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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  January 31, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. >> a warning tonight on a road dangerous object, being thrown at moving vehicles. here is just one example of the damaged cars. good evening everyone things for joining us. >> heather will join us shortly for a while but police if they have several leads that they try to track down the person or people responsible before someone gets hurt. fox 25 malini basu with this developing story. >> reporter: eric and heather right now police are telling fox 25 news this is quite unusual. someone is driving around and
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their window hitting the victim's cars. police say they are not leaving a stone unturned until they catch the person doing this. fox 25 exclusively got a hold of these pictures. look closely. this starter was thrown from the subjects car and hit the back of this windshield shattering at. >> man: i think it is crazy. doesn't usually happen at this doubt it is quiet. >> reporter: imagining driving business. all of a sudden a car engine part comes playing your way and hit your car damaging it. it happened to the driver of this mercury. it also happened to the driver of the pontiac, a bolt went car. >> man: a few pounds, it can do some damage. cause an accident. get other people involved in the accident. >> man: smart plugs, smashes the glass.>> reporter: police tell us they responded to at least 15 cars, some partners were also hit along
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they are happening all over town and along with 13. >> woman: be afraid of? >> man: getting in an accident. driving on the road with my daughter, you know, family and the car.come through the window, i have to turn quick and something full or go through a building. >> reporter: we have learned a spark plugg both and other engine parts are being thrown from the suspects car the fear >> man: it could be life-threatening. >> man: knock it off. stupid. >> reporter: and again tonight police are telling us there are at least 15 cars and homes that were hit. still at this hour police are investigating. they see any calls and think they are getting the of course are following up on. we of course will follow this and bring you an update with 80 developing information at 11:00. for now, 11:00, malini basu speeches by way of a firefighter angering a lot of people tonight. new at 10:00 the post talks about the lifesaving overdose
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can, "the worst drug ever created." he goes on to say, "these losers are out of the hospital again and using again within hours. you use you should lose, we get " we got the post before it was deleted off of facebook but almost 300 people have sure a screen post online. we are not releasing the firefighters name until we get it verified that the post was actually written by him. the mayor told the ledger that he is aware of that post and investigation. election 2016, and the campaign it all comes down to tomorrow for the candidates and caucuses. on the eve of the caucuses them new polling numbers are out, and that is not the only thing the candidates are worried about. blair miller is live in des moines, and there are some real concerns about the weather. >> reporter: yes, heather, everybody watching that very closely. right now in downtown des moines it is a clear, cold bite but everyone is watching the
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moving into this area. potentially tomorrow night. not the candidates, it is a race to the finish line. late into the evening in iowa, on the eve of the caucuses the candidates moving from city to city swinging hard at voters. people like dori pineville, this will be a first time participating in a caucus and she knows it better. >> woman: this is my first participation in a caucus. but i will on monday. it has been on my bucket list one of the things i have always wanted to do but raise my kids first but now have a chance to get this done. and it is important this time. things have changed for the government level changes, numbers out in iowa says that the once hillary clinton now in a dead heat with bernie sanders on the republican side donald percent. at a last-minute candidate
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tell fox 25 they have seen more crowds in recent weeks. >> woman: i was citizens think this very citizenseriously but they are asking questions of follow-up questions. now a gets to be the time when they get to go to the caucus and get their voice heard. >> reporter: the deer could be record turnout tomorrow night. but tonight a big wildcard, the developing weather situation with much of iowa now under a blizzard watch starting monday night. a close call that many here worry will impact motor. >> man: we will get a pass for the entire caucus time.. i think the governors numbers seem more reasonable. >> anchor: let's hope so. the governor believes 150,000 people could show up tomorrow night about in the caucuses. four years ago that number was 120,000.if that happens that will be a record turnout for people here in iowa. but again, they are watching the chances for that snow to the timing of it, heather? >> anchor: somebody late
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thinking about where we can see real results tomorrow? >> reporter: i spoke with both parties about this. the caucuses open at 7:00 tomorrow night. they have new technology and they expect some real-time results. they say they can see some will result around eight, 30, 10:00 local time, maybe 10:00 boston time. >> anchor: we will watch it and i that, and keep an eye on the iowa tonight, you can follow players report from iowa all the way through monday night. fox 25 is the place to turn through all week leading up to the new hampshire primary. we will have live reports from new hampshire every night, and we will be anchoring from our election studio in manchester. we will also be bringing you primary specials every night, 7:00, featuring fox 25, she will have expert analysis and that looking to primary night we will be with their properties at 5:00 p.m. straight through until 11:30. bringing you live reports, live reports from ended its
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as they happen. we will also be streaming us all live at and on the fox 25 news app. >> anchor: democrats will be taking their moment of to the state of new hampshire before the nbc saying all three candidates will debate on the campus of unh to run thursday night.that debate will happen at 9:00 p.m.. todd and rachel maddow will moderate. we will, of course, have complete coverage on fox 25 at deadlock at 11:00 at night. >> anchor: two other news, a student fox 25 at deadlock at 11:00 at night. >> anchor: two other news, a student umass lowell, this was breaking news we told about at tonight we are looking for one of the victim's classmates. crystal lane is down at fox umass lowell and you have more information about the exams. >> reporter: heather, we are told he was a student in the graduate program. the graduate engineering program at umass lowell, a tragedy here in this community but also at umass dartmouth.
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tragedy on campus. >> man: shocking. just couldn't believe it happened close to home. >> reporter: umass lowell confirming to be a student was found dead at ball hall early sunday morning. they told the local police his body was found in the bathroom in the engineering program building by a custodian. and it is likely been there for some time. the death has officially been called suspicious by investigators. the state university told me tonight, "the university has reached out to student families as part of our campus response. we are deeply saddened by this tragedy and offer our condolences to the students family, and loved ones.". about it. it was completely preventable thing. so we are all feeling pretty bad about it. >> reporter: shane lee tells me he was in the same graduate engineering program at the now
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he was always he could always be found here but it i'm working. at one point last semester he was here for a couple days straight. >> reporter: shane says his determined classmate died of a drug overdose, stress a factor mentioned that friends at school. officials are not confirming a cause of death for this umass lowell student, but umass dartmouth is confirming a 20-year-old male student there was found dead in his dorm room of an accidental overdose friday. >> man: there are different ways to tackle that kind of stress. and drugs are not one of them. not one of the good ones. >> reporter: now officials are not releasing the names of either of these students, but, again, they are sending condolences to the family. for now reporting in low i am crystal hayes, fox 25 news. >> anchor: two people after an accident on a ski lift. this happened at frantic gorge in new hampshire. the fire department says two chairlifts collided causing two people to get stuck for they were taken to a hospital to get evaluated.
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crashed into each other but the fire department has told craig gorge not to operate the ski lift until he gets checked out by the state. we were treated to some really warm weather to end january but showers are on the way this week. sarah wroblewski is tracking. sarah, we see plenty of sunshine today we can complete about that. >> meteorologist: that leaves the temperatures today, too. average. usually we are in the mid-30s to close out january. but right now we see some temperatures drop back into the 30s through central parts of to the 40s. still, very mild above our average high for this type of year. but look out to the great lakes. we have some showers, these
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we head to the day tomorrow. losing some of their stay but i think the best chances will occur as we head onto the day but those winds out of the south, going to keep us mild overnights. may even see some areas of low clouds and some clouds. so when you wake up tomorrow morning expect those temperatures not to bust too much, mainly in the low 40s, some all possible, so at the best of it will be a mild one. you will need some umbrellas but grant that umbrella. i will show you the timeline of what it but the showers and when we can see heavier rain later this week. >> anchor: thank you, sarah, back to you in a bit pretty community in shock tonight. a 13-year-old girl missing for days is found dead.
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is now facing charges of the kidnapping and murder of a 13-year-old girl. this weekend police found the body of nicole level indirect carolina nearly 100 miles from her home. she has been busy since wednesday and did tonight investigators are still trying to piece together clues on this bizarre case. >> reporter: 19-year-old marine future a software engineering student at virginia tech now somehow connected to the mysterious kidnapping and death of nicole level. keepers and freshmen eisenhower both role in the 13-year-olds disappearance and murder. it is came moments before a candlelight vigil. pastor mike honecker, sure the news with doesn't do it come together to pray for her safe return. >> man: let's really draw all of our strength and our attention to praying to this family. >> reporter: instead they were forced to pray for peace and
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and a community who lost so much of. >> woman: i didn't think that would happen to her. because she was always the cutest little thing. >> woman: just a sickening feeling knowing that she wouldn't be coming back. >> man: you know we can't begin to imagine what it look like bird we can to imagine right now what nicole is seeking. >> reporter: disbelief spread as quickly as the news. >> woman: being a mother myself and the way this could've easily been one of my children. it really hit home. >> woman: it is crazy how so what to do that to her. >> reporter: questions of the crowd remain, how this had to happen to a 13-year-old girl. >> man: in god we trust you tonight. even when we don't understand. >> reporter: now police say 18-year-old david eisenhower is being held without on mike bones in virginia. keepers is being held on two parts and living improper
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reporter: three people are dead after a triple bonding. the bomb happened today suburb of damascus.the islamic state group is claiming responsibility. they say attackers detonated a car bomb, and two suicide bombers set off more exposes as rescuers rush to that area. the bombings happened while peace talks are under way into the bed. speech and a non-is known for rescuing a man. it happened near mount there is happening last night for the 75-year-old victim's calls for help were overheard by a man who was taking a walk in praying. >> man: the nuns found them right here, they went out and investigated and found where he was.and that they had to come back to tell somebody. speed of the fire department says that without the nuns quick action the man would've
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hypothermia. fox 25 reached out to the done she did not want to speak about what happened. >> heather: tonight a boston hockey player suffered a severe spinal injury was honored by the nhl at the all-star game. jenna lane, a forward for the boston pride a video message during the game. and this comes nearly a month after her accident at the winter classic. fox 25 catherine burch and joins us, and catherine it was all positive. >> reporter: dana shared uplifting words about her own recovery and about her gratitude for the support from the community that she says, "inspires her to work harder in her revalidation every single day." during a break in the nhl all-star game fans watched a video montage from flank and her from her about her recovery efforts. link was severely injured when she fell on the ice during the first period of the outdoor women's classic.
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boston pride, a forward that is been called up from the practicing a year before. after her fall her family said she had no feeling in her fake and limited use of her arm. since then she has been documenting her right to recover on her facebook page. on friday she says she is free of her tracheotomy tube and the race and could now turn her head. at the all-star game he told fans she is overwhelmed by the letters and messages of support she continues to receive from all over the country. >> woman: every day, i think to myself wow, it gives me that little boost to keep going. and say i got this. never give up, never stop believing in yourself. >> heather: that is good to hear, thanks mother and two sisters with her in her honor and think the crowd. tonight the nhl says it is donated $200,000 to her recovery. reporting five i am catherine burch him, fox 25 and the grueling zika virus causing problems for the olympic games. it is grading issues for the games. organizers fill the growing
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away athletes and fans turning to go there for the game. a wrestling match was overshadowed when several of the wrestlers talked about seeing in their hotels to stay away from the guy carrying mosquitoes. >> woman: i haven't been outside the hotel. so i think that is really helping. but, yeah, it is kind of scary. there is nothing, really you can do. speech and the international olympic committee is asking travelers to take caution and for women to prepare to be pregnant to assess the local risk. >> heather: a man found dead in 10 feet of water. we will go down to the pond where this happened and show you why being out on the water this time of year can be so dangerous. speech and but first, having more meetings about fare hikes. the two chances you have to have your voice heard. >> today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth
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this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do?
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expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. r he's just not ready to be president.
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some kind of trauma. no word at this point on the child's condition. the call came in around nine, 40 tonight, we do have a crew on the way and we will have a live report coming up at 11:00 tonight this is new at 10:00, and alert fox 25 that it is a photo of a crash that happened today on the bike. on the westbound lanes, police tell fox 25 they had the blades lows provide the type as they worked to clear the wreckage there. no word on injuries, or a cause. we want to remind you if you see breaking news and it is safe to do so we always like to see your pictures. you could show them at share at fox >> now to new hampshire where police are looking for a suspect who broke into cars and then set them on fire. take a look at this photo here, police responded to several of these disturbing calls yesterday. these photos show some of these damage to the interior of these cars. one car was destroyed speech and a massive house fire under investigation right now in boston.
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flames engulfing a house on enterprise street. the fire started at 9:00 last night. firefighters say the flames were so intense they had to wait until they die down to get inside the building. crews found know what inside and discover the house and actually been vacant for several years. but they also have the electricity have never been shut off. >> man: the source of the building, that was never shut off during that picture. period. the investigators are on scene tried to figure out the cause of this thing speech and right now bronson are trying to get the owner of the house and how exactly this fire started. >> heather: a nasty crash to tell you about in centerville that happened last night at the intersection of pine and strawberry hill road. here you can see the crews working to save a woman who was trapped inside the suv. she was rushed to the hospital but is excited to be okay.
10:23 pm
caused the crash but they do believe there was another driver involved. the nba will have more writers for the bear hike proposals. this week's meetings are in boston. what is tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. the other is tuesday at 5:00 p.m.. now they have two different proposals, one would raise for seven percent the other proposal by about 10 percent. the fare hikes of help the ta close a $442 million budget deficit speech at the girlfriend of a notorious boston mobster is set to say guilty. the bottom girlfriend of whitey bulger, she is currently serving an eight year sentence for hiding folger during 16 years he was a fugitive. greg was indicted for disobeying a judge's order to testify before a grand jury about other people who may have been helping to find folger, too. folger is serving a life sentence for multiple crimes including murder. >> heather: the new hampshire primary is nearly a week away now.
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volunteers are working hard for boats.
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right now a local community is morning after a man was found at an apartment mansfield found the body in 10 feet of water in mill pond. fox 25 jim marelli went out to take a look at conditions, and why it is such a bad time to be out on the ice. >> reporter: april like warmth and mantle today and tragedy on a local body of water. police say a man through the ice and belmont sometime over the weekend. this morning they found his body. the story began saturday afternoon, police say, what a local family reported their adult son was missing. evidence unspecified found police to mill pond which is just off east street. the unidentified man was found in 10 feet of water. water rescues are fraught with danger, in part because more of
10:26 pm
here in mill pond you can see the top rescuers took to get to the spot the man fell in pretty good also see the ice is quite thin. sustained call is needed to freeze a pond needed to support weight. it is not have sustained call and that is the two other similar incidents. for instance, two young boy fell into a frozen pond in broxton. >> man: there is really no way of knowing what the ice is safe. >> reporter: we spoke to abington fire about ice safety in general. he says it is difficult to assess the depth because of variables that can't be measured. >> man: you could have some kind of a current underneath. so one area maybe five inches thick, you could have something to be in a way that could be two inches thick. you can have vegetation underneath, there is really just no way of knowing. >> reporter: the best course of action is to avoid frozen over bodies of water entirely. advice, especially pertinent now.
10:27 pm
25. >> now your local forecast from meteorologist sarah wroblewski and the storm tracker weather team. >> sarah: now, as we take a look at the system you can see traffic looking pretty good. it is quiet out there, it has been such a nice day, a lot of folks got to get outside and enjoy the mild conditions. in fact, a lot of pictures being sent into me their social media here. this is the sunset in sharon, just absolutely beautiful there. i got this one on twitter. thank you so much for sending in your pictures and left her with them on here. and if you are perhaps looking at your fox 25 app and thinking, is it really 57 in boston? yes. take a look at the high temperature for today, sure and that we climbed to nearly 60 in places like norwood, pull above average. this is more like april than the end of january. where we are typically in the mid-30s. so it is pretty amazing the past three months, you take a look at the average temperature
10:28 pm
january and in that three-month stretch it has been the warmest out of all of the years we have reported for boston. so, we also tend to look at the amount of snow from these record three-month stretches and sure enough, typically you tend to get very low snow. so sorry for that information, in this year, so far you know we have only picked up 10.4 inches. but it is new england and contentious like that. so taking a look at what you can expect in february typically, we average 10.9 inches of snow. and we start up in the mid- 30s for highs and get into the middle 40s. of course, last year, don't really have to say it. 64.8 inches of snow for a little bit about average, we over achieve. we will have to wait this year. but i have to point out that we are starting out the month on the mild side. it is not going to feel like february but i think we will
10:29 pm
the middle part of the month. over the next couple of days as we are tracking precipitation it will be in the form of rain. a few chances tomorrow, across the area scattered. and then on wednesday i think we will have better chances of what weather as well as windy conditions. so high-pressure, anger to our south, winds and the black back system ahead of this cold system that will be tracking tomorrow. but it is this area of low pressure just pushing into the west coast that is really going to get going during the middle part of the country. you heard blair about wizard warnings were parts of the midwest, that system will be heading our way for wednesday. but we will be on the warm side. taking a look at the current editions we are in 40s, expecting to see a mild night with temperatures in the 30s
10:30 pm
areas of fog, maybe some drizzle. waking up to the mild conditions with a lot of loss of rent. you may see some breaks in the cloud cover but take a look at this, by lunchtime we are into the 50s. we will see breaks of sunshine and then we are also going to see some risk of showers. but notice the temperatures fall above average with the winds from the southwest, we will be i meet once again into the mid-40s, 50s, so that i may go like this. some clouds around in the morning, some sunshine, the clouds the get up around lunchtime.
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that the best car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. r he's just not ready to be president. pnright to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you.
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two women are facing multiple charges after police served a search warrant at this house of
10:34 pm
worchester police found nearly 100 oxycodone pills, two bags of marijuana and nearly $3000 in cash to the king street apartment. officers say the condition of the home for deplorable and that most of the place was covered in animal feces. two young children were removed from that home and police arrested the mother of these two children. sheila montazo, and her partner. the children's grandmother say it is that a misunderstanding and she is working to get that back. >> woman: the cops came in and they wrecked the house. the house wasn't that dirty. they took everything and they threw it everywhere. the kids clothes, everything. >> heather: the state now has custody of the children for the mother and her partner will be every tomorrow morning speed of a man accused of breaking into a pizza shop, sean marshall was
10:35 pm
to a break in at robot visa and miramax street. police say he stole a safe from the restaurant, and marshall is suspected of stealing cash from an auto repair shop in salisbury and january 15. he is currently held at $20,000 bond for the pizza that. >> heather: people are trying to stop the approval of a medical marijuana dispensary. the commonwealth cannabis company wants to open a shop on route nine in southborough. the metrowest daily news is saying it is in the final step of the application process and only still needs approval from council men. the nearly 200 residents have signed a petition against the opening because they say it is too close to a school even though it is legally far enough away. commonwealth cannabis will meet on wednesday speech and officials about most of her overdose deaths are found from fentanyl. it has similar effects of heroine but is significantly stronger and more deadly.
10:36 pm
of a two thirds of this were caused by fentanyl. investigators think it is making its way around new hampshire through a global trafficking network. >> heather: messages as business owners say they are disappointed that a new bill doesn't change the law regarding sunday paper and right now stage blue laws require that retail workers make time -and-a-half. stores were hoping that those laws would be changed but the new economic development plan from the governor only prevents online retailers from having to pay employees extra. governor baker maintains his new bill will help revitalize downtime shopping district speech and what about this, officers responded to a criminal call at their cruisers deliver one of the suspects. police in california got a call about a possible theft in progress and what they got there two men ran away from the scene. when officers love to chase
10:37 pm
into their cruiser, and started to drive off. one of the officers tried to stop her and ended up getting dragged by the car.>> man: he reached into the car, obviously it was a very serious situation with the patrol car getting stolen. attempting to stop that from happening, and the female suspect exhilarated at a high rate of speed in reverse. >> meteorologist: officer was treated at the hospital and is excited to recover for the woman who tried to steal the cruiser was able to run away from the scene. police still looking for all three suspects tonight. postal warfare in new hampshire protect at 10:00 what happened when campaigners for one candidate invaded another candidates turf. >> man: greased lightning. >> heather: you and i watched it here on fox 25, the jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like a rock and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's
10:38 pm
cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of
10:39 pm
donahue, while candidates are busy to be verbose in iowa campaigns a super pacs or engaging what you can call coastal warfare, flooding. snail mail putting rivals on the defensive and the 21st century. it was game on friday afternoon
10:40 pm
invaded bush campaign holding a press covered the part of the bush candidate. >> man: we are here to denounce the lights in the ads faltered by right to rights which is the super pack supporting governor jeb bush. >> reporter: it in a shouting matches campaign staffers traded barbs. >> man: their accusations are wrong. and we are just trying to set the record rights. >> man: the key sick people had to pull somee ridiculous, cheap stuff. >> man: the bush campaign started to suffer first and we are just responding in time. >> man: some tangible signs of a desperate campaign that really doesn't know what to do. >> reporter: both campaigns and of their ground game taking their message door to door. the push to go negative may turn off some voters but the majority just to out the attacks. >> man: i just had them up and throw them away.
10:41 pm
>> man: they go in the garbage can as fast as they come in. >> woman: you are wasting your money on me. don't send me any more of those. >> reporter: will the caucuses start tomorrow, at 11:00 fox 25 miller will be there with the turnout expected there and how it could impact this race. >> heather: remember to check your walls, this piece of art stolen from a gallery last year is still missing. and the new hampshire institute of art does the pencil drawing done by george savrinos is worth about $5000. worchester sir police it may have a report to get the painting back. if you have any idea where this painting should be you should call police speech and some good for stopping a robber in track that it was all caught on video. new at 10:00 watches two men pulled another man down, right there. all of this happening in a town just north of philadelphia. the map on his back accused of punching and flushing a man in the face. they were able to wrestle a box cutter out of the fans and and
10:42 pm
>> man: they did a great job for they did a great job not killing him after punching a woman in the face. >> man: i thought it was right thing to do because good people should help the people speech and it started when a man tried to rob a woman in the parking lot bridge she suffered customer base but is otherwise okay. the suspect faces multiple charges. >> heather: light big at the screen actors guild, the movie is about their spotlight team and the catholic church sex abuse scandals. spotlight winning the top honor clinching the performance by cassidy movie. and as michael keaton and rachel mcadams, spotlight is also up for an academy award for best picture. we wish them the best.>> woman: oh, the summer nights. >> man: oh well, well, well speeded you can never forget things like that. if you bested that was a little piece of "grease live".
10:43 pm
we have been counting out the nights. finally, tonight the show aired and i i wasn't disappointed. the[laughter] remake introduced a new generation to the 1978 classic during travolta and olivia newton john.the entire three-hour performance was wet, featuring julianne hough and danny tveit. it's called acrostics and after penavega was so excited to be part of a live show that big. >> man: this is the biggest and craziest live show anybody has ever tried to do. it is so ambitious.>> heather: and adding to the star power, vanessa hudgins, cather donahue, kiki palmer. >> heather: and you couldn't tell it from watching but the big performance came right after a major tragedy for one of the stars. vanessa hudgins who played rizo
10:44 pm
last night. he has been suffering from stage iv cancer and actress said she did the show in his honor tonight. she did a great job on stage, our thoughts are with her family tonight. will resupply was the word online. lots of people went to social media to to their excitement about the show. it was actually the number one thing trending on twitter all night. well a lot of us on fox 25 joined the. [laughter] twitter high speed and look at the pictures of some of us. okay, that is myself. many of us saw it on here tonight. okay here is another one. here is danny, nice job eric. we shared our 50s style photos, there is here of course. and we weren't the only one in the studio you can see the rest of our anchors and supporters speech and that is what he looks like on a daily basis. >> heather: he is a good-looking guy. we have more of those on fox
10:45 pm
at. and people could do themselves as well speeded a lot of fun. our coverage of greece life goes on. >> heather: log on to find out what the cast of the original reese looks like now. and a fantasy then and now. a behind the scenes of "grease live" and you can also listen to the new "grease live" theme song with their up lucky, i can't stop telling it is good to see some of the cameos of some of the original cast members. speaking switching gears the weather it is chilly in some spots we have temperatures in the 30s and 40s. overnight tonight not really going to budge. we will see mostly sunny skies and areas of. going tomorrow we will start off mild. i mean into the upper 50s once again. sure, we will see some clouds, breezy conditions, too. a risk of showers but you compare it to last winter this time we were well below freezing for the first few days of february. and this year we are going to be in the 50s.
10:46 pm
wednesday we will be increasing our weather threat, wind and rain, perhaps some ice to the interior. i want to show you why. future cast shows this big storm comes our way, it could be cold enough in the interior to start as freezing rain. but by wednesday and during the daylight hours that were those right at us and we will have a slug of wind and rain. we will talk about this more at 11:00 and when to expect showers for tomorrow in my latest timeline speech and we are following breaking news in boston. a three-year-old child hurt in that event with some sort of trauma injury. catherine ridges just arrived on the scene and will have a live report coming up at 11:00. >> heather: it is also the eve of the iowa caucuses and fox 25's blair miller is live with some new polling numbers. and how the candidates are searching for the last-minute votes speech and and also parts at moving cars. shots of the damage only here at fox 25.
10:47 pm
arrive our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. t need a loan. funding fast. months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. growth presents itself?
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celtics are on a roll entering this show tonight in orlando for the 15 in a row. the magic lost eight straight though it looked like a give me especially when boston was up 14 points. celtics have been raising that isaiah thomas and they were well. rain down a pair of threes in the first quarter, the celtics were up eight after one. second half busted up by 11, point lead. but the magic rallied all the way back and they did it from range. night. mario zonia from deep in the left wing, got to give him credit they came back from the
10:49 pm
celtics lose for the first time in six games, 119 114 is your final tonight. a very touching moment tonight, as you saw earlier. dana lange who was featured in the broadcast of the nhl all-star game. she was here in boston but on the minds of a lot of hockey fans and nashville tonight. a special moment as the family was recognized, the nhl donating $200,000 to her recovery fund. everybody thinking of the frank family at this time. back to the jury and john scott the captain of the pacific steam scored a pair of goals of the semi finals and tournament. they beat the center, they beat with a showdown with the winners taking one billion-dollar type. john scott is not an nhl team right now he was traded from the coyotes to the canadians. report great very from the ducks got on the board, it was
10:50 pm
and look who is named mvp, john scott. doesn't even play in the nhl he plays in the minors but got a big lead from his teammates. very well deserved, super bowl weekend the broncos and panthers, to a week of pageantry. 3000 miles away any of their peers on an island wishing they were playing for a championship is that they are playing for money in hawaii and try not to get her to the pro bowl. team rise, team ryan. i don't know who you pick, i don't how i do i look at the highlights. russell wilson and julio jones for a 15 yard touchdown. the medication that be done better than chance on the sideline. jimmy was in for the bucks, he is an all-star. got called up this week. connects with delaney walker, i know you have been on team irwin they went 29-27. tonight dan marino joins us with big mouth and tom brady, focus on getting better as spring training continues. much start is with me on the set.
10:51 pm
francisco right now. instead we are still talking about what went wrong and that is coming up right after the fox 25 news at 11:00. >> now with breaking news this is fox 25 at 11:00. complete new england coverage. speech and and updating updating news in boston were a three-year-old is being rushed to the hospital. boston police tell fox 25 the child is being treated for some kind of trauma at this point. this incident happened on alpine street. >> heather: right now we don't have any word on the child's condition. the call came in around nine, 40 tonight. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we will have a report as soon as possible. in other news, warnings of the road. dangerous objects are being tossed at moving vehicles. this is just one of the damaged cars right there. speech and i am eric rasmussen and police say they have
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