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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 8  FOX  February 11, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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springs right now. heading into the afternoon, you want the sunglasses. you'll find sunshine but it won't warm us up any. temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s with the gusting winds and it feels like it's down in the teens and low 20s all day long. bundle up to be outside. the details and even colder forecast in a couple of minutes. "good day, virginia" returns right now. tell you where it is going and why.electing to quit.two more presidential candidates decide it's time to throw in the
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thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's thursday february 11. i'm january keaton and i'm kyle benjamin. we start this morning in roanoke county: we're still waiting for new information on a wreck that sent four people to the hospital. this is what the scene looked like along route 220 and webb road on wednesday night.roanoke county officials tell wfxr news a car being chased by virginia state police from franklin county -- crashed, flipped, and caught on fire.police used a canine unit and helicopter to look for the driver of the car...who took off after the crash. state police say the chase began after troopers tried to pull the car over for reckless driving. kyle and jason at wx posa strong upper low centered over the ohio valley will move east tonight into thursday. weak upper shortwaves will move across themountains through tonight resulting in scattered snow showers andsnow flurries. a clipper system will cross our region on fridaywith some light snow accumulations...e
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crews at the virginia museum of transportation are steaming up 611 this morning to take off for spencer, north carolina where the train will be stored until the spring kanost is live in downtown roanoke this morning with more on what's ahead for 611 over the next few months. good morning. as you mentioned, 611 is leaving the virginia museum of transportation this morning for north carolina. it will be taking the old virginian route through hurt, then switching to the southern route through danville, and greensboro later on today. 611 is slated for a number of passenger excursions this spring, the first of to lynchburg on april 9th. in may, the steam engine will head back up to roanoke for several half day excursions from roanoke to lynchburg and roanoke to walton. the excursions will then wrap up in manassas, virginia in early june. as many of you know, 611 was restored last year and is the only remaining train of its kind that was built in roanoke back in the 1950s. 611 is the last of the j class. j class was designed and built right here in roanoke at the roanoke shops. there were 13 of them. 611 is the only one that survived and the only one that's actually out on the tracks and pulling under steam. train lovers day here at the virginia museum of transportation has been moved from this saturday to saturday, february 20th from 10 am to 5 pm. unfortunately, 611 will not be at the museum for the event, but a y-class locomotive also built in roanoke will be on display for visitors to get an up-close look at. the museum will also offer train rides, a flea market, and other educational events for the whole family. museum officials chose to move train lovers day to february 20th because of the forecast cold conditions.
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route 220 is one of the busiest and congested roads in our region. there have been plans to end the traffic headaches with the construction of a new interstate ... that would also run through several states. to the south, north carolina already wrapped up a big chunk of the project, south carolina has plans to begin construction next year. here in virginia - constructison has not even started! in fact, plans
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stalled for the past two decades. we sent wfxr's kristen eskow in search of answers in this wfxr news special report -- 73 questions! 1:00-1:051:34-1:392:16-2:22 2:24-2:29 if you're driving one of the thousands of vehicles that cruise down interstate 581 and route 220 every day -you've probably seen the signs - but not much else when it comes to progress on i-73 in virginia. blaine sportslewis: "we've heard very little about it."blaine lewis says he moved his athletic wear shop - fleet feet sports county three and a half years ago. running one of the many lewis says he believes a new interstate - could benefit all businesses in the roanoke area. lewis: "it just gives another corridor that connects roanoke to other locations, which could be good, you know, for businesses in a lot of ways and good for the valley." goodlatte: "it would make this area more attractive for more businesses to locate here." u.s. congressman bob goodlatte says discussions about the creation of interstate 73 began in the early 1990's. the interstate would run between michigan and myrtle beach, south carolina. goodlatte says he wanted to bring this highway through the roanoke area - to better connect the star city to other destinations in north carolina. goodlatte: "people here in the roanoke valley and central virginia travel to north carolina a lot for a lot of different reasons, and the roads could be improved a lot." goodlatte says among those improvements - would be a safer highway. people who live in the area - and travel route 220 regularly - say right now the highway is windy and can get very congested. the highway as it is now - is windy and can get very congested.ronald rigney - franklin county resident rigney: "the road's overcrowded, and it's just
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here several times."despite the signs along route 220, the virginia department of transportation says interstate 73 may not necessarily overlap with route 220. the idea of an interstate next to 220 makes a lot of sense for some of the business owners we talked to. some local businesses we spoke with - say the idea of a new highway does not worry them. some business owners say they hope a new interstate - could lessen through traffic to north carolina.susan ober - owner, southern lamp & shade"i think it would take a lot of the congestion of the bigger trucks, campers, people that are traveling that are really not going to stop at a little local store like this. our people come in - they're coming for a reason."kristen eskow - keskow@virginiafi rst.comstandup: "but so far interstate 73 has not been designed in virginia due to a lack of funding. the virginia department of transportation says a location study was completed years ago to help select a corridor between roanoke and the north carolina state line. but vdot says that study - is all that the commonwealth has chosen to fund. vdot estimates the cost to design and build interstate 73 - just between roanoke and the north carolina line - is roughly four billion dollars." according to vdot, only 11 million dollars has been raised so far for the project. vdot says it does not make decisions about how the interstate 73 project is funded. lawmakers say those decisions for funding transportation projects like this one - are made by state governments.goodlatte: "there are a lot of other competing priorities in virginia and so far, the increased funds there and increased funds that the state has managed to work out in the last few years have not gone to this project." congressman bob goodlatte and other federal lawmakers recently joined with congressman robert hurt of virginia's fifth district - to
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everybody! virginia"! you hear that? that's the sound of chef tom being in the house! you know this man and he's something delicious. i don't know if you can even hear me or see me over the sizzling and the smoke! but he is making something so delicious and i don't each want to talk about it. i'll let you describe it. tom. good to see you again. >> sort of a holiday coming up this weekend and thought i nicer. i understand the chef did something nice for brunch yesterday. i'm going to do a pistachio crusted salmon with a lemon cream frost and then a risotto on the side and prepare some fish without tree nuts because
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>> i have a fatal peanut without it. >> and starting out with some shallots and add a little heavy cream to that. >> oh, yes, i love heavy cream! >> and let that cook a few seconds and add salt and pepper and a little bit of lemon. >> you cook the shallots just until they brown? >> uh-uh. we'll take the salmon and put a light coating of mayonnaise on there and that does a number of different things. it provides adhesive for the pistachios i'll put on there and brings a bit of quality because there is generally lemon juice and brings fat to the issue so the cooking. so you can also do alternates a great anti-stick
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the adhesive factor with the pistachio nuts. i have the preheated warm here and the aspir gus is close to a pound that is trimmeds and brought will get some action going there and now that we're doing 5,000 things at one time. now we we put them in the food processor ands toed th like this and put them on pretty liberally and bring them to the pregreased sheet pan and go to the 375 oven for 15-20 minutes. >> they smell really great! did you put seasoning and spices in them? >> they just have a little bit of salt on them.
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and pistachio is oily and some action going on here and i have the sheet pan i've boiled down and just transfer these over. for yours i took parmesan reggiana and sprinkled that on top. that will come through. >> january: i'm looking forward to the crust of it all! >> the next, yeah. so now doing too many things at once! >> tell me if you need my help! >> stir! >> and like i said and 15-20 minutes and go through. >> and have lemon aspir gus here and add sun dried tomatoes packed in oil i chop
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around and 6 minutes with salted water and add that to the asparagus and more heavy cream after this comes through and that nice stand. >> and what is here? >> the medium heat here i'll turn that down and you can add more liquid to it and then you go to where you pay the bills. >> speaking of paying the bills we are going to pay the bills. my producer is saying wrap it up, wrap it up. it's not all about chef tom! we'll be right back in a couple
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and >> we have ourselves a very, very cold start to our thursday and more arctic air on the way in the coming days. the wind chill advisory is in play for us this morning until 10:00 and we're talking ab wind chills in the -5 to -20 range right now and as we head on beyond the advisory time, it's not warming up all that much for us throughout much of the day. let's get you over to blacksburg and it looks like a cold scene for us and do have sunshine with that icy blue sky out there and a few clouds and held up in the teens and 20s and it feels like it's in the
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will make it into the teens and it drops right back down into the teens as we head through the overnight. notice the rise into that as we head on into tomorrow morning. the system approaching tomorrow morning and the winds shift down into the the south and west and push temperatures up a little bit for us. right now 18 in roanoke. the winds back up to 14 mph and show you what that means for the temperature and what it feels like in just a second. temperatures near 30 for us today. won't feel that warm. and again, i use the term warm loosely. back down near 20 for the oefrn. 18 in roanoke. factor in the 14-mph wind and it feels like, tada, 4 right now. very, very cold for us. -14 what it feels like in hot springs. subzero temperatures to bloomfield when you factor in the wind chill and it feels like 8 in lynchburg right now. the wind chill advisory good
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however as we head towards the future cast notice it still feels like it's down in the single digits for much of the new river valley and feels like spring. by noon time the temperatures teens. still feels like subzero temperatures up in hot springs. by 3:00 when the kids start to get out of school, temperatures back up in the teens for most of us and hit zero in hot springs with the wind chill and back down into the teens for drive time at 5:00 tonight so will have to bundle up. and look at this. the last 48 hours, really interesting. notice the warmer air down to the south just makes no headway in making it up into our area. we'll have much of the trough, as a matter of fact, as we continue on into the next 48 hours you'll notice it stays cold and here comes that next wave of cold air as we head into the day on saturday.
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system that comes in as we head into the day tomorrow and that cold front on friday night and saturday likely to be the coldest we've seen since february of last year. and talking about super cold weather here for the next couple of days. tomorrow scattered with nuisance snow covered shower action and with that burst to come through and sunny and it is single digits in the higher elevations and teens and 20s for the rest of us. yikes! >> january: bundle up, folks. >> kyle: thank you, jason. >> january: valentine's day is this sunday and chef tom is here to help us make a special dinner for your loved one. we'll let you know about all of that in just a few minutes. >> kyle: and it will be on our website on wfxr is your election
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the republican presidential field is just a wee bit tinier. carlie fiorina announced her bowing out of the presidential race yesterday. the former hewlett-packard c.e.o. made that announcement on facebook. she finished 7th in tuesday's primary and failed to qualify for the debate last week in new hampshire. new jersey governor chris christie also suspended his presidential campaign. christie reportedly made that announcement on a call yesterday. the move comes after christie's 6th place finish in the new hampshire primary as well. at the same time some candidates trying to give campaigns a desperately needed shot in the arm as they head on to south carolina where the primary takes place in just a few days. >> january: that's great. and just in time for valentine's day, our own chef -- chef jeff, excuse me! i have chef tom on the mind because of the salmon he's making!
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he eases >> kyle: well, chef jeff dishes up some of his best culinary feats on the morning show every few days and also volunteers to love. >> january: and that's what he did last night. he cooked for the families and parents of neonatal intensive
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it was sponsored by the march of dimes for what has to stressful time. >> something like this on site where parents don't have to leave the children for very long. they can come down for 10, 15 minutes and get a relaxation break. >> january: the parents of the nicu advisory board whose children have been before host many events like this throughout the year actually. >> kyle: pretty cool. and i know jeff was so excited when he was on the show yesterday making breakfast for us to go do that and help out the parents. >> january: so nice of him. >> kyle: and you probably recognize elliott. he experienced that same generosity from chef jeff and wants to pay it forward. >> january: two great guys for a great cause.
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all right, guys, you know what >> jason: all right, just after 8:30 and still very cold around the region. the wind chill advisory remains entact until 10:00 this morning and until then very cold. single digit teens and 20s starting to break out. it is starting to warm up to smith mountain lake and 18 in roanoke. 15 in blacksburg and 19 in lynchburg. the winds taking a large chunk out of those temperatures, though. knocks it down and feeling like 4 in roanoke and 1 below as you head into blacksburg. lots of subzero temperatures and well into the subzero temperatures up in hot springs this morning. lots of sunshine for some of us today, but not going to do anything to warm us up. temperatures climb into the upper 20s and low 30s. still feels like it's teens and
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and more cold air on the way for the weekend with details in just a couple of minutes. "good day, virginia" returns right now. it's thursday february 11. i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm january keaton. in franklin county-rocky mount police need your help finding a pharmacy robbery suspect. joshua cundiff from boones mill is wanted for the robbery of the family pharmacy tuesday night.police believe after the robbery- he left the area. police say cundiff went into the pharmacy with a gun, and demanded narcotics.after the robbery- police received tips that his vehicle had been abandoned in the 3800 block of old forge road in franklin county. with wind chill values expected in the single digits, danville utilities is asking its customers to conserve power during peak periods. those peak periods include:
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between 7-am and 10-am. power officials say there is plenty of power available and the grid is in good shape right now, but urge residents
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a strong upper over one third of adults in the u-s are obese, and as people recognize the cost of being overweight ---either to their pockets or to their overall health--they try to lost weight. but that is not easy, especially when you have to do it by yourself. but there is support out there. wfxr's paris holmes is at fleet feet sports where owners have challenged the community to come together and support one another in losing one ton of weight. owners at fleet feet sports have come up with "ton of fun"--a year long community challenge where participants are supported in losing weight together toward a community goal of 2000 pounds which equals a ton. the program provides tools needed to live
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coming up on good day virginia, we will talk to the stars of the new series, "those who can't" about what their lives would be like if they were the type of teachers
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>> all right, thanks for coming back and sticking with us on "good day, virginia"! we're in the kitchen. >> yes we are! >> with chef tom from kroger and my favorite part of the show because i get to eat! >> it's the time for you.
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chef jeff made breakfast for us. >> it looked good. >> kyle: i almost couldn't get up out of my chair. it was very heavy. this morning we have a slightly leaner fare. >> but it has -- >> kyle: i'm trying to say the salmon is healthy and that's what it's all about. >> there's heavy cream going on and mayonnaise and pasta and things like that. but i took some mayonnaise and brushed the salmon filets and ground ufp pistafp yores in the food processer for the crust and because january is allergic and don't need to see if she has her epi pen, i sprinkled fresh parmesan on hers. and>> kyle: i mieft just need a bite. >> reporter: making it up as i went along i made an orz o with sun dried tomato and risotto
8:27 am
and it gefs starch and green to the party. >> you could probably try couscous? >> quinuoa is one of those super feeds. >> and a lot of people haven't been exposed to quinoa. it's a nigh nice little grain. different text but, hey! >> kyle: a lot of people trying to save money and not fight crowds on valentine's day and try to cook something at home. >> right, right. >> kyle: not everybody is experienced or fast on their feet in the kitchen as you are? on the scale of 1-10, where does this meal rank in terms of user friendly? >> considering all you're doing is brushing and patting dun but the orzoe is it is combining to put parm in there and going down the road.
8:28 am
>> i've got here today at about 7:15. >> and it's now 8:45. >> but there's a lot of standing around. >> kyle: there is. >> if you ask the fish mongers, they'll skin and portion it for you. the florida salmon is the good stuff since it's valentine's day. >> kyle: you have to shell it out. >> and the lantic samon at 5.99 and pre-done portions at 2.99 i think. >> kyle: fresh or farm raised? >> they're farmed. we also have a wild cod also. >> kyle: very good. might as well dive in! >> it's good stuff. >> kyle: can't spread it on a bagel but that's all right. >> maybe next week. >> kyle: a little lox? we could do some lox. good stuff! >> and the cream with that dash of cheyenne going in. >> it does. >> kyle: a nice
8:29 am
tomorrow. and better than the tuna mac for lunch. >> tuna helper! >> kyle: exactly. we're going to dive in and get this recipe and the here in vineland, home of progresso, we f furededut h h to o t rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving
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do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin
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>> jason: all right, 8:45 this thursday friday. it is that cold morning and wind chill advisory until 10:00 this morning. wind chills running in the subzero range to the tune of
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springs and as we look at the future cast it feels like 10:00 and that is when that wind chill advisory set to go down and 11 in lynchburg and still 9 below what it will feel like up in hot springs and we will start to get onto the positive side everywhere as we head on into the afternoon. degree mark for hot springs and much of the day today. temperatures otherwise feeling like they're in the teens and low 20s for the bulk of us and a cold day as kids get out of school and at 5:00 back in the teens for most of us. a very cold day and cold couple of days with that persistent trough and see that arctic air making the way to the trough and it hit mountains to work the way to the other side of the mountains and that is the last 48 hours.
8:33 am
a little bit receding as we go into tomorrow with the system coming on down and another cold front with the wave of arctic air down and not quite as bad as new york where temperatures on saturday are expected to only be in the single digits. lots of places not even going to make it to zero. for us in the single digits and higher elevations and the rest in the teens and 20s and factor in that breeze and another bitterly cold day. on the satellite the radar picture with the piedmont and still higher elevation and cloud activity but most of the snow showers have wound down for us and the weather service finally taken down that long-standing winter storm warning we had for the last couple of days. another cold front trying to drop down and this clipper as we head on into tomorrow and it's going to follow that track of the cold air just with that it's going to bring a swath of
8:34 am
it will go just to our south. we'll have a few snow showers tomorrow but the bulk of the precipitation down to the south. low 30s in the roanoke valley and feeling more like the upper teens and low 20s at best. mid30s around central virginia for you today. heading down into south side the temperatures in the low 30s and the arctic air making its way into the new river valy and temperatures only in the 20s today and feeling like it's down in the teens. some single digits and out there in the highlands and over the next couple of days and just more bitter cold air coming in as we head over the weekend and probably the cold of the january? >> kyle: most schools pride themselves on having the best possible and they try to
8:35 am
and then kate is here to talk about it and what can you tell us about your new series? >> go ahead, man. >> well, i described it the 3 of us play the worst teacherers possible and try to navigate the school and not get fired. >> kyle: fair to say you represent the worst the education system can offer? >> i think so! >> in our fictitious world we created for sure. i don't know there are any teachers who are in real life that are this bad. go to jail pretty quick. >> and it is a fantasy world. >> not a documentary! >> kyle: did you draw any inspiration from events from your own time in school? >> i don't -- i mean, i don't -- no. i don't think anything like
8:36 am
at least my character, i can speak that a lot of it is -- character caricature and they probably would have been in jail. >> is doing the series any easier? you have a background in stand up. >> in some ways it is. standup you have to be right in front of the audience and not a margin for error whereas writing it we get so many passes at it that you get a lot of chances to improve jokes and fix things that aren't working and definitely doesn't feel as crucial and in the moment but just pretty different skill sets i would say, but doing
8:37 am
>> and when you do standup comedy, you don't get into it because you want to have like a 9-5 job and as ben says when you get on the tv show it's the 5-9 job. like you're working every day so hard and it is getting up and hard for all of us to learn to do that but now the hours like you have early in the morning until late in the evening or not. and adjusting to that is definitely a big change. >> kyle: we can certainly sympathize with your hours here on "good day, virginia". guys, thank you for joining us. we look forward to checking ow the series and seeing what it has to offer. >> thank you so much for having us. >> yeah, thanks! >> january: hey, nice tatoos to the guy in the middle! i love a good sleeve now. anyway, it's time to meet our latest furry friend this morning. joining us now is tina gray from smiles forever animal rescue.
8:38 am
just gave up on everything. he said listen, i just want to be adopted! and yes, his name is wiseman. >> he is just adorable and he is. >> the breed? >> a sharpei mix. >> you can see he has wrinkles going on but absolute sweetheart. he's around 4 years old. he was skin and bones and heart worm positive so been through a lot in his short little life and hoping to find a wonderful home with another dog or cat to keep him company. he doesn't have severe anxiety but likes to have company when humans aren't home but loves to ride in cars. cat and kid friendly and a great fur baby. >> january: what's his back story? you said he likes to be around other people and has attachment when he can't be with another. >> we know that he came in as a stray and he was saved from the
8:39 am
he was urgent. like i said, most heartworm positive animals get on the urgent list right away because it is such an expensive treatment to get them. they go through like 3 months of treatments and have to keep them low energy but has a clean bill of health and ready to play and have some fun with his new family. >> january: so he's a fighter! >> yes, he is. >> january: and definitely a play baby. >> yes, he is! >> january: taking a selfie and just a sweetheart. >> he has been to high hopes obedience school. not because he needed it, but gives them extra confidence and he did wonderful in classes with his foster mom and knows basic commands so he's a very smart dog if you want to continue those. >> and he's super cool dog. i know you have a fund raiser coming up. what is that?
8:40 am or our facebook page, go onthere and link on smiles forever and browse and shop and that way smiles gets to benefit from all the purchases and it runs through february 26th. >> and all the proceeds to help these guys. >> we pulled 3 from the roanoke pount because they were extremely full and ready to euthanize. we pull animals weekly and try to intercept them going to the pound so we always have our hands full. >> january: do what you can for little wiseman and he's definitely a joy to have in the studio for us and thank you,
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go (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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virginia". but first, jason? >> jason: the temperatures with the single digits and higher elevations and teens and low 20s and higher side of zero on saturday night. >> kyle: no one looking forward to this at all, but we're looking forward to seeing you captioning provided by:
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depere, wi >> maury: why does this woman's husband -- >> i'm married to him. >> maury: -- have a huge issue regarding his son? >> do i look like a white man to you?
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