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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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breaking now at 5:00, a wild chase through three towns. this morning, an officer is injured. the new details we have just confirmed. a man stabs and kills a woman for taking his over life. the chilling final call that led police to the scene. developing overnight, the standoff that ends with gunfire standoff that ends with gunfire. the arrest of the person killed in the crossfire with the fbi. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on this wednesday morning, it is january 27. i am gene lavanchy. >> i am sara underwood. some people are face some people are facing a wet drive into work this morning. meteorologist shiri spear is in the fox25 stormtracker weather center with a scoop on some flurries today.
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right now, guys. and with a we have is a couple of sprinkles out there from the north shore back to the merrimack valley, and anywhere from north shore and seacoast down to woburn and down into framingham. hints of moisture on the map. this is not very much wet weather. it is just a couple of patchy sprinkles. same deal over the cape. falmouth. a couple of showersing the outer cape and. through martha's vineyard and temperature-wise, 37 in worcester right now. 42 in boston. 41 in nashua. 40s down to the cape and islands. too warm to get anything but sprinkles for the time being. this is where we are going over the time being. the next few hours, showers favor southeastern massachusetts. temperature-wise, we are in the mid- to upper 30s. we are still losing some heat, but noontime today, i like the look at 40 degrees in boston and brightening up a bit. the risk of flurries especially areas north here during the afternoon. high temperatures 38 to 44 degrees.
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sprinkles over southeastern massachusetts, we are trading and north of the pike flurries. we will talk about that friday snow risk coming up. drive time traffic. roads. >> yes, it is. at 5:01. you will be cruising down route 1, 93. 1, 93, as well as 93 southbound looking good. pike wide anticipate from framingham through the weston tolls into the allston-brighton area. as you can see not too many drivers out yet. life drive time. 23 minutes from the pike from 495 to mass ave. 8 minutes on the expressway to the braintree split to the pike. 19 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you. >> gene: make >> gene: breaking news morning >> gene: breaking news morning, a police officer is injured trying to stop a driver. >> sara: it happened in norwood overnight and ended after a chase through at least three towns. fox25 jessica reyes got the details confirmed overnight. and jess, this all happened up and down route 1 a. >>reporter: it did, sara, we talked to police in norwood a
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confirmed one of their officers was hurt when the suspect in this case bumped him with his car, and that officer is being treated at the hospital with what we are he understand are minor injuries. we know this happened here in norwood on lennox avenue. searching for the suspect for previous warrants and found him parked there. police ordered him to get out of car but instead he took off and hate police officer in the process. the chase went down norwood down 1 a into walpole and foxborough and turned around. state police put out stop sticks in foxborough and the suspect was able to make it from there all the way back into norwood. this is video from the scene there at prospect and railroad in norwood. police say he crashed into a poll here which is what finally stopped him and you can see his white suv which is the car involved. police in norwood tell thus chase lasted for 20 minutes from here. the suspect was arrested. and he and his passenger were
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treated for their injuries. now as for that police officer, we know he is still being treated at the hospital for what police here say are some cuts and bruises. that suspect and the passenger still in the hospital as well. we are working right now get more information as to what that suspect is charged with, and we will pass that along to you just as soon as we get that new information. for now the latest live in norwood, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. new at 5:00, a driver seriously injured following a crash on east street in mansfield. this video just in from our photographer at the scene. police say the car went over a guardrail and the driver fell out of the car. the car is destroyed and the investigate. julie will keep us updated what it means throughout the morning. a gruesome crime unfolding on a front porch of a local home and this morning the investigation is just getting started. >> gene: a man attacked and killed a woman with a knife before taking his own life. michael henrich is live in peabody where we are waiting to
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people involved in all of this. >> reporter: gene and sara, a positive investigation can take some time but we are waiting to see who these people were hours after their bodies were discovered here on the front porch of this winter street home in peabody. and in what is believed be too murder-suicide. now the district attorney said a 51-year-old woman lives at this house and was on the phone with a relative in brazil around 6:30 yesterday when that relative heard screams, and the caller hung up. the person in brazil then called another relative in peabody to ask them to call 911 peabody to ask them to call 911. and that's when police rushed over. police say it appears the man stabbed the woman and then himself. police said the general public are take are taking in a dangerous situation now. >> shock. you know, hard to believe something like this happens around here. >> reporter: police say the two knew each other but were not related. now a man who identified
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says she is originally from brazil, was a self-employed house cleaner. that friend tells fox25 she had recently expressed concern of her safety because she had been harassed by a man she knew well harassed by a man she knew well. with all that said, police did say they have no criminal reports from this address. no criminal history of any sort of domestic situation here. the investigation will continue though. and as soon as we hear anything about the identities of this woman and man, we will bring that you update right here on the fox25 morning news. nor live in peabody, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. a big national story is developing this morning. the leaders of an armed militia occupying federal land in oregon now under arrest. fox25's daniel miller joins us with what turned into a deadly confrontation. >> daniel: yeah, gene. the armed protest of the oregon parkland stretched into four weeks and a shootout that left one of the protesters dead.
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leader ammon bundy and members of the group were arrested. police pulled over lavoy f but the pwunldy branch says finicun had his hands up and shot three times by police. bundy's brother suffered minor injuries but finicun died at the scene. he was one of the most outspoken members of the group saying we die for his freedom. the group took over a wildlife refuge to protest federal land policies and the criminal prosecution of two oregon ranchers. now morning ammo n bundy and four others are behind bars in federal custody charged with felony con respiratory spree. three other act vis s were arrested separately. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. the fbi says they have foiled plans for a mass shooting at a masonic temple in milwaukee. a 23-year-old wisconsin man charged last night with illegal possession of machine guns.
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an attack at a temple. he toured the temp well-two fbi informants earlier this month and told him about his plans night. a man charged in two hit-and-run crashes including that one left a victim in critical condition is out on bail this morning. only fox25 cameras were there as the man walked out of jail his family and friends by his side. prosecutors say the 22-year-old crashed on thorndike street monday and hit another car while driving away. police say that olivera admitted to smoking marijuana the morning of the crash. the victim's family is devastated that their loved one was just left in the street. >> i don't know why, like, that person would do something like that. at least just stay in -- he could have killed someone. >> skim still in critical condition at a boston hospital. his niece says they are not sure if he is going to make it. an underground fire at a sewage plant still under
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the fire started after an explosion at the nwra plant on nut island in quincy monday. fire fighters were finally able to put it out last night. five plant workers were hurt. late last night confirmed that the fire is finally out. the plant said the fire started in an area separate from where water is treated, so drinking water was not affected. 5:09. cyber crime experts are trying to track down the source of bomb threats targeting several locations in weymouth. as we reported all yesterday morning, at least eight computer generated bomb threats were made against south shore hospital, the weymouth police department and several stores. investigators believe the threats are linked to others made against local schools unless last two weeks. the crimes are difficult to solve because the suspects use technology to hide their identities. >> they make it look as if they are using a computer somewhere completely different from where we are actually sitting. >> gene: weymouth's mayor says the bomb threats put a burden
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boston police are accused of shooting another man in an argument over a parking spot in dorchester. boston mayor marty walsh tells fox25 he is not sure if this was a fight over a space saver or an actual parking space. either way, he is asking people to stay calm this winter. we are asking people to be courteous of one another and not get to a point where it is violent. last year there was some incidents where people got their tires slashed during the snowstorm for parking spaces that will not be tolerated. >> the rick is expected to recover. police say they know who the shooter is, but they haven't released his name yet. a judge now deciding the fate of a lawsuit asking for information about a sex abuse scandal at bridgewater state university. parents of four young children claim their kids were molested by a former student employee at a university day-care center. the parent wants the school to release documents into the case release documents into the case. they say the lawsuit should be dismissed. a former employee and day care director both face criminal charges. we track traffic and
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minutes. if you were getting ready to head out the door, looking a at a 20-minute commute from 495 in andover down to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> although a lot of 40s on the map. 42 degrees if you were hitting the roads right now. temperatures dropping into the 30s. 38 at 6 a.m. 7 a.m., 37 degrees. we will show where you to plan around a couple of sprinkles through noontime. now 5:11. the evidence in the marathon bombing has never been seen by the public. coming up at 5:30, why a judge said hundreds of pieces of evidence will be unsealed for the very first time. plus, a local road is so dangerous, it is known as dead
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from wrentham to framingham to plainville. new this morning emergency safety improvements complete on a dangerous stretch of road in october a mom and her 9-month october a mom and her 9-month-old son were killed in a car crash on a stretch of 120 a car crash on a stretch of 120. neighbors to it as dead man's curve. it is now five feet wider and has a guardrail to separate traffic. new detection signs are up there. the permanent project is expected to be completed in 2005. a local university is helping new you had dents get a leg up on the competition. revere university is promising that students will that stud land a job within nine months of graduation or the school will pay their federal loans. it applies to full-time undergrads starting with the class of 2020. the school hopes this will make students make a smooth transition. >> so they can move from
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community and to a career gene to qualify they must maintain a 3.0 minimum grade point average and take place in internships. the shanghai composite took a nose dive into negative territory. 30 minutes into trading, it closed at its lowest rates closed at its lowest rate since 2014. investors are worry investors are worried that beijing has stepped back from support of stock market. the lowest level since december of 2014. despite global fears, the dow ended slightly higher. how wall street reacts as trade beg begins in the 9:00 hour at 9:30 this morning. a massive layoff at a local company. hundreds of state your names current employees were given layoff notices yesterday. the job cuts come as staple announced a company streamlining and reshuffle streamlining and reshuffling of four top executives. the framingham company is trying to seal a $6 billion merger deal with office depot.
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stores in the next two years. a major recall at whole foods. 70,000 pounds of frozen pepperoni pizza shipped through new england were labeled improperly. they say it is with you think cured beef but the pepperoni is actually pork. customers can return the pizzas to the stores where they were purchased. good morning, everyone, it is 5:17. things still quiet out there on the roads. pike wide open from natick throughout weston tolls and over to the allston-brighton tolls. route 1 moving along nicely. average speed 61 miles per hour on 93 south. a live look at the jake i think bridge, where volume is light on the leverett connector and the bridge itself. over to 9 live drive times. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 21 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us from the fox25 storm
5:17 am
are tracking a cool down after yesterday's warmer-than-average temperatures. >> shiri: way warmer than average. 36 degrees. yesterday it was lower. 50. one-day treat. today high of about 43 degrees. tomorrow, 40, and then 30s are back for friday into the weekend, and it is going to create some cooler conditions that will support some only very light snow through the incident of the week. what we have right now raindrops on the map, why in because in the 40s. 42 in norwood and boston. plymouth at 41 degrees now. and although plymouth is dry here, you are at risk of seeing one or two sprinkles. that chance will last about 7:00 this morning, and we slowly ease up on that cloud cover during the afternoon. temperatures continue to drop off fort next couple of hours, but i do send you back up into the lower 40s later today. 44 degrees right now hyannis. this is one of the spots where i can actually see these rain showers lasting through noon showers lasting through noontime today before we dry out for good, and then finally, let's look to lawrence at 42 degrees
5:18 am
cloudy skies. and we stay mostly cloudy today. look at that temperature dip by 9 a.m. you will go down by several more degrees. you will get back only up to 41 this afternoon and got 9 this afternoon and got the rights can for flurries. north of boston some flurries this afternoon. south of boston some sprinkles early on this morning. 41 this afternoon in plymouth. 42 in beverly and boston. 37 in worcester. 41 in nashua, new hampshire. you know what that means? it means this afternoon, we are going to feel exactly like it does outside right now. those temperatures are very similar to what you are waking up to. futurecast us us brightening up until noontime. showers will exit and sag south of the cape and the islands but doesn't stay completely bright. on and off clouds through the afternoon and flurries out there. even at 5 p.m., the risk in and around the boston area for the evening commute. a couple of those snowflakes. no accumulation needed waking up to sunshine tomorrow. and increasing clouds and our nor'easter. at risk of nick the cape and
5:19 am
showers late thursday night, but friday, keep an eye on this storm system. this is our clipper with a little bit of light snow moving on in friday. it is going to stay patchy, it is going to stay light. snow accumulation will be minimal. very low impacts from this one. on wednesday though today, 43 degrees with some sprinkles this morning. flurries this afternoon. 40s but keeping it dry. friday's high, 39 degrees. here we see that snow accumulation. with very little north of the pike. patchy coating an inspect snow. south of the pike a couple of flurries and for the cape a little drizzle on your friday and then into the weekend, cooler day ends up being saturday, and that's when we have the risk for a couple of flurries remaining at least in your morning forecast. sunday we get you back into the upper 40s, brighter skies. next round of rain on monday night. back to you, guys. all right, shiri. so boston is revving up for an indy car race, and all the construction that comes with it. still coming your way, fox25 is
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are unveiled to neighbors. the months of work that they are bracing for. and it is not the usual and it is not the scene of a crime.
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a new dangerous trend has landed a local teenager in the hospital, and now he wants others to learn from his mistake. the challenge is simple. people take someone's arms and legs and tapes them and the person try person tries to break free. he fell when his arms and legs were taped up. he crushed his eye socket and slammed his head so hard into the concrete that it caused a brain aneurysm. >> i am just actually really lucky to be alive. >> it is really scary just seeing my son like this. >> tell our kids not to do. when i think about it -- like, i become sad -- and then, like, really happy because -- like, i am happy because i survived it. >> sara: scaleler pinched off nerves in his eye and may never get his vision back. police are can look for a man who maybe needs some work done because he stole thousands
5:23 am
a man wearing a santa hat broke into a doctor's office in coral gables, florida. he grabbed a trash can and load he grabbed a trash can and loaded it with 20,000 worth of injectible. he took off with a trash can full of the foods. bliss have not made any arrests. >> a looking for a man with you smooth cheekbones, high forehead, and a description you may want to use. >> julie: no doubt. >> gene: you got to see this video here. dash cam video a terrifying moment for a police officer in he mirror he miraculously survives. the officer was directing traffic on the highway. he was standing on the side of the road as a semi comes barreling down toward him. you can see it on the right side of the screen. watch, he gets watch, he gets hit and dragged. that is scary stuff. now i only suffered a gsah to the he head and broken hand and he needed 25 stitches. he is going to be okay and hopes to get back to work soon. very scary. >> julie: hard to watch.
5:24 am
a baby monitor catches a little girl during her bedtime prayers and the video is wruvr on the web. >> my daddy and to my mommy. and amen. julie can i get an amen. >> her parents pud another bed without saying their prayers. they were rushing to watch the panthers game and she took it upon herself to say the prayers anyway and the monitor recorded the whole thing. >> gene: a list of people, mommy, daddy and she threw santa claus in there too julie got to be on the nice list. >> gene: only one thing trumps the prayers. the panthers game. julie got the priority. >> shiri: the big man, is that santa claus in laugh this morning i will map out where we will have a little drizzle and at risk for some flurries during the evening commute. a much brighter thursday forecast.
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indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25. >> sara: cloudy and damp this morning as we look live in boston right now. the raindrops come with some cooler temperatures today. good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, january 27. i am sara underwood. >> gene: i am gene lavanchy. meteorologist shiri spear joins us for the fox25 stormtracker weather center tracking drizzle weather center tracking drizzle. not very exciting. tracking drizzle. >> shiri: tracking drizzle but no know. no shovels need.that wet weather that will stay focused here down across the cape and islands. that is the area that is straight through about lunchtime today is at risk for
5:29 am
this is where we stand right now. 48 in orleans. you heard me right. 41 in falmouth. it is mild out there right now. boston at 42 degrees with clouds. 40 in framingham and pelham, new hampshire. 37 in worcester. 35 town send. 33 new ipswich. everybody is above freezing and safe to say that we will skip the icy concerns this morning. at noontime 41 degrees with lingering clouds. we are only going up 5 degrees as we get into the afternoon. flurries around town at 3 p.m., especially north of boston. no snow maps needed today but we will talk very minor aaccumulate for your friday forecast, and those numbers are coming up in just a couple of minutes. now, julie grauert with live drive-time traffic. a typical 5 with 30 a.m. commute. >> julie: it is. music to my ears when you say skip the icy conditions because that is never good ice on the
5:30 am
pretty typical for this early in the morning. the expressway haven't started to build in the volume department yet as we take you out there. pretty typical volume past the gas tank. live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 and the leverett connector. sara and gene, back to you. >> all right, julie, breaking news morning. a police officer is injured trying to crash a driver who took off during a traffic stop. >> gene: hand in norwood overnight and ended after a chase through three towns. fox25's jessica reyes got details confirmed overnight, and jess there are all happened up and down route 1 a. >> it did gene. just a couple of hours ago. a short time ago i talked to police officers here in norwood police officers here in norwood. they told meet officer who was hurt was injured when that suspect bumped whim his car and this morning the police officer is in the hospital being treated for what we understand are cuts and bruises. from his norwood tell thus all started on lennox avenue here in norwood.
5:31 am
the suspect for previous warrant found him parked there. police ordered him to get out of the car but instead they think he took off from there, bumping that police officer in the process. the chase went from norwood into walpole into foxborough. state police put up stop sticks state police put up stop sticks, and the suspect was able to make it over those stop sticks from back there from -- from foxborough back to norwood from foxborough back to norwood. this is video from the scene back in norwood at prospect and railroad. police say the suspects crashed into a pole, which is actually what finally stopped him, and you can see this is the white suv which we believe is a car involved. police say the whole chase lasted for about 20 minutes. from there, the suspect was arrested and he and a passenger was taken to the hospital for their injuries. once again, we know that police officer, he is also still in the hospital this morning, but, again, police do say his injuries are pretty minor. some cuts and bruises. as for the suspect, it is not clear exactly what he is going
5:32 am
those warrants were just yet, but we are working with flows bring more information and as soon as we get more details, we will pass them along for you. live in norwood. jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. there are new developments in morning in the marathon bombing case. the court is about to release hundreds of pieces of evidence used to convict dzhokhar tsarnaev. catherine parrotta is live at the marathon finish line. we covered the case specifically for years and this evidence is evidence that no one has ever seen before. >> reporter: yeah, we have seen a lot of material especially marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. we saw photos an, of course heard a great deal of testimony even more. not known exactly when this material will be released; however, the judge ordered the clerk to move as expeditiously as possible. but we are talking about hundreds of materials in this case, things that will include photo, reports from experts and various motions. before and during last year's
5:33 am
allowed some prosecutors to have some materials under seal. among the materials released search warrant results and fbi reports on tsarnaev things left in his umass dorm room, concern about jury selections, fibs record willing of interviews and documents with the testimony of helen prejean. the move comes years after dzhokhar tsarnaev and his brother tamelan posted brother tamelan put pressure cooker bombs. three were killed and hundreds injured. and some of the materials do have to do with the bombing investigation and trial for dzhokhar tsarnaev; however, we are learning that some materials will be related to tamerlan tsarnaev in an "early show"ier case. we will tell you more about that coming up next hour. live at the finish line, morning news. still investigate still investigating a freak accident that killed a man as he was driving on one of the area's busiest highways.
5:34 am
breaking yesterday on route 128 south near exit 31 in lexington south near exit 31 in lexington. investigators say a rear tire flew up a pickup truck, went over the median and hit a car going northbound killing the driver inside. the crash was so intense that it ripped off part of the roof and shaltered a windshield. the driver was a 19-year-old woman. the victim was a man. yet. the driver of the truck was on her way to night school at the time crash. police say they will release more information later this morning. an update a fox25 investigates nroorp a $48,000 towing bill. a walpole driver got stuck in the mud offroading in october and reached out to fox25's kerry kavanaugh for help. in november state regulars laters called william needle of assured collision in for a hearing. fox25 was there. we learned that assured bill
5:35 am
$6400, and the company was violated for violating two safe towing regulations. residents may face months of noisy construction to prepare local streets for a indy car race. fox25 was the only tv station allowed between a private meeting between residents and organizers at the boston grand prix. promoters say prerace destruction could be at nights that could last for three months. the race would be labor day weekend. involve major traffic changes and bring 170,000 speculator -- spectators to the neighborhood. >> i think a mixture of people being excited about an event like this, but i think a lot of trepidation because this is not something we are accustomed to. >> sara: race organizers need to sign agreements to make this official, but won crete barrier started arriving today. pregnant woman on the cape is being tested for exposure to
5:36 am
several women who recently tlachl to bra zim is getting tested for the condition from a zika. thousands of cases in brazil and 20 other countries in the americas. pregnant woman should avoid travel to place where is the virus has been found. a new recommendation for pregnant women and new moms. the u.s. preventive services task force recommend that women should be screened for depression before and after giving birth. the task force says 9% of pregnant women and 10% of new moms go through a depressive episode. studies show babies and toddler studies show babies and toddlers with depressed mom are prone to having a lot of health problems. supporters of adding more charter schools to massachusetts could receive a big boost from beacon hill. house speaker robert deleo is expected to call for lawmakers to pass a new charter school bill before november. that is when a ballot question could allow for more of the schools to be approved. charter schools are publicly
5:37 am
let from -- independently from local school school boards. also today crews from massachusetts are heading massachusetts are heading south help washington d.c. can i go help washington d.c. dig out from the blizzard that hit over the weekend. mat d.o.t. sending an 780-ton you snow melter and you trucks to the nation's capitol. it will be manned by m dot employees and some volunteers. washington received 30 inches of snow during the blizzard. 5:29. hundreds lined the street of hingham holding flags as they welcome home the family of a fallen hero. the family of christopher orlando arrived at logan airport state police escorted them back to their hometown. orlando was killed in a helicopter crash off the coast of hawaii earlier this month after a five-day search, crews declared all 12 men dead. the community said it was important for them to show their support. >> as it -- as a sibling myself, the mothers need it st. paul i grew up with chris in part of the community.
5:38 am
and we loved him so much. and we are so sad. >> gene: people in hingham say that the turnout in hingeham was as good as they do imagine. a woman is recovering at a local hospital thanks to a motorcycle club. in november, shvaughn was thrown from her motorcycle riding in florida. she was in critical condition, and her father didn't think she would ever come home. her father told his motorcycle groups what happened. most of them are fire fighters and emts and they made a plan to drive an ambulance to florida and bring ledger back. >> they are the best. brothers of mine, true and true. true that they will be -- will be on the tour of duty, whatever it takes to bring somebody home. >> sara: we are told that shavaughn is not speaking yet but she is able to write. a long road to recovery but at least that journey is happening at home.
5:39 am
a three-game winning streak. host denver. boston college college coach jerry york dropping the puck. last week, york earned his 1,000th win of his career. and the bs came out firing. lights the lamp 40 seconds into the game. a good sign. a good start and all downhill from there. back-up goalie turns over the puck. corey perry makes him pay and gusasson leaves the game. he was taken to the hospital with an undisclosed illness. tuukka rask didn't fair much better. rips one home on the layser from the point and duck goes on to twin 6-2 over the bruins last night. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. keeping an eye on the t in a commuter rail for you. green line e branch service suspended between brigham circle and appear -- route 39 buses will make all local stops stops. shiri? >> a touch of light rain over the cape and islands this morning.
5:40 am
and very sparse this morning. we are only getting really trace amounts trace up to a 10th of an inch of rain. keep an eye on the steadier rain in nantucket and chatham, when the flurries come in to replace the drizzle next. a lunchtime discovery becomes part of a lesson plan at one school. how to liz how to liz became an unexpected classroom pet. donald trump bows out of
5:41 am
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good wednesday morning. 5:45. meteorologist shiri spear here and mostly plymouth and mostly preliminary southward, we have a couple of showers out through sandwich den his, den his. very patchy and light during the morning hours. iowa caucuses less than a week away this morning. and the leading republican candidate said he is skipping the next gop debate. fox25's daniel miller is here with more on donald trump's snub. >> daniel: yeah, gene, good morning.
5:43 am
ho is moderating the debate so -- who is moderating the debate so he is not going. months of tension between fox news anchor and megan kelly. he called hear lightweight. trump demanded that kelley be removed from the debate and chris wallace is the other moderator. the network refused so late last night, trump bailed out. in a news release, trump said he will be hosting an event in iowa instead to raise money for veterans and wounded warriors. >> here is what just came out. fox news, right. wonderful, wonderful place, fox news. it's wonderful. >> daniel: megan kelly released her statement saying she will be there saying in part, the degolden gate go on with or without mr. trump. a fox spokesperson said in a statement should be clear to the american public by now this is rooted in one thing, meghan kelley. after that announcement ted cruz challenged trouvrp a one cruz challenged trouvrp a one-on-one debate saying he and
5:44 am
mano y mano if they can't agree on a moderator. we will hear more from trump later this morning. daniel miller, fox25 morning news. happening today on the democrat side, senator bernie sanders will have his first expanded meeting with barack obama. the meet welcome inform wall no set -- the meeting will be informal with no set agenda. fox25's glare miller will be there covering every angel. you can watch his live reports starting sunday on the fox25 news at 10:00. good morning, everyone, checking traffic and weather every ten minutes. i am just updating these maps for you. things are moving along fine on route 3 south of town route 3 south of town from 2 28 and past route 18 and weymouth and braintree. other major artery other major arteries. 24, 95 looking good. expressways starting to slow down a little bit right around exit 13, freeport street.
5:45 am
quite a few brake lights right now as you pass the gas tank. here are those live drims. 11 minutes on -- lifetimes. 12 minutes from 106 to 128. 12 minutes on 95 as you approach 128. meteorologist shiri spear joining you from the fox25 storm tracker weather center, and shiri, a few places out today. >> shiri: yeah, we are thinking -- we are seeing southeastern massachusetts the prime location this morning, but look at this. a little bit of a one-two punch a little bit of a one-two punch. the first cold front comes through this morning and these morning showers in form of drizzle. the second one well off to the north in new york and northernmost new england is going to go into the area and will bring us flurries this afternoon and this evening. not a measurable snow, just a couple of flakes around town. here you can see future cast maintaining that risk for rain through about 7, 8:00 this morning down across the south coast and the south shore. your best bet is going to be
5:46 am
so we hit noon, showers are gone, things start to brighten up a little bit. so we will have a lot of clouds around this morning, even where we don't have the showers, but a little bit of a brighter turn here at noontime today. notice we have some of the snow showers seeking southward at 3 p.m. for kids coming home from school. we could get a couple of those flurries or closer to the coast couple of sprinkles from the mass new hampshire border and that will roll through boston right around 5 p.m. which means in time for the evening commute. we will be watching a couple of those snowflakes. i don't expect we will see any impact on the roadways. highs 42 degrees today. the melting continues. 42 ports mouth. lawrence and framingham. lower 40s down to plymouth and the cape. 37 in worcester. 41, manchester, new hampshire. those are almost exactly the temperatures that we have outside right now, so there is not going to be much of a warm not going to be much of a warm-up, a little dip this morning and we will recover where we are right now later this afternoon. tonight, 20s back on the map, so there will be a little bit of a refreeze. you will have to watch out for a bit of black ice tomorrow
5:47 am
tomorrow, a lot like today, into the lower 40s. the upper 30s a little further inland out toward the worcester area. starting your thursday off with sunshine, but clouds will be building in during the day. this nor'easter is an almost completely miss, but you will see during the overnight hours, of it skims the cape and the island with a couple of rain drops here. this thank is what you wake up to friday. and the other storm system off to the north that will spread some very light and patchy snow across the rest of the region during the day on friday. not everybody will get accumulation. the acouple we get is very limited. after getting up to 43 today. 40s for the day tomorrow with increasing clouds and 39 on friday. it will be cooler and cool enough to support snow almost everywhere else. the snow is very lacking. north of the mass pike, a coating up to an inch of snow. patchy stuff. south of the pike, just a couple of thrust. on the cape a little drizzle. saturday a risk of flurries.
5:48 am
back the upper 40s on sunday with a much brighter second half of the week forecast. back to you, guys. it wasn't part of a plan. how being prepared actually got in the way when she had to give birth in her minivan. and stay with us for our news at 6:00 this morning. a late night vote puts a local
5:49 am
this morning two people are dead, three others injured after a shooting at a homeless camp. police in seattle say it happened a few blocks from the seahawks stadium. officers say two gunmen went to the camp and tracked down their victims before opening fire. police say they know who the gunmen are, but so far they have not made any arrests. a school principal died sacrificing herself to save several children from getting hit by a bus. susan jordan was the principal at a elementary school in indiana for 22 years. tuesday, she was helping load children and another bus jumped the curb and madeed to the kids the curb and madeed to the kids. she pushed a group of students out of the way before the bus hit and killed her. parents are heartbroken. >> my son has downs and connected him and understood him and made sure he was in his class.
5:50 am
to me and my family. >> sara: police are investigating this crash. the driver says she doesn't know why the bus jumped the curb. a man is under arrest after a risky smuggling operation. the custom agents stopped a man travelling to cuba three and a half weeks half weeks. found six live birds. another search found another three live birds tucked in his parents. the birds were in special tube so as could not move during his flight. a local couple makes a quick decision when his child decides to arrive before get decides to arrive before getting to the hospital. a picture of jennifer and mark posted on facebook of their new daughter, harper. she was born in the back of the families a van in box free throw. headed to emran hot and did not make it instead. jennifer went to the back seat of the van and mark caught the baby in his fleece jacket before delivering his daughter.
5:51 am
seat that he already installed because it was in the way -- you he had to get it out of way and quick thinking and glad they are okay. has a story to sell. >> sara: that is exactly right. 5:55. news breaking overnight.a routine traffic stop turns into a wild pursuit for several towns. this morning three people are in the hospital including a police officer. coming up top of the hours, we are there as police tow the truck involved away from the crash scene. what we learned about why police were trying to pull him over in the first place. plus, he is heading to the super bowl, but peyton man something being watched closely by the nfl. what the league is doing about a report connecting the quarterback to performance enhancing drugs. and yesterday it was lower 50s in spots like boston, beverly, marshfield, up to 54 degrees and lower 50s in nashua today.
5:52 am
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new details this hour of how it
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