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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 5  FOX  February 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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join us for the next in the on the move! historic slave buildings in botetourt county are set to be relocated in a matter of hours, depsite opposition from those in the community."we all want to sincerely apologize to you on this incident" despite that apology from roanoke county officials, a community meeting on recent issues at northside high school gets heated. and remembering a local legend. we take a look back at the life of al holland senior and his influence on roanoke's rail history through the years. good morning, it's good morning, it's tuesday, february 23rd. thanks for starting your morning with good day virginia. i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm
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deputies are still working to sort out a scare in bedford county. this was the scene along jordantown road in the stewartsville area of the county just after 8-o'clock. our crew on the scene saw several people being interviewed and officers examining a damaged car. right now, it's still unclear if any shots were fired. deputies tell wfxr news they expect to release more information later today. happening today:crews will begin the process of moving two historic slave dwellings in botetourt a recent rally, protestors said they hoped to have their day in court before work resumed to relocate two buildings at the historic greenfield plantation.a statement from botetourt county officials say parts of international drive will be blocked as crews work to move the first structure starting at 9-am. a community meeting between parents and school
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northside high school. that meeting comes after a threat last week at the school, that parents say wasn't handled properly. wfxr's solina lewis was at that meeting and has reaction from parents and a response from school officials. "this is how we handled it? nats clappingparents and community members at northside high school were furious after finding out a day after the fact about an alleged gun threat at the school last one of his classmates was going to bring a gun in"some through social media about the threat before being notified the phone call to go and pick because he had already warned us the day before"school board crowd and say the threat was blown out of proportion because of social media--- students however, did not see eye to eye on that...saying they only turned to social media when they weren't getting the answers they wanted from school officials... "as students and i think all the students would agree, we all were telling each other that because we were worried about our safety"the meeting turned into a heated discussion about what parents were calling a breakdown in communication between the school and their families as well as a concern over a lack of security..."i was never asked for my identification, even who i was, just a student name and he came out"the school board acknowledged the need for new policy in how to handle similar situations, and apologized several times for their handling of this threat..."we all want to sincerely apologize to you on this incident"this is my last one.. i want her to get
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that was solina lewis
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that was solina lewis reporting. that meeting was originally intended to address the school's adminstration after the principal stepped down and the assistant principal was reassigned. the school has named an interim principal who will oversee the school for the rest of the school year. moist southeast winds aloft will run over the top of a cool wedgeof high pressure at the surface...resulting in rain across theregion tonight through tuesday. on wednesday...a strong storm system will move through the region from the southwest...bringingheavy rain showers and gusty winds to the area. canadian highpressure will then build into the region and bring much colder
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couple of days.over the next hey jason. i'll start
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just rain. thankfully temperatures are staying above freezing this morning so we don't have to deal with any freezing rain or snow. now the bad news is we have received a fairly steady amount of rainfall over the past couple of days. that rain combined with significant snow melt we received last week means we can't handle much more rain region. roanoke has already picked up nearly 4 including the liquid equivalent of the snow and ice puts the roanoke valley at a february. with more rain on the way over the next two days, local rivers like the roanoke river behind me will likely rise near or above flood stage later this week. flooding, flash flooding is a possibility especially on wednesday. strong rain showers and maybe even thunderstorms are forecast to dump some heavy rain on the region at that time. any sort of rainfall that is heavy will likely cause some trouble so please be weather aware over the next few days. reporting live in salem, taylor kanost
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we have a traffic alert for drivers in pulaski county: emergency pothole repairs have a portion of interstate 81 shut down right now. the northbound right lane near mile marker 89 is closed. that's right at the bridge near route 100. you are taking a live look at that area right now from a virginia department of transportation traffic camera. the repair work will require concrete to be poured and set. that closure expected to be in place for about another hour. next on good day virginia:gop presidential hopeful john kasich looks to boost his support in advance of tuesday's primary here in the commonwealth. plus... ted cruz is in the market for a new
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and more than dozen bailed out of the 2016 race for the white house.why that might not be such a terrible fate after all. you're watching good day virginia. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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moist southeast winds aloft will wfxr news is your local election headquarters. ohio governor and gop presidential hopeful john
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virginia tour on monday, looking to boost support in advance of virginia's primary next tuesday.he first stopped at virginia commonwealth university where he told his personal story and answered questions on student debt, immigration and social security.he then went on to speak at george mason university and in charlottesville. kasich finished fifth saturday in the south carolina republican primary, with 7-point-6 percent of the vote. ted cruz has asked his current communications director, rick tyler to resign. the news comes just days after tyler distributed a video falsely depicting rival candidate marco rubio dismissing the bible. meanwhile republican frontrunner, donald trump is criticizing cruz's campaign from posting the rubio video. trump has called cruz a liar at almost every stump speech on the campaign trail. jeb bush is the latest presidential hopeful to suspend his campaign following a dismal outcome in south
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a dozen others who packed up and left the 2016 race.but the presidential losers might not have such terrible fate after cnn's samuel burke reports, they could actually benefit from **not** becoming commander in chief. it's good to see you friends...there have been a lot of candidates in the 2016 presidential race. and as with any election, all but 1 will end up a loser.but don't feel sorry for those who drop out of the race. many of them may have already won both politically and financially - just by being in the mix. here's how:the national exposure and loyal following often translates into mega money.mike huckabee is the prime example. he lost ... twice. but those campaigns helped land him book deals, a radio program, even his own show on fox news.then john huntsman, the former utah governor and us ambassador to china -- appointed to not one, but two corporate boards - ford and caterpillar - in the months just after he dropped out of the 2012 republican race.sarah palin got speaking gigs and even her own reality show.and you can't forget bob dole's viagra ad, no matter how hard you try. or the pepsi one that spoofed it.then there are the political benefits. losing in the primary once can help you get the nomination next time around.or it can land you a major political appointment . and of course, many presidents had to lose once before getting elected - everyone from john adams to thomas jefferson, richard nixon and ronald
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this week is all about the future of the farming community.coming up in our ag life report, we'll show you the local students and their projects! and the crew at black dog salvage is ready for their season 5 debut! you're
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national future farmers of america week is happening this week and here locally, some kids are showing off their hard work!lord botetourt high school opened it's doors to students who displayed their projects on poster boards and some even brought in live animals. students say it's a way to show the community what the youth in the club have accomplished in the agriculture industry. tess seibel/ student leader in ffa: "it's important to have a new generation coming into the farm. we have new ideas and a new outlook on life, but we also are ready to learn and we're ready to jump right into this industry and we have to get the youth involved so that this industry can continue
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our country." students say the club gives them not only great opportunities in farming, but also career opportunities and public speaking. speaking. in our good news report this morning, what would not make you smile besides some cute bunnies a good book? kids stopped by the roanoke public library to check out a makeshift petting zoo in the middle of the library! there were bunnies, guinea pigs, and hamsters available for the kids to play with, and hopefully get them interested in books...but some kids, definitely preferred the animals over the books. "you saw the bunny, you like the bunny? yeah" those in charge of the petting zoo say they take the animals all over town for similar events and birthday parties. parties.birthday events and town for similar animals all over they take the petting zoo say charge of the those in the bunny? yeah" those in charge of the petting zoo
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over town for similar events and birthday parties. our local salvage dawgs celebrities are at it again for a fifth season on the diy network and this time black dog molly may, the crew's pup-in-training, will make her national debut.this is molly may on her first birthday a few weeks back.the show, salvage dawgs, stars locals robert kulp and mike whiteside, who own roanoke's black dog salvage, and follows them on a variety of salvage jobs.we'll sit down with the crew from black dog salvage later on good day virginia. speeding up service! that's the goal behind starbucks reward program overhaul! preventing fraud with selfies? how mastercard is
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if you're part of the starbuck reward program- you probably noticed some changes. starbucks overhauled the program- to speed up checkout times. under the old program- members got one star per visit- and it didn't matter how much was spent. as a result- some customers were asking to ring up a series of items in separate transactions. now, it's based on how much you spend!
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every single day. maybe you'll even use a credit card to purchase some of that starbucks! well.. new this morning. mastercard is taking a unique approach and giving you a new way to pay! mary moloney reports. forget a password.mastercard is launching new technology so you can use selfies to approve online purchases.the company says selfies and fingerprint scans are safer than typed passwords.especially since many of our passwords are easy for scammers to guess.if you want to use your pic to pay -- download the mastercard identity check has you take a selfie each time you buy something online.your face or fingerprint will be scanned to prove it's you spending the money -- and not a scammer.but you won't be able to use the same picture over and over. mastercard makes you blink -- to show that you are taking that pic as you shop.the fingerprint scan is a little easier.especially if you have a new iphone with the technology already built in. but it's not just mastercard that's looking for new ways to prevent fraud.if you have an hsbc account -- you will soon be able to use your fingerprint and voice to access money.and mastercard is researching ways to use your heartbeat and scans of your eyes to authenticate purchases. this could be the future of protecting online shoppers from fraud.for consumer watch
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moist southeast mary moloney.for consumer
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us,
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good morning, it's tuesday, february 23rd. thanks for starting your morning with good day virginia. i'm january keaton. and i'm kyle benjamin. the man police identified as responsible for the murder of six people in michigan confessed to the crimes monday. prosecutors say 45-year-old jason dalton waived his right against self- fox's steve rappoport explains, dalton now faces six counts of murder and two attempted murder charges. this community gathering in kalamazoo, michigan monday night... paying tribute to victims of saturday's deadly shooting spree.. that claimed six people's lives.interfaith vigil participant says: "we are a kalamazoo community. we
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together we are saddened." earlier forty-five-year-old jason dalton...said little...and was denied bail at his first court appearance. dalton - an uber driver - and former insurance adjuster - with no criminal history is accused of carrying out three - seemingly random - shooting attacks. at an apartment complex... at this car dealership four hours later... and - minutes after that - at a restaurant parking lot. two people were injured...includi ng a 14-year-old girl and a woman who police say was using her body to shield children. getting says: "we don't know why he did this yet. the police are still investigating." no word on motive... but, police say dalton admits he's the shooter -- allegedly saying he - quote- "took people's lives." meantime, dalton reportedly continued to pick up and drop off uber passengers in between the shootings.mellen says : "we got a mile from my house and then he got a telephone call and after he got that telephone call he started driving really erratically. we were running stop signs." mellen says: "and when we came to a stop, i jumped out the car and ran away." uber says dalton cleared a background check and has given more than one-hundred rides. meantime, dalton's parents, his wife and two children are expressing sympathy for the victims... saying they intend to fully cooperate to help determine why this occurred. police say a search warrant was executed at dalton's house ...and many guns seized. steve rappoport,
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uber says it received complains about erratic driving by the way, there is no death penalty in michigan, but each murder charge against dalton carries a mandatory life sentence. virginia's supreme court has denied an appeal for the man covicted of abducting and killing alexis murphy. randy taylor was found guilty back in 2014 of murder and abduction in the disappearance of murphy. taylor has maintained innocence all along. a judge sentenced him to serve two life sentences in july 2014. in carroll county: a high speed chase lands a man in jail and a police car wrecked. police say randall jones was wanted for failing to
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on friday, jones sped away. he alledgely ran a stop sign at the intersection of frog spur road, jumped an embankment and landed in a field. another officer was laying down spike strips. police say jones ran off the road trying to avoid the spikes and almost hit the officer.
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will run over the top as black history month enters its final week, we take a look at the influence one roanoke man held on the railroad and the advice he gave that will continue to influence generations to holland sr. passed away in december, but not before leaving a lasting memory with anyone who met him.he had worked his entire career on the railroad ... beginning as a janitor, retiring as a, a group he co-founded, the "african american railroad heritage group," has every intention of taking the work holland started and carrying it on for years to come. here's wfxr's becky freemal with more. :09-:12:33-:45 1:01-1:11 1:34 - 1:53 we last sat down with al holland sr. in february of 2015.1:27 into pkg-look your best, do you best, and the best will come to you.a soft spoken man - filled with plenty of advice.a man who led by example.mary lee cabbler 6:00:27-he was open and
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lessons still remembered by his colleagues and fellow members of the norfolk and western african american heritage group ... a group he helped found 20 years ago. :33-:45 rev. clinton scott 56:09-he was on city council, and he had the idea of making the history of it how we were really treated that time. in his 98 years on this earth, al holland sr. blazed a trail.and it's that success his colleagues plan to build on ... and share ... for generations to come.1:01-1:11 mary lee cabbler6:02:30-you have to remember that we need to move forward and grow as an entity, to make sure no one loses the thought and the process of what has gone into getting to where you are today. nats from 2015 pkg .. of guys working on rr3:09 into pkg - it didn't bother me, because the law said we were unpromotable men.during his time working with the railroad, holland witnessed major change.he began as a janitor - and made his way to management, before retiring. 1:34 - 1:53 1:30 into pkg - you would see them in the neighborhood and you'd notice how they dressed, how they carried themselves and then you'd get to talk to them on various occasions and they would tell you things like, use your head for something other than a hat rack. put your shirt tail in boy.nats of meetingstill meeting every month, al holland sr.'s passing leaves a void in the group.rev scott57:44-i hope it has been an educational experience. of how we should treat one another.... adding even more fuel to their passion to continue what holland began. rev scott 59:04-you talk about race relation, he had it. he didn't know any race, he just know a person and i think that was wonderful about him.2:17 into pkg - i'm glad the way i came through, i can look back and
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making healthier employees. that the common goal behind any workplace wellness program -- but a new study says not so
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in health news this morning: having a stroke isn't just something you have to worry about when you get older. doctors say more people in thier 40's and 50's are having strokes. experts say-- risk factors-- including poor diet, smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes-- increase the chances of someone having a stroke at a young age. andrew wong/neurologist and muscular specialist: "a good acronym you can use is called fast, which stands for face, indicating drooping of the face on one side or the other.
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difficulty of speech and the last is t for time. time is of the essence." doctors suggest getting routine check ups --to make sure your cholesterol and blood pressure levels are normal-- which will help prevent a stroke. workplace wellness programs are a common way for companies to make for healthier employees.many of these initiatives involve giving away something we all love -- cash! but is there a smarter way to go about that? that's at the center of a new study.andrew spencer has more. employers want healthier employees...and as a result, workplace wellness programs are hot!according to a study published in the annals of internal medicine -now more than 80% of big companies are now offering some form of financial incentive to get their workers to participate. looking at how such programs can be more effective... researchers gave nearly 300 people a 7-thousand step goal to keep up during a 13-week- challenge.the study participants were broken up into got one dollar and forty cents for each day they hit the 7-thousand step goal.the second group's participants
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if they met their goal the day before.the third received $42 upfront each month -- with the caveat that participants lost one dollar and forty cents for each day they failed to meet the 7-thousand step what did researchers find?the group that was threatened with losing money excercised more. one physician involved with the study says it's all how the reward is framed...adding that our brains are wired to avoid losing things...and we like the immediate gratification of getting the money upfront.for health minute i'm andrew spencer. according to the american academy of pediatric dentistry, cavities in young children have reached epidemic proportions--. and-while some may not worry about the decay of baby teeth,
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awareness month wfxr's paris holmes who is live in the newsroom says it can lead to other problems. good morning january! baby teeth plays an important role in the positioning of a person's permanent teeth. so when a tooth falls out prematurely due to tooth decay, permanent teeth may come in crooked or crowded which can lead to more expensive dental work down the line. that's why pediatric dentist say a parent should start brusing a child's teeth the moment the first tooth appears, and a child should visit the dentist by it's first birthday and every six months thereafter. habits will prevent prevent early decay from turning into deep and painful cavities that are hard and expensive to treat. another factor to be aware of is cavity causing bacterica which is passed along from adults to children before the teeth even emerge. the cause is the strep between the ages of 1 and 2 that needs to be present for with and after that its the processed foods. the biggiest the juice drinkers, the milk drinkers, where they just on their teeth combined with the bacteria that they develop the prevent the spreading the bacteria from adult to children. parents
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in the next hour pediatric dentist dr. john news.holmes, wfxr, newsroom, paris teeth. in the newsroom, paris holmes, wfxr, news. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterp and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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moist southeast winds aloft will run over the top of a cool wedgeof high pressure at the surface...resulting in rain across theregion tonight through tuesday. on wednesday...a strong storm system will move through the region from the southwest...bringingheavy rain showers and gusty winds to the area. canadian highpressure will then build into the
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virginia first dot-com has your news headlines, pinpoint weather forecast and community events as well. also, like our facebook page --just search for wfxr news. a 106 year old woman gets to live her dream- and even dance with the
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social media- to get this special meeting! it was a special day for a 106 year old woman. on sunday she got to visit the white house! virginia mclaurin not only got to meet president obama and the first lady... she got to dance with 2014-- a social media campaign to
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