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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 5  FOX  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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us for the next in the same good morning, it's friday, february 12th.thanks for starting your day with good
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and i'm january keaton. our top story this morning: the building itself was in the process of being torn down. now the abandoned dan river plant in brookneal is competely burnt down.this is what it looked like at the plant around 3-30 thursday afternoon. according to the town manager, the plant-- once home to a number of jobs in the area-- closed 10 years ago. wfxr's paris holmes joins us live from brookneal with the latest on this fire. paris, what do you know right now? good morning guys. as you can see behind me the fire continues to blaze. there are about 2 piles of rumble burning right now, and the corner of the roof on part of the building is burning. but for the most part firefighters i spoke to say the fire is contained. there three fire trucks here right now and about 5 firefighter and they keeping a very close eye on what's going on right now. but obviously is the aftermath. the brookneal fire deptment is here right now but dept from all over the including lynchburg, liberty, alta vista, all of campbell county responded yesterday. the firefighters even said the pour over a half of million gallons of water on this fire.
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that water from dan river. so again they are keeping a close eye on the on what's left burning the firefighters here say a new group will come and relieve them to make sure everything stays under control and just side a note route 501 which is also called lynchburg ave is reopened police are continuing to investigate a crash along orange avenue in roanoke after
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along the street. the crash happened around 8-15 thursday night in the 5-hundred block of orange avenue.roanoke police tell wfxr news that the driver stopped after the incident. parmedics took the victim to the hostpial for treatment. high pressure will build east across the region tonight ahead ofa weak area of low pressure that will approach from the west byearly friday. this clipper system will cross our area on fridaywith some light snow accumulations possible...especially in the mountains. arctic high pressure will build in for the weekendresulting in very cold but overall dry conditions
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we're learning more about an accident in roanoke county that sent four people to the hospital. investigators say a 15-year-old was being chased by virginia state police along route 220. virginia state police telling wfxr news says the 15-year-old lost control of the car, hit another car, went off the road
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off with a gun.. and is still at large. anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call police. wfxr news is your local election headquarters. bernie sanders and hillary clinton facing off thursday night in the pbs newshour democratic presidential candidate debate in wisconsin. it was the first time both candidates had met on a stage since the new the most heated discussions of the night were on foreign policy and economic issues. closer to home this morning: former virginia senator jim webb will not run for president as an independent. that news dropped on thursday during a speech webb gave in texas.webb dropped out of the democratic primary in october, failing to gain traction in early polling and debates. mayoral candidates discussed their vision for the city of roanoke thursday night during a forum in downtown roanoke. wfxr's kristen eskow was at the event and has more. :00-:051:07-1:121:20-1:25 kristen intro: that mayoral candidates forum was hosted by the roanoke regional chamber inside center in the square. both candidates - vice mayor dave trinkle and city
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discussed a variety of issues - with less than 48 hours to go before their democratic firehouse primary.vo:a major issue discussed was the economy. the candidates each called for stronger communication with businesses here in the city - councilman lea emphasized monthly meetings with businesses, while vice mayor trinkle talked about making actions like permit applications easier for businesses and offering more incentives to businesses.transportation was also a big issue discussed here. both candidates discussed street improvements, especially lea, who advocated for overall street and infrastructure improvements in the city. trinkle discussed 10th street improvements as well as calling for an increased focus on multi-modal transportation in the city.but one of the most interesting moments came when the candidates were asked what their three most important issues are heading into this race. both discussed job creation as one - but trinkle talked about raising incomes and higher paying jobs and increased access to healthcare. lea chose education and public safety in addition to jobs.sots:dave trinkle: "we have a lot of access troubles to mental health, substance abuse, primary care. in fact, roanoke is considered a desert for mental health care, primary care, and substance abuse care."sherman lea: "continue to solidify our educational system. continue to make it strong. continue to work with that because it's important. and with that comes the vocational programs, comes the partnership with virginia western."and the candidates did agree on several issues
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funds for city schools, expanding vocational tech programs, and placing an importance on arts and culture. kristen tag: and both candidates also discussed their experience working in the city - and what they have done and want to continue to do - if elected mayor. for good day virginia, i'm kristen eskow, wfxr news. and the candidates for mayor weren't the only ones talking about important issues in roanoke. nine city council candidates came together at the same event to discuss several issues, including regional partnerships. for all the latest election news across
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virginia first dot-com. in the new river valley this morning.researchers at virginia tech are starting to work on the zika virus.they'll use mosquitoes to try to answer the questions like how the virus overcomes a mosquitos' immune system in order to even be transmitted to humans. while researchers are working at virginia tech, a senate committee met in washington on thursday to discuss the zika virus. senators discussed president obama's 1-point- 8-billion dollar funding request and and a fast track to finding a cure.republicans say the c-d-c and national institue of health don't need additional funding, since there is a surplus from the fight against ebola. the investigation into a roanoke county house fire continues this morning. this is what the scene looked like on thursday on green hill drive. when fire crews arrived, smoke and flames were coming from the home. no one was home at the time of the fire and there were no injuries, although one firefighter did fall through the home. brian clingenpeel/ roanoke county fire and rescue: "we
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fell from the second floor all the way to the basement, so he fell through two floors, he extricated himself, and walked the structure." that firefighter is doing okay this morning. the fire caused around 120-thousand dollars in damage to the home. coming up on good day virginia: peace may be closer to a possibility this morning in syria...we'll tell you why. plus, subaru is recalling nearly 100-thousand newer model suvs. the defect could land you in an accident. we've got the information you need to know! you're
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high pressure will build east across the region tonight ahead ofa weak area of low pressure that will approach from the west byearly friday. this clipper system will cross our area on fridaywith some light snow accumulations possible...especially in the mountains. arctic high pressure will build in for the weekendresulting in very cold but overall dry conditions
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secretary of state john kerry says major world powers agreed to a ceasefire in war-torn syria. they're also pledging immediate aid to that country. kerry told reporters in germany that dipolmats are hoping the ceasefire can happen in just one week.the ceasefire does not apply to any terror organization operating in syria.the country is in the midst of a five-year-long civil war. the armed occupation of the malheur national wildlife refuge in oregon is officially
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surrendered peacefully thursday afternoon.. with no one hurt and no shots fired. the armed militants had taken control of the refuge back on january 2nd. an investigation will begin into the royal carribbean cruise that turned into a nautical nightmare for passengers on board.that ship docked in new jersey late this week after getting stuck in a powerful storm near the bahamas.the n-t-s-b will lead the investigation that will help determine if there are any contributing causal factors or lessons learned from the trip. we have a recall to tell you about this morning. 77-thousand subaru tribeca suvs from years 2006-2014 *may* have a defect that could cause the hood to randomly pop open while driving. the issue brought to subaru's attention back in september after a lawsuit was filed. subaru dealers will inspect and clean the hood safety and lock systems and test the hood latch as part of the initial repair. two weeks ago, nissan recalled nearly 900-thousand altimas for a
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the virginia senate passed a bill that would prevent some drivers from being charged with reckless driving for going 11 miles per hour over the speed limit.the current reckless driving law applies to anyone going 20 miles an hour over the speed limit or 80 miles an hour.virginia raised the speed limit in 2010 for some highways to 70 miles per hour, and supporters of the measure said drivers going 81 miles per hour shouldn't face potentially harsh penalties.opponents said the higher limit for reckless driving would make virginia's roads less safe. next on good day virginia: are your allergies bothering you? in our ag life report, how you can get some relief the all-natural way! and with valentine's day is a just two days away, local florists are working overtime to meet the high demand!we'll take you to one shop that worries about more than just valentine's day! you're
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in this after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate?
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morning's ag life report: it's cold and flu season again- but instead of rushing for some medication- doctors say there are other ways to get relief- including through some foods available at the farmers market! doctors with the cleveland clinic say- when you feel a cold coming on- vitamin c and zinc are good ways to start fighting the virus- and you can get those nutrients from bell peppers, kale and broccoli-- all sold at your local farmers market. florists are busy this time of year.they're putting final touches on floral arrangements...and if you are wondering why...its not too
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sunday. one local florist is working on more than just bouqets of roses. he's also making arrangments for a party with hundreds of people.wfxr's sophia borrelli shows us what it takes to-- prepare flowers for saturday's roanoke heart ball. 0:08 - 0:110:57 - 1:06 nat of phone ringingthe phone is ringing off the hook as employees arrange beautiful bouquets for valentine's day. mark frye/owner of creative occasions: "oh no it's stress, let's call it what it is, it's stress."owner mark frye says he and his crew have been planning for months. mark frye/owner of creative occasions: "we bulk up with extra delivery drivers, we bulk up with extra people to help answer the phones, all of those kinds of things go into planning for this holiday." mark says he enjoys seeing his products bring a smile to people's faces each year. mark frye/owner of creative occasions: "this morning, this 92 year old man who has been calling us for at least the last 15 years called to schedule his valentine's day delivery for his two daughters."and valentine's day deliveries isn't his only concern. mark is also doing all of the floral arrangements for the heart ball this saturday as well. mark frye/owner of creative occasions: "heart disease has affect my family members and so it's kind of a personal thing and i love to be involved in helping to promote that organization."standup: "for the heart ball, mark says they will be arranging oscar themed center pieces and also using heart shaped flowers like this one."mark frye/owner of creative occasions: "love means different things to different people and that's the beauty of what we get to do."arranging flowers for customers who want show their loved ones they care. in
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news. if you would like to get tickets to the heart ball, you can head to our website for more information. next on good day virginia: you can now feel you're spending a night in vincent van gogh's bedroom, don't have to leave the u-s to
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institute of chicago recently commissioned a recreation of van gogh's "yellow house" bedroom for an exhibit opening sunday.the exhibit pays tribute to three paintings van gogh created of the room in the late 19th century. he museum is renting out that room for just 10 dollars a night on rental site air-b-n-b. the rate includes two
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good morning, it's friday, february 12th.thanks for starting your day with good day virginia.i'm january
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we celebrate black history month every february.but not everyone realizes, the man who started it all... dr. carson g woodson hailed from virginia. ***turn to one shot*** born and raised in new canton, dr. woodson went onto become one of the first african americans to receive a doctorate from harvard. in an effort to include african american history into our nation's history books, dr. woodson began "negro history week" in 1926. this morning, wfxr's becky freemal takes a look at how the black history month has, and continues to influence our communities. 1:21-1:28 2:06-2:28 nats/pastor preachingthe pastor of a local church ... nats/ singing at church dissolve into nats of carla reading poem 00nats/carla reading "37:49-i am the dark girl who crossed the red sea. carrying in my body the seed of the free."a retired librarian who spent her career carrying on the legacy of education from generations past.carla lewis 17:56-virginia y lee came here in 1928 she would collect any african american books she could find, any kind of material she could findcarla lewis, now retired from roanoke's gainsboro library, and pastor bill lee at loudon avenue christian church, are no strangers to sharing their knowledgewith anyone willing to learn.nats/carla reading poem ... 39:24-all you dark
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there, remember my sweat, my pain my despair. remember my years heavy in sorrow and make those years a torch for tomorroweducation.... that was the goal of dr. carter g woodson, knowns as the "father of black history." pastor bill lee1:48-i guess it was critical for dr. woodson, as it's critical for me today, that people of color, esp. black people, tell their own story.dr. woodson began negro history week in the early 1900s in an effort to write the history of african american's into our nation's history books.a week that turned into what we now know as black history or african american history month.carla lewis 19:55-when you looked at history books, in that time, you saw slaves, but you didn't see the contributions they made.pastor lee3:27-i don't think he ever intended for us to get stuck in a week or a month - he was trying to get something started. nats/carla 27:45-as i flip through here, you can see the different people, miss whitworth is here, roanoke tribuneit's a month that has sparked much needed conversations, and research, about the accomplishments of african americans in history.carla says 24:12-one of the students came to me and said, when i did my report, my teacher didn't know the person i did my report on. so it enlightened a teacher as well in getting the information out. if we didn't have african american month, would the teachers send kids to the library to pick a person to find a person of their choosing, to do this?and it's an education, pastor lee beleives must go beyond amous
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seeing ralph munch, not seeing martin luther king jr., not seeing carter g woodson himself, or dubois, but seeing what blacks have done in roanoke, va, what have people in vinton, what people have done in salem. but how being black in american, how our education system, prepared us to be movers and shakers. carla28:52-i encouraged them to do a figure they didn't already know. to do someone unknown.... and the search for that "someone" pastor lee believes, should extend beyond american history and the slavery - and reach back to africa and egypt.-church nats - both believe black history month was well-founded.pastor lee says, 3:17-i am a black person, and i am making history every day. -church nats-now, it's up to us, in the 21st century, to move together, into the future.carla 22:41-i think we need to shine a light on african americans, as well as other races who have contributed to this world, to this society.pastor lee11:55-i think that more reading, more being together,i'm not talking about just being in rooms and being together i mean robust conversations, dialogue, might get us a little bit more down the road.reading poem/40:17-oh my dark children, may my dreams and prayers impale you forever up the great stairs. for i will be with you, to no white brother dares keeps down the children of the negro mother. - langston hughes church nats/57:13- allelluia!
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that was becky freemal
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could not emphasize enough how important it is to read - and said a great place to start was reading this book "the mis- education of the negro" - written by dr. woodson. a little later here on good day virginia, we'll sit down with a woman who graduated from william fleming high school in one of the first integrated classes. we'll hear her story and how she went on to become the first black journalist at the roanoke
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in botetourt county:historic structures that once served as slave quarters could soon be on the move! according to the friends of greenfield, preston plantation's facebook page- botetourt county bought the property in 1995- and last year the county approved an agreement to transfer the
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roanoke valley development foundation.they say under the agreement, botetourt county must relocate the two historic buildings.the group is working to keep these historic structures on the original site. a lesson in engineering. how a local event is allowing kids to create robots, and how you can get involved! and local grocery store is doing its part you're
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the 20th annual children's engineering convention brings in teachers from all over the commonwealth together to learn new ways to educate their students.but as w-f-x-r's charlie cooper shows us, some students at the conference were the teaching educators something new. nat sound of robotit's might look like a toy.nat sound but it's a robot 7th grader nicholas white invented in school.nicholas white- 7th grade, millboro elementary schooli think the most exciting part is getting to show it off to people because you get to show them all the hard work you've put into it. nat sound robothe brought it to the children's engineering convention to show teachers how to make stem subjects like science, engineering and math more interactive in the classroom.nicholas white- 7th grade, millboro elementary schoolhe was made out of felt, styrofoam balls, soda bottle and what we did was we hooked up all the electronics inside this little robot here and you can put the coin in and it should start.nat sound administrators say it's one example of what students can create when they're taught stem subjects in a hands-on way. kimberly dempsy- va children's engineering council, board memberteaching
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design, test, re-design, reflection. all of those are good practices that we want our teachers to's a way for them to enhance the subjects their required to teach while learning with students.wesley strayer- kindergarten teacheri'm just as amazed when their contraptions work, when they don't work and i'm blown away at what they can teach me.when moving pieces, links and loud noises are involved nick says it makes learning harder subjects a bit easier. in roanoke, charlie cooper w-f-x-r news. kroger is stepping up to help feed those in our community who don't have enough food to eat. on thursday, the store donated more than 20-store donated thursday, the eat.enough food to who don't have in our community stepping up to kroger is news.cooper w-f-x-r roanoke, charlie cooper w-f-x-r news. kroger is stepping up to help feed those in our community who don't have enough food to eat. on thursday, the store donated more than 20-thousand dollars to feeding america southwest virginia. that money is enough to supply more than 140
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families.. last year, kroger donated more than 400 thousand pounds of food to the food bank. pamela irvine/president and ceo feeding america south west virginia: "this is a long term partnership and relationship kroger has helped to influence the work that we do. this means a lot. financial contributions are needed. without those we can't move the food." the food the food bank will buy food
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are you looking for some fun to do this weekend? perhaps a weekend getaway? the smithsonian's national air and space museum in washington d-c is giving visitors a chance to get a virtual look inside apollo 11. cheryl conner has more. you may love this to the moon and back."it says smelly waste."smelly but "one step" closer to what was happening inside apollo 11 on its trip to the moon in 1969... both personal and technical. astronauts neil armstrong, buzz aldrin and michael
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personal stuff.. sometimes real personal."what's really exciting is to be able to find a scribble on the wall with a number and be able to find the transmission in which ground control relayed up to them." directions from the ground had collins linking up with the eagle -- which took armstrong and aldrin to the surface of the moon. there's also a calendar that kept track of their dates in orbit.all new images discovered when specialists with the air and space museum sent in 3-d technology... eliminating the foot traffic inside this treasure."we want to get you a little closer to some of the technology that was used. vincent rossi is going to scan my hand with a 3-d laser scanner, showing the detail of this equipment." we got a sneak peek.the images will be online in july."basically anybody is going to know what it feels like to be in the command module."kids stopping by say it's pretty cool. "because i mostly see models. i don't see the real thing." "one giant leap" toward what it's like to live in a spacecraft and be the first to
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it's going to cost a little extra to visit universal studios in florida. new this morning: the cost of a park ticket is increasing by three bucks. in all, a family of four wishing to visit the universal theme parks should expect to pay at least 610 dollars. and that doesn't include food and souvenirs. by comparison, walt disney world offers similar pricing for its orlando parks.
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we're not talking about wicked. plus, music will soon return to this paris concert hall. those details on the other side of the break. good day virginia rolls on in two good day the break. other side of those concert this paris will soon return about wicked.
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gravity? defying a band tries to defy gravity, an oscar winner takes some heat... music returns to a paris concert hall. david daniel reports. "gravity's just a habit that you're really sure that you can't break."o-k go has broken the gravity habit! the band with the ever-inventive music videos goes weightless for their latest, "upside down and inside out." they filmed it inside an airplane that's flown in parabolas to create the sensation of zero gravity. a bit of a faux pas for meryl streep! the three-time oscar winner heads the jury at this year's berlin film festival, where she pointed out to reporters that a majority of
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lost the diversity thread a bit when asked about her knowledge of african films, commenting "we're all from africa, orignally... we're all africans, really." the berlin jury is will return to the bataclan. the owners of the paris concert hall where islamic extremists killed 89 people last november say they're aiming to reopen the historic venue by the end of this year. the bataclan is one of the city's top concert sites, and such stars as madonna and u-two have joined the throngs paying tribute since the attack. for
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premiums can start at less than $10 per month. it's an affordable way to get reliable coverage. there are no medical questions or exams, your acceptance is guaranteed. help protect the people who matter most to you with guaranteed acceptance life insurance. call massmutual at this number.
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up in flames.firefighters battle a massive fire at a factory that was once one of campbell county's largest employers.going head to head. the democratic presidential candidates exchange sharp words ahead of the next round of primaries. "well, secretary clinton, you are not in the white house yet."and taking it to heart.we will see why one local florist is extra busy


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