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tv   WFXR News First at Ten  FOX  February 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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basketball on acc network. hello everyone, i'm meteorologist john carroll and thisis your weather first. cold night ahead as snow showersspeckle the highlands. so how cold will it be... how windyyour full forecast in a few, but wfxr first at ten starts now. road to recoverythis dog was the victim a violent stabbing. details on the reward being offered if someone turns in the person who committed the crime..andpresidential primary new hampshire voters voice their choice.details on and on the candidates who came out on top.andcommonwealth clash. virginia and virginia tech face off on the hard wood.what this game means for the
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right now-the results of the new hampshire primary are still coming in.but it appears that donald trump pulled out a win on the republican side. and bernie sanders has a big lead over hilary clinton.this as we look forward to virginia's primary on march 1st.wfxr news is your local election headquarters- and tonight's results- could thin out the race before virginia voters head to the polls.bill wadell is live tonight with a breakdown from new hampshire- bill what does this mean going forward? it was a big night as predicted for bernie sanders and donald trump... but the race for second place could help clear out the crowded republican field. 00:00 - 00:0500:11 - 00:14 00:39 - 00:4401:00 - 01:05 after months of leading in the polls, donald trump winning the first in the nation primary tonight.... the billionaire businessman staying on message following a key victory in the granite state: trump says: "it's very simple, it's a theme we have - it's make america great again.
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great again." but much of the attention is on the second slot... john kasich coming in second - with voters also showing strong support for marco rubio and ted cruz... chris christie and jeb bush not finding the bump they were hoping for.... it's likely they'll now face renewed pressure from the republican establishment to drop out of the race - and throw their support to either rubio or kasich. rubio says: "we're gonna leave here with more delegates then we came in, then move on to south carolina and continue to build as we get into the other states." and in the two-person democratic race - bernie sanders with a win over hillary clinton... he's hoping his strong showings in the early states will give his campaign momentum as the race moves to the south and west... areas that have supported clinton in the past: clinton says; "i'm gonna just keep doing what i've done my entire life - gonna keep showing folks they can count on me, and we're gonna make real progress together.
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weary, most of the republican candidates are heading to south carolina tomorrow to campaign there... sanders is going to new york for a meeting with reverend al sharpton. bill wadell, wfxr news. virginians will voice their choice in the upcoming presidential primary.polls will open on march 1 st.the deadline to register to vote in the primary was monday.but you can still register to cast your ballot in the november general election.remember new voter i.d laws took effective in july can link a link to that information-- along with sample ballots and information on your polling locations at our website virginia first dot com. in your local election headquarters.voters in the city of roanoke will decide who could be the next mayor. dave trinkle and sherman lea both are on the council already and are now vying for the job.tonight wfxr's solina lewis spoke to lea about his last minute push to win your
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"the other day we spoke to the other democratic candidate running for mayor, and while they differ on a lot of issues they both want to encourage people to get out and vote" with less than a week left until the vote, lea says he and his campaign maintain what's been their motto throughout, slow and steady... "were canvassing and making logistical plans to encourage the vote even though the weather is chilly this week i'm pleased with our efforts and it's just a matter of grinding it out"lea says his main concern is voter turnout..."for this election, it's the same building, you don't go to your regular precinct"worrying that some voters might not know about the changes to the primary, and that all voters will have to go to the berglund center this saturday...looklive:"with no republican candidates announcing a run for mayor, this primary could very well determine who the next mayor will be, in roanoke, solina
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wfxr news- is introducing you to presidential candidates. tonight we profile ben carson. we'll show you his mission- and his plan- should he win the white house.that's coming up at 10:30. the bitter cold has taken over our area- and it's not moving out anytime soon.this is a live look from our roof cam in roanoke county- you can see it's a clear- but very cold night. and tomorrow morning- if you're heading to the bus stop- plan on some extra layers.chief meteorologist john carroll explains- john? overnight...mostl y cloudy. scattered snow showers early this
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flurries. cold with lows in the lower 20s. west winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. chance ofsnow 30 percent. wind chill values as low as 5 above. .wednesday...partly sunny with scattered snow showers in the morning...then mostly cloudy in the afternoon. highs in the upper20s. west winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. chance snow 20 percent. wind
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tonight - police are searching for the man - who robbed the family pharmacy in franklin county. around 5 thirty - along franklin street in rocky mount. that an employee pulled a gun in self the robber - ripped it out of the employee's hand. during the getaway - police tell us - the worker fired at least one shot - as the robber took off in a pickup truck. no one was hurt in the ordeal. we'll have the latest - tomorrow morning - on good day virginia. /pkg-b in danville- a puppy is maliciously slashed in the back and found by a passerby on friday. tonight she is recovering at the danville area humane society. wfxr's sophia borrelli caught up with the pup to see how she is doing - and when she will be ready for adoption. 0:20 - 0:310:32 - 0:390:45 - 0:53 nat of whiningthis pup is already full of energy, and recovering at the danville humane society after she was stabbed in the back with what
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paulette dean/executive director, danville humane society: i am horrified."after police responded to a call about an injured dog, they got in touch with the humane society who made sure she got the care she needed.standup: "unfortunately paulette says with the years she has been a director here at the shelter, this is not the first time she's seen this kind of animal cruelty come through these doors."paulette dean/executive director, danville humane society: "i wish i could say i was shocked, but after almost 24 years on this job, i have seen many horrifying things." police are still trying piece together why anyone would want to hurt this puppy. dan wallace/danville police: "that's going to be part of the investigation is if we can see if it was on purpose, or accidently or if any charges can be made. it's still kinda early." to help police with that investigation, the humane society offers a 1 thousand dollar reward for anyone with information about the crime. as for the pup, she's looking for an owner to giver her a name ... and home. paulette dean/executive director, danville humane society: "we would not suggest a couch potato person to adopt this dog, someone who likes to get out and exercise and wants the dog right beside them."right beside her owner to love and care for her. reporting in danville, sophia borrelli wfxr
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the danville area humane society will be accepting applications for the puppy starting on friday. if you're interested on adopting her- head to our website virginia first dot com for details. also in danville- students at the danville community college were asked to be on high alert of a robbery suspect near the campus. the college sent out an alert on their facebook page about the armed robbery near kemper road. even though the robbery did not happen on campus, students were asked to exercise caution and be on the lookout for suspicious activity. in pittsylvania county-a kitchen fire killed a person in crews were called to a home on henry street around 11 oclock last night.investigators say the
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microwave- and spread to the attic.they have not released the identity of the victim at this time.the fire has been ruled accidental. in roanoke county-police are searching for the second half of a purse snatching duo. police say sandra coleman and another woman went on a three day purse snatchings spree. they were allegedly taking the purses from shopping carts or grabbing them out of victim's hands.coleman is out of jail on bond and investigators are working to identify the accomplice.the thefts happened at goodwill on brambleton avenue, walmart on clearbrook village lane, and at kroger on williamson road.investigators say the women were taking cash from then dumping the purses at another location.anyone with information is asked to contact police. two men from henry county have been charged in connection to a homicide in north carolina. police say daquarius martin and zachary haley are charged with the first degree kidnapping and first degree murder of benjamin baker from eden.police say baker was found dead in his home from a
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both martin and haley were arrested in henry county last night. researchers at virginia tech are turning their attention to the zika virus health crisis- and seeing how they can help. the researchers have studied how these kinds of viruses get past the mosquitos immune system and the human immune system. the family of virus that zika belongs to includes other pathogens, like west nile virus and yellow fever. zika virus has infected a growing number of americans over the past few months. one of the researchers say the development of a vaccine would resolve the problem- but for now- they're looking into how to control it to prevent outbreaks. coming up-u-v-a and tech go head to head in the commonwealth clash- we have post game highlights live from charlottesville next! and the massive celebration continues for mardi gras- coming up at 10:30-we head to burbon street for a look at
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windy, cold and some snow, not a nice long will it last. overnight...mostly cloudy. scattered snow showers early thisevening...then scattered flurries. cold with lows in the lower20s. west winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. chance ofsnow 30 percent.
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above..wednesday...partly sunny with scattered snow showers in themorning...then mostly cloudy in the afternoon. highs in the upper 20s. west winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. chance ofsnow 20 percent. wind chill values as low as 3 above. .wednesday night...partly cloudy. cold with lows 10 to 16.northwest winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. wind chillvalues as low as 3 below..thursday...sunny. highs in the mid 20s. northwest winds 10 to15 mph with up to 25 mph. wind chill values as low as6 below in the morning..thursday night...mostly clear in the evening...then becomingpartly cloudy. cold with lows around 13. northwest winds around10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph in the evening...becoming light and variable..friday and friday night...mostly cloudy. highs in the mid 30s.lows around 15. wind chill values as low as zero. .saturday...mostly sunny. cooler with highs in the mid 20s. windchill values as low
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sunday...mostly clear. lows around 5 above.highs in the mid 20s. wind chill values as low as 10 below..sunday night...partly cloudy in the evening...then becomingmostly
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virginia and virginia tech faceoff in the second edition of the commonwealth clash.a game you watched right here on wfxr... our own kevaney martin is in charlottesville with more on tonight's exciting game... hey guys... this one was all cavs from start to finish with uva dominating all aspects of this one, especially on defense... the cavaliers were led by the usual suspects with malcolm brogdon and anthony gill
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but it was the uva defense that again was the star of the show, slowing down the high powered hokies offense... a big win for uva, in particular after tech beat them earlier in the season... jeff archer will have much on this game including highlights and postgame reaction coming up a little later in the show... in charlottesville, kevaney martin wfxr sports... coming up-planting season is coming- but where is the
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crops?we explain in tonights
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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around the corner- and - it will soon be planting season. experts at the bedford county co-op say-- yield potential-- and pest resistance-- are some of the first things to consider when picking out
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field is the same.there are different seeds for different environmental conditions. for more information on seed placement- and where you can get help picking out ideal crops- head to our website virginia first dot com and click on the ag life tab. beef cattle looking for shelter from the cold- could be at risk for disease in overcrowded barns.experts at purdue university experts say extreme cold or rapidly changing weather can lower animals' immune response, leaving them more susceptible to disease.if the shelter is too small for the entire herd, or if it has poor ventilation, the viruses can easily spread to other avoid this- experts recommend limiting access to barns and other shelters and make sure animals have proper nutrition and all necessary vaccinations. who is ben carson?coming up next-we profile one of the republican presidential hopefuls seeking your vote. plus- a deadly train crash.
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say about the massive crash
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find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv
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results from the new hampshire primary - is expected to widdle down the republican field - yet again. many voters - are having trouble keeping up - with who's in - and who's out. we're taking a closer look - at the candidates - and where they stand on the issues. w-f-x-r's bill wadell has a look at ben carson's platform - in your local election headquarters report 00:00 - 00:0501:06 - 01:11 01:16 - 01:21many think of ben carson - as a renowned neurosurgeon.the retired 64- year-old - has worn many hats - including bank teller, school bus driver and crane operator at a steel factory. rq-500su :28-:31ben carson
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carson/republican presidential candidate"you have to replace it with something that makes sense. it doesn't make sense. the detroit native - wants to do away with the affordable care act. in the o-r -- carson is known for the first successful seperation of siamese twins joined at the head - in 1987. on education - carson's camp says he supports school choice and vouchers. carson has also called for a full investigation into the council on american islamic relations - claiming it has extensive ties to foreign terror groups. despite an impressive resume - and medical achievements - carson has been questioned about his temper - and accuracy of past accounts - like applying to west point - and nearly stabbing his friend during a childhood argument. slug: bc-fox-27-nh-carson- manchester-event that's really what it's all about - being able to understand what the issues are, articulate them and do what is appropriate." the pro-life candidate also wants a flat tax.carson has pledged to repeal the tax code - moving to a uniform 14.9 percent income tax - and eliminating the death tax.
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in new hampshire, polling locations were packed most of the day.but while voters enjoyed voting indoors in the heat... volunteers were standing outside, placing signs in the snow or trying to make a last appeal for their candidates-- as people walked inside to cast their ballots. i would do it for any candidate it's just i think it's part of the process. i think it's important to stand up for what you believe in. oh it's not that cold but i would do it even if it were really cold voters at this polling place seemed interested in some of the candidates that did not do well in iowa-- like ohio governor john kasich, jeb bush and chris christie. and in tonight's primary- there were massive traffic delays and long lines from
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new hampshire.this is an aerial view of traffic in can see this huge line of traffic of people trying to cast their vote. we will have complete coverage leading up to the presidential election in november- on our website virginia first dot com. at least 9 people are dead after a head on train crash in germany.officials say the scene of the crash looks like the two trains were fused together from the impact. dozens of people are hurt- 50 of them seriously.two others are unaccounted for. and an update tonight to the earthquake in taiwan. an 8-year-old girl has been pulled from a toppled building. she had been trapped for more than 60 hours after the 6 point 4 magnitude hit. authorities have ordered an investigation -- after it was discovered that tin cans were built into the walls of that toppled apartment.500 people are still missing and at least 40 people have died.
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case of the zika virus.the outbreak has become an epidemic in latin america and the caribbean -- but cases in the united states have been associated with international travelers.the indiana department of health says the risk of contracting zika virus in indiana remains low, but officials recognize that many people are concerned. "we have had a confirmed case of zika virus infection in an indiana resident. this patient had a mild illness that did not require hospitalization and has since made a full recovery. the patient did have a travel history to haiti, which is an area where we know there is documented zika virus transmission occurring."about 80-percent of people infected with zika show no symptoms.the primary concern among health officials is the potential risk to pregnant women and their unborn babies. a student in north carolina is recoverong tonight after a crash involving two school buses.a spokesperson says both
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to coulwood middle school. the collision happened around 8 a.m. in the school's parking lot. school officials say one bus had 19 students on board and the other had 21 students on board. and as many of you know- it's mardi gras!the big celebration kicked off in new orleans. thousands lined the streets for the parades that are going well into the night.revelers will eat... drink... dance and catch the traditional beads. coming up-struggling store.why sears is speeding up the shut down - for dozens of locations. and the carolina panthers- packing up.coming up-why they were called back to bank of america stadiuim.john.
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showers early thisevening...then scattered flurries. cold with lows in the lower20s. west winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. chance ofsnow 30 percent. wind chill values as low as 5 above..wednesday...partly sunny with scattered snow showers in themorning...then
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afternoon. highs in the 20s. west winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. chance ofsnow 20 percent. wind chill values as low as 3 above. .wednesday night...partly cloudy. cold with lows 10 to 16.northwest winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. wind chillvalues as low as 3 below..thursday...sunny. highs in the mid 20s. northwest winds 10 to15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. wind chill values as low as6 below in the morning..thursday night...mostly clear in the evening...then becomingpartly cloudy. cold with lows around 13. northwest winds around10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph in the evening...becoming light
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friday night...mostly cloudy. highs in the mid 30s.lows around 15. wind chill values as low as zero. .saturday...mostly sunny. cooler with highs in the mid 20s. windchill values as low as zero..saturday night and sunday...mostly clear. lows around 5 above.highs in the mid 20s. wind chill values as low as 10 below..sunday night...partly cloudy in the evening...then becomingmostly cloudy. cold with lows around
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sears is quickly closing at least 50 stores.the company says the stores slated to close are what it calls "most unprofitable."the retailer
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the stores over the next few months- but poor holiday sales is speeding up the timeline. sears also owns k-mart- both have been struggling in recent years.the company has shut down hundreds of sears and k-mart stores over the last five years. retailer sports authority is also struggling.the sporting goods store missed a 20- million-dollar debt payment last month.retail experts say it is likely sports authority will have to close about half of its 450 stores.sports authority spends six- million-dollars a year to have its name on the stadium that is home to the denver broncos. it's unclear if the 25-year naming rights deal with the stadium will stay intact if the company files for bankruptcy. right now- gasoline is the cheapest its been in 6 years. triple a says the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is down to a dollar-74.experts say---crude oil inventories are at their highest level-- for this time
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decades. gas prices are likely to stay low now - unless there's a major disruption in supply. and the carolina panthers returned to bank of america stadium today- to clean out their lockers and wrap up this football season.this comes just two days after playing the denver broncos in super bowl 50. denver beat carolina 24-10. carolina finished the season 17-2. their 2016 season kicks off in september the countdown begins for super bowl 51 next february 5th in
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the last time the hoos and the the last time the hoos and the hokies met on the hardwood it was virginia tech pulling off a stunning 70-68 win...but what would happen tonight??? it's a game that could determine the direction both teams head in as they close out sec play... we'll have highlights and live
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you're never quite sure what will happen... that's what happened last time virginia tech and uva met with the hokies getting the win... but these two teams are very different from a month ago... this is a very post-graduate student... this man is my spirit animal...1. the cavs jumped out to a commanding lead... london perrantes lobs it to darius thompson for the slam... it's 13-6 uva...2. viriginia finding success through the air... malcolm brogdon lobs one up to devon hall... cavs up 17-6 and rolling...3. tech didn't get many open looks, but they would find one here... devin wilson to zach leday for three... the lead is 12...4. perrantes off of the curl... hits the three and gets fouled... oh my... 29-14 uva... 5. this is a welcome sight for hokie fans... chris clarke announces his return with the two handed slam... he had 11 points and 4 rebounds...6. to
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bibbs trimmed into the lead with this basket... it's 32-23...7. the cavaliers did a fantastic job of sharing the ball... brogdon to wilkins for 2 of his 14...8. while most of the hokies struggled justin robinson had a pretty good game... here are 3 of his team high 16...9. but more sharing is caring from uva... thompson to mike tobey for the dunk... 18 assists from virginia... the cavaliers run away with this one for the 67-49 win... 4 virginia players in double figures, led by anthony gill's 16... it is the 4 consecutive game the hoos have held their opponents to 50 points or less... the win is the 7th in a row for uva... it is also 6 losses in the last 7 games for virginia tech... jermaine ferrell joins us live in charlottesville... jermaine, it was a game that the hoos controlled from start to finish by playing their style of basketball... yeah jeff... this one was all uva as they lead from beginning to end... let's hear from both head coaches...tony
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jermaine: "the cavaliers now hit the road to cavaliers now jermaine: "the jermaine: "the cavaliers now hit the road to face duke on saturday in a game at 4:30."
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jermaine... a big win for the cavs as they keep their momentum rolling... coming up... nascar made a major announcement that changes the way the sport is run... and it may have a big impact on our local racing team... and the liberty flames women were going for their 8th win in a row tonight, playing host to campbell... those highlights are next as sports
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historic announcement today, changing the face of the sport, and putting it more inline with the other major sports... nascar announcing today that it is implementing a team owner charter agreement... the charters can be bought and sold as well... what that basically means is that 36
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each race, with the total number of cars in the field being lowered to 40, allowing 4 non-charter teams to still qualify each week... most of the chartered cars are part of the major ownership groups... the move was made as a way to increase investments and provide stability amongst the racing teams... brian france: "we believe we have made the team owner model more reliable. more stable. more open. more open to new investors. more capital to come into the sport. and we have done that in a way that reserves a lot of the traditions that are important to nascar."this impacts wood brothers racing out of stuart, virginia... nascar's oldest racing team was not one of the 36 teams chartered... wood brothers racing announcing earlier in the year that they expect to run a full season... for them to do so they will either have to buy one of the 36 charters from someone else, or qualify for one of the remaining 4 spots at each race... for more information check out virginia
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the liberty women going for their 8th straight win, hosting campbell...1. the flames had a fight on their hands early on... candice leatherwood drives to the basket and uses the glass to put liberty back on top, 14-13...2. the fighting camels would hang around... qua brown banks it home from the free throw line... it's 25-23...3. but liberty would close out the half strong... sadalia ellis bangs home the 3... flames up 7...4. then it's ellis beating the clock with the jumper in the lane... liberty ends the half on a 7-0 run as they remain atop the big south standigns with the
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we'll be right the red kangaroo.charlie has served as a therapy animal at a veterans home in salt lake city utah.he also takes trips to special education classes and hospice facilities.charlie is only about a year old- but soon he will be full grown.on average red kangaroos get to be 5 feet tall and 125 pounds- which means he won't be able to stay in the veteran home for long.the utah red cross will honor charlie next month
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