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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 8  FOX  February 12, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> jason: good morning. it is 8:00 now on our friday morning.
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high pressure thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's friday february 12. i'm january keaton. and i'm kyle benjamin. the weather is giving some local students a couple extra hours to sleep in this morning. schools in allegheny county, covington and wythe county are all starting two hours late this morning. our top story this morning: the building itself was in the process of being torn down. now the abandoned dan river plant in brookneal is competely burnt down. this is what it looked like at the plant around 3-30 thursday afternoon. according to the town manager, the plant-- once home to a number of jobs in the area-- closed 10 years holmes is at the scene of the
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joins us live. good morning guys. as you can see behind me the fire continues to blaze. there are about 2 piles of rumble burning right now, and the corner of the roof on part of the building is burning. but for the most part firefighters i spoke to say the fire is contained. there three fire trucks here right now and about 5 firefighter and they keeping a very close eye on what's going on right now. but obviously is the aftermath. the brookneal fire deptment is here right now but dept from all over the including lynchburg, liberty, alta vista, all of campbell county responded yesterday. the firefighters even said the pour over a half of million gallons of water on this fire. they even had to pump some of that water from dan river. so again they are keeping a close eye on the on what's left burning the firefighters here say a new group will come and relieve them to make sure everything stays under control and just side a note route 501 which is also called lynchburg ave is reopened the ave is reopenedwhich is also note route 501 which is also called lynchburg ave is reopened the investigation into a
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continues this morning. this is what the scene looked like on thursday on green hill drive. when fire crews arrived, smoke and flames were coming from the home. no one was home at the time of the fire and there were no injuries. although one firefighter did fall through the home. brian clingenpeel/ roanoke county fire and rescue: "we did have one firefighter that fell from the second floor all the way to the basement, so he fell through two floors, he extricated himself, and walked out of the structure." that firefighter is doing okay this morning. the fire caused around 120-thousand dollars in damage to the home. we have more information this morning about a police chase that ended with four people going to the hospital. police say a 15-year-old dropve the car that flipped at the end of a two-county chase and ended up overturned in a ditch on route 220 in roanoke county.
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off running . now investigators are trying to track him down.they believe he is armed with a handgunthe chase began in franklin county when the suspect did not pull over for a traffic stop.police chased the car into roanoke county. wfxr news is your local election headquarters and hillary clinton has one goal in thursday's democratic presidential debate.stop bernie's their first clash since sanders delivered a 20-point drubbing to clinton in the new hampshire primary.and clinton is hoping for a bouncemary moloney has the highlights. presidential candidate: "we both agree that we have to get unaccountable money out of our political system and that we have to do much more to ensure that wall street never wrecks main street again."but she tried to dent sanders by portraying his plans on health care as unrealistic. presidential candidate: "that's a promise that can not be kept."sanders made sure to check his rival. presidential candidate: "well, secretary clinton, you are not in the white house yet."and called clinton out on out on her
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candidate: "secretary clinton has been going around the country saying bernie sanders dismantle the affordable care act." presidential candidate: "i have fought my entire life to make sure that health care is a right for all people. we're not going to dismantle anything."clinton turned to discrimination -- making a pitch to some key constituencies -- latino -- african american -- and women voters. presidential candidate: "i am running for president to take down all the barriers that are holding americans back."as both candidates look toward the nevada primary -- sanders attempted to keep his young base with his debate performance while also courting the elderly vote. presidential candidate: "if elected president i will do everything i can to expand social security benefits not just for seniors but for disabled veterans as well."i'm mary moloney reporting.
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jim webb will not run for president as an independent. webb dropped out of the democratic primary in october, having failed to gain traction in early polling and debates. jason and januaryhigh pressure will build east across the region tonight ahead ofa weak area of low pressure that will approach from the west byearly friday. this clipper system will cross our area on friday with some light snow accumulations possible...especi ally in themountains. arctic high pressure will build in for the weekendresulting in very cold but overall dry
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valentine's day valentine's day is the super bowl in the world of flowers... but one roanoke florist is taking on some extra work this weekend. will tell you why it is a matter of heart next on good day virginia. february is black history month, but did you know the man who started the tradition was from virginia. we will have that story, plus we will meet a person who broke local
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it's about time the taco...camam out of its shellll unleash the power of dough. give i it pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough.
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for decades >> for decades the u.s. celebrated black history month, but not everyone realizes and it was a surprise to us here this morning, the man that founded black history month hails from west virginia. >> january: born and raised in new canton, dr. woodson went on to become one of the first african americans to receive a doctorate from harvard. in the effort to include black
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he >> and the chains are falling and it's for the good of all of us! >> reporter: the pastor of a local church. >> i am the girl who crossed the red sea. >> a retired librarian. >> carrying in my body, the spirit of the free. >> carrying on the spirit of legacy from generations past. >> maybe this is why we genuinely came here in 1928. she collected african american books, any kind of material she could find. >> reporter: carla lewis, now retired from gainsborrow library and dr. lee at avenue christian church are no stranger to sharing knowledge. >> all you children in the world out there, remember my sweat, my pain, my despair. remember my years heavy in sorrow. and make those years a torch
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>> reporter: education. that was the goal of dr. carter g. woodson known as the father of black history. >> i guess it was critical for dr. woodson and critical for me today that it's important for people to tell their own story. >> reporter: the doctor began history negro history week in the effort to write the history of african americans into the history books. but it would turn into black history or african preachingthe pastor of a local church ...nats/ singing at church dissolve into nats of carla reading poem 00 nats/carla reading "37:49-i am the dark girl who crossed the red sea. carrying in my body the seed of the free."a retired librarian who spent her career carrying on the legacy of education from generations past.carla lewis 17:56-virginia y lee came here in 1928 she would collect any african american books she could find, any kind of material she could findcarla lewis, now retired from roanoke's gainsboro library, and pastor bill lee at loudon avenue christian church, are no strangers to sharing their knowledgewith anyone willing to learn.nats/carla reading poem ... 39:24-all you dark children in the world out there, remember my sweat, my pain my despair. remember my years heavy in sorrow and make those years a torch for tomorroweducation.... that was the goal of dr. carter g woodson, knowns as the "father of black history." pastor bill lee1:48-i guess it was critical for dr. woodson, as it's critical for me today, that people of color, esp. black people, tell their own story.dr. woodson began negro history week in the early 1900s in an effort to write the history of african american's into our nation's history books.a week that turned into what we now know as black history or african
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history books, in that time, you saw slaves, but you didn't see the contributions they made.pastor lee3:27-i don't think he ever intended for us to get stuck in a week or a month - he was trying to get something started. nats/carla 27:45-as i flip through here, you can see the different people, miss whitworth is here, roanoke tribuneit's a month that has sparked much needed conversations, and research, about the accomplishments of african americans in history.carla says 24:12-one of the students came to me and said, when i did my report, my teacher didn't know the person i did my report on. so it enlightened a teacher as well in getting the information out. if we didn't have african american month, would the teachers send kids to the library to pick a person to find a person of their choosing, to do this?and it's an education, pastor lee beleives must go beyond amous faces.pastor lee3:45-not seeing ralph munch, not seeing martin luther king jr., not seeing carter g woodson himself, or dubois, but seeing what blacks have done in roanoke, va, what have people in vinton, what people have done in salem. but how being black in american, how our education system, prepared us to be movers and shakers. carla28:52-i encouraged them to do a figure they didn't already know. to do someone unknown.... and the search for that "someone" pastor lee believes, should extend beyond american history and the slavery - and reach back to africa and egypt.-church nats - both believe black history month was well-founded.pastor lee says, 3:17-i am a black person, and i am making history every day. -church nats-now, it's up to us, in the 21st century, to move together, into the future.carla 22:41-i think we need to shine a light on african americans, as well as other races who have contributed to this world, to this society.pastor lee11:55-i think that more reading, more being together,i'm not talking about just being in rooms and being together i mean robust conversations, dialogue, might get us a little bit more down the road.reading poem/40:17-oh my dark children, may my dreams and prayers impale you forever up the great stairs. for i will be with you, to no white brother dares keeps down the children of the negro mother. - langston hughes church nats/57:13- allelluia! drums ... alleluia! that is becky freemall that is ... alleluia!allelluia! drums nats/57:13- church langston hugheschurch nats/57:13-
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that was becky freemall reporting. joining us now is joanne poindexter, she was the first african-american journalist to work for the roanoke times. she was also went to monroe junior high school during its second year of integration. can you share what it was like when you began attending an
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were certainly a ground breaker at the newspaper... did you feel
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have things changed or have they changed over the years when it comes to race relations? how
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roanoke. 21 in lynchburg. 22 also in martinsville. the feels like temperature not much different. the winds certainly lighter than they were yesterday and going to head out into tomorrow and hot springs down into the single digits. when it feels like everyone else still pretty much where they were in teens and 20s. look at this. a wind chill advisory for a good chunk of the area.
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right here is a wind chill watch and warning and that is wind chills down to the -20 to -30 range. it's possible throughout much of the day tomorrow and in fact take a look. i blew up the future cast here and the feels like temperature for us as we go through the day today. not see bad temperaturewise as we go throughout the day. mostly feels like 20s and teens for us. we go through the arctic evening with that cold front coming through. look at the feels like temperature positively plummeting. overnight tonight there you go into first thing tomorrow morning and lots of subzero temperatures and feels like -17 with hot springs and lots of subzero temperatures from lewisburg to blacksburg and bloomfield and single digits elsewhere and it is going
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dangerous wind chills all day long and right overnight into the day on sunday and the winter weather advisory until sunday morning at 7:00 and the counties here in purple will key say couple of inches of accumulation possible along with is going to bring in the snowfall and treacherous weather and not a big deal and combine it with the wind and that is going to collect quickly on the roads so western facing and higher elevation as that cold front comes through with that burst of snow and more like a 2 inch snowfall and all in all a blockbuster but could have problems. we see that batch of snow showers around to the north of covington for the better part of the morning show and that is a fast-moving clipper system and it's going to spawn off
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coast and that will draw most of the energy out. but not before we have some snow showers as we go throughout the day here in the roanoke valley. temperatures in the 30s for us. today and tomorrow it will be down well into the 20s for highs and you factor in those winds and it is just going to be a downright bitterly cold for us. there you go. dangerously cold on tap for the penguin and feels like we're in the antarctic and sunday valentine's day and going to start as snow on monday and change to rain but details on that as it gets a little clearer. >> kyle: you definitely this weekend want to keep tabs on your pipes and maybe let the faucet drip overnight? >> jason: absolutely. good idea. >> kyle: so nothing causes a mess. >> january: and get all the weather and news information on do you love coffee? probably on a day like this!
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would you pay $15 for a cup?
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and >> january: all right, everybody. welcome back at 8:30. would you pay $15 for a cup of coffee? >> kyle: i might. i might. depending on the cup of coffee. >> january: that's how much a san francisco coffee shop is selling their cup for. >> kyle: it's not each grande size! it's debuted earlier this week.
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for the chance to get a taste. >> january: company officials say bags sold out in just hours to people around the country when it went public. >> this coffee you have a nice complexity and the sparkling complexity and not only that but very jasmine and just absolutely delicious. >> i do not want my coffee to taste like melon and jasmine. that's sacrilege. >> i get a little angry. the coffee takes a few minutes to brew which the equator coffees is normal. you don't want to rush something so disgusting. sorry, something so special. but ew? melon and jasmine tasting coffee? >> kyle: you need to be -- >> january: be in a man bun and a beard. >> kyle: they're filtering it and using dedicated water. >> january: it probably has the
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>> jason: all right, we're back with more "good day, virginia". last half hour for you. a cold friday and cold start to the bitterly cold weekend. temperatures in teens and 20s out there now. winds are fairly calm and will pick up as the day progresses and this weekend with the wind chills just going to be do ut right dangerous for us. and then it is the temperatures climbing into the upper 20s and low 30s with snow showers making their way on by. the wind really picks up tonight and the temperatures
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for a very cold weekend. details in your full forecast in just a couple. "good day, virginia" returns right now. for choosing good day virginia. it's and i'm kyle benjamin. the days leading up to valentine's day are the busiest time of year for florists, but one local florist has even more to worry about this weekend. he's also doing arrangments for a party with hundreds of people. wfxr's sophia borrelli shows us what it takes to-- prepare flowers for tomorrow night's roanoke heart ball. 0:08 - 0:110:57 - 1:06 nat of phone ringingthe phone is ringing off the hook as employees arrange beautiful bouquets for valentine's day. mark frye/owner of creative occasions: "oh no it's stress, let's call it what it is, it's stress."owner mark frye says he and his crew have been planning for months. mark frye/owner of creative occasions: "we bulk up with
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bulk up with extra people to help answer the phones, all of those kinds of things go into planning for this holiday." mark says he enjoys seeing his products bring a smile to people's faces each year. mark frye/owner of creative occasions: "this morning, this 92 year old man who has been calling us for at least the
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a lesson in engineering. how a local event is allowing kids to create robots, and how you can get involved!
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wrap it about time it about time >> 19 hours and 41 minutes of news this week and this is the best part of all of that news. it is the most entertaining by far! >> that's pretty good! >> if it's friday. and dr. pepper park is here to break down the weekend buzz. >> good morning! how are you? >> it is the most romantic weekend of the year. >> kyle: it is indeed because nascar starts! >> that's exactly right. [ laughing ] >> january: romantic, kyle. >> so romantic. i'll plan your entire weekend.
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taken, i've got you covered. this is how we're going to do it. if you're married, dating or single check out wilco at the berglin center and it is consistently praised one of the best live bands in existence. did you know that? >> did you just ask me who wilco was? >> yes. >> and to kick off valentine's day weekend it's about $40 for tickets and night. >> kyle: will you baby sit? >> just send them up on the stage. and if you're on a date, make sure you check out the wine and chocolate pairing at the wine cellars tomorrow or sunday from 11-5. it includes wine and chocolate tastings and a bottle of the new wine ruby. the food is available for purchase and there is live music at both sessions. then head over to the
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beef and company. tomorrow night they say nothing is sexier than a good sense of humor so this is perfect for valentines weekend. tickets are 10 bucks in advance and the steal of the deal at weekend pr prices are high for everything. >> kyle: that may explain why my wife points and laughs at me. >> she thinks your sexy, that's why. if you're single or divorced or just plain bitter, hang out with the people. first 200 people tomorrow night get a gift and you can win cash in the sexy valentines' contest. you're so sexy, you could enter that! >> could win cash! >> just ask your wife! or you could head to the movies! opening is dead pool. the former special operative
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on and left with new abilities and quick healing and hunts down the man that nearly destroyed his life and sardonic sense of humor. >> kyle: i know you were getting ready to go see it after i asked, who is deadpool. i know deadpool and you know wilco and we'll -- >> january knows day drinking! so i know nothing, i know nothing about dead pool, but, yeah, people are excited about it. >> i'll check it out at some
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>> all right, here we go heading into the wintery weekend in southwest virginia with air temperatures in the teens and 20s and wind chills down below zero for many of us for a good part of the day on saturday. all right, here's what's going on. as we go through the day today snow showers making their way on in and linger and move on through the overnight in the wake of the arctic cold front and the bitter cold air move in for us on saturdayed and wind chill in the dangerous zone and watch that potential snow storm into the next week and it will start with snow and change over to rain and still early for that and talk about the cold because that's what's most presing for us right now. not much in the way of winds and not taking much more off of the temperatures. not like what we saw yesterday and what we will see as we go into tomorrow.
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single digit to factor in the winds. different story overnight tonight into tomorrow and as of the 11:00 tonight and goes all the way to sunday morning at 10 in the morning. talking the long duration event with the very cold temperatures. herate feels like temperature with the future cast. the future cast as we go through the day today not so bad. you know, temperatures in the 20s is what it will feel like and not great but, you know, it's better than what's coming as we go live towards 11:00. the arctic cold front making its way through. watch the purples overtake the region overnight and down into the single digits below zero and hotsprings back in the double digits. everybody down at least feeling like it's down near zero as we go throughout the day on our saturday and you can see much of the region still with those temperatures down. feeling like it's below zero all day and that it just stays cold as we go overnight and into sunday.
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advisory in play. that's good until 7:00 saturday morning. for these counties in puperle we are expecting a little bit of light accumulation during the day today and a cold front and arctic front for the evening and bring another burst of snow showers to some and could leave behind a couple of inches in spots by the time all is said and done with gusty winds blowing it around and certainly make for poor visibility and tough traveling from time to time. on the satellite radar picture pretty quiet and snow showers to the north of covington have dried up for the there is that quick moving clipper and expect to find light accumulation through the overnight and bitterly cold temperatures heading on through the rest of the weekend. i can't stress enough this dangerous territory. please be very, very cautious
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>> january: will do. thank you, jason. >> kyle: as always head to for the latest headlines and weather. >> january: teachers from the commonwealth are brought together to learn new ways to educate their students. >> kyle: we see how students became the teachers at this conference. >> it might look like a toy. but it's a robot 7th grader nicholas white invented in school. >> i think the most exciting part is getting to show it off to people because you get to show the hard work you put into it. then they make different things. >> made out of styrafoam ball and bottle and hooked up electronics here and you can
8:49 am
start. >> reporter: administrators say it's one way they can learn if taught in the cycle. >> it's redesign and reflection and those are good practices we want our teachers to do. >> reporter: it's the way to enhance the subjects they're required to teach while learning with students. >> i'm just as amazed when the contraptions work or don't work and i'm blown away by what they can teach me. >> when moving pieces, links and loud noises are involved, nick says it makes learning harder subjects a bit coming up... a band known for its light hearted videos can now say it understands
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good day virginia concludes. the band "o-k go" just re >> january: lastly on "good day, virginia", okay, go, just shot a video shot on board a plane in zero gravity. so changing at one point the camera. >> kyle: yikes! jeannie mose takes us behind the scene for the video that's going viral. >> reporter: okay, go, as gone weightless! don't try this aboard the next commercial flight. the band known for unique videos has come a long way from the treadmill days. now they're treading in zero gravity in the plane above
8:53 am
for 3 weeks they practiced and performed and climbing until it goes over the hump creating 27 seconds of weightlessness. time to open luggage and release a zillion balls. the flight attendants didn't yell. they're actually trained aerial acrobats. the lead singer called the whole zero g experience exciting and terrifying. >> it's a difficult physical sensation and brings fear and panic. >> the 7 airline offered ok go the plane to use the results in the marketing campaign. the video "upside down and inside out" is made up of 8 periods of weightlessness with the time in between as the plane repositions edited out. the band members took anti-nausea drugs, but the production crew wanted to go
8:54 am
regurgitations. >> 58 vomiting events. >> now damon never did throw up but passed out after being spun by the flight attendants. >> there is footage of like you can see my eyes twirl up and i just go limp. to lose it. he regains consciousness. some water? some gravity! jeannie >> unscheduled regurgitation. band. >> kyle: that's it this week.
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to report. >> jason: be careful this weekend, seriously. and take care of yourself, your animals. watch out for your neighbors. keep your pipes safe. be careful. >> january: that's good advice. thank you so much, jason.
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we'll see you monday for more >> maury: why is this grown man crying? and what is this man fishing for? this february on maury expect the unexpected. >> no! >> maury: this woman thinks her man is cheating and made a sex tape.
8:58 am
lori. >> my cousin is known for being a slut. the. >> look at her. >> the accusation is scandalous. >> i know her, maury. >> maury: and what her cousin has to say -- >> and i'm much skinnier than you. >> maury: is unforgettable. >> i'm done with you. >> maury: brandon is about to have a big problem. he said this on hidden [ indiscernible ]. >> maury: this on hidden camera. >> do you love her? >> no. >> what do you mean no? >> no. >> maury: and he also did this. and this woman is the woman he's about to marry. >> really? really? >> maury: and this man may never be allowed to fish again if he doesn't pass a lie detector test. >> he's not bass fishing, maury.
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