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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 6  FOX  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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pressure will gradually build into the centralappalachians from the west today...passing overhead friday intosaturday. sunday...low pressure moves across the southeast and off the coast. at this time this system will keep the main precipitation southeast of our area. new information. an autopsy tells us more about the death of a baby found in a franklin county dumpster.the work of vandalsemployees are idled after criminals cause more than a hundred thousand dollars in damage to one
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deadline is approaching.there may be something you need to do if you want to take part in virginia's primary. thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's thursday january 4.i'm january keaton and i'm kyle benjamin. rocky mount police arrested and charged a woman with unlawful concealment of human remains, after they found a newborn in a dumpster. police say an autopsy points to a stillbirth.katherine dellis of rocky mount remains in jail this morning.anyone with information is asked to call police. manufacturing operations are shut down again today at the vaughan-bassett furniture company's plant in galax -
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facility tuesday night. police say they are still trying to figure out who broke into the facility. w-f-x-r's kristen eskow spoke with downtown galax business owners to find out if they are worried about similar crimes happening again. :34-:39:40-:451:06-1:11 following the break-in and vandalism of a furniture plant just blocks from downtown businesses - shop owners say - they're surprised a crime like this - would happen in their neighborhood."my husband works there, and when he came home today, i was very shocked hair salon owner donna higgins says her husband is one of the unable to work because of the vandalism - which company officials estimate is at least 100 thousand dollars worth of damage to equipment. she and others who work downtown say - happen in galax."i've never had any trouble as long as years. i think our police department does a great job in they've always backed us up if if we need any help with anything.""we rarely have anybody have any vandalism or break-ins. i've been down here since 1999, and we haven't had any problems at all."sharon ritchie owns chapters book shop and the wine cellar at chapters. she says she is not worried about vandalism happening at her business - and feels downtown galax - is still a safe neighborhood."i leave at night late. i've never been scared downtown. it's always felt very safe, and just, you know, no problems at all."standup: "officials with vaughan-bassett say they only expect the shipping department and in-office departments to remain open through friday. reporting for good day virginia, i'm kristen eskow,
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a bank robbery suspect is in jail this morning.police say the suspect robbed the b-b-and-t bank in downtown just after 3-30 wednesday afternoon.police caught the robber less than a mile away on henry street.charges are pending. a roanoke man is in jail without bond this morning after breaking into a church. police were called to the roanoke valley baptist temple for a report of a breaking and entering on tuesday. officers later identified and arrested the suspect.
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count of breaking and entering and two counts of forging a public document. virginia's house of delegates approved a bill that will allow people who are covered by a protective order to carry a concealed handgun without a permit.the bill would apply to those 21 and older.supporters say the measure ensures people who are in danger would be able to protect themselves. some democrats say they're concerned because the bill does not require any formal training for people getting the concealed carry permits. the virginia presidential primary elections are less than a month away and time is running out for those who still need to register to vote. wfxr's taylor kanost joins with what voters need to know including some changes for those in the city of roanoke. good morning. not only will the virginia primaries on march 1st have big implications on the presidential race, but it will also be the first election in the city of roanoke since city council announced precinct adjustments. last november, city council unanimously voted to
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precincts in roanoke from 32 to 21. the main purpose of this change was to improve efficiency by creating a better balance of registered voters in each precinct. officials often found in the previous alignment certain precincts would tally over 4,000 votes, while others would only receive around 1,000 votes. now voters are allowed to vote for either the republican primary or the democratic primary, and since the state of virginia does not require voters to register by party, voters can choose to vote in whichever primary they would like. the republican party had required a statement of affiliation. they have since dropped that. we are awaiting official word from the department of elections so hopefully when people no one will have to fill out any additional paperwork than the application itself if you still itself if you still haven't registered to vote, you need to hurry because the deadline to register for the primaries is next monday, february 8th.
6:06 am paper applications are available at all city post offices and libraries. you can also drop by the voter registration office in downtown roanoke. all registered voters in roanoke should receive a notice in the mail over the next week or two with information on whether or not your poll location has changed. with four different elections this year in the city of roanoke, officials urge voters to make sure they have the correct address on their voter registration so they can get to their polling location without too many headaches. reporting in the studio, taylor kanost wfxr news. there are two fewer republicans in the race for the white house.following monday's poor showings in the iowa caucus, both rand paul and rick santorum quit the campaign.paul said yesterday he would concentrate on winning re-election to the u-s senate.after exiting the race, santorum endorsed florida senator marco rubio. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders took the stage last
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but it wasn't a debate... and, they weren't on stage at the same time... still the two remaining democrats managed to to continue a war of words...over being a true progressive. jackie ibanez has the latest. 00:00-00:0910-:22:22-:32 1:27-1:34clinton says: "i sanders that we should start over, that we should throw our country into a contentious national debate about healthcare again." for the first time since former clinton's historically narrow caucuses... clinton and vermont senator bernie same town hall sanders says: "of course we're an underdog. we're taking on organization in the country, and that's the clinton organization." the event taking place in derry, new hampshire...less than a week before granite state voters clinton: 22:02:50 i'm a progressive who likes to get things done, and i was somewhat amused today that senator sanders has set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who's a progressive." clinton coming into this town hall reacting to a charge from sanders that she is a progressive - quote - "some days." sanders says: "secretary clinton said, 'some people call me a ....well, i'm paraphrasing...'some people call me a moderate..." and i proudly say that i am a moderate..." that's what she, what all i said...'you can't go and say you're a moderate on one day and be a progressive on the other day." meantime, one new poll released wednesday suggests sanders could have over double the voter support that clinton does in new hampshire.scala says: "she's got the organization to get it done on primary day. the question is whether she can get within reach in the polls that the ground game could make the difference." the new hampshire primary takes place this tuesday...february ninth. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. s s fox news.jackie ibanez, fox
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s cool high pressure will gradually build into the centralappalachians from the west today...passing overhead friday intosaturday. sunday...low pressure moves across the southeast and off the coast. at this time this system will keep the main precipitation southeast of our
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things get in heated in washington as lawmakers and residents argue over who is responsible for the mess made of flint michigan's water system.the details are coming
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feed regulations for livestock are about to change next on good day virginia: how farmers can get
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin
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the f-d-a is putting new regulations in place for giving livestock antibiotics.
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who want to give their animals feed with medication in it-- must first visit a veterinarian-- to get a veterinary feed directive form to give to the feed supplier. local veterinarians say it will not effect many of their clients. but famers will need to do one thing. "well if a farmer does not already have a relationship with a veterinarian and that's called a veterinarian client patient relationship, they need to establish one."the new regulations will take affect january 1st, 2017 the blame game over the flint, michigan water disaster -- was in full bloom last night on capitol hill. federal -- state -- and local officials are all pointing fingers at each other -- over the crisis that has left high levels of lead in flint's water -- and in its children's blood.mike emanuel has the latest. :2-:06:27-:32:47-:521:16-1:21 1:26-1:311:45-1:501:56-2:00 walters says: "the fact that my son had lead poisoning, the city and the mdeq still continue to tell everyone the water was safe as the epa sat
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leeanne walters is the first flint, michigan mother whose home registered hazardous waste levels of lead in drinking water. at a hearing before the house oversight committee hearing, chairman jason chaffetz blasted darnell earley -- the former emergency manager of flint -- for declining to show up. chaffetz says: "we're calling on the us marshals to hunt him down and give him that subpoena. today we're issuing a new subpeona, he will be here, he will appear to do a deposition later this month." the panel's top democrat expressed his own outrage as well.cummings says: "why would they be paying for water that they cannot even use that is poisoning them?that's not american, as mr chairman said this is not a third world country." a key republican noted it would have only taken a small amount of money to properly treat the flint water. mica says: "for lack of $80 to $100 a day it's about $30,000 a year, it wasn't $50 million we heard cited being cut or something, for that much money we poisoned the kids in lint! didn't we?" an e-p-a official acknowledged this isn't just a flint problem.beauvais says: "there are drinking water issues across the country that we are monitoring actively and we are working with our state partners to address." another republican ripped administrator gina mccarthy for only going to flint a year after a regional e-p-a official tested the water. herself on the scene in flint despicable that gina mccarthy, the administrator, shows up in flint yesterday instead of
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walters says: "i am outraged that the epa continues to allow this type of dishonesty with testing to continue this nationally."edwards says: "i believe that they're not enforcing the law. they're not enforcing their own policies." subpoenas have been issued for a former local and former regional official, and the e-p-a is expected to provide documents by the end of the week. chairman chaffetz says not only should people be fired, but some folks should probably end up in jail. on capitol hill, mike emanuel,
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cool high pressure will centralappalachians from the west today...passing overhead friday intosaturday. sunday...low pressure moves across the southeast and off the coast. at this time this system will keep the main precipitation southeast of our cloudy this morning...then becoming partly sunny.highs in the upper 40s. northwest winds around 10 mph..tonight...mostly cloudy in the evening...then becoming partlycloudy. cooler with lows in the upper 20s. northwest winds 10 to15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. .friday...sunny. highs in the lower 40s. northwest winds 10 to15 mph with gusts up to 30 clear. lows in the mid 20s. northwestwinds around 10 mph in the evening...becoming light and variable. highs in the upper 40s. light andvariable winds..saturday night...partly cloudy. lows in theupper 20s. highs in the upper 40s..monday...partly chance of rain inthe afternoon. highs in the mid 40s. chance of precipitation40 tuesday...mostly cloudy. a 40 percent chance ofsnow showers. lows in the upper 20s. highs in the lower 40s..tuesday night...mostly cloudy. a chance of snow showers in the evening. lows in the lower 20s. chance of snow 40 percent. .wednesday...mostly sunny. highs in the lower 30s. wind
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and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. an investigation is underway this morning after an explosion on board an international flight in east africa. the plane was at 14-thousand feet when passengers heard an explosion in the cabin of the plane. one person was killed when they were sucked out of the plane. several others were hurt. initial tests have come back positive for explosive residue and officials are not ruling out the possibility of terrorism as well. president obama made his *first* visit to a mosque in the united states as president on wednesday.he went to the islamic society of baltimore, a 47-year-old mosque with thousands of attendees.obama said muslim americans keep the nation safe, crediting contributions muslims made to communities.many muslim groups called for the president to schedule a stop at a u-s mosque as a public rejection of islamophobia. a big problem for e- filers going through the process of submitting your taxes. the internal revenue service is reporting
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with a number of tax processing systems. the agency also saying it is in the process of making repairs. a number of taxpayer and tax practitioner tools are unavailable right now. irs- dot - gov however is still working, but a number of features including where's my refund are not. the irs says taxpayers can continue to prepare and file their tax returns to their e-file provider as they normally would, companies will hold the tax returns until the irs resumes accepting electronic tax returns. a local high school basketball player is excited to hear some good news... we will have his reaction when
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a local hi after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside.
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school basketball star is getting national attention. shasha kuh-lay-uh jones sacha killeyea-jones has been chosen to play in 2016 mcdonald's all american game. the announcement was made today in front of his peers at the virginia episcopal school. the high school senior says he is honored to play in the game. and he actually found out when the announcement was made on national tv. sacha killeya-jones/mcdonald's all american player: "i was really excited. i was watching it in my dorm room on my computer and when i found out i tried to keep my composure but i really just kind of lost it and i jumped around and i got really excited about it." the game will take place march 30th-- at united center-- home
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can watch that game on espn. here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. oooh, i think i saw dessert! hey! steven stay strong! what's that? want me to eat you? honey, he didn't say that! don't fight your instincts!
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try our lemon bars, brownies, and cheesecakes. fiber one. cool high pressure will gradually build into the centralappalachians from the west today...passing overhead friday intosaturday. sunday...low pressure moves across the southeast and off
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system will keep the main precipitation southeast of our area. thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's february fourth. i'm january keaton/ and i'm kyle benjamin. one of the two virginia tech students charged in the murder of 13 year old nicole lovell
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today for a bond hearing. keepers is accused of helping the other suspect david eisenhauer dispose of lovell's body and being an accessory before the fact to the murder. nicole lovell's friends and family will say their goodbyes today as the 13-year-old is laid to rest.funeral services will be this afternoon at 3 oclock at mccoy funeral home in blacksburg. a memorial fund has been set up for nicole lovell's family at national bank. you can make a donation at any bank branch or mail donations to the address you see on your screen. we have the details of the memorial fund, along with more information on this case on our website virginia first dot-com. many of you may be familar with the murder of morgan harrington. she was the 20 year old virginia tech student who went missing while attending a concert in charlottesville in 2009. her disappearance sparked one of the largest searches in charlottesville's history before her remains were discovered three months later. since then morgan's family and friends have tried to create some good out of the tragedy by organizing events in her
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is here with one of those events that is helping some virginia tech medical students. physicians from carilion clinic and students from jefferson college of health sciences will be squaring off against virginia tech carilion school of medicine students in the annual docs for morgan basketball challenge. players have been practicing for weeks for this game that celebrates the morgan dana harrington memorial scholarship fund. in the last four years oraganizers have raised almost three hundred thousand dollars for tech medical students in need. morgan's father dan serves as vice dean of the school. morgan herself was an intern the summer before she died and bonded closely with the staff. "she actually helped us start the school. when we were all doing projects analysis and assesments she was right there with us." dr. tracy criss who spearheads the basketball game every year says this year the event will include a silent auction of signed sports memorabilia and a
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thousand dollars with a half court shot. criss says the docs for morgan basketball challenge is just a natural way to honor morgan's work in the community and to recognize there is still good in the world. "good can overcome evil when everyone comes together for a good cause, and also in doing so we're able to find meaning in loss." the game is at patrick henry high school on grandin road. it's starts a 7 pm and it's free. the huge recall of takata airbags is now expanding to include newer models.airbags from the japanese manufacturer are at risk for exploding as they inflate, firing out shards of metal, leading to serious injuries.the defect has already prompted the biggest auto recall in american far, the recall hit more than 20-million cars. here's a list of those newer models that kyle just mentioned: they include: 2004 to 2006 b-series mazda
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crvs. 2011-2015 crzs 2009-2013 fit and 2013 fit ev and finally 2007-2014 ridgelines. toyota has decided to end its scion brand...and re-badge the vehicles as toyotas.scion was started in 2003 as a separate car brand targeted at younger buyers.while its products were very closely related to toyota vehicles...they have a unique style, designed to be easily customizable.the cars were sold at toyota dealerships -- but in areas set off from the rest of the showroom.the youth market has changed since 2003, analyst with autotrader says millennial buyers -- who are scion's target age today -- are less interested in standing out, and would rather buy cars from known and trusted brands. cool high pressure will gradually build into the centralappalachians from the west today...passing overhead friday intosaturday. sunday...low pressure moves
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the coast. at this time this system will keep the main precipitation southeast of our area. doctors make a startling discovery about the way the zika virus is transmitted.... it could
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situation even worse. we will explain when good day virginia continues. and we will head out and about with our own becky freemal... she's telling us how to enjoy a night at the oscars ..... and help out the fight against
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startling news from the world health organization, the zika virus is not just being spread by mosquitos, but also through sexual reid binion reports, who leaders say the virus posing a future threat to as much as 63-percent of the u-s population. "the clusters of microcephaly and other neurological complications constitute an extraordinary event."world health organization director general margaret chan.......declaring a public health emergency this the evolving threat of the zika viris.... now present in at least 24 countries as it sweeps through central and south america... northward to the u-s.the virus is spread by mosquitos... one species in particular. "this guy - this is a nasty mosquito. this is the one. this is aedes aegypti."the aedes aegypti mosquito - the primary carrier of zika ... known only to exist in certain parts of the u-s, but apparently mosquitos aren't the only concern... "dallas county health and human services has received confirmation of a zika case associated with acquiring locally."the c-d-c, confirming tuesday that the first case of zika acquired inside the
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transmitted sexually. "we have received confirmation that it has spread otherwise through sexual activity."zika has been linked to a birth disorder in newborns that results in babies born with abnormally small heads... ....causing severe developmental issues and sometimes death.those mothers -- sometimes left to discover they have the virus only after the damage to their unborn children is already done.i'm reid binion, reporting. you don't have to book a flight to hollywood, to enjoy "a night at the oscars." just head to downtown roanoke for this year's heart ball. its just a week and a half away. it's an event that brings out the generosity of people to help raise life- saving funds for the american
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becky freemal takes a look at a local artist whose work plays a big role at the ball. 36-49 nats/talking as we work on glitter and heartjohn reburn says14:40-anytime you take something oversized, large format - it is a challenge, but i love a challenge and i love the strange and wonderful. john reburn's work can be seen at his print shop appalachia press in downtown roanoke ... and is sold to customers around the country.nats/thanks to his generosity, his bigger-than-life artwork will soon be seen at the hotel roanoke ... created for the roanoke heart ball's "a night at the oscars."john reburn propped and set so they can be hugged on, grouped around, and we will also have actual award envelopes you can open and act as if you have even won the award. i left any jobs that involved true artist ability - to the professional john reburn,17:24-you do the hard one, and i'll do the easy... while i stuck with glitter. something that is clearly an important component for a night at the oscars!john reburn, 15:33-the heart is one of the most amazing props.... something i think will be stuck in my clothes for months! john reburn says,14:20-the heart, the oscars, these will all be photo opportunities for people to get their photos taken, do their selfies, post to social media, and take the event wider and further than we even expected.the roanoke heart ball is part of a bigger, nationwide effort, to raise money for the american heart association ... to fund life-saving research.reburn says,16:25-so we are just one element and we want roanoke to look good.the concept is simple ... buy a ticket, help save a life.john reburn says, 16:46-ultimately, your ticket is doing a really wonderful thing for charity. but it's one of the best parties i've
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the roanoke heart ball takes place on saturday, february 13th at the hotel roanoke. you can head to our website, , to get tickets and find more information on the night that includes dinner, dancing, and live auction. s when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats
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best cereal in the world right there.
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and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. longtime fans of the sopranos and law and order know actor michael imperioli as an intense actor who played hard nosed cops and mobsters. but he is trying comedy in his new series mad dog on amazon prime.i talked to him
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michael imperioli may be best known for imperioli may be michael michael imperioli may be best known for his emmy- winning. role as christopher moltisanti on the sopranos and as detective nick falco on law & order. but his many other credits include goodfellas, jungle fever, bad boys, the basketball diaries, clockers and i shot andy warhol. he's also a writer and director who has written a number of episodes for the sopranos. a man of many talents, he is the lead singer/guitarist for a rock band named la dolce vita and also formed an off- broadway theatre with his wife. imperioli won the "tournament of stars" competition on the cooking show chopped in 2014.imperioli stars along with steve zahn, billy zane, romany malco and ben chaplin in amazon's dark comedy mad dogs, based on the hit u.k. series. mad dogs follows the reunion of a group of longtime, forty-something friends mixture of single, married and recently divorced, all seemingly at crossroads in their the first episode, cobi, lex, gus and joel gather to celebrate the early retirement of an old friend played by billy zane at his gorgeous belizean villa. but, their camaraderie doesn't last long as old grudges resurface, secrets explode, and their trip to paradise quickly becomes a labyrinthine nightmare of lies, deception and murder. the series is a tale of friendship put to the ultimate test. completely out of their element, the guys quickly realize that the only way they can survive this adventure will be by having to trust one another, probably the last people in the world they
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stick around to good day virginia, up next we have a story of young love.... as a five year old cancer patient
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the love of his life.... we are willing to bet this next story will touch your heart. it's about a five-year-old boy with the courage to fight cancer.he also has the courage to his favorite nurse! little gideon robinson has had leukemia for months. he's become known as "iron" gideon because of the port
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chest... similar to the device in robert downey junior's chest in the film "ironman." gideon has a favorite nurse at his san diego hospital, and recently decided to ask her to marry him. the five year old created a ring with pipe cleaners and a purple heart- shaped bead. he got down on one knee at the nurse's station and popped the question to "tall sarah." she accepted, and told gideon he
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