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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  January 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> where the heaviest snow will fall. >> from the south to dc and beyond. millions of people are just starting to feel the effects tonight of that massive winter storm. the issues it's already causing and the changes at logan airport. >> we're live in denver where the patriots have landed. what both teams are saying about this weekend's showdown. >> a diamond worth $20,000 ripped out of a store owner's hand. >> he took a couple steps back and bolted out the front door. >> the hunt for the thief and where police say he may turn up. >> this is a fox 25 stormtracker weather alert. >> charging up the coast, already causing a dangerous and deadly mess, this massive winter storm has 85 million people in the path. right now it's hitting washington hard. you're looking live at what's becoming a white out at the white house.
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dumpfeet of snow on the mid atlantic. causing a ripple effect up and down the coast including here in new england. tonight washington's metro system is shut down. philadelphia has already cancelled all flights tomorrow and tens of thousands of people are without power. >> we have team coverage tonight of the storm's effect here at home. we're live at logan airport with important information for travelers, but first, we want to get the latest forecast from stormtracker weather chief meteorologist. >> all right, vanessa, things are not changing as far as i'm concerned in southern new business. we've got to watch it closely. the snow just getting to the new york city metropolitan area. it stretches down the coastline. it's not just snow. there's ice and wind involved. it's been a mess in the deep south. the mid atlantic getting hit hard. next in line is us, southern new england. overnight into the early morning hours it will try to make it's its way northward. a lot of dry air to the north. you see where it's clear north of birlg,
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the air is dry in the north. it keeps away the snow as it tries to come northward. there's the struggle for the snow to make it northward, staying mostly in southeastern massachusetts. that's where our heaviest snow totals are going to be. so my forecast stays like this. a coating, perhaps, on the new hampshire border, almost nothing for you in new hampshire and vermont. up to two inches even into the boston area. three to six inches just south of the braintree split to plymouth. and then southeast of plymouth is where i'm expecting enhanced snow, sex offender to 12 inches of -- 7 to 12 inches of snow to fall. the latest computer information coming in jogs the total down a bit. of course, it spikes at times, too. rather than go back and forth, we'll stick with the forecast. i'll analyze the new information coming up and have more to say in in the next hour. >> we're live at logan airport where even though there's no snow yet, we're already seeing
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>> reporter: that's right. it's the flights coming from and going to parts of the east coast that already have snow that are causing the problems here, and i want to use the term loosely because while i am certain that there are several who are very flustered by the inconvenience at the airport, i didn't meet anyone at logan tonight who is bothered at all by the cannulations or delays. >> no big deal. it's great. it's all good. >> it happens, you know. it's the way weather is. >> i don't have to go anywhere, so i'll make a weekend out of it. >> reporter: each of those passengers i met at logan airport tonight had their flight affected by the winter storm. a flight from cincinnati was delayed. >> it's a trickle down. place. >> she and her 8-month-old were stuck at jfk in new york for three hours, but it was a better plan. >> we were supposed to fly out tomorrow. we were able to get out early. >> matt wasn't able to board a plane at all tonight to get home
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>> i went to get on my flight to get to palm beach but it connected in atlanta. my connecting flight, i won't make it. >> reporter: then you have travelers like this from st. louis, through detroit were cancellations were abundant. >> we got here on time and landed earlier. on a day where everything is getting cancelled and delayed. i think it's dumb luck. >> reporter: there were more than 122 flights cancelled, 84 delayed going to and from logan due to the weather. >> those numbers are expected to rise tomorrow as the storm intensifies. news causes people in massachusetts to shudder in the wake of last year. battening down in boston, not a bad thing. >> not that bad. i get to see some snow. >> reporter: perspective is a funny thing, isn't it. if you're heading to the airport for a flight tomorrow, make sure you check with the airline before you get here to see if
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you want to to do the same if you're train traveling. site station was a most this afternoon in the stow. travelers scrambling. we'll update that coming up at 11:00. forr now live at logan airport in boston, fox 25 news. more details now. take a look at this damage the snow's already caused across the south. you can see cars sliding all over the roads. this is in nashville, tennessee earlier today. >> and in north carolina, they're dealing with weather they don't see too often. a fresh coating of snow blanketed that region and caused traffic jams on the roads, and snow fell at bank of america stadium today where the panthers will host the nfc championship on sunday here on fox 25. massachusetts is preparing to lend a happened should other states need it. we spoke with governor baker about the offer today. >> if we have the ability to offer equipment or assistance of one type we're going to. a lot of those states came to our aid in a big way last winter.
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washington in the next half hour to get an update on how things are going down there. stay up to date on this storm all weekend long by downloading our fox 25 weather app. it's a free download for your smart phone or tablet. also tonight, new warnings about the cold. it doesn't mean all lakes and ponds are totally frozen. we're live now in jamaica plains by the pond. >> >> reporter: vanessa, that's proven right behind us. jamaica pond, as you can see, is not frozen at all despite the fact we've had frigid temperatures for several days and despite the fact that some other ponds and lakes in the state actually are frozen over. therein lies the problem with ponds and lakes in winter. it's just very hard -- their condition is very hard to prodetective. they can be a source of winter pleasure and tragic pain. and after several days of frigid temperatures, some ponds and lakes in massachusetts are finally frozen over, and that's
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>> we do hold our breath a little bit. we try to encourage people to get off the ice. >> reporter: still though come like these four young men who set up an ice fishing camp on a local pond. >> sometimes you hear it crack a little bit. it's kind of scary but it's kind of normal. >> when are frozen ponds safe to walk on? the answer, according to fire departments we contacted, pretty much never. >> there's really no way of knowing when the ice is safe. >> reporter: not even if you've measured its thickness. >> it's more than 5 inches, pretty much enough to basically have a snow mobil on here if we had one. >> reporter: 5 inch thick ice can support the weight of a human being, maybe a couple, but here's the rub. it's often difficult to tell which part of the pond has ice that thick. >> have some kind of a current underneath, so one area may be five inches thick. you have something two feet away that could be two inches thick. >> reporter: yet doe spite warning signs, they come. >> i've seen cracks along here. does that worry you at all. >> no.
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two feet thick and throughout the season there were cracks. >> reporter: as ice fisher andrew like pointed out, sor far in west wood no one has fallen in. pretty safe. is that safe enough? >> yeah. i think so. >> reporter: well, we sincerely wish those young men the best as they ice fish. what woe also learned tonight is that ice rescues are exceedingly difficult and their operations in which minutes, even seconds counts. we'll find out more about that at 11. new at 10, some great video to show you of the two stolen somerville dogs being reunited with their family. we first told you about the story last night after the dogs were stolen. we spoke with the dogs' owners tonight after the happy row ian. >> i'm glad somebody saw this report. i really want to thank everyone. eerch, everyone, everyone who helped us, shared pictures of
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i'm sure they did a great job. i think that helped us to find them. >> they were smiling tonight. they say the dogs were picked up in dorchester today by a couple that recognized the puppies on the news. they also told fox 25 police have not told them about any arrest related to the case. your new england patriots making the trek to denver this afternoon and landing in the hours. just two nights from now they'll play the broncos for a shot at super bowl 50. our sports director is there and hoe joins us live in colorado right now. tom? >> yeah. the team arrived today and early practice followed by the flight. the hope is that mlb they're in their hotel tonight trying to get rest, getting those bodies used to denver's high altitude. this was the seen a couple hours ago. 5:00 local time, the patriots' plane landed at the airport. a police escort accompanied them to the team hotel which they will use as a headquarters for
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i've gotta tell you. i love what i heard today from both sides. disdane from the broncos and an unbeknownst retort from foxboro. what do you think of the patriots? >> they're always in my way. theory in my way for what i want. it's just noise. we're -- we're focusing on, you know, what though do, not what they say. >> they're a really good football team, and we can't afford to get into that game. we're going to focus on the process. the process is due to preparation and that's what -- that's what we do here. >> reporter: no media availability tomorrow. both teams will zero in on their final game plans as they get set for sunday's game which means that the fans can zero in on their smack talk. we hit the ground running today and threw some microphones in the faces of some unsuspecting fans.
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what's up? >> reporter: tom, we're across town here in front of the colorado state capitol. yes, the videographer and i hit the streets today. we met an unlikely duo who came here to catch the game from connecticut. watch the video and you'll see why i teamed up with the sister. >> let's take a look at that. you're a patriots fan, and you're a broncos fan. >> all day long. >> how does that happen? >> i was here back in the '70s. they won back to back. i kind of fell in love. it was the broncos. i mean, really. >> ol elway. teeth. >> terrell davis. >> he's seriously in denial, that's all, you know. nobody can beat brady. nobody's going to beat brady. we're going to win and he's sunday. >> your sister and i know, okay. the refs will be against tom brady, the nfl is going to be goans tom brady, the network's
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is it going to make a difference? >> no. >> no. it's not going to make a difference. i came from connecticut with my sister to watch the broncos win. go broncos. >> reporter: the fans are just dilutional. coming up at 11, i met a couple more who say they have the game plan to beat tom brady. what's up, brother? so you can go to identifier website and see identifier fan interviews. there's one right behind us. coming up at 11, i'll have more. >> great. fantastic. to get. >> more to come. sparkly diamond ring. it is supposed to be in a locked case right now, but it's on the run instead. >> coming up in our next half hour, the image of an alleged thief and the police who are on tonight. brand new information for mothers to be about the sinka virus, the travel warning and
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watch out for the dangerous mosquito borne illness. the store open for decades now forced to shut his doors. the reason the owner says he can't continue any more. we're watching this major winter storm bear down on washington, dc. there's the white house. you're watching the fox 25 news announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that
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a local may # marine being remembered in hawaii.
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honor 12 lives lost when two helicopters crashed in a training exercise last thursday. among them was a hingham native. >> thank you for coming to the memorial service to honor our fallen brothers. thank you for sharing in our grief. >> and today massachusetts honored corporal orlando and his fellow marines. governor baker ordered all flags to be lowered to half staff. a year after a beloved doctor was shot and killed inside brigham and women's hospital, staffers have big concerns about workplace safety. fox 25 investigates spoke with officials from osha who have issued the hospital a hazard alert. >> patients aren't safe, no one is safe. >> reporter: her opinion is based on the 20 24 years she spent working as a nurse at boston's brigham and women's. little has changed in the 12 months since tragedy struck their workplace. dr. michael davidson was a
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in january of 2014 a person came to the hospital asking for him, shot davidson and turned the gun on himself. >> he society an example of how you should do hospital security. since the shooting of last january, we've had actually more nurses physically assaulted this year than ever. >> so powers, who is also the bargaining chair for the massachusetts nurses association, brought her concerns to osha. in december osha issued a has hazard attar letter to the hospital following an inspection. they said brigham does not violate any standards and acknowledges programs in place to address workplace safety but the letter stated employees' exposure to workplace violence is ongoing. it listed 14 recommendations to decrease that at threat. they include making sure door locks work, metal detectors, calls for improved security staffing and better training. >> the day of the shooting, they place. most people had no idea what shelter in place meant.
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ceerm. a spokesperson e-mailed a statement saying, quote, the safety of our patients, their family and our staff is a top priority. we've worked extensively and in good faith with the nursing union to address their concerns and regret they're exploiting the an anniversary of our colleague in this way. we will keep in national with best practice. >> it's a tragic loss of mike who was freabd of a friend of mine. it could have been much worse. >> reporter: the nurses union agreed the shooting was a tragedy and a tragic loss to the hospital, the community, and the doctor's family. they believe it only highlighted an issue that has existed here for some time. >> a man accused of trying to toews a mother is being held on $150,000 bail. prosecutors say he and another man tried to rob and attack the tuesday. police chased the suspect and the aftermath played out live on
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the victim is okay and the suspect has been ordered to stay away from her. things are at stand still after a tractor-trailer crash shut down a road several hours ago. we showed you this damage on fox 25 news at 6. the truck filled with candles hit something in the road and took out an entire section of guard rail on brook line street. crews are still cleaning up debris at this hour. the driver did not need to be taken to the hospital. a group of thieves targeting elderly woman in a cruel scam. tonight they're still out there. police say these two women and one man were seen at a marshall's on route 18 this week. the women started talking to ab older woman, then the male suspect comes around and grabs her wallet. the group goes to electronic stores where they charge thousands of dollars on the victim's credit cards. >> thousands of dollars both times, same m.o., and they're going to elderly female and someone with a pocketbook and they take it. >> police say there's a small group doing this in many areas around boston. if you know anything, contact the police.
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suspect is on the loose. this pate gear wearing cook robbed the citizens bank before 1 this afternoon. these are pretty clear pictures of the suspect's face. if you know anything about the case, call police. the same suspect may have committed another crime earlier in the day. a long time south boston business is being forced to close the door. the landlord wants to raise the rent to meet skyrocketing property prices in the neighborhood. we spoke to the store owner owner about why he saird it's a sign of the times. >> reporter: when billy first started working here at murphy's jewelry, he was just 10 years president. now nearly 50 years later, he has stayed the same, but the neighborhood has not, and he can no longer afford to be a part of it. >> murphy's jewelry. >> reporter: he's been saying those words since 1969 when he first started working here for the original owner.
10:21 pm
>> every time i went over, he gave me a dollar. he said keep the change. every time i got him a coffee, i made 90 cents. that was big money in 1969. >> in the decades since, he managed it and bought the south boston jewelry store. >> born here, raised here, grew up here, my wife the same thing. my mother lives up the street. >> about the south vi of 1969 is not the same as today. >> you can get clothes, you can get shoes, baby stuff, furniture. none of those places are here any more. >> replaced instead with million dollar condos and boutique store fronts. murphy's jewelry looks like it no longer belongs, and last saturday he got this letter confirming that bitter truth. >> he is basically raising my rent because everybody else is paying more. >> he's being evicted so his landlord can renovate and turn the space into higher end store
10:22 pm
after 48 years here, he has just 60 days to pack it all up. >> completely overwhelming. i don't even know what to say. how do you deal with a change like this. it affects you. >> reporter: he does plan to move his business, not shut it down entirely, and to help him with that, his friends and family here in south boston have started a go fund me page to help with moving expenses and to get him into a new spot which as he has learned will not be cheap. live in south boston, fox 25 news. an angry ooh ber passenger goes on the attack. she's seen on camera yelling and pushing that driver. tonight, what sparked the reaction. plus, tragedy in canada. what we're learning about the deadliest school shooting in
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voapg news now, four people are dead and several others critically injured after a shooter opened fire in a school in central candidate. the shooting happened in the province of saskatchewan at a community school called la loche. the school reportedly has students in grades 7 through 12. police say the suspected shooter is in custody but did not go into the identities or ages of
10:26 pm
killed. students speaking to the media outside said they heard multiple shots and screaming before running outside. this is canada's worst school shooting since 14 people were killed by a gunman in 1989. the massive winter storm hitting the east coast is wreaking havoc at airports across the country. a united airlines flight slid off a runway at o'hare airport in chicago today after arriving from san bernadino san francisco. none of those on board were hurt. the airport brought in some buses to take those passengers to their get gates. to the race for the white house now, and democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton returning to new hampshire today looking to make up some ground. clinton is training bernie sanders by double digits in new hampshire. the less election is less than three roller wildcats weeks away. >> for those of you are are trying to decide. i hope i can earn your vote
10:27 pm
>> clinton will be in new hampshire all weekend and seller massachusetts political leaders will make the trip campaigning on her behalf. the snow falling for hours already in washington. it's far from over. we'll head there for a live report and the conditions going downhill tonight ride after the break. the storm intensifying and moving up the coast towards us. the our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us.
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back to the situation in washington, dc right now. the region facing an historic storm and this year is only just the beginning. >> the district is in for a long night. our colleague joins us live from dc. george, tell us how it's going. you look as though you're standing in a lot of snow. >> reporter: you know, we're used to this being from new england, mark. i'm a connecticut guys. you guys went through this last year. but the snow here in washington, dc is -- is really at a steady pace, and it's a sideways pace. the wind has been strong all day long. it started this afternoon. we're really starting to feel it at this point. not quite a whiteout condition. you can barely see the u.s.
10:30 pm
you can see a bit of light coming out through that scaffolding. there's been an emergency declaration here, so people are he'ding the -- heeding the advice of officials and getting ready for what could be up to 30 inches of snow. washington, dc it blanketed in white. what could be the biggest storm of the city's history. >> i live in boston, so i've seen this weather before. nothing to do about it. i'm ready to go. got lots of water, food, and city buses shut down at 5. >> federal workers sent home hours before that. even the streets in the u.s. capitol to the white house open for all the snowy selfies one could handle. you like the snow now, you think you'll like it by monday? >> i don't know. i can't imagine how it's going to be. >> reporter: residents were asked to stay off the roads after 5:00, and for the most part, you can see that they have. typically bumper to bumper friday rush hour traffic was moving slowly but smoothly on the interstate, a far cry from the scene on wednesday when two inches of snow paralyzed the beltway. >> i think that they're trying
10:31 pm
i think they're doing the best that they can. >> reporter: by the time it ends on sunday, there could be more snow accumulated on these streets than ever before. so far so good. that's really what we're hearing from most of the people we're talking to, but they know and we know, it's a long way to go. in washington, fox 25 news. >> go in and get a hot cup of cocoa, george. after slamming the dc and baltimore area, the storm is expected to bear down on jersey and new york. residents hit by hurricane sandy in 2012 say they're concerned about any possible storm surge. in the meantime, new york city mayor bill de blasio said he has teams in position to get to work as soon as the snow starts to fall, and issued a stern warning to residents of the city. >> stay off the roads. it's as simple as that. make your plans now to not be on the streets of the city tomorrow, and i would say sunday likely as well.
10:32 pm
if you have to go out, rely on mass transit. walk if you have to, but do not bring your vehicle out tomorrow. >> in the meantime, the new york governor, andrew cuomo, is tell new yorkers that as many as 600 national guard troops are ready to act if the situation gets bad enough. this is a fox 25 stormtracker weather alert. >> and for good reason. woe have a huge storm just to our south. we'll be on the cutting edge of this one. razor thin margin as to whether we get big snow or not. the snow we're talking about is just now getting off cape hatteras. look where the thunderstorms are, the intense conjecture, we call that. it's in the yellow and orange. you find the genesis of the nor'easter. it's transfer its energy to the ocean. the temperature difference between the ocean and the land acts as a con version zone or a front, so to speak. there's dc getting the heavy snow. here it comes up the coastline to long island and new york city, starting to get snow now. it will continue towards southern new england.
10:33 pm
massachusetts. it's clear in new hampshire and vermont. there. this is where the high pressure is sitting. high pressure means sinking and dry air. dry air needs snow as it tries to come northward, so it's going to be very hard for the snow to get north of the massachusetts turnpike. autumn of our computer guidance is saying the same thing with that. some of are a little higher than others. all of it saying you're not going to see much at all. the zone we're watching closely reach. data taking. afternoon. north than there. a little bit on the northshore but just the very light stuff. most of this will be in southeastern massachusetts. overnight tonight night and into early sunday morning, sunshine by late morning and into the afternoon on sunday. here's what it means for your snow totals. nothing up here. in fact, this coating along the new hampshire vermont massachusetts line, that's aggressive.
10:34 pm
a couple of inches still possible in boston. sticking with 3 to 6 inches on the south shore, and south on the massachusetts turnpike in worcester county. and then the zone we always thought there would be the highest amounts, more than six inches likely. going to be 7 to 12 inches down in here. that's important to note because that's the place where you'll have the high yet impact from the storm. the storm goes just a few miles farther south getting out of that zone. that's where i most see the potential for this forecast going awry. that's what i'm sticking with right now. that's how i see it playing out. there's the winter storm warning. it means you're going to get a whole bunch of snow and the potential for six inches or more during the height of the storm. there's also a blizzard warning just north of the vineyard coming off fal mouth. that's because of a strong wind blowing and drifting the snow that you wouldn't be able to see, those whiteout conditions they talk about in washington, dc. we saw them last year. that's what the vineyard may see from the storm and will likely see at times. in three hours there should be an official blizzard verification.
10:35 pm
wind warning in cape cod and nantucket. look at the winds cranking up, 30, 40, 50, even 60 miles per hour possible late tomorrow night. that could knock out pair, bring down tree limbs. have to be careful of that. stock up on a secondary heat source if you have one, a fireplace, heat, so you're nice and warm tomorrow night if the power goes out. there's a flood watch for all of these areas, most likely scituate to sandwich with the winds blowing against the shore line. sunday 11:00, high tide is the time we're foes focusing on the potential for flooding. here's your seven-day forecast with your weekend in view. it will be sloppy tomorrow, especially south of boston. go to the north, not so much. boston, by the middle of the okay, you'll start to see flakes flying. windy conditions into sunday morning but clearing and dry into the start of next week. more new information coming in this hour. this is the time of night we always get it. make sure you check back with me in just a few minutes. >> our weather coverage continues throughout the news at
10:36 pm
join us tomorrow for fox 25 morning news from 6 to 10 a.m. well, tonight we're getting a very unique look at the ocean's fiercest predator. >> all new at 11, what happens when researchers attached a go pro camera to a tiger shark. but first at 10, massachusetts customers are being told to throw out this
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jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like a rock and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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a neighborhood that barely survived a water main break is closed again. it flooded home cafe on north main street. shutting off the heat and contaminating all the food. eight years ago a similar break happened, shutting down the restaurant for ten months. >> it's just a lot of water gushing everywhere again. it's just deja vu, i guess. >> if the breaks keep happening because the infrastructure is
10:40 pm
be replaced, not repaired. stuart is planning to file claims with the insurance and the city. changes are coming to fantasy gaming to better protect consumers. they will identify best players and banned software into which players quickly enter fantasy lineups. the attorney general requested these changes be made because the unregulated gaming platform is deemed by many to be non-tarantulas non-trans panter. the company did not make other requested changes like making the minimum playing age 21. several states are suing draft kings, calling it a gambling website. chipotle looking to win back customers. the restaurant will take $50 welcomes off the first 1500 catering orders on super bowl. this comes after e. coli and nor row virus outbreaks were linked to the restaurant. part the academy of motion pictures said it will double the number of women and minority members it has by the year 2020.
10:41 pm
they would boycott the oscars since no black actors were nominated for the second year in a row. the academy said it will also limit members voting status to a erred approximate of ten years instead of lifetime. brand new warning tonight about the virus that dozens of countries have pregnant women told not to travel to. plus a diamond ring worth thousands grabbed from a local shop. the suspect is on the run. after the break, the places being told to be on the lookout the only way to get better is
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take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country - republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. local police are on the hunt for a diamond thief who recently stole a diamond worth more than $22,000 from a family owned store in foxboro. as fox 25's bob ward tells us, police believe he struck other jewelry stores.
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10:44 pm
of the crime. it's a jewelry store called cindy's diamond and jewelry galleries in the center of foxboro. now, the thief who hit this store right ow of out of the front door up the sidewalk with a diamond more than $20,000. as police conduct their investigation, they are convinced this is not the first time this thief has struck. this is surveillance video of a suspected diamond thief. on january 12th, he grabbed a two carat round diamond worth $22,000 right out of the hands of foxboro store owner cynthia true. >> suddenly he acted strange and grabbed the diamond and took a step back. i really thought he was fumbling it. like i didn't know what was going on and then he just took two more steps back and bolted out the front door. >> reporter: foxboro police are working the case. the detective tells me on the same day the thief hit this place, he was also trying to pull the same scam at two jewelry stores at the nearby
10:45 pm
didn't have what he was looking for. >> he was looking for a diamond that was at least a carat and a half to two carats in size. hoe was actually showing photos of the girl he supposedly is marrying on his cell phone. >> but detective soon found these images on mass most wanted. he thinks this is the same guy seen here robbing bernard jewelries in whitman last way. the detective hopes it's now a matter of time. >> we've dwoot good images of him and of his vehicle. >> back at cindy's diamond and jewelry, the theft of a ring of $22,000 stings. the store owner personally bought the diamond during a recent shopping trip to ant wew open. rp. this is money out of her pocket. >> i was pleased to know he's been apprehended. i'm not sure if he gets locked up that it's going to end it, so i'd like to see him get help. >> if you recognize the man in those surveillance images, you're urged to contact foxboro police. in foxboro, bob ward, fox 25 news.
10:46 pm
another 12 have been sickened after a listeria outbreak in a doal salad processing facility in massachusetts. the salads were made in springfield, ohio and they are being sold under several brands such as dole, fresh selections, simple truth, market side, the little sal salad bar and president's choice. the facility stopped production all together yesterday. health officials are warning pregnant women to stay away from nearly two dozen central and south american countries. they say it can put them at higher risk of contracting a virus that causes a major birth defect. lawyer inkle explains now why travel related cases are popping up in the u.s. >> the center for disease control and prevention issuing another travel alert for pregnant women. health officials urging expectant mothers to stay away from these eight places due to the risk of contracting this virus. they join a list of more than a dozen destinations announced last week which includes puerto
10:47 pm
>> this is going to be an emerging problem that we're going to be dealing with for some time in the future. >> it's spread and can be transmitted from a pregnant mother to her unborn baby. it's linked to a serious britt defect in which babies are born with smaller heads that may not have developed properly. the condition can also cause seizures, vision problems and developmental issues in extreme cases. >> we are quite concerned about the potential complications to the fetus, so we really are advising the pregnant women seriously consider postponing travel to these areas if possible. >> the cdc urging anyone who must travel to at-risk areas do everything they can to avoid mosquito bites day and night. >> staying in places that have screens on windows and doors. using insect repellant and i'll mention that there are a number
10:48 pm
approved for use in pregnancy including deet. in several u.s. states. a baby born in hawaii is the first in the country to have a virus. news. doctors say there's no vaccine or makings to medication to treat the virus. it could affect as many as 7,000 people in colombia and health officials in el valve door are urging women to wait two years before becoming pregnant. the woman of kicking an uber driver before being pushed to the ground. in addition to the assault, she's seen grabbing the driver's things and throwing them out of the car. the woman is a fourth year neurology resident. the woman demanded the uber driver take her instead of the person he was called to pick up. millions will be stuck at home through the blizzard slamming the dc area, but u uber is trying to help out. the company is capping surge pricing for dc area residents and will donate a dollar to the
10:49 pm
tonight at rush hour, surge pricing topped out at 1.4 times the regular price, but was capped. the service has said it will offer rides but snow will make those arrival times delayed. tracking this big storm hitting the mid atlantic states. it's coming off the coast of cape hatteras as our storm. now, the question is will it track more to the east than north as we're expecting it to or will the snow creep farther to the north. right now the snow hasn't reached long island, at least the western flank of long island. snowing in brooklyn and queens right now. here in southern new england, it's dry. look how it clears out of new hampshire and vermont. there's a lot of dry air here. tough for the snow to make it farther to the north. it comes during the early morning hours. then by noon time, getting close to boston. by 3:00,. is confined mainly to eastern and southeastern massachusetts. not even so sure the northshore will get what you're seeing on future cast, but you get the idea. the heaviest snow, the deeper blues and the more consistent
10:50 pm
massachusetts. that's the thinking we've been going with all week. we're sticking with that thinking, less snow to the north and west, higher totals to the south where 7 to 12 inches of snow can fall. some of the latest information still trickling in. so far from what i've seen, i'm not changing the forecast. i'll update you at 11. the piano man playing for another sold out crowd in boston. the red sox and live nation that billy joel's triple play performance at fenway is sold out. that makes it three years in a row sellout concerts for joel. he's the first artist who played three years in a row at the ballpark. a bet is a bet. a lot of kansas city chief fans are paying up this week. the wyandotte county sheriff's among them. they had to photo shop some tom brady jerseys on themselves. they also had to send up north some famous kansas city barbecue sauce. >> that's a good look. fox 25 almost sleeping with the enemy.
10:51 pm
from the broncos as the trash talk continues. the celtics are back in the garden looking to break out of their recent woes. that and more. stay tuned. take you to washington, dc where people are getting drilled by an historic storm. new at 11, the people who aren't complaining about hunkering down for the weekend. the must see video all new at 11, when researchers slap a building a better bank starts with looking at something old, like this... and saying, "really?" so capital one built
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- caf\s. where you can unwind with free wi-fi and banking advice, without all the mumbo jumbo. free checking accounts. no minimums, fees or gimmicks. and a top-rated banking app that lets you handle your financial needs... right here. that's banking reimagined.
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for bill belichick and tained, supervisor # super bowl appearances aren't unusual. sure, good to be number 54. >> knew it from the jump.
10:54 pm
we've ails been on the short end of the stick, and i was just talking to him. for all these worked for to be here, i know, a lot of guys take it for granted. it's kind of a slap in the face, you know. we are blessed to be here and we do things differently. that's why we're here. >> i agree. well, some broncos players aren't used to advancing in the playoffs, and he'll tell you exactly why. tom is in denver and has that story. tom? >> reporter: thanks very much, brian. we had a chance to spend time in the broncos efacility. these guys a little bit bitter. not only the fact they feel they've been disrespected but so many people are picking the patriots to win this game. they had it on lockdown today. this was the scene this afternoon. we literally had 90 seconds to shoot some footage of the broncos in that time of the year. with the championship game approaching, these guys are being ultra protective of their
10:55 pm
you're facing the stiffest challenge of the season. >> i know it's a big game. trying to get to. >> you're resting innext week resting for a long time. >> it's quay to get butter flies. if you don't get nervous, it's all right. >> tom brady is a great player, bill bowl check is a great -- belichick is a grit coach. >> his team is very tough to prepare for. when you play bill's team, i can show up on sunday and work on one thing all week and they'll do something totally different. to me, that's a credit to them, their staff and what they do. >> bill belichick, gary kubiak have met once before in the playoffs. he lost that battle when he was the head coach of the texans in 2012. we'll have more from the defending super bowl champs coming up on fox news at 11. reporting now live in denver, fox 25 sports. well, thankfully the patriots are playing well because it's keeping the
10:56 pm
their miserable stretch of losing 8 of the last 12 games. apparently one game over .500 tonight had the bulls inside the garden. derek rose has played extremely well as of late as has avery bradley. he's done his thing as well. celtics up 15 at the half. thomas, well, he wants to be an all-star, handy should be an all-star shooting like that. a team high 22 points. the celtics are up 13, but rose, as i said, had a very good game. 26 points, 3 of 4 from deep. with passes like that, they purve pushthe cs to victory, 110 to 101. congrats to hockey head man jerry york. in just 44 years, he received 1,000 wins for the bc eagles. they beat umass amherst. congrats. now at 11, a dangerous nor'easter crushing the coast. the brand new model pinpointing
10:57 pm
you'll get. plus capital punishment, how washington, dc is trying to keep up with an unprecedented blizzard. and trapped in place. why some passengers here at logan are actually excited to be stuck here in boston. fox 25 has live team coverage of this winter storm. on thin ice. a risky risky decision first responders say too many people are making. >> touchdown, the pats arrive in championship. we're live outside the stadium as brady and the boys gear up for game day. and it's the must-see video. when researchers strap a go pro camera to a shark. >> this is a fox 25 stormtracker weather alert. this is why. a monster storm is roarpg up the east coast right now, pounding several states including our nation's capitol. here's a live look from the white house lawn. that's the white house on the right of your screen. by the time it's done, there could be more than two feet of
10:58 pm
>> hi, everydy.
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