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tv   WFXR News First at Ten  FOX  February 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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mountain empire, so whatdoes all that mean, full forecast in a few but until thenwfxr news first at ten starts now. motive revealed.this woman-- charged in connection with the murder of a 13-year-old girl-- denied bond.why police say nicole lovell was murdered.andrape kit backlogthousands untested sexual assault kits will now be tested.details on how long some have been sitting and how prosecutors plan solve the cases.also local debutwhy this star trek star is coming to
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parents of a parents of a murdered 13-year-old girl sat in the same courtroom - with parents of one of the teens - accused of plotting her abduction and murder.during today's hearing for natalie keepers, a judge denied the 19 year old bond. prosecutors reveal more information about the events that led nicole lovell's murder.this, as the 13 year old's family and friends laid her to rest today in was a day of emotional goodbyes. and also an emotional day in the victim's family listened to the person accused of plotting their daughter's death, testify on her own behalf.natalie keepers told the judge she had been cutting her self since 8th grade, and sought counseling for depression and suicidal wfxr's charlie
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keepers plea for a bond -- the judge denied the request. natalie keepers sat in court with her face down and sometimes crying.she's accused of being an accessory to the murder of 13-year old nicole lovell.investigators say keeper helped 18-year-old david eisenhauer dispose of the court details about keepers role in the murder were revealed. prosecutors have already charged eisenhauer with abduction and murder.he admitted to driving to lovell's house the night she disappeared and watched her climb out her bedroom window. then went to keepers' dorm room.and in court, revealed - keepers and eisenhauer planned the murder. they say eisenhauer planned to cut lovell's throat.they bought a shovel and cleaning supplies to dispose of the body.then - scouted out a place in north carolina to kill her. in montgomery county, charlie cooper, wfxr news. police found the victim's blanket and those cleaning supplies in keepers' dorm room. again - the judge denied bond
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tonight - blacksburg police - are challening a story written in the washington post about this case.the post printed a story - saying one of nicole's friends - told a blacksburg school resource officer - she was worried about nicole dating an older teen. police say - the school officer did not recieve any reports about nicole - before she went missing. blacksburg police say - they interviewed the girl quoted by the post - on january 28th. they say - she had no information about nicole. blacksburg police say - there is a lot of mis information, and they wanted to clear things up. coming up at 10:30 -a basketball game tonight to raise money for the morgan dana harrington memorial scholarship fund. the fourth annual event honors the memory of morgan harrington, a virginia tech student who was murdered 6 years ago.her parents founded "help save the next girl" after her murder - a group that has played a big role helping the family of nicole lovell after her murder last week.coming up, a look at the message the harringtons
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in lynchburg-the former treasurer of the p-t-a for paul munro elementary- turned herself in today for allegedly embezzling 31 thousand dollars during her time in that position.police say jennifer marie musick- was serving on the p-t-a from august 2012 to september 2015 when the embezzlement happened.she was indicted on 6 counts of embezzlement on monday. an update from galax .police have arrested a man for vandalizing the vaughan- bassett furniture company . corey dean hodges from galax is charged with breaking and entering--and felony destruction of much damage was done--- the store has had to shut down. police say hodges broke into the vaughan-bassett furniture company finishing room - and vandalized equipment.they estimate more than 100 thousand dollars worth of damage. vaughan-bassett officals say only the shipping department and its offices -
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we're continuing our coverage tonight of the big game- and tonight- the quarterbacks from both teams are getting ready. tonight they spoke to the media- giving a little insight into how they're feeling ahead of sunday.john kutch ko is in california tonight with more details - john? one year ago today, demolition began at old candlestick park, former home to the 49ers and san francisco giants baseball club. b a historic stadium that was located just three miles from here. we stopped by there this morning. work crews still leveling the grounds. it opened in 1960z this is where the beatles staged their final full concert 50 years ago. the super bowl was to be played here 17 years ago, but promised renovations never occurred and the nfl moved the game to miami.the 49ers now play their home games over an hour away at levi's stadium in santa clara, home to super bowl 50. a long ways from san francisco. lots of history at candlestick park. condominiums
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the weather is a little warmer in san francisco. and colder weather could be on the way.chief meteorologist john carroll is tracking a system- that could bring more snow! hey john. overnight...mostly cloudy. a slight chance of rain showers thisevening. cooler with lows around 30. northwest winds 15 to 20 mphwith gusts up to 40 mph. chance of rain 20 percent. .friday...sunny. highs in the lower 40s. northwest winds 15 to20 mph. gusts up to 40 mph...decreasing to 30 mph in theafternoon..friday night...mostly clear. lows in the lower 20s. northwestwinds around 10 mph in the evening...becoming light and variable..saturday...mostly sunny. highs in the mid 40s. light andvariable winds...becoming southwest
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around the commonwealth- the department of forensic science plans to test more than 2 thousand untested sexual assault evidence kits. those tests are held by local law enforcement agencies. in just a few days kits will be moved from those agencies to a forensics lab for testing. the turn around time for results is expected to be around six to eight weeks. some of the kits date back to 1988. 00:00-05:00as long as an evidence kit has been stored appropriately, like appropriate biological conditions in terms of appropriate temperature, appropriate moisture conditions and those kinds of things and if specimen have been allowed to dry those
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and years. forensic examiners say testing the kits will help in identifying suspects, convicting perpetrators and preventing future offenses in roanoke-non-profit group local colors of western virginia is hosting a special guest in may.the group is hosting "an evening with george takei: on inclusion and diversity."the event is open to the public- and promotes acceptance of immigrants and refugees in our takei will speak about his personal experience, as a japanese-american held in american internment camps with his family during world war ii. admission will be free, but tickets will be required. once the details on how to get tickets is shared, we will have them on our website- virginia first dot com. wfxr news is your local election headquarters.the virginia presidential primary elections are less than a month away and time is running out -- to register to vote. people who want to vote in the march 1st primary are required to register by this comming monday. you can
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in the city of roanoke, voters may also apply in person at any post office, library, or the voter registration office in downtown roanoke. voters can cast ballots for either the republican primary or the democratic primary -- since virginia does not require voters to register by party. if you're watching us on cox cable- you probably know by now- we're back on the air. nexstar broadcasting group announced today that it reached a new agreement with cox can find more details on our website virginia first dot com. coming up next -we explore the history behind a community of freed slaves as we continue on america's untold journey. plus-the new hampshire primary is less than a week away-how candidates are gaining
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slight chance of rain showers thisevening. cooler with lows around 30. northwest winds 15 to 20 mphwith gusts up to 40 mph. chance of rain 20 percent. .friday...sunny. highs in the lower 40s. northwest winds 15 to20 mph. gusts up to 40 mph...decreasing to 30 mph in theafternoon..friday night...mostly clear. lows in the lower 20s. northwestwinds around 10 mph in the evening...becoming light and variable..saturday...mostl y sunny. highs in the mid 40s. light andvariable winds...becoming southwest
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.saturday night...mostly cloudy in the evening...then clearing.lows around 30. light and variable winds...becoming northwestaround 10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph after midnight..sunday and sunday night...partly cloudy. highs in the upper 40s.lows around 30..monday and monday night...mostly cloudy with a chance of rainand snow. highs around 40. lows in the upper 20s. chance ofprecipitation 40 percent..tuesday...mostly cloudy. a chance of snow in the morning...thena chance of snow showers in the afternoon. highs in the upper30s. chance of snow 30 percent..tuesday night and wednesday...mostly cloudy. lows in the lower20s. highs in the mid 30s. wind chill values as low as 10 above..wednesday night and thursday...partly cloudy. lows around 20.highs in the mid
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unlikliest of sources.that was certainly the case for a community of recently freed slaves in a small florida town. they faced a bleak future... until a group of nuns showed up on a mission of education. it's part of america's untold journey --as we celebrate black history month. narr little africa was a community of new freed blacks that settled in st. augustine after the civil war. although they were skilled farmers, high rates of illiteracy would surely condemn them and their children to a life of hard poverty. ending this, would require outside help.sister thomas-joseph mcgoldrick - we came in 1866 at the request of bishop augustin verot. he asked for 8 sisters that would come.father tom willis - i wish you to understand and clearly that it is for the blacks and for them alone that i have the sisters of your order come to my diocese. sister thomas-joseph mcgoldrick - and he made it very clear that they were coming to teach the liberated slaves their work here. father tom willis when they arrived they knew no english so they had to learn the language, they had to learn the culture of st. augustine as it existed in the years after the civil war. sister thomas-joseph mcgoldrick - when they started to teach here they taught children, you know boys came to school originally. but it wasn't too many weeks later that the little girls started to come
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the children. and at night we taught the adults.narr - despite their good works, it wasn't long before the sisters were caught in the rising tide of racial segregation.sister thomas-joseph mcgoldrick - 00:22:18:00 it was illegal to teach black people. 00:28:02:00 there was a lot of animosity about, you know, educating black people. even after the civil war, even after they were free. 00:23:22:00 in 1916 three of our sisters were arrested and it was on easter sunday and they were arrested over at st. benedicts.. 00:28:51:00 the order to arrest them probably came from the governor, narr - these noble sisters became revered by the people they were sent to help. sister thomas-joseph mcgoldrick 00:15:47:00 - the first nun who died here, the black ladies from the cathedral parish funeral. they said "these women came for us, we're gonna
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to learn more about america's untold journey and the significant role-- the people of saint augutsine played-- in the civil rights movement... go to our web page at virginia first dot com. coming up- new brew!the local beers on tap- that benefit the
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the salem city council recently voted to allow breweries to open in downtown
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salem can also start producing their brewing their own beer. w-f-x-r's kristen eskow shows us how craft beer is catching on - and what breweries may bring to the downtown neighborhood. :27-:32:33-:38:45-:50 parkway brewing company in salem has grown quickly since opening in 2012. managers say the brewery has doubled the size of its retail space and production facility - selling its beer all over virginia."we go through about 20 kegs at this bar in a three-day weekend." retail manager maddy chitwood says craft beer has grown increasingly popular. she says her brewery sees both local customers from salem - and tourists from other parts of the state. "people will come in from richmond. people will come in from nova, and say, 'oh, i drink your beer all the time. that's why we're here.'" standup: "city officials say craft beer may soon be brewed right in downtown salem, which city leaders say is one component of the downtown revitalization plan.""as breweries have become more popular and parkway has grown, and there's interest in breweries in general, we decided to go ahead and add that as a use in our code." salem city planner benjamin tripp says the city has been working on its downtown revitalization plan for more than a year - which involves bringing more events and dining options to the
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breweries help bring people downtown, or into a community in general. and breweries were one of the most requested items and businesses in the downtown plan.""the whole trend in our country right now is local. just to be able to have more of that in town is going to bring more tourists here. it's going to change the image of salem a little bit and have it be more of an up and coming town."with the ag life report in salem, kristen eskow, wfxr news. salem officials say there are no breweries set to open in the downtown neighborhood just yet - but they have received interest from prospective owners. inventory for cattle is up this year in virginia according to the u.s. department of agriculture. the virginia department of agriculture and consumer services announced statistics for live stock and grain inventory for the state. the
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calves as of january 1st 2016 is 1 point 48 million. sheep and lamb stayed the same but goat inventories increased. as for corn, soy bean and wheat stocks, they all increased in bushels, but oats decreased by 4 thousand bushels from 2014. coming up-raising money for a good a basketball tournament- can help students pay for college. so, let me get this straight --
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the fourth annual event to raise money for morgan harrington's scholarship fund wrapped up just a short while ago...the event, hosted by dan and gil harrington comes at a time when the community is still healing from another tragedy in which a young girl was murdered.wfxr's solina lewis reports. 00-05 10-15 with all the
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week the harrington's say this game couldn't come at a better time to show the community that out of darkness, there can be light...."we try to prevent predatory violence and when it happens we try to respond in the best possible way"since their daughter's murder 6 years ago, the harrington's have been active in trying to prevent violence from sexual predators, along with a non profit called help save the next girl, they host an event called docs for morgan, a basketball game where doctors play against med school students, the money raised goes towards a scholarship for medical students...the harrington's have raised a quarter of a million dollars for the fund so far...and as parents of a child who was murdered, they say they know what the lovell's are going through "that's the medicine, that's the medicine, that's what does it, they're still holding us up until we're able to get our feet under ourselves" looklive:"gil harrington said she wanted to send a message to lovell's family, saying that healing is possible with the help of the community, in
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for more information on how you can get involved with "help save the next girl" head to our website virginia first dot com. wfxr news is your local election headquarters.there are three roanoke city council seats up for grabs and the number of candidates wanting fill the seats are growing.amy carter, announced she would like to fill one of those seats. she is the owner sarah's place.court rosen and sherman lea senior are leaving the council. the other seat up from grabs belongs to incumbent anita price who will seek re-election.amy carter is running as a independent and says her qualitifications stem from her experience as a single mom, a former teacher and p-t-a president, and as a small business owner. "i know how important it is to move forward to bring businesses into the area. not just the minimum wage
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bring in companies that want to fall in love with the area and who want to stay in this area. "carter says the city budget will be her priority, but she also want to focus on building up roanoke neighborhoods. the election for city council will be on may 3rd. even as results of the iowa caucus continue to be scrutinized- the next state is already in play.joel waldman reports- candidates are gearing up for the new hampshire primary- now less than one week away. :22 - :33 :55 1:07 1:16 - 1:24 1:25 - 1:37 clinton says: "i didn't think i was going to run for president at that time." it's just one of the reasons hillary clinton gave for accepting 675-thousand dollars in speaking fees from goldman sachs...during a new hampshire town hall stumble ... now, just 5 days away from the nation's first primary, clinton is in a race to gain ground, trailing bernie sanders by about 18-points in the granite state. stirewalt says: "hillary clinton has a problem ... which is when she tries to put the authenticity chip in where she tries to upload the program to be relatable, voters know." the iowa caucus still haunting clinton ... with the des moines register now calling for an audit of the final results ... the one-time big favorite squeaking out a win by just two-tenths of one- percentage point. all this .... as the two candidates get ready to face-off yet again during a debate this evening. just one night after a heated battle over who is the "more" progressive candidate .... clinton says: "i am amused the senator sanders has set himself up to be the
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the g-o-p side are also criss- crossing the state ahead of next week's primary ... albeit a few less of them... rand paul, rick santorum and mike huckabee all announcing they've suspended their campaigns... but fewer candidates does not mean fewer attacks. cruz says: "donald trump is very rattled. he told the world was gonna win in iowa - and he didn't"waldman says: "carly fiorina, in jeopardy of missing saturday night's gop debate because of poor polling numbers, got a big boost from new hampshire senator kelly ayotte, who says she should be allowed on
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bags are packed - tickets in hand. coming up - we check in with a local couple - headed to the big game - to cheer on the
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overnight...mostly cloudy. a slight chance of rain showers thisevening. cooler with lows around winds 15 to 20 mphwith gusts up to of rain 20 percent. highs in the lower 40s. 15 to 20 mph. gusts up mph...decreasing to 30 mph in the.friday night...mostly the lower 20s. winds around 10 mph in the g light and variable. .saturday...mostlin the mid 40s. light andwinds...becoming southwest around afternoon. .saturday cloudy in the evening...then lows around 30. light and winds...becoming northwestaround 10 mph 20 mph after midnight.sunday night...partly the upper 40s. lows around 30.monday night...mostly chance of rain and snow. highs in the upper 20s. chance ofpercent. .tuesday...mostly cloudy. a in the morning...thenshowers in the afternoon. highs 30s. chance of snow 30 percent.and wednesday...mostlin the lower 20s. highs in wind chill values as low as .wednesday night and cloudy. lows around 20.30s. wind chill values as low as 5 above.
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we are inching ever and ever closer to the big game on sunday... the teams are at the point where they are ready to close off the outside world and just prepare to play...our guy john kucko is in san francisco... john, i have to believe at this point that the players are tired of talking to the media... today was the last day players talked about sunday's super bowl 50. they are now off limits. one of the many compelling storylines: the quarterbacks.both spoke today. "it's a special week, it's an exciting week and it makes you grateful for the opportunity to have a chance to play in this game, super bowl 50, i certainly think our players understand the significance of that.""we know what we have to do to get prepared for this game, offensively we know what they're doing pretty much, they have a long range of guys that are capable of creating
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john tag no more talking about the super bowl until after sunday nights super bowl
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coming up... torrian gray has left the hokies staff for greener pastures in florida... we break down what exactly this means for justin fuente and his coaching staff... and tony stewart will miss the daytona 500 and most likely more races following an atv accident this past weekend... we'll update you on his status
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last night is now offical today... torrian gray is leaving virginia tech to take a position on the florida gators staff coaching defensive backs... gray has been a member of the tech staff since 2006... as hokies beat writer mike barber tells us, gray's departure leaves a big hole to be filled... mike barber: "i think the biggest issue with losing torrian is who do you replace him with? torrian is a guy who checked off so many boxes that you want as an assistant. he was a younger coach that players related to.
10:33 pm
scheme. he was also dynamic on the recruiting trail. he played in the nfl. kids saw him and said this guy lived the life i want. he went to virginia tech, became a star. he went to the nfl. so it isn't so much about losing torrian, which can be a huge blow. the question is who do you replace him with and can you check off those same boxes." signing day has come and gone and now the critics are weighing in on the recruiting classes... while tech did not get a large load of highly rated prospects they did get some guys who can help right away... and the fact that justin fuente was able to add some talent after getting here at the end of november is a credit to him... bud foster: "we've attacked this state and then the players we targeted outside of the state. he did a great job of getting out to meet everyone and get to know the recruits, their families and the people that were involved in their decisions." the 2016 season was supposed to be one long victory lap for tony stewart before smoke drove off into
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an atv accident this past weekened, stewart's final tour is being put on hold... stewwart-hass racing releasing an update this afternoon saying that stewart underwent surgery on wednesday for a fracture on one of his vertebra... while no timetable was given for his recovery it is known that he will miss the start of the season, inclduing getting a shot for his first win in the daytona 500... plans for an interim driver have not been finalized yet... and the virginia cavaliers are playing the kind of basketball that has people thinking of a final four run once again... we'll tell you what the difference has been for the
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with us as sports rolls on... the hokie women's team has run into a buzzsaw portion of it's schedule, facing 3 straight teams ranked in the top 20... that has led to 4 consecutive losses... but a chance for a win tonight... virginia tech hosting georgia tech... the hokies struggled to score, falling 51-34... it's the 5th straight loss for tech... they failed to put anyone in double digits...
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jones arena in charlottesville to face uva on sunday... vmi hosting etsu in a game brought you by alphabet soup... it's like scrabble... 1. the keydets trailing in the second half but working to trim into the lead... great tip-in from phillip anglade... 9 for him tonight...2. next trip down the floor it's trey chapman attacking the rim wtih no hesitation for the basket... the lead is down to 4...3. but etsu would stretch out the lead... t.j. cromer left open drains the 3 from the wing... the lead is 8... cromer had 11...the buccaneers would push the lead to double digits as vmi falls to etsu 71- 60... the virginia cavaliers have gotten their mojo back, winning their 5th straight game last night... the streak has the hoos just a game and a half out of first in the acc behind north carolina... you can pin the success of this recent run on senior malcolm brogdon who has led the cavs in scoring in each of the 5 wins... but it's also his role
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making a difference... as brogdon goes, so go the cavs... malcolm brogdon: "you know i think it is important. more physically than on the court, i think it's mental. i think it's off the court. i think it's the leadership i have to provide. and that i have to demonstrate everyday. i think a lot of time i lead by example. i push myself to lead by example. i push myself to be more vocal with my teammates. and i think my presence as a a leader is more important, for sure.the cavs now hit the road to face a very good pittsburgh team at noon on saturday... christmas tree - turned panthers shrine. up next - we
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they lea panthers and broncos fans are traveling to see the big game this weekend. among them - is a franklin county couple who left town tonight.joanna and mark hudzik are panthers season ticket holders - they even have a panthers-themed christmas tree with tickets from games they have attended. they traveled to charlotte before the snowstorm - for the n-f-c championship say they could not miss - the big game - this sunday. "we've got to be there. to be
10:39 pm
for the first time, that the panthers win the super bowl, all the other games, we can't miss this one."this is mark's second time seeing the big game in person and joanna's first. both say they're feeling optimistic - about a
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wait. judith threw herb out? when? apparently, about a week ago. of course you can't compete hard body to hard body, but you're still a very desirable woman. oh! oh, alan. you're a good man, and i'm never gonna let you go again. (laughs) never? i thought you'd be happy.
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