daughter. i loved her. heartbreak in richmond this morning. a father searching for answers after his wife disappears with their two-year-old daughter! the case against comedian bill cosby picks back up today.this morning, we will tell you why his lawyers want some charges dropped! plus... now boarding! changes in the works for united airlines! why the company is going back and reviving an old policy and
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wednesday will be markedly different than tuesday as the flow of air will shift to a more southwesterly direction, ushering in much warmer conditions. highs on wednesday will top out above sixty in a number of locations. overall this batch of rain will slide through with the general theme of windy and wet, so if you are traveling around in a high profile vehicle , be prepared to get jostled around a little. the winds will be in the 20 mph range, which is not all that bad, but there is a chance for some gusty winds near 35 at times, so keep your
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a woman in richmond had been on the run with her step-daughter since november new this morning: police arrested the 35- year-old in new york city, but the 2-year-old is still no where to be found! back in virginia, the girl's father is searching for answers. here's matthew mcclellan with more. "one loving caring young girl. anybody that came into her life she would bless them, make them laugh, make them smile."more than two months ago... cornelius simmons saw his daughter for the last time two-year-old ariellisa was last seen with her stepmother...simmon's -- simmon's wife andrea watkins-
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november 25 on monday watkins-simmons was arrested in new york on abduction charges.the toddler... nowhere to be found. "she loved dora the explorer, loved to sing, loved karaoke." on january 16... richmond police found human remains in a vacant upstairs apartment on chamberlayne avenue.while police have yet to identify the body... simmons says it's his daughter."there was a two- year-old girl found on chamberlayne avenue at a familiar address."with the woman he once trusted behind bars... a storm of sadness and anger."i hope she die. i pray she die.""what did she take from you?""god's gift to me, to the world, my heart."now all he has to hold onto... are memories of his firstrborn. "you okay? daddy's little girl? daddy's little girl..." "the only thing that really loved me was my daughter. i loved her." that was matthe mcclellan reporting. police in new york say andrea watkins-simmons is facing abduction charges. bill cosby's criminal case will resume this morning in pennsylvania.on tuesday, a
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in a pre-trial hearing that he barred the state from prosecuting cosby more tha decade ago. cosby is charged with assault, stemming from an alleged rape back in 2004. cosby's lawyers want the charge dropped given that former prosecutor testimony. dozens of women accused the 78- year-old of sexual assault.if convicted, cosby could face up to a decade in prison. happening today:virginia tech professor marc edwards will testify as the u-s house oversight and government reform committee examines the flint water crisis. that testimony is set to get underway starting at 9-am.last week, michigan governor rick snyder named edwards to the flint water interagency coordinating committee.that group is now tasked with finding a long-term strategy to address the ongoing water crisis in flint. changes are coming for united airlines. new this morning: starting february 15th, parents with kids age two and younger, will be allowed to pre-board
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with disabilities and active duty military personnel. a company spokesperson says united is trying to simplify the boarding process. they say going back to the old policy is quote simply the right thing to do! do you grow your own food or just like to use local products? in our ag life report, how you can pick up something tasty! you're
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a strong frontal system will shift east across our region today into this evening. this front should be east of the piedmontby early thursday morning. cool high pressure works in from thewest thursday afternoon...and should be overhead friday....flash flood watch in effect through this afternoon... goo morning, it's wednesday, february 3rd. thanks for joining us here on good day virginia. i'm kyle
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we start this half hour in danville, where city officials say they're wrapping up an investigation realted to employee misconduct. city officials say a small group of are accused of misconduct. authorities didn't go into details- but here's what we do know. the investigation started in 20-13 when danville police uncovered evidence of the misconduct. six employees were convicted. officials say they're instituting several new safeguards to ensure that such problems will not happen again. roanoke police say speed and alcohol could be factors in a fatal crash. that crash happened monday night in the 2500 block of garden city boulevard south-east.police say gregory davis he lost control of the car and hit a parked trailer.davis died at the scene.the passenger in the car survived the crash. winter is back across a good portion of the u-s. blizzard conditions across the midwest with heavy snowfall and strong winds. the south is dealing with tornadoes and heavy rain. fox's jackie ibanez has the
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. the groundhog may have predicted an early spring... but a storm sweeping across the country... bringing tornados in the deep south... and blizzard conditions from the rockies to the great lakes. in denver ...
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our regiontoday into this evening. this front should be east of the piedmontby early thursday morning. cool high pressure works in from thewest thursday afternoon...and should be overhead friday....flash flood watch in effect through this
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the bigwig campaign jus has about a week campaign just the bigwi campaign just has about a week and half left. you may be asking yourself? what is the big wig campaign? here to tell us more is sara bremer.
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started? the goal is to raise a minimum of 10- thousand dollars.. how can people still take part? susan g. komen blue ridge is celebrating 10 years in the roanoke valley -- who came up
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where is the money goin that is raised? there were a lot of angry riders down here on new year's eve, but just a few days ago uber announced some changes that should cheer up roanoke
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re-imaging!new this morning: take a look at the company's new logo!instead of the stylized white and black 'u,' the new design features an image the company calls the "atom and bit."a company spokeswoman says the new logo will be used worldwide, with a different color scheme in each of the 68 countries the company operates. ever since uber began operations in roanoke back in 2014, the company used trial and error to determine what price range best suits the region to maximize business. back on new year's eve, some riders were surprised to find rates had skyrocketed for the holiday, but now that business has slowed down, prices are much more reasonable. wfxr's taylor kanost joins us live in downtown roanoke with more. good morning. a lot of people that celebrated the new year here in downtown roanoke relied on uber to get home safely, but the company ruffled some feathers when riders were charged upwards of nearly ten times their standard rates due to their surge pricing policy. uber is a unique company
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work on their own schedule. when demand for drivers is high like it was on new year's eve, the company increases prices to encourage the company's drivers to be available. on the opposite end of the spectrum, the company has found that in some cities, decreasing prices when demand is low can often lead to more business, and that's exactly what the company plans to do for the forseeable future in roanoke by offering 35 percent reduction in prices. seasonality affects every business, and uber is no exception. when people hunker down at home, demand for rides drops and this is tough for our driver partners. this is the first time uber has cut prices in roanoke so this is still very much a matter of trial and error to see if this method will draw more customers. if it turns out this method does not work then the company says they will plan on raising prices back up to their standard rate to provide enough incentitve for their drivers to hit the roads. i asked uber officials if the company had considered any additional ways to communicate their prices to their customers after the new year's eve fiasco, and they told me they have no plans on changing their operations at this time. when prices surge above the standard rate, the phone app does require customer to confirm that they accept the increased price. reporting live in roanoke, taylor kanost
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shift east across our region today into this evening. this front should be east of the piedmontby early thursday morning. cool high pressure works in from thewest thursday afternoon...and should be overhead friday....flash flood watch in effect through this rain may be heavy at times. not as cool with highsin the lower 60s. south winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to35 mph. chance of rain near 100 percent..tonight...mostly cloudy. a slight chance of showers in theevening. lows around 40. west winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to30 mph. chance of rain 20 percent. .thursday...mostly sunny and
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temperaturein the lower 40s. northwest winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to25 mph. .thursday night...partly cloudy in the evening...then becomingmostly clear. cooler with lows in the upper 20s. northwest winds10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. .friday...sunny. highs in the mid 40s. northwest winds around 10 mph..friday night...mostly clear. lows in the mid 20s. .saturday through monday...partly cloudy. highs in the upper 40s.lows in the upper 20s..monday night...mostly cloudy with a chance of rain and snow.lows in the upper 20s. chance of precipitation 30 percent. .tuesday...partly sunny. highs
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we're right in the middle of cold and flu season, but we may be getting the cold and flu confused with other issues, like sinus infections. wfxr's paris holmes is here to give us the signs so we can recognize the difference. according to dr. steve osborn of doctor's express sinus infections are very similar to head colds, in fact they generally develop from a cold, but one of the first indications you have sinus infection is pain. "all of a sudden you just get pressure, fullness, headache, some people even get pain in their upper teeth on one side or the other." " we have sinus up in our heads. we have maxillary sinus here, we have frontal sinuses here. we have a couple sets of sinues behind the nose" he says they're simply cavities-- empty for the most part. occassionally bacteria grows in them, but as long as they can drain you're fine. but it's when you get a cold and stuffed up, and the bacteria can't drain... that's when---osborn says you move into a sinus infection. "most
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once in a while it does. and some people are just more prone to that." as far as treatment--decongesants, tylenol, ibuprofen, are all over the counter options says osborn. "if you're really miserable, i think an antibiotic can be helpful. i think it depends on the severity of it. most people would get over it on their own eventually. the problem is how long is it going to take and how miserable you're going to feel. that;s really the key to it." and dr. osborne says if you're too miserable to handle your sinus infection on your own, you should see a doctor. you can find doctor's express on the lower level of tower's mall.... no appointment is necessary. in the studio, paris holmes, wfxr news. north carolina's own weather-forecasting groundhog
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some are pretty upset! carolina's weather predicting groundhog ruffled some feathers in north carolina on tuesday. grady the groundhog predicted that the denver broncos would win the super bowl on sunday over the carolina panthers. fun fact for you... grady has been predicting bowl games since
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