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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 6  FOX  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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lurking behind the keyboard. parents are warned about the dangers threatening their children on the internet.their children threatening warned about the parents are the keyboard.lurking behind lurking behind the keyboard. parents are warned about the dangers threatening their children on the internet. social media and the apps basically is allowing a virtual front door to your house to be open to anybody in
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apple fights the government's attempts to worm its way into a suspected terrorist's cellphone.protecting your familywe see how a modest investment could save the most priceless things in your life. thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's thursday february 18. i'm january keaton. and i'm kyle benjamin. we start this morning with a traffic alert out of wythe county.a tractor trailer accident near mile marker 86 on interstate 81 is causing major delays right now. all northbound lanes are closed. , along with the south left shoulder and south left lane. traffic is backed up for around 2 miles. traffic is being diverted off at exit 84 then back onto 81
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first this morning: a developing story out of henry county: we have a breaking development on a story we have been bringing you this morning. police in henry county sayd they have found a missing woman. deputies found bernice proctor in a wooded area near old liberty drive in martinsville. her car was found in the area earlier. she was taken to the hospital where she is getting treatment for hypothermia and dehydration.proctor is expected to recover. family members became concerned when they hadn't seen her for a while. appalachian power crews continue to work on power outages caused by monday night's ice storm. less than 10 precent of the nearly 50,000 customers who lost power earlier this week remain without power this morning. wfxr's taylor kanost is in roanoke county with the latest numbers. good morning. i'm at glenvar high school which lost power earlier this week. that caused school to be closed as recently as yesterday, but thanks to the quick work of aep crews, power was restored to the building yesterday afternoon so school is back in session today. not everyone is back up
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high pressure builds into the area for today the internet helps the world stay connected, but the digital universe also has a dark side. just this year alone local investigators have arrested two men who allegedly abducted teenager girls they met online. most recently 13-year-old nicole lovell was stabbed to death by a man friends say she met on the internet. there is a local law enforcement agency that strictly focuses on cyber crimes against wfxr's sophia borrelli reports- - the group is trying to keep more kids from becoming
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it starts with parents for more information about how to talk with your teen about their online activity, you can head to our website at the danville city council has approved the addition of four police officers - to its police department. right now - the police force is budgeted to have 131 officers - but only has 125 on staff due to a high level of turnover - as some officers leave the department. now - the police department can have up to 135 officers on staff. this addition of officers comes as welcome news. lt. mike wallace - danville police department: "there's a lot of stuff that we can do with them patrol, so it's definitely a welcome addition. officials say the added positions will be paid for with the police department's personnel fund. that fund collects money from unfilled positions in the police department - that would have been used to pay those employees.the danville police department says it will decide
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positions and when they will be filled - at a later time. new this morning:roanoke city officials have named an acting police chief to replace retiring chief chris perkins. current deputy chief tim jones will fill this role starting march 1st.jones has served on the city's police force since 1981, and currently commands the uniform operations division.roanoke is conducting a national search for perkins' permenant replacement. the federal government and apple argue over the iphone of a suspected on good day virginia, we will tell you why this could have an effect on your privacy.s and there's more to making the perfect steak than you think. in our ag life report, how one farmer says-
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happy cows are productive cows according to one farmer- who lets his herd roam our ag life report, wfxr's solina lewis shows us why this technique- leads to a tasty outcome. 12-16 "these are some of the steaks we do the grass fed beef, this is a t bone"what
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about his t bones though, is that he makes sure his cattle feel as at home as possible... "so in the grass growing season were moving them two times a day to fresh grass"by moving them around his hundred plus acre farm, he says the animals are healthier... "theyre not always around their feces where there's parasites and things"....and happier..."another thing we do is we let the calves stay with their moms for ten months" because of these special conditions, he says the cows our father's farm also gives free range chicken a new
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wander around the large property, guarded by a dog. furhmann says the eggs the animals produce are a more nutritious and tastier product because of their lifestyle on the farm. "these animals are out in the nature in the sunshine running jumping and a healthier animal healthier product if it's eggs dairy and meat it's just a healthier happier animal"fuhrmann has his 9 kids help wash and package the eggs, taking them to farmers markets in lynchburg when they're ready... comcast has offered an apology and more to customers impacted by a nationwide service outage.the issues began around 10:20 monday morning.on demand video, as well as broadcast, local and cable tv channels were inaccessible for about 90 minutes for customers across
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says customers will receive a credit for a day's worth of video service, which she guessed would be around two dollars.but she added... credits will vary depending on how customers were impacted. high pressure builds into the area for today (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free,
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and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. privacy and security concerns are the center of the debate over unlocking a terrorist's i- centers around the f-b-i investigation into the san bernardino shooting. apple c-e-o tim cook says he will refuse the court order . jackie ibanez has the latest reaction to the controversial debate. :10-:25:44-1:001:08-1:25
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earlier this week rapper kanye west said he was more than 50 million dollars in debt..... now one fan is asking you to
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colgate enamel health. stronger, healthy enamel. we hate to say say we told you so... but we told you so. kanye west is not broke.west claimed on twitter saturday that he is 53 million dollars in debt.tmz says the 53 million actually represents kanye's investment dollars that are tied up in his music and fashion lines.the artist even called on facebook's mark zuckerburg to some of his fans have started gofundme campaigns to help pay for the rappers so called debt.
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some pretty round numbers as in zeroes.... nothing.but as of this writing...fundraiser and fan jeremy piatt of minneapolis has collected over 8-hundred dollars to help with
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shortfall. area for today and tonight. a lowpressure system in the upper mississippi valley friday will moveeast across the great lakes on saturday. this system will bring aweak cold front into our region on
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thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's thursday february 18. i'm january keaton. and i'm kyle benjamin. a 18 month old child is found along side of the road just over the state line in west virginia and now the caretaker is charged with neglect. as wfxr's travell eiland tells us...quick action by good samaratains saved the child. 13-1828-34 the disturbing 9-1-1 call had officers with the ronceverte west virginia police department rushing to save a baby baby-- left out in the cold-- in 3 inches of water-- near corner of greenbrier and pocohontas avenue.julian byer- when we got there, we were able to put the child actually in one of our coats and put it in the car in some heat until ems arrived on scene.police say the child lived with a couple in a house at that intersection. neighbors were horrified.brantlee elwell- i
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scary, it's scary having little children and trying to keep your house secure and sometimes that's hard to do. i'm sure it's devastating for the family.brantlee elwell lives just down the road from where the child was found. she is also the mother of four children. she says incidents like this-- is something she says many parents fear. brantlee elwell: it's something i've been afraid of before and we've had to take safety measures. each kid is different. some kids are quite tricky and resourceful and can do things pretty early on in age.she says that accidents happen all the time.she's hoping this was an accident as well.sotbrantlee elwell: i like to think most people try to care for their children
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that was wfxr's travell eiland reporting. right now, child protective services is investigating. they have also removed a second child from the suspects home. toyota is recalling over a million 2006 to 2012 rav-4 and 2012-2014 rav4 ev. a crash could cause the metal seat cushion frame to snap, not fully retraining passengers. toyota dealers will add resin covers to the seat cushion frame for free. a letter is expected to go out to owners by the end of next week. fire prevention week continues and emergency responders are reminding people that installing smoke detectors in your home can save a life. wfxr's charlie cooper spoke to a local fire department and the red cross about how they're helping the community take an active role in protecting their families. 5-1021-27100-106 nat sound of smoke alarmit's a modest investment that can save your family's krulikowski- red cross, disaster program specialista lot of people
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or even worse they have smoke alarms that they think work but actually dont. they are teaming up with roanoke fire ems to install smoke alarms in as many homes as possible. charlie cooper, reportingafter facing some fatal fires in southeast roanoke last year, roanoke fire ems installed 66 of these smoke detectors in that area krulikowski- red cross, disaster program specialistwe offer these alarms to anybody, whether they rent or own. whether they're in a single family home, a modular home or an apartment. she recommends that people replace their fire alarms after five years and install one on every level of the house including the basement- but there are some places to krulikowski- red cross, disaster program specialistin the kitchen, bathroom, near fire places, anywhere you're likely to get a false alarm. nat sound alarmwhen it comes to picking the right alarm, roanoke fire ems says it depends on what works best in your bradbury- fire prevention specialist- roanoke fire emsthey have some that even if one goes off they're all going to go off which is great. there's some that are hard wired into the home and have battery backups so you really need to look at what works best.the next step is to have a good plan to get out. in roanoke, charlie
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the fire department and the red cross also have smoke detectors that can alert the deaf or hard of hearing if a fire breaks out. to request a free fire alarm and installation --- we've got the information you need to know on our website, virginia first dot-com you never know how important it is to have will until you need one, and by then it's probably too late. those types of documents can offer piece of mind in times of trouble, and wfxr's paris holmes is here to tell us how attorney general mark herring is helping virginia's veterans make those kinds of documents pro bono. good morning january and kyle, several volunteer lawyers from the attorney general's office and the virginia state bar are coming to roanoke to help make those wills you spoke of, as well as, powers of attorney,
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directives for free. the clinic is just one of several being held throughout the state to specifically help some of virginia's low income veterans who may not have the finances to pay for these legal services. sometimes they cost between 500 and 1000 dollars and for veterans particular seniors living on a fixed income or perhaps a student going to school under the gi bill. it may be out of reach for them. the free legal clinics for the free legal clinics for veterans will be held at virginia western community college on thursday march 3rd. veterans who are interested must fill out a questionnaire and make an appointment before the actual clinic on the attorney general's website a-g dot virginia dot gov. they cannot expect walk in appointments. the attorney general says estate planning requires some thought and possibly a family discussion before officially documenting it, so that needs to be handled before march 3rd. in the studio, paris
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high pressure builds into the area for today and tonight. a lowpressure system in the upper mississippi valley friday will moveeast across the great lakes on saturday. this system will bring aweak cold front into our region on friday night. things are getting tight in
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house... a new poll shows a new leader for the republicans. we will have the details next on good day
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wfxr news is your local election headquarters and new poll numbers signal a changing presidential race for both parties. the nbc news wall street journal national poll puts republican candidate ted cruz in the lead over
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pick for 28 percent of the people polled.trump was a close second at 26 percent. that is within the polls margin of error. a poll by quinnipiac poll finds the democratic race is tight. it put hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders in a virtual dead heat for the democratic nomination.clinton garners 44% of the support. sanders is right behind with 42 percent. this ... as the candidates prepare for key votes this weekend in nevada and south carolina.jackie ibanez has the latest. :12-:20:34-:45:56-1:05 1:17-1;231:24-1:32there's a shake-up in the republican presidential race .. ahead of this weekend's primary in south carolina. as senator ted cruz is on top of the most recent national poll ... ... with donald trump dropping to second place.trump says: "i think someone at wall street journal doesn't like me. i never do well with the wall street journal polls so i don't know, they do these small samples and i don't know what it exactly represents." this comes as trump has recently been threatening to
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hillary clinton's campaign is launching tv ads in the commonwealth ahead of the march1st primary. the first add is running in the richmond area. clinton is running against vermont senator bernie sanders for the democratic nomination. virginia is one of 11 states that will make up the so-called super tuesday democratic primary contests. s high pressure builds into the area for today what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare.
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and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. you think you're being healthier by skipping the soda machine and going to starbucks... you may want to think again. a new study found that some flavored coffee drinks can contain more sugar than soda.the group--- action on sugar-- analyzed 131 hot drinks from coffee shops. they found some of the drinks can contain up to 25 teaspoons
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more sugar than in one can of soda... and more than three times the maximum adult daily intake recommended by the american heart association. starbucks says it will reduce added sugar in its "indulgent drinks" 25-percent... by the end of 2020. not many of us would find anything funny about losing our wallets... but a lot of people are laughing at the response one man got when the person that found it got in touch with him.we will explain
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a new yorker who lost his wallet at a concert got some of his valuables back...after the robber decided to kind-of, sort-of do the right thing. most of items were returned, along with a brutally honest letter that's been called "the most new york note imaginable"...and as jeanne moos reports: it's got the city laughing. he went to a wilco concert in brooklyn, and when reilly flaherty got home he realized,
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high pressure builds into the area for today and tonight. a lowpressure system in the upper mississippi valley friday will moveeast across the great lakes on saturday. this system will bring aweak cold front into our region on friday night.


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