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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 8, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EST

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a step dad saves a little boy for flames after a family is left -- >> to fend for themselves. >> the heart-stopping moment they realized help was not on the way. driver. >> like one of the scary horror movies. >> what it's like to be cornered by el nino. it's an accident scene that makes you want to yell -- >> get up, stand up! >> the dude who showed them that dialing and driving don't mix. and -- a toddler has some trouble with the candle on. there. >> see why when in doubt sit it
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two balconies in two different parts of the world. this first one this family desperately trying to escape a fire. some reports say that fire truck's ladder isn't working so it's not reaching them, leaving them to fend for themselves. at this point they have to resort to the only option that seems feasible. the stepdad takes the 10-year-old boy in this family and has to hold him over the window and drop him. the boy ended up falling about 50 feet down. fortunately there is someone at the bottom that manages to catch the boy. he does suffer a burn from the fire, but to major injuries. now it's mom's turn. she ends up jumping but falls in the snow, followed by the stepfather. she ended up being taken to the hospital and was in an induced coma but is expected to be okay. the stepfather also suffered noncritical injuries. >> i just can't imagine being in that situation, to have to make
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>> you see the flames ripping through the building. they only have a split second to make that decision. >> no word on what caused the fire. over to china where a man has drawn a crowd. he is stuck outside of a balcony. you see that rescuers are there responding. they bring up a ladder and harness him in with a rope. >> was he trying to get out or in? >> he was trying to run away because debt collectors had come knocking on his door. >> what? >> and he was like, maybe i can escape through my window. >> here in the u.s. they call you. in china they're like hey, my money. >> many parts of the world they will do that. there is a debt collector that will walk to your door, knock and try to collect debt. >> and then shame you and spray red paint on your door. it actually gets a bit violent. >> yeah. >> fortunately this guy was rescued with no major incident and no obvious injuries.
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>> he owes the firemen a debt of gratitude. california is a big state and they got big weather to match. this guy with his dash camera, cruising down and he's got heavy rains coming down but that ain't it. look what's on the road up ahead of him. it's like one of the scary horror movies where the bad guy is slowly chasing you downs the road. that's the head waters of a flash flood coming down the street after him. >> that's how they do in the movie. >> backs into it. >> backs through some more water on the road but he doesn't have a spot to whip around at the moment. thankfully no other cars immediately behind him. >> this el nino is no joke and this is proof right here. >> he's able to stop, turn around and mash the pedal to get out of there. passes a few other cars and splashes through another wash that's coming across the road. more heavy rains in california, but listen. >> is that thunder accompanying
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>> sounds like heavy thunder. but it's the consistent roar. >> wait a minute. >> the track pick-up in this town is just efficient. let's be honest. takes itself to the place. >> like a trash train coming down the road in this jukinvideo. >> this is better than -- >> who needs a husband when you have el nino. taking the trash out may be easy in california but ain't easy in this neighborhood. this guy having a heck of a time due to icy streets. the trash. that would be me. >> wait a minute in the desert it can get cold and i've slipped on the ice before so this can happen. >> he resorts to his hands and knees. going to crawl it over to that bin right there. all right. i'm close enough, get back to my feet, but -- >> oh. >> back to the curb. >> think maybe like a teenager and his mom said if you don't
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i'm going to get it in there! >> weather making it difficult out there for some people. starting in our beloved. >> russia. >> we happen to be just cruising along when suddenly -- >> oh! >> i saw that. i saw that, i saw that a mile away. >> the other broken down car on the other side of the road with the warning side right behind it. >> yes. this silver car here. >> yeah. >> where is that car going? >> but that should be enough to make the guy with the dash cam slow down a little bit and say to yourself, i'm in russia. >> this video is a little bit older but it's popping up again because i think all of us can relate. there's an accident. the woman in this car seems to have caused the accident. the guy in the other car gets out, marches around, opens the door, snatches the cell phone, and just starts smashing and
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>> i know you want to >> fox 25 newsroom. we have breaking news for you, boston police have confirmed reports of an officer shot. this is in an area of mt. boden terrace in the dorchester section of the city of boston. reports of an officer shot. not many details available at this time. although there's a lot of chatter right now on the police scanners. there are reports of police activities in the geneva avenue of area of the city. we are continuing to work our sourcesenlied get more information on this and confirm the condition of the officer and what exactly happened and the pursuit of the suspect as well. what we do know at this time is that boston police have confirmed reports of an officer shot in the line of duty. much more details as they become available. right back with you momentarily, as soon as we get more information on this story. again, we are confirming botch police confirming reports of a
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more details on the way. n idol" so limited because it's just america. talent shows are going global because there's a show coming out called "world's got talent" and one guy from romania who will make your palms sweat. he has a disclaimer at the beginning of the video don't do this at home not that you have a 545 foot dam at home if you do don't do it. basically in the show that airs in the uk they put country against country. he's representing romania. not just going to walk on that dam, y'all. because this is world's got notch. >> world's got talent or world's got -- this guy.
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>> by the way, when you saw him juggling, did you see the >> no way. >> might i point out he's not wearing a parachute or anything like that. >> you crazy, crazy man. this. >> 545 foot drop. >> how do you train for this. >> very carefully. >> you have to be comfortable on the unicycle and he is because after the credits, things get more sketchy. do you see that? he's not using the pedals he's using his feet on the tire to roll. that's not enough. how about you juggle and unicycle at the same time. >> he wins the show. that's it. got herself in a sticky situation. >> she is stuck in a plastic water bottle package. >> what it is she was after. >> oh. have you ever wondered where a wasabi comes from. >> what is sa wa wa sabby. does anyone know? >> find out what you're really
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closed captioning provided by -- n cause dry mouth. act dry mouth mouthwash and toothpaste relieve dry mouth symptoms with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath. act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. if you've been eating what sab nb a restaurant you've probably been eating powdered wasabi which is mustard powder and horseradish and dye 5. which begs the question what is wasabi. >> it's a root. >> well done. >> to one of the all-time greatest places to get wasabi oregon. who knew. this is a farm on the coast. it's frog iron wasabi and goes to show what goes in to growing and creating wasabi. it exists in a specific temperature range which you can do in oregon with a little bit of manipulation. >> we mimic a stream bed which
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in the mountains of japan. >> they recreate the idea of a stream bed with a layer of rounded pebbles and then fresh water which comes on to it every hour. but when he starts digging it up you finally learn just what wasabi is. >> he pulls out a huge shank of the plant and it has all the top and a huge root matrix at the bottom but shows you the riser. >> like the trunk of a tree. >> to make fresh wasabi you take this huge plant clean it off pull off the flowers and pull off the root and what you're left with is the trunk of that tree. and then yeah, you just grate it. that's what sabby. >> after all that plant this is how the plant becomes a paste. >> i have had this. there is a restaur . continue update breaking news. fox 25 reported about 10 minutes ago. a boston police officer shot in
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boston police have confirmed that officer was shot in the area of mt. bo din terrace this morning around 10:25. that officer rushed to the hospital. sky fox over the scene now. boston medical center. the ambulance we do believe is carrying the officer that was shot is backed in. we do not have any idea on that officer's condition, where he was shot or the circumstances of the shooting at this point either. streets were closed off to clear the way for that ambulance to make its way to the boston medical center where that officer is now going to be attended to. details -- more details should be coming to us momentarily as boston police commissioner bill evans is at the boston medical center. no doubt check the condition of his officer first before updating all of us as to what exactly transpired and the condition of that officer. we are trying to confirm right now that a suspect has been taken into custody by boston police at this point. there are reports that that has happened in the area of geneva avenue. we're working to confirm all of that information for you as
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again, we're still not sure what exactly were the circumstances here or what happened as the shooting took place less than a half hour ago. so it's all come together very quickly here. you may recall the last officer shot in the line of duty in boston was in april of 2015. that's when officer john moynahan was shot in the line of duty. shot at point blank range in the face, you recall. he did manage to recover from those injuries miraculously. but that was the last situation we dealt with in terms of of a botch police officer being shot in the line of duty. again, this is sky fox at the scene over boston medical center where the the officer was taken. we don't know the extent of the injuries or the circumstances of the shooting. as mentioned boston police commissioner bill evans is at boston medical center and no doubt updating everyone e everybody on the situation. check in with our colleague,
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closely the ambulance route and roads that were closed. >> reporter: i want to give you an idea of where this was happening zoom in to the location that we have heard mt. body din terrace, where we believe the police told us the shooting had taken place. columbia road to dorchester avenue was shut down, so the ambulance we showed you live pictures of from sky fox could make their way to boston medical center. we've heard various reports about road closures so-so the ambulance could get there on time. there are those lives pictures we were just telling you about. as gene mentioned, we don't know the extent of the officer's injuries. but police are all responding to make sure that that ambulance could get to the location of boston medical center, could get the treatment he needs. and as far as traffic effective, we do have some of the road closures columbia road and dorchester avenue and boston medical center to make sure everything was cleared out. nothing was going to slow that ambulance down. gene. >> all right.
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the situation. sky fox is over boston medical center. you can see an ambulance there that we do believe transported the officer to the hospital. we do know the officer is there and treated for a gunshot wound. the extent of which we don't know at this time. we don't know where the officer was shot. we're working to confirm what type of wound he may have suffered right now. and also the circumstances that led up to the shooting. we do know it happened at about 10:25 this morning in the area of mt. bo din terrace. and the area was blocked off and cleared as that ambulance was rushed to the hospital where that officer was taken and being treated. various reports right now. we're not sure, again, where he was shot. we're trying to confirm some information that he was there. until we get that confirmed we won't pass that along, as far as the injury is concerned. we also are confirming or working to confirm that the suspect was taken into custody at geneva avenue, that there was some sort of foot chase involved here.
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concerned after the shooting of that boston police officer. so, good en, a very fluid situation that we're dealing with here right now, boston police commissioner evans was actually in virginia last night nor the town hall meeting that president obama held on the executive orders that he's filed in terms of adding some new measures to make -- to toughen up gun control laws that he spoke about the other day and the commissioner was in attendance at that event. he is back in boston, at the hospital, and we'll be expecting to hear from him shortly to get the details exactly what happened in this situation and the condition of that officer and get the details on that. but, again, it was about 10:25 this morning when this happened. so he was shot within the last half hour or so. and they moved quickly to get him into that ambulance and get him to the hospital. so quick work there by first responders and boston police officers to tend to the wounded officer who was shot in the line of duty.
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julie grauert on this. julie, police responded quickly to get the roads blocked off so they wouldn't have any interference at all to get the officer quickly as possible to the hospital. >> reporter: and we know how challenging traffic can be any time of day in this area in the city. so i want to i've good you an idea if you're just joining us, this is live pictures of that ambulance that they blocked off various roads so it could get from mt. bow din terrace to boston medical center. you can see police surrounding the scene there. this is happening it happened in dorchester, a little closer look at where exactly. mt. bowdoin terrace, like we mentioned to you. then they shut off columbia road to dorchester avenue. they wanted to make sure the ambulance could get to boston medical center without any major issues. they first got that call around 10:25.
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work to get the injured officer to the hospital. and that ambulance has been there for the past five, seven minutes. so they did a very good job of clearing out those roads, making sure that nothing was going to slow them down and they could get the injured officer to the hospital. we haven't confirmed the extent of the officer's injuries, we are working to get that information for you. but countless police responding to this scene. we've also heard that they're working on that suspect. and we're waiting to confirm as to where that suspect is exactly, what condition he or she may be in. we'll continue to bring you the latest all of this unfolding over the past 25 minutes or so. >> yeah, it all happened very quickly as there was a lot of scanners. and a lot of concern, obviously, from officers involved. and what we're trying to piece happened. the officer shot at 10:25 when
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bowdoin terrace in the neighborhood. some sort of foot chase ensued. and that went down to geneva avenue area. we do believe the suspect is in custody at this point. we have not confirmed that yet. we're working to do that. geneva avenue was shut down while that ambulance was transported to the hospital. the extent of the injuries we don't november. and we've now confirmed from boston police that suspect is indeed in police custody. and we've also confirmed now that the police officer was shot in the leg. so that is starting to piece together here. so let me just refresh you now on what we know. boston police have confirmed for us, that indeed an officer was shot today, that was this morning, about 10:25, mt. bowdoin terrace and please have now confirmed that officer was shot in the leg. officer quickly transported to boston medical center. that's what you're seeing on the screen now, the ambulance in the bay there, we believe was the one that was carrying the
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treated for his leg wound. the extent of that injury we don't know at this time. police have also confirmed to us that they did have a suspect -- they have a suspect in custody, i should say. so it was quick work by boston police after the shooting to apprehend that suspect. he was taken in the area of geneva avenue, 201 geneva avenue, we believe. still piecing this together, a waiting to hear from the boston police and boston police details on what the situation was that led up to the shooting, what was happening in that particular area. and the chase that ensued that led them to the suspect who they now have in custody in boston police -- boston police now have that suspect in custody. so details still working on exactly what happened and how that officer is doing right now. i think it's a relief to know, based on the previous boston officer who was shot, and, again, that was in april of 2015, when officer john moynahan was shot in the face. it's a bit of a relief to know that this officer was shot in
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so that is a wound that apparently would be something that would not be major in nature, however, we still don't know the circumstances of that. but certainly, you would think that would be something that they could treat a lot easier than the situation officer moynahan was facing back in april of last year of 2015. if there's any good news to come out of it, that would be it. we still don't know the circumstances of that. how serious the wound was or what exactly that led up to the shooting, what police were doing at that time. if they were trying to apprehend somebody, if there was an arrest being made in that process. we still don't know any of that, at this particular time. but we will be getting details from boston police commissioner bill evans shortly on what exactly happened there. and how that police officer is doing. everybody has their fingers crossed for him. suspect is in custody. police were able to track him down quickly. and they were able to have him.
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a police officer was shot, shot in the leg, transported to boston medical center. and police now have a suspect in custody. let's check in once again with julie grauert and she's been helping us with the coverage. >> reporter: gene, we were saying 3o 1 mt. bowdoin terrace, that's is where they picked up the police officer who was shot in the leg. this is mt. bowdoin terrace where this red icon is. this is geneva avenue right here. i'm going to try to highlight that yellow for you. you can see very close proximity to where that officer was picked up in the ambulance and where police have confirmed they caught this suspect. geneva avenue right here and mt. bowdoin terrace there. then we've been reporting police closed many of those roads so 24th could get the officer to the boston medical center in a prompt manner. as you can tell, by this map, wasn't far from where the
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the ambulance and where that suspect was apprehended by police. so this is geneva avenue, 201 is the location that we believe officers have confirmed that suspect was taken into custody. they've blocked down that perimeter very quickly and able to get the situation under control. as gene mentioned, we've also confirmed that officer shot in the leg, which as he said is much better than what could've been very very serious situation. and we're working to confirm his condition and learn more exactly about how he's doing. as far as the map is concerned, the ambulance made it to boston medical center very quickly. we've been showing you those live pictures from sky fox. and here we go again with more live pictures from sky fox. looks like a police scene. they've pulled out from the picture of the ambulance at the hospital. and you can see nearly a dozen officers and one, two, three, four police cars at this location.
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confirmation, as this is if scene at 301 mt. bowdoin terrace. >> not gotten confirmation, that's exactly what we're seeing right now. but it is in that area. and a very large police presence there. as this investigation is unfolding very quickly this morning. as julie mentioned, 10:25, first reports of officer shot came in. and shortly thereafter they were able to bring a suspect into custody on geneva avenue. we heard reporting on scanners of a foot chase involved. we don't have that confirmed as of yet, as to how the boston police department was able to get the suspect into custody but they do have a suspect in custody. again, the boston police officer shot in the leg and transported to bon of medical center and able to get there pretty quickly this morning. boston medical center has hand handled a lot of violent shootings and wounded nature
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an officer shot in if leg is a lot better than previous reports we've had in the past of an officer shot in the line of duty in april of 2015, for example, when officer john moynahan was shot in the face, point blank range, in roxbury, and officer moynahan survived that but was seriously wounded. in that case, da released video of the shooting and suspect in that case was killed by return gun fire by boston police officers. that was not the scales today. the boston police officer was shot in leg and they apprehended the suspect who is now in custody at geneva avenue. still waiting to get more details as to what exactly was happening, what boston police were doing, what type of situation it was, were they conducting some -- trying to issue a warrant or a stake out or was there an arrest in process. we don't know the circumstances of the police action that led to the shooting. we're waiting to hear from the
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evans at boston medical center and he'll let us know what the circumstances were that led up to the shooting. the officer being transported to the hospital with the leg wound and the officer -- the suspect being taken into custody all of this happening at 301 mt. bowdoin terrace. an ambulance was able to get there quickly and through the help of boston police closing off streets in that area, including columbus avenue, they were able to get that officer to the hospital very quickly. and we're also expecting to hear a press conference from the boston medical conference as well where we can get an update on that officer's condition. so we can find out exactly how he's fairing, a lot of folks concerned about him, for obviously reasons. the only good news, again, we don't know the extent of the injuries but we do know he was shot in the leg, hopefully not a severe wound, hopefully they can treat and take care of quickly. but that boston police officer was shot in the line of duty
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and, again, boston police have not been able to get us any information as to what exactly led to the shooting or how that all came in. you can see fox 25 live over the scene now, an officer may have been looking under a vehicle there, trying to gather some evidence, obviously, as they go through the scene and continue their investigation. perhaps, the investigation that led up to the shooting as well as investigating the shooting itself and what happened there. as soon as we get all of that information from boston police, we will pass it along to you and confirm it for you as well. but as we approach the top of the hour, 11:00, fox 25, we want to remind you and update you what exactly happened at 10:25 this morning. reports of an boston officer shot in the line of duty, confirmed by boston police, that officer shot in the leg and quickly transported to boston medical center where he's being treated at this time. shortly after the shooting, boston police say they were able to apprehend a suspect. geneva avenue.
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