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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 27, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the next gop debate. why he won't take the ste and the impact on the raise just days before the caucuses begin. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. julie good wednesday morning, everyone. it is 4:30 on january 27. i am jewel. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. after a warm day, meteorologist shiri spear says we are back to winter today. she joins from the fox25 storm she joins from the fox25 stormtracker weather center opinion shiri, currently still warm enough for drizzle, but not snow. >> expecting a little bit of -- i want to say damp -- not even soaking but damp roads. this is the big picture now. we have a little bit of rain falling. you can see one batch here sitting over the merrimack valley points north of the mass pike out toward the worcester area to the cape and islands. that's where i am getting rain reports this morning. a lot what we are seeing on radar a lot worse than what is on the ground. i have confirmed light rain in hyannis this morning. you can see temperatures there
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obviously we don't have any concerns about icy conditions. boston, 43. although framingham, woburn and boxford showing that rain on radar, you will not get any more than a lit bit of mist. the whole thing. the same deal from acton and hudson and littleton and town send at 40 degrees. the icing concerns are as low as they can get this morning. 7 a.m. temperatures, it will be around 37 degrees. we are still losing heat in and around the boston area. noontime, we bump you up to about 41 degrees. by 3 p.m., 42 degrees. and then we are really seriously losing heat as we enter the evening and are things finally clear out. highlight when to plan around a couple of flurries coming on up. but right now, send you back to julie for a check of the roads. >> reporter: shiri, good morning. things moving along nicely at this early hour. pike wide open through framingham, newton and over to the allston-brighton tolls. 93 and route 1 bright green on our traffic flow which means
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a live look at the zakim bridge moving over the bridge and the leverett connector nicely. over to the live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 8 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes on 128 southbound to route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. 4:32. from his pea body waiting to identify the man and woman found dead in an apparent murder-suicide. this was breaking on the fox25 news at 10:00 and 11:00. the victims were found on the porch of the a house on winter street before 6:30. the man stabbed the woman and then killed himself. investigators say the woman was on the phone with relatives in brazil. she started screaming and then the line went dead. >> that rell any brazil called another relative of hers here in peabody, and she, in fact, called the peabody police immediately. >> daniel: a family friend tells fox25 that the female victim was recently harassed by a man she knew. we will bring out identities of the man and woman as soon as
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now some new developments in morning in the marathon bombing case. the court is about to release hundreds of pieces of evidence used to convict dzhokhar tsarnaev. fox25's catherine parrotta is live at the marathon finish line this morning. catherine, you covered this case extensively for years. this is evidence no one has ever seen before. >> reporter: yeah, we have already seen so much material over the course of that trial, everything from difficult photos to look at to details from interviews and now we will be seeing even more, and no word when exactly these documents and when these materials will be released. however the judge has ordered the clerk mo move expeditiously on this. as we know hundreds of pieces of material will be unsealed as part of this including photos and reports from experts. and during last year's trial, judge o'toole allowed attorneys and prosecutors to file documents. and they had to agree what to make public. the move comes three years
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brother planted two pressure cooker bombs near the marathon finish line killing martin richard, lingzi lu and krystle campbell and injuring hundreds other. sean collier was killed days sean collier was killed days later in the start of the man later in the start of the manhunt for the brothers. in relation to the documents related to tamerlan tsarnaev will be released including a motion to make waltham and middlesex da's office of tamerlan's suspected role in a murder where three men were found in an apartment with their throats slashed. as far as the materials that will be released. a list of exhibits that will be unsealed. it goes on for 24 pages. i am skimming through this list now, but we will have more details on exactly what materials will be released related to the bombing trial. as well that for you next hour. live at the marathon finish line, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. this morning, police still investigating a freak accident that killed a man as he was driving down one of the area's
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we first told but it when it happened yesterday afternoon on route 128 south near exit 3 route 128 south near exit 31 in lexington. a rear tire flew off a pickup truck, went over the median, and hit a car going northbound killing the driver inside. the car was so intense at the -- the crash that is was so intense it rained off part of the car's roof and shattered the windshield. the driver of the pickup was a 19-year-old woman. the victim was a man. neither has been identified yet. a tow truck driver who was on the scene tell us the driver of the truck was on her way to night school at the time of the crash. police say they will release more information this morning. developing this morning, the leaders of the armed militia which has occupied federal land in oregon are now under arrest. some of the militia members were involved in a shootout with the police and fbi during a traffic stop. one of them killed, five others arrested including their leader ammon bundy and his brother. three other members surrendered after the shootout. the group has been protesting
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criminal prosecution of two oregon ranchers. the iowa caucuses are less than a week away, and this morning the leading republican candidate says he is skipping the next gop debate. it is hosted by fox news, and trump doesn't like who is moderating. there has been months of tension between trump and fox news anchor megan kelly. trump demanded that kelley be removed from the debate. the network refused and late last night, trump bailed out. on a message on trump's twitter page he will be hosting an event in iowa to raise money for veterans and wounded warriors. after that announcement, ted cruz challenged trump for a one on one debate saying he and the billionaire can go at it manno billionaire can go at it manno y mano if they can't agree on a moderator. a new poll showing trump dominating the field. four out of ten nationwide support trump. the first time trump passed the
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ted cruz is second place at 19% and marco rubio in third with 8%. happening today on the democratic side. vermont senator bernie sanders will have his first extended meeting with president obama since his campaign gained traction. a white house spokesman said the meeting will be inform wall no set agenda. >> the iowa caucus voting is just six days away. fox25's blair miller be there covering every angle. you can watch his live reports starting this sunday on the fox25 news at 10:00. it is 4:37 right now. the fbi says they foiled plans for a mass shooting at a masonic temple in milwaukee. a 23-year-old wisconsin man charged last night with illegal possession of machine guns. investigators say muhammed hansa was plotting a massacre at the temple. police say he toured the temp well-two fbi informants earlier this month and told them about his plans for attack late that night. a man charged in two hit-and-run cracks including one that left a victim in
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only fox25 cameras were there as alexander dealvera walked out of jail with his family and friends by his side. prosecutors say the 2-year-old crashed into touch kim on thorn crashed into touch kim on thorndike street. police say that he admitted to smoking marijuana the morning of the crash. the victim's family was devastated that their loved one was just left in the street. >> i don't know why he -- like, that person would do something like that. at least just stay. he could have killed someone. julie he is still in critical condition at a boston hospital. his niece says they are not sure if he is going to make it. an underground fire at a sewer plant. it happened with an explosion at the nwra plant. and fire fighters were finally able to put it out last night. five plant workers were injured. late last night, we confirmed the fire is finally out. the plant said the fire started in an area separate from where water is treated so drinking
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cyber crime experts are trying to track down the source of bomb threats targeting several locations in weymouth. as we reported all yesterday morning, at least eight computer generated bomb threats were made against south shore hospital, the weymouth police department, and several stores. investigators believe the threats are made of others link threats are made of others linked to local schools. the crimes are difficult to solve because the suspects used technology to hide their identities. >> to make it look as if they are using computer, somewhere completely different from where we are sitting. >> daniel: weymouth's mayor said the bomb threat calls puts a burden on local businesses. boston police searching for a gunman accused of shooting another man an argument over a parking spot in dorchester. boston mayor marty walsh tells fox25 he is not sure if this is a fight over a space saver or an actual parking space. either way he is asking people to stay dhawm winter. >> we are asking people to the courteous of one another and not get to a point where it is violent.
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incidents about people got their tires slashed during the snowstorm for parking spaces. that will not be tolerated. >> julie: the victim is expected to recover. they know who the shooter is but they have not released his name. part of route 9 will be closed as police investigate a deadly crash. akourding to metro daily news, it will be closed between main street and oaks road. patrick stratton was killed last wednesday crossing the street. the driver that hit him faces dui and dangerous driving charges. supporters of adding more charter schools in massachusetts could receive a big boost from beacon hill. house speaker robert deleo is expecting lawmakers to pass a new charter school bill before november when a ballot question could allow for more of the schools to be approved. charter schools publicly funded but operate independently from local school boards. also happening today, crews from massachusetts are heading south to help washington d.c. dig out from the blizzard which hit over the weekend.
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80-ton snow melter and five front-end loaders to the nation's capitol. the truck will be manned by m dot employees and volunteers. washington d.c. received 30 inches of snow during the blizzard. hundreds lined the street in hingham holding signs and flags as they welcome home the family of a fallen hero. the family of u.s. marine corp corporal.orlando. he was killed in a helicopter crash off of hawaii earlier this month. after a five-day search, crews declared all 12 marines dead. the community says it was important for them to show their support. >> as it -- as a significance ling myself, mothers need it all. >> i grew up with chris and in part of the community. sweet boy. a little surfer boy. and we loved him so much. and we are so sad. >> julie: people in hingham said the turnout was better than they could have imagined. it is 4:41. we check traffic and weather
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here is a look at those live drive times. south of boston, an easy 10 minutes on route 9 from 228 to the braintree split. shiri? >> we have, of course, a couple of showers out there this morning. most of those will favor the mass pike and the cape and islands early on and very light precipitation. notice totals around a 10th of an inch for the cape. far less. we will show you where flurries replace the sprinkles coming up next. and check this out. a police officer flies into the air after being hit by a truck. coming up on the fox25 morning news, how he walked away only minor injuries. >> daniel: wow, that is incredible. a boston marathon bombing survivors take on a new challenge.
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welcome back. meteorologist shiri spear here at 4:45, and we have got some sprinkles falling down across the cape, especially around chatham and province town and a couple more near nantucket. a brief spritz from the north shore to the merrimack valley. an update an update this morning to a fox25 investigates report into a 48,000 dollar towing bill. a walpole driver got stuck in mud and reached out to fox25's kerry kavanaugh for help. in november, state regulators called assured collision in for a hearing.
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now we know assured bill has been trimmed to just over $64 been trimmed to just over $6400. and the company has been cited for violating two state towing regulations. residents of boston 'sea residents of boston 'seaport district may face months of construction to prepare local streets for a indy car race. station was the only tv station allowed inside a private meeting between meeting between residents and organizers of the boston grand prix. prerace construction will be done at night and for three months. if approved it will be labor day weekend. involve major traffic changes and bring 170,000 spectators to that neighborhood. >> i think there is a mixture of people being excited about an event like this, but i think also a lot of trepidation, because this isn't something that we are accustomed too. >> daniel: race organizers need to sign agreements with the city and state to make it official, but concrete barrier for the track could arrive layer today.
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action tonight, and right now thiser in a three-game winning streak. the cs host denver this evening at the garden. boston college coach jerry york dropping the puck before the bruins game. last week york earned win number 1,000 for his career. congrats to him. the bs came out from anaheim. lights the lamp 20 seconds into the game but all downhill from there. back-up goalie turns the puck over. corey perry makes him pay. after the first, toad go with an undisclosed illness. better. he rips home a layser from the point and the ducks win 6-2. a marathon bombing sur shriver lost her leg in the blast says she will run in this year's race. adrian has let davis vowed to run the marathon again after the attack. her team hashtag adrienne strong will raise funds for the limbs for life foundation.
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twitter for an outpouring of support. haslett-davis said she is up to ten miles with her training. a record-breaking week for a basketball coach. the girls basketball team in easton won their game last night. get this, the victory gives their head coach her 634th win. and the most wins over any girls coach in massachusetts. the crowd chanted 6-4-3 as the final buzzer. and she is focused on aube -- >> right now where things are all right. that little red icon is one of
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neighborhoods and not affecting the expressway right now. pike wide open from framingham through the weston tolls into the alston-brighton area. zakim bridge and leverett connector are wide open as well connector are wide open as well. here are those live drive times. 12 minutes on route 1 from 28 to the tobin. 20 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 23 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear is joining us now. i cracked my door and didn't get a lot of flare. it was almost balmy. felt like march. almost like spring. open the windows, air out the house. that is going away. why? because a cold front coming through. ushering in cooler air and why? because we have double cold fronts today. the first one is coming through this morning and will move across southeastern massachusetts and this is stirring up some early morning, very patchy, light sprinkles. the second front you can see is actually going to droop into the area as we head into the late afternoon. and the evening. and this is going to stir up a couple of flurries. here it is. futurecast and through the
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are going to favor areas south of boston. anywhere south of the mass pike anywhere south of the mass pike, you are at risk of seeing a couple of sprinkles through 7 a.m. after 7 a.m., from plymouth down to the cape and islands where we have got that little bit of light rain. things could brighten up a bit here during the afternoon, but you can see the hints of snow on the map. so at 3 p.m. as kids are coming home from school, northern mass home from school, northern mass, southern new hampshire about we will be watching for some sprinkles passes through the boston area during the evening commute. and then by about 7 p.m., the flurries is going to fit right over southeastern massachusetts. not much comes of it, it is just something you should be aware of if you are doing any traveling today. but 42 degrees in boston this afternoon and lawrence. 37 in worcester. 42 in hyannis. the measurable precipitation stays really stays real low. tonight 20s back. a cooler overnight and tomorrow similar temperatures. a lot of lower 40s on the map, and tomorrow we will see increasing clouds. this is the nor'easter late tomorrow that is likely going
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i think we are at risk of getting a couple of sprinkles overnight into friday morning over the cape. this is our clipper system that will spread light snow into the area for your friday. here is your seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view with the weekend always in view. friday's snow will be very -- high temperature 39 degrees. cold enough for snow and patchy coating to an inch north of the pike, south of the pike, a couple of flurries and for the cape, a couple of sprinkles. big-time warm-up over the weekend. sunday up to 48 degrees. julie, back to you. >> all right, shiri. a mom catches a sweet surprise on a baby monitor. >> and daddy and mama and daddy -- >> julie: still ahead on the fox25. can you tell what she is to? little girl's nighttime chatter is going viral.
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the side of th new this morning two people are dead and three others are injured after a shooting at a homeless catch. police in seattle say it happened just a few blocks from the seahawks stadium. police have not made an arrest. officers say it is unclear if the gunman is homeless or someone targeting the homeless. a school principal died sacrificing herself to save several children from a bus
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susan jordan was a principal at a elementary school in indiana for 22 years. tuesday, she was helping to load children on to the bus when another bus jumped the curb and headed right to the kids. jordan pushed a group of children out of the way before the push hit and killed her. parents are heartbroke. my son has downs, so she kind of connected with him and kind of understood him and made sure he was in his class. she was very, very caring toward me and my family. >> julie: police are investigating the crash. the driver said she sdunlt know why the bus yumped the curb. a man is under arrest after a risky smuggling operation. customs agents topped the man arriving from cuba two and a half beaks ago. after a quick search, they found six live birds in a fanny pack, but that's not all. a search found three live birds. they were in special tubes so they couldn't move during the flight. you can soon own a piece of massachusetts history.
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salem witch trials will be auctioned off. jonathan corwin no oversaw the trials. it was passed down a descendent of one of the people hanged during the trial. the witch book is worth at least $40,000. the museum of fine arts in boston will display a rare paint big mexican artist frida paint big mexican artist frida calo. it was painted in the 1928 and they estimate there are only 12 paintings by this artist. a woman is recovering thanks to a motorcycle club. shavaugn was thrown from her motorcycle riding in florida. she was in critical condition and her father didn't think she would ever come home. her father told the motorcycle group what happened and most of them are fire fighters and emt and made a plan to drive an ambulance to florida and bring her back. >> you guys are the best.
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true and true. they prove that on the tour of duty, behavior it takes to bring someone home. >> daniel: we are told shah sharun is not speaking yet but she is able to write. her dad says a long road to recovery but at least that home. a local couple makes a quick decision when their third child makes a decision to arrive before going to the hospital. the picture of jennifer and mark on their facebook page. born in the back of the family's van stopped on 495. the couple is heading to emerson hospital in concord and didn't make it in time. jennifer hopped into the back seat of the van and mark caught the baby in his fleece jacket. before delivering his daughter, he had to remove the infant car seat he already installed because it was in the way. >> daniel: 4:57. a travel ban is extended in an evident to protect babies. where pregnant women are being told to avoid stop the spread of a dangerous virus.
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