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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 8  FOX  February 4, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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meteorologist and a weather fan, this is a cool morning and it is going to 50 and didn't mean it and it's a cool morning and starting about looking at danville and watching this drop down steadily over the last our or so and starting at 56 down to 53 and 30s off to and it is to continue to make its way across. rebound in the 40s with that mix of clouds. we'll have that when "good day, virginia" returns right now. deadline is approaching.there may be something you need to do if you want to take part in
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thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's thursday january 4.i'm january keaton and i'm kyle benjamin. rocky mount police arrested and charged a woman with unlawful concealment of human remains, after they found a newborn in a dumpster. police say an autopsy points to a stillbirth.katherine dellis of rocky mount remains in jail this morning.anyone with information is asked to call police. manufacturing operations are shut down again today at the vaughan-bassett furniture company's plant in galax - after someone vandalized the facility tuesday night. police say they are still trying to figure out who broke into the facility. w-f-x-r's kristen eskow spoke
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owners to find out if they are worried about similar crimes happening again. :34-:39:40-:451:06-1:11 following the break-in and vandalism of a furniture plant just blocks from downtown businesses - shop owners say - they're surprised a crime like this - would happen in their neighborhood."my husband works there, and when he came home today, i was very shocked before i left to come to work." hair salon owner donna higgins says her husband is one of the factory employees - who is now unable to work because of the vandalism - which company officials estimate is at least 100 thousand dollars worth of damage to equipment. she and others who work downtown say - things like this don't often happen in galax."i've never had any trouble as long as i've been here for about 38 years. i think our police department does a great job in they've always backed us up if if we need any help with anything.""we rarely have anybody have any vandalism or break-ins. i've been down here since 1999, and we haven't had any problems at all."sharon ritchie owns chapters book shop and the wine cellar at chapters. she says she is not happening at her business - and feels downtown galax - is leave at night late. i've never been scared downtown. and just, you know, no "officials with vaughan-bassett say they only expect the shipping department and in-office departments to remain open through friday. reporting for good day
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wfxr news." wfxr news is your local election headquarters... the virginia presidential primary elections are less than a month away and time is running out for those who still need to register to vote. wfxr's taylor kanost joins with what voters need to know including some changes for those in the city of roanoke. good morning. not only will the virginia primaries on march 1st have big implications on the presidential race, but it will also be the first election in the city of roanoke since city council announced precinct adjustments. last november, city council unanimously voted to reduce the number of voting precincts in roanoke from 32 to 21. the main purpose of
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efficiency by creating a better balance of registered voters in each precinct. officials often found in the previous alignment certain precincts would tally over 4,000 votes, while others would only receive around 1,000 votes. now voters are allowed to vote for either the republican primary or the democratic primary, and since the state of virginia does not require voters to register by party, voters can choose to vote in whichever primary they would like. the republican party had required a statement of affiliation. they have since dropped that. we are awaiting official word from the department of elections so hopefully when people no one will have to fill out any additional paperwork than the application itself if you still registered to vote, you need to hurry because the deadline to register for the primaries is next monday, february 8th. you can register online at
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offices and libraries. you can also drop by the voter registration office in downtown roanoke. all registered voters in roanoke should receive a notice in the mail over the next week or two with information on whether or not your poll location has changed. with four different elections this year in the city of roanoke, officials urge voters to make sure they have the correct address on their voter registration so they can get to their polling location without too many headaches. reporting in the studio, taylor kanost wfxr news. there are two fewer republicans in the race for the white house.following monday's poor showings in the iowa caucus, both rand paul and rick santorum quit the campaign.paul said yesterday he would concentrate on winning re-election to the u-s senate.after exiting the race, santorum endorsed florida senator marco rubio. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders took the stage last night in new hampshire. but it wasn't a debate... and, they weren't on stage at the
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two remaining democrats managed to to continue a war of words...over being a true progressive. jackie ibanez has the latest. 00:00-00:0910-:22:22-:32 1:27-1:34clinton says: "i don't agree with senator sanders that we should start over, that we should throw our country into a contentious national debate about healthcare again." for the first time since former secretary of state hillary clinton's historically narrow victory at the iowa caucuses... clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders....taking part in the same town hall event...wednesday night. sanders says: "of course we're an underdog. we're taking on the most powerful political organization in the country, and that's the clinton organization." the event taking place in derry, new hampshire...less than a week before granite state voters cast their primary ballots. clinton: 22:02:50 i'm a progressive who likes to get things done, and i was somewhat amused today that senator sanders has set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who's a progressive." clinton coming into this town hall reacting to a charge from sanders that she is a progressive - quote - "some days." sanders says: "secretary clinton said, 'some people call me a ....well, i'm paraphrasing...'some people call me a moderate..." and i proudly say that i am a moderate..." that's what she, what all i said...'you can't go and say you're a moderate on one day and be a progressive on the other day." meantime, one new poll released wednesday suggests sanders could have over double the voter support that clinton does in new hampshire.scala says: "she's got the organization to get it done on primary day. the question is whether she can get within reach in the polls that the ground game could make the difference." the new hampshire primary takes place this tuesday...february ninth. in new york, jackie ibanez,
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depending depending on who gets the nomination, the presidential race here in the commonwealth could be close. a new roanoke college poll says bernie sanders could defeat all of the republican frontrunners if the election was held today. according to the poll, sanders would take 48 percent of the vote against
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iowa winnter ted cruz, sanders would lead 49 to 37 percent of the vote. the vermont senator would fare the best against donald trump. sanders easily outdistanced trump in the poll with a 55 to 33 % lead. hillary clinton also did well against trump with a 52 to 35 percent advantage. but the former secretary of state is in statistical dead heat against republicans cruz and rubio. clinton was predicted to beat rubio 46 to 43 percent.and respondents favored her 46 to 41 percent over cruz. roanoke college interviewed 524 likely votes in virginia from january 18 to the 26th. s cool high pressure will gradually build into the centralappalachians from the west today...passing overhead friday intosaturday. sunday...low pressure moves across the southeast and off the coast. at this time this system will keep the main precipitation southeast of our
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coming up next... we are heading out to the kitchen where kroger's chef tom is cooking up some super bowl treats.... these wings soar
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if you are every wonder what nature vavaey is made of? that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners.
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>> anchor: welcome back, everybody! i'm here and i have to remember which kroger and it would be a
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>> and colonial avenue. >> anchor: all right, anyway, chef tom from kroger on brambleton avenue. what are we making? >> we're coming up on an event on sunday called the super bowl. >> i haven't heard of such a thing! >> eat the stuff and one of the geeks in the meeting the other day said it's the second highest food conse.ion day of the year behind thanksgiving. >> really? wow! >> we're doing chicken wings and not everyone wants to deal with the mess of frying wings and one is the latin pair nade that has got -- i can't say that right. chili which i toasted in the oven. and that must have been tom brewery. >> anchor: i grew up in the puerto rican neighborhood.
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garlic and onions and chipotle and adobo and take some of the wings right here and i marinated these overnight and ahead of times. >> what is the marinade? you put it in there and let it sit overnight? >> and let the flavors get in there really good. that's one preparation and you can go 6-8 hours but it is the best for that. and the second preparation, take that off. >> i'm glad you didn't snap that. >> the next one is a little different. this one you take your wings and put them in the bowl and you take about a table spoon of old bay. >> anchor: if you haven't tried old bay, that's the best combination. >> old bay right there and the
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you take baking powder with a lot of sodium bicarbonate in it. about a teaspoon. >> anchor: what does that do? >> it reacts to the skin of the chicken. but you do it uncovered sitting in the fridge overnight and the combination of the low humidity in the refrigerator and the sodium bicarbonate in the baking powder draws the moisture out of the skin of the chicken so when you bake them nice and crispy. >> anchor: that's a good tip! >> and pop it more traditional and here you have some butter! >> already know. and some sauce and that's all in equal proportions and the recipe i put online is two tbs, 2 tbs and 2 tbs. a text message coming in! >> anchor: someone didn't turn off their phone for live tv! >> and we have plenty of sauce. you go in the oven for 45 minutes at $425. >> and they'll crunch up?
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>> we'll find out the next segment! >> anchor: when you make all these ingredients, they can be found in can be intimidating. >> and it's nice and crunchy and to get grinders to grind them up and with chipotle and chili powder. >> anchor: and the big game is the second most -- that's the second day we just get the greediest? >> everybody has parties going on. >> anchor: that's why you chose wings. >> it's traditional and can do meatballs and we'll take that batch out a little bit later and we'll taste it and going to go crazy because you're so amazing. all right, chef tom, going to
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broadcas roast it... roast it... roast it... slice it. new, hand-carved slow-roasted sirloin. perfectly paired,
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and starting at just $10.99?! it's dinner time at outback. what if the sweet stevia leaf was discovered... ...before the sugarcane. after people were enjoying truvia in their coffee and everything else... ...sugar would come along and go, "hey, i'm sweet too." "sure, sugar, you're very sweet, but we've already got sweetness minus calorie-ness." it would be kinda awkward. truvia.
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>> jason: good morning! 20 minutes after 8:00. january just came in and wafted in and man it smells good in here! a beautiful shot in blacksburg and we have the blue sky there and it's been a really interesting morning weatherwise as we've got a cold front making its way across the region. we've been watching the temperatures actually fall with the colder air coming in over the last couple of hours. with the sun coming up we will rebound and we'll see those
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the mid40s here in -- blacksburg and it is 44 and the pressure rising rapidly as an area of high pressure builds in and that's going to linger for us throughout the weekend and temperatures starting at 53 and rebound to near 50 and heading on into the afternoon and in linerburg a foggy morning and temperatures also in the 50s now down to 47 and the pressure is rising and that cold front pulls away and high pressure starts to build in behind it and those temperatures move back up into the 40s and 50s as we head on into afternoon hours. we've seen temperatures fall out of the 30s into the 40s with that western portion of the viewing area in blacksburg and now down to 38.
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50 to 34 and danville in the last hour 56 and the cold front making its way down into the south side and the temperatures dropped 3 there and it is down to 53 and very cool morning and very interesting morning and it is cool nonetheless and then it's coming back in as the cold front continues and not hard to pick it out in the wide map and the north and west with the overnight lows and very seasonal for us. it is the overnight low with ther next couple of nights and the temperatures in the mid to upper 40s for highs and it is going for the highs this time of year and looking spot on through the next couple of days. there is that cold front again and continuing with that area of low pressure riding along it creating a buckle and slowing it down but it will filter in and going to set up shop for us
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take a look at the satellite radar with lots of clouds around and, of course, mainly in the eastern half of the viewing area and where that front or at least closer to that front, we saw that shot down in blacksburg and that's looking better with the clouds that are filtering out there and the blue sky trying to come out and more on into the afternoon and there you go with the future cast and the clouds that are mixing with some sunshine as we go on into the afternoon and beyond. the chance some of that rain is going to buckle back into the later afternoon especially in south side so if you live down that way, maybe take the umbrella with you as you may need it a little bit as you head on into the afternoon with a few showers trying to pop on up with that area of low pressure passing by on to the east. we see the sunshine returning and it is going to stick with us as we go through the weekend. the temperatures drop down a little bit more as that cold air settle in for us but rebounding into the upper 40s to near 50 heading into the weekend and looking cooler into
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action. >> and maybe. being stuck in the house for 3 days, i think a lost us went through. >> january: not having to worry about that this time. >> kyle: thank you, jason. as always virginia your latest destination for the headlines. that's president obama made his first visit to a mosque in the u.s. as president on wednesday. he spent time in the islamic society of baltimore, a 47-year-old mosque that has thousands of members. obama said muslim americans keep the nation safe crediting contributions they made to the community. many muslim groups called for the president to schedule a stop at a u.s. mosque as a public rejection of islama phobia.
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problem for efiling taxes. the i.r.s. reporting there was a hardware failure with a number of tax processing systems. they're also in the process of trying to make repairs to. and it became unavailable and still unavailable right now., however, is still working on things but a number of features including where's my refund, those things are not working. the i.r.s. says taxpayers can continue to prepare and file your tax return to your efile provider and hold on to the tax returns until the i.r.s. starts to accept those e-files again. >> kyle: up next the local high school basketball star got news that could be career-altering. we'll hear from him when "good
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8:24 on your thursday. a local high school basketball star is getting national attention. >> a local high school basketball star is now getting attention. >> january: he's been chosen to play in the mcdonald's 2016 all american game. the announcement was made yesterday in front of his peers at virginia episcopal school. the senior said he's honored to play in the game and actually found out he was chosen when the announcement was made on national tv. >> i was really excited. i was watching it in my dorm room on my computer and i was trying to keep my composure but i really just kind of lost it
8:25 am
>> and the game will take place march 30th and that's home to the chicago bulls. you can watch the game on espn. >> and good for him. the all american game there is career defining and lebron james received a one million dollar endorsement deal from nike. >> january: based on that game. >> kyle: stars beyond natural grain free pet food is committed to truth on the label. it is always number one. we leave out poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat and soy. and, we own where our dry food is made - 100%. can other brands say all that? for grain-free nutrition you can trust, does your food go beyond?
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cool high pressure will gradually build into the centralappalachians from the west today...passing overhead friday intosaturday. sunday...low pressure moves >> 8:30 on our thursday morning. it's been an interesting weather morning as the cold
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across the region ushering in slightly cooler temperatures for us. we've seen temperatures drop about 6 in roanoke over the last couple -- roanoke over the last couple of hours. 63 in danville. last hour down to 53. 30s from hot springs to lewisburg and down to bloomfield as well as witville and now into blacksburg with the 30s as well and temperatures starting to rebound in the next couple of hours and back up to where we started near 50 and cool off in the overnight and the better looking weekend coming up. "good day, virginia" returns right now. february fourth. i'm january keaton/ and i'm kyle
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many of you may be familar with the murder of morgan harrington. she was the 20 year old virginia tech student who went missing while attending a concert in charlottesville in 2009. her disappearance sparked one of the largest searches in charlottesville's history before her remains were discovered three months later. since then morgan's family and friends have tried to create some good out of the tragedy by organizing events in her name that bring the community together. wfxr's paris holmes is here with one of those events that is helping some virginia tech medical students. this evening--residents and physicians from carilion clinic and students from jefferson college of health sciences will be squaring off against virginia tech carilion school of medicine students in the annual docs for morgan basketball challenge. players have been practicing for weeks for this game that celebrates the morgan dana harrington memorial scholarship fund. in the last four years oraganizers have raised almost three hundred thousand dollars for tech
8:29 am
morgan's father dan serves as vice dean of the school. morgan herself was an intern the summer before she died and bonded closely with the staff. "she actually helped us start the school. when we were all doing projects analysis and assesments she was right there with us." dr. tracy criss who spearheads the basketball game every year says this year the event will include a silent auction of signed sports memorabilia and a raffle for a chance to win 10 thousand dollars with a half court shot. criss says the docs for morgan basketball challenge is just a natural way to honor morgan's work in the community and to recognize there is still good in the world. "good can overcome evil when everyone comes together for a good cause, and also in doing so we're able to find meaning in loss." the game is at patrick henry high school on grandin road. it's starts a 7 pm and it's
8:30 am
the huge recall of takata airbags is now expanding to include newer models.airbags from the japanese manufacturer are at risk for exploding as they inflate, firing out shards of metal, leading to serious injuries.the defect has already prompted the biggest auto recall in american far, the recall hit more than 20-million cars. here's a list of those newer models that kyle just mentioned: they include: 2004 to 2006 b-series mazda pickups 2007-2011 honda crvs. 2011-2015 crzs 2009-2013 fit and 2013 fit ev and finally 2007-2014 ridgelines. cool high pressure will gradually build into the centralappalachians from the west today...passing overhead friday intosaturday. sunday...low pressure moves across the southeast and off the coast. at this time this system will keep the main precipitation southeast of our
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next on good day virignia, we will head out and about with our own becky freemal... she's telling us how to enjoy a night at the oscars ..... and
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heart disease. >> kyle: and we're back with chef tom! and we're ready for the
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show it here for the carolina panthers. their second big dance as it were. >> yes, it is. >> kyle: out in california. >> and some wings here! >> kyle: and what you need for a super bowl party! >> you do and these are some different wings as i was telling january earlier. not everyone wants to go through the hassle of getting out the skillet and deep frying stuff and cleaning up mess. >> kyle: you have more important things to do! >> you have beverages to consume. the commercials and puppy bowl to watch! i found recipes for bake baked wings. this is the latin-inspired one that is a marinade that normally you use in pork with pineapple and 425 and these lovely little guys right here.
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>> and this is the chesapeake bay all day seasoning and it is that pattern to draw the moisture and then it is going to be crispy and then it is going worsteschire sauce. >> you like flappers or legs? >> kyle: i don't care. i just like chicken! >> okay, give you one of each. i already had one. >> and it is to eat that chicken wing and it is a delicate what other options do people have at kroger? >> we have meat and cheese trays and sandwich flatters and 3-foot-long subs and this is
8:35 am
jim's wingarama but one of the employees named jim and calling it big jim's chicken shack, but we'll sell wings for 59 cents a wing at my store. the 10-count wings are 5.99 and we're extending that into our dozen count and 20 counts and on up. we'll also be doing chicken tenders, fresh hand breaded chicken tenders at 5.99 a pound with the kroger plus card. i'll do some meatballs. ala bobby g. which with barbecue patty and he was talking about having a buffalo chicken dip. i can make something like
8:36 am
prognostication down panthers offense and now when do people need to order by? >> the sooner the better and we'll take the order up until kickoff. >> ky >> i've been hoarding wings since a month ago. as soon as you say it the word is out. i've been hoarding wings. we serve rotisserie rings, breaded wings, spicy breaded wings and barbecue and buffalo sauce and already are the order near for the thai chili sauce with wings. and we have the say and if you don't like something, ask. we can make it. >> kyle: we're going to need to stockpile these because there is -- [ yelling ] >> kyle: these are really good,
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and if you don't want to shovel more responsibility, find the recipe online at every wonder what nature vavaey is made of? that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners.
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>> jason: 8:45 now. a beautiful looking morning there in blacksburg as the skies begin to clear. blue skies and some clouds. the cold front making its way through the region brought us very interesting weather morning as the cold air continues to filter its way temperatures. with the sun coming up, we'll see the nice rebound as we head into the afternoon and back up pretty much where we started and we'll find temperatures
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the new river valley heading on into roanoke. right now we and down to 44 in the last few hours and bringing in the colder air to rebound here in the star city in the next hour or so and back up to near 50 and back up where we started at liberty campus in lynchburg.
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morning and that has cleared &-`out.&-`the temperature down o 7 &-`after also tarting n he >> >> well, if i was a gambling woman i would be willing to bet heart. it's about the 5-year-old boy with the courage not only to fight cancer, but also has the courage to propose. >> kyle: vegas odds makers are staying away from this. little gideon has leukemia. he became known as iron gideon because of the chemo port in his chest similar to the device iernman. he decided it was time to settle down with his favorite nurse and time to start the fally and asked the nurse -- marry him.
8:41 am
cleaners and puperle bead. >> she popped the question to tall sara and i guess that means she accepted. she told gideon of course she would be his ward wife he could be her hospital husband. so they sealed the engagement with a tight hug and brief disney land! >> kyle: no word on when the date will be, but they're knee deep in wedding planning. that's it for us on "good day, we'll see you friday at 5.
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depere, wi this february on "maury" -- expect the unexpected.
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