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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 5  FOX  February 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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thinking watching the program good morning, it's thursday, february 11th. thanks for starting your morning off with good day virginia. i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm january keaton.
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roanoke county-- still waiting for new information on a wreck that sent four people to the hospital. you're looking at the scene along route 220 and webb road wednesday night. roanoke county officials tell wfxr news a car being chased by virginia state police from franklin county crashed, flipped, and caught on fire. police sent the dogs after one of the people inside the vehicle who ran from police. it's still not clear why state police were chasing the car. we'll continue to follow this story and keep you updated as we get any new information into the newsroom. a strong upper low centered over the ohio valley will move easttonight into thursday. weak upper shortwaves will move across themountains through tonight resulting in scattered snow showers andsnow flurries. a clipper system will cross our region on friday with some light snow accumulations...especially in
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with wind chill values expected in the single digits, danville utilities is asking its customers to conserve power during peak periods. those peak periods include: today, friday, and monday between 7-am and 10-am.power officials say there is plenty of power available and the grid is in good shape right now, but urge residents to conserve if possible due to those low temperatures. walgreens locations across the country, including right here in the commonwealth, will soon start selling the life-saving overdose antidote, nah- lock-sone. officials say selling the drug is a huge
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drug overdoses. attorney general mark herring says more than 7-hundred virginians died in 2015 from heroin or prescription drug overdoses. a bill aimed to arm school secu making its way through virginia's general mark tenia reports, those for and against it are making their voices heard in the state capitol. for years bills aiming to allow school staff to arm themselves at public or private schools have a proposal to allow security guards at schools to be armed is making its way through the general assembly, passing the education committee today...under the proposal the security guards would have to be retired police officers and get permission from the local school board....this is at least a small step in the
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cleave with the virginia citizens defense league says he still thinks permit holders should be able to carry on school grounds but says he believes this bill is a stepping stone in that direction...philip van cleave virginia citizens defense leagueeverywhere they allow permit holders to carry it has been a success whether it be in schools, or churches or anywhere else.van cleave says its already working in higher education in virginia.... liberty university is a good example of this. they never had any problems with it. there's chipping away every year to all of our laws.andy goddard with virginians for responsible gun laws is concerned if the bill passes it could be another step toward allowing more guns on school properties...andy goddard virginians for responsible gun lawsif you can find an opening to crack open the door then next year you can add more things and push the door wider.goddard says even retired officers should have to go through annual training before they're allowed to carry a weapon on school grounds... that was mark tenia reporting. the bill will now head to the house for a vote. no word on when that vote is expected to happen. we have a scam alert to tell
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better business bureau of western virginia says callers are pretending to be with the u-s treasury department.a pre-recorded messages says that charges are being filed and if you don't comply with the request, you could face legal troubleseveral reports say the calls came from the 202 washington d-c area code, making the scam even more believable. changes are coming to an iconic roanoke valley landmark. starting february 28th, hotel roanoke will be re- branded. hilton officials announcing that their "curio" collection is expanding to over 30 hotels in many different countries. curio is a collection of unique hotels, and our cameras also got a first look at hotel roanoke's newly renovated executive rooms and lounge. officials say they are excited because curio branding won't take away from the hotel's unique and iconic qualities. gary walton/ hotel roanoke general manager: "we think, you know there is a great interest out there by travelers to want to be in unique and distinct properties and event he millennials that are coming these days, really are looking for more unique
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cutter brands." the hotel roanoke is the first hotel in virginia to be a part of the curio brand. you'll also want to get your hands on those double tree cookies as well. a new guest treat will debut when the hotel re-branding becomes official on the 28th. crews at the virginia museum of transportation are steaming up 611 locomotive this morning to take off for spencer, north carolina where the train will be stored until the spring excursions.wfxr's taylor kanost is live in downtown roanoke this morning. he's going to tell us what's ahead for 611 over the next few months. good morning. as you mentioned, 611 is leaving the virginia museum of transportation this morning for north carolina. it will be taking the old virginian route through hurt, then switching to the southern route through danville, and greensboro later on today. 611 is slated for a number of passenger excursions this spring, the first of which will travel from spencer to lynchburg on april 9th. in may, the steam engine will
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from roanoke to lynchburg and roanoke to walton. the excursions will then wrap up in manassas, virginia in early june. as many of you know, 611 was restored last year and is the only remaining train of its kind that was built in roanoke back in the 1950s. 611 is the last of the j class. j class was designed and built right here in roanoke at the roanoke shops. there were 13 of them. 611 is the only one that survived and the only one that's actually out on the tracks and pulling under steam. train lovers day here at the virginia museum of transportation has been moved from this saturday to saturday, february 20th from 10 am to 5 pm. unfortunately, 611 will not be at the museum for the event, but a y-class locomotive also built in roanoke will be on display for visitors to get an up-close look at. the museum will also offer train rides, a flea market, and other educational events for the whole family. museum officials chose to move train lovers day to february 20th because of the forecast cold conditions. reporting live in roanoke, taylor kanost wfxr news. "around this wfxr news.taylor kanost in roanoke, taylor kanost wfxr
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"around this area, we get more crowded every day, people going to roanoke every day. sometimes you have to wait almost five minutes to pull out in the road." the plan is to have i-73 run through six states, but the commonwealth is the only state where construction hasn't started. coming up
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that is and what's next for the future of the proposed
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a strong upper low centered over the ohio valley will move easttonight into thursday. weak upper shortwaves will move across themountains through tonight resulting in scattered snow showers andsnow flurries. a clipper system will cross our region on friday with some light snow accumulations...especially in the mountains.
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busiest route 220 is one route 220 is one of the busiest and congested roads in our region.there are plans to end the traffic headaches with the construction of a new interstate ... that would also run through several the south, north carolina already wrapped up a big chunk of the project, south carolina has plans to begin construction next year.
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construction hasn't even started! in fact, plans interstate 73-- stalled for the past two decades. we sent wfxr's kristen eskow in search of answers in this. wfxr news special report -- 73 questions! 1:00-1:051:34-1:392:16-2:22 2:24-2:29 kristen intro: "officials say i-73 is still many years away from becoming a reality here in southwest virginia. but lawmakers say they're still committed to the idea. as you can see behind me - route 220 is a very busy road with only 2 lanes going each way - with businesses and homes soetimes just feet away from speeding cars.officials say a new interstate - could change the way cars and trucks travel - between places like the star city and the carolinas." if you're driving one of the thousands of vehicles that cruise down interstate 581 and route 220 every day -you've probably seen the signs - but not much else when it comes to progress on i-73 in virginia. blaine lewis - co-owner, fleet feet sportslewis: "we've heard very little about it."blaine lewis says he moved his athletic wear shop - fleet feet sports - to route 220 in roanoke county three and a half years ago. running one of the many businesses along the road - lewis says he believes a new interstate - could benefit all businesses in the roanoke area. lewis: "it just gives another corridor that connects roanoke to other locations, which
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businesses in a lot of ways and good for the valley." goodlatte: "it would make this area more attractive for more businesses to locate here." u.s. congressman bob goodlatte says discussions about the creation of interstate 73 began in the early 1990's. the interstate would run between michigan and myrtle beach, south carolina. goodlatte says he wanted to bring this highway through the roanoke area - to better connect the star city to other destinations in north carolina. goodlatte: "people here in the roanoke valley and central virginia travel to north carolina a lot for a lot of different reasons, and the roads could be improved a lot." goodlatte says among those improvements - would be a safer highway. people who live in the area - and travel route 220 regularly - say right now the highway is windy and can get very congested. the highway as it is now - is windy and can get very congested.ronald rigney - franklin county resident rigney: "the road's overcrowded, and it's just holding too much traffic. we've had some near misses here several times."despite the signs along route 220, the virginia department of transportation says interstate 73 may not necessarily overlap with route 220. the idea of an interstate next to 220 makes a lot of sense for some of the business owners we talked to. some local businesses we spoke with - say the idea of a new highway does not worry them. some business owners say they hope a new interstate - could lessen through traffic to north carolina.susan ober - owner, southern lamp & shade"i think it would take a lot of the congestion of the bigger trucks, campers, people that are traveling that are really not going to stop at a little local store like this. our people come in - they're coming for a reason."kristen
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rst.comstandup: "but so far interstate 73 has not been designed in virginia due to a lack of funding. the virginia department of transportation says a location study was completed years ago to help select a corridor between roanoke and the north carolina state line. but vdot says that study - is all that the commonwealth has chosen to fund. vdot estimates the cost to design and build interstate 73 - just between roanoke and the north carolina line - is roughly four billion dollars." according to vdot, only 11 million dollars has been raised so far for the project. vdot says it does not make decisions about how the interstate 73 project is funded. lawmakers say those decisions for funding transportation projects like this one - are made by state governments.goodlatte: "there are a lot of other competing priorities in virginia and so far, the increased funds there and increased funds that the state has managed to work out in the last few years have not gone to this project." congressman bob goodlatte and other federal lawmakers recently joined with congressman robert hurt of virginia's fifth district - to propose legislation encouraging all states along the corridor - to work together under an interstate compact to build i-73.eskow: "will we ever see this come to fruition in virginia?" goodlatte: "i think we will. and i'm glad to see that the initiative has been taken to try to improve transportation here."rigney: "i don't think i'll see it as long as i live. i think it'll be after i'm gone. i think at some point they'll fix it, but, you know, when? i don't know." kristen tag: "there is a committee in the state legislature here in virginia focused on interstate 73. that committee is run by state senator bill stanley - he told us his group is working on ways to build and fund i-73 in virginia - we
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time soon. in franklin county,
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big changes coming to a local farmers market-coming up in this morning's ag life report- how this will benefit farmers
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good news for shoppers and farmers in bedford. the chamber of commerce announcing some changes. the farmer's market will now be open on tuesdays, in addition to the normal friday hours. they're also continuing a monthly event on saturdays aimed to get the community involved in downtown. "the first saturday of each month april to october we'll do a large event that will also include artisans and live entertainment from 9 to 1 so people can enjoy the activities, shop locally and
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chamber officials say they made the changes because of an increased demand by shoppers for local food, which they say is good for farmers in the area! if you watch good day virginia with any know our friend chef jeff bland from u.s. foods..but did you know he also volunteers to cook ?last night, jeff cooked for families at the neonatal intensive care unit at carilion roanoke memorial hospital.the march of dimes sponsored the dinner to help parents ease their minds during what can be a stressful time. "elliot broyles/ nicu parent advisory board: "something like this that's on site and parents don't have to leave their children, for very long. they can come down for a 15 minute dinner and really get a relaxation break."parents of former nicu babies helped at the event and also host many dinners throughout the year! they say we measure life by how much we're loved.. next on good day virginia: why this woman here in
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new this morning... decorating your yard is usually reserved for christmas or maybe halloween, right?well, not for a family here in virginia who's going all out!as nakkell william shows us...neighbors don't mind and seem to "love" it... literally! with a name like stephanie could spreading love especially for valentine's day not be her mission?: "the second day after christmas l start decorating for valentine's. it's the day i look forward to the most."loving's glen allen yard is filled four-foot hearts...flashing...with sweet valentine's wishes and it all started when she was a little kid.: "when i was a little kid, you know when we used to
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decorate them and stick them under the chalkboard. everybody would put their valentine's inside of there. i just always loved and was so excited to get that brown paper bag to see what was inside it."people can't resist stopping by for a little smooch in the kissing booth... : "a lot people will leave coins in the kissing booth. there is like a little shelf. there were four coins there. one was a quarter and one was a nickel. then one day i came home and one of my nickels was missing. i said somebody took my nickel instead of leaving me a nickel for their kiss." stephanie says it's a labor of love for all to enjoy whether they leave a nickel or not.: "i absolutely love it. every year i try to put something new out there for people to enjoy."
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low centered over the ohio valley will move easttonight into thursday. weak upper shortwaves will move across the mountains through tonight resulting in scattered snow showers andsnow flurries. a region on fridaywith some
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specially in the mountains. good good morning, it's
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thanks for joining us here on good day virginia. i'm kyle benjamin. wfxr news is your local election headquarters a pair of presidential candidates are stopping their campaign.carly fiorina suspended her bid for president.the former hewlett-packard c-e-o made the announcement on facebook today. she finished 7-th in tuesday's primary and failed to qualify for last week's republican debate in new hampshire. new jersey governor chris christie has suspended his presidential bid as well. christie reportedly making the announcement during a campaign call on wednesday. the move comes after his sixth place finish in the new hampshire primary. at the same time, some candidates are getting the "shot in the arm" their campaigns desperately the push to south carolina continues. kristin fisher has more from washington. 0:26 - 0:33 0:56 - 1:03 1:10 - 1:24 1:25 - 1:34 after spending more than seventy days campaigning in new hampshire and only placing sixth in the granite state's primary new jersey governor chris christie says he's out. carly fiorina is also throwing in the towel after a close to last place finish in new hampshire. meanwhile ohio
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enjoying his wave of popularity after coming in second. not wasting any time kasich arrived in south carolina early this morning and spent the day meeting with constituents touting his desire to run a positive campaign.kasich says: "when people go negative it's because they've got something they're not doing right to connect and i'd rather be connecting and being positive." former florida governor jeb bush is still hanging on telling voters they've pushed the pause button. today he unveiled an ad in south carolina featuring his brother.nat of bush ad: "there is no doubt in my mind that jeb bush will be a great commander in chief for our country." taking the blame for his fifth place finish senator marco rubio is admitting his showing at saturday's debate took some wind out of his sail but the freshman senator says he's moving forward.rubio says:"here's the good news, we've got a game coming up, there's a future here for this campaign and for the country, you want to know what this election for me." on the other side of the aisle, after crushing hillary clinton in the primary, senator bernie sanders spent the morning having breakfast with reverend al sharpton.sharpton says: "i think it is very important that he sent the signal that on the morning after a historic victory...he would come to harlem and have breakfast with me."fisher says : "sanders and clinton will square off tomorrow night in what's expected to be a pivotal debate in light of sanders win. in washington,
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two sheriff's deputies in maryland are dead after a shoot-out at a shopping center. the deputies answered a call at this panera bread for a dispute.investigators say a man shot the deputies near the store and then ran away. the harford county sheriff's office says other officers shot and killed the suspect, later i.d'd as david bryant evans. the city of ferguson, missouri is being sued by the department of general loretta lynch made that annoucement wednesday. lynch says after 26 weeks of negotiations, the department of justice and ferguson could
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changes to the city's policing policies. "i implore you on behalf of the citizens of flint to help us restore our city and rebuild trust and confidence in our government. i submit to you that we are not disposable people." mayor karen weaver testified with other officials and public health experts about the ongoing water crisis in flint. it was the subject of a hearing in washington wednesday. congress is trying to figure out why dangerously high levels of lead remained in flint's water supply for months... and what can be done to help residents. a live look this morning across the roanoke blacksburg regional airport from our wfxr roof camera.the big story this morning -- the bitter cold temperatures across southwest and central virginia a strong upper low centered over the ohio valley will move east tonight into thursday. weak upper shortwaves will move
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tonight resulting in scattered snow showers andsnow flurries. a clipper system will cross our region on fridaywith some light snow accumulations...especially in
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the f-b-i says it has surrounded the last armed protestors occupying a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. the takeover started january 2nd, when protesters took over the refuge due to what they call government overreach of federal land. agents are now trying to negotiate with those still inside. protest leader amnon bundy and several others were arrested last month without incident. for tech commands a cruise ship and the six- thousand people onboard are back in port this morning after a bout with a monster storm.the ship encountered rough seas off cape hatteras, north carolina on monday. the storm produced 120- mile-per-hour winds, battering the cruise ship and injuring four passengers.royal caribbean says passengers will receive a refund for their trouble plus a voucher for 50- percent of what they spent to be used toward a future cruise fare. new this morning: women across east tennessee say the university of tennessee is mishandling
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one woman says she was raped on campus by an athlete who was never punished. she along with five others are suing the university. their lawsuit claims the university favors its players and offers little to no punishment. the suit also cites more than a dozen other incidents involving football players, some previously unreported. do brain games actually make you think more quickly on your feet?we'll put that theory to virginia: we're six weeks into the new year and weeks into the we're six weeks into the new year and hopefully you're haven't given up on your resolution to lose weight. if you're thinking about calling it quits you probably just need a little support to push through. wfxr's paris holmes is going to tell us how the community is getting together to lose weight and have a "ton of fun"
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ton of fun is a year long challenge where folks here in the roanoke valley trying to literally lose a ton weight doing it. coming up we'll talk to one of the people behind it all. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare.
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we all know the importance exercise has on our bodies but what about work outs that target our organs-like our brains? as holly firfer reports, while you can't really grow your brain, you can help keep it as sharp as possible as you age
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should we shell out time and money for games that we are told will make our brain work better? brain dev starts in utero and there is a long period of time in which the brain matures just as the rest of the body maturesand after that it's pretty much a downward slide after it's fully developed its like the rest of the body nothing works as well ten years down the line.that's where brain games come into the equation with promises of less forgetfulness, sharper and quicker problem solving- basically better thinking power. the question that then pops up is to what degree do these cognitive tasks that you've practiced on will generalise and help maintain cognitive skills in a variety of real world taskswe do know there holly firfer, cnnbrain boosters because those something new, people and try forget to get can do-but don't worst thing you probably not the brain games now to play a few so if you want optimum levelsso if you want to play a few brain games now and then, it's probably not the worst thing you can do-but don't forget to get outside, see people and try something new, because those brain boosters
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over one third of adults in the u-s are obese, and as people recognize the cost of being overweight ---either to their pockets or to their overall health--they try to lost weight. but that is not easy, especially when you have to do it by yourself. but there is support out there. wfxr's paris holmes is at fleet feet sports where owners have challenged the community to come together and support one another in losing one ton of weight. owners at fleet feet sports have come up with "ton of fun"--a year long community challenge where participants are supported in losing weight together toward a community goal of 2000 pounds which equals a ton. the program provides tools needed to live
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it's a a year long program, but participants sign up for 12 week sessions. the program can be used to lose weight and as a weight maintenance program. there is no deadline, so participants can signup throughout the year. during the program there will be weekly group meeting and weekly weigh-ins on saturday at 9:30am. there will be weekly enewletters with recipes, tips, stories, and other methods of support.the cost of "ton of fun" is $50 dollars, but you can earn the money back in store credit by meeting 2 different weight lost goals: receive a $25 voucher once you complete 8 weekly weigh-in and lose 2% of your body weight and receive another $25 if you lose 5% of of your body weight by the end
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a strong upper low centered over the ohio valley will move easttonight into thursday. weak upper shortwaves will move across the mountains through tonight resulting in scattered snow
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clipper system will cross our region on fridaywith some light snow accumulations...e
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if you thought "harry potter" was over and done with, think again. more on
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if you thought "harry potter" was over and done with, think again. more on this, next when good day in two minutes! an eighth installment of the harry potter series will come out this summer. but, it's not a traditional book. it's a hardback version of the script book for the two- part play, "harry potter and the cursed child." the play opens on july 30th in london. the script will be released as a book the following day, which is harry potter's birthday. the play is co-written by j-k rowling, jack thorne, and john tiffany. the book will be rowling's first harry potter
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