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tv   WFXR News First at Ten  FOX  February 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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cold tonight as it was last night, but it'll still be chilly. we'll get one my taste of mild weather before winter returns on details include a snowfall forecast are coming up in just a bit. sot: sophia: "do you like to play basketball?"david: "yes, mam." all stars - who got special access - to the hokies. and on the run...sot: " fitness is life. the more active you are, the more healthier you are."the urban race - to cool for an old school course. thensaving our pollinators.sot: put an awful one group wants more consider getting a backyard beehive. one week after learning that nicole lovell was not coming home - people grieving in the new river
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game - to honor that teen. thanks for joining us at ten - i'm bill wadell. it's been a difficult week for so many people. after emotional court hearings - and a funeral - a break today from the sadness. w-f-x-r's kristen eskow is here - with how nicole is being remembered. bill - people in the new river valley say it's a rivalry match-up every sports season - when christiansburg and blacksburg compete.but tonight's game was different - as people from both sides rallied together - around a single cause. :15-:19:28-:33 :49-:54:54-:581:04-1:09 1:13-1:171:22-1:27 it's a longstanding rivalryknown affectionately as the battle of the burgs which people here at christiansburg high school say - is one of the biggest season."it is a huge year. it's nice to see these two and support their teams as of blue ribbons - were worn on both sides - to remember
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different. it's so much more intense, a lot more people here. we're all just basically coming together for her and being a part, so community toghether. cause that's what we are. we're all right next to each other."the christiansburg high school chapter of help save the next girl organized the show of support - after members say a blacksburg high school boys player - suggested honoring nicole at the game. group members say they hope to both help people remember - and to raise awareness. "we know that these are our girls and our kids that going out into the world, going off to college, and aware of what can happen." "we need to spread the word about being safe out online and with your friends."people here say the symbol of unity - shows county - is a special place."with so much negativity going on, just remind folks that montgomery county is an awesome place to live - blacksburg, christiansburg - i would not live anywhere else." "it's like a good feeling, but it's also sad, because like we lost somebody, but also it's like a good feeling that everybody's, like, coming together to support her and her family.""it's a good feeling and it's nice to be able to remember and it's also a sad time as well, but it's the we can do." can do."but it's the we time as well, it's also a sad to remember and it's also a sad
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can do." bill - counselors are still available at virginia tech and anyone who needs them.and if you would like to support help save the next girl - we have a link to their website - on the studio, kristen eskow, wfxr news. thanks kristen. we now know more details - about a community vigil - for nicole lovell. the candlelight vigil will be held monday at 7 thirty - on college avenue - between north main street and draper road. organizers posted on facebook - that there will be speakers - a hymn - and a moment of silence. because a large turnout is expected - organizers are asking people to bring their own candle - if possible. in nelson county - a special weekend on the slopes - for veterans and their families. this is the 12th annual wounded warriors winter sports weekend - at wintergreen. wintergreen adaptive sports provided lift tickets - meals and rental equipment - at no cost - to honored guests and their families. the event - is a great way to help military
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community - to show their appreciation. last night's light show - over the roanoke valley - has plenty of people talking this weekend. we first told you about the lights - seen flying in formation - last night. we've received calls and facebook messages - viewer keith hardy sent us this video. again - officials in the control tower at roanoke blacksburg regional airport say - they got plenty of calls too. they say - it was 7 military planes - in formation - flying south for a training exercise wait for gun noise and cheering then readstair climbers are no match for these runners.around 400 people laced up for the 4th annual wazupwidis race.the urban course was more than 3 miles long - and over 1 thousand steps up and down stairs.even running to the top of the wells fargo tower and back down. rowan chantal/runner: "super excited. ready to do it. been training for at least 2 weeks. fitness is life. the more
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healthier you are."organizers already have their sights set it was a celebration - for chinese new year - at the taubman museum of art - in downtown roanoke. there was music - dancing - and of course - the big dragon. local colors - helped organize the event. the festival - offered free admission and activities for the kids. in blacksburg.... a v-i-p experiance for kids - at virginia tech's basketball training facility. carilion children's hospital and special spectators partnered together to make it all happen. w-f-x-r's sophia borrelli followed these kids on a special journey - before the players took to the court. 0:25 - 0:350:48 - 0:520:53 -
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the game.sophia: "do you like to play basketball?"david: "yes, mam." david has down syndrome and has had cancer, but that doesn't keep him from doing the thing david:
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other kids...get ground there. surveillance cameras all over the place. a perimeter around the stadium has been up for a couple of weeks. air tight security leaving nothing to out here encouraged to use public transportation tomorrow which will be a challenge.levi's stadium is a good hour from san francisco, even longer to the golden gate bridge.we visited the marin headlands mountain range today. lots of visitors taking in the breathtaking sights that breathtaking sights that northern california has to offer. the teams are way out of the area, free from distraction. alright - thanks john. we'll check back with you during sports - later on tonight. 1:14"i'm speechless. 1:14 on tonight. sports - later we'll check back john. alright - thanks area, free from way
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that breathtaking visitors taking today. lots of mountain range we visited the bridge. longer to the francisco, even from san is a good hour challenge.will be a tomorrow which transportation use public fans out here chance. nothing to security leaving couple of weeks. been up for a the stadium has the place. a cameras all over surveillance agencies on the enforcement venue.super bowl ever seen at a security is as morning. levi's stadium 50. we went to of super bowl this is the eve going tonight?john - how's it all.john kucko is at of a security. sale - and a lot merchandise for trip - will see fans making the kickoff. away from we're just hours wfxr news.sophia borrelli reporting in hokies."team david: "go means cheering for david that a day making memories."making and just have a rooms and tours access to locker to get behind favorite team. of their volunteer: "be a spectators robinson/special laura the game, are super stars of course the real parents say of watch the hokies coliseum to here to the moves on the some of their got to share after the kids treatments."off of the kid's minds together, like i to do something "it's just nice mary leukemia, who is battling quality time... to spend some is a great way smith's...this like the cheerleaders.hokie against the show off some coach buzz and able to meet the kids were life."on in their illness is going stress of hospital and the from the and have a great can come here volunteer: "they robinson/special laura spectators.special game as part of men's basketball today - they carilion. medical other kids...get david and these david: he loves best. doing the thing that doesn't has mam." david: "yes, sure do love the dunk, but they these kids may basketnat: kid makes a 0:53 - 1:060:48 - 0:520:25 - 0:35players took to followed these borrelli w-f-x-r's sophia chills in the to some and during the week long. winds pretty cold! next week looks dusting. all of pick up much galax, and the blacksburg, alleghanies. 1-amounts in the highlands with and the new mountains. 2-4" blue ridge impactful snow, but the
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to region has a good chance to receive at least a coating of snow, but the snowfall will fall west of
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the new river valley highlands with locally higher amounts in the alleghanies. 1-2" are possible further east around blacksburg, roanoke valley. the piedmont probably won't pick up much more than a dusting. all of next week looks highs will be in the 40s, 30s and even 20s all week long. winds will be strong during the midweek as well and could lead to some dangerous
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get ready to bundle up! w-f-x-r's sophia borrelli followed these kids on a special journey - before the players took to the court. 0:25 - 0:350:48 - 0:520:53 - 1:06 nat: kid makes a basketthese kids may not be able to dunk, but they sure do love the game.sophia: "do you like to play basketball?" david: "yes, mam." david has down syndrome and has had
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him from doing the thing he loves best.david: "shooting."david and these other kids...get medical treatments at carilion. but today - they are special guests at the virginia tech men's basketball game as part of special spectators.david's mom laura is a volunteer.laura robinson/special spectators volunteer: "they can come here and have a great family day away from the hospital and the stress of whatever medical illness is going on in their life."the kids were able to meet show off some skills playing against the hokie cheerleaders.for families like the smith's...this is a great way to spend some quality time... with their son- who is battling leukemia, mary smith/mother: "it's just nice to do something together, like i said, to take the kid's minds off of treatments." standup: and after the kids got to share some of their moves on the court, they came coliseum to watch the hokies play and their parents say of course the real super stars of the game, are laura robinson/special spectators volunteer: "be a kid and be a fan of their favorite team. to get behind access to locker rooms and tours and just have a wonderful day making memories."a day making memories.for david that means cheering on his favorite team
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in blacksburg, sophia borrelli wfxr news. we're just hours away from kickoff. fans making the trip - will see plenty of merchandise for sale - and a lot of a security. our very own john kucko is at the heart of it all.john - how's it going tonight?this is the eve of super bowl levi's stadium early this morning. security is as tight as i've ever seen at a super bowl venue.multiple law enforcement agencies on the ground there. surveillance cameras all over the place. a perimeter around the stadium has been up for a couple of weeks. air tight security leaving nothing to out here encouraged to use public transportation as
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will be a a good hour from san francisco, even longer to the golden gate bridge.we visited the marin headlands mountain range today. lots of visitors taking in the breathtaking sights that northern california has to offer. the teams are way out of the area, free from distraction. alright - thanks john. we'll check back with you during sports - later on tonight. 1:14"i'm speechless. that's the kind of year it's has been an incredible year for the panthers. fans who couldn't make the trip to the
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there was a flash mob and pep rally - at the epicenter in uptown charlotte. many fans - say they have no doubt - the panthers will win super bowl 50. 01:24 - 01:26mos6 says: "we are going to win sunday. guaranteed."01:30 - 01:34"100 percent. 100 percent confident. i've got faith in them."you can catch up big game coverage on our home page - virginia first dot com. republican presidential hopefuls are on the debate stage tonight.. hoping to secure votes in the granite rules bar us from showing highlights of the debate --- just yet. mike emanuel has our update from new hampshire. :03- :08 :29 - :45 :55 - 1:05 1:17 - :361:37 - :56 the stakes tonight are huge for republican candidates ahead of new hampshire voters going to the
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candidates are working it - trying to turn out the vote, convince some undecided voters to support them here in the granite state. who won't be on the debate stage tonight is former c-e-o carly fiorina, who took this swipe at a-b-c which is televising the debate and of course, hillary fiorina says: "i'm gonna beat her. you know i'm the best debater on that stage and you know i have been fearless in telling the truth about mrs. clinton. record of accomplishment , major foreign policy challenge carly" network doesn't have me on that stage tonight." new christie, who showing in new debate will provide a contrast that stage gonna see a difference. we will make sure you'll see a difference. between those who are prepared to lead and those who are just continuing to talk." after senator ted cruz's campaign spread rumors that dr. ben carson would be dropping out in iowa, carson talked to his volunteers in manchester about carson says: "do not let anybody, it is, convince you i 10:28:51 they have written my half."
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important - you even had 90 year old former first lady barbara bush out in the snow with her walker campaigning on behalf of her son jeb. the stakes are that high here in new hampshire, a few inches of snow didn't seem to phase her one bit. in manchester, new hampshire.. mike emanuel.. fox news.. pollinators needed. coming up
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creating a much needed hom it may be winter - but many are already looking forward to spring - and pollination. today - new river valley beekeeper's association - kicked off their annual beginners course. the class was held on the virginia tech campus - where students learned about topics like honeybee biology - and how to select woodenware for beekeeping.the class is meant for students of all ages. instructors say this year's course has the highest enrollment in its history - at 60 students. instructors say they're excited - to see a
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- each year. jerry borger - beginning beekeeper's course instructor "beekeepers keep honeybees, and honeybees, along with all other pollinators, help put an awful lot of food on our tables. there are so many different things you can do with bees other than just having them and getting some pollination benefits, or even just getting honey benefits." the course is divided into two sessions - the next of which will be held in mid-april - when students will learn how to inspect bees - and weather permitting - will visit an aviary to get a look at the different parts of the hive. registration is closed for the course - but there are resources on the organization's website if you would like to learn more about beekeeping. we have that link on our website - virginia first dot com. a wayward pig - pretty lucky to survive last month's snowstorm - in maryland. valerie bonk of our sister station - w-h-a-g - introduces us to the family - and the little piggy - that beat odds. 06 - :12:59 - 1:03 valerie: this little piggy
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pork. found pig in hagerstown - "he was shaking and shivring, he had a lot of stress i think." valerie: perry smith and his family were traveling hagerstown on the way to a ski trip and came across something odd in the snow. when they got a little closer, they knew they were on a different kind of adventure. sot perry smith, found pig in hagerstown - "we pull up right next to it and my son on the said, 'what is it, look out, open the window.' and he looked out and he said, 'dad, it looks like a stuffed pig.' stuffed pig?' and i said, 'look at it again.' and he looked at it again and said that it was moving."valerie: they kept the pig in their hotel room until they could get back home to chevy chase. the kids named the pig "wee wee" and quickly bonded with him while taking turns feeding and caring for the animal. the little pig then made it all the way to its now permanent home at the poplar spring animal sanctuary, a non-profit in montgomery county maryland. sot terry cummings, co- director, poplar spring animal sanctuary - "i don't think he would've made it much longer if they hadn't come along because he looked like he was in really bad shape." valerie stand up: "while this little guy may be holdable now, he's going to grow to between 800 and 1,000 pounds."valerie: wee wee will now live out his life at the sanctuary where he will join the farm's eighty other resident pigs when he gets a
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- i like to believe that everyone would've done that because it and you can't leave something like that out in the middle of and walk away from it. you just can't do it." it." just can't do from it. you just can't do searching for survivors. straight ahead - an update on an earthquake - that crumbled buildings in taiwan. plus - the search for answers
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of new york. a desperate race is under way in taiwan to find survivors of
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the island - collapsing a 17- floor apartment building where hundreds were sleeping. as bryan llenas reports - 100 people are still missing. 00 - :0501:20 - 01:30at least 14 people are dead... and at least 11 those victims were killed inside this collapsed 17 story residential building in tainan, which is located on the southwestern side the country-- the apartment building is now ground zero. its floors pancaking like an accordion... the building crashing on its side -- as families slept inside....striking two days before the lunar new year the most important family holiday in the chinese calendar. more than 2000 firefighters and soldiers are searching through the rubble. so far about 250 people have been rescued. but the search is growing more desperate. authorities say part of the apartment believed to be buried underground... swallowed by its own
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mainland china. local media reports indicate the building housed a children's care center for newborns and mothers. some lucky enough to be reunited with their were not. a 10 day old little girl and three other children were among the victims inside the apartment building.magnitude this earthquake particularly the strongest.... but the us survey says the quake was especially destructive because it was striking just 6 miles underground. shallow cause more damage than deeper ones. was also located on the island not offshore earthquake. authorities say it appears the year-old high rise building did not meet construction standards. taiwan is used earthquakesits deadliest recorded occurring in a 7.6 magnitude earthquake killed more than in new york.. bryan llenas.. fox news.. making national news - contractors are scrambling to clean up - after a huge crane collapsed in lower manhattan. crews are still working to completely secure the area.
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the worth street area 24 hours a day. one person died and several were hospitalized when the crane collapsed yesterday. portions of surrounding buildings have been evacuated...and officials hope to get those residents back home soon.the windy, snowy weather is suspected to be a factor in the accident. 00:52 - 01:07 "it goes from a to z. we're going to look at possible metal fatigue, make sure that the pins that are connecting pieces together, the counterweights, any wind information what loads were done the previous day."authorities identifited the man - who was crushed and killed on the sidewalk - as a 38-year-old from prague. the number of zika cases in florida continues to grow... scientists are studying mosquitos to learn more about the zika virus and its possible impact on unborn babies. osceola is the sixth county in florida with zika...14 confirmed cases
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stress that none of the infected actually got the virus in florida--and none of the 14 are pregnant women. authorities are advising all residents to take precautions against getting bit. 00:22 - 00:25lourenco says: "you are very concerned because you don't know exactly what this is."01:15 - 01:22 people travel to other countries and come back, obviously there's a potential there could be other cases." doctors say zika symptoms often include a fever, rash and joint pain.of course - pregnant women - face the most serious risks. virginia tech returns from a two-game road trip to host clemson this afternoon at cassell coliseum. the hokies enter today's game 12-11 overall and 4-6 in acc action. tech trying to turn things around as they have lost their last 5 acc games.cassell coliseum is jumping! enter sandman to snap
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skid 1. this one was tight til the end...second half devin wilson to justin bibbs for the wilson to justin half devin end...second tight til the 1. this one was skidfive game losing snap the hokies enter sandman to is jumping! enter sandman to snap the hokies skid1. this one was tight til the half devin wilson to justin bibbs for the roll ...26-262. seth allen with the hard drive to the bucket ...jump stop...kisses it off the glass...hokies in front by a pair3. clemson's jordan roper for three...tigers up one4. and then here is the play that buzz reffered to as the play of the game...great hustle by leday get it to allen and he makes a beautiful pass to jalan hudson for two ...hokies up 10 under eight to play5. tigers coming back though...roper from the same spot ... another baseline three...52-51 clemson with 2:37 to play6. but vt will hold on is leday for the drive into the paint and the fniishe two of his game high 19 to go along with 12 boards the hokies end their 5 game losing streak beating the tigers 60-57. kevaney martin was there at the cassell with all the ecitement and has more on virginia techs big win 01-0518-2339-43the hokies snapped their 5 game acc skid
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double figures zach leday leading the way with 19 but buzz and the players agree it was the crowd that was the factorthe last three home games the way things have blossomed is what we need because it is becoming a gard place to play and i dont think that has been the case for a along time and we need old people young people, in school never went to school we need to get them here.amazing, the crowd was amazing. i try not to listen to them but we hear them.reporting in blacksburg kevaney martin wfxr sports
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our guy john cucko has been out in san francisco all week... nfl commissioner roger goodell held his state of the league address today. the big news maker? the nfl will return to mexico and play a game there next season. sorry folks- script and info below on that fan pkgbg2016 natpkg 1:03 "if they're going to san francisco..."broncos! panthers! yes! so fly what's in your head...peyton manning, the best.sorry, but it will be carolina this sunday.
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best team and cam newton is amazing. if this is manning's last year, last game, he needs to give us another ring. here we go, one more time, y'all...welcome folks, to come to san francisco.kuechly, yes? kuechly? kuechly?yessir! super bowl championoh this is amazing! amazing! and the panther fans, they are minimal compared to the denver fans." san francisco. come on!"
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did you miss it? we saw a pretty nice sunset - from our wfxr roof cam. enjoy the nice weather while it last's taylor's snowy start to the workweek.
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again! it is going to be chilly this week. we'll have a look at the extended forecast next. high pressure will continue to keep conditions generally
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cloud cover kept highs in the 40s on saturday, but skies should clear out for much of the region on sunday. that will help temperatures climb to the upper 40s and low 50s. one area that may have to deal with more cloud cover is the piedmont. a strong low pressure system off the coast will send clouds and perhaps a stray shower to central virginia on sunday. if the storm tracks further east than expected, skies will be mostly clear, but it tracks further west than anticipated we could be in store for some rain showers. at this point rain is most likely in southside, but those chances are pretty slim. a cold front is set to usher in some chilly
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on monday. the snow begins west of the blue ridge monday morning. this precipitation will switch to a rain/snow mix during the afternoon, but flips right back to snowfall monday night. upslope flow along the appalachians will trigger snow showers at times on tuesday and wednedsay as well. it looks like most of the region has a good chance to receive at least a coating of snow, but the real impactful snowfall will fall west of the blue ridge mountains. 2-4" are forecast for portions of the new river valley and the highlands with locally higher amounts in the alleghanies. 1-2" are possible further east around blacksburg, galax, and the roanoke valley. the piedmont probably won't pick up much more than a dusting. all of next week looks pretty cold! highs will be in the 40s, 30s and even 20s all week long. winds will be strong during the midweek as well and could
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ready to bundle up! (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound)
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(elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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9th ranked virginia making the trip to the steel city to play the pitt panthers. cavaliers aim for their third consecutive road virginia has never lost to pitt since pitt joined the acc 1st half, 26-21 virginiadevon hall misses the three pointer ...isaiah wilkins gets the rebound to london perrantes
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score: 29-21 virgnia ================= ================= ================= =================1st half, 29-25 virginiajamel artis nice spin move to the hoop as he makes the layupscore: 29-27 virginia================= ================= ================= =================2nd half, tied 31-31isaiah wilkins bounce pass to malcolm brogdon who drains the three from the cornerscore: 34-31 virginia================= ================= ================= =================2nd half, 34-31 virginialondon perrantes driving inside, passes the ball back out to devon hall who hits the three pointer score: 37-31 virginiafinal: 64-50 virginiavirginia: m. brogdon 21 pts, 2 reb, 4 ast, highlanders hosting coastal carolina.1. shivaughn wiggins making his way to the basket... off the glass. just getting things warmed up.2. rashun davis forcing his way to the whole, decides the toss it to ed polite jr...for the it look easy.3. cameron jone behind the arch for the clutch three. swishhh.4. rashun davis with steal , jones, back to davis spin move with the lay up 5. ron trapps, pushing his way with a little glass action putting two the board.the chanticleers take the win at radford 72 - 60
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games play for the past few years an annual basketball classic played in honor of a legendary great local sportscaster. i am talking about the roy stanley memorial shootout rockbridge and liberty kicked off the first of 6 games. rockbridge up 38-16 at the
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rheem anthony cuts the cats lead to 25.liberty anthony to payne triple........24 points rockbridge shameik ware interception and score....lead the cats with 23rockbridge tucker beebe with the score. rockbridge wins this one 70-44 north croos salemsalem shannon davis triple...3-0 spartans salem goran vukovic miss rebound and scorenorth cross chase overton to james nworahnorth cross
10:41 pm
and spartans would go to double overtime....north cross winning 56-53 west charlotte vs roanoke catholicceltics-lucas meyers scores lions-dequan hatchet reboud and score 4-2 west charlottecatholic peyton walthall ties the scoreswest charlotte jalan knightwest charlotte kobie williams shooters roll!west charlotte beats roanoke catholic 73-38 pretty good girl match floyd county and hidden valleylady buffs abigaile belshan lady titans jordan sadlerlady titans sadlermichaela thompson triplelady titans singletonlady titans drew freelandlady buffs natalie
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win over floyd 68-63. 63.over floyd 68-goes on to win hidden valley hoops and harmragan wiseman natalie boothe-lady buffs natalie boothe-ragan wiseman hoops and harmhidden valley goes on to
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