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tv   WFXR News First at Ten  FOX  February 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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wind chills will be dangerously low! walking for peace sot ???people take to the streets of danville - looking to end violence - after yet another shooting. **and** opening new doors. sot: " what it was like to come to the grandin when they were kids " upgrades coming to a historic theatre - while keeping it's original charm. *then*- new brewssot: " like barn yard and horse blanket but in a good way."a local brewery - using offbeat flavors - to create some
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thanks for being with us. i'm bill wadell. this bitter cold weather - is affecting a lot of people's plans this weekend. here's a live look outside - from atop our studios here in roanoke county. the temps will continue to plummet - the winds expected to kick up - then some of us will see snow. taylor's here with us. this is one of those weekends - where it's a good idea to limit how much time you'll be spending outside. layers will be the key this weekend, bill. a wind chill advisory will go into effect in about an hour for most of the viewing area including roanoke. wind chill values have already dropped near zero in hot springs, and are forecast to reach that mark in the lower elevations later tonight. winds are howling out there in roanoke, wytheville,
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have to tonight. we'll let you know how long the chill will stick around in just a few minutes. alright taylor - thanks. we'll check back with you in about
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in pulaski county - a judge finds ashley white guilty of abuse and neglect. the roanoke times says - the judge handed down the sentence this afternoon - in a bench trial. noah thomas body was found in a septic tank near the family's home back in march. white was found guilty of leaving him unattended - the day he disappeared. ashley white is expected back in court for sentencing - on may 16th. in danville - two people are recovering - after they were shot - in a moving car. police tell us - they were called to stonewall court - just after two this morning. a 21-year-old man - and a 22- year-old woman - were both shot in the upper extremities. the two - were driving through the intersection of first street and abbott - when someone opened fire. they're expected to be okay. no arrests yet in the case. w-f-x-r's kristen eskow just got back from another rally against violence. she's live with what residents are saying tonight. bill - it was a smaller group than last week's walk - but
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weather - outside the danville boys and girls club - to walk against violence. 0:14-0:180:18-0:230:46-0:51 just one week after danville regional medical center hosted of doctor randolph neal,people joined again to pray and walk against violence.williams: "i've been thinking about it this week, and i think one of the most important things is to share hope with this commmunity."larson: "a lot of people said please keep this going, please stay committed to working as a community." danville regional medical larson says he did not want to be the only one. he says he wants to run more walks - to encourage people to continue sharing ideas - on how to make communities safer.danville as a crime-free community. we're hoping to find new locations each week where we can walk and share ideas and get commitment to improving our cartwright: "hopefully it will be just a start of more
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changes of buildings bridges." bridges." and i did get a chance to ask larson about how doctor randolph neal is doing - he said he continues to recover and is doing well. and the website we told you about last week - which is run by the hospital to collect ideas on how to make communities safer - is still up and running. if you have an idea you would like to submit, you can find a link on our website - virginia first dot com. live in the studio, kristen eskow, wfxr news. in campbell county - crews are still keeping a close eye on an old plant - that has been smoldering for 24 hours. there's little left of the former dan river plant in brookneal. it took more than 12 hours to get the fire under control. volunteer firefighters say it took at least half a million gallons of water to control the blaze. two school buses from campbell county school system - were used - to give firefighters a break from the witness told wfxr news - that the fire was started by a worker - cutting steel - which led to sparks landing on nearby trash. investigators have not yet released an
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in montgomery county - we're getting our first look at video - of the duo charged with nicole lovell's abduction and murder. c-n-n obtained video from the montgomery county sheriff's office. it shows david eisenhaur and natalie keepers- being booked seperately. both virginia tech engineering students are locked up - without bond - waiting for their next court appearance. in roanoke county - police have ruled a death investigation as a murder suicide. officers were called to pinewood drive - early monday morning. police say - that's where they found 79- year-old henry rothrock and his 81-year-old wife nora - dead inside their home. in lynchburg - two men are locked up - following a big drug bust. police tell us - they seized 58 pounds of high grade marijuana - along with several vehicles - and 65 thousand dollars. randall simpson of forest - and david johnson of goode - are both facing possession charges. if
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drug activity in your neighborhood - we have the numbers to leave an anonymous tip - or even to send a text message - on our website. virginia first dot com in roanoke - one store in the valley view mall is still closed - after a sprinkler malfunction. shoppers sent us pictures of the handwritten closed signs - on the doors at jc penny. the fire protection system went off wednesday afternoon - drenching a lot of stuff inside. we've reached out to corportate offices - but so far - no word on how much damage is inside - or when that store will reopen. the historic grandin theater is getting a bit of a face lift. the theater's box office and entrance have faced a lot of weathering over the years and its director says it started giving guests trouble getting in and out. with a 50 thousand dollar grant they received last summer, the grandin theater foundation is putting news doors and windows in the entrance and have moved the box office to the middle of the entrance - where it
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ian fortier- grandin theatre foundation, executive director if there were individuals that still come of the facility that remember the facade from its original days -- and i'm sure we still have a few-- we hope for them that it brings back some reminiscence and recollection of what it was like to come to the grandin when they were kids and we also hope that the whole new facade will make it easier to get in and out of the building. the theater is still open its normal hours everyday during the renovation work. it's expected to be complete by the end of this month. in salem - february is heart month - and food lion is helping to feed those who go hungry - with healthier, they supplied feeding america southwest virginia - with 600 cans of soup as well as fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots and celery.officials from feeding america say this is important because those who don't have much money to eat, often pick unhealthy foods that are the cheaper option. this load of fresh produce will be able to give local
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dinner. mike english/pastor: "we see first hand the children that come in that are hungry, that wouldn't have anything to eat, but now they do. we see our elderly that are crippled and disabled and can't buy their medicine and food. well now they can eat and take their money and spend it on medicine."the donation is part of food lion's plan to provide 500 million meals by the end of 2020. candidates head south - and the tone - turning sour for some. your local election headquarters update - is coming up. and - some new brews - coming to a local grill. we'll show you how much hops it takes - to make beer. bitter cold this weekend, and then another snow storm on
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down after the break. a big dip in the jet stream sent a couple waves of snow through the commonwealth on friday. scattered snow showers will continue to fall around the appalachians and the surrounding foothills through saturday morning. a winter weather advisory is in effect until 7 a.m. saturday for grayson, smyth, and tazewell counties in virginia and greenbrier, mercer, and summers counties in west
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pick up any more accumulating snow, but there are spots that will pick up another inch or two before conditions clear out saturday afternoon. for the entire region, the next couple of days will likely be the canadian air move over the
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be very windy. wind gusts friday night through saturday along and west of the blue ridge mountains. even the piedmont will have to deal with breezy conditions at times that will make it feel very cold. a wind chill of southwest virginia and virginia from 11 p.m. friday areas could be in store for wind chills in the -10s and - 20s. a wind chill warning is in effect for western greenbrier county in virginia and western highland county in virginia during the same time frame. wind chill values as low as -30 are possible in the warning areas! when wind chills drop below -18, it only takes 30 minutes for frostbite to develop. high pressure will slide overhead saturday n as a result, winds will die down, but that will just allow
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digits. the first step - in selecting a new mayor for the star city - will happen tomorrow. the firehouse primary will be held in the berglund center tomorrow - from noon to 7. voters will select the democratic nomination for roanoke's next mayor - as well as three sears on city council. sherman lea and david trinkle - are both in the running. so far - no republicans are running for mayor. the two remaining democrats throw down in a contentious debate ahead of nevada... while republicans engage in attacks that have gone even
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waldman has more from washington. :41-:47 :56-1:01 1:13-1:261:27-1:301:31-1:42 the south carolina republican could be make or break for some of the the remaining gop candidates. and, the intensity is palpable, with frontrunner, donald trump, tweeting about ted cruz nearly half a dozen 24-hours for being disingenuous, while simultaneously appealing to an important southern voting bloc: "how can ted cruz be an evangelical christian when he lies so much and is so dishonest?" new hampshire second place finisher, john kasich, claims he's trying to stay above the fray, despite slamming jeb bush for being, as the ohio governor puts it, an 'enthusiastic supporter' of obamacare.kasich says: "when i think of new hampshire and they spent - i don't know - 6-million, 7-million dollars
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jeb bush, who will get a much-needed assist in south carolina from his brother, former president george w bush ... is fighting to keep his campaign relevant. bush says: "untested people during difficult and dangerous times is a risk." hillary clinton and bernie sanders showed democrats also have a penchant for pugilistic posturing ... everything from president obama's job performance at a pbs debate thursday night. "the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans, i do not expect running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama." sanders says: "madame is a low blow."waldman says : "and, while debate moderators took some heat for avoiding the controversy altogether, the will release 550 emails from hillary clinton's private server this weekend. in washington, joel waldman, and this evening - we learned that donald trump - is threatening to sue ted cruz. the republic frontrunner took to twitter - saying if ted cruz does not stop cheating and running negative ads -
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natural born u-s citizen. some critics say - it's just another distraction. when's the best time - to milk a dairy cow. up next in ag life - experts say - it should be up to the heifer - not the farmer. and - some new flavors on tap
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can try them out - ahead find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports?
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- is picking up steam at local bars. lefty's main street grille in blacksburg is one of the newest to start brewing up their own craft beers on site. w-f-x-r's charlie cooper shows us the unique variety of hand crafted brews they're making - that will be ready next month. 00:15:15-00:18:00 track 1the end result is a cold glass of beer but the beginning looks more like this. evan graham- head brewer, lefty's main street grilleferment is just about done.track 2it's a step in the beer brewing process at lefty's main street grille in blacksburg which will soon offer hand crafted beers brewed in house.evan graham- head brewer, lefty's main street grilleyou only have four ingredients. there's malt, hops, water and yeast. this is the darling of the
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fantastic hop very lemon limey, citrusy. track 2he'll use this in some of the five new beers being added on tap--some more traditional and others not so much.evan graham- head brewer, lefty's main street grille these weird funky flavors that you never really experienced before with discriptors like barn yard and horse blanket but in a good way. track 4 they're unique brews but all of them keep the menu in mind. evan graham- head brewer, lefty's main street grillei can tailor the beer to whatever recipe. beer and food pairings if you get just the right combination is a completely different experience.track 5an experience he hopes will be a recipe for success. in blacksburg charlie cooper wfxr news. the governors office says - virginia is now the nation's leader - when it comes to agriculture and forestry exports to cuba. revealthe latest total - tops 41 point 6 million dollars worth of business. revealexports to cuba - have increased 67 percent over last year. revealvirginia - has passed louisiana, georgia - florida and alabama. revealsoybeans and soybean meal are the hot commodities. despite the growth - the governors office says - there are still limitations - when it comes to ag exports - and even travel
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bills in congress - which would ease or even abolish the embargos in place. new research suggests - dairy farmers should listen to the cow's internal schedule - versus your own.according to an article from progressive dairyman, farmers should pay attention to the natural rhythm of a dairy heard to yield the most amount of milk with nutrients in it.they also say that cows tend to feed in the afternoon and need a mix of sunlight and darkness to produce good milk. hokies back on the court - with chris clark. we take a closer look at his return - with a preview of virginia sports live. plus - a bizarre attack - involving a machete. what police are are now saying -
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games - scrapped tonight because of the snow. but our virginia sports live team - marches on. sports director jeff archer has a look ahead - at the matchup's they're covering tonight at 11. :01-:06:18-:24jeff archer: "once again a big week of college basketball in the area and to hlep us break it down we're joined by mike barber. one of the things that we saw on tuesday night was the return of chris clarke. how will this affect the hokies going forward?"mike barber: "i think it's a huge addition. one for his talent, his rebounding, his intensity and his avbility to get to the rim. more importantly this team is thin. it's hard to compete in the acc. it's an all out effort and i think you
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syracuse. getting chris clarke back makes them deeper. gives them energy. brings them talent. it's a huge addition for htem." jeff archer: his game? he didn't seem very rusty to me." mike barber: "sometimes a guy like that can come back a little easier. it's not about it's about getting to the rim. being athletic. i asked him on the dunk where you nervous? he said no, i was worried that i was out of shape and wouldn't be able to dunk the basketball."jeff archer: "obviously he did. and he's a big piece of that buzz williams tetam both offensively and defesnively. we'll have much more on this. along with high school basketball. all that coming up on virginia make sure to tune
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it back to you guys." police say two 15-year-old girls were shot dead outside independence high school in glendale, arizona.each teen had one gunshot wound and a weapon was found near the bodies.both were 10th-graders. investigators are not searching for a shooter - but police would not go as far - as calling this a murder suicide. a "lone wolf" attack...that's how investigators are describing a machete attack at a columbus, ohio restaurant last night.police say the attacker doesn't appear to have ties to isis or any terror group...four people were injured. the suspect - later shot and killed by police. investigators suspect the nazareth restaurant and deli was chosen under the mistaken belief the owner is jewish.the deli owner identifies himself as an israeli christian-arab.
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what she thought was a good- natured dog....but her family says the pit bull turned on her, attacked her, and killed her two weeks after she adopted it.matt gregory spoke to the victim's mother. 00:00 - 00:05:09-:12:42-:48thursday in snug harbor, north carolina, debbie brown took the same trip down the street to her daughter suzanne story's home. "we were together about everyday if we weren't together we was talking on the phone."brown says her animals.two weeks ago she added a fifth dog to the house -- buddy, a pit bull.her mother fighting through the grief says she never saw the dog. "they told me that the guy that, there was an ad in the virginian pilot for a dog that said easy going good with kids."the dog proved anything but easy-going.wednesday afternoon, story went to clean the dog's cage and buddy turned violent.the perquiman's county sheriff eric tilley sent his deputies out. "she had lacerations about the neck the face area it took approximately five to seven minutes to control the dog."by the time medics could get to the home, time had nearly run
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left here with her. they were gonna put her on the helicopter, and when they got there to put her on the helicopter she had already died."brown says today the rest of the family has pulled together.they'll try to salvage what they can for story's two daughters, but they don't know where to turn next. "we wanna find the people that gave her the dog and told them it was good-natured and everything. we'd like to find that out." that was matt gregory reporting. police are still investigating. the city of flint, michigan introduced a fleet of mobile pediatric clinics today.the health facilities on wheels are aimed at getting p roper care and treatment to children harmed by the city's lead water least one of the mobile clinics was donated to the city by the new york-based children's health fund.the mobile clinics come
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health officials sent letters warning flint residents about excessive lead levels in the city's water.some residents are being warned not to drink the tap water, even if they have a filter. here's a look at the booking photos - of the final armed occupiers in oregon - who are now in custody. this, after they spent 41-days at a national wildlife refuge.they took over part of the refuge last month to protest federal land policies.they've been indicted on a federal conspiracy charge in portland. pope francis making history today... becoming the first pope ever to meet with the head of the russian orthodox church. as steve harrigan reports...francis called the controversial meeting - quote -
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0:49-1:001:16-1:24 \1:24-1:33 millennium-long rift between the eastern and western branches christianity... today in havana, meeting for the history books... between pope russia's patriarch kirill... ever a catholic pope has met with the head of orthodox church. but, many critics see kirill's sit down with francis as a political move: -- the meeting was brokered by cuban president raul castro. -- kirill has close ties with vladimir putin's government. -- and, it comes at a time when russia's relations with the west are strained.volkov says: "this is a meeting of two church leaders and there is no politics in this meeting." meantime, the vatican sees it as an important ecumenical event, drawing attention to a shared concern of both churches: christians in iraq and syria being killed by the islamic state...and others...because of their faith.wenski says: "almost a genocide is happening very quietly and so the pope and the russian orthodox patriarch meeting hopefully will bring some attention to the situation of christians in the middle east." following the meeting pope francis is off to mexico for a visit to reach out to the poor and victims of violence there. while in mexico, francis is set to perform mass at the u.s.-mexico border. a move some, including donald trump are publicly criticizing.trump says: "i think he doesn't understand the problems our country has. i don't think he understands the danger of the open border we have with
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water main we'll show you this frozen mess - coming up. doctors - warning people about this weekend. taylor's here - tracking how cold it will get
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headed for virginia early next week. we'll take a look at the chances for heavy snow after the break. a big dip in the jet stream sent a couple waves of snow through the commonwealth on friday. scattered snow showers will continue to fall around the appalachians and the surrounding foothills through
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smyth, and tazewell counties in greenbrier, mercer, and summers counties in west virginia. many areas won't pick up any more accumulating snow, but there will pick up another inch or two before conditions clear out saturday afternoon. for the entire region, the next
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not only will cold move over the commonwealth, but it will also wind gusts friday night through saturday evening will gust up to 30 mph along and west of the blue ridge mountains. even the piedmont will have to deal with breezy conditions at times that will make it feel very cold. a wind chill advisory is in effect for most of southwest virginia and much of west virginia from 11 p.m. friday through 10 a.m. sunday. in the -10s and -20s. a wind chill warning is in effect for western greenbrier county in virginia and western highland county in virginia during the same time frame. wind chill values as low as -30 are possible in the warning areas! when wind chills it only takes 30 minutes for frostbite to develop. high pressure will slide overhead saturday night. as a result, winds will die
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actual temperatures to drop to the
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in many parts in many parts of the country.. this week could see some of the coldest temperatures this winter. when the thermometer does dip ... temperatures can affect your health and specifically your heart and cardiovascular
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doctors say this cold weather places greater stress on your body.. wind chills at or below zero are expected for a large part of the eastern united states this weekend. you should to take steps to avoid what could soon turn into emergency-type situations. 01:07 - 01:27 parikh says: "so when people are exposed to the cold, a number to their cardiovascular system. one is that with cold in order to conserve heat your body will constrict they blood vessels in the extremities so your limbs will get lower blood flow and consequently you may feel cold in your hands and feet but that's body temperature. hypothermia - temperature. body temperature. hypothermia - and frostbite are very real concerns this weekend. when in doubt - get inside and warm up. and check out this mess in scranton, pennsylvania. a 12 inch water main snapped - sending water shooting into the frigid area. as expectedly - it quickly froze - on everything.trees, signs and power lines. around a dozen
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line is fixed. plenty of salt being used - to try and melt all that ice. from the frozen tundra - to the tropics. we'll have the latest - on the fight against
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has texas residents protecting themselves from mosquitos.. and experts telling officials more needs to be done and
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spread of the disease.rudy koski has our update. 00:00 - 00:050:53 - 0:591:11 - 1:261:34 - 1:44swarms of tiny already begun to emerge because there hasn't been a long hard freeze .. but the mosquito population is in check so far according to officials with austin vector control..mos says: "the temperatures are cold enough at night to discourage the mosquitoes from actually going through their life cycle to becoming adult mosquitos. " typically the mosquito problem starts in may.. and the concern is usually about but now the zika virus has emerged as a new threat. the usual strategy in austin of larvacide in areas with stagnant water and not using fog trucks remains in play. mos says: "i would say it is use the larvacide because the larvacide kills the mosquito ever become an
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jennifer castaneda is aware of the birth defects associated with the zika virus.. an not ignoring the risk castaneda says: "it's pretty scary y'know especially since i have friends who are pregnant and they're staying indoors don't want to risk anything.." jennifer says the mosquito prevention plan for her two kids.. involves using a lot of repellant natural and also those containing deet. castaneda says: "i'm going to lather them upthe recent cases of zika virus found in texas involve people who were infected in another country and recently returned. a researcher at u-t austin believes the risk for that remains high but he also warns the mosquito that carries the virus is already in texas. professor sahotra sarkar first spotted the zika virus several years ago while studying another mosquito borne illness. sarkar says: "i absolutely think we are going to begin to see what are called local outbreaks in the summer. the same mosquitos that carry this particular disease also carry dengue and during the last ten years there have been several episodes of dengue expansion along the mexico texas border in florida and elsewhere." the professor told me local governments are running out of
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says: "i think control measures need to become a lot more focused and a lot more serious." sarkar believes the zika problem will not become the status quo in north america.he expects that the virus will be defeated much the same way malaria was once beaten back. a genious design - or a public nusiance. the controversy - over this new restroom. we're
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smart idea - or a bad investment?a new - open air bathroom in california - is causing an uproar. claudia co-wan shows us - the new facilities - and what taxpayers are saying about it - in san francisco. :10 - :12 :15 - :18:39 - :421:12 - :19 1:37 - :53just blocks away from san francisco's famous dolores mission, what's believed to be a *first* in the nation: an public, open air, bathroom at city's most popular parks: forrest says: "my first reaction was shock- i thought
10:52 pm
their nose... jones says: it's disgusting!" ...or their ears when they hear san francisco spent $15-thousand dollars on this concrete urinal- drain with a partial screen and not much else.. near trains, kids, and residents like patrick sullivan --sullivan says: "there were so many people using it last saturday that the urine was dripping over to where people were getting off the train." it was recently with other upgrades to dolores park which, on a sunny weekend, can see thousands of visitors, and had very few toilets. while no one from the city would talk to us on camera, a parks and rec spokeswoman said the urinal is - quote- "an peeing in the bushes and people's front yards, which was all too common at the old dolores park." maybe so, but some critics say the open air design poses a health hazard, violates privacy rights, and discriminates against women and the disabled:dacus says: "this doesn't solve the problem, it's irresponsible, it's illegal, the city has to change its position or face the legal consequences." the pacific justice institute has threatened to sue if the urinal isn't, well, eliminated. in response, the city attorney's office would only say it "intends to give their legal theories all the consideration they deserve." translation: the very public potty .. is staying put. .. at least for now. the good news: the park now has several dozen *normal* toilets, thanks to the recent renovations, and vines have been planted around the screen, which should provide a bit more privacy, eventually.
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otters are celebrating tonight... sea otters in japan are celebrating valentine's's become a tradition for the otters to get heart-shaped treats - at this sea paradise. yutan -- a male sea otter -- shows off for guests watching as he digs into his holiday treat. the sea otters at the aquarium are the only lucky ones to get this special treatment. aquarium staffers say it's a fan favorite among visitors. thanks for joining us for wfxr news first at ten. don't go virginia sports live is next. coming up tonight on virginia sports live... the hokies get a boost by the return of a big man...the
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winning... and more importantly, they're enjoying their time while they do it... and of course we have plenty of high school basketball as the regular season nears it's end... virginia sports live, starts now... hello and welcome to the hello and welcome to the final night of the high school basketball regular season... it's one final chance to get some momentum heading into the's a night filled with rivalry games, bragging rights and district titles on the line... and we start tonight in danville with george washington hosting
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game... these two rivals met just three days ago with martinsville getting the four point win... so the eagles looking for redemption...1. isaiah bethel to patrick robinson... drives baseline and kisses it high off the glass... 10-5 eagles... nice move...2. martinsville knows how to shoot... aaron martin drains the baseline three, cutting the gw lead in half... 3. devonnte holland running the break... the perfect bounce pass to cam bradley for the lay-in... the bulldogs love to run...4. the eagles would respond... corey beard for three... 29-22 george washington...5. same spot but this time its dyante fuller- mcdowell... he has 3 names, he scores 3 points... the crowd loves it especailly this wonderful washington pulls off the four point win, 51-47 over martinsville... kevaney martin has more from danville... :00-:06:17-:23:29-:35every
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