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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 8  FOX  February 24, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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bulldogs and beagles! will remain wedged south along the eastern slopes ofthe appalachians into tonight allowing periodic rounds of rain ordrizzle. on wednesday...a strong storm system...currently locatedin th >> jason: all right, welcome to "good day, virginia". i'm meteorologist jason caterina. thanks for joining us. we have the ground saturated and the flood watch in effect for the entire area. as we go throughout the day, gusty winds expected, too, and with the ground being saturated certainly enough to topple trees and take power lines and create spotty power outages. plus we have the threat for severe weather as we head into the afternoon.
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showers out there right now. we've already seen a few thunderstorms move through and more on the way and more m just a couple of -- more in just a couple of minutes. "good day, virginia" returns right now. >> january: making a historic move. the group takes a different kind of offer from the county supervisors to keep slave quarters in place. >> kyle: and trump taking the nevada caucus will will the steam roller continue through next wednesday? >> now we're winning, winning, winning the country. >> january: and campaigning in the commonwealth. bernie sanders brings the effort to get the democratic nomination to our state. january keaton. and i'm kyle benjamin. we'll get those stories in
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developing story just in to our newsroom. danville police are investigating an early morning homicide. shortly after midnight, officers responded to a home on halifax street.they found a man with gunshot wounds. police say firefighters pronounced the man dead at teh scene.police sent the body to the medical examiner's office to pinpoint the cause of death. we're waiting to find out more details as police investigation a death in northwest roanoke. roanoke police found a man dead inside a home in the 5-hundred block of westwood boulevard, just before 5-o'clock tuesday night. so far no arrests have been made. anyone with information is asked to call roanoke police. at a meeting last night in botetourt county, leaders unanimously approved the lease of the botetourt center at greenfield. activists offered a last minute proposal to try and stop the continued move of two historic slave houses. but supervisors have yet to accept it. i was wrong when i thought the board would take into consideraton the witl of the people.
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subject of heated debate in the county.some want the homes to remain on the property and preserved as historic landmarks.others say the land is need for economic development to bring mores money into the county.wfxr's kristen eskow has more. :13-:18:23-:281:07-1:12 as crews move one of the historic slave dwellings to a new center at greenfield...those who want the houses to be kept their voices heard to the county board of supervisors.
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the friends of greenfield
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decision on whether or not to move forward with the deal by midnight tonight. the second slave dwelling is scheduled to be moved thursday - weather permitting. we all know distracted driving puts motorists at greater risk of getting in an accident, but can strong emotions do the same? wfxr's taylor kanost joins us live in the studio with more on how virginia tech researchers hope to use this information to reduce your risks.. while you drive. about five years ago, the virginia tech transportation institute studied the driving habits of more than 3,500 volunteers across the united states to see if they could determine what is most likely to cause a car accident. not surprisingly, researchers found the chances a driver gets into accident more than double when they are distracted by a cell phone, using a touch screen menu on a vehicle instrument, or by reading and writing. drivers are also 13 times more likely to get in a wreck while
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limit. what may surprise you is drivers are nearly ten times as likely to get in a crash when they are observably angry, sad, crying, or emotionally agitated. researchers had previously hypothesized this was a factor in crashes, but this is the first time a study proved how much emotions impact our driving habits. we are finally at a stage where we have a sufficient amount of data in terms of actual crashes where we can estimate the risk of a crash. it's no longer the risk of maybe potentially being in a crash or almost being in a crash. it's the risk of an actual crash.this study is also the first of its is also the first of its kind to compare the risks of sober and alert drivers to those drivers who are not sober. believe it or not, even though the participants knew they were being monitored, a number of drivers were caught driving under the influence of alcohol. on the other end of the
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factors like applying makeup or following a vehicle too closely actually had less of an impact on accidents than anticipated. researchers plan on spilling over this data for another ten years to help policymakers improve driver safety on the roads. reporting in the studio, taylor kanost wfxr news. severe weather is possible across the region today. damaging wind gusts & tornadoes are the primary concern for us. there is also flooding concerns with heavy rain moving through and dumping over already saturated ground. high pressure will remain wedged south along the eastern slopes ofthe appalachians into tonight allowing periodic rounds of rain ordrizzle. on wednesday...a strong storm system...currently locatedin the southern plains...will move through the region from thesouthwest bringing gusty winds...heavy rain...and somethunderstorms. for the remainder of the week...canadian highpressure will build in bringing much colder temperatures alongwith
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as jason said we are facing some heavy rain today, but some parts of the country have already had to deal with very severe weather.the details are still to come on good day virginia. next in our ag life report: turning a future farmers of america project into money for school!experts at virginia tech explain how!you're
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it's future farmers of >> it's future farmers of america, week, kyle. did you know that? >> kyle: i do now! >> january: it's so they can show off their projects. >> kyle: and now how you can turn those projects into money for school. >> these this is the organization that promotes public speaking and has a lot of history right here in the state of virginia. hoping to join those faces is zach jacobs who said he wanted
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>> my dad was in the ffa growing up so i figured i'd give it a shot and it was something that i really enjoyed. >> reporter: zach was last year's state president for ffa and now he is a freshmen at virginia tech and dreams of becoming a cattle farmer. >> being able to help feed my family as well as others around me, too. >> reporter: he says ffa helped him prepare for college and professors at virginia tech agreed. >> students are very active at ffa and it is going to the passion and that's coming to virginia tech and can do more hands on. >> and they say the leader ship skills can translate into any major they pick in college. >> the focus of the farm and now kind of moving away from that brand and focusing on agriculture in general and people with the interest in industry.
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careers. >> zach continues to give back to the organization that has given him so many sophia, wfxr news. >> kyle: this is the 90th year for the state convention. >> jason: the sbc just updated the possibility for damaging winds this afternoon. i've got the details on that and the possibility of some severe weather this afternoon
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all that and your full forecast >> 8:15 now. the latest sbc and updating the
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still the chance of severe weather especially off to the east as we go on into the afternoon hours. this morning we've already seep a few rumbles of thunder move through with a couple of thunderstorms. moderate to heavy rainfall and a flood watch. the wind advisory ask a lot going on. break it all down. take a look outside in blacksburg andee a lot of low hanging cloud there. some areas of dense fog around the region. please, give yourself extra time and slow down out roads. likely to find big puddles of ponding and we have the flood watch and the wind advisory. strong to severe thunderstorms possible this afternoon. damaging winds the most culprit for severe storms and tornados also further east to the afternoon hours. temperatures in the 30s and 40s and it's very warm off in the
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viewing area there and down to the mid60s and help to juice up the atmosphere and bring up some of the heavy weather as we head on into the afternoon. bringing the visibility with more widespread fog starting to break out with 2.5 mile visibility in lynchburg and down to just over a mile in roanoke and mile and a half in blacksburg and down to a mile in danville. and it is thickening with the early morning hours and careful with low beams on for visibility. there you go. flood watch for the entire region as we go on through the day today. the wind advisory. just because you're not in the advisoriy zone doesn't mean it's not going to be very windy today. it is just not going to hit the advisory for 30 mph. plenty of wind gusts and if you're on the highway it's a nice big birth and going to go with the high profile vehicles. the marginal risk for many of us and the category shifting
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enhanced risk area and the tornadic probability outlook also has shifted a little further to the east and they took down a little bit of that hatching wrair where they're expecting the possibility of some very high end tornados. all right, here we go. the scattered showers moving across the region right now with the heavy rain into the new river valley. outside of that much quieter as we had just a little while ago. pretty big thunderstorms starting to form up. the weekend a little bit. then reformed as they moved out of the area and see plenty of rain yet to go. a few areas of stronger storms starting to fire up through portions of tennessee. and here we go with the wider outlook. the moderate risk shrunk down and everything shifting further to the east than it was before. but still a pretty big possibility relatively speaking of tornadic activity for the afternoon. this is the damaging wind outlook. certainly the highest category for us as far as our area's concerned and we'll be watching very closely heading on into the afternoon for some of the
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things will turn much quieter in the next couple of days and remain pretty windy overnight tonight into tomorrow and even still quite breezy on friday and much cooler and well down in 30s for temperatures and start to calm down and rebound as we head through the weekend and by saturday back up near 60 and the roller coaster continues for us winter wise for the rest of the week. >> january: we'll take it. it's better than single digits any days. >> kyle: thank you, jason. head over to and the weather team's up to the minute forecast, highlight, latest news and sports highlights. >> january: the rain is coming from the deep south and that extreme weather is taking a toll to the southeast. this morning people were killed tuesday night in mississippi. 100 trailers damaged when the tornado slammed through the mobile home park there. in the past 12 hour there is have been at least 15 reports
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mississippi, and alabama. those states are all under states of emergency right now. >> kyle: wfxr news is your election headquarters and 3 wins in a row for republican presidential candidate donald trump scoring a big victory in nevada tuesday night in their caucus. others holding out hope ahead of super tuesday and virginia among other states that will hold the primary but the new national poll not helping with any spirit. trump is increasing his lead since jeb bush withdrew from the race over the weekend. vote. that's a 15 point lead over in at 21%. senator ted cruz third with 17. jackie ibanez reports from new york. >> reporter: donald trump continues his winning streak as he curbs the other republican candidates in the nevada caucus. analysts say that after his loss in iowa, he developed a
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>> he learned his lesson in iowa in the small turnout affairs. you have to get your people there and he got his people there. >> reporter: he plans to continue the momentum going into super tuesday. >> they keep forgetting, when people drop out, we'll get a lot of votes. >> senator ted cruz juan in iowa and had -- won in iowa and failed to win the evangelical vote in south carolina. but the texas senator still believes he has a chance. >> the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> reporter: in the meantime marco rubio has said he's the only candidate who can rally all the factions of the republican party together. >> the more now starting to coalesce with rubio, i don't know that that's going to work for rubio right >> reporter: ben carson came in
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with ohio governor john kasich. but the retired neurosurgeon isn't calling it quits just yet. >> and they're going to say it's all done and all over and i believe that they're wrong. >> reporter: now the republicans move on to super tuesday next week with voters going to the polls in 12 states. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. >> january: bernie sanders was booed at his campaign rally yesterday. he met with the crowd in norfolk and deflected the boos when he said he respected his opponent hillary clinton. he said they donated to the superpack supporting clinton. >> wall street hasentless supplies of money. and i mean endless. normal human beings think a certain amount of money we have. there is no certain amount of money.
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money to do what they want to do. they do not have this. >> the democrats it south carolina head out to vote in their primaries this weekend and both sides of the political aisle will show who they support and that happens on super tuesday. coming up next on "good day, virginia", there i am! a lot of people think working out is mind over matter. if they don't mind, it doesn't matter. but unfortunately i mind working out! chelsea honor does not, though,
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it's time for >> january: all right, welcome back. it's 8:26. it's wednesday and it's time for chelsea honor to whip me into shape! this week she focused on tightening my core by incorporating the medicine ball and the mind over matter this wednesday. >> all right, january. last week i went really easy on you and today i'll go a lot harder on you. >> january: let's do it! >> i have my phone and today we'll do a work out with 20 seconds of high intensity and then 10 second break is what it is. so 4 different exercises. if you're at home you only want this process to last about 30 minutes tops because you're at your full potential for burning calories and having your heart rate up high. first thing is 20 seconds of the jump squat so you squat and jump. ready and go. weight in the heels. weight in the heels. there you go. good.
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i want you to sit back the bottom. and 10 more seconds. good. if you have knee issues, just know. and you have 10 seconds. next thing is high knees. every time i want you to touch with your hands and again any bad knee issues someone may have they can just rotate like this. heart rate getting up, right? >> yes! i should have worn the sports bra! >> all right, 10 more seconds. you got this! up higher. up higher. come on, you're giving me 125% right now! 3, 2, 1! very good! all right, 10 second break. go ahead and get to the floor. we're going to push ups. >> january: all right, i can lay down! on your back, as many as you can, not on your knees. butt down, ready and go!
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awesome! good! good! all right, a little lower. >> oh, god no! >> bring those knees down. bring keep going. good. butt down a little more. 3, 2, wop. excellent! time to be on your bottom and going to the russian twist. and let me restart this clock. >> i got this! >> all right, here's your ball. remember if you're here at home use anything. a bag of sugar and even put your baby to sleep. and it's 8 pounds right here! all what we're doing is going right here back and forth. the beginner phase is when the heels will touch the ground and to make it more advanced your heels can come up. rocking back and forth.
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almost there! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 d. very go see how fast that was! remember 20 seconds on and 125 %. 10 second off and try to repeat it 5 times where 30 minutes, as long as you can go. until next time this is chelsea. >> kyle: i got tired just watching that! >> january: me, too! and my arms are still sore, by the way. >> kyle: they're sculpted in the front, though. >> january: that's just genetics! this is not working out.
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>> new fresh step with the power of febreze.
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>> just after 8:30 here on "good day, virginia". we've seen rain, heavy rain and thunderstorms. scattered showers making the way through the northern part of the viewing area and another wave of rain making its way up into the new river valley. some of that coming down quite heavily around the 81 and 77 junction there around whitville so please give yourself extra time out on the roads. take the umbrella and need it from time to time. we need it as we continue with the showers. maybe some thunderstorms and even some strong to severe thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon. and some temperatures rising into the mid60s. the rest in the mid to upper 50s for highs. cool down for the next couple and all the full details in the next couple of minutes. "good day, virginia" returns right now. we will see how one local
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of this year's presidential versus cities plan to open all restrooms to transgender people is met with a roadblock. i think they crossed the common sense threshold of interfering with people basic sense of privacy thank you >> january: all right, thanks for staying with us us, everybody. and choosing "good day, virginia". it's wednesday, january 24th. i'm january keaton. >> kyle: i'm kyle benjamins. two people are picked up on multiple felony warrants for meth.
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search warrant and found multiple one-pot meth labs on alleghany street. they found evidence the child lived at the house but the child not there at the time of the arrest. >> january: the board of supervisors unanimously approved a lease of the center at greenfield to the economy's economic development authority. but activists made a last minute proposal to try to stop the move of those buildings. the first of two slave dwellings was relocated just yesterday. but friends of greenfield preston plant egg has proposed -- plantation has proposed a deal to the board of $40,000 and that payment would go towards moving the payment back to the original spots redesigning construction plans to accommodate the building and it is going to move off at least 100,000 dollars going to
8:35 am
>> it's the structures that come through and the location on that and going long. >> and the friends of greenfield preston plantation ask the board of supervisors to make a decision on whether to move forward with the deal by midnight on wednesday. the second slave dwelling is scheduled to be moved thursday weather permiting. >> kyle: police are cracking down on people who run red lights. >> january: it's part of the effort to make everyone more conscientious while they drive. paris holmes has more from the newsroom. good morning, paris. >> reporter: good morning, guys. this friday posters will be posted at intersections around the region and police will hand out tickets to anyone that runs a red light. it causes hundreds of deaths and over 1,000 injuries each year across the country and roanoke is no exception. roanoke says there were no deaths this year or 2015 but several injuries. they also say people run red lights because they're distracted by the cell phones
8:36 am
light before it turns red. i spoke to officer rick clark and he said officers hand out tickets every day for such traffic violations, but this friday they're focusing on red light runners because they want to bring attention to the growing problem. it's one of the most dangerous mitakes you can make -- mistakes you can make on the road, and often times the person not at fall gets hurt. >> the driver is protected by the engine block. the one who runs the red light has all that mass in front of them. weight of the vehicle and the engine. so as the car is on traveling and t-bones another vehicle, what's the first thing the other party is hit with? the front of the car. >> officer clark says police departments will have other campaigns throughout the year similar to this one. those will focus on other issues like texting and driving or those who disregard stop signs. all of it is just to make more people aware and by the way, tickets for running a red light
8:37 am
up depending on your circumstances. reporting in the newsroom, paris holmes, wfxr news. >> prices at the pump and going to the $2 mark and that's according to gas the average price of gas holding at $1.71 a gallon today. prices are down 12 cents from this time last month. they're down 60 cents from this time last year. hawaii currently has the highest gas prices in the nation. the average price of $2.56 a gallon. wow! more than cali! in the meantime oklahoma has the nation's cheapest gas costing an average of $1.47 a gallon. the average cost of a gallon of regular gas in the roanoke area, in case you're interested, is $1.58. >> kyle: the north carolina governor plans to take legislative action to keep charlotte's controversial lgbt bathroom ordinance from passing across the state. >> january: the move less than
8:38 am
leaders pass the ordinance. reports. >> all those in favor, raise your hands. >> reporter: with that vote, charlotte city leaders made it against the business for businesses and taxis to discriminate against the lgbt community and to allow them to use the bathrooms of their choice. also against the governor. warning letter. what do you do now? >> as i warned and as i expected, we have state legislators working on legislation for april to reverse what the city council did. >> reporter: in a one-on-one interview, the governor said he believes allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice is a violation of privacy and over reach. so he's stepping in. >> i think they crossed the common sense threshold of interfering with people's basic sense of privacy and security that we all expect. >> we learn the state could
8:39 am
strike part of it, pass a conflicting law or put it before the voters in the referendum. a referendum would draw more people from each side to the general election but the governor argues that would take too much time. >> i the very misguided ordinance as quick as possible and move on to the higher priorities that we are working on in north carolina. >> kyle: and britney johnson reporting. proponents of the ordinance say they'll meet in the coming days to discuss if they want to take legal action or wait for state lawmakers to jump in. >> january: 8:39 and in the local good news story, the people behind the ice rink in roanoke have to be happy, i would imagine. the downtown roanoke elmway on ice exceeded expectations. the spokesperson says 13,400
8:40 am
with 16 private rentals of the rink. the group originally hoped 10,000 people would come out to skate so they far exceeded their quota there. the rank will be back next winter. downtown roanoke inc. has an online survey to get the public's input about the first season and the numbers that they calculated. the survey is open until the end of the month. >> all right, being it's wednesday, take a look at the next couple of days. the weather for you as we head on towards the weekend, a very active day on tap for today's showers and thunderstorms and some of them could be pretty significant and strong. temperatures will be quite mild, though, well into the 50s. mid40s as we head on into tomorrow and then low 40s to near upper 30s as we head into the day on friday. quite windy as well and make it feel each colder as we head on into central virginia. temperatures up near 60 today with those showers and thunderstorms cooling off the
8:41 am
stays very windy as we go through tomorrow and quite breezy into the day and then it is going to push into the mid60s and it is going to help fuel the fire with the next few days and showers and thundershowers for today. snow showers as we head into tomorrow and even a few possibly lingering into friday and stays windy and the temperatures back into the mid30s for highs over the couple of days. and the weekend. we'll break down the full forecast in just a few. january? >> january: all right, you, jason.
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nevada to stop donald trump. we'll see how that worked out
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more "good day, virginia". wfxr news is your local election >> kyle: wfxr news is your local campaign headquarters and we are looking ahead to the gop caucus on tuesday. smart money is on donald trump. the house always wins and he does own a casino.
8:45 am
klas has more. >> reporter: moving one step closer for republican presidential nominee donald trump heads to victory in nevada's republican caucus tonight. that makes the third straight win for the real estate mogul in early voting states. senators ted cruz and marco rubio battle for second place with rubio slightly edging out cruz. the night wasn't without a few hiccups. voters experienced long lines and a few caucus sites ran out of ballots. the national republican committee sent into the last minute scramble getting extra ballots to the location. in the victory speech, trump mentioned how a few months back he wasn't even projected to win nevada and tonight celebrated a great win. >> the people of this country are absolutely amazing! i love you folks very much. remember, make america great again! we're going to do it and it's going to happen fast. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> reporter: along with voters,
8:46 am
during that victory speech. reporting for your local election headquarters, in las vegas, i'm britney. back to you. >> january: all right, well, bernie sanders made a stop in virginia on tuesday ahead of next week's primary. sanders stopped in norfolk. he was met with boos, though, from the crowd when he said he respected hillary clinton. the vermont senator also told the crowd they aim to pay worker the higher minimum wage and pay equity for women and reform the criminal justice immigration and campaign finance system. sanders trails hillary clinton in virginia by 17 points based on the erg of 2 polls conducted earlier this month. >> kyle: a local college trying to find out what you think of the crop of candidates. roanoke college calls people all over the state and ask who they vote for and the political affiliation as well as other questions on a survey. the institute for policy and research strives to have at least 800 participants with the members of the republican and
8:47 am
>> it gives everyone an idea of where people stand right now. how things are shaping up and also have several questions here related to other issues. not just who you're voting for, but also look at the questions with how angry people are, how unhappy they are with their own individual political party. >> kyle: and the results of the survey will be out for before voters head to the polls for super tuesday. >> jason: a strong storm moving in and the possibility there for severe weather as we head on into the afternoon. and that chance increases as
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
the full fore >> jason: 10 minutes before 9:00. starting to see a change in air mass out there as the warmer air is rushing into the new river valley. we'll have that moving across the region and helping to fuel the shower and thunderstorms hours. take a look. temperatures have jumped to 47 in galax. whitville 48 and 49 in bloomfield. still in the 30s and lower 40s but then the warm air will start to make its way into the rest of the region. right now the area of high pressure is exerting force off from the east and that is kind of keeping that cool air in place. but we'll start tow see that warmer air breaking down that front and getting things changing over as we head on a little later on. that could bring some areas very warm temperatures. we are finding quite a bit of fog around the region, too, so if you do need to do traveling
8:51 am
spots and the flood watch for the entire area and obviously seen a ton of rain the last couple of days and all the rain for the last week plus that saturating the ground. when we dpet heavy rain we'll watch the runoff with the possibility of flooding headed into the afternoon. gusting winds for everyone today but a wind advisory and then it is going through the day. then it is going to be very windy and it is even friday with the storm prediction center updating the severe outlook just a bit. many of us in the marginal risk and that slight risk has shifted a little further off to the east along with the enhanced risk and the moderate risk even further off to the east. but still that chance out there for some tornadic activity with a lost spin in the atmosphere and some gusting winds. 5% chance that we could see a tornado from lynchburg and points east as we go through the day today with the system making its way. scattered showers around lynchburg right now and heavier
8:52 am
there and down towards 81 at whitville and moving towards christiansburg and blacksburg. we'll find the heavier rain continuing to move off to the north and east as we go on through the rest of the morning here. you could see we do have plenty of rain yet to come. the stronger stuff still off to the west with that front and that is an intense front that will make its way through the region. the very mature storm with the thick clouds and precipitation. looking at the tornadic probability as you head further to the east and rips off the 13% chance. pretty high as far as having a tornado is concerned and the hatching there indicates that any of the tornados that pop up in that zone have the chance to be an ef-2 or greater which is a very, very strong tornado. most likely, if we do see severe warnings popping up, the component is the damaging wind gusts and see wind gusts at 60, 75, 75 mph with the storms. heading into the afternoon
8:53 am
and watching very closely as we go to the 2, 3, 4:00 hour for some of the storms around roanoke and lynchburg as again that's making its way through and things quiet down as far as the storms are concerned as we head through the evening. the wind stays up for us the next couple of days, though, and that is driving colder air into the picture with temperatures fall throughing the 30s to the 40s for highs on friday and rebounding nicely over the weekend. >> kyle: that looks like a nice rebound. >> january: looking forward to that rebound! >> kyle: and hope nothing serious happens. >> jason: of course weather watches, the big warnings like tornado warnings will come over your cell phone on that alert system. >> january: smart phones only, right? >> jason: i believe so, yes. >> january: don't forget to get the latest weather, news and sports on >> kyle: we're not monkeying
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about to be invaded by (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterp and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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a lot of kids dream of becoming >> january: all right, lastly on "good day, virginia" kids gets boring from time to time judging from the video that made the way to the twitterverse from aft not scott kelly. they sent a care package containing the gorilla suit and apparently fedex does ship everywhere>> january: he made good use by bursting out of the bag it came in and terrorizing
8:57 am
the zero gravity stunt was just in time for the kelly brothers to celebrate their birthdays. >> kyle: you have to account for everything that comes into space because of the weight and you hit the right weight. i can imagine them explaining to the russians there exactly what's in this payload. water, supplies, gorilla suit? how do i translate that into russian? >> jason: i don't know but i'd like to find out. >> kyle: but good they can have astronaut. >> january: you don't see brother astronauts very often.
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>> jason: severe weather why is this woman running? why is this woman screaming? expect -- the unexpected. stephanie is an 18-year-old single mother of two. >> a struggle everyday. >> brandon denies being the father. but one shocking piece of evidence. let me just play you a little audio of what happened last night. could prove he's not so sure. >> oh, no. please don't do this. please. >> maury: don't miss these incredible dna results. patricia is 41 years old. with ten children. >> he wanted those kids. >> maury: she is convinced that 21-year-old markwan is the father.


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