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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 8  FOX  February 18, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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around the region to the tunes of 20s and 30s. martinsville up out of the teens this morning. everybody just about below the freezing mark aside from roanoke and lexington where it's now up to 35 . we will find temperatures above the freezing mark for the next hour or 2 and sidewalks and then we'll see plenty of sunshine. look at the sunset after 6 us. we're with the 7-day and then "good day, virginia" returns right now. >> january: lurking behind the keyboard. parents are warned about the dangers threatening their children on the internet. >> social media is allowing a virtual front door to your house to be opened to anyone in the world.
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versus privacy. apple fights the government's attempt to that. >> and protecting your family. how a modest investment could save the most priceless things in your life. >> january: thank you guys for joining us for the 4th and final hour of "good day, virginia". it's february 18th. i'm january keaton. >> kyle: i'm kyle benjamin. a tractor trailer accident is causing problems on the northbound lanes. >> every single one closed with the south left shoulder and south left lane which i believe are back open at this hour. northbound lanes we do know are still closed. traffic is backed up for around 2 miles on the northbound side and it's being diverted off of
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exit 86. >> reporter: another first story this morning developing out of henry county. this development we've been bringing you all morning. police in henry county say they found a missing woman near old liberty drive. she was taken to the hospital where she's getting treatment for hypothermia and dehide riaing. procter is expected to recover. family members became concerned when they hadn't heard from her in awhile. >> reporter: appalachian power crews continue to work on restoring power knocked out by monday's ice storm. fewer than 10% of the nearly 50,000 customers that sat in the dark for the have that update from roanoke county. kyle. i'm here where school students have school off the past few days due to a power outage at
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thanks to the and then it's those kills sxo in glen verparts are still in the dark with appalachian power. still nearly a thousand customers in the city of roanoke this morning and together a and then by the time we get to patrick and henry county, that still needs work today. so about as high easy then it's going to fill up this but it may take and then it's the city may be oh, and then it's 150 tree contractors and i'll tell to work on power outages throughout our thursday and keep you updated with the latest power outage numbers on
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reporting live in county, wfxr news. and then and then it's normal above roanoke valley and see the temperatures rising to 50 and 60 in the coming days and should see a fair amount of sunshine both of those days as well. in central virginia the temperatures in the low 40s and mid50s with lots of sunshine and the beautiful day the sxh then and then it's continuing to do so or not then that will doenl and then on into the new river valley and perhaps if we kept the nice balance the temperatures well into the and then it's saturday
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the t fms down in thinent was and then it's likely to find some identity sk eand then on thes ass we head into the day on saturday and that overnight low friday into sent then it's the next couple of days with the nice quiet pattern. we'll have details ona a little further in the weekend as well and the full forecast in just a couple of minutes. january? january january thanks, jason. the internet helps the world stay connected but it's also a dark year sxotd then two men who allegedly abducted teenage gers he met most notably 13 yearask and then and then it's strickly focusing on cyber cr against children. >> ovia reports and then
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home. >> in this day and age, kids anyone in the world. but unfortunately some say that's not always a good thing. laura lathem is the other of and then was stbltions but sxh then it's and then i said when can i get on facebook. he said when i'm on facebook, eellet you have the facebook and user code and password. i said that won't work. >> reporter: they say parents need to have access to the team's passwords to social media site. >> the social media apps is basically allowing a virtual front door to your house hoe
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>> he says as a parent if you still don't think it's an issue in the area, just look at the facts. 1 in severalteens will be sexually solicited online the average age and then then it's the connection of the and then generated and reported and then it's into virginia. >> it is making me speechless. >> reporter: he said ki ask sxh then for example this is a picture i postered in my high school days. you can see my friend has our high school logo on her sweat dht shirt and steven says a predator can fiebd out where iive and then i as the president can look at that and
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hang out at the football games on friday neat. if i stop her i'll heme. >> it's a safe suffering and then it's about the safe online activity. they have age-appropriate training for as young as kindergarten. >> you have to teach children at an early age that if you don't know that person, if you cannot physically know where that person is, you can touch that person, then that's a stranger. >> reporter: robbin sunquest worked as a forensic investigator for years. >> it ripped my heart out. what you see and? and then it's such things with interchildren and this is the best i can. this is my chance to try to help save somebody. >> reporter: shes parents can
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but they shouldn't stop at that. >> even and then it's a time to think about it being'ser bullet. and the teen she works with comes in to talk to parents about online safety. >> is that 60% of the kids or teenagers we see with the social media and technology and issuing of some sort. >> to and then it's that parent and then order anything to be successful. >> as a parent she knows how important it is to have that relationship. >> he and i are very it's beneficial and then it's to, you know, to have those conversations.
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having them at all. >> kyle: for more information on how to talk with your children on onuniand then parents and beunts and then school officials say they're doing this out ofoon abundance of caution. they're taking actions to ensure the safety of students and staff. ep rep that's right. now some parents were concerned about peefting when they founted out about social media. they say not a credible threat but did step up police xroels in in and then it's another ifeign of the suspected terrorist. and the fire alarm the simple way to to and then it's things
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fire prevention >> january: all right, the fancy fire prevention and we all know the emergency responders this week for fire prevention week are reminding that installing smoke detectors in your home can help save a life.
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the red cross are trying to let you know that they're helping out the community and an active role. coming up tiffany bradburn and we have page inil over there. you know -- neil over there. you know where she's from because it's on the shirt. it's the red cross! it seems hard to believe but are you finding more and more people don't have working fire detectors? >> fortunately and then it's working smoke alarms. might have them up fielding and and then he had it coming or with a bartiy of and then they might not work as well and some bike and then upper 70s so people just get complacent and don't think they need to replace the batteries or loc call.
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then the red cross is doing a lot and trying to see how you guys are involved in this. >> we are. but we go out with and and then who needs fire and smoke detectors and we go in and put them in our homes. >> january: really? just free labor and detectives? >> reporter: free! for the most part everybody is just really happen that we've done this. they can't and then do it themselves and that's absolutely vitam. everybody should know that especially in the winter months and and then how often do you siand we change the smoke detectors and the batteries. tell us about that. >> we want you to change the smoke alarm batteries, khaifrm your clocks.
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replace them and get and then don't put one on your kitchen because wueltake the battery out but our adult in highway across the lrgtreach with run. >> and even up and down to get the early intervention on fire and going to get out and then it's maybe not a lot of time in the across like that and honestly i just learned that smoke detectors don't detect smoke! it's heat, right? >> a lot of piems and then this partnership with the is amazing. and and then you guys are ieding more and you tonight have and then and then we'll try to make sure it's there for
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sure yuestaying avsought there. more information on the website for more information on how to
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smoke dete >> about 20 minutes after 8:00. a live look at the wfxr airport and you can still see plenty of snow out on the grassy surfaces. the roads are pretty clear and
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though with a little bit of warmth, we'll have more melting going on today which means more water on the roads. temperatures dropping down below the freezing mark during the evening. it could lead to some spits as dreler and with the clouds this morning there are clear skies though as the day progresses. some of it seeing pretty clear skies already and and portion the and then they have with the melting going on today by earlier eveningancinger lont and 10 -- the temperatures climb into the mid40s for highs today.
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model for the high today and then it is going to going down below for the freezing mark and have to watch out for more black ice. it's possible this morning through -- likely through around midmorning or the laughter in spots. nice quiet pattern heading into the weekend with increasing sunshine and temperatures out way up to with that storm into the beginning of next week. 50 is the average high for us at this point. year. and we'll fall short of the day getting there tomorrow and then above that as weekend. watching sunday and may bring shower action and keep an eye on sunday but monday into tuesday which we'll really watch closely and it being be a wintery mess or just plain old rain and certainly the better handle as this goes on.
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in the 20s and 30s and martinsville warmingly up quickly. 19 last hour and pretty cold with 34 in roanoke. 36 in lexington. 27 in bloomfield and 32 in blacksburg and winville and it is up and down and then my act is warming so quickly in the right now. the and this will bring a cool flow out of the north/thoergt east with the cool air in place for us throughout however as and and then it's all nice and quiet for us throughout the day today and overnight tonight into friday and see lots of sunshine as temperatures are thru and then
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we'll have lots of sunshine then this on? then it's sunshine with the light breeze and chilly with the new river val veto linger with sunshine throughout the day and same story heading into the highlands. 30s to near and then they want me to continue noormal into tread and saturday and sunday and start to cool down into the middle of next week. >> thank and then find the latest on virginia pricer and security concerns are at the center of the debate over unlocking the terrorist iphone. it centers around the investigationvilling and then hes he'll have the latest the reaction to the dont fi
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this is because of the increped zones. >> going forward we are inkloosly and then it's with the new devices and the continuing effort to each more secure against corridor i-fon phones. >> the information given on the phone is crucial to the case and national security. google c.e.o. defending apple saying it could compromise future privacy. but somewhat and you can't just litigate this on the case by case basis. it takes too long and hampered law enforcement. we need a solution. and we need a protects prist and thoen? then
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they claim they need to create software to make the phones and thoen and it's not just a key, but basically a mafer and then it's really having everyone's iphone all over the world. >> reporter: while apple publicly said it would form, they'll have 5 days toancinger peel the decision. in new york, and then do you hate raking leaves in the fall? tech and then it's at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes.
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amazing video here from australia -- where tumbleweeds hav >> kyle: take a look at this. tumbleweeds swamping the town in the land down under. it's summer time in australia and dry condition leted to the bumper crop -- led to the bumper crop of tumbleweeds. >> the city council won't help with the cleanup either because it's not considered a fire risk. taking care of the problem on your own is leaving local residents exhausted. as you can imagine, just walking through it. the strain of the tumbleweed
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>> great and 10. >> it's a couple of hours work ahead of you? >> further proof everything can and will telly try to doy and -- we'll try to do that.
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shift your thinking about buying your next one. builds into the area for today and tonight. a lowpressure system in the upper mississippi valley friday will moveeast across the >> jason: 8:32 on this friday morning and almost there, folks. the temperatures this morning
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starting to see the nice warm up in spots. martinsville gone from 19 to 25 in the last hour. 29 right now in lynchburg. 34 in roanoke. 27 in bloomfield and 32 in lewisburg. watch out. might be a couple of slick spots out there. brinls and overpasses and certainly on the sidewalks. be careful out there and as we go through the day it's with the low to mid40s for hies and it's 50 . we'll get there as we head into the weekend. the details coming up in just a couple of minutes. "good day, virginia" returns right now. it's thursday february >> january: thank you guys for coming back to "good day, virginia". i'm january keaton. >> kyle: and i'm kyle benjamin. a child is safe after being found on the other side of the
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the child's caretaker is now charged with neglect. wfxr's report tells us quick thinking by rescuers saved the child. >> reporter: the disturbing 911 call had officers with the west virginia police department rushing to save a baby left out in the cold in 3 inches of freezing water near the corner of greenbrier and pocohantes avenue. >> we got there and we put in the car for heat while waiting. >> i hate to hear that. it is secure is scary.
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is something >> it is worried about and it's something kids can do early on in age. >> shes she hopes this was an accident as well. >> i'd like to think most people try to care for their children, but you never know. >> reporter: prevail island reporting right now. right now child protective services is investigating. we're told they remove the child from the suspect's home. >> january: 8:34 and toyota is recalling 2006-2004 rav 4s and 204-2014. it can not restrain drivers. they will add to the cushion for free. the letter is expect tod go out to owners by the end of next week. >> kyle: and wfxr news is the election headquarters and polls
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the wall street joineral puts national poll numbers with republican ted cruz in the lead over donald trump. cruz is the top pick for 28% of people polled. cruz with the 26% which is actually within the margin error. the poll finds the democratic race just as tight and puts bernie sanders in the dead heat for the democratic nomination. clinton 44% to sanders' 42 also well within the margin of errors. now the candidates are preparing key votes in nevada and south carolina. jackie ibanez breaks down and then it's the primary in south carolina. as senator ted ruz is on top of the regional national poll, second place. >> i never do well with the wall street journal polls. i don't know. they do these small samples and
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>> reporter: this as trump is recently threatening to sue cruz over campaignats that and then a letter demanding he take down the ad. as for cruz? >> i confessed i laughed out loud. this has not been a typical race and i don't think anyone is surprised donald is threatening to sue people. he's done that most of his adult life. >> reporter: and hillary clinton is now in a statistical tie with bernie sanders in nevada. clinton targeted sanders' health care plan while obamacare. >> my middle do to contentious debate gan? >> nevada senator harry reid, ahead of the state's caucus is staying neutral while stressing vote. >> i want to make sure there is
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being fair and i don't to say big and the south carolina republican primary, both take place this saturday. and in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. and then coming occupy 20 minutes to 9:00. going to head out to and then maybe sunglasses in spots. we have some clear skies but temperatures in roanoke at 34 . heading out for the morning commute. tick it all with you as -- take it all with you as we have extra sunshine and we'll warm up the with the 20s in the 30s and 40s and a little lower than normal and the temperatures falling just short of average and get there for the next he full coming up. guys?
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"good day, virginia". he has new muse and i can so
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it's all coming up. fans of traditional music will want to be in marion in a couple >> kyle: fans of the
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want to be in virginia. the popular song of the mountain is taping saturday, march 5 at a we have the spokesfortune per what's going on on the tv. it's good to see it on tv, but nothing like in person. >> nothing like especially the fwreen anda then the next second is march 5 and we'll have the legend on the show. bobby hickes, he won 10 grammy awards as a fiddle player. plays with ricky skags for over 2 decades and before that in the 50s and 60s played with bill monroe as a born and oundses and then steve
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their 50 trip for abes. and the i just -- this makes the third trip to the mount 18s and carolina blue, march 5 into linkon theater in marion, virginia. >> you would expect something a bit of humor from that. >> there is not a dool moment around largo and burlo. >> is there this and then it's really popular. if you like to doesn't? and then you'll line up headed your way. anyone else march 1st to tell us about in the future? >> may 7 we'll have a show to recognize mrisz just as her husband. she pad, a waxer about
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then it's going misy dixie so we'll have a very special show at the lincoln theater and anticipate tickets goinga fast for that one. >> you can get tickets for the may 7 showing. nand we have the show every month. >> and where can peep go for more information to get tickets? >> song of the paunt and then it's all right there. >> and tammy, as always, complete with a guitar. play it out. >> this is for all you musicians all over the country. snow got no money in pie pocket and the wolf is at moi door. government he
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>> jason: 8:47. we will fall a little short of the high and been short much of the week thus far but heading in the opposite direction on friday for the weekend and perfect time for it to warm up for us. we have high pressure building in today and we're on the front side of that high so that's going to keep temperatures a little down as we go through the day today. but as it builds over us and off the return flow back behind it and watching monday into tuesday which may bring wiernt
8:48 am
weekend and it's it it's heating up quick. they've gone up almost and then in the last 48 minutes they've gone from 19 to 20. martins in tanville. 59 in lunchburg. 34 in roanoke and spring and then it's going to make the way a little bit further off to the ea were hugging the highway a little better in the last hour. they made their way east but will find clearing skies throughout the day today. some of the low cloudsiness lingering but the high pressure should help to alleviate some of that as and it may take time to get rid of that and the mountains
8:49 am
cloudiness should erode that. the sunset after 6:00 now and so still sunny as of your home at overnight on monday and it is with that high pressure with the southerly flow and it's going through the day on friday and into our saturday. 43 the high in roanoke. should be 50 . we'll get there as we head through the coming days but falling a little short for everybody and low to mid40s around central florida where you see plenty of sunshine and same story south side where we
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and it is >> and have to and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. the danville city council has approved the addition of four police officers - to its police department. right now - the police force is budgeted to have 131 officers - but only has 125 on staff due to a high level of turnover - as some officers leave the department. now - the police department can have up to 135 officers on staff. this addition of officers comes as welcome news. lt. mike wallace - danville police department: "there's a lot can do with them other than just patrol, so it's definitely a welcome addition. officials say the added positions will be paid for with the police department's personnel fund. that fund collects money from unfilled positions in the police department - that would have been used to pay those employees.the danville police
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how to use the new officer positions and when they will be filled - at a later time. it's time now for our furry friends segment. joining us now from the smiles forever
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say say we told you so... but
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>> january: kanye west by way he's not broke. he said he was 53 million dollars in debt but that 53 million represents his investment dollars tied up in his music and his fashion line. the artist even called on facebook owner mark zuckerberg to invest in him and help him out financially. now some of the fans there might be a catch. >> reporter: none of those supporting kanye raised any money, zeros, but one guy from minneapolis had nothing better to do and collected $800 to help with kanye's dollar short which then you can get out on the great lakes and
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and terrible this season. >> january: tell us about the weather.
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through the weekend. expect the unexpected. today on "maury." the amount of dna tests taken on today's show is staggering. it's a fatal four-way involving the paternity of one baby. she's the problem? >> yes, she's the problem. she's worried about herself. >> ebony swears that he's
9:00 am
but her former friend sterling -- >> ebony and i used to chill. >> -- swears that ray is quay ante's father. >> you know i wasn't pregnant. >> >> one of the craziest paternity stories of the year. and these two unforgettable results that are about to come out. joshua's cheating on alicia with sara. >> he told me that him and alicia had broken up. >> now both of these women say he got them pregnant. one man. >> you played both these women didn't you? >> they played me. >> maury: he's here. denying not one -- that's the guy jumping out the window -- not two -- this is the sugar daddy -- not three -- but four


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