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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 5  FOX  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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us in the same bank watching suspect.police want to capture the man accused of robbing a local pharmacy at gun point. hurting man's best friend. local police want to find the person who cruelly stabbed a dog and left it for dead.the voters have their say.the people of new hampshire select their candidates in the first presidential primary of the hampshire, i want to thank you. we love you. we're going to be back a lot. thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's wednesday february 4th. i'm kyle benjamin, january has the day off. this morning police in rocky mount are searching for the man who they say robbed the family pharmacy. officers identified the suspect as joshua wayne cundiff of boones mill.cundiff allegedly pull a gun on the pharmacist and
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during the getaway - police tell us - the worker fired at least one shot - as the robber police seached a wooded area around the pharmacy, but did not locate cundiff. they believe left the area. police in danville want to know who stabbed a puppy last week.wfxr's sophia borrelli caught up with the pup to see she will be ready for 0:20 - 0:310:32 - 0:390:45 - 0:53 nat of whiningthis pup is already full of energy, and recovering at the danville after she was stabbed in the some believe was a knife. dean/executive director, society: i am horrified." responded to a call about an they got in touch with the who made sure she got the care standup: "unfortunately paulette says with the years she has been a director here at the shelter, this is not the first time she's seen this kind of animal cruelty come through these doors."paulette dean/executive director, danville humane society: "i wish i could say i was
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years on this job, i have seen many horrifying police are still trying piece together why anyone would want to hurt this puppy. dan wallace/danville police: "that's going to be part of the investigation is if we can see if it was on purpose, or accidently or if any charges can be made. it's still kinda early." to help police with that investigation, the humane society offers a 1 thousand dollar reward for anyone with information about the crime. as for the pup, she's looking for an owner to giver her a dean/executive director, danville humane society: "we potato person to adopt this dog, someone who likes to get out and exercise and wants the dog right beside them."right beside her owner to love and danville, sophia borrelli the danville area humane society will be accepting applications for the puppy starting on friday. if you're interested on adopting her- head to our website virginia
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wfxr news is your local election headquarters and the polls proved correct in new hampshire's primary, but there was at least one surprise on tuesday night. karin caifa reports from manchester, new hampshire, with the results, and what's next in the presidential race. 00:18 :18-:34:42-581:15-1:30donald trump and bernie sanders here in new hampshire. both of them coming off of losses in iowa last week. bernie sanders lost iowa to hillary clinton by the narrowest of margins. he led in most new hampshire polls leading up to tuesday.he said his win, by a fairly large margin, sent a message. presidential candidate"it is just too late for the same old, same old establishment politics and establishment economics, the people want real meanwhile hillary clinton, concession remarks -- acknowledging
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presidential candidate"i know i have some work to do particularly with young people but i will repeat again, even if they are not supporting me now, i support them."in the g-o-p race -- a contrast between the first and second place donald trump -- turning big poll numbers into his first victoryand ohio governor john kasich beat out the many contenders in that big battle for second place, after running an upbeat, positive campaign. presidential candidate "at a time when clearly change is in the air, maybe just maybe we are turning the page on a dark part of american politics. because tonight, the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning." presidential candidate "we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. i love you all, thank you, new hampshire. we are going now to south carolina. are going now to hampshire. we you, new you all, thank you, new hampshire. we are going now to south carolina. we're gonna win carolina."south carolina will be the next contest for the republican february 20th. clinton and sanders compete in nevada, the same
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political analyst ed lynch from hollins university will join us later this morning to breakdown the results from new hampshire. virginians will make their choice in the upcoming presidential primary.polls will open on march 1 st.the deadline to register to vote in the primary was monday.but you can still register to cast your ballot in the november general election.remember new voter i.d laws took effective in july can find a link to that information-- along with sample ballots and information on your polling locations at our website virginia first dot com. every four years, washington and lee university hosts mock con - a convention aimed at predicting who the party currently out of office will nominate to run for president.
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it's the republican party. amazingly the mock con accurately forecasted the nominee every cycle since 1948. wfxr's taylor kanost is live at washington and lee university in lexington with some of the students that hope to continue that streak this weekend. good morning. there's a lot of excitement not only on the campus of washington and lee, but all of lexington for the 26th mock convention. more than 1,500 washington and lee undergraduates will act as delegates in a mock republican convention to ultimately determine who will get the presidential nod. student organizers raised nearly a half million dollars for research on procedures, create this convention hall, hold an opening parade, and book some big-name political speakers such as former vice president dick cheney and former speaker of the house newt gingrich among others. this event has proven to be pretty darn accurate by correctly predicting 19 of 25 presidential elections since this all began back in 1908. the event begins tomorrow evening and continues through
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feed of the event at check out this video... it's a lightning storm striking earth seen through the eyes of british astronaut tim peake. peake filmed the video from his spot in the international space station.he captured the storms as they crossed through europe and africa. peake is in the midst of a six-month
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jason and kyle at wx pod a strong upper over the ohio valley will nearly stationary today before slowly moving east tonight intothursday. weak upper shortwaves will move across the mountainsthrough tonight resulting in scattered snow showers and snowures will remain below normal for the remainderanother clipper system will cross our region on friday with some light snow accumulations...especially in themountains. arctic high pressure builds in for the weekend. anotherwinter storm
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there is more trouble for one of the world's largest retailers.... now sears says it is going to have close more stores.the details are virginia. and the situation is not much better on wall street. after the break, we will look at the
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snow...but spring will be here before you know it...and that means planting season. experts at the bedford county co-op say-- yield potential-- and pest resistance-- are some of the first things to consider when picking out seeds.but keep in mind- no field is the same.there are different seeds for different environmental conditions. for more information on seed placement- and where you can get help picking out ideal crops- head to our website virginia first dot com and click on the ag life tab. sears is quickly closing at least 50 stores.the company says the stores slated to
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unprofitable."the retailer originially planned to close the stores over the next few months, but poor holiday sales is speeding up the timeline. the company shut down hundreds of sears and k-mart stores over the last five did not reveal which stores are closing. retailer sports authority is also struggling.the sporting goods store missed a 20- million-dollar debt payment last month.retail experts say it is likely sports authority will need to close about half of its 450 stores. retailers are not the only ones struggling.investors on wall street are facing some serious losses.the stock market has been fluctuating all year, with experts throwing around terms like bull market and bear market. but what exactly do those terms mean and how do they affect you? dianne gallagher explains. :25-:30bull market...bear market...these words are tossed around all the time but what exactly do they mean and do they anything to do with you?simply put, a bull market is trending up. a bear market
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for at least the past fi years. so, in order for it to switch, we'd need to see a 20- percent dip from the highest point last year. usually market turmoil doesn't cause a recession, but it can predict a recession. i think that's what everyone's grappling with right now.and 2016 has been rough so far. the market is off to a terrible start in 2016. all three indexes are down.a major culprit? that cheap gas you've been enjoying. the energy sector stocks have been suffering because of the free falling price of oil. energy companies have been really taken to woodshed to put it bluntly. you have pretty much every major oil company is, if you want to keep that good feeling you're getting from filling your gas tank without emptying your wallet, you might want to avoid looking at your 401 right now. you never want to be checking it on a day to day basis. that's when emotions start to get involved and you may make the wrong decisions. assuming you're not that close to retirement, sit this out, don't sweat washington, i'm dianne
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a strong upper over the ohio valley will remain and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. researchers at virginia tech are turning their attention to the zika virus health crisis. the researchers are studying how these kinds of viruses get
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system and the human immune system. the family of virus that zika belongs to includes other pathogens, like west nile virus and yellow fever. zika virus infected a growing number of americans over the past few weeks. one of the researchers say the development of a vaccine would resolve the problem- but for now- they're looking into how to control the virus to prevent outbreaks. doctors and researchers are not the only one fighting the zika virus.jackie ibanez tells us how politicians are now getting involved as the number
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:25-:37 :49-:561:21-1:32reid says: "this should not be a issue." the threat continues to grow... with two new pennsylvania and one in both travel related. group of lawmakers on now taking action...democrats want to approve president obama's nearly dollars in emergency republicans say there doesn't new funding to fight the illness..blunt says: "i'd also say that there's still money left that for ebola but it was ebola and diseases so there's no immediate money for the administration thinks needs to meanwhile the states are taking are action to prevent an u-s. with florida and texas vaccines for the summer...will be more prevalent.have asked the centers for i have asked for thousand test kits to test for antibodies for people that have previously had zika that might have traveled overseas and are back.started in brazil and has mostly been latin america. costa rica is trying a new approach to fighting the mosquitos that virus... by using bacteria to kill larvae. control experts say funding could help understand zika better."right now the truth is, there learned about this particular virus and how it is spread. we don't know all it, but we are trying to find the republicans scheduled a thursday to discuss while democrats argue they should take action now. in new york,
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not everyone is a sore loser over the super bowl.... we will tell you why one man had to dress like a football and dance on a public street when good day virginia discover card. hey! so i'm looking at my bill and my fico credit score's on here. yeah! we give you your fico credit score. for free! awesomesauce! the only person i know that says that is...lisa? julie?! we've already given more than 306 million fico credit scores for free to our cardmembers.
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people enjoy playing fantasy football... but after this weekend's super bowl... one man might think twice about playing next season. that's because he joined the panthers in the loss man who
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league... admitted his shortcomings publicly. the winner of the league got to pick the punishment for the loser... and he decided john zarse should dress up in a football onesie holding a sign that read "i'm the worst at fantasy football." zarse says: "you know it was just a tough year for me. i drafted with my heart instead of my brain. i picked up
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year." don't feel too john... low centered over the ohio valley will remainnearly stationary today before slowly moving east tonight into thursday. weak upper shortwaves will move across the mountainsthrough tonight resulting in scattered snow showers and snow
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remainderof the week. another clipper system will cross our region onfriday with some light snow accumulations...e specially in themountains. arctic high pressure builds in for the weekend. anotherwinter storm may impact the mid- atlantic region monday into tuesday. thank you for choosing good day's wednesday february 4th.i'm kyle benjamin, january has the day off. in roanoke county-police are searching for the second half of a purse snatching duo. police say sandra coleman and another woman went on a three day purse snatching spree. police say they taking the purses from shopping carts or
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hands.coleman is out of jail on bond and investigators are working to identify the accomplice.the thefts happened at goodwill on brambleton avenue, walmart on clearbrook village lane, and at kroger on williamson road.investigators say the women were taking cash from then dumping the purses at another location.anyone with information is asked to contact police. two men from henry county are now charged in connection to a homicide in north carolina. police say daquarius martin and zachary haley are charged with the first degree kidnapping and first degree murder of benjamin baker from eden.police say they found baker dead in his home from a gunshot wound on janurary 15th. police arrested both martin and haley in henry county monday night. one puppy is recovering after her in the back and police are still investigating why anyone would hurt the dog.the pup is back at the danville humane society
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the humane society is offering a 1 thousand dollar reward for any information which will lead to the arrest of whoever commited the crime. humane society workers say unfortunately this is only one of the many cases they see. paulette dean/executive director, danville area humane society: "start worrying about all the other that we don't know and the cats and all the animals that have been abused or tortured and we never find out about them so we can never get them help."if you have any information, you are asked to contact the danville police for the puppy, the humane society will be taking applications for her on friday. wfxr news is your local election headquarters.this weekend voters in the city of roanoke will decide which democrat will get the nomination in the mayor's race. dave trinkle and sherman lea both are on the council already and are now vying for the job.wfxr's solina lewis spoke to lea about his last minute push to win your vote. "the other day we spoke to
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running for mayor, and while they differ on a lot of issues they both want to encourage people to get out and vote" with less than a week left until the vote, lea says he and his campaign maintain what's been their motto throughout, slow and steady... "were canvassing and making logistical plans to encourage the vote even though the weather is chilly this week i'm pleased with our efforts and it's just a matter of grinding it out"lea says his main concern is voter turnout..."for this election, it's the same building, you don't go to your regular precinct"worrying that some voters might not know about the changes to the primary, and that all voters will have to go to the berglund center this saturday...looklive:"with no republican candidates announcing a run for mayor, this primary could very well determine who the next mayor will be, in roanoke, solina lewis, wfxr news"
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ways to better our smartphone photography game...and this guy did it! check out nicolas vuignier's signature slo-motion swirl shot.the swiss skier did this with an i-phone, a tether, and lots of practice.yes - it is as difficult as it looks. vuignier said it took him nearly two years to perfect
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jason and kylea strong upper low centered over the ohio valley will nearly stationary today before slowly moving east tonight intothursday. weak upper shortwaves will move across the mountains through tonight resulting in showers and snow flurries.temperatbelow normal for the remainderof the week. another clipper system will cross our region onfriday with some accumulations...e specially in themountains. arctic high pressure builds in for the weekend. anotherwinter storm may impact the mid- atlantic region monday into
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some tense moments in the a- c-c last night.... as one top head coach collapses on the basketball floor.we will have an update on coach roy
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some scary moments during last nights unc - boston college basketball game.during a timeout in the 2nd half, head coach of the north carolina tar heels, roy williams collapsed.trainers helped williams to the locker room , assistant head coach steve roberts took over in his place. this morning williams says he is fine.williams says he struggled with vertigo for years and just got dizzy. when rivals meet you're never quite sure what will happen... and in the state of virginia, there are not two bigger rivals than u-v-a and virginia tech. the two teams faced off last night in charlottesville as the cavaliers tried to avenge an early season loss to the hokies. jermaine ferrell
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1. the cavs jumped out to a commanding lead... london perrantes lobs it to darius thompson for the slam... it's 13-6 uva...2. viriginia finding success through the air... malcolm brogdon lobs one up to devon hall... cavs up 17-6 and rolling...3. tech didn't get many open looks, but they would find one here... devin wilson to zach leday for lead is 12...4. perrantes off of the curl... hits the three and gets fouled... oh my... 29-14 uva... 5. this is a welcome sight for hokie fans... chris clarke announces his return with the two handed slam... he had 11 points and 4 rebounds...6. to the second bibbs trimmed into the lead with this basket... it's 32-23...7. the cavaliers did a fantastic job of sharing the ball... brogdon to wilkins for 2 of his 14...8. while most of the hokies struggled justin robinson had a pretty good game... here are 3 of his team high 16...9. but more sharing is caring from uva... thompson to mike tobey for the dunk... 18 assists from
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nascar made a historic announcement yesterday, changing the face of the sport, and putting it more inline with the other major sports... nascar is implementing a team owner charter agreement... the charters can be bought and sold as well... what that means is that 36 cars automatically qualify for each race, with the total number of cars in the field dropping from 43 to 40, allowing 4 non- charter teams to still qualify each week... most of the chartered cars are part of the major ownership groups... the move came as a way to increase investments and provide stability among the teams...
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have made the team owner model more reliable. more stable. more open. more open to new investors. more capital to come into the sport. and we have done that in a way that reserves a lot of the traditions that are important to nascar."this impacts wood brothers racing virginia... nascar's oldest racing team is one of the 36 teams chartered... wood brothers racing announced earlier in the year that they expect to run a full season... for them to do so they will either have to buy one of the 36 charters from someone else, or qualify for one of the remaining 4 spots at each race... for more information check out virginia first dot com...
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stationary today before slowly tonight intothursday. weak upper shortwaves will move across the mountainsthrough tonight resulting in showers and snowflurries.temperatures will remain below normal for the remainderof the week. another clipper system will cross our region friday with some light snow accumulations...especially in thearctic high pressure builds
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and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. toyota's scion brand is recalling about twenty eight thousand f-r-s sports cars in the u-s. this because drivers can take the keys out of the ignition without the car being in park. the recall covers cars with automatic transmissions from the 2013 through 2016 model years. toyota says in some cases, the mechanism that holds the key may not have been connected before delivery. that makes it possible to remove keys while the cars are in gear, which could increase the risk of cars rolling away unexpectedly. toyota dealers will check the key lock and make repairs as needed. the american idol contestants
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tonight in hollywood.we will have a preview next on good
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:23-:35:36-:43:44-:50:59-1:09 1:15-1:211:22-1:271:28-1:35 nat pop: "you want to do it
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as past winners and finalists return sing with the top 24 singers are from nick fantasia, caleb johnson, scotty mccreery and ruben studdard. studdard says" "having the opportunity to perform for people that have already either won or placed really high in the show probably makes them more nervous than anything, but you know, like i told the two girls that i'm you just have to have fun." mccreery says: "i can give them my opinions if i think, you know, 'that's great.' or, you know, "i don't know about show and their performance, so "they are asking questions, questions working with me a lot, you know, we're both them they move on to the final spot" host ryan impressed by the judges top 24 picks... seacrest says: "in watching back it felt like you guys did such a great job in picking great talent and it came down to decided to do in that moment. they all have it but did they make the right choice." nat pop: "keep moving" the they're learning a lot from the former idols... isabella says: "nick has been a really great helped me just be myself on up and act like every time is the last time i will be renae says: "mostly i was just freaking out. i was like can't believe i got scottie, i because he was one of my young says: "when i found out that i was going to be singing with ruben, i remember was just, "ahhh!" and everybody was, "what?" and i was, "i got paired up with ruben." and it's incredible. the idol hopefuls perform solo on wednesday and team up with their mentors for a duet on thursday. hollywood, adam housley, fox
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