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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 7  FOX  February 4, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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husband." they sealed the cool high pressure will gradually build into the centralappalachians from the west today...passing overhead friday intosaturday. sunday...low pressure moves across the southeast and off the coast. at this time this system will keep the main precipitation southeast of our
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good morning, just after 7-o'clock on this thursday. thanks for starting your day with good day virginia. i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm january keaton. one of the two virginia tech students charged in the disappearance and death of nicole lovell in blacksburg will be in court in a matter of hours for a bond hearing. natalie keepers is charged with helping the other suspect, david eisenhauer, dispose of the body and being an accessory before the fact to the murder. we'll bring you the latest information from that bond hearing on-air and online at virginia first dot-com. nicole lovell's friends and family will say their goodbyes today as the 13-year-old is laid to rest.funeral services will be this afternoon at 3 oclock at mccoy funeral home in blacksburg. there is a memorial fund set
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at national can make a donation at any bank branch or mail donations to the address you see on your screen. we have the details of the memorial fund, along with more information on this case on our website virginia first dot-com. rocky mount police arrested a woman for unlawful concealment of human remains, after a newborn was found dead in a dumpster. we first told you about this story yesterday on good day virginia. an autopsy showing the infant was stillborn. katherine dellis of rocky mount remains in jail this morning. anyone with information is asked to call police. new this morning: the virginia department of corrections says it doesn't have enough drugs to execute its next death row inmate march 16-th. the attorney general's office said back in 2015 that the national shortage of execution drugs is the result of quote well- recognized efforts by anti- death penalty advocates. corrections officials say a lot could happen between now and march 16-th and they will wait and see if new drugs are delivered. back in
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commonwealth the first of three drugs it needed to execute serial killer alfredo prieto. virginia's house of delegates approving a bill that will allow people who have taken out protective orders to carry a concealed gun without a permit. the order would go into effect 45 days after it's issued, and would only apply if you're 21 and older. supporters say the measure ensures that people in danger are able to protect themselves. democrats say they're concerned because no formal training on concealed carry is expected to be given. a bank robbery suspect is in jail this morning.police say the suspect robbed the b-b-and-t bank in downtown just after 3-30 wednesday afternoon.police caught the robber less than a mile away on henry street.charges are pending. a roanoke man in jail without bond this morning after breaking into the roanoke valley baptist temple tuesday. officers later identified and arrested the
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faces one count of breaking and entering and two counts of forging a public document. cool high pressure will gradually build into the centralappalachians from the west today...passing overhead friday intosaturday. sunday...low pressure moves across the southeast and off the coast. at this time this system will keep the main precipitation southeast of our area. you don't have to book a
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book a flight you don't have to book a flight to hollywood, to enjoy "a night at the oscars."just head to downtown roanoke for this year's heart ball.. just a week and a half's an event that brings out the generosity of people to help raise life-saving funds for the american heart association.wfxr's becky freemal takes a look at a local artist whose work plays a big role at the ball. work on glitter and heartjohn reburn says14:40-anytime you large format - it is a challenge and i love the reburn's work can be seen at
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press in downtown roanoke ... and is sold to customers around the country.nats/thanks to his generosity, his bigger-than-life artwork will soon be seen at the hotel roanoke ... created for the roanoke heart ball's "a night at the oscars."john reburn says,15:05-these will be propped and set so they can be hugged on, grouped around, and we will also have actual award envelopes you can open and act as if you have even won the award. i left any jobs that involved true artist ability - to the professional john reburn,17:24-you do the hard one, and i'll do the easy... while i stuck with glitter. something that is clearly an important component for a night at the oscars!john reburn, 15:33-the heart is one of the most amazing props.... something i think will be stuck in my clothes for months! john reburn says,14:20-the heart, the oscars, these will people to get their photos taken, do their selfies, post to social media, and take the event wider and further than heart ball is part of a bigger, nationwide effort, to raise money for the american life-saving research.reburn says,16:25-so we are just one element and we want roanoke to look good.the concept is simple ... buy a ticket, help save a life.john reburn says, 16:46-ultimately, your ticket is doing a really wonderful thing for charity. but it's
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board. that was becky freemal reporting. the roanoke heart ball takes place on saturday, february 13th at the hotel roanoke. you can head to our website,, to get tickets and find more information on the night that
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coming up next on good day virginia: airbag recall! is your car one of the millions on a newly released list? the details you need! vandals in galax attack a factory and force dozens to miss work this week .we'll hear what businesses nearby
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cool high pressure will gradually build into the centralappalachians from the west today...passing overhead friday intosaturday. sunday...low pressure moves across the southeast and off the coast. at this time this system will keep the main precipitation southeast of our area. the huge recall of deadly takata airbags recall of
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area. the takata airbag recall list is now expanding to include newer models. airbags from the japanese manufacturer are at risk for exploding as they inflate, firing out shards of metal, leading to serious injuries. the defect has already prompted the biggest auto recall in american history. so far, more than 20-million cars have been recalled. here's a list of those newer models: they include: 2004 to 2006 b-series mazda pickups 2007-2011
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2009-2013 fit and 2013 fit ev and finally 2007-2014 ridgelines. manufacturing operations are shut down again today at the vaughan-bassett furniture company's plant in galax - after someone vandalized the facility tuesday night.police say they are still trying to figure out who broke into the facility. w-f-x-r's kristen eskow spoke with downtown galax business owners to find out if they are worried about similar crimes happening again in the neighborhood. :34-:39:40-:451:06-1:11 following the break-in and vandalism of a furniture plant just blocks from downtown businesses - shop owners say - they're surprised a crime like this - would happen in their neighborhood."my husband works there, and when he came home today, i was very shocked before i left to come to work." hair salon owner donna higgins says her husband is one of the factory employees - who is now unable to work because of the vandalism - which company officials estimate is at least 100 thousand dollars worth of damage to equipment. she and others who work downtown say - things like this don't often happen in galax."i've never had any trouble as long as i've been here for about 38 years. i think our police department does a great job in they've always backed us up if anything.""we rarely have anybody have any vandalism or break-ins. i've been down here since 1999, and we haven't had any problems at all."sharon
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shop and the wine cellar at chapters. she says she is not worried about vandalism happening at her business - and feels downtown galax - is still a safe neighborhood."i leave at night late. i've never been scared downtown. it's always felt very safe, and just, you know, no problems at all."standup: "officials with vaughan-bassett say they only expect the shipping department and in-office departments to remain open through friday. reporting for good day virginia, i'm kristen eskow, wfxr news." the water problems in flint, michigan took center stage on capitol hill on wednesday as people who live there and officials took on the issue. virginia tech's professor, dr. marc edwards who led the team that identified the issues in flint's water also spoke before the house oversight flint resident
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done to fix the situation! "broken policies and procedures are smothering the outcry of an entire community suffering financially, physically, mentally and emotionally. i urge you to help restore some of the trust lost and protect all of the citizens in the united states by never allowing this to happen again." -michigan governor rick syder estimated it would cost more than 767 million dollars to replace the city's water system in a letter to president obama last month. that number does not take into account the cost of emergency water supplies, or paying the water bill for the people of flint. president obama made his *first* visit to a mosque in the united states as president on wednesday.he went to the islamic society of baltimore, a 47-year-old mosque with thousands of attendees. obama said muslim americans keep the nation safe, crediting contributions muslims made to communities.many muslim groups called for the president to schedule a stop at a u-s mosque as a public rejection
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feed regulations for livestock are about to change next on good day virginia: how farmers can get prepared! (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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and drug administration is putting new regulations in place for giving livestock antibiotics. starting next year, farmers who want to give their animals feed with medication in it-- must first visit a veterinarian-- to get a form to give to the feed
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regulations will take affect january 1st, 2017. there are more livestock in virginia this year according to new information. the virginia department of agriculture and consumer services announced statistics for live stock and grain inventory for the state. the total inventory for cattle and calves as of january 1st 2016 is 1 point 5 million head. sheep and lamb stayed the same but goat inventories increased. as for corn, soy bean and wheat stocks, they all increased in bushels, but oats decreased by 4 thousand bushels from 2014. do you take your mail out of the mailbox without thinking about how it got there? happening today: how you say thank you to your mailman! you're
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today is national thank a mail carrier day! february 4th is set a side every year to show appreciation to the person who delivers your mail six days a week. there's been mail delivery in american since before, there *was* an america. the first organized delivery of letters was established by the second continental congress back in
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cool high pressure will gradually build into the centralappalachians from the west today...passing overhead friday intosaturday. sunday...low pressure moves across the southeast and off the coast. at this time this system will keep the main precipitation southeast of our
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good morning. it's thursday, february 4th.
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good day virginia. i'm january keaton.and i'm kyle benjamin. wfxr news is your local election headquarters. with less than a week before the new hampshire primary- the presidential candidates are swarming the granite molly line reports- senator ted cruz is leading the republican charge against donald trump- and hillary clinton is trying to steal voters away from senator bernie sanders. :22-:30 :35-:40 :41-:46 :51-:57 1:14-1:26 cruz says "god bless the great state of new hampshire." fresh off a win in iowa... republican ted cruz is barnstorming new hampshire to try to pull off a similar upset against donald trump. but the new york billionaire is playing offense tweeting..."based on the fraud committed by senator ted cruz during the iowa caucus, either a new election should take place or cruz results nullified." jeb bush is also hoping cruz stumbles.bush says "i applaud ted cruz's victory. he worked really hard. and he deserves credit. but new hampshire has a strange way of resettin' races." meanwhile, florida senator marco rubio is on the campaign trail selling himself as a party uniter. rubio says "we must nominate someone who can unify this party quickly if we have any chance of winning." paul says "although today i will suspend my campaign for the presidency, i will continue to fight on for liberty." kentucky senator rand paul is the latest g-o-p candidate to fall.hayes says "unfortunately for rand paul, ted cruz stepped up and really largely
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inside washington outsider." democrat hillary clinton is hoping to pull off a big upset against bernie sanders.clinton says "i am going to be out here making my case, answering your questions, doing everything i can to persuade you to come out and vote next tuesday."line says "sanders also isn't conceding iowa just yet. his campaign says today it will 'review' caucus results that left him in a virtual tie with clinton. in manchester, new hampshire, molly line, fox news. " the virginia presidential primary elections are less than a month away and time is running out for those who still need to register to vote. wfxr's taylor kanost joins with what voters need to know
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those in the city of roanoke. good morning. not only will the virginia primaries on march 1st have big implications on the presidential race, but it will also be the first election in the city of roanoke since city council announced precinct adjustments. last november, city council unanimously voted to reduce the number of voting precincts in roanoke from 32 to 21. the main purpose of this change was to improve efficiency by creating a better balance of registered voters in each precinct. officials often found in the previous alignment certain precincts would tally over 4,000 votes, while others would only receive around 1,000 votes. now voters are allowed to vote for either the republican primary or the democratic primary, and since the state of virginia does not require voters to register by party, voters can choose to vote in whichever primary they would like. the republican party had required a statement of affiliation. they have since dropped that. we are awaiting official word from the department of elections so hopefully when people no one
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additional paperwork than the application itself if you still haven't registered to vote, you need to hurry because the deadline to register for the primaries is next monday, february 8th. you can register online at paper applications are available at all city post offices and libraries. you can also drop by the voter registration office in downtown roanoke. all registered voters in roanoke should receive a notice in the mail over the next week or two with information on whether or not your poll location has changed. with four different elections this year in the city of roanoke, officials urge voters to make sure they have the correct address on their voter registration so they can get to their polling location without too many headaches. reporting in the studio, taylor kanost wfxr news.
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filers going through the process of submitting your taxes. the internal revenue service is reporting there was a hardware failure with a number of tax processing systems. the agency also saying it is in the process of making repairs. a number of taxpayer and tax practitioner tools are unavailable right now. irs- dot - gov however is still working, but a number of features including where's my refund are not. the irs says taxpayers can continue to prepare and file their tax returns to their e-file provider as they normally would, companies will hold the tax returns until the irs resumes accepting electronic tax returns. cool high pressure will gradually build into the centralappalachians from the west today...passing overhead friday intosaturday. sunday...low pressure moves across the southeast and off the coast. at this time this system will keep the main precipitation southeast of our
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startling news from the world health organization, the zika virus is not just being spread by mosquitos, but also through sexual reid binion reports, who leaders say the virus posing a future threat to as much as 63-percent of the u-s population. "the clusters of microcephaly and other neurological complications constitute an extraordinary event."world health organization director general margaret chan.......declaring a public health emergency this the evolving threat of the zika viris.... now present in at least 24 countries as it sweeps through central and south america... northward to the u-s.the virus is spread by mosquitos... one species in particular. "this guy - this is a nasty mosquito. this is the one. this is aedes aegypti."the aedes aegypti mosquito - the primary carrier of zika ... known only to exist in certain parts of the u-s, but apparently mosquitos aren't
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reporting. happening tonight... if you're looking for something to do! the docs for morgan basketball challenge wfxr's paris holmes is going to tell us how the medical community is shooting hoops for a good cause. good morning. its all for the morgan dana harrignton schloarship fund. i will all about it coming up on good day
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many of you may be familar with the murder of morgan harrington. she was the 20 year old virginia tech student who went missing while attending a concert in charlottesville in 2009. her disappearance sparked one of the largest searches in charlottesville's history
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discovered three months later. since then morgan's family and friends have tried to create some good out of the tragedy by organizing events in her name that bring the community together. wfxr's paris holmes is here with one of those events that is helping some virginia tech medical students. this evening--residents and physicians from carilion clinic and students from jefferson college of health sciences will be squaring off against virginia tech carilion school of medicine students in the annual docs for morgan basketball challenge. players have been practicing for weeks for this game that celebrates the morgan dana harrington memorial scholarship fund. in the last four years oraganizers have raised almost three hundred thousand dollars for tech medical students in need. morgan's father dan serves as vice dean of the school. morgan herself was an intern the summer before she died and bonded closely with the staff. "she actually helped us start the school. when we were all doing projects analysis and
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with us." dr. tracy criss who spearheads the basketball game every year says this year the event will include a silent auction of signed sports memorabilia and a raffle for a chance to win 10 thousand dollars with a half court shot. criss says the docs for morgan basketball challenge is just a natural way to honor morgan's work in the community and to recognize there is still good in the world. "good can overcome evil when everyone comes together for a good cause, and also in doing so we're able to find meaning in loss." the game is at patrick henry high school on grandin road. it's starts a 7 pm and the game is free. and they will be awarding two scholarships to those virginia tech medical students at the game. in the studio, paris holmes, wfxr news. ahead good day virginia: doctors are trying an old method of pain relief to help cancer patients.we'll share those details next. and the largest u-s drug
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home! you're day virginia! pressure will gradually build into the centralappalachians from the west today...passing overhead friday intosaturday. sunday...low pressure moves across the southeast and off the coast. at this time this system will keep the main precipitation southeast of our cloudy this morning...then becoming partly sunny.highs in the upper 40s. northwest winds around 10 mph..tonight...mostly
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becoming partlycloudy. cooler with lows in the upper 20s. northwest winds 10 to15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. .friday...sunny. highs in the lower 40s. northwest winds 10 to15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph..friday night...mostly clear. lows in the mid 20s. northwestwinds around 10 mph in the evening...becoming light and variable. .saturday...mostly sunny. highs in the upper 40s. light andvariable winds..saturday night through sunday night...partly cloudy. lows in theupper 20s. highs in the upper 40s..monday...partly sunny with a chance of snow. a chance of rain inthe afternoon. highs in the mid 40s. chance of precipitation40 percent..monday night and tuesday...mostly cloudy. a 40 percent chance ofsnow showers. lows in the upper 20s. highs in the lower 40s..tuesday night...mostly cloudy. a chance of snow showers in the evening. lows in the lower 20s. chance of snow 40 percent. .wednesday...mostly sunny. highs in the lower 30s. wind
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in health news this morning: acupuncture has been practiced in china and other asian countries for thousands of years. research has shown the practice can reduce nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy and it can also relieve pain. now doctors are looking to see if it can help certain breast cancer patients. carl azuz explains when titi ariyo was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, her doctors put her on a treatment that caused her to have some serious side effects. "i had joint pain, my knees and my ankles and my entire body just hurt."so her physicians recommended she take part in a trial study that looked at acupuncture as
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pain. she says it worked."i was sleeping better and also the pain reduced."experts say more than 60 percent of women with early stage breast cancer suffer from hot flashes, joint and muscle pain and depression caused by their treatment.they thought if acupuncture could help these patients with some of their discomfort, it could eventually be used as therapy along with the medication.what they found was both patients who were treated with acupuncture and sham acupuncture, which involves retractable needles, that are not placed in acupuncture pressure points, said they felt some relief.dr. ting bao said, "our trial definitely shows there are minimum side effects, and this can potentially help them have significant symptom improvement, both in musculoskeletal symptoms and also hot flashes."dr. bao theorizes that the pricks from both real and sham acupuncture needles may stimulate the body which can relieve pain and sham or not, acupuncture may be a reasonable alternative to
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health minute, i'm carl azuz. new this morning:the country's largest drug store chain is finding a new home inside one of the country's largest discount retail store's. the first c-v-s pharmacy inside of a target will officially open in charlotte, north carolina wednesday.cvs agreed last june to pay 1- point-9 billion to acquire the target pharmacy all one thousand 672 of target's pharmacies will be rebranded under's 79-in store clinics will also be rebranded under the cvs minute clinic brand. there's a very exclusive club getting ready to attend the big game on sunday1
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`you could call this next group of guys, "the ulitimate fans' - why, you ask? they watched every super person. ! now they're ready to check number 50 off their list! here's mike shumann with more! 76-year-old larry jacobson was one of the first super bowl volunteers to check out his official uniform. "i'm ready to get to work right now."larry is spending this week helping tourists find their way around san francisco, but sunday he'll be at levi's stadium watching the game with a very exclusive club. "how many original members of the "never miss a super bowl?" "we had five, now we're down to three."jacobson started as a die-hard san francisco 49ers fan. he's had season tickets for 63 years. then, in 1967 he decided to take a date to los angeles to see the first super bowl. "it was a $100 investment including tickets and airfare and rent a car and food, but she wasn't impressed with football and she wasn't impressed with me."jacobson gave up on the woman, but not the game and he developed a special talent. "as anybody who knows me knows, i don't know a thing about football, i know how to get tickets, so that's my thing."50 years later jacobson's house is full of super bowl memorabilia. "you have all the programs here?" "this is super bowl 16."
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larry is one up on me. this is the first official super bowl 50 ball handed to him straight off the press at the factory in ohio. "then, larry jacobson. got your own name on a football. i don't even have my name on a football anywhere, larry."larry first met the other men who had never missed a super bowl 16 years ago. now, they get together and swap stories every year. "this is number 50, this would be a good number to wrap it up, say hey i'm done." "well now, the nfl is treating us so well for
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for 100. haha." cool high pressure will gradually build into the centralappalachians from the west today...passing overhead friday intosaturday. sunday...low pressure moves across the southeast and off >> jason: 8:00 now on our
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