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tv   WFXR News First at Ten  FOX  February 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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migrate north? i'll let ya know, wfxr news firstat ten starts now. ice issues. sot: "we don't know where this tree came from it just fell out of the sky."heavy ice toppling trees and power lines under its residents and schools try to recover from the latest winter storm.alsofire prevention week: "i think it empowers the children. and it makes them
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children to be prepared in case of an emergency.and who is john kasich.sot: let's revive the spirit of our countrytonight we profile and presidential hopeful.does he have what it takes to be the next commander in chief? the weather - feels like a rollercoaster ride - in the rollercoaster feels like a the weather - the weather - feels like a rollercoaster ride - in the last 24 hours. the snow and freezing rain that fell yesterday - started to melt ... with today's sunshine and mild breeze. tonight - all of that runoff - could re-freeze in spots - creating dangerous black ice. this is a live look - from outside our studios in roanoke county. some untreated roads- already shiny and slick. and here's a live look at a-e- p's outage map. more than 5 thousand homes and businesses without power in the city of roanoke. 4 thousand more in ronaoke county in the dark - and three thousand without
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county. early this morning - more than 50-thousand homes and businesses across the commonwealth - were without power. thanks for joining us tonight - i'm becky freemal. and i'm travell eiland. some school districts - have already canceled classes tomorrow . this will be the third time this week. let's check in with john - some folks are seeing more snow tonight?
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the snow and ice... caused several trees to fall.some homeowner in neighborhoods around cave spring-- have already started chopping up the downed trees.a toppled tree-- blocked part of penn forest boulevard this morning.there were also reports downed trees - along interstate 81 in roanoke county. franklin - henry - and roanoke counties - were hit hardest by this storm. w-f-x-r's sophia borrelli tagged along with appalachian power crews - to see exactly what they have to do - to get your power up and running. 0:08 - 0:130:14 - 0:24five stops - in five hours. but the list keeps growing - for this line crew.kenney boone/line crew supervisor: "if we can fix it with just the three of us real quick, we can, but if it would be something that would tie us up a long time, we will just assessing it."standup: "power crews say problems like this
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hours a day just to get your power back on as soon as possible."kenney: "dread the just part of the job been doing it for 36 years.crews snow was the cause for a lot of the problems. kenney: "snow the ice, the ice is what caused it."with no end in sight as to how long some will they are working as hard as they can. kenney: "go home and get a little sleep, then come back and do it the next day probably going to run two, three, four days probably."and to not shoot the messenger. kenney: "be patient and don't be mad at the ones that come out there to look at it because we're the ones that have to fix it."it's a dangerous job.but one that many residents are grateful for - once their lights are back on. reporting in roanoke, sophia borrelli wfxr news. many area schools- were shut down today. salem city officials say they've made progress removing the snow on school groundswe spotted crews -clearing the sidewalks outside g-w carver elementary school. most salem city schools will be open tomorrow -but will be operating on a two hour delay.
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a nusience. for others - it's been a nightmare. w-f-x-r's paris holmes spoke with one woman who says a falling tree jolted her out of her sleep early this morning..when she went outside-- she found her van crushed underneath a tree. "we don't know where this tree came from it just fell out of the sky."peg maguire and her family of windsor hills in southwest roanoke woke up to this..a down tree...down power lines....and worst of all a down and out nissan quest. " i don't think it's taken out a car like this before." maquire says her neighborhood is heavily wooded. they thought they were already prepared--removing trees they thought could hit their house or driveway. "it didn't like my van" but, nonetheless she's relieved. everyone is ok--her husband left an hour before the tree came down, and most importantly her two boys where safe inside. her oldest timothy says he wasn't scared by all the damage, but he did feel kind of bad for his mom. "that was my mom's car and it cost a lot of money to get it." maquire says fire department and power company responded quickly and luckily her home, unlike her car, was not damaged, so she's just thankful we still have internet and power and we can get cable so we're happy .... unfortunately her van isn't, so maguire says she's be spending the rest of her week talking with insurance
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holmes, wfxr news when checking for school closing or delays, most parents watch tv, or wait for the robo-call ... but more and more students are heading to twitter. in fact, according to roanoke city public schools, 85% of its twitter followers are high school students.over the past couple of days, the school district interacted with students on the social media site when asked about school closings ... and the responses from the school had some thinking the account had been hacked.for example ... when one person tweeted "we got school or nah" ... the response from the school district's twitter acount? ... "for every tweet asking about school tomorrow, we will delay our decision by 30 minutes." jadha harper/11th grader: every time we ask, he says something smart, like just
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professional answer."when we got in touch with a school spokesperson, he said the account was not hacked ... they were simply being "playful and nothing more."as for tomorrow's plans ... roanoke city schools announced, at this point, classes will be on a two hour delay. check out these pics - from our friends at mill mountain zoo. workers - used chain saws - to clear at least six downed trees - blocking the road to the zoo - and to the roanoke star. no animals at the zoo were hurt - but according to the zoo - there was some minor damage to a few of its exhibits. our thanks to 'kathryn fox' for those photos. anytime you have pictures of weather or news you want to share - email us pics to virginia first dot com. after winter storms, goodwill industries of the valleys sees a decrease in donations. and thats the time they need donations the mostteam members say they need clothes more than anything - but they are also accepting shoes and house ware items. so if you are cleaning out your closet-- consider donating to goodwill. elizabeth milne/marketing manager,goodwill industries of the valleys: "when individuals donate and shop with goodwill, they are helping people in the
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last year over all, we helped over for hundred people get jobs in the community. so when you are shopping and donating at goodwill, you are helping people get back to work."donations can be dropped off at multiple locations in around the area including their store on melrose ave. north-west in roanoke. virginia gets more than 15- million dollars to prevent terrorism in the commonwealth. senators mark warner and tim kaine made the announcement today. the federal preparedness grant comes from department of homeland security and femakaine and warner said these 'homeland security grants' will strengthen the commonwealth's abilities to prevent and mitigate emergencies, including terror threats, natural and man-made disasters. life saving lessons. coming up -- how a pillowcase can be used - to educate kids - about fire safety. plus - a frontrunner - in ronaoke's mayoral race - is coming to our studios tomorrow. how you can submit
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overnight...a chance of rain early this evening. cloudy with achance of snow. lows around 30. northwest winds around 10 mph.chance of precipitation 30 percent. .wednesday...partly sunny. highs in the mid 40s. northwest windsaround 10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph. .wednesday night...partly cloudy. lows in the upper 20s. northwest winds around 10 mph. .thursday...sunny. highs in the mid 40s. light and variable winds..thursday night...mostly clear. lows in the upper 20s. light andvariable winds. .friday...mostly sunny. highs in the upper 40s..friday night...partly cloudy in the evening...then becomingmostly cloudy. not as cool with lows
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through sunday...partly cloudy. highs around 60. lows in the upper 30s..sunday night...mostly cloudy. lows in the lower 40s..monday...mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of showers.highs in the mid 50s..monday night and tuesday...mostly cloudy with a 40 percentchance of showers. lows in the upper 30s. highs
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it's fire it's fire prevention week - and our team has been sharing
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your family - can stay safe. tonight - w-f-x-r's kristen eskow shows us how the american red cross - helps children prepare for emergencies - with pillowcases. :09-:14 getting children ready for an emergency situation is one responsibility of many american red cross volunteers - but for bridget powell - it's also personal.powell: "ironically enough, i grew up in new orleans, and my parents were unfortunately part of katrina. and that is something that we have always been taught, as a little child, to be prepared."powell is a regional instructor for the pillowcase project - which the red cross started two years ago. it's a one-time class that teaches children - usually between the ages of 8 and 12 - what kinds of items they should have handy in case of an emergency."an emergency radio, something to kind of spend the times if they're out of power, like today, maybe a coloring book or a puzzle. and also a blanket, flashlight." standup: "before filling the pillowcases, each child is given his or her own to design as they like."powell: "they get to be excited about it and have, kind of, their minds open to things. and actually it calms their fear."powell says the children use those pillowcases - to prepare and hold their own emergency preparedness kit at home - which they can use in case of a fire or other emergency - if they can access it safely. powell says she finds not many children fully understand how be prepared for an emergency - before taking the class. powell: "if you can help another child to calm their
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you've done the best thing you could ever do for a child." the class has been taught to more than 3,000 children throughout virginia. in roanoke, kristen eskow, wfxr news. if you'd like to host a pillowcase project class at your organization - or if you know a family that needs a smoke detector installed - just head to virginia first dot com. w-f-x-r news has partnered up with the american red cross. we have a special ' fire prevention week' page - with resources to help you and your family. we are your local election headquarters. and we're taking
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the candidates. roanoke mayoral candidate sherman lea - won the democratic firehouse primary - over the weekend. it was a record turnout at the berglund center. sherman lea - is set to make a special appearance tomorrow morning - during the 7 o'clock hour of good day virginia. if you want to ask lea questions - about roanoke's economy, safety or future-- share your question- on our wfxr news facebook page. you can't buy it in stores. coming up - we'll show you how people are getting their hands
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most milk must be pasturized - before it can make it to your refrigerator. some farmers - and families - have found a way around the rules. w-f-x-r's solina lewis shows us how some people - are getting their hands on raw milk - in pittsylvania county. "it's just milk that's straight from the cow it's unprocessed it's straight from the animal for us to enjoy and consume"but unless you actually own a cow, or a share of a herd, it's not legal for virginians to enjoy or consume..."some states where it's illegal and some states where you can buy it in the going on"the debate centers on the bacteria in raw versus say can be dangerous...jack that by selling shares of his herd, not milk--customers just pay to board the animals... "the milk is just a by product of owning a share of the herd" the milk is then delivered to the shareholders as a bonus for owning part of the's still a hotly contested issue, but jack says it's due to misunderstanding.
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drinking milk from the store, but that's not the case for me with raw milk"jack says he doesn't advertise, and that all of the herd's partial owners found him in their search for raw milk..."they actually find us they've done their research and they want this for their family"he encourages everyone to do their research on the issue and draw their own conclusion, and for those who don't agree? well, there's no use crying over spilled milk...solina lewis, wfxr news.
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leaders virginia leaders are pushing for more agriculture trade with cuba.this- as airline service is being offered - for the first time in fifty years. top u-s officials are in havana to sign an aviation pact-- that will allow travel to cuba. department of transportation leaders say airline carriers must apply for permission to fly before they sell tickets to cuba. the goal is to expand tourism and business on the island. both sides say this is a major step forward in the growing relationship between the u-s and cuba. :26 - :43foxx says: "it represents a critically important milestone in the united state's continued efforts to engage with cuba and normalize our relations, as president obama set out to do just 14 months ago."the arrangement allows only twenty round trip flights per day between the u-s and havana, and ten flights daily from nine other
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new numbers are out - in the race for the whitehouse. next at ten thirty - who is leading in the polls - before the next big primary. plus - john kasich is slipping in the polls - after his second place finish in new hamphire. we take a closer look - at the ohio governor's campaign and plan for the
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candidates are crisscrossing the state of south carolina ... ahead of this saturday's republican primary. and with an average of recent polls showing ted cruz just trailing behind frontrunner donald trump ... the war between the two is now escalating ... peter doocy reports. :09 - :11:12 - :19:40 - :54 1:08 - 1:171:18 - 1:36 after repeatedly clashing during last weekend's debate in south carolina ... the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz is clearly not letting up ... trump says: "never seen a human being lie so much ..."// butted to // cruz says: "he cannot be trusted to nominate conservatives to the court, given that for 60 years of his life he described himself as very pro-choice ..." this, while the front-runner unleashes new attacks on his other rival ... jeb bush ... who was joined by his brother -- former president george w. bush -- for the first time on the campaign trail last night ... both bushes -- responding to trump with some strong words of their own. g.w.bush says: "the strongest person isn't the loudest person in the room ..."// butted to // jeb bush says: "the leading candidate says we don't need to increase spending on military- guess he thinks he can use his real estate skills to bring weapons meanwhile, the democrats are
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saturday in nevada ... with the clinton campaign hoping to slow down the momentum of her rival -- bernie sanders -- following his landslide victory in the new hampshire primary. clinton says: "we have work to do ... and i know very well both my campaign more importantly my presidency ... " according to a newly released poll, senator sanders is actually tied with clinton in south carolina at 46-percent each among white voters. however, clinton holds a substantial lead among african american voters ... 63 to 23-percent. in
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.another poll - from c-n-n.... o-r-c....shows that hillary clinton is 18- points ahead of bernie sanders among likely voters in soth carolina. anything is possible come saturday, as about half of south carolina's expected primary voters say they're still undecided. on the republican side... donald trump is leading with 38-percent support from likely voters.texas senator ted cruz hold second place with just 22- percent.marco rubio and jeb bush are trailing behind. ben carson and ohio governor john kasich - are in the single digits.. it's a big fall in the polls for john kasich - who finished second in the new hampshire primary.w-f-x-r's bill wadell takes a closer look - at where the governor of ohio - stands on the big issues. 00:00 - 00:0500:12 - 00:17 01:07 - 01:13with a lot of mud slinging and name calling between republican candidates - john kasich has been sticking to the positive side. the second term governor of ohio.... says america desperately needs optimism - and fiscal reform. we decided we were going to fix ourselves, that we were going to build things up ourselves, that we were going to connect and make stronger families .... the 63-year-old says - he closed an 8 billion dollar budget shortfall in ohio without raising taxes. kasich also says - he cut taxes by 5 billion dollars - helping to
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the buckeye state. the father of two... previously worked at lehman brothers investment banking. kasich's camp says education should be locally directed - not micro managed by the feds. the governor says - obamacare much be repealed. when it comes to same sex marriage - kasich has taken some heat - for saying he will defer to the courts decision. critics have mixed reviews for kasich's stance on second ammendment rights. on defending the homeland - kasich has called for 102 billion dollars in increased defen se spending over the next 8 years - to defeat isis and protect america. let's start little. let's have some success. let's revive the spirit of our country. i'll take the job in washington and you take care of it here. at a town hall in michigan - kasich says he has a plan - to reform the pentagon - cut taxes - and save social security - in the first 100 days in office, if elected. i'm bill wadell,
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the empty chair in the u-s supreme did not go unnoticed, wool crepe has been draped on the chair of justice antonin scalia and on the bench in front of his seat.a black drape has also been hung over the courtroom doors.a source close to his family saus there will be a public viewing for scalia on friday.his funeral will be held on saturday. a former treasury secretary says we should get rid of the one-hundred dollar bill.larry summers says the one-hundred dollar bill should be scrapped to make life more difficult for tax cheats and other criminals.he cites a newly- published study from the harvard business school.the study argues... eliminating larger denomination bills would have little downside for legitimate commerce....but it says it would make life far more difficult for people who
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is iphone - losing the smart phone battle?coming up - what experts are saying about apple's future. plus - a bizarre accident on the basketball court - caught on camera. how this player -
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overnight...a chance of rain early this evening. cloudy with achance of snow. lows around 30. northwest winds around 10 mph. chance of precipitation 30 percent..wednesday...partly sunny. highs in the mid 40s. northwest windsaround 10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph. .wednesday night...partly cloudy. lows in the upper 20s. northwest winds around 10 mph. .thursday...sunny. highs in the mid 40s. light and variable winds..thursday night...mostly clear. lows in the upper 20s. light andvariable winds.
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in the upper 40s..friday night...partly cloudy in the evening...then becomingmostly cloudy. not as cool with lows in the upper 30s..saturday through sunday...partly cloudy. highs around 60. lows in the upper 30s..sunday night...mostly cloudy. lows in the lower 40s..monday...mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of showers.highs in the mid 50s..monday night and tuesday...mostly cloudy with a 40 percentchance of showers. lows in the upper 30s. highs
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it's been a good month - for apple. the smart phone giant - has been feeling a lot of pressure from the makers of droid. but analysts say - last month was the best january for
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dating back to the originial days of i-phones. apple is trading under 100 dollars a share, but experts thinks apple could soar to 200-hundred dollars - in the coming year. a freak accident - caught on camera in wisconsin. a 14-year-old girl - playing in a basketball tournament - was impailed by a splintered board on the court!the 8th grader - fell - slid on the floor - and right into the board - that no one knew was broken. :45 - 51 "it was 3 to 4 inches long and in some parts, probably a quarter to a half inch deep.":56 - :01:00 "we thought they were going to have to remove an entire board and take the board to the hospital."luckily - that is going to be just fine. none of her internal organs were hit. she spent the night in the hospital - but she's expected to be back on the
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some families share a love for sports... but for one virginia tech women's basketball player it goes well past being a fan...coming up... why the magarity family reunions might be the best 3-on-3 basketball you would find anywhere... and the hokies have a tough task ahead of them tomorrow night against top 25 miami... kyle bailey joins us in studio to give you preview... join us if you want to sound smart at the office tomorrow... that's
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virginia tech women's basketball player regan magarity shares a trait that runs in her family... as jermaine ferrell shows us, that trait can be traced to the game of basketball... :28-:331:08-1:13when it comes to basketball, it is all in the family for hokies redshirt freshman and swedish native regan magarity. regan's parents played professionally in europe, her brother will played for acc rival boston college. but wait there more...... regan's uncle is the head women's coach at army, her cousin maureen head women's coach at new hampshire. through it all there wasn't any pressure to take part in the family business.rm growing up personally i wanted to play basketball. because my role models my parents played and my brother played. i knew i always wanted to play
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pressured me. i played soccer growing up i wasn't very good at it so i only played soccer for a year.thank goodness she stayed with hoops........last season she averaged 14 points and 10 rebounds before being sidelined with injury after the first five games. this season, magarity is one of the reasons for the women of tech's great start.rm coming over here from sweden is a great honor, i always wanted to play college basketball being able to do it here is very nice i really appreciate the coaches and the school for recruiting me.jf the basketball pedigree for regan magarity's family is impressive. but there is one big thing that regan takes away from family when it comes to hoops.rm my parents have always have been supportive...they would always tell me before a game, just to do you best and have fun.but most of all be aggressive and be determined. i just think hearing those words, before every game and even after a game and just having their support has really helped me. jermaine ferrell, wfxr sports. :00-:06:28-:33 jeff archer: "thank you very much jermaine, magarity and those hokies host duke on thursday. talking about acc basketball and the
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to miami tomorrow night. to give us a buzz about that we turn to kyle bailey, sports talk show host for ...kyle bailey: "supersorts 101.7 and the virginia tech flagship station, 105.3 the bear."jeff archer: "we're talking basketball right now. chirs clarke is back. what kind of a difference can he make in this game specifically against miami?"kyle bailey: "he's huge for them. he is literally a spark plug for them. you saw him coming off the bench on tuesday against virginia. not something we expected. he looked like the best athlete on the floor. he's going to help them offensively. he's going to help them defensively, but they need some help on the glass and that's where he can be a real x-factor for this team tomorrow night."jeff archer: "looking at miami's schedule, after virginia tech they have
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including carolina right behind the hokies. any chance that the hurricanes might overlook virginia tech?"kyle bailey: "i think it's possible. jim laranagua is such a good coach. we know it from his days making a final 4 with george mason and now miami, but they've got carolina on saturday, a game that could be for first place in the acc. they've got virginia next week followed by louisville and then notre dame. so 4 consecutive top 25 teams. i would expect them to be ready, but it's not unthinkkable that these guys could be overlooking the hokies to carolina on saturday."jeff archer: "the hokies and the hurricanes kick off at 9:00 on wednesday. that will certainly be a good one. we'll keep our eye on it and we'll have highlights for you right here on wfxr tomorrow night. coming up after the
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daytona, specially what the daytona 500 is right around the corner... and as our guy john kucko explains, fans who actually head to
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new and improved viewing experience... john kucko: "a beautiful day daytona as we look ahead to sunday's season starting daytona the daytona international raceway, they've made a ton of here over the last couple of years here. a call daytona rising. they spent $400 million and it is now considered a racing stadium. they call it the world center of racing as you can see behind me. but what they did was decrease the capaicty to 101,000 for race day. which means it's a sellout. in fact they sold out today. they made the seasts wider. each seat has a cup holder. they really tried to make it a better experience for the fans. they took the seating from the back stretch away. this is the bulk of the seating all along the front stretch here at daytona.
10:53 pm
places so fans can see the action better on the far end. all of this geared towards making this one of the best sports venues in all of america and with the renovation project, like i said $400 million, they spent a fortune to make it better. and everyone is looking ahead to sunday's start of the 2016 nascar season. in daytona, i'm john kucko." contract negotiations are not going well between kirk cousins and the washington redksins according to adam schefter of espn... schefter reporting that talks between the two sides have broken off and no further discussions are planned at this time... the redskins could still use the franchise tag on cousins... the redskins have expressed a desire to sign the qb to a long-term deal... not all the high school games snowed out tonight... faith christian hosting new covenant out of lynchburg...1. the gryphons came out fighting... bennett arthur with the rebound and the bucket to put new covenant up 1 early...2. but the warriors would find
10:54 pm
drains the 3... faith christian up 4...3. the warriors would get 7-2 center brendan newton going... corals the pass and hits the free throw line jumper...newton finishes with 22 points and 12 rebounds as faith christian semifinals with the 72-36 win... on the rocks - or all is forgiven?up next - an update -
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update on hug cam. instead of a warm embrace on unc-greensboro's hug cam - this guy - *dabs* on his girl. earlier today - we heard from ryan ashbythrough twitter - he told jeff archer - he was in the dog house - but he gave his girl a hug later on - and things have been patched up.
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oh, come on, melissa. how long are you gonna keep punishing me for this? okay, okay, uh, once again, you want to catch me up? alan: melissa, are you gonna let me talk? well, you know alan was nailing his receptionist, right?
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apparently, she caught him in bed with her mother. are you gonna let me talk? i've been calling him that for years, and now he's up and done it. i was stoned out of my mind. you know, that excuse has never once worked for me. me, either. no. hey, hey, hey, your mother put enough pot in that banana bread to treat every case of glaucoma in the san fernando valley. i have a recipe for macaroons. very similar. i was so high, i didn't even know who she was. we were just colors. i was red, she was blue. we were trying to make purple. sure. it's on the coffee table. okay, so-so bottom line, i was drugged and molested by your mother, and i'm the bad guy? man, how many times have i heard you make this phone call?


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