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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 5  FOX  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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same bank watching the program rally in radford. we're hours away from donald trump's visit to radford university. we've got live reports and the information you need to know. "we're in a lot of trouble if we keep doing what we're doing now, under barack obama. you are going to be the first generation to ever inherit a country thats worse off than your parents" marcio rubio stops in salem, continuing his war of words with donald trump and we're expected to learn new information in a deadly officer involved
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good morning, it's monday, february 29th! every 4 years, february gets an extra day, so make the most of it! thanks for starting your morning with good day virginia. i'm january keaton.kyle benjamin. wfxr news is your local election headquarters. voters in 11 more states will jump into the primary game tomorrow morning. but first-- another candidate stumps in southwest virginia. donald trump will stop today in radford...and speak at radford university. the rally starts at noon at the dedmon center on campus.this is trump's second stop in the commonwealth in the last seven days. you can watch trump's speech on our website...virgini a first dot com. wfxr's paris holmes is at radford university this morning. she's got more details on trump's visit to
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good morning guys, doors open here at radford university's dedmon center at 10am. the event itself is expected to start at 12 noon. parking is limited so university officials suggest visitors carpool or use other modes of transportation. those attending today should be aware that backpacks, bottles, and cans are not allowed. also they say signs are allowed but they cannot be on sticks or poles. as you mention trump is making this appearance ahead of tomorrow's primary voting. and according to the latest polling trump is leading in the commonwealth with 37% of the vote among republican primary voters, followed by rubio with 22%, then cruz with 17%, and kaisch and carson around 7%. there are several subjects trump could speak about today. later on we'll try and talk to some students to see what they what to here from this republican presidential candidate. reporting in radford, paris
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more than 23 hundred people packed the bast center on the campus of roanoke college in salem to see marco rubio. the florida senator spoke for around 30 minutes, first focusing on his foe-- donald trump. after highlighting the shortcomings of his republican and democratic rivals, rubio discussed his platform for change. the biggest approval from the crowd came when rubio talked about defending the constitution, protecting second amendment rights, and keeping suspected and convicted terrorists out of the country. "we're in a lot of trouble if we keep doing what we're doing now, under barack obama. you are going to be the to ever inherit a country thats worse off than your parents" rubio says rubio says rubio says rubio says rubio says he was saving the best for last with the late night stop
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commonwealth. rubio's campaign is expected to hit atlanta, knoxville, and oklahoma city later today. hillary clinton is far ahead of bernie sanders in three key states ahead of super tuesday. that's according to a new wall street journal poll released sunday night.the poll shows clinton leading nearly two to one in texas, georgia, and tennessee.those three states are among the 11 with primary elections tommorrow. clinton heads in to super tuesday with back to back primary wins...her most recent in
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this morning, a press conference should give us more details about a weekend, officer-involved shooting in roanoke county. this was the scene friday night at walgreens on brambleton avenue. police say a man was waving a gun in the parking lot while wearing a bandana over his face. authorities
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later died at the hospital. we'll bring you any new information at virginia first dot-com and on wfxr news first at ten. people in appomattox county are still recovering after last weeks e-f-3 tornado with help from volunteers. here's what's happening there by the numbers--820 meals served on saturday.189 volunteers visited 2 hundred homes. they covered 19 roofs. vdot will pickup debris like brush and tree limbs -- until march 15th. the county will handle garbage pickup- but you'll need to take large pieces of debris to the county landfill. for details on how the trash pickup works- head to our website- virginia first dot com. and while volunteers are helping take care of physical needs...others are focusing on the community's personal needs---wfxr's charlie cooper visited evergreen baptist church sunday--- she shows us how the congregation is doing what it can to help its neighbors...and the helpers. 00:01:00-00:05:0000:56:-00:59
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evergreen baptist church has served as somewhat of a service center allowing volunteers and disaster relief workers to come in and just take a break. the paster says throughout all this he's been trying to restore a sense of normalcy back into the commujity. one the reasons he decided to still hold sunday service.inside of evergreen baptist church --voices and hands lift in worship. the church is one of the only things still standing after a tornado ripped through the community surrounding could have been so much worse and we want to take some time and say lord thank you.their service is a way to help people cope with the tragedy. just coming into the area is going to be traumatic so were going to talk through a little bit of that of how not to hold in those emotions but share them.for people like mike floyd whose family lost everything-- this ministry means the world.the people here are unlike people in most communities-- they come together. the stuff that we have out there it's just stuff. we're left here on this earth as christians to share that love and show that love. we're just overwhelmed with the level of support that came in so i just want to thank everybody for that. thankful that they have each other to
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police officers in northern virginia are remembering a rookie officer shot and killed during her first shift...we'll show you how they are honorning her life. "i went to my boyfriend and said i have a job. i am an active member of society. i was so happy." plus.. hired and fired in a matter of minutes? this virginia restaurant accused of doing just that! we'll tell why! you're watching
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a cold front will cross the mid atlantic region today...movingthrough the mountains this morning...then east of the blue ridgeby afternoon. weak high pressure moves in tonight...followed by another stronger cold front late tuesday into wednesday.. .today...partly sunny with a slight chance of showers this morning...then sunny this afternoon. highs in the lower 60s. westwinds 15 to 20 mph. gusts up to 40 mph this
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cooler with lows in the mid 30s. west winds around 10 mph with gusts up to 20 mph in the evening...becomin glight and variable. .tuesday...sunny in the morning...then becoming partly sunny.highs in the mid 60s. southeast winds around 10 mph...becomingsouth with gusts up to 25 mph in the afternoon. .tuesday night...cloudy. showers likely...mainly after midnight.lows in the mid 40s. south winds 10 to 15 mph...becomingsouthwest 15 to 20 mph after midnight. gusts up to 35 mph. chanceof rain 70 percent..wednesday...mostly cloudy with rain showers likely in themorning...then partly sunny with a slight chance of rain showersin the afternoon. much cooler. near steady temperature in the mid 40s. west winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 35 mph. chance ofrain 70 percent. .wednesday night...partly cloudy in the evening...then becomingmostly cloudy. much cooler with lows in the upper 20s..thursday...partly sunny. highs in the mid 40s..thursday night...cloudy. a chance of rain in the evening...thenrain and snow likely after midnight. lows around 30. chance ofprecipitation 70 percent..friday...snow likely in the morning. mostly cloudy with a chanceof rain. highs in the lower 40s. chance of precipitation70 percent. .friday night...partly cloudy.
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evening. lows in the upper 20s. chance of rain 40 percent..saturday and saturday night...partly cloudy. highs in the mid40s. lows around 30.
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the lower 50s. now to news making headlines across virginia. the man accused of killing a virginia police officer and injuring three others will be in court in a matter of hours. officers were responding to a call at a home in woodbridge on saturday when ronald hamilton opened fire-- killing 28-year-old officer ashley guindon. she had just been sworn in the day before. a community vigil was held last night to honor her life. police say hamilton--the shooter-- was in the army and worked at the pentagon at the time of the shooting.
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richmond- says a k-f-c franchise offered her a job...but as nakell williams tells us--she may be looking elsewhere for employment. kfc under fire for allegedly hiring and then firing a transgender woman."he was like you have got the job. i am going to start you out at $7.50 an hour. it's yours. we are going start you training on the computer tomorrow. it was like 11 to 4."27-year-old georgia carter says she was elated. only 4 questions got her the gig."i went to my boyfriend and said i have a job. i am an active member of society. i was so happy."but in a matter of minutes?a very disappointing call from the kfc manager."he was like my supervisor and i have a problem because on your license it says male but you're...i said i'm transgender."the reason for rescinding the job offer?"oh we can't hire you because we don't know which bathroom you can use."she says that was really tough.but the kfc manager tells me it was only an interview... and he never
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that's nakell williams reporting.apparently, management at the store told carter that if she changes her gender to female on her license they'll reconsider her for the position. caring for chickens is no easy task- next on good day virginia: we'll take you inside the class that will teach you how to raise a flock of fowl! and why these little guys could be the next "man's best friend".you're watching good
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ever dreamed of keeping a small flock of chickens? well, this morning's ag life report is for you! the virginia cooperative extension is hosting a workshop for beginning poultry growers tuesday, march 8th at six p.m. those attending will be taught about nurtition, egg and meat safety, and management. if you are interested in the class, we have details on our website at virginiafirst dot com, just click on the ag life tab. they may look like the regular farm pig- but its notas nicole garcia shows us...the micropig is for some...the next best thing to a dog. :21-:26 :53-1:03 for these micropig owners...having them as pets, is a walk in the park. they do well in into dog clothing...and some even let you paint their hooves. they don't bark... they snort...and they don't wimper... they squeal...and unlike popular belief...not all pigs stink or like to roll in the mud.heller says: "they get a bad rap for that they are one of the cleanest animals they use a litter box and they get a bath." micropigs can be house trained, just like dogs and cats. and owners say...they can also form bonds.heller says: "they're very social very loving she just likes to be held and riding around with me we go to ball games with my sons team." of course they do like to eat...mainly pig pellets...fruits and vegetables. they live longer than most domestic animals... about 15-20 years.thomas says: "i wanted a pig bc of one
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animals and pigs are hypoallergenic with them having hair and not fur." mclaughlin says: "micropigs are actually amazing pets." veterinarians say micropigs require vaccinations and routine maintenance, just like traditional pets. they are prone to obesity and can have sensitive skin. but for the most part...they're good around kids.mclaughlin says: "they're very very intelligent animals and pick up things quite easily." and you can even teach a pig do some
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next on good day virginia: so many stars, so many outfits! a look at the fashion hits and
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academy awards. (vo) new tidy cats lightweight 4-in-1 fights mess right. attacks three strong litter box odors, plus locks clumps tight. ... and now it's light. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that. new fresh step with the power of febreze.
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a cold front will cross the mid atlantic region today...movingthrough the mountains this morning...then east of the blue ridgeby afternoon. weak high pressure moves in tonight...followed by another stronger cold front
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good morning, it's monday, february 29th! thanks for starting your morning with good day virginia. i'm january keaton. and i'm kyle benjamin. the polls will open for super tuesday in a little more than 24 hours...and republican front runner donald trump is under fire for his response to a controversial endorsement.on the other side, hillary clinton is now focusing beyond bernie sanders, saying she's looking forward to debating any of the republican candidates. fox's mike emanuel has more from the campaign trail. on the day g-o-p frontrunner donald trump received his first senate endorsement by alabama's jeff sessions.. the billionaire candidate -- now getting criticism for his response after former k-k-k leader david duke voiced support for trump. trump
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i've ever met him. i'm pretty sure i didn't meet him and i just don't know anything about him." trump later tweeted about duke saying quote " i disavow"... and back in two- thousand trump did mention duke's name in a new york times op-ed he wrote calling duke part of the - quote - "fringe element." but, critics say trump has not strongly denounced duke.rubio: "we can not be a party that nominates someone who refuses to condemn white supremacists" meantime, candidates in both parties are now focused on this week's "super tuesday" contests.cruz says: "there is no doubt that if donald steamrolls through super tuesday, wins everywhere with big margins, that he may well be unstoppable. i don't think that'll happen."rubio says: "i believe a first-rate con artist is on the verge of taking over the party of lincoln and reagan"trump says: "i call him little marco" trump says: "he's very nasty guy. so is ted cruz, by the way." trump says: "they're establishment guys. and as far as, you know, the con man, it was very insulting, because you know my career. i built an unbelievable company." on the democratic side...hillary clinton now attacking g-o-p candidates and largely ignoring rival bernie sanders. clinton says: "america has never stopped being great, our task is to make america whole" clinton beat sanders by some fifty points in south carolina saturday.sanders says: "i think we got a real shot at minnesota. i think we got a shot at colorado, oklahoma, massachusetts and vermont so we're looking to the future, not looking back." the latest polling shows clinton and trump with the super tuesday lead. but, trump does trail texas senator cruz in the lone star state, with 155 delegates up for grab. in nashville, tn,
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super tuesday and the march primaries carry plenty of weight in deciding who becomes the nominee from each party. so how much weight does virginia carry?there are
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democratic delegates, plus 15 superdelegates at stake.a new public poll projects donald trump and hillary clinton to win in virginia. other key states in super tuesday primaries include:alabama, georgia, tennessee, texas, and vermont. the polls will be open from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. on super tuesday. if you're looking for information on where you can vote, head to our website virginia first dot-com. one other important note: under virginia law, voters are required to bring a photo id to the polls. a cold front will cross the mid atlantic region today...movingthrough the mountains this morning...then east of the blue ridgeby afternoon. weak high pressure moves in tonight...followed by another stronger cold front
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now to stories making national headlines this morning. a ku klux klan rally turned violent over the weekend in california.fighting broke out between demonstrators and counterprotesters.three people died in the riot. it's not
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but several videos showed protesters punching and rushing the k-k-k.police are still actively searching for three people they want to question as part of their investigation. you may get an email warning you that your identity has been stolen. tax-payer data was stolen last year and the i-r-s believes there are more victims than they originally thought. 104 thousand people had their tax forms stolen by cyber criminals, now i-r-s officials believe about 720 thousand forms were stolen. the agency will send out emails warning victims. they'll also be given free credit protection. a couple in oregon say they found a very dangerous addition in their child's sippy cup: mold. it's reportedly part of a nationwide problem with the tommee tippee cup lids. katherine kisiel reports. that was really gross to me. my girls have been drinking out of this for months and i hadn't known about it.sarah wright's 15-month old twin daughters have been drinking out of these. a popular brand of sippy cups. and i always heard good reviews about this company so that's why we bought these ones.on wednesday, her husband saw a disturbing story online about mold and gunk stuck in the
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night, he tore them open and the same thing. just disgust, i mean i probably wouldn't have bought them, clearly, if i knew they had this problem. and i was like, oh my gosh i can't believe it's just been sitting in there and we were shocked that it would even be that the family is worried about the twins' health. my kids kinda having cold lately, well maybe that's why or are they going to get sick from this? because we've only had them for four months. the company, tommee tippee, is aware of the situation, responding on its facebook page, telling customers they'll receive replacement parts.and that it plans on redesigning the product, which will be available in a couple of months.nats - are you being shy?but sarah wants parents to know about this, now. other parents, their kids might be getting sick or are sick from
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the issue with the cups apparently first came to the company's attention when a woman in montreal, canada posted photos on facebook. prices at the pump continue to fall. next on good day virginia. a look at what you'll be paying the next time you fill up! and retail news that could affect you the next time you shop at jc penney or macys.
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gas prices, holding steady at well below the two dollar mark. here's a look at how much you'll pay to fill up. the average price of gas holding at one-dollar-and-seventy-five- cents a gallon today. prices are down seven-cents from this time last month. here in virginia, you're looking at the average to be around a dollar-55. j-c penney is living up to its name with its newest campaign. the retailer says it will start offering certain items in its private label collections for just one cent. the campaign runs all year with j-c penney rolling out other items for a penny throughout the year.the company hopes its new promotion will help it climb out of the hole it found
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in the meantime, another retailer is changing its coupon policy. macy's will no longer accept coupons for clearance items. the chain has long been known for its stackable dollar and percent-off coupons, said coupons would still apply to full-price and sale items. a macy's spokesperson said clearance items will still be deeply discounted. the change is an effort to make the shopping experience easier for customers. leap year comes around once every four years. and this year, retailers are ready to roll out the leap day deals. fox's gerri willis has details. leap day comes every four years. it's the day on which the universe realigns itself with our clocks and calendars. and this year retailers are hoping the occasion syncs up with your spending dollars. gibbons says: you've got promotions, specials, special
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for $29 specials, the list kind of goes on and on. carraba's italian grill is offering coupons or online ordering codes to save 20 percent off your entire meal through march sixth. and, "leaplings" who celebrate their birthday at hard rock cafes will receive a free entrance.majcher says: before you head out, check out things like hashtag leap year or hashtag 29feb or hashtag flash sales and see what you come up with, you never know, you could score some hashtag coupons on your way. leap year babies can also take advantage of hotels deals like the "forever young" package at the melrose georgetown hotel in washington, d-c. the deal includes dinner for two, complete with birthday cake and a champagne toast.gibbons says: primarily it's a day about eating and drinking and special deals and special menus that revolve around leap day. several retailers like foot locker, aeropostale, best buy and men's wearhouse are offering leap day coupon codes. and if you blinked you missed jet blue's "book before you leap" sale. gibbons says: it was a flash sale, they disappeared right before our very eyes. so, they're extremely popular with consumers. it gets them to actually jump on there and buy. jet blue is offering another deal for travel through april thirtieth though. use code "winter 16." gibbons says: it's a little gimmicky on the part of the retailer or the businesses, but it's all about the end of the day, keeping their existing customers happy and attracting new ones as well." in new york, gerri willis, fox
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a cold front virginia first dot-com has your news headlines, pinpoint weather forecast, and sports highlights as well. also, like our facebook page -- just search for wfxr news! in health news this morning: atrial fibrillation is a common heart problem that affects about two and a half million people in the united states. the condition causes the heart to beat erratically and increases stroke risk. as wfxr's becky freemal reports, it can be especially scary if standard medicines fail. meet one man who's using a drug-free alternative to make sure he doesn't miss a beat! there isn't much that slows 81-year old john kocevar down. kocevar says: "as you grow in age doesn't mean you have to be less active." a few years ago john noticed that his heart was beating out of synch. kocevar says: "the heartbeat can go up to
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hundred forty, maybe even higher and i didn't find it real pleasant."john went to cleveland clinic and was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, also known as a- fib.wazni says: "the heart basically has irregular beats and people experience it with symptoms of palpitations, tiredness, and they can develop heart failure or the most dreaded complication, stroke." people with a-fib have a 5-fold increase in stroke risk due to blood clots that can form in the heart and travel to the brain. to reduce that risk, john was taking blood thinners but they made his blood too thin - and then he fell.kocevar says: "at the emergency room i was telling the emergency doctor and he said if you had hit your head with the blood that thin, you could have had a massive brain bleed." john's doctors determined he was a perfect candidate for a unique heart device called the watchman designed to reduce stroke risk - and potentially eliminate the need for blood thinners. wazni says: "it's an umbrella-shaped device that can catch the clot and prevent it from going to the brain." the device is inserted through a vein in the leg and secured in an area of the heart where clots typically form. wazni says: "the clot is trapped basically behind it and it's resolved by the body."john feels great and is still working 40-hours a week. although he does plan to slow things downeventually. wazni says: "there will be a day that i'm going to join my wife in retirement and we're going to go out and have some fun."
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the warmer weather had dozens of you
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rid of some cabin fever! a cold front will cross the mid atlantic region today...movingthrough the mountains this morning...then east of the blue ridgeby afternoon. weak high pressure moves in tonight...followed by another stronger cold front
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campaigning in thank you for choosing good day virginia. it's monday february 29.... leap day.i'm january i'm kyle benjamin.


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