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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 6  FOX  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's wednesday february 17.i'm january keaton. and i'm even though roads are in much better shape this morning than they were yesterday morning, there are still a few hazards to keep an eye on as you head out the door today. meteoologist taylor kanost is keeping an eye on the roads this morning in roanoke county. thanks to the warm conditions yesterday, city and vdot crews were able to get a lot accomplished yesterday. most major roads have been cleared of all of the trees
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that, most roads including secondary neighborhood streets appear to be clear of snow at this point. however, we aren't completely out of the woods just yet. temperatures are expected to hover right around the freezing mark this morning in roanoke and other portions of southwest virginia which means black ice could be an not drop below freezing, all of the snowmelt will pond on the roads. bottom line is most of you shouldn't have any trouble getting where you need to go today, but it's still a smart idea to take a bit slow and give yourself a little bit extra time. reporting live in roanoke, taylor kanost wfxr
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thousands of people are still in the dark in our regional at this moment. here is a live look at appalachian power's outage map. you can see the highest numbers still 24 hours later in roanoke county and franklin county. 45-hundred people are still in the dark in roanoke county. 37-hundred also in franklin county. with so many people without electricity, power crews are stretched thin. the ice from yesterday's storm brought down tree limbs and power lines across the region. at the peak, 35 thousand appalachian power custers were in the dark. some may not get their electricity back before tomorrow. that despite the fact that crews have worked around the clock. wfxr's sophia borrelli looks at the enormous job. 0:08 - 0:130:14 - 0:24five stops - in five hours.but the list keeps growing - for this line crew.kenney boone/line crew supervisor: "if we can fix it with just the three of us real quick, we can, but if it would be something that would tie us up a long time, we will just assessing it." standup: "power crews say problems like this one aren't a quick fix but they are working 15 to 16 hours a day just to get your power back on
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"dread the long hours, but you know, it's just part of the job been doing it for 36 years. crews say the ice storm after the snow was the cause for a lot of the problems. kenney: "snow would have been better than the ice, the ice is what caused it."with no end in a cold front will cross through the ohio valley today andtonight...then will dissipate tonight...then valley today andthrough the ohio will cross through the ohio valley today andtonight...then valley today andthrough the ohio a cold front a cold front will cross through the ohio valley today andthrough the ohio will cross valley today andtonight...then valley today andthrough the ohio will cross a cold front cold front will cross through the ohio valley today and tonight...then will dissipate over the mid atlantic region by thursday morning. high
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front andwill cover much of the eastern united states on thursday. a lowpressure system in the upper mississippi valley friday will moveeast across the great lakes on
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a proposed takeover of norfolk southern railroad could be in the works. officials with canadian pacific plan to seek preliminary approval from federal regulators. norfolk southern has responded saying they feel canadian pacific's offer is quote grossly inadequate. no word this morning on when a possible decision could be reached. president obama reaffirms his plans to nominate the next supreme court justice... after the death of justice antonin scalia. but republicans continue to stand in the way... saying they will not consider a nomination until after the presidential election.jackie ibanez has more from new york.
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president obama is not backing down from the fight to replace supreme court justice antonin scalia after his death. the republicans plan to block any nomination mister obama makes... and believe the next president should pick the nominee.sessions says: "so we're just not going to move this nominee because it's going to allow the next president to fill this seat. it's a decisive seat on the court." the president believes it is his prerogative to pick a replacement judge... and expects a fair senate hearing for his nomination.president obama says: "the constitution is pretty clear about what is suppose to happen now. when there is a vacancy on the supreme court, the president of the united states is to nominate someone. the senate is to consider that nomination and either they disapprove of that nominee or that nominee is elevated to the supreme court. historical this has not been viewed as a question." the right is now pointing to a younger senator obama.... who filibustered president george w. bush's nomination of samuel alito.sessions says: "well he has been totally hypocritical and inconsistent on that. justice alito is a fabulous judge. he did a great job at the judiciary hearing. and he filibustered and tried to deny him a vote." but republicans have changed their position on nominations since bush's presidency... as they are now trying to prevent what they call a liberal activist judge. gingrich says: "nothing in american history requires the senate to approve the president's nomination. presidents don't appoint. they nominate." president obama
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before his term is up. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. the debate over raw versus pasteurized milk has been going on for years.and while selling raw milk in the commonwealth is illegal, some have found a legal loophole.we will have that story next on good day virginia. and you could be seeing a lot fewer of these in your wallet.... but it will not have anything to do with your paycheck.what could happen to
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in virginia - most milk must be pasturized - before it can make it to your refrigerator. that means it has been heated to high enough temperature to kill bacteria. the f-d-a says pasteurized milk has the same nutritional value as raw milk.
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unpasteurized milk is 150 times more likely to make you sick. but some advocates of raw milk disagree. they believe it is healthier, even though it is against the law to sell. a local farmer and families in our region have found a way around the rules. w-f-x-r's solina lewis shows us how they are getting their hands on raw milk - in pittsylvania county. :00"it's just milk that's straight from the cow it's unprocessed it's straight from the animal for us to enjoy and consume"but unless you actually own a cow, or a share of a herd, it's not legal for virginians to enjoy or consume..."some states where it's illegal and some states where you can buy it in the store, so there's a big debate going on"the debate centers on the bacteria in raw versus pasteurized milk, which some say can be dangerous...jack fuhrmann is able to get around that by selling shares of his herd, not milk--customers just pay to board the animals... "the milk is just a by product of owning a share of the herd" the milk is then delivered to the shareholders as a bonus for owning part of the's still a hotly contested issue, but jack says it's due to misunderstanding. ..praising the benefits of it "i'm lactose intolerant drinking milk from the store, but that's not the case for me with raw milk"jack says he doesn't advertise, and that all of the herd's partial owners found him in their search for raw milk..."they actually find us they've done their research and they want this for their family"he encourages everyone to do
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and draw their own conclusion, and for those who don't agree? well, there's no use crying over spilled milk...solina lewis, wfxr news. the virginia department of health says raw milk does not help lactose says all milk contains lactose
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change that. the owners of two michigan pancake restaurants have been ordered to pay up in a dispute over tips and back wages. john and peter philis are accused of forcing workers pay the restaurants two dollars an hour from their tips.investigators also accused them of failing to accurately record employee work hours ...... and deducting pay for incorrect orders or uniform issues.the owners were ordered to pay 245-thousand dollars to more than a hundred employees.john philis said the problems were due to constantly-changing labor laws. a former treasury secretary says the u-s should get rid of the one-hundred dollar bill. larry summers says the one-hundred dollar bill should be scrapped to make life more difficult for tax cheats and other criminals. he cites a newly-published study from the harvard business school. the study argues... eliminating larger denomination bills would have little downside for legitimate commerce, but it says it would make life far more difficult
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a cold front will cross through the ohio valley today andtonight...then will dissipate over the mid atlantic region bythursday morning. high pressure builds in behind the front andwill cover much of the eastern united states on thursday. a lowpressure system in the upper mississippi valley friday will moveeast across the great lakes on saturday. today...partly sunny. highs in the mid 40s. northwest winds around 10 mph..tonight...partly cloudy in the evening...then clearing. lows inthe mid 20s. northwest winds around 10 mph with gusts up to20 mph. .thursday...sunny. highs in the mid 40s. northwest winds around10 mph in the morning...becoming light and variable..thursday night...mostly clear in the evening...then becomingpartly cloudy. lows in the upper 20s. light and variable winds. .friday...mostly sunny. highs around 50. south winds around 10 mph. gusts up to 25 mph in the afternoon..friday night through sunday...partly cloudy. lows around 40.highs in the mid 50s..sunday night...mostly cloudy. lows in the lower 40s..monday...mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of showers.highs in the mid 50s..monday night and tuesday...mostly cloudy with a 40 percentchance of showers.
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and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. when checking for school closing or delays, most parents watch tv, or wait for the robo-call ... but more and more students are heading to twitter. in fact, according to roanoke city public schools, 85% of its twitter
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students.over the past couple of days, the school district interacted with students on the social media site when asked about school closings ... and the responses from the school had some thinking the account had been hacked.for example ... when one person tweeted "we got school or nah" ... the response from the school district's twitter acount? ... "for every tweet asking about school tomorrow, we will delay our decision by 30 minutes."one student, however...did not find the sass funny. jadha harper/11th grader: every time we ask, he says something smart, like just coming back, like not with a professional answer." a school spokesperson says the the account was not hacked ... they were simply being "playful and nothing more." by the way, students in roanoke city will head back to class two hours
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preparing for emergencies like power outages is something that the american red cross takes part's also fire prevention week and we want to share expert advice on how you and your family can stay safe! wfxr's kristen eskow shows us how pillowcases are helping children in particular deal with emergency situations. :09-:14 getting children ready for an emergency situation is one responsibility of many american red cross volunteers - but for bridget powell - it's also personal.powell: "ironically enough, i grew up in new orleans, and my parents were unfortunately part of katrina. and that is something that we have always been taught, as a little child, to be prepared."powell is a regional instructor for the pillowcase project - which the red cross started two years ago. it's a one-time class that teaches children - usually between the ages of 8 and 12 - what kinds of items they should have handy in case of an emergency."an emergency radio, something to kind of spend the times if they're out of power, like today, maybe a coloring book or a puzzle. and also a blanket, flashlight."
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pillowcases, each child is given his or her own to design as they like."powell: "they get to be excited about it and have, kind of, their minds open to things. and actually it calms their fear."powell says the children use those pillowcases - to prepare and hold their own emergency preparedness kit at home - which they can use in case of a fire or other emergency - if they can access it safely. powell says she finds not many children fully understand how be prepared for an emergency - before taking the class. powell: "if you can help another child to calm their fears, to be prepared, then you've done the best thing you could ever do for a child." the class has been taught to more than 3,000 children throughout virginia. in roanoke, kristen eskow, wfxr news. if you'd like to host a pillowcase project class at
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know a family that needs a smoke detector installed - just head to virginia first dot com. w-f-x-r news has partnered up with the american red cross. we have a special ' fire prevention week' page - with resources to help you and your family. after more than two decades on the air, we will soon see homer simpson in a new way.we will tell you what surprise, the people of springfield have for us when good day virginia
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homer simpson is going live from springfield later this year. fox says the iconic animated dad will star in a live segment at the conclusion of the may 15th episode of "the simpsons". homer will appear for about three minutes, discussing the news of the day and possibly answering social media how will this happen?producer al jean says the actor who voices dan castellaneta, will act out the character in real time using motion capture technology.that means whatever motions castellaneta does, homer will do the same on screen.this will be the first time a live segment has
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through the ohio valley today andtonight...then will dissipate over the mid atlantic region bythursday morning. high pressure builds in behind the front andwill cover much of the eastern united states on thursday. a upper mississippi valley friday will moveeast across
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thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's wednesday february 17. i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm january keaton. firefighters in bedford county have spent much of the morning fighting a house holmes is at the, what can you tell us? around 5am this morning the bedford fire department responded to a fire here on the 1000 block shepards store road. according to the chief it took about 45 mins to put the fire out which they believe started in the garage. they're not sure what cause it
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the owners of the house are standing out here in front. probably in shock. i haven't had a chance to talk to them yet, but i've seen neighbors come out here and give them a blanket. fire are still working in the house making
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thousands of people are still in the dark in our regional at this moment. here is a live look at appalachian power's outage map. you can see the highest numbers still 24 hours later in roanoke county and franklin county. 45-hundred people are still in the dark in roanoke county. 37-hundred also in franklin county. after winter storms, organizations like goodwill industries of the valleys often see a decrease in donations. and thats the time they need donations the most team members say they need clothes more than anything - but they are also accepting shoes and if you are cleaning out your closet-- consider donating! elizabeth milne/marketing manager,goodwill industries of the valleys: "when donate and shop with goodwill, people in the community gain last year over all, we helped people get jobs in the when you are
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work." donations can be dropped off at multiple locations in around the area including their store on melrose avenue in roanoke. a cold front will cross through the ohio valley today andtonight...then will dissipate over the mid atlantic region bythursday morning. high pressure builds in behind the front andwill cover much of the eastern united states on thursday. a lowpressure system in the upper mississippi valley friday will moveeast across
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wfxr is your local election headquarters and new this morning: a new c-n-n o-r-c poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton both holding big leads nationally. trump is leading the race to the white house with 38- percent support from likely voters. texas senator ted cruz holds second place. meanwhile, on the democratic side, hillary clinton is 18-points ahead of bernie sanders. the presidential campaigns have spent more than
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alone. with all that money at stake -- you would think the campaigns would want to be sure they were getting it right. but mistakes are flooding the airwaves.james rosen takes a look. :50-:57 james rosen airwaves.are flooding the right.getting it sure they were the campaigns you would think money at stake -- you would think the campaigns would want to be sure they were getting it right.are flooding the airwaves.takes a look. 1:26-1:341:41-1:57morning again in america." with those words, marco rubio's ad-stir memories of the patriotic commercial that helped president election in 19-84... except the in rubio's opening shot was shot in vancouver. flag can even be seen hoisted above the vessel trawling through the harbor. in a number of ads this cycle, what you get isn't exactly what you see. case in point: donald trump's first ad, from january. natsound: "he'll stop illegal building a wall on our southern border..." except that border, and all those crossing it, were filmed in morocco. a maker of hundreds of republican ads explained how such things happen.haynes says: "you're making these ads as fast as you can. you're staying up in the middle of the night in these dark, gloomy edit studios -- and mistakes get made. // but sometimes they're just tiny, microscopic errors that, you know, in the bright light of the media spotlight, become big stories." the rubio campaign thanked "buzz-feed" for catching the canadian goof, but kept the ad up. a spokesman for trump said their use of the moroccan border was "one thousand-percent intentional." ted cruz, however, did pull an ad found to have used, as part of the ensemble cast, a former adult film star... and virginia- based "media general," owner of 71 t-v stations in 48 markets, pulled an ad created by the super pac supporting cruz that accused marco rubio of backing sanctuary cities... calling the ad inaccurate. rollins says: "there's been so many negative ads in the last couple of presidential races. 80 to 90 percent of all ads are negative, and nothing is positive. // the problem is we're now not sure negative ads work. when you have such a glut of them, it's hard to know what's true and not true. and people tune out." of course the most devastating and buzz-worthy political commercial of all time --
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marrying the image of a little girl picking daisies with the nuclear mushroom cloud -- also had to be pulled...after only one airing. in washington,
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reseachers think they may have made a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer.we will have the details next on virginia. one woman is taking on the federal government.she doesn't like a decision that could have an impact on her autistic
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break. researchers in washington state believe they may have mad a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer. researchers at seattle's fred hutchinson cancer research center announced a potential new treatment this week.the treatment is based on what's called "immuno-therapy"that fight off cancer cells in a way that's similar to fighting a the treatment, doctors take white blood cells called t-cells from cancer patients and genetically modify them.the cells are then put back in the patient to multiply. in one study - the therapy eliminated all symptoms in 94 percent of participants with an acute form of leukemia. a federal panel -- causing quite the stir ... after deciding not to recommend
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autism. and as linda schmidt reports, some think the test doesn't do any good ... while one mother feels the panel made the wrong choice ... :42-:531:05-1:131:49-2:04 johanna burke's 13-year-old, aidan, has severe autism. he's unable to communicate.... and is constantly in motion from the moment he wakes up.... until he goes to bed at night. when aidan was a year and half old.... johanna says she and her husband knew something was wrong... with their little boy.burke says: "he wasn't speaking! the pediatrician said nothing wrong with him." 6-months later.... 'johanna'.... says aidan was diagnosed with autism. johanna strongly believes that all children should be screened for autism under the age of 3.... and vehemently disagrees with a federal panels decision.... not to recommend universal screening.burke says: "this would be a huge step in getting autism action in this country right now. to help diagnose these children, to help give them an earlier start so they can reach their best potential." the 'u.s. preventive services task force'.... says it cannot recommend for or against autism screening in young children..... until it has more evidence that early screening is beneficial. grossman says: "we need to know more about the best age to screen, the best screening tools to use and whether screening all children ultimately improves their quality of life." rosanoff says: "it goes against........ research." 'autism speaks'....
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organization.... says the panel made the wrong decision. it says the screening is a questionnaire for parents about their child's development.... that takes about 5 minutes to fill out. in 2014.... statistics show..... 1 in 68 children were diagnosed with autism. that's a dramatic increase from 2010.... when it was 1 in 110 .... and in 2000..... 1 in 150 children. 'autism speaks'.... says early screenings are critical.
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s s a cold front will cross and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news hours a day.
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around the corner... and as our guy john kucko explains, fans who actually head to daytona this year will find a new and improved viewing experience... john kucko: "a beautiful day down here at daytona as we look ahead to sunday's season starting daytona 500. we're at the daytona international raceway, they've made a ton of improvements here over the last couple of years here. a project they call daytona rising. they spent $400 million and it is now considered a racing stadium. they call it the world center of racing as you can see behind me. but what they did was decrease the capaicty to 101,000 for race day. which means it's a sellout. in fact they sold out today. they made the seasts wider. each seat has a cup holder. they really tried to make it a better experience for the fans. they took the seating from the back stretch away. this is the bulk of the seating all along the front stretch here at daytona. they've got big jumbotrons in places so fans can see the action better on the far end. all of this geared towards sports venues in all of america and with the said $400 million, they spent a fortune to make it better. and everyone is looking ahead to sunday's start of the 2016 nascar season. in daytona, i'm john kucko." we have a full boat of daytona we have a full
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nascar season. in daytona, i'm john kucko." we have a full boat of daytona 5oo coverage for you this weekend... on saturday night it's jeff gordon's daytona 500 preview party... then on sunday our coverage actually begins at 11:30 with the 30 minute "big race" special... and of course, they actually drop the green flag at 1:00... so do you want to drive around like james bond?you can buy his car if you have a whole lot of money.but there
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next on good day virginia. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works
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for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. ride like double-oh seven...
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it. james bond's most recent ride is set to go up for auction this week. the aston martin d-b-ten super-car was created solely for the latest bond film "spectre."it's expected to sell for as much as two-point-one million dollars. aston martin says the car could hit a top speed around 190 miles per hour. there is once catch... you
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on the's not road legal today...partly sunny. highs in


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