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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  WFXT  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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miller outside the iowa state capil in des moines where it all begins tonight.>> two hours from now mark right outside the capital as you mentioned but right next door were in next to one of those caucuses where it will take place and i walked inside getting everything ready you might think that people here are tired of all the focus but they're not. tonight as the sun goes down over iowa the spotlight will shine right on the hawkeye state as a nation waits for results. i was gop chair jeff says look for solid indicators within two hours the caucuses starting at 7 o'clock local time. i'm going to guess 8 to 9 or 830 to 930 or something like that is going to be when were going to get that avalanche of results. >> at the hillary clinton campaign headquarters in des moines call after call to people pleading with them to caucus for her. rex across town here in the war room for ted cruz the countdown
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a call to 9:00 a.m.. they're shooting for 20,000 calls before tonight's caucuses.>> also campaigning hard with the final appeal marco rubio taking designing things for anyone who asked. donald trump went back to back rallies today i spent some time with her son eric who's here to help campaign. >> i think if we win iowa quite frankly i think it makes it a lot easier for us to win the rest of the country and quite friendly turn our attention to the democrats. bernie sanders says he'll claim victory folder turnout is high and it could be with more first-time voters ready to show up and for iowa to shine. >> they should start showing
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because the voting gets going around 7 o'clock tonight. they'll be watching the results come in like many of us do at home on tv on the web or on our phones. >> you been talk with the various campaigns wall in iowa but the trump camp and to trump fashion a production tonight. >> indeed of course they expect to win but they told me they expect to win by five percent points remember pole came out this past week that shows trump over ted cruz by five percentage points will see if that's true they certainly think so. >> after iowa is a front to new hampshire tomorrow you can expect a surge of candidates to head this way some decide to cut their losses in iowa and the nation primary. fox25 political reporter there. >> reporter: were here live in new hampshire some of those candidates decided they're done
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start tonight in new hampshire case in point new jersey governor chris christie just now wrapped up a town hall event here hopkinton have to you can see there it was pretty packed pretty headstart is day-to-day in iowa but he is here tonight and to the next eight days been he said most of his time campaigning your new hampshire during this entire race. we also caught up earlier today with governor john kasich he was at a town hall style event at the portsmouth country club. both candidates looking to quote the undecided vote in effect a little while ago christie spoke about it. hampshire. this work to do because i understand the system undecided voters in the state. this room. i hope there will be by the time i'm done tonight. and so these are not the only two candidates here also here tonight former florida governor
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hall in manchester in about a half an hour headed that way as well tonight. tomorrow the floodgates opened they're all here trump sanders clinton cruise the entire crew is expected here in new hampshire it will be fun it will be chaotic and we will be here all week to capture it for you. >> member that fox25 is your source for complete election coverage will have live reports from new hampshire every morning and night anchoring from religious studio in manchester. each data seven don't miss shamans in-depth report on the analysis. then join us on primary night 5:00 p.m. straight to 11:30 p.m. box 20 50 bring alive results report from candidates headquarters instrument live for you on my fox boston .com and the news app. >> want to update you breaking
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o'clock today involved a local firefighter now in trouble for facebook. made controversial comments about narcan which rather is a drug of reverse the effects of a deadly drug overdose. fox 25's heather hegedus is live. >> heather: this afternoon the mayor union fire chief spent much of the afternoon in closed-door meeting here at townhall 20 figure out what to do about all of this in the end they decided firefighter who wrote the proposed should be suspended he's going to be allowed to return to work. that has a lot of people outraged as you mentioned including a man who had just spoke with recently lost a son to drug addiction. >> william hill was a 24-year-old son to heroin last spring he says james was bite by the overdose reversing drug narcan twice before he finally succumbed to his addiction. over the weekend william earned
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firefighter wrote calling heroin addicts quote losers questioning whether it's worth administering narcan and saying they should just let heroin uses die. the post is been taken down but not before being shared all over the internet. fox 25 is on the five part of posted it is mark karen who was been with the department 's 2004. in the post he also complained he doesn't get extra money for administering the narcan says once he administers it than ours addicts out of the hospital using again. he says quote you use you should lose. he was the at today's news comes for the tire of sheep said he spoke with him and he's been cooperative. >> town announced he will now be suspended for 90 days without pay that will be allowed to return to work but reassigned to dispatch at least
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mayor was quick to separate his statements from the beliefs of the fire department in town saying last year alone first responders weymouth had 100 ap overdoses administered narcan 114 times. >> weymouth fire chief and union reps tell me that he has been a good employee over all called this quote uncharacteristic behavior we did try to reach him we called someone who had a voicemail with the same name we have not a call back after leaving a voicemail. the town says that both him and firefighters all over the town will be now required to undergo mandatory sensitivity training and also facebook social media training. one other thing to let you know about it was a rally right here in front of townhall families
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will going to get the reaction all of this as well will have the 41 fox25 news at 10. >> other big story tonight unusually high temperatures to kick off february check out norwood 67 degrees. made a pretty good running weather to the video to the boston common are plenty of people shed a layer and soaked in the sun. >> nice out there. son did not last long fox25 chief meteorologist tracking the rain. >> new englanders would run no matter what the weather is certainly beautiful outside and watch for tonight is any that melting that may have gone over this not to have some to be somewhat sparse tonight .after temperatures like this 67 norwood falling temperatures to be concerned about the cold front coming on by money with live storm tracker radar see some of these out here in cape cod especially provincetown over to wells be zipped down
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streets route 6 using some of the rain shower activity in this rural roadways around the town of truro getting some of that rain shower bridge row osprey way registry also rain showers activity but a slide over to the upper capon over toward buzzards bay as well you're going to see rain showers here too so in the sandwich area not from the bridges we're seeing some of those rain showers that's the canal cape cod canal that goes right on through their six on one side and six sagamore bridge hillcrest drive seeing light rain shower activity keep tracking the showers them also tracking heavy rain it's going to live this week as well. >> series of threats wreaking havoc with classes at local schools once again this week is phoned in threat to billerica memorial high luster police response they determined it was a low-level pretzel classes resumed after a quick sweep of the building. police presence remained at the school for the most of the day.
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where robocop on the worst evacuation of lexington high. police and firefighters to sweep of that school but found no threat to his return to class. skybox over mashpee weather middle and high schools were both dismissed early today following a bomb threat. everyone made it home safely and police are investigating the initial threat as well. >> local mother after three children removed from filled the conditions in the home. they were arraigned on drug dealing charges today police a large supply of drugs was found in the couples was to home. fox 25 cameras capture the deplorable living conditions their offices in the floors were covered in animal feces and mice three young children taken the home now in dcf custody. financial boost helping to fund the fight against the opioid epidemic in massachusetts governor announced the $2.5 million in grants help law enforcement battle the drug abuse problems. grant will help pay for more
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drug narcan and some trinities in addition to more treatment beds for patients. >> police in manchester new hampshire wanted to take a look at this guy he's one of for robbing the budget gas in point street saturday at gunpoint. the clerk says he was wearing a gray red socks hat and white skirt the covered his face when he held up that station. rescue for cruises weekend after eight team have on saturday punt to the lake waynesboro police say the driver was in the water for about 10 minutes and was treated for hypothermia. happening now, state of new hampshire asking for public input on the upcoming off, hunting season it's the first time since 1989 is being met with a lot of criticism. two separate hearings are being held at the statehouse one for opponents and one for supporters.tonight following developing story police tell as a driver a woman and tractor for three miles. what we know about the victim's condition and the criminal
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where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight to take back our government. disturbing allegations last summer knew tonight at judges blasting the attorney general's office and school officials for the weather handling this case.
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ruling is just the start of litigation in that case. but the attorney for the family told me that this is an important step for them to getting answers about what happened to the children. a scathing review of state officials outlined in this court ruling after a judge massachusetts attorney general's office to dismiss a lawsuit centering on allegations of sexual abuse to bridgewater state university daycare.last summer police arrested kyle laughlin on rape and sexual assault charges. laughlin was a student and a worker at bridgewater state student center and police say he assaulted inappropriately touched children at the daycare. laughlin's bosses project after prosecutors say she knew about the alleged abuse but never reported it. that's why parents of the alleged victims out this lawsuit demanding documents from the university that show who knew what and when.
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university and the attorney general's office which represents them have repeatedly refused to provide that information. today a judge agreed. in a rolling compelling the state to release the information the judge blasted state officials for stonewalling saying these families have now been traumatized twice. once by the rate and molestation of the little children and second i certain government representatives will appear more concerned with protecting their own employees and preventing the truth from emerging. >> statement attorney general's office told me that they have previously worked with the family of the victims on providing records and they will continue to do so moving forward. however also learning that this ruling would set an important legal precedent in
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on that tonight at 10. former patriot player aaron hernandez is about his old team courtesy of the jailhouse letter the service three-page know his address to a fan was posted by tmz sports in it hernandez says he still roots for the patriots especially his former team eight brady and gronk. also blast robert kraft for "fake hernandez is in prison for the murder of facing charges in two other deaths. >> cooperative boston mobster whitey bulger expected to officially plead guilty to federal contempt charges this week catherine greg was indicted in september for refusing to testify before a grand jury. she is curtly serving an eight your sentence for hiding bulger during the 16 years he was on the lam. grant change of plea hearing is set for wednesday. >> also hearing for the first time older really thought about the movie black mask according to the new york post bulger
6:18 pm
crime drama about his life. he said he was impressed by johnny depp semblance to him proclaims the movie was quote pure fiction. >> you want a record issue with the record has to be almanac close to record a way to see it 1989 66 degrees and 65 was in the normal 36 the low-temperature say only 39 degrees the record stands up seven below remember a year ago we were in the arctic here snow and bitter cold all month long how average here like last year somewhere in the middle is what is typical february going to be still some rain showers out there take you out to cape cod southeastern massachusetts dragging long pauses be a cold front coming on through rating from provincetown over to
6:19 pm
they're out there right here along commercial street in provincetown seeing some of that light rain over the dunes thing some showers these roadways here getting just some light rain at this point but people walking around provincetown you know you probably need an umbrella hustle to the raindrops right now along the canal there's some steady rain falling just light but it's there sagamore bridge before taking the bourne bridge canal cutting right through here one of my favorites getting some rain showers harbor lights road also getting light rain at this time long pauses bay over mattapoisett route six 195 through here and there other rain showers happening right now right along ocean drive and mattapoisett as well island shorts getting some of that meadowbrook lane getting light rain at the time. push off take you through 8:30 p.m. as of the rain showers coming through pushing offshore cleared out tonight it'll cool down gets wet other from
6:20 pm
refreeze tonight as a been telling you for several days the freezing and thawing cycle we've had going on watch body icing into the morning hours. by lunchtime melting away high temperature tomorrow north and west of boston running at 46 will wrecker north shore amesbury lee will be 44 degrees tomorrow afternoon is pretty nice stuff. it sets the stage to get even warmer on wednesday ahead of a cold front coming our way. we often talk about the whole corporate often push that warmest air into just ahead of that we get our warmest days before that front comes on through will tell you what will be the warmest day of the week because of the sunshade mixing with the clouds and the warm air by wednesday a lot more cloud but still into the mid-50s at least on wednesday here come the rain showers though. by lunchtime some light rain showers start to make their way to worcester town southern new hampshire so the vermont it's picking up intensity.
6:21 pm
our atmosphere is more north and east so the front will be slow to drag its way on through here in worcester some steady rain by 5:30 p.m. to getting light rain will steady rain as well but heavy batch comes to worcester to boston by our 10 o'clock newscast on wednesday night. track on out of your wednesday going to be a slow process to get though showers finally to push off most of the area by the morning commute thursday. still some rain showers on the outer cape and islands hugging the coastline to the day on thursday this makes middle of the day thursday class still there with the front hang offshore looks like things will start to clear out thursday into friday morning. much colder air selling on it. calling us down a bit the one coming through wednesday into thursday will really start to
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new figures out showing alarming number of children to think positive dangerous levels of lead. we dug into the governments records revealing thousands of young children right messages with high levels in the body's. >> reporter: water crisis highlighting the issue lead in children's let's assume across the nation cdc reports more than 4 million children nationwide to deposit for web in the system some high enough to cause permanent neurological issues.
6:25 pm
positive cases of children under six wet enough lead in the system that could potentially cause long-term neurological damage that's out of more than 210,000 were tested in the end there were 700 54 confirmed cases of lead poisoning. it's unacceptable. pennsylvania bob casey is concerned.he said while led levels in children a lower today than 40 years ago it's something that needs close monitoring. there's no pattern it doesn't just happen in cities it happens in small towns and rural areas we have elevated levels. we reported on the last week which would force governments to report any spikes led levels within 15 days. katie says notification is key. the cdc says are no safe levels of lead children can be found in anything from water to dust and soil to the painter homes. new hampshire more than 18,000
6:26 pm
of lead 2737 tested positive. international emergency been declared by the world health organization as a zika virus is displayed rapidly across america's. sick is linked to birth defects and thousands of births already confirmed case in massachusetts world health organization estimates it could be up to 40 million cases of sick of the americas within the next year. we know you have questions about the zika virus which is why we posted everything you need to know on a website you can find out how the zika virus spreads and how you can prevent it to search under the health section of our website >> we're learning about the people live in the three family home and the role dcf is playing but first a woman gets hit by a car and dragged three miles to the victim's condition
6:27 pm
local five are suspended for 90 days after controversial facebook post about narcan. that's a top story today at 6:30 women 540 mark called narcan the worst drug ever created in this post. went on to say quote this loser
6:28 pm
again and hours you use you should lose. weymouth mayor saying tonight he does not speak for the without pay. >> local mother and her partner rained on drug charges after three children removed from filthy conditions in the home. police a large supply of drugs was found in sheila and attaches worcester home fox25 cameras captured the deplorable living conditions. floors covered in animal feces in my spirit three young children taken from the home are now in dcf custody. also tonight police say driver hit two people with her car dragging one of them three miles. as of right now the woman is still alive but her injuries are life-threatening. all this happened around 2:15 am please tell us the driver hit the woman and chinatown and dragged her down i 93 to the columbia road offramp. fox25 crystal haynes pick up the story. >> reporter: investigation initially told ox 25 that they did not believe that this young
6:29 pm
through from her injuries in this hit and run crash. but we are learning new tonight the doctors were able to save her arm however she's going to have limited in with them and she still in extremely critical the meantime the woman who allegedly put her in the hospital faced the judge. >> she covered her face at arraignment in boston visible court today roughly 14 hours after police say she hit two people in chinatown and fled. dragging a 28-year-old woman more than two miles pinned under her wrath four. >> the 56-year-old male victim was found near the intersection of harrison avenue 28-year-old woman found in her car after the time of her arrest in extremely critical condition.
6:30 pm
witness to the hit and run crash report they saw this. >> 44-year-old she is charged with two counts of leaving the scene of an accident causing injury. in addition to assault and weapon. today she denied any wrongdoing. >> we're learning more about this defendant tonight the driver has only been in this country for about 10 years residing in chinatown previously but now in sandwich were also learning that this is not our first brush with the law. digging deeper to her past and bring it to you when we get it.
6:31 pm
injuries. breaking news last night fox25 police still haven't told us how the child was her or whether any charges will be filed our stephanie when you spent the day outside the roxbury home with the child was found. x people living in this roxbury neighborhood said they are simply stunned after learning a child was taken from his home right here behind me and rushed to the hospital with traumatic injuries.police are continuing to investigate and you can see this patrol car parked outside that tape blocking off that front entrance. neighborhood association present that he told us she walked outside last night too heavy police presence this frequently home on alpine street the center of their investigation. our crew was there when boston police found a three-year-old
6:32 pm
>> greg has been inspecting the house next door for several months and told us he is speechless because the neighborhood is so peaceful. >> the department of children and families told fox25 there now working with police would say whether they been called to this home before. a spokeswoman said that the statement quote the department received a report on the situation and as we investigate in collaboration with law enforcement custody of the child has been transferred to dcf.this afternoon dcf told us they also took another child from that very same home into custody as well. tony told us several children live in that multi family home. she says this tragedy reminds her of her church is involved in a trauma outreach program. >> there's so much trauma the
6:33 pm
and for people living in this neighborhood and really yawned this community people said they just pray for the child's recovery. >> massachusetts congresswoman victim of a swatting incident at their home in melrose. us representative kathy clark said she was home setting it with family when police swarmed her home. they received a computer-generated call saying clark's home. police quickly determined that the report was false back in november clark integers legislation aimed at combating emergency calls on a swatting. like a very warm spring like a kick off the month of february as you can see there are some showers passing by for some of you. fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz trucking for center. >> most of us are going to see
6:34 pm
what is showing cold front coming on through that will cool us off overnight and before the day tomorrow still be above average not going to be like it was today live storm tracker radar showing rain showers stretching from little compton to wear him in the buzzards bay area off to the outer k peer to. spots of yellow showing up in wellfleet heavier rain shower activity coming on through their far right hand side of your screen old kings highway along main street old smith wasting that route 62 heavy downpour activity out there in the wellfleet area also into the mid-cape ipswich harmon b singh showers sandwich over to cass that area take you down to the coast to the shore road all at this time. finally over to mattapoisett showers earlier still clinging to the coast line along ocean drive local roadways and mattapoisett getting some showers at this time. continue to push out tonight forecast.
6:35 pm
assault charges dismissed this week lawyers are expected to ask the judge to throw out an aggravated indecent assault charge against cosmic cosby claims his relationship accuser andrea konstantin was romantic from the start. constance says cosby was only a mentor and a friend. more than 50 other women have also accused cosby of sexual assault. >> we learn the name of the victim discovered in a man feel pond over the weekend it mansfield firefighters found 23 old matthew cronin and mill pond on sunday. it was at about 10 feet of water his family reported him missing on saturday and investigators believe he fell through the ice and they have a warning for others tonight.>> have some kind of a car underneath so one area maybe five inches that you have something to be aware that could be two inches thick vegetation underneath this religious no way of knowing. with the recent mild weather police and firefighters say it's not worth the risk try to
6:36 pm
>> potentially damaging cars across an entire town by throwing heavy car parts at them. they show just part of the damage to at least 15 cars investigators say this is hard to track but it's happening all over town. some of the cars were parked others were driving down 13 neighbor say the parts are being thrown in a small but the damage is serious. town simply said they don't have any leads as of right now. >> less than an hour and half the iowa caucuses begin and the results will give us our first real look at who the real leader is the race for the president. recent fox 25 blair miller to dumont to see how that process works. >> reporter: right now is pretty much the calm before the storm those caucuses get going around 7 o'clock tonight about an hour and half right now we
6:37 pm
these caucuses will take place i just walked inside the pretty much getting ready but so much of these caucuses what happens with them is very unique much different than a primary one thing that makes him very unique you have to be there before 7 o'clock if you're there after 7 o'clock even 701 it doesn't matter your vote then doesn't count. some of the candidates they been up and down leading into the caucuses will be the key to victory by the party tonight. >> turn out turn out turn out to everyone here watching very closely many analysts expected to be record voter turnout if that happens that would benefit him unlike bernie sanders of donald trump targeting the new the younger voters if we don't see that record voter turnout tonight that would benefit someone like hillary clinton she has a necessarily according to analysts been targeting the new younger voters that something will be watching tonight. >> watching voter turnout also blair expose will have a big
6:38 pm
primary. >> so much of what happens here in iowa will impact what happens back in new hampshire. a number of the candidates as you heard from sharmann saccheti in the past half hour already back there in new hampshire. he's been there new hampshire since saturday folks on the pretty hard chris christie back in new hampshire bush just here in iowa a couple of hours ago he's back in manchester new hampshire right now holding a town hall meeting as for donald trump analysts say should he win here tonight because he's up in the polls in new hampshire it will likely win new hampshire could win carolina maybe even run the table from there so i do on the line here in iowa tonight. i like to watch. >> all eyes in iowa thank you we will see you again tonight at 10 and 11. leaders and billionaires can contribute unlimited amounts of money to super pacs 40 residual candidates. but when we docked a new election filings we found a candidates like marco rubio and jeb bush the biggest impact
6:39 pm
another ones who are living in the polls. super pacs supporting jeb bush is raised more than $100 million the first half of 2015 but after struggling on the campaign trail is to repack only raised the day million dollars in the last months. super pacs are not panacea for week campaign if a candidate is pulling well super pack may not be enough to pull them up. >> to kenneth strong some of the most attention in iowa tunnel trumpet bernie sanders are not using pacs. >> fox25 is your source for complete election coverage player will or will have updated reports from iowa in the fox 25 news at 10 and 11 and then leading up to the new hampshire primary he will have live reports in the greatest it every morning and night a good manchester. each 97 don't miss talks 25 political reporter sharmann saccheti with in-depth reports and analysis on the candidates but then judas a primary night
6:40 pm
have live results and reports from candidate headquarters and will be stripping that life for you on and on a fox25 news app. >> a survivor of the boston marathon bombings is getting ready to run this year's race for a cause that's very near to her heart. we told you last week adrian haslett will be running and the shoes marathon.she was near the finish line back in 2013 and lost a leg and explosions. now she's running to raise money for the limbs for like foundation which provides for them. >> this will give them the chance to be able to dream they can run and dance and do what ever it is that they want to do because you feel so hopeless
6:41 pm
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latest police force races in your car possible post office happened just before noon on post office and was treated fox 25's kerry kavanaugh talks to witnesses about what they saw. >> kerry: this witness didn't want to be identified to the driver and elderly man tore through the offices metal frame smashing through the window.a
6:44 pm
was standing in the lobby. we spoke with that woman she was back at work monday afternoon she said it was scary but she was grateful no one was seriously hurt including the driver who police identified as an 88-year-old man. he was distressed after he did a close call? >> yes very close. >> everyone very grateful for the outcome in this police say they continue to investigate what causes driver to crash through this post office here this is possibly operator error. >> driver turned the table police physically pulling over an officer for speeding. florida woman said the officer sped pastor going more than 90 miles per hour so she tells him eventually getting him to pull over. we approach the car she began asking why he was going so fast
6:45 pm
>> know over officer police department will investigate what happened. >> vesting showers out there right now using live storm tracker southeastern massachusetts heavier showers moving into rhode island at this time the trying to him at the south shore yellow popping up there in southern rhode island coming out of southeastern connecticut that's what i'll be watching tronic clip the south shore next hour an hour -and-a-half still some showers out there out of kate seeing some of these rain showers heavy showers here in the wellfleet area yellow showing up earlier on live storm tracker radar not so much anymore but still sings that darker green over this way coming through these roadways here saying that getting some
6:46 pm
mid cape had showers around harwich pushed offshore hugging the coast in brewster to sandwich signals rain showers long six and 6a. tracking showers earlier hanging around over here there's michael rowe getting some of the clubhouse drive getting some showers shipyard mattapoisett still have some showers show you this because mattapoisett last three tons of talk to the showers been clinging to the coast line is a good move over buzzards bay by now but it's very slow moving more north and east at least the winds are that would steer this front that's what's going to drag its way on through here tonight some of these showers are coupon clipping these roadways ocean drive getting some of that shower activity and scott road also in some of it as well. not heavy stuff but it's out there i want you to be aware of it showers out here on martha's
6:47 pm
out for dinner with temperature dropping tonight things getting wet can ice up. futurecast shows the showers after 9 o'clock will be talk about drying conditions and how low those damages are just in case there are some icy spots out there those continue to move away to the morning hours sometime when you wake up to lunch time tomorrow and into the afternoon.pretty mild day coming up with those temperatures zipping back up into the 40s that some great reports via twitter always like to get these frank says spring really temperature 51 and that was at 4:46 pm with a high temperature of 62 degrees in the stoneham some 80 named nessus on this and say she ran around in shorts today in winter vanessa good idea. you know what you can also follow vanessa that's her handle vanessa w fox 25. that is this one of our interns told us he was out skiing today monday ski day with temp is like we saw today suddenly felt like spring conditions out there for sure appear in the
6:48 pm
topsfield beverly ipswich at 42 rockport the same way back through boylston 43 peter sam 89 it is chillier tomorrow than we had today. were in the 60s they but these 40s are above average for the day february 2 tomorrow middleborough 44 bedford at 45 degrees tomorrow afternoon and then we await heavier showers i told you be tracking these these will come through during wednesday evening especially from worcester to boston and making the way offshore. seven day forecast shows you they come with warm temperatures 55 on wednesday that we could always in view shows a cool down behind that second cold front that in your normal conditions slightly still above normal with upper 30s in the 40s as this weekend. >> one of the greatest college traditions in all of america is the 64th edition this year with
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tb garden 64th tournament one of the most unique traditions in all of college sports this year there three teams among the four were ranked in the top 10 in the country doubleheader tonight started off with bc take on harvard certainly take long for the 95 seconds and casey fitzgerald firing and for the point one nothing eagles still only 10 after 5 o'clock. harvard evens it up gets a breakaway chance despite good d 11 bc discord to power-play goals take the lead call and what gets ready for this one make it 3-2 halfway through and that's where things stand right now or two. security guard bc leads harvard 3-2. stick with hockey and some news on the bruins as they get set
6:53 pm
all-star break toronto comes to town tomorrow there will be without the regular backup goaltender. who is in net the genghis and hunt ducks the other night asking before the break was taken out after one. then taken to the hospital after his heart rate was elevated and went test the team is waiting on the full results of those tests full clearance to return to the ice as for now is on injured reserve. well sue but as been called up from providence emergency basis to back up to ben's only one 14 games for the bruins while his been in providence pretty good mark mayor mark not get in but he will be ready just in case anything happens to to
6:54 pm
little drama today at the super bowl the broncos team upon returning from the practice got a little find a better luckily no one was hurt no interest report so little minor headache that the teams got to deal with as a get set for the super bowl.get ready for tonight go to be interesting last night the tone that is you see the pants that cam newton was wearing as a this traveled from charlotte to san jose all my $850 pants when you're the man i guess you can get away with a lot of fashion standpoint and cameras putting it out the last i guess what if you want a pair these pants you're out of luck for saatchi online store out of stock today cam newton display some fashion power moving the merchandise as a say i would sure that i'm wearing a spear tonight but i don't want to scare you so send it back to the studio.
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[mother] yeah but this it's got a lot of what we were the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i
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