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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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will be flirting with0 degrees will be flirting with 60 degrees. get you over to julie grauert with live drive-time traffic. julie, i see you are tracking a new accident. >> julie: the accident we will have more details on in just a moment. not on the expressway but mass ave, and that information is going on at boston street. stay tuned for more on that. route 193 south moving along fine. pike wide open through framingham throughout weston tolls to the allston-brideon tolls tolls. nice and light through brighton. 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 8 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 19 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. sara and gene, back to you. >> sara: all right. breaking news dorchester right now. an active investigation sunday way at a busy intersection where at least one person was hit by a car. fox25's jessica reyes is on scene while the road was still blocked off overnight and they
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scene, jess. >> reporter: they are, sara. the white suv is about to be towed away from the scene. a busy scene in dorchester. an active scene at this hour. boston police and state police are now working to keep this all together. now this happened on columbia road right where it meets mass avenue on the dorchester, roxbury line less than half a mile from 93. not clear at this point how this white suv was involved but we can see some shredded clothing in the road right next to it here. police were call over reports of a person hit by a car around 2:00 this morning. our photographer on scene overnight say it may have been dragged for a distance. the situation is fluid and unclear and we are working to get information on how the victim is doing this morning. as soon as we get that we will pass that along to you. live in dorchester, i am jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. also breaking in morning, a young child rushed to the hospital with injuries, we are told, that are traumatic.
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unclear how the 3-year-old was you hurt. fox25's michael henrich live from the apartments where this all started, and michael, police were called to that roxbury home late last night and they are still there now. >> reporter: there is a cruiser here, band 40 minutes ago, we last saw couple boston police officers go into this house on alpine street. you can see some of the police tape is still up here as well, but a lot of unanswered questions, and we are still awaiting word on how that child is doing this morning. here is what we know so far. boston police confirming a 3-year-old child suffered some sort of drama and was taken to boston medical center. that call did come in around 9:40 last night as you mentioned. now what sort of drama the child suffered is not -- hasn't been released just yet, and, again, we are working to find out how that young child is doing this morning. as soon as we learn anything, of course, we will bring you that update right here on fox25 morning news.
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roxbury, michael henrich, fox25 news. well, today, primary season officially kicks off with the iowa caucuses, and while we have unseasonably warm weather here, a blizzard i come pact voters in iowa tonight. fox25's blair miller is in des moines where candidates are making one final push for support. . >> reporter: after months and months of finding out who has the negligent this presidential race, tonight we should finally know when the caucuses begin and the candidates aren't holding back either. most of them once again are spread out across the state campaigning with different rallies and town hall meetings. chris christie is getting started first at 7:30 and the rest will toll suit. the caucuses start 7:00 local time. this is 8:00 in boston. party officials think they will start to have some results within two hours of everything starting tonight. volunteers of the campaigns are making last-minute calls to residents urging them to show up at the caucus precincts and be
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big wild card to all of this, there is a storm approaching this way, a big winter storm. there is already a blizzard watch for this area. i have been talking with our meteorologists back to boston, and they believe the timing of the storm will move in after the caucuses start tonight. banking on that. they are worry they are worried if the storm moves at all and speeds up, it i come pact the voter turnout. 120,000 people showed up at the caucuses four years ago. the governor is expecting 1 the governor is expecting 150,000 people to show up tonight. that will be a record if it happens, but, again, all eyes on the weather. if the snow moves in early, that can certainly impact that turnout. on the campaign trail in iowa, blair miller, fox25 news. one week out from the new hampshire primary, and some candidates are already looking to get voter support in the granite state. john kasich is skipping iowa to make his rounds in the granite state. three town halls first once
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chris christie has two events starting at 4:30. and democrat also arrive. hillary clinton will spend tuesday at a pair of organizing events. bernie sanders plans on attending a pair of voting rallies tomorrow in keene and clairemont. is your source for all election coverage. blair miller has updates. we will have live reports every morning and night anchoring from our election studio in manchester. don't miss fox25 political reporter sharman sacchetti with in-depth reports on the candidates and expert analysis and join us for primary night, 5 p.m. straight through 11:30. live reports from candidates' headquarters and stream it all live on fox25 morning news and the fox25 news app. happening today, the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting to find ways to battle the zika virus. the virus has been linked to birth defects and spreading explosively through the americas explosively through the americas.
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outbreak as a public health emergency which they say is similar to an amber alert for public health. the agency has only declared a public health emergency three times before the spine flu in 2 times before the spine flu in 2009, ebola in 2013, and resurgence of pole low yo in 2014. new at 9:00, one of the men convicted of gunning down four people including a 2-year-old boy in mattapan are asking the state's highest court to look at its case. dewayne moore was sentenced for shooting and killing a girlfriend, her 2-year-old son and two others. the boys were found in the street. the guilty verdict was handed down december of 2012, shortly after the sandy hook elementary school shooting that left 20 children dead. moore's attorney wants to question the jury if that shooting may have tainted their decision during the trial. a house filled with drugs and filth over the weekend, and this morning, two women will have to answer to a judge. worcester police found almost
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of marijuana and 3,000 of cash in the king street apartment on friday. officers say most of the home was covered in animal feces. two young children were removed from the home. police arrested the mother of the two children. sheila montavo and her partner natasha murphy. both charged with drug trafficking. the children's grandmother said all misunderstanding and she is working to get the children back >> the cops came in here and wrecked the house. the house wasn't that dirty. they took -- they took everywhere. they trashed all the kids' clothes, everything. >> sara: the children are in state custody and we will let you know what happens when the woman are in court on the fox25 at 5 and 6. a private special needs school in the berkshires is under investigation this morning morning. dozens of fbi agents and local saturday night. the boarding school in great
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with cognitive disabilities. the globe reports that it is focus and school employees although employees don't have contact with students. no word on any arrest. an investigation is under way in new hampshire this morning. take a look at the damage. portsmouth police say someone broke into these cars and set them on fire. it happened saturday. one car was damaged beyond repair. this morning fire officials are reminding people it is a bad time to be out on the ice. a man was found dead in mill pond in mans feel. investigators believe he fell throughout ice some time over the weekend. it is incredibly dove determine if the ice is thick enough to walk on. >> it could be -- have some kind of a current underneath. one area may be 5 inches stick. something 5 feet away that could be 2 inches thick. vegetation underneath. no way of knowing. >> gene: in order for a body of water to freeze, this will be long periods of combed and this winter it has not been cold enough.
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has been shut down amp an accident sent two people to the hospital this weekend. this happened at granite george in new hampshire yesterday afternoon. two chair lifts collided causing two people to get stuck. they were taken to the hospital to get evaluated. they told granite george not to operate president ski lift until it gets checked out by the state it gets checked out by the state. weather together every ten minutes. right now a 20-minute commute on 93 southbound as you head from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge, shiri. >> shiri: we are leaving the house in the 40s. temperatures right now 45 degrees. and we will keep us in the low to mid-40s straight through sun to mid-40s straight through sunrise. through 7 a.m., brighter, mrups. even we are on track for the upper 50s and lower 60s next. come up at 10 minutes after the hour, it is one of the top national story national stories this morning. two college kids arrested in the murder of a teenager. next, how police think they
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remain standing but the 40 other stores will close. many of them have been empty for years. in december, wegman's signed a lease at that mall. renovations are expected to start soon, but unsure when the grocery store will open. local business owners are disappointed that governor baker isn't helping them save money. baker has filed a new economic bill that includes current state's blue laws. part of the law requires retailers to pay employees time and a half on sundays. the new plan excludesline retailers from sunday pay. this includes businesses like amazon, which recently announced plans for a fall river facility. 5:13 this morning. and facebook post by a local fire fighter sparking anger and an investigation. daniel miller joins us with more on the content of that post. daniel, it is critical of drug addicts. >> daniel: it is, gene. the post was taken down.
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saying the drug narcan that is a life saiving saving overdose. area police and fire departments are beefing up suppliers are beefing up supplies of narca in save lives. causing controversy where some school districts school districts are stocking their nurses with it. fox25 got a hold of the post before it was deleted from facebook. it said narcan watts worst drug ever created. these users are out of the hospital again and using again in hours. you use, you should lose. hundreds of people had already shared screen shots of the original facebook post and are criticizing the writer's opinion. right now we are not releasing the fire fighter's name until we can verify that he wrote the post himself, the mayor said he is aware of the post and the town will investigate. we will continue to follow the story for you all morning. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news.
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pipeline in west roxbury has lost a major battle. federal regulators rejected the pipe lineline -- reject objections of the pipeline and allowed work to continue. some objections how some objections how -- how close it is to a blasting quarry. they plan to work with elected officials urge officials urging to appeal. they say to build a line next to a active blast zone is reckless. 5:14 on this monday morning. good morning, everyone, we have a hazard. harrison avenue southbound. the voted blocked because of police activity from beach street to neelen street. on the map, bright green which means traffic moving along at a speed limit ride. things looking good on route 1 and 93 south with average speeds of 67 miles per hour. you can see volume very reasonable and light on the zakim bridge and the leverett connector. the live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin to the tobin. 19 minutes from 495 to the
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22 minutes on 128 sfrbd route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now, and shiri, we are back from the weekend to 30s and 40s. >> yeah, not too shabby to start, because typical, julie, this time of the year would be teens and 20s. the fact that it is 45 degrees in boston, that is really warm, and a big player in this warm forecast is southwest winds. right now 16 miles per hour. yes, creating a wind chill if you were out in the open. may feel like 38 degrees right now, but those temperatures readings today really warm. normal high 36 degrees. we are starting warmer than our normal high temperature and it can go -- you can go to my twitter feed there, fox25 shiri and i summed up what is normal for february for snowfall, how much daylight we gain as well. but for the time being the sun will come up just before 7:00 ands with it does, partly sunny skies. and warm air up ahead of this cold front. that cold front is going to come today.
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mostly cloudy skies. and you will see a lot of clouds around today. i expect that the clouds will be a bit thinner during the morning hours. 45 at 7 a.m. in boston. 47 at 9:00 this morning. we worked up to temperatures in the upper 50s this afternoon. and we have got a slight risk of a shower out there. i am seeing somewhere like new bedford with a better chance of getting in on some of those showers later on today. it really is later closer to the evening commute with the showers that pop up. a couple of spots that stay cooler like keene at 30 degrees. parts of new hampshire only getting into the upper 40s later this afternoon, so there will be some cooler spots. bull i think overall even our cooler spots are a good 15 degrees above average. so temperatures are going to feel like april today. noontime comes along, partly sunny skies expected. the clouds thickest north and west of boston to get those thicker clouds developing in the boston area by early afternoon. 5 p.m. with a best chance a shower far south of the mass pike.
5:18 am
the best bet for a couple of in spot showers. everybody has that slight risk around. showers are out of here by 10:00 tonight. and clearing skies taking over during the overnight hours. beverly. 58 in plymouth. 60 today in norwood. 59 in bedford. 56 in fitchburg and that n nashua, new hampshire and some of the cooler spots like worcester and orange only in the lower 50s. keene at about 49 degrees. temperatures tonight are going to be back into the 20s inland, lower 30s at the coastline. it will be nice and clear for you all day long tomorrow. so you have tons of sunshine around, and temperatures in the mid- to upper 40s. not as warm as today, but still far above average. 58 degrees with a slight risk of an afternoon shower. tomorrow for groundhog day, a lot of clouds around. hopefully won't be cloudy. 55 on wednesday.
5:19 am
watching for our next big player as far as weather goes. you can see we have showers coming on through. heaviest expected during the afternoon and the evening hours. we could be facing an inch or more of rain. and one of my concerns, southern new hampshire, parts of western massachusetts, actually starting out with a little bit of freezing drizzle here, but will be another warm day at 55 degrees. so transitions to all rain. especially when we get the heavier stuff around here. breedsy and brighter on thursday with 48. upper 30s are back on friday, and we are cooling down and into the weekend with 40 degrees on saturday and partly sunny. and more clouds around and sunday with that slight risk of a rain or snow shower. the real big storm system though will come in for wednesday this week. back to you, guys. >> all right,i. a presidential hope self in hot water over his campaign tactics. why ted cruz says he will not apology guy to what he mailed to voters.
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warning travelers to not wait to renew your passport renew your passport. one of our top stories on our facebook page this weekend. 49 million passports that will expire in the next three years causing a massive amount of renewal requests through 2018. happening today, general motors is taking on giant one step forward into putting self-driving cars on the road. gm was creating a dedicating team to create what they are calling the on a muss and technology vehicle development team. it will be led by one of gm's suspects are. the move show that the company doesn't just consider driverless cars as a concept but something that can work in the real world. a nun is being called a hero this morning for coming to the rescue of a man trapped by a fallen tree. it happened in wrentham at a house near mount st. mary's. the 79-year-old victim was trying to cut down the tree with a chain saw when it fell on his leg. his calls for help was overheard
5:23 am
praying. the fire department said without the nun's help, the man would not have survived the cold overnight. he is being treated for severe summer nights . >> sara: a taste from last on fox25. the live remake introduced a new generation to the 1978 classic starring john travolta and olivia newton john. the entire three-hour performance was live and featured julianne hough and aaron tabate as sandy and danny. we spoke with one actor who said it scrolled across three stages >> the biggest and crazy >> the biggest and craziest live show that anybody has ever tried to do. it is so ambitious.
5:24 am
yepsen and kiki palmer starred. >> gene: really good. >> sara: i can't wait to watch it. >> gene: they pulled that off. check this out. last fall, we had a student that bought for $12 bucks. playing around on his web site and found a bug that allow him to buy it. he only had it for a minute, but this morning we know how google rewarded him. they paid him $6,000 -- $600713. when google found out he donated all that to charity they paid him the same sum again. according to his linkedin. he is graduating from babson. and a great business school, and this kid is head of an impressive pack. >> google tossing $6 grand. you can do better than that. >> gene: he will take it. a local actor that hit it
5:25 am
is the new black" hook her high school prom date to the awards. she wrote, he asked me to the prom. i said yes. i asked him to the sags, he said yes. she and her friend mark graduated back in 1999. >> gene: go big blue. >> sara: she won outstanding performance by a female actor in a comedy series in her role as "orange is the new black." >> gene: that show did well julie i am big fan. >> gene: an officer in colorado is getting ready to retire and decided to get out with a dance party. and, yes, it is going viral. you already know what it is watch me whip now watch me nae nae . >> one by one others joined him,
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and the it has been seen more than 4 million times. i like the production quality too. a little dill of are are a little fade in. i guess it is in an elevate ter looks like. >> i wonder if there is any choreography or they go in there and let your soul show. >> i just think they went in and let it happen. >> let them express sem he was. shiri, you are not dancing over there. >> gene: remember that for the retirement parties over here. >> shiri: i might have been a little scared to step in that elevator. here is what is normal in february. average high in month, 39 degrees. average snow, 10.9 inches. we have got no snow. i have no 30s for highs. i have 50s and 60s. i will weak down today's warm-up next. they are pictures you will only see on fox25 this morning. what is causing all this damage to cars in one town, and why it is so hard for police to track what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about
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complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: a live look at boston common right now. going to be a beautiful day. shiri says leave the heavy coats at home. >> sara: unbelievable. we are in february. it is only the first day of february, but we are happy to report, it feels more like april report, it feels more like
5:30 am
spear in the fox25 stormtracker weather center. you are saying near 60 today. >> shiri: starting and ending with a feel of april in the air were a southwest breeze. it is a little breezy out there were , especially southeastern massachusetts, 14-mile-per-hour winds nantucket. 16 in boston. you will feel the breeze, but whenever we get the southwest winds, they do a number on the temperatures and right now they are causing temperatures to in plymouth. 47 in orleans. boston, no exception. 45 there. and in malden, we are at 45 as well in norwood. 43 in haverhill. 43 right now maynard. central massachusetts, leominster at 42. worcester at 43. 40 in new ipswich, new hampshire and keene a little cooler at 30 degrees. and kind of my exception right now. so we are starting in the 40s at 7 a.m. it is going foob mild start to the day. we will see partly sunny skies. noontime increasing clouds and this afternoon, there will be a couple of spot showers along
5:31 am
45 degrees here at 7:00 this evening. and the chance of rain really then going to be focused across southeastern massachusetts, and that's where we have the best bet for a couple of those showers. grab that fleece or even a raincoat as you head thought morning. i will break down a much higher threat late other continue week coming up in a couple of minutes coming up in a couple of minutes. julie grauert with live drive julie grauert with live drivetime traffic tracking an accident. >> julie: yes, shiri, southbound route a in wrentham. overall volume light so not having a huge impact on your drive times. let you know police activity on harrison avenue southbound. the voted is blocked from beach street to neelen street. pike wide open. eastbound and westbound as you head through brighton 237 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave. 12 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the ex-toyota pike. gene and sara, back to you. breaking this morning, local child rushed to hospital with injuries we are told are
5:32 am
>> sara: the 3-year-old was a home in roxbury whenance ambulance was called. we have been following this investigation since the story first broke during our news at 10:00 last night. michael henrich is at the home this morning, and police are still there hours later, michael you. >> reporter: you can see the police tape behind me as well on alpine street in roxbury. we saw more than an hour ago a in. one of their cruisers still parked here. but big thing, we are waiting to see how that child is doing. here is what we do know so far. boston police confirming that a 3-year-old child suffered some sort of trauma and was taken to boston medical center. that call came in around 9:40 last night. now what sort of trauma that child suffered haven't been released just yet, and we don't know how that child is doing this morning. we are certainly working hard to find out. and as soon as we learn more about how the kid is doing, we,
5:33 am
as an update on the fox25 morning news. live in roxbury, michael henrich live in roxbury, michael also breaking this morning, a person is hit crossing a busy intersection in boston. right now parts of that area are still blocked off. fox25 jessica reyes is live on mass ave in dorchester. and jess, we found clothesing in the road when they arrived. take a look. right next to this white suv behind the police line. part of columbia road you see blocked off right now. still a very active scene and state and local police are still out here investigating at this hour. now we know it happened just before 2:00 this morning where columbia road meets mass avenue just about a half mime from 93. we don't know exactly how this light s+ uv was involved. there was shredding cloud. and boston police are here and state police have taken over the investigation as this is technically their jurisdiction.
5:34 am
scene, unclear exactly, again, how that suv was involved. we do have calls in to state police this morning, working to get more information. also working to get more information on how the victim is doing this morning. as soon as we get that, we will pass it right along to you and online. live in dorchester, i am jessica reyes, fox25 news. a car vandalism investigation is under way in new hampshire. take a look at these pick news of the damage right here. portsmouth police say someone broke into these cars and set them on fire. it happened saturday. one car was damaged beyond repair. primary season officially kicks off with the iowa caucus kicks off with the iowa caucuses. candidates are making one final four gain support. fox25's blair miller is in des moines where new polls are giving and occasion of just what may happen. >> reporter: it is finally caucus day here in iowa and many people are glad it is. everywhere you look in iowa, constant ads for the candidate. it all comes to an end later on tonight. we have been here in des moines
5:35 am
candidates will end up tonight, all of them hoping for a celebration event. all of the gop candidates are here except for ohio governor john kasich. 'arrived in new hampshire saturday and he is campaigning very hard. his campaign wanted to focus on that state early on before the other candidates arrive many of them leaving iowa late tonight. the caucuses begin 7:00 central time near iowa. the candidates are cramming in so many events before that hoping for a last-minute bounce. the final poll here in iowa came over the weekend showing hillary clinton hillary clinton and bernie sanders essentially tied. the gop, trump has a five-point lead over ted cruz. the weather should be a real spoiler in all of this and keep some people away. they are forecasting a major winter storm in iowa. already a blizzard watch. they are forecasting 6 to 12 inches. if that moves in early enough, it certainly could keep some people away. on the campaign flail iowa,
5:36 am
>> gene: fox25 is your source for all election coverage for all election coverage. leading up to next week's primary, live reports from new hampshire every morning and every night from our election studio in manchester. each night at 7 o'clock, don't miss fox25 political reporter sharman sacchetti with indeath reports. and join us primary night from 5 p.m. straight through 11:30. live reports and results from candidates' headquarters and stream it all live on and on the fox25 news app. this morning, there is trouble on the campaign trail for senator ted cruz. the cruz campaign sent out mailers with the phrase "voting violation" to some iowa voters. the letter grades the recipient on their voting record and says to improve the score, the voters should go out and caucus. iowa secretary of state say no such violation such violation and telling voter such violation and telling voters otherwise is wrong. the campaign has refused to apologize.
5:37 am
health organization is holding an emergency meeting to find ways to battle the zika virus. it has been linked to birth defects and spreading throughout the americas. they could clarify the zika outbreak as a public health emergency that is similar to an amber alert but for public health. they only dedlaird three times before the swine flu in 2009, ebola in 2014 and the resurgence of polio in 2014. a house filled with drugs and filth over the weekend. two women will have to answer to a judge. they found over 100 oxycondone pills, two bags of marijuana and $3,000 in cash in the king street apartment on friday. most of the home was covered in animal feces. two young children were removed from that home. police arrested the mother of the two children shayla montava and her partner. they were both charged with drug trafficking.
5:38 am
custody and we will let he know when the women are in court tonight on the fox25 news at 5 tonight on the fox25 news at 5. comedian bill cosby trying get the sexual assault charges dismissed. asking a judge to throw out an aggravated indecent assault charges against hip. cosby claims that the it was romantic from the start cosby said that he was just a mentor and a friend. girlfriend of boston mobster james whitey bulger is expected to plead guilty to federal charges. catherine greig was indicted in september for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury testify in front of a grand jury. she is currently serve she is currently serving a eight she is currently serving a eight-year sentence for hiding bulger during the 16 years on the lamb. bulger is serve bulger is serving a life sentence for multiple hearings including murder including murder. a witness to a car crash helped police bust a drunk
5:39 am
joseph cronin ran a stoplight in centerville saturday night and he hit a passing car causing it to roll over. neighbors who saw the crash followed cronin as he drove away and pulled into a driveway of a nearby home. the woman driving the car that kronin hit was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. two separate tragedy two separate tragedies at two university of massachusetts campuses. two students found dead. a umass lowell student found dead early yesterday morning in a bathroom in an am democratic building. the man was in the graduate program of engineering and he was a hard worker. he tells us his friend died of a drug overdose. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. if you were planning on using the expressway, you are looking at a nine-minute commute from the braintree split up to columbia road. average speeds 48 miles per hour average speeds 48 miles per hour. shiri. >> shiri: today the slight chance of a few showers and will boil down to a spot shower or two. but once we hit wednesday, a
5:40 am
what time plan around heavy downpours and whipping winds next. >> the current gop front runner is take is taking a strong stance against the nation's highest court. coming up on the fox25 news at 6:00, the hot button issue that donald trump says that the justices should stay away from.
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murder charges again! r again!
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again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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it is a major national story we are following this morning. two college students are under arrest in the murder of a 13-year-old girl. fox25's daniel miller is here with the story. daniel, the girl had been missing days before her body was found dan that's right, sara. the 13-year-old was missing for three days before her body was found. the case has rattled the tight the case has rattled the tight-night community in virginia. two virginia tech students natalie marie keeper. and this is david iceen how per and this is david iceen how per.both have been arrest.
5:44 am
and killing nicole lovell. keepers helped get rid of the girl's body. police discovered lovell 100 miles away from her home. they believe she was lured away using an internet dating web site. the news of the girl's death came as the community gathered for a candlelight vigil. >> i didn't that i would happen to her because she was always to her because she was always the cutest little thing, you know. >> really just a sickening feeling knowing that she wouldn't be coming back. >> daniel: investigators are still trying to piece together clues in the case but according to a police statement, eisenhower and the victim knew each other before she disappeared. eisenhower, quote, used this relationship to his strong abduct the 13-year-old and then kill her. those students are being held this morning without bail. coming up at 6:00, what a relative of the victim told a newspaper was found in the girl newspaper was found in the girl's bedroom. i will have more for you in our next hour. in the newsroom, daniel miller,
5:45 am
well, someone is intentional intentionally damaging cars across an entire town by them. fox25 is the only tv station to get these photos from town send police. they show part of the damage to at least 15 cars. investigators say that is hard to track because it is happening to cars and homes all over town. some of the cars were parked. others were driving down route 13. so far, no one has been seriously hurt. leads. 5:46 this morning. the celtics stumble in orlando. they had a 14-point lead and couldn't hang on. marcus smart led the celtics in the first quarter off the bench with a pair of threes. the celts up 8. second half, isaiah thomas hit a three, that gives the celtics a 14-point lead. but the magic comes back with a you barrage of threes. celtics lose for the first time in six games, 119-114. the final in orlando.
5:46 am
both teams and the vince lombardi trophy has arrived. twitter was abuzz of cam newton twitter was abuzz of cam newton's wardrobe, gold, white and black zebra pants. not an usual outfit but sparked jokes on twitter. the broncos, their flight was delayed but they did land with the broncos flag flying out of the cockpit window. >> julie: you are going to the to wear zebra pants, i suppose. moving from 228 to rockland. average speeds 30 miles per hour as approach the braintree split. 24 24, 95 moving along at a decent clip. the expressway starting to slow down around morrissey boulevard with speeds of 20 miles per hour with speeds of 20 miles per hour. a live look where the number of tail lights are increasing right now. live drive times. 13 minutes on route 2 13 minutes on route 3 from 228
5:47 am
12 minutes on 95 as you approach 128. meteorologist shiri spear joining us. and i agree, this is a morning commute that i don't mind either commute that i don't mind either. spring in the air today. >> shiri: i mean, think about it, julie, on the way home from work later on, i bet you some people will roll down their windows. why not. it will be near 60 degrees later today. temperatures running 20 to 25 degrees above average today. tomorrow, it is going to be a little cooler out there, but we have more sunshine. we have more above-average temperatures and wednesday is our sloppy day with an inch or more of rain. even the potential starting out as a little bit of freezing drizzle, northern mass, southern new hampshire, westernmost massachusetts early on wednesday morning. giving you an early heads-but that. as for the day today. easy pease kind of sum it is up. start the day mostly sunny skies. we have this thicker clouds and really warm air up ahead of this cold front. what has come through during the afternoon hours. you will see the clouds thinking up around noontime to the north
5:48 am
still pretty bright to the south for lunchbreak here and during the afternoon, there come the cloudier skies. and i want to say any time 4 p.m. south of the pike where we have the best chance for a couple of spot showers straight through dinnertime, south coast, cape and islands with a little bit of that rain popping up. everybody has that slight risk, but overall 90% of us start staying dry today. at 8 p.m. starting to clear out the clouds north of the pike and clearing continues overnight tonight. that takes us into the lower 50s that takes us into the lower 50s, bourne, barnstable, over to falmouth. it that is not warm enough and heading into the 60s. southeastern massachusetts with 61 in middleborough, taunton, brockton and attleboro, dedham, braintree at 60. boston at 58 degrees. so is chelmsford. andover at 58. 59 in topsfield. 59 in lynn. 57 in beverly. a little cooler for you guys in rockport.
5:49 am
as well with lower 50s in worcester and auburn. and spencer at 54 degrees and southern new hampshire, we will kind of see a difference between spots like nashua and salem. the manchester in the middle 50s and some cooler spots in southeastern and southwestern massachusetts where we have a tougher time getting up to that 50-degree mark. 20s and 30s overnight. mid- to upper 40s back tomorrow along with the sunshine but wednesday we have the heavy rain wednesday we have the heavy rains, whipping wind as well. yes, it will be very mild and even if we start off with freezing drizzle. it transitions to plain rain in the afternoon. thursday and friday looking pretty quiet yet right now, watching an offshore storm system on friday. the next threat of rain after that. slight risk on sunday. back to you, guys. they sparked a major man hunt 37 hunt hunt, and now hunt, and now they are behind bars. just ahead on the fox25 morning news, our first look at three violent fugitives who escaped
5:50 am
how they were caught days on the run. stay with us for our news at 6:00. happening today long-awaited answers about a train crash.
5:51 am
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the three inmates who escaped from a southern california jail eight days ago are back behind bars this morning. police released the video of two of the men being led back into jail on saturday. the two men were caught in san francisco after the third man turned himself in on friday. at least five other people are facing charges for helping the three men escape from prison. a police officer's car is stolen when responding to a burglary call. police in california got a call of a possible theft in progress, and when they got there, two men ran away from the scene. when the officer chased them, a drove off. one of the officers tried to stop her and ended up getting dragged by the car. >> he reached into the car. obviously it was a very serious situation with a patrol car being stolen. attempt atevrpded to stop that from happening and the female suspect accelerate at a high rate of speed in reverse throwing the
5:53 am
>> sara: that officer was treated at the hospital and is expected to recover. police are still looking for all three suspects. this morning people on the west coast are cleaning up after a powerful and deadly storm. sunday's storm knocked down trees across southern california. this was the scene in san diego where a large tree landed on new hampshire of cars. a woman inside one of those cars was killed. last night nearly 40,000 people lost power. and students at mit win in a global competition. they had to design a po dhashtion could be used in a futuristic transit system. these are their designs. more than 100 teens from universities across the world competed in the hyper loop pod competition. it is a futuristic high-speed system that engineers believe could transport people up to 700 miles per hour. it was designed by space mogul elon rusk. it is made of 25 students and advisors. a world champion surfer
5:54 am
the woman was walking her toddler in a stroller on the sidewalk when they were hit by a rogue wave. surfing great kelly slater was paddling to shore and saw it happened. he helped pull them from the water. a man was taking photo when the wife and baby was struck. >> what were they doing in that water. storm three for a while. you. >> gene: surfer was there to save the day. a person hit by a car overnight. a major intersection blocked by crime tape. we are there as police comb the scene for evidence. how it is impacting the morning commute. plus new items up for sale linked to a notorious mobster and he is using them to share his opinion about a recent movie on his life. whitey bulger breaks his silence about black mass. high temperatures in boston beating out amarillo, texas, san francisco, california and
5:55 am
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. now at 6:00, the first dave february, but it will feel more like april today. which towns and cities could see 60 degrees. state and local police block off a busy intersection hours before a morning commute. the evidence found on the street and the vehicle being tow away this morning. >> the road to the white house starts in iowa, and fox25 is there. the candidates topping the polls
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