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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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me. shiri: absolutely. a couple -- a couple of rain drops later today. check out the winds from the southwest. this always bumps our temperatures above average. breezy as you start your day on the vineyard. 17-mile-per-hour winds on nantucket, but boston is 13 miles per hour. we will add a little wind chill on top of this, but look how mild it is across the cape and southeastern massachusetts in the upper 40s right now. we are at 45 degrees in boston. we are at 43 in woburn. 42 in boxford. 43 in waltham. 40 in framingham and wayland. some of the cooler temperature readings in the boston area. worcester waking up to 42. so is leominster. 40 in new ipswich. nashua at 34 degrees. there are some pockets here that are a little bit cooler and i think generally speaking less stress for the 40s right now. 55 degrees by noontime with increasing clouds. the threat for a spot shower at 3 p.m. in and around the boston
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you 60 degrees and 45 at 7:00 this evening. shower threat will then be focused across southeastern massachusetts, including the cape. not sure where we will have that better chance of getting one or two showers out of today one or two showers out of today's system. this week, a chance of rain and heavy rain coming up. and julie grauert. >> julie: nice and light from framingham through newton to the allston-brighton area. route 1 moving along fine. very dark. a live look at the zakim bridge and nothing slowing you down on the bridge and the leverett connector. 23 minutes on pike from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. we begin with breaking news overnight, a busy intersection in dorchester is blocked off with police tape this morning. fox25's jessica reyes is at mass avenue and boston street right now. jess, initial reports that a person has been hit by a car.
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learn at the scene. >> reporter: well, julie, this is a very, very busy intersection in dorchester here and if you take a look, you can see it is still very active this morning. boston and state police on scene right now and we know they are getting ready to tow a suv at the moment. columbia road where we meet mass ave less than a mile from 93. it is not clear how to white suv was involved but you can see on the ground next to it, police were called here for a person hit just before 2:00 this morning. and our photographer on scene tells us that the victim may have been dragged for some distance, but we are working to get some things concerned get some things confirmed this morning but there is another scene in chinatown right knew police are regulatorying. boston police are there working to get more details on that scene. also working to get more information on how the victim is doing this morning. as soon as we get that we will pass that along to you. right now live in dorchester,
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also breaking this morning, a 3-year-old rushed to the hospital for traumatic injuries. >> julie: this morning unclear how the child was hurt. michael henrich is live from roxbury. michael, this story was breaking during our 10:00 news when police were called to the apartment. you see them coming in and out overnight. >> reporter: within the last several minutes, we have seen a couple of boston police officers go into this house on alpine street in you roxbury continuing their investigation. you can see some of the police tape is up here. we are still awaiting word though on how that child is doing, and this is, of course, the most important thing here. this is what we know so far. boston police con farm 3-year-old child suffered some sort of trauma and was taken to boston medical center. the call came in around 9:40 last night. now what sort of trauma the child suffered haven't been released just yet. and, again, we don't know how that little -- little child is doing this morning. we are working hard to find out.
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we, of course, will bring you the update right here on the fox25 morning news. for now i am live in roxbury, michael henrich, fox25 news. this morning a facebook post by a local fire fighter is sparking anger and an investigation. the post was alleged lyely made by a weymouth fire fighter and talks about the life-saving overdose drug narcan. as fox25 has reported for months, area police and fire departments are beefing up supplies of narcan to save lives. the post said that narcan, quote is the worst drug ever created. these users are out of the hours. you use, you should lose. fox25 got a hold of the post before it was deleted off of facebook and hundreds of people have shared the screen shot of the post online. we are not releasing the fire fighter's name until we verify that he wrote the post. the mayor is aware of the post and the town will investigate. people are damaging cars across the town by throwing heavy car parts on them.
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get these photos from town send police. they show part of the damage from 15 cars. investigators say that is hard to track because it is happening to cars and homes all over town. some of the cars were parked. others were driving down route 13. neighbors say the parts being thrown are small, but the damage is serious. >> a few pounds and they can do some damage, and cause an accident, and get other people involved in the accident. >> i know when we were kids, sparkplugs, if you throw it against glass, it smashes the glass. >> so far no one has been seriously history seriously hurt. stoynd police don't have any leads. 4:25 right now. primary season kicks off with the iowa caucuses. candidates are making one final push. blair miller is in des moines where new polls give an indication what may happen. >> reporter: finally caucus day in iowa and many people glad it is. anywhere luke constant ads for the candidates. it comes to an end later
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we have been here in des moines where many of the candidates will end up tonight, all of them hoping for a celebration event. all of the gop candidates are here except for ohio governor john kasich. he arrived in new hampshire saturday and campaigning there very hard. his campaign told me they wanted to focus on that state early on before the other candidates arrive. many of them leaving iowa late tonight. the caucuses begin 7:00 central time here in iowa. they are cramming in so many events before that vote hoping for a last-minute bounce. the final poll here in iowa came out over the weekend showing hillary clinton and bernie sanders essentially tied bernie sanders essentially tied. on the go p side, trump has a five-point lead over ted cruz. the weather could be a real spoiler in all of that and keep some people away. they are forecasting a major winter storm here in iowa. already a blizzard watch. inches. if that moves in early enough, it certainly could keep some people away.
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blair miller, fox25 news. >> daniel: fox25 is your source for all election coverage. blair miller has live reports all night leading up to the primary. we will have live reports all morning and night anchoring from our studio in manchester. don't miss fox25 reporter sharman sacchetti with reports on the candidates and expert analysis. join us primary night from 5 p.m. straight through 11:30. we will have live results and reports from candidates' headquarters. we will stream is it live on and on the fox25 news app. this morning, there is trouble on the campaign trail for senator ted cruz. the cruz campaign sent out mailers with the phrase voting violation to some iowa voters. it grades the recipient on their voting record and says to improve the score, the voter should go out and caucus. iowa secretary of state says there is no such violation and telling voters otherwise is wrong. the cruz campaign has refused
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a man charged in a burglary in one local city is now suspected in another northeast another town. shawn marshal was arraigned in connection with a break-in at romano's in metheun. marshal is suspected of stealing cash from an auto repair shop on january 15. he is currently being held on $20,000 cash bail for the metheun theft. fire fighters are trying to determine what caused a fire to intense it sparked evacuations of two other buildings. the flames broke out around 9:00 saturday night at a home on enterprise street. the building has been vacant for about six years, but electricity was still on. neighbors tell the brockton enterprise that squatters were frequently seen going in and out of the home. some people are trying to stop a local marijuana dispensary in their neighborhood. neighborhood. the medical cannabis dispensary wants to open a shop. the new york daily news says in
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application process and only needs approval from town selectmen. 200 residents signed a petition against opening it because they say it is too close a school even though it is legally far enough away. commonwealth kannabi /meet with town selectmen tomorrow. today the mbta will hold a pair of meetings to talk about hiking fares for riders. at 10:00, the mbta will be taking comments on a fare hike to the t. it is at 10 park plaza. if you can't make it submit your comments at the second meeting in worcester at 6:30 will thank will focus on the team rate hike and schedule changes. again you can submit your commentsline. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. a look at your live drive times. 10 minutes from route 3 from 228 to rockland up to the braintree split. shiri? >> shiri: today we have that slight risk of a shower. going to be spot showers this afternoon. things dry out tomorrow, and i
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storm that will bring a solid soaking to the area. a special needs school is raided by dozens of police. coming up on the fox25 morning news, the accusations about teacher there is a have you sparked a federal investigation sparked a federal investigation. a car company is taking a big st (group chatter) dude, dude, dude.
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welcome back, everyone, it is 4:42. local opponents of a new natural pipeline have lost a major battle.
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people are concerned that it is too close to a blasting quarry. but investigators dismiss their concern and say the work can continue. protesters will continue to appeal the pipeline. congressman stephen lynch say it is reckless. local business owners are disappointed that governor baker is not saving them money. current state blue laws, part of the law requires retailers to pay employees time and a half on sundays. the new plan excludes online retailers from sunday's pay. this includes businesses like amazon who discussed plans for a fall river facility. starting today, general motors is taking one step forward to put sechl-driving cars on the road. gm has a dedicated team for the on a muss redevelopment team today. it will be led by one gm's vice president. the move shows the company doesn't just consider driverless cars as concept but something
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the state department is warning travelers don't wait to renew your passport. one of our top stories in our facebook. 40 million passports that will expire in the next three years causing a massive amount of renewal requests in 2018. celtic stumble in orlando despite being up 14 points at one point in the game. marcus smart leading the game and came off the bench with a pair of 3s. celtics up 8. isaiah thomas throws up for a 3. nice shot, but magic come back with their own three-point assault. celtics lose for the first time in six games, 119-114 the final. super bowl week has begun. both teams and the vince lombardi trophy has arrived in san francisco. social media was abuzz over panthers quarterback cam newton panthers quarterback cam newton's wardrobe choice for his check it out. wearing gold black and white zebra pants. not an usual outfit for him but
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>> you call those versace. >> julie: not ver-say, but versace. >> daniel: by the way, i do not own a pair of those pants. anyway, a boston hockey player who suffered a spinal injury -- a severe spinal injury is honored at the nhl's all-star game. tina lang shared uplifting words about her recovery and gratitude about her recovery and gratitude. the boston player was hurt during the winter classic. her family says she has no feeling in her legs and limited use of her arms. at the all-star game she said she's overwhelmed by the letters and messages of support she continues to receive from all over the country. >> every day i toy this myself, wow, it gives knee little boost to keep going and say, i got then give up. never stop believe never stop believing in >> daniel: absolutely. don't give up. the nhl announce last night
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recovery. julie quite an inspiration. taking a look at the roads right now, still quiet out there. the expressway moving along fine. that accident is off of the expressway, so it will not impact your drive time. route 19 route 1 93 south free and clear. volume very reasonable on the zakim bridge and leverett connector. your live drive times. 123 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes from 93 south to the leverett connector. 23 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peace body to the weston tolls. fox25 you shiri spear joining us from the fox25 storm tracker weather center. temperatures much higher than usual. >> shiri: yeah, 20, 25 degrees above average. today, hello 50s, even 60s in a couple of spots. and we are watching out for a slight risk of a shower this afternoon. tomorrow all about the sunshine, a little cooler, by wednesday, those warms temperatures are back and the rain this time around will be heavy rain. this cold front will be working
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up ahead of us we get this mild air and the nice thing is, you partly sunny skies throughout morning hours. here at noonsometime, still looking decent boston and southeastern massachusetts. our front will come through where you see those thicker clouds, so in the boston area, there will be a risk for, let's say, a mid afternoon shower. as we hit the evening commute, best chance will fit right over southeastern massachusetts. the south coast. the cape, the islands. that's where we will most likely see a couple of these showers pop up through about dinnertime, and then we clear it out during the overnight hours. high temperatures, though, this is the amazing part of our forecast. 51, barnstable, 5, nantucket. 52 in bourne. it gets a lot warmer than as we travel inland. 60 in middleborough, taunton, brockton, attleboro. the 60s don't stlop as well. 60 in dedham, natick, braintree, boxborough, boston. 58. hudson, 59 degrees. northeastern massachusetts, we
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haverhill and lynn at 58. beverly 57. rockport a little cooler as you are kind of sitting out there in the ocean at 52 degrees. the temperatures even into the -- worcester hills, 52 in auburn and worcester. 56 in boylston and douglas, 56 degrees. so i mean these temperatures are -- are not conducive to the february forecast. this is more like march, april this is more like march, april-like weather. 55 in milford, new hampshire, nashua, new hampshire and salem. concord at 52 concord at 52. hillsboro and keene in the upper 40s. temperatures will drop into the 20s inland. 30s at the coast. we will start out a little cooler tomorrow. i still don't think it will be a painfully cold start to the day plus we get back into the mid- to upper 40s for the afternoon 48 in norwood and framingham tomorrow, 44 in boston and worcester. so temperatures will still be above average, but if you were missing those 50s, they do come
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so after 58 today with spot showers. tomorrow for groundhog's day 47 degrees and wednesday, 55. this is the day we have our next weather maker coming through with rain and wind and you can see that the rainfall rates hit by the time we hit the afternoon and overnight hours. afternoon and evening the worst of the rain and likely the worst of the wind and right now we are tracking gusts around 40 miles per hour likely on wednesday. for thursday, breezy, 38 degrees. the slight risk we will have a lingering shower into the morning over southeastern massachusetts. we are watching an ocean storm on friday which currently looks like a mostly miss, and over the weekend, saturday, 40 degrees. 43 on sunday. again that slight risk for a spot shower, but the real juicy day will end up being on wednesday. back to you, guys. >> julie: all right, shiri, talk to you soon. they sparked a major manhunt and now they are back behind bars. still ahead on the fox25 morning news our first look at three violent fugitives that escaped
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how they were caught after days on the run. >> the tables were turned on police officers who responded to a call janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours.
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your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. >> the three inmates that escaped from a southern california jail eight days ago are back behind bars this morning. police released this video of two of the men being led back into the jail on saturday. those two men were caught in san francisco after the third man turned him self in on friday. at least five other people are facing charges for helping the
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a police officer's car is stoenl when responding to a burglary call. police in california got a call about a possible theft in progress. when they got there two men ran away from the scene. when the officer chased them, a woman got into the cruiser and one of the officers tried to stop her and ended up getting dragged by the car. >> he reached into the car. obviously it was a very serious situation with a patrol car being stolen. attempted to that from happening attempted to that from happening, and then the female suspect accelerated in a high rate of speed in reverse throwing the officer to the ground. >> that officer was treated at the hospital and is expected to recover. police are still looking for three suspects. engineers are still inspecting the mechanical issues that diverted a chicago-bound flight back to london. the british airways plane had to turn around two hours into its flight on saturday. the plane started releasing excess fuel while flying over the water. the pilot sucessfully landed the plane despite issues with the
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passengers got on another plane back to chicago. people on the west coast are cleaning up after a powerful storm. a storm knocked down trees across parts of southern california. a scene in san diego where a large tree landed on a number cars. sadly one woman died inside a car. last night nearly 40 last night nearly 40,000 people lost power. students at mit win in a global competition. they had to design a pod that can be used in a futuristic transit system. these were their designs. 100 teams from universities around the world you performed in a hyper pod. they believe engineers can transport people up to 700 miles per hour. it was designed by space mogul. the group was made up of 25 students and advisors. kung fu fighting taking over movie theatres. "kung fu panda" it upset
4:54 am
in "revenant" up for several academy awards and get this, sometime this week, "star wars: the force awakens" will cross the $200 billion mark worldwide. >> daniel: incredible. a world champion surfer hawaii. the woman was walking her toddler in a stroller on the sidewalk when they were hit by a rogue wave. surfing great kelly slater paddled to shore and saw it happened. pulled them both. the husband was taking this photo of the waves when his wife and baby were struck. they are shaken up, but they are expected to be okay. five minutes until top of the hour. world health leaders are trying to stop a virus. the emergency meeting happening today about the zika virus to stop a major outbreak. and lawyers for convicted kill remember pushing to question the jurors who found him guilty. new at 5:00, there is concern
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now at 5:00, breaking news overnight. a crime scene is blocking a major intersection in boston. a person hit by a car. the clothing on the street that could be a big clue this morning. >> sara: also breaking, a young child is rushed to the hospital. the ongoing work at the house overnight after a 3-year-old is found with serious injuries. plus primary season kicks off in iowa. fox25 has a team on the ground. the winter weather that could keep people from the caucus. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: and good morning, everybody. welcome to the fox25 morning news on this monday morning, february 1. we have got a new month here, can you believe it? >> sara: i cannot believe it. >> gene: i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. a new month and warmer-than a new month and
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meteorologist shiri spear joins us from the fox25 storm tracker weather center and shiri, some town also be near 60 today. >> shiri: which is like late april. forget skipping february, we are skipping march as well today. starting out our morning really mild. we have 40s on the map with 45 starting out in boston. 42 in bedford. 43 in worcester. we have 48 in plymouth. 45 in beverly and cooler temperatures from keene to flash with a in the lower 30s now. dressing for the 30s and 40s getting you out the door. temperatures will still be in the middle 40s in and around the boston area and we will start with partly sunny skies. clouds will thicken up during the afternoon. lunchbreak in the mid- to upper 50s here and that is where we stand through much of the afternoon. if not getting up to 60 degrees. so here you have it. a couple of spot showers rolling into town. they will be around for the evening commute, but 54 to 60 degrees with the increasing clouds. spot showers this afternoon, i will break down the more prone
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