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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 6  FOX  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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thank you for choosing good day's friday, february 5th... i'm january keaton. and i'm kyle benjamin. parents of a murdered 13-year- old girl sat in the same courtroom - with parents of one of the teens - accused of plotting her death.during yesterday's hearing for natalie keepers, a judge denied the 19-year-old bond. during the hearing, prosecutors revealed more information about what led nicole lovell's murder.this, as the 13 year old's family and friends laid her to rest in blacksburg. and also an emotional day in the victim's family listened to the person accused of plotting their daughter's death, testify on her own behalf. natalie keepers told the judge she had been cutting her self
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counseling for depression and suicidal thoughts.wfxr's charlie cooper reports. natalie keepers sat in court with her face down and sometimes crying.she's accused of being an accessory to the murder of 13-year old nicole lovell.investigators say keeper helped 18-year-old david eisenhauer dispose of the court details about keepers role in the murder were revealed. prosecutors have already charged eisenhauer with abduction and murder.he admitted to driving to lovell's house the night she disappeared and watched her climb out her bedroom window. then went to keepers' dorm room.and in court, revealed - keepers and eisenhauer planned the murder. they say eisenhauer planned to cut lovell's throat.they bought a shovel and cleaning supplies to dispose of the body.then - scouted out a place in north carolina to kill her. in montgomery county, charlie cooper, wfxr news. police found the victim's blanket and those cleaning supplies in keepers' dorm room. again - the judge denied bond - for the 19 year old student.
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disputing a story about the case published in the washington post.the story - said one of nicole's friends - told a blacksburg school resource officer - she was worried about nicole dating an older teen. police say - the school officer did not recieve any reports about nicole - before she went missing. blacksburg police say - they interviewed the girl quoted by the post - on january 28th. they say - she had no information about nicole. blacksburg police say - there is a lot of mis information, and they wanted to clear things up. if you're watching us on cox cable- you probably know by now- we're back on the air. nexstar broadcasting group announced today that it reached a new agreement with cox can find more details on our website virginia first dot com. we have an update this morning concerning the
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vaughan-bassett furniture company in galax .police say they charged corey dean hodges from galax with breaking and entering--and felony destruction of property.the plant shut down this week due to the extent of the damange. police say hodges broke into the vaughan-bassett finishing room - and vandalized equipment doing an estimated more than 100 thousand dollars worth of damage. vaughan-bassett officals say only the shipping department and its offices - will be open through today. wfxr news is your local election headquarters.there are three roanoke city council seats up for grabs and the number of candidates wanting fill the seats are growing.amy carter wants to fill one of those seats. she is the owner sarah's place restaurant at the patrick henry hotel.court rosen and sherman lea senior are leaving the council. the other seat up from grabs belongs to incumbent anita price who will seek re- election.amy carter is running as a independent and says her
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experience as a single mom, a former teacher and p-t-a president, and as a small business owner. "i know how important it is to move forward to bring businesses into the area. not just the minimum wage businesses but we need to bring in companies that want to fall in love with the area and who want to stay in this area. "carter says the city budget will be her priority, but she also want to focus on building up roanoke neighborhoods. the election for city council will be on may 3rd. the gloves come off but not all the way at the democratic debate in durham, new hampshire... both hillary clinton and bernie sanders were trying not to alienate each other's supporters. and with just a few days away before the primary in the granite state... clinton is trying to play catch up.patricia stark has more. :09-:21:36--:46:46-:47 1:25-1:321:28-1:32heated moments during a democratic debate in new hampshire
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clinton and senator bernie sanders seemed to tip toe around many of their attacks. trippi says: "he's in this pickle where the more he hits her, the harder he hits her, the more those women are not coming to him, they will dig in. she has the problem with him. she wants those young people that are with him. the harder she hits him, the less likely they are ever going to come to her." the vermont senator is ahead by double digits in the polls in the granite state... but he continues to set himself apart as an anti-establishment candidate... compared to clinton. sanders says: "she has the entire establishment or almost the entire establishment behind her." clinton says: "senator sanders is the only person who would characterize me, a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment."sanders says: "i am very proud to be the only candidate up here that does not have a super pack. who is not raising huge sums of money from wall street or special interests." the former secretary of state hit back at sanders for his recent attack ads suggesting she is bought by wall street.clinton says: "and i don't think that these attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. enough is enough. if you've got something to say than say it." sanders though didn't press clinton on the f-b-i investigation into her private e-mail server... .... with analysts saying sanders is likely worried about alienating her supporters if he gets the nomination. anderson says: "he kind of let her off the hook, i don't believe she is ready to answer the questions that will certainly be posed by the republican nominee." new
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this tuesday. in new york, patricia stark, fox news the last standing theatre in downtown lynchburg is under renovation and a generous donor want to team up with the community in order to complete the task. the historic academy theatre on main street is being restore by the academy center of fine arts. and recently- a donor pledged to match dollar for dollar any donation they receive up to 350 thousand dollars plus an extra 100 dollars for every new donor
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will go to fixing up the 111-year old theatre. according to the academy of fine arts' executive dircertor geoff kershner--the 750-seat bozart style venue is expected to have a huge impact on the area. "we know that arts and culture are a huge community builder. so on a basic level it's going to have a huge economic impact because we're going to be running events out of there 200 nights a year. that's people coming downtown. when they come downtown they are likely to engage in retail and restaurants."before it closed its doors in 1958-the academy theatre saw acts such as will
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strong upper disturbance passes east of us this morning. highpressure builds into the area from the southwest tonight...andstays in the general area through saturday. a storm system moveswell south of us saturday night into sunday. as the zika virus turns up in more parts of america, doctors are searching for ways to detect and stop the virus. we will see what they are doing when good day virginia continues. and one local city is looking to revitalize it's downtown area.... we will see what
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the salem city council recently voted to allow breweries to open in downtown salem.restaurants there can also start producing and
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w-f-x-r's kristen eskow shows us how craft beer is catching on - and what breweries may bring to the downtown neighborhood. :27-:32:33-:38:45-:50 parkway brewing company in salem has grown quickly since opening in 2012. managers say the brewery has doubled the size of its retail space and production facility - selling its beer all over virginia."we go through about 20 kegs at this bar in a three-day weekend."retail manager maddy chitwood says craft beer has grown increasingly popular. she says her brewery sees both local customers from salem - and tourists from other parts of the state. "people will come in from richmond. people will come in from nova, and say, 'oh, i drink your beer all the time. that's why we're here.'"standup: "city officials say craft beer may soon be brewed right in downtown salem, which city leaders say is one component of the downtown revitalization plan.""as breweries have become more popular and parkway has grown, and there's interest in breweries in general, we decided to go ahead and add that as a use in our code."salem city planner benjamin tripp says the city has been working on its downtown revitalization plan for more than a year - which involves bringing more events and dining options to the neighborhood."businesses like breweries help bring people downtown, or into a community in general. and breweries were one of the most requested items and businesses in the downtown plan.""the whole trend in our country right now is local. just to be able to have more of that in town is going to bring more tourists
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image of salem a little bit and have it be more of an up and coming town."with the ag life report in salem, kristen eskow, wfxr news. salem officials say there are no breweries set to open in the downtown neighborhood just yet - but they have received interest from prospective owners. in roanoke-the non-profit group, local colors of western virginia, is hosting a special guest in may.the group is hosting "an evening with george takei: on inclusion and diversity."the event is open to the public- and promotes acceptance of immigrants and refugees in our takei will speak about his
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japanese-american held in american internment camps with his family during world war ii. admission will be free, but tickets will be required. in november, takei challenged roanoke mayor david bowers over comments comparing the internment during world war two to todays crisis over
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passes east of us this morning. highpressure builds into the area from the southwest tonight...andstays
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saturday. a storm system moves well south of us saturday night into sunday. today...sunny. highs in the upper 30s. northwest winds 15 to20 mph. gusts up to 40 mph...decreasing to 30 mph this afternoon.wind chill values as low as 10 above this morning..tonight...mostly clear. lows in the lower 20s. northwest windsaround 10 mph in the evening...becoming light and variable. .saturday...sunny. highs in the mid 40s. light and variable winds...becoming southwest around 10 mph in the afternoon. .saturday night...partly cloudy. lows in the upper 20s. light andvariable winds. .sunday...mostly sunny. highs in the upper 40s. northwest windsaround 10 mph..sunday night...mostly clear in the evening...then becomingpartly cloudy. lows around 30..monday and monday night...mostly cloudy with rain likely with a chance of snow. little or no snow accumulation. highs around 40.lows in the upper 20s. chance of precipitation 60 percent..tuesday...mostly cloudy. a chance of snow in the morning...thena chance of snow showers in the afternoon. highs in the upper30s. chance of snow 30 percent..tuesday night and wednesday...mostly cloudy. lows in the lower20s. highs in the mid 30s. wind chill values as low as 10 above..wednesday night and thursday...partly cloudy. lows around 20.highs in the mid 30s. wind chill values as low
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and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. growing fears about the zika outbreak in the u-s are prompting governors to step up efforts to fight the virus... that as latin american countries are already combating the outbreak. fox
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stark has more from new york. :11-19:26-:36:49-:541:22-1:29 with more zika virus cases in the united states... governors are preparing for the worst. there are already twelve cases in florida... where governor rick scott expanded the state of emergency to five counties. scott says: "while all the cases in florida are travel- related, the mosquito that causes the zika virus is common in florida. homeowners are urged be vigilant... to prevent the virus from spreading. crews are now spraying for mosquitos... which spread the virus.zayes says: " there's parts of our yards that we don't access all the time and i think those are the parts that i'm learning today that we really need to go ahead and review and look at to make sure there's no standing water or containers with standing water." this comes after u-s saw it's first sexually transmitted case in dallas, texas. area hospitals there are coming up with a screening process to identify symptoms.... while they try to understand more about the virus.sreeramoju says: "i want to know how long the zika virus can remain in semen, how long it remains to blood, how the infection effects immune compromised patients. so there area a lot of unknowns at this point. while zika has not reached epidemic levels in the u-s... it's all hands on deck in latin america... where the outbreak originated. but not all countries south of the border seem to be concerned about the virus. some nations are worried venezuela isn't doing enough.isabel says: "in
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any preventative measures, the government is focused on another matters." the white house now says it's partnering with colombia for zika research. in new york, patricia stark, fox news the super bowl is sunday... and even if you don't like football, you can always watch the commericials.... but is it worth it to buy the big game? we will take a look at the five million question next on
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ever hear of death wish coffee? it sounds like something we would like around here. some people who miss their coffee feel like they have a death wish... start up company with just 11 employees, but it's advertising during the super can such a small company afford the five- million-dollar advertising cost, you might ask?well, in a contest sponsored by intuit quickbooks.. 'death wish coffee' beat out 15-thousand other small businesses.the
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super bowl.death wish's owner says the win is beyond his wildest dreams.and by the way, 'death wish coffee's' specialty is an ultra-strong dark roast coffee, with double the caffeine of a normal cup of joe. the ratings for the super bowl are expected to be through the roof. even folks who *aren't* sports fans will be watching.. if only for the commercials. but should companies shell out big bucks to pitch their products?that's the five- million dollar question..... brian stelter talks to executives at pepsi and doritos who are betting big on the super bowl audience and takes a look at the secret to successful ads. :17-:21super bowl ads cost a record-breaking five-million dollars this year and for the first time ever - the same ads will b% streamed is it worth the price?food and beverage giant pepsico says it's a no brainer.seth kaufman/cmo, pepsi"the investment around this platform of super bowl is a big platform that for fans of the nfl is not just about that sunday. all the analysis we do is worth the money we're putting against it because we're getting great payback
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krishnan/cmo, frito-lay"we'll have 75 thousand displays in every one of our retailers across the country. two weeks leading up to the super bowl is the biggest purchase on snack and beverages. so for sure if you look at the entirety of it, it definitely pays off.""how safe do you have to play it for these ads? do you worry about offending one of the 100 million people that are watching?"ram krishnan/cmo, frito-lay"well especially with like a brand like doritos which is targeted to a 19 year-old consumer, we're always going to get creative, which is going to offend someone."a common theme in doritos super bowl ads? animalsand babies krishnan/cmo, frito-lay"for 5 years i think we've finished as the number 1 spot. it's sense of humor. you've got to entertain. i think as a brand you've got to entertain the consumers. obviously kids and animals tend to do that." pepsi, on the other hand, has focused on celebrities in the past - from michael j. fox and cindy crawford in the 80's and 90's - to britney spears and even elton john in more recent years."how do you all decide if it's worth having a celebrity in the ad. some years there are celebrities front and center in a lot of the super bowl ads. other years maybe not so much. what's the calculation about that?"ram krishnan/cmo, frito-lay"we used to hire celebrities as spokesperson. no longer the case. now we want to understand what's their narrative and what's the value they're adding. so its very different from how we've
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passes east of us this into the area from the southwest tonight...andstays in the general area through saturday. a storm system moves
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thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's and i'm kyle benjamin. in lynchburg-the former treasurer of the p-t-a for paul munro elementary surrendered to police yesterday for allegedly embezzling 31 thousand dollars of the organization's money. police say jennifer marie musick- served on the p-t-a from august 2012 to september 2015. thats when they say the embezzlement happened. prosecutors indicted musick on 6 counts of embezzlement on monday. around the commonwealth- the department of forensic science plans to test more than 2
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assault evidence kits. those tests are held by local law enforcement agencies. in just a few days kits will be moved from those agencies to a forensics lab for testing. the turn around time for results is expected to be around six to eight weeks. some of the kits date back to back to 1988. as long as an evidence kit has been stored appropriately, biological conditions in terms of appropriate temperature, moisture conditions and those kinds of things and if been allowed to dry those specimens can last for years forensic examiners say testing the kits will help in identifying suspects, convicting perpetrators and preventing future offenses dan and gil harrington lost their daughter morgan to the hands of a murderer in 2009. since then they have worked in an effort to save the next girl from such a fate.last night the couple hosted the docs for morgan basketball wfxr's solina lewis tells us, the game came at a time when the community is still healing from another tragedy in which a young girl was murdered. 00-05 10-15 with all the tragedy out of blacksburg this week the harrington's say this
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that out of darkness, there can be light...."we try to prevent predatory violence and when it happens we try to respond in the best possible way"since their daughter's murder 6 years ago, the harrington's have been active in trying to prevent violence from sexual predators, along with a non profit called help save the next girl, they host an event called docs for morgan, a basketball game where doctors play against med school students, the money raised goes towards a scholarship for medical students...the harrington's have raised a quarter of a million dollars for the fund so far...and as parents of a child who was murdered, they say they know what the lovell's are going through "that's the medicine, that's the medicine, that's what does it, they're still holding us up until we're able to get our feet under ourselves" looklive:"gil harrington said she wanted to send a message to lovell's family, saying that healing is possible with the help of the community, in roanoke, solina lewis, wfxr news" for more information on how you can get involved with how
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more information on how you can get involved with "help save the next girl" head to our website virginia first dot com. strong upper disturbance passes east of us this morning. highpressure builds into the area from the southwest tonight...andstays in the general area through saturday. a storm system moves well south of us saturday
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next on good day virginia, a man heavily criticized for causing a life saving drug to sky rocket in price is called to washington.lawmakers wants to hear what he had to say.. and one criminal learns a hard lesson... don't try to rob a story with a veteran behind the counter. we will see how that worked for him after this short break. again! again!
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again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside.
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congress wanted to hear from a man at the center of a drug pricing controversy.and while he refused to talk, many people got a look at-- what they consider to be wrong -- with the pharmaceutical industry. rich edson explains. :42-:50:51-:561:31-:1:37 1:43-1:481:49-2:03 he refused to answer their questions and then called them imbeciles - a day on capitol hill for former turing pharmaceuticals chief executive officer martin shkreli. his company raised the price of a drug that fights infections in hiv patients from $13.50 to $750 a pill and the house oversight committee subpoenaed him to appear at a hearing on prescription drug pricing. cummings says: "it's not funny mr. shkreli people are dying and getting sicker and sicker" he's been outspoken on television and the internet - flaunting his wealth, paying a reported 2 million dollars for the only copy of a rap album from the group wu-tang clan. though he refused to talk before this committee.gowdy says: "and i listened to his interview and he didn't have to be prodded to talk during that interview. and he doesn't have to be prodded to tweet."
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the advice of counsel i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question." he then left the hearing room and tweeted: hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government. the house oversight committee used turing's massive price increase as only one example of what one member described as taking as much money out of patients to feed their own coffers, calling their profits blood money. the committee says the wholesale price for thirty of the top-selling u.s. drugs increased more than 75 percent between 2010 and 2014 - eight times the general inflation rate.carter says: "perverse business practices were employed to exploit a patient group trying to do nothing more that to extend their lives." the committee also focused on large price increases for heart drugs at another company - valeant. howard b. schiller, interim ceo, valeant pharmaceuticals international says: "we have heard very clearly congress's and the public's concerns about drug prices and the industry generally."edson says: "the drug companies say they've worked to reduced costs and note they spend billions developing these drugs. committee chairman jason chaffetz added the food and drug administration needs to reform its process bring generic drugs to the market at
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he was already considered a hero for his service to the an iraq war veteran is being cheered for fighting off an armed robbery.this surveillance video was taken at a gas station in brevard county, florida.the military vet was working ... when authorities say the robber came in and demanded money.on the video-- you see the vet go to the register with the man pointing the gun at his back.
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him... the veteran quickly grabs the gunman.the vet throws the man around while punching him.the robber ends
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police are now looking for him. strong upper and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day.
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hippos.... to flip from hippos....1:22-1:27 :16-:21 reports.jeunesse william la alone.that state worth of ads in that state alone. william la jeunesse reports. :16-:211:22-1:27from hippos.... to flip floppers...negative ads saturate airwaves in the early voting statescarrick says: "clearly the research shows that people basically remember the negative ads more than they remember the positive ads" this ad goes after cruz on taxes but highlights his canadian birth...while trump questions cruz on immigration cruz responds, portraying trump as an cruel businessman who bulldozed a woman's homei /i that claim wasn't true. and currently - neither is this one carrick says: "they're looking to create a clutter buster ad- both in the content and in terms of how much time they buy." strategist bill carrick says few ads break through. not this one from sanders .. nor clinton's response... the one ad people do remember...says carrick...isn't negative at all so does it pay off -- well marco rubio bought almost twice as much air time in iowa as cruz and trump. cruz did buy the most negative spots -- but the biggest spender was hillary clinton -- who bought almost 87 hours of air time in
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william la jeunesse, fox news many people had to read jane austin's pride and prejudice
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been made into movies on several occasions....well someone has made it into a new movie.... but it's definitely
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explain when good day virginia at movie theaters this weekend, it is what you would have to call a different take on an all time classic makers have put
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and prejudice... they added, really.jonathan hunt tells us all about it. :00:37-:421:36-1:41 the new horror-comedy "pride and prejudice and zombies" is a genre-blending mashup that places characters from jane austen's beloved novel in a zombie filled storyline... the characters struggle with the social classes, attempts to find true love and fitting into those corsets---while london's undead population begins to blend into society. the cast says this movie is not your typical horror flick... james says: "for both men and women with sexy women fighting in corsettes, sexy men in long leather coats and it's funny."booth & smith says: "there's comedy and good action sequences, i think it's a good date movie." actress lily james has a lot of respect for her zombie co- stars... james says: "they were amazing as well cause we were filming in the freezing
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