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tv   WFXR News First at Ten  FOX  February 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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hello everyone i'm meteorologist john carroll and this is your weather first.a monster storm is brewing in the south and will affect us tomorrow with heavy rainand some thunderstorms. flooding is a concern. i'll have all that in 5 mins, but until thenwfxr first at ten starts now death investigation.a man's body found dead inside of a home.tonight investigators are working to determine if he was murdered.alsoweather warning.a storm system is moving into the's already killed two people in other it will impact the commonwealth.and who is donald
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presidential hopeful who has stirred up the race for the white house.then presidential survey.sot: we have a questions sort of relating to how angry people are, how unhappy they are with their own individual political party. local college students taking to the phones to gage who might win the virginia primary. i was wrong when i thought the board would take into consideraton the will of the people. a group sumitted a last minute proposal- to keep two historic slave buildings on thier orginal site. but the question now- is whether botetourt county officials will accept that proposal.thanks for joining us - i'm travell eiland.and i'm becky freemal.wfxr's kristen eskow was a meeting today where dozens of protestors showed up- she's live in the newsroom with more on that
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becky and travell - the botetourt county board of supervisors unanimously approved the lease of the botetourt center at greenfield - to the economic development authority. but also at today's meetings - activists offered a last-minute proposal - to try to stop the continued move of the slave dwellings. :13-:18:23-:281:07-1:12 as crews move one of the historic slave dwellings to a new location at the botetourt center at greenfield...those who want the houses to be kept where they are - are making their voices heard to the county board of supervisors. coon: "i sat there in my car and i cried. i absolutely cried to see that the slave dwelling had been moved." clinton: "we set aside an approrpriate area and an appropriate standoff distance from the industrial building,
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can share the same site." stephen clinton is a former botetourt county supervisor. representing the friends of greenfield preston plantation and arguing for a stop work order, he has proposed a deal to the board - that would include a payment to the county of 40 thousand dollars raised by the group. that would go towards moving the buildings back to their original location - and redesigning construction plans to accommodate the buildings. then, over a three-week period - clinton says a collaboration panel would meet with the board of supervisors to try to come up with a new solution. at the end of that period - the group would offer at least 100 thousand dollars more to the county to also go towards stopping the move of the buildings. leffel: "the cabins were listed on the national historic registry in 2011. and that would've been a good time to start doing something for them."board of supervisors chair jack leffel says he understands the concerns of those in botetourt county interested in preserving history. he admits finding a economic development and historical preservation - is not an easy process.leffel: "their money offer today was to help pay for the funding
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delay. it's not taking care of the 300-some-thousand dollars that we already committed to it." the friends of greenfield preston plantation asked the board of supervisors to make a decision on whether or not to move forward with the deal by midnight on wednesday. the board chairman told me he could not promise that the board would meet that deadline - but is still taking the idea into consideration. live in the studio, kristen eskow, wfxr news. only one of the two slave homes was relocated today. the other building is scheduled to be moved thursday - weather permitting. developing right now in roanoke-police find a man's body and are trying to determine if he was killed. investigators found dead man inside a home in the 500 block of westwood boulevard-- just before 5 arrests have been made, and the official cause of death is under investigation.the man's name has not been released. also in roanoke - officials try to figure out what sparked a deadly house fire early this crews were called to a home in the 1600 block of wayne street shortly after midnight.when they arrived,
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the home.the identity of the person who died has not been released. mother nature keeps sending curveballs our way. last week we had to deal with snow and ice. this week it's heavy rain and flooding.the combination of this recent rain and last week's snow melt has saturated the ground. roanoke has already picked up the equivalent of four inches of rain this month when you include the moisture from snow and ice. i'm over in the pinpoint weather center with chief meteorologist john carroll.and john- all of this moisture- is just the beginning for us here? overnight...rain. areas of drizzle this evening...then occasional drizzle. areas of fog. near steady temperature
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around 10 mph. chance of rain
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in christiansburg- these two people are locked up on meth charges.larry browning and donna garder were picked up on multiple felony warrants yesterday.police were executing a search warrant when they found multiple one pot meth labs in a home- on alleghany street.three guns were also confiscated. investigators say there was evidence that a child lived there, but the child was not in the house at the time. in henry county- a man is locked up tonight accused of beating another man with a baseball bat.police say benny stone forced his way into a home saturday night.he's charged with malicious wounding and other felony
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in and assault happened just after 9:30 on philpott dam road in bassett.authorities say when stone forced himself inside the home, he hit scottie rose in the head several times with the bat. rose was taken to the hospital and later released. an update now to the ice rink in roanoke.downtown roanoke, inc. says attendance for the first season of r-o-a elmwood on ice - exceeded its expectations.a spokesperson says more than 13 thousand, four hundred people visited the ice rink - and there were 16 private rentals of the rink. the group originally hoped about ten thousand people would come out to skate. the rink will be back next winter - but downtown roanoke inc. has an online survey to get the public's input about the first season. that survey is open until the end of the month - we have the link on our website - virginia first dot com. have you ever run a red light? here's a scary fact: officials hundreds of deaths- and hundreds of thousands of
10:09 pm police departments in the region are cracking down on red light runners. it's part of the blue ridge transportation board's effort to make everyone more conscience drivers. tune in tomorrow to good day virginia- to find out more about how officers will be cracking down on drivers in our area. around the commonwealth-a lee county high school teacher was arrested today for giving alcohol to students.police say autumn middleton, was arrested on five counts of giving alcohol to minors.state police say the alleged incident did not happen on school property. also around the commonwealth- a touching act of kindess by a starbucks employee in leesburg is going viral.ibby piracha- who is hearing impaired- first shared the details of the gesture on social media.he says the cashier at his starbucks wrote him a note- saying she's been learning sign language- so he could have the same experience at starbucks as everyone else. piracha spoke to a reporter through an app on his phone- saying the note warmed his heart.
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happy."reporter says: "he then said to me"piracha says: : "i felt happy that she learned to sign asl to speak with me."piracha says he goes to that starbucks about three times a week- and loves his experience there. there.his experience week- and loves three times a starbucks about he goes to that me."piracha says he goes to that starbucks about three times a week- and loves his experience there. coming up-who will win on super tuesday?students making dozens of phone calls -- to give them an idea of who will take home the most votes. plus- it's f-f-a week!how students who get involved- can get some money for school! details coming up a little later in tonight's ag life
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overnight...rain. areas of drizzle this evening...then
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fog. near steady temperature in thelower 40s. east winds around 10 mph. chance of rain near100 percent. .wednesday...rain and occasional drizzle in the morning...thenrain with a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. somethunderstorms may produce heavy rainfall in the afternoon. rainmay be heavy at times in the afternoon. not as cool with highs inthe mid 50s. east winds 10 to 15 mph...becoming southeast in the afternoon. gusts up to 30 mph. chance of rain near 100 percent..wednesday night...cloudy with a 50 percent chance of rainshowers. lows in the upper 30s. southwest winds 15 to 20 mph withgusts up to 40 mph. .thursday...mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of rain
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with highs in the mid 40s. west winds15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 45 mph. .thursday night...mostly cloudy. a slight chance of snow showersin the evening. cooler with lows in the upper 20s. northwestwinds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 50 mph. chance of snow20 percent. .friday through saturday...partly cloudy. highs in the lower 40s.lows in the mid 20s..saturday night and sunday...mostly clear. lows in the lower 30s.highs in the lower 50s..sunday night...mostly clear in the evening...then becomingpartly
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wfxr news is your local election headquarters.and it was the last day for some calls for last day for and it was the headquarters.election your local wfxr news is upper 30s.lows in the partly cloudy. becomingevening...then becomingpartly cloudy. lows in
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wfxr news is your local election headquarters.and it was the last day for some calls for political candidates still in the presidential primary. roanoke college calls people randomly all over the state to ask who they would vote for and their political affiliation as well as other questions on the survey. the institute for policy and research strives to have at least 800 participants with equal members of the republican and democrat
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"it gives everyone an idea of where people stand right now, how things are shaping up and we also have several questions on here related to other issues not just who you are voting for, but we can also look at, we have a questions sort of relating to how angry people are, how unhappy they are with their own individual political party."the results of the survey will be out for publication this weekend before the polls are visited for real on march 1st. democratic presideintial candidate bernie sanders was booed at his campaign rally in virginia today.he met with a crowd in norfolk and deflected boos from the crowd when he spoke about his competitor- hillary clinton.he told the crowd that wall street firms have donated to a super pac supporting clinton. "do not kid yourself wall street and i know something about this, wall street has endless supplies of money, i mean endless. for a normal human being you say 'well you know there's a certain amount of money we have' there is no certain amount of money. these guys have endless amounts of money to do what they want to do. they do not have me and
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against let me give you an example, one of the areas where my opponent secretary clinton and i have a strong disagreement- no, nope, nope nope, no. no, i respect secretary clinton we have differences." democrats in south carolina will head out to vote in their primary this weekend. then next week -- both sides of the political aisle will show who they
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coming up-turning an f-f-a project into money for school! experts at virginia tech explain how- in tonight's ag
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farmers of america week- aimed at letting aspiring farmers show off their projects.wfxr's sophia borrelli spoke with
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about how to turn projects into money for school. 0:17 - 0:240:44 - 0:490:55 - 1:00 these are the faces of past f-f-a leaders. an organization that promotes leadership, public speaking and has a whole lot of history right here in the state of virginia. hoping to join those faces is zach jacobs who says he wanted to join because of family ties. zach jacobs/2014-2015 ffa state president: "my dad was in the ffa growing up, so i figured that i'd give it a shot and it was something i really enjoyed."zach was last year's state president for ffa and now he is a freshmen at virginia tech but dreams of becoming a cattle farmer. zach jacobs/2014-2015 ffa state president: "be able to help feed my family as well as others around me too."he says f-f-a helped him prepare for college and professors at virginia tech agree. susan sumner/associate dean, college of agriculture and life sciences: "students that are very active in ffa really like agriculture, they have found agriculture as a passion and coming to virginia tech, they can do even more hands on work with the facuty."standup: "students say the leadership skills they learn in ffa can translate into any major they pick in college."zach jacobs/2014-2015 ffa state president: "used to be focused
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kinda moving away from that brand and focusing on agriculture in general and people with an interest in the industry and so with that, we are able to find careers of all over."zach says he hopes to continue to give back to an organization that has given him so many opportunities. in blacksburg, sophia borrelli wfxr news. the f-f-a state conference will be taking place at virginia tech in june. this year is the 90th for the the state convention. coming up-who is donald trump? what the republican presidential candidate is doing to win your vote. in our local good news report- black dog salvage visits the wfxr studios- giving us a preview of the newest season of "salvage dawgs"what we can
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it's just a week until super tuesday- and many are wondering- can donald trump make it three wins in a row?as joel waldman reports- the republican frontrunner is the favorite to win the republican caucus in nevada tonight-- as rival, ted cruz, works to fix another campaign
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:00 - :05 :32 - :49 1:15 - 1:22 many answers in it." it's a snippet of video that cost ted cruz's communications director his job ...allegedly editing the clip to make it appear like marco rubio believes the bible is void of answers ... but, there's one problem, this is what rubio really said on tape.... "got a good book there, all the answers are in there." ted cruz calling the edited video a "grave error of judgment" ... continuing his damage control ...slammed in recent weeks for using dirty campaign getting back on message. cruz says: "frankly, i don't care what position donald trump decides to support .... today or tomorrow or the next day, they change everyday, i don't care ... but pick one, and defend it, but don't pretend whenever people found out what said -- 'oh never mind' ...." never missing an opportunity to go on the attack, donald trump pouncing on cruz using his weapon of choice. "ted cruz has now apologized to marco rubio and ben carson for fraud and dirty tricks. no wonder he has lost evangelical support!" trump, meanwhile, also battling it out with john kasich ...the billionaire beating the ohio governor in a new buckeye state poll ... just three weeks before the primary there. kasich says: "and look, i think at some point you are going to see the frontrunner stumble in a real way ... and i think we will
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earth ..." that was joel waldman reporting. 4 days until south carolina's democratic primary and bernie sanders picking up a celebrity endorsement ... movie director-- spike lee says sanders will "do the right thing". we are your local election headquarters. tonight - our final candidate profile - from the republican party. donald trump - well known as an outspoken entrepreneur - and former tv show host. but what about his political experiance - and stance on the issues important to virginians? w-f-x-r's bill wadell - takes a closer look - at trump's resume.
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sc-trump-still-building-the- walltrump says: "there is nothing easy about running for president: it's nasty, vicious and mean. it's beautiful.real estate tycoon donald trump - has managed to stay in the headlines - with his bold remarks and colorful tweets. the 69 year old mogul - has penned more than a dozen books - and starred on tv shows. the father of 5, grandfather of 7 - is a graduate of the wharton school of finance in philadelphia. trump has campaigned - but never held a political office before. on his campaign website - trump says he'll order construction of a wall at the border of mexico - to block illegal immigration - and drugs from reaching the u.s.trump calls common core a disaster - saying he'll revamp education and health care - while defending gunowners' rights. in the push to create jobs - trump says he will declare china a currency manipulator... and reform the trade deal - preventing additional jobs from going overseas. slug: bc-fox-02- trump-"common-sense- conservative"trump says: "i would say that i've evolved, and you and i talk about it a lot with ronald reagan. ronald reagan was a liberal - pretty liberal democrat - and he evolved into a fairly conservative - he wasn't the most conservative president, but he evolved into a republican that was fairly conservative. i will say this, i think that i have very much evolved,bill wadell, wfxr
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thanks bill. we'll take a closer look at the democrats in the race - starting tomorrow night. to see more candidate profiles - check out the *your local election headquarters* section of virginia first dot com. in tonight's local good news - yesterday we told you about the fifth season of salvage dawgs on the d-i-y network. this morning- our own local celebrities were on good day virginia- dogs included!black dog molly may, the crew's pup-in-training, will make her national debut this season.the show, salvage dawgs, stars locals robert kulp and mike whiteside, who own roanoke's black dog salvage, and follows
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jobs.they gave us a preview this morning about what to expect this season. 56-1:23chaos! its packed with what everything we usually do- salvage, builds, uh, we bring in some funky stuff too. to talk about- we talk some upcycling, i got myself a messed up knee this season this year- robert's knee was a feature- got out of some work.the diy network debuts season 5 - february 28th, with two episodes starting at 9 p.m. coming up- john is tracking some major storm systems
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overnight...rain. areas of drizzle this evening...then occasional drizzle. areas of fog. near steady temperature in thelower 40s. east winds around 10 mph. chance of rain near100 percent. .wednesday...rain and occasional drizzle in the morning...thenrain with a
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afternoon. somethunderstorms may produce heavy rainfall in the afternoon. rainmay be heavy at times in the afternoon. not as cool with highs inthe mid 50s. east winds 10 to 15 mph...becoming southeast in theafternoon. gusts up to 30 mph. chance of rain near 100 percent. .wednesday night...cloudy with a 50 percent chance of rain showers. lows in the upper 30s. southwest winds 15 to 20 mph withgusts up to 40 mph. .thursday...mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of rain showers. breezy and cooler with highs in the mid 40s. west winds15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 45 mph..thursday night...mostly cloudy. a slight chance of snow showers in the evening. cooler with lows in the upper 20s. northwestwinds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 50 mph. chance of snow20 percent. .friday through
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highs in the lower 40s.lows in the mid 20s..saturday night and sunday...mostly clear. lows in the lower 30s.highs in the lower 50s..sunday night...mostly clear in the evening...then becomingpartly
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college in search of their seventh conference win and we have action from the first round of the odac tourney...with 6th seeded randolph hosting 11th seeded
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the hokies look to carry momentum over from their come from behind 83-73 win over florida state on saturday as they met boston college tonight in search of thier seventh acc win 1. tech was getting big shots to go... jalen hudons up against the shot clock hits the 3 and gets fouled... the 4 point play put the hokies up 19-12...2. bc hung with them early... great ball movement finds a man cutting to the basket for the jam, trimming the lead down to 3...3. here is somethnig you don't see very often... or ever... chris clarke drains the 3... his first 3 in college play... virginia tech up 26-18...4. tech played better defense tonight... chris clarke comes up with the steal and passes it up ahead to justin bibbs for the big throwdown and a 14 point lead...5. check out this finish to the half... the shot no good, but garland owens with the fierce putback jam... right now tech in command, leading 58-43 in the second half... the hokies on pace to
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they next travel to wake forest to face the demon deacons on sunday at 6:30... mens odac 1st round game randolph hosting washington and lee.1-w&l.....clayton murtha to andrew franz.....24-20 generals2- randolph.....zach dezgain...the spin and score.....26-22 generals 3-w&l.....andy klein-len to nicholas george...3 pointer......29-22 generals4- randolph.....desgain scores.......29-24 generals.5- randolph.....josh freend backs in and scores......29-26 generals at the half. the wildcats come back to beat w&l 71-65........randolph plays roanoke friday in the odac quarterfinals at the salem civic center. coming up we travel around the area to bring you highlights from five different gyms...its survive and advance or lose
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action with teams all over the area looking to extend their seasons for at least one more game... the knights getting ready to take on the devils in the 3a west quarterfinals....1. cave spring feeling it from long range early...jake furrow drains this one from the baseline ... 9-0 knights2. rustberg answering ....mike jones...who? knocks down this triple...the first five field goals in this one were treys... cutting the deficit down to just three3. cave spring starting to pull away...zach shannon with the strong post move ...splitting the defesne 23-14 cave spring 4. and then its mason reyer with the no look pass to brody hicks and you can count all three of those as cave spring picks up a 53 49 win improving to 21-4 and advancing to the semis against spotswood on thursday in the other half of the 3a west bracket, billy pope leading northside against waynesboro...1. kendrick tucker came ready to play tonight... the pull-up "j" just inside the arc... he has
10:51 pm
12...2. tucker was just getting started... the 3-ball out of the corner pocket is nothing but net... the lead is out to 15 for northside...3. tucker wasn't done yet... somehow gets this one to go... a 7-0 run from him... tucker finished with 19...4. when he wasn't scoring he was assisting... the perfect alley- oop to shey webb... a nice finish from the sophomore... webb also with 19... northside cruises with the 64-45 win... they now face western albemarle on thursday night in the semifinals... in 4a it was william byrd hosting heritage... the terrier students were fired up for this one...1. byrd came out red hot... damon childress from way deep drains the 3 on the first shot of the game... childress with a team high 20...2. next trip down the floor... dylan gravely with the ball fake and the drive to the rim... he finishes off the glass... 5-0 william byrd...3. the terriers looking to make it 3 for 3 to start the game... gravely has the range
10:52 pm
their first 3 shots to jump out to a nice lead...4. gravely was ready to bury heritage early... another 3 from him... he finished with 13...william byrd advances with the 58-47 win... the terriers travel to john champ on thursday... brookville girls hosting lord botetourt in regional action.1-lord botetourt maggie quarles to katie klime-zak scores...27-21 bees at the half 2-kids enjoying some halftime refreshments3-brookville- chelsie moran to kiala marshall scores and fouled...29-21 brookville 4-lord botetourt......hannah bane...3 pointer////35-24 brookville5-brookville-megen dray drives scores and fouled onto the 3a west region hidden valley hosting broadway..1. broadway took control ...chrissy delawder knocks down this three... that makes
10:53 pm
lead2. but the titans getting things rolling....drew freeland taking it coast to coast with the beautiful hidden valley the cutting the deficit down to four 3. freeland airs this one out to jordan sadler and she will lay it in ... browdway lead down to just two 4. and then its sawyer freeland off the skip pass...drains this hidden valley clinches a spot in the 3a state quarterfinals with a 66-52 final and finally tonight, check out this buzzer beater in the vanderbilt-florida game... it goes in from 80 feet out... the man making the shot is cave spring grad josh henderson... it is the first 3- pointer of the seniors career... the commodores went
10:54 pm
the shot one more time... coming up- an ape invades the international space station! next- the strange tweet from
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10:56 pm
from astronaut mark kelly. apparently they must be getting bored up there at the international space station. kelly posted this video yesterday of someone in a gorilla suit
10:57 pm
terrorizing a crew explanation is given- just a tweet saying " i thought you said you had things under
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(doorbell rings)
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