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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 6  FOX  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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angry parents take a local school to task over its reaction to threats of violence.moving on.actions this morning could end the controversy over former slave homes in botetourt county.a matter of choice.after a headed meeting, one city
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allow transgender thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's tuesday february 23 i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm january keaton. a community meeting between parents and school officials got heated at northside high school. that meeting comes after a threat last week at the school, that parents say wasn't handled properly. wfxr's solina lewis has reaction from parents and a response from school officials. "this is how we handled it? that's what the policy was?" nats clappingparents and community members at northside high school were furious after finding out a day after the fact about an alleged gun threat at the school last wednesday..."he said it was one of his classmates was going to bring a gun in"some parents said they heard through social media about the threat before being notified by the school..."when i got the phone call to go and pick him up i wasn't alarmed because he had already warned us the day before"school board members tried to calm the crowd and say the threat was blown out of proportion because of social media--- students however, did not see eye to eye on that...saying they only turned to social media when they weren't getting the answers they wanted from school officials...
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the students would agree, we all were telling each other that because we were worried about our safety"the meeting turned into a heated discussion about what parents were calling a breakdown in communication between the school and their families as well as a concern over a lack of security..."i was never asked for my identification, even who i was, just a student name and he came out"the school board acknowledged the need for new policy in how to handle similar situations, and
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deputies are still working to sort out a scare in bedford county. this was the scene along jordantown road in the stewartsville area of the county just after 8-o'clock. our crew on the scene saw several people being interviewed and officers examining a damaged car. right now, it's still unclear if any shots were fired. deputies tell wfxr news they expect to release more information later today. mother nature is once
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here in central and southwest virginia.after last week's snow and rain, we could see some problems in the wfxr news area. meteorologist taylor kanost is in salem where he is monitoring the possiblity for flooding. i'll start with the good news - this is just rain. thankfully temperatures are staying above freezing this morning so we don't have to deal with any freezing rain or snow. now the bad news is we have received a fairly steady amount of rainfall over the past couple of days. that rain combined with significant snow melt we received last week means we can't handle much more rain before flooding returns to the region. roanoke has already picked up nearly 4 inches of moisture this month including the liquid equivalent of the snow and ice if it were all melted. that puts the roanoke valley at a surplus of 1.5 moist southeast winds aloft will run over the top of a cool wedgeof high pressure at the surface...resulting in rain across theregion tonight through tuesday. on
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system will move through the region from the southwest...bringingheavy rain showers and gusty winds to the area. canadian highpressure will then build into the region and bring much colder
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happening today: crews will begin the process of moving two historic slave dwellings in botetourt county. at a recent rally, protestors said they were hoping to have their day in court before work resumed to relocate two buildings at the historic greenfield plantation. a statement from botetourt county officials say parts of international drive will be blocked as crews work to move the first structure starting at 9-am. we have a traffic alert for drivers in pulaski county: emergency pothole repairs have a portion of interstate 81 shut down right now. the northbound right lane near mile marker 89 is closed. that's right at the bridge near route 100. you are taking a live look at that area right now from a virginia department of transportation traffic camera. the repair work will require concrete to
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closure expected to be in place for about another hour. the race for the white house continues in las vegas today... where the popular bet is it will be a big day for donald trump.we will explain when good day virginia continues. and one city decides if transgender people will be allowed to use the restroom of their choice... that story is after the break. national wanna make a new flavor combination today? (cat vo #2) yeah...let's take things up a notch! add...cheese!
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(cat vo #3) woohoo, bacon! now that's a tasty flavor combination. (cat vo #1) and we're just getting started. (avo) new friskies cat concoctions. four deliciously different flavor combinations,
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future farmers of america week is happening this week and here locally, some children are showing off their hard work! lord botetourt high school opened it's doors to students who displayed their projects on poster boards and some even brought in live animals. students say it's a way to show the community what the youth in the club have accomplished in the agriculture industry. tess seibel/ student leader in ffa: "it's important to have a new generation coming into the farm. we have new ideas and a new outlook on life, but we also are ready to learn and we're ready to jump right into this industry and we have to get the youth involved so that this industry can continue because it is the backbone of our country." students say the club has given them not only great opportunities in farming, but also career opportunities and public
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if you are doing something unique for f-f-a week, we want hear from you- and feature you in our ag life report! email news- atvirginia first dot com with your contact information and any pictures of your work! wfxr news is your local election headquarters. wfxr news is your local headquarters. the nevada republican presidential caucus today could help seal the deal for donald trump... while the democrats have a few days to prepare for their next primary in south carolina this weekend. kelly wright has more from new york.more from new kelly wright has weekend.primary in south their next prepare for few days to while the donald trump... the deal for could help seal caucus today could help seal the deal for donald trump... while the democrats have a few days to prepare for their next primary in south carolina this weekend.kelly wright has more from new :16-:29:33-:43:58-1:04 1:16-1:29with jeb bush out of the republican race for president... donald trump is looking stronger than ever... leading the pack in nevada ahead of today's caucus. but senator ted cruz... in a distance second place in the is trying to set trump a part from conservatives.cruz says: " jimmy carter was up in london, and they asked him what do you think about the race and carter said, between trump and cruz, i'd vote for trump and he said the reason is, and this is jimmy carter speaking, trump is malleable, he has no fixed convictions or beliefs." the donald says he has evolved over time.trump says: "i know jeb and others saying he is not a true conservative. and that's when i came up and said i'm a common sense conservative." ohio governor john kasich
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eastern states... but he's now trying to do damage control after he said women quote campaign for him many years scripted, i don't have a in awhile you say something and maybe you don't say it exactly the way you should but look, i'm not going to change that." meantime ... the democratic presidential candidates have several days until the south carolina primary... but they aren't taking a break... as senator bernie sanders continues to attack hillary clinton's ties to wall street.sanders says: "secretary clinton has a number of super pacs, which today are raising very, very large sums of money, from wall street and other powerful special interests." after the contests in nevada and south carolina... democrats and republicans will vote in primaries in twelve states on super tuesday next week. in new york, kelly
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according to the american academy of pediatric dentistry, cavities in young children have reached epidemic proportions--. and-while some may not worry about the decay of baby teeth, it can lead to other problems. wxfr's paris holmes is live in the kitchen with a pediatric dentist with some tips to prevent early tooth decay.
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plays an important moist southeast winds aloft will run over the top of a cool wedgeof high pressure at the surface...resulting in rain across theregion tonight through tuesday. on wednesday...a strong storm system will move through the region from the southwest...bringingheavy rain showers and gusty winds to the area. canadian highpressure will then build into the region and bring much colder temperatures to the area into
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and don't forget you can get your latest weather and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. first the record album... now the cassette... we will hear from some people who want to bring back another old timey format.we will look at that when good day virginia
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firs hipsters brought back the turntable and vinyl... now someone else is bring back another blast from the past in the music industry. the cassette is returning. it was first created in 19-62... followed by the c-d
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there's been a renewed appreciation for the humble tape -- and, retail stores geared towards millennials are stocking cassettes and tape players on their shelves. so... are cassettes really making a comeback? "i remember the sound being full of feedback and kind of raspy, but it was a little charming, old-style vintage thing." artists such as lana del ray, justin bieber and the weeknd have all released their most recent albums on cassette. despite this ... cassettes still make up a very small
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the u-s. winds aloft will run over the top of a cool wedgeof high pressure at the surface...resulting in rain across theregion tonight through tuesday. on wednesday...a strong storm system will move through the region from the southwest...bringingheavy rain showers and gusty winds to the area. canadian highpressure will then build into the region and bring much colder temperatures to the area into
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thank you for choosing tuesday february 23 i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm january keaton. virginia's supreme court man covicted of abducting and killing alexis murphy. randy taylor was found guilty back in 2014 of murder and of murphy. taylor has maintained innocence all along. a judge sentenced him to serve two life sentences in july 2014. in carroll county: a high speed chase ends with a man in jail and a police car
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police say randall jones was wanted for failing to appear in court. when an officer tried to pull him over on friday, jones sped away. he alledgely ran a stop sign at the intersection of frog spur road, jumped an embankment and landed in a field. another officer was laying down spike strips. police say jones ran off the road trying to avoid the spikes and almost hit the officer. charlotte, north carolina's city council has voted in favor of a non- discrimination ordinance ... that provides some protections for the l-g-b-t community -- including restroom choices for transgender people. before the vote ... there was some heated debate about the measure.david sentendrey was there when the legislation was approved ... there's a lot of tension building at charlotte city council. the reason, a non- discrimination ordinance is on
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community from being levels. which includes a transgendered people. mos use of a restroom, embarrassed, ashamed and made to feel like less of a person." trans people and other supporters of this ordinance say it's long overdue... but largest crowds ... came to "i'm a very loving person but i don't have to share a shower with you to show that." people to choose their sexual predators to take advantage of an ordinance with simply against their beliefs... rather than wicked men." plenty are saying no to this others say the outrage is not based on facts, but fear.... fear....facts, but not based
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here in the commonwealth, lawmakers in richmond last week killed a bill that would have required people to use the bathroom or locker room that corresponded to their biological died in a house of delegates subcommittee by a 7-4 vote. having a stroke isn't just something you have to worry about when you get older. doctors say more people in thier 40's and 50's are having strokes. experts say-- risk factors-- including poor diet, smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes--increase the chances of someone having a stroke at a young age.doctors at lewis gale say if you feel symptoms-- call 9-1-1 immediately. andrew wong/neurologist and muscular specialist: "a good acronym you can use is called fast, which stands for face, indicating drooping of the face on one side or the other. arm, indicating drooping of the arm. speech, indicating a difficulty of speech and the last is t for time. time is of the essence."doctors suggest getting routine check ups --to make sure your cholesterol and blood pressure levels are normal-- which will help
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as black history month enters its final week, we take a look at the influence one roanoke man held on the railroad and the advice he gave that will continue to influence generations to holland sr. passed away in december, but not before leaving a lasting memory with anyone who met him.he had worked his entire career on the railroad ... beginning as a janitor, retiring as a, a group he co-founded, the "african american railroad heritage group," has every intention of taking the work holland started and carrying it on for years to come. here's wfxr's becky freemal with more. :09-:12:33-:45 1:01-1:11 1:34 - 1:53 we last sat down with al holland sr. in february of 2015.1:27 into pkg-look your best, do you best, and the
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moist southeast in our good news report this morning, what would not make you smile besides some cute bunnies a good book? kids stopped by the roanoke public library to check out a makeshift petting zoo in the middle of the library! there were bunnies, guinea pigs, and hamsters available for the kids to play with, and hopefully get them interested in books...but some kids, definitely preferred the animals over the books.
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the bunny? yeah" those in charge of the petting zoo say they take the animals all over town for similar events and birthday parties. donald trump is the front runner for the republican nomination... but what does the rest of the world think of a possible trump presidency?we will take a look coming up on
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new fresh step with the power of febreze.
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wfxr is your local election headquarters.... donald trump is the heavy favorite to win tuesday's republican caucuses in nevada. and the possibility of a trump presidency is not sitting well with a number of world leaders. atika shubert has more on that. donald trump, sometime real- estate mogul turned reality star turned presidential candidate is now the front runner to become the republican nominee. but how would world leaders deal with a possible president trump? here's what they've said so wrong." said british prime minister david cameron when from travelling to the us.and the "great wall" of trump to immigrants out of the u.s.? pope francis called it "not christian". "enormous ignorance" and "irresponsible" is how mexican president
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business partner, prince
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free shipping" just got a little harder to come by for amazon's non-prime shoppers.if you spend enough money on the web retailer, you get free shipping....but amazon just raised the minimum amount -- so now you'll have to shell out 49 dollars before an order ships for free.that's a 40- percent increase from the previous minimum of 35 dollars. it's not clear when amazon made the prime memberships -- which cost 99- bucks a year -- are not affected. if you're part of the starbuck reward program- you probably noticed some changes. starbucks overhauled the program- to speed up checkout
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program- members got one star per visit- and it didn't matter how much was spent. as a result- some customers were asking to ring up a series of items in transactions. now, it's
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and don't forget you can get your and news on virginia .... 24 hours a day. after you turn more than a
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a lot... but next on good day virginia, we will meet a little lady who
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the best day of her life... it's a white house moment that's gone viral.a 106 years old woman dancing with the president and mrs. obama shortly after meeting them.for virginia mclaurin, it was the event of a lifetime... made even more important that in came during black history month.horace holmes reports ... virginia mclaurin has seen a lot in her 106 years but she never thought she'd see the inside of the white house."i'm in here. i said thank the lord i'm in here."but it's what she
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captivated the leader of the free world and his wife, and now the entire on your side first met virginia mclaurin early last year when we helped her tackle a bedbug infestation in her northwest washington apartment."if you wanna lift up and be free, talk to channel seven."she told us badly she wanted to meet the first african american president of the united states. she didn't know how it would happen but she wasn't going to give up hope of shaking mister obama's hand.late last week, thanks to one of the lenders working to help her tenant association restore the building she lives in, that dream came true."i walked up and said i'm here. this is black history month, and i'm here to represent black history.""so i grabbed hold of him and i got his wife too.""and you started dancing?" she says she was just so happy she couldn't help herself."you just made our day you know that?"a dream come true. a memory cemented forever for the president and his wife..and for a humble, happy
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