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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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now at wlk all eyes on iowa. fox 25 is there live as caucus results pour. in which presidential candidates will take the stage. a firefighter suspended. the brand new outrage from families who have lost loved ones to thugs after he posts controversial comments about narcan on facebook. >> where there could be spots of ice when the next heavy rain arrives. >> the zika virus now called an international emergency. >> i had to go the route of social media and blasting them there on twitter and facebook they ignored us. >> a local mother-to-be's difficult process to change her travel plans just weeks away from the february vacation rush. >> announcer: this is fox 25 news at 10:00. off the top at 10:00 right now we're still waiting and watching for official results in iowa. the numbers are still pouring in for the state's caucuses tonight right now
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this is live look at headquarters good evening everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm vanessa welch. we are talking neck and neck on the democratic side as well. she and bernie sanders are still duking it out. martin o'malley we are just hearing is officially out of the race. let's take a look at the numbers for you now here they are on the dramatic side. hillary clinton with 51% and better than -- bernie sanders with 49. ted cruz 28%, donald trump 25, and marco rubio in third with 22%. our fox 25 blair miller live in des moines now. blair you were inside a few of these caucuses tonight. i imagine a really unique experience for you? >> reporter: vanessa, it has been fascinating to watch how raw this has been. we're inside one caucus location that's pretty much cleared out but this is in downtown des moines. i want to show you how this is working if you walk in the room this is where some of the democrats were caucusing and the way it
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different supporters for the candidates a different sides of the room. hillary clinton supporters on this side that we're showing i the bernie sanders on that side. you could not walk in this room about an hour and a half ago. it was packed with people. there in that video you get a sense of how passionate people were making a case for their candidate then people voting by hand. this precinct here tonight it could have not been closer. bernie sanders won 84 votes, hillary clinton 83. people here could not believe that. they tallied the votes and then people left the entire process lasting in this precinct for about 30, 45 minutes. they recorded the results by hand then sent them to the state party. afterward i spoke with some of the people here and there were some mixed feelings about the process. i don't know if they were really counting things probably because you're doing the hand count and pointing.
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room of error there. >> it's my first caucus but i have never done it before. it's pretty cool. kind of how i expected in one vote. >> reporter: while the democrats were inside this room early on, across this hallway and up those stairs over there you may be able to see off in the distance that's where the republican precinct was happening. marco rubio won big in that precinct. doubling donald trump. it will be interesting to see the voter turnout as these numbers continue to come in. stale very close race reporting earlier. martin o'malley will suspend his campaign tonight. so still a lot a lot to watch here in iowa tonight. vanessa, mark. >> blair, i understand that the campaigns we're watching very closely too, tonight. >> they were watching extremely closely, vanessa.
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campaign as someone here to make sure they got the numbers right. that's happening all across the state tonight. >> fox 25's blair miller will be checking back with you in just a few minutes. candidates making a last minute push at the caucuses themselves. ted cruz making an appearance in des moines. donald trump in west des moines talking about building walls bringing the country together. democrat bernie sanders watching from his hotel suite saying his bout with hillary clinton is too close to call at this point we have not seen much of clinton tonight's for that matter. and again that late breaking news right off the top at 10:00. a.p. sources saying martin o'malley has ended his bid. o'malley putting up very small numbers tonight in iowa. >> be sure to stay with fox 25 throughout the hour. we're monitoring the iowa situation very closely. the moment the results are final we will bring them to you right here live on the air. be sure to stay with us as well as we they can in with any speeches.
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things wrap up in iowa it's on-line new hampshire. our political reporter sharman sacchetti takes touts granite state before the candidates arrive there tomorrow. minutes. first a weymouth firefighter is suspended about making controversial comments in on facebook. fox 25 news at 6:00 he's off the job without pay for 90 days. new tonight, our jim morelli is live outside weymouth city hall where some people just called for more action against that firefighter. jim? >> reporter: mark, 90 days without pay and a desk job when he gets back. pretty harsh punishment for posting something to facebook but you are right, some are saying it's not enough. they say this firefighter should be terminated. he should be educated. >> i was disappointed. >> reporter: freedom of speech that went too far. that essentially was the conclusion of town administrators in weymouth today. they slapped a firefighter with a 90 day unpaid suspension after he posted to social media disparaging comments about drug addicts.
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our department and i just think it was a bad judgment call on this individual. >> reporter: those comments appeared on facebook and seemed to voice the firefighter's frustration at the repeated use of the overdose reversing drug narcan on the same people. quote these losers are out of the hospital and using again in hours the post reads. you use you should lose. frustration. i glee he was frustrated. >> reporter: weymouth fire sometimes emergency responders do have to go back to the same address multiple times. but -- >> there's better ways to deal with your frustration instead of posting on social media write a letter to the chief. >> reporter: outside weymouth town hall tonight a handful of addiction fighting advocates gathered to lend support to the use of narcan. >> this guy made a horrible mistake. >> reporter: as many times as needed. bill hill lost his son to an overdose last year. >> i don't get what these guy is talking about. it's wrong. it's totally wrong. >> reporter: as to whether
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firefighter fit the offense opinions differed. >> let's give this guy a second chance just as narcan gives these kids a second chance. >> he should be fired. >> reporter: the chief tell us us that absolutely no more disciplinary action is planned for this firefighter although he will get some sensitivity training when he does return. live in weymouth, jim morelli, fox 25 news. a woman isifieding for her life after being dragged for several miles by a car. the driver of that car hit her face in court today. the 44-year-old pleading not guilty to hitting a man and a woman with her car in chinatown last night and dragging the woman. prosecutors say a witness saw the disturbing scene unfold. >> get out of her car. look into the underneath area of her vehicle where the female was ultimately found. look and he observed that get back into her vehicle hit the gas and pull away at a high rate of speed. >> reporter: officials initially told fox 25 they
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victim would make it but we have learned that doctors have saved her arms we'll update you on her condition just as soon as we get any information. a very close call after an elderly driver crashed his car through the front of a post office. this happened today at this post office. a woman was standing in the lobby and a witness was able to flag down a passing ambulance to bring the driver and the woman inside to the hospital. both of them are expected to be okay. >> massachusetts congresswoman the victim of a swatting incident at her melrose home. u.s. representative kathleen clark says she was home sunday night with family when police swarmed the house. they received a computer generated phone call saying there was an active shooter at clark's home. police quickly determined the report was false. in november clark introduced legislation aimed at combatting hoax emergency calls known as swatting. more local schools disrupted by threats today. skyfox over mashpee where the middle and high schools were both dismissed early today following a bomb threat. everyone made it home safely and police are investigating that initial threat.
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lexington where robocall bomb threat forced the bomb threat of lexington high school. students returned to classes. and a phoned in threat to billerica memorial high launched a police response there. they determined it was a low level threat so classes resumed after police did a sweep of the building. police did stay on campus for the rest of the day. mild night in the city of boston after a day that felt more like april than february. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is live in the storm tracker weather center now. kevin it will stay warm tomorrow. >> it will be mild but not this warm. this is nearly record territory. 65 boston actually it's in the territory. 66 is the record for date although providence, rhode island hit 66 that's a new record for the date. now tonight past 10:00 it's still 46 in boston well above the average high which is 36 in boston. be dropping down to about that for a low temperature about 35 . sunshine when you wake up out in worcester temperature dropping below freezing though if you still have
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your driveway or walkway like i did it melted today. also there's this there have been some showers in southeastern massachusetts plus, watch for temperatures dropping there today. still if it falls to freezing you could have some of that black ice forming. look how hard it has been raining on nantucket over the last half hour or so. i'm tracking all these showers and our next chance of rain will come down heavy later on this week. a judge blasting the state tonight because of a lawsuit involving alleged abuse at a daycare on the bridgewater state campus. it all has to do with a request for public reports. fox 25's kathryn burcham spoke to the attorney who's representing the victim's families. >> that attorney says the jnt only shined a light on efforts to stonewall that public information but also set an important legal precedent about how public records coulding shared in the future. >> reporter: what has become of us as a people, where have we gone so terribly wrong?
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dennis curran in his ruling in a troubling sex abuse case that has parents battling state officials for information. >> the whole decision i thought was rather remarkable. >> reporter: attorney representing the families of the alleged victims. they're suing state officials for access to public records that could shed light on a possible cover-up of alleged sexual abuse at a bridgewater state university daycare. >> what we have are a bunch of parents who are sick thinking that their kids may have been abused by this guy and they don't even know really what happened. >> reporter: last july, police arrested b.s.u. student and daycare worker kyle laughlin on allegations he raped and sexually assaulted young children. laughlin's boss was also charged for allegedly failing to report the abuse. since then the victim's parents have been fighting to know who at bridgewater state knew about the allegations and when. requesting personnel records, documents, about the chain of command and e-mails. the state denied their
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motion to dismiss the parents lawsuit seeking the records. >> i think in this case they're misguided that the interest of these children ought to be the number one concern that they have. >> reporter: the judge agreed in his ruling denying the state's motion he wrote who speaks for the children in this case? not the attorney general's office, not a few university administrators. instead, we see only petty bureaucrats scurrying to protect themselves. >> a spokeswoman from the attorney general's office called this a tragic case and told me they have worked with the families on the public records request and will continue to do so. the attorney general does have the option to appeal judge curran's ruling. reporting live kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. 13-year-old kidnapped causing shocks across the nation. coming up new information about the two college students under arrest and a possible connection to the teenage victim. you were leaving me miles per hour and i just emergency?
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actually pulled over a police officer. the officer's answer when she demands to know why he was speeding? >> the investigation that continues tonight after a 3-year-old was rushed away from a local home. new questions about how that child suffered severe trauma. >> all that as we continue to monitor the numbers in iowa they're very close. this is a live look at ted cruz's caucus headquarters. he has been leading above donald trump throughout the night it's not over yet on either side. keep it right here.
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car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. r he's just not ready to be president. pnright to rise usa is responsible
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a 3-year-old fighting to survive right now after being rushed away from a roxbury home. we have been fothd investigation very closely since we first brought you the details as breaking news last night at 10:00. fox 25's malini basu live. information about what may have happened. >> vanessa we're talking about what 24 hours later and the investigation still continues as an officer is still here at this hour. and that 3-year-old boy is fighting for his life at this hour. tonight forces are telling us that that little boy was beaten by a relative. all throughout the day boston police officers and homicide detectives have been in and out of this roxbury. around 10:00 last night police were called to this house after the boy suffered traumatic injuries. >> came downstairs because i saw all the police cars and e.m.t.s it. >> breaks my heart to think
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injuries on him. it really breaks my heart. >> reporter: he may have been kicked or beat onto lower part of his tiny body. we've learned a relative who has mental health issues may be responsible for the child's injuries. >> for a 3-year-old i just in a state of shock right now to hear that happen even right here. >> reporter: police have been taking bags and bags of evidence out of the house. the boy's toddler sister was taken away by state officials as well. >> i see them coming and going from nursery school. it saddens me. >> so the house directly behind me that's where the little boy lived with his sister. and that little sister tonight is in the state's custody. investigators also tell us well at all. in the meantime, homicide detectives are still working this case and charges have not yet been filed. for now live in roxbury tonight, malini basu, fox 25
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a woman is in the hospital tonight after she was found unresponsive in a local pool. it happened this afternoon at the swim and fitness center. e.m.t.s performed c.p.r. on the 47-year-old woman and rushed her to the hospital. we are still waiting for word on her condition tonight. police in manchester, new hampshire, want you to take a good look at this guy. he's wanted for robbing the budget gas on boynton street saturday at gunpoint. he was wearing a gray red sox hat and white scarf over his face when he held that up station. back to the latest in iowa you -- now the results are coming in. hillary clinton clinging to a lead here 81% of the precincts reporting. and you see it is hillary clinton up 50%, bernie sanders though right behind at 49%. again too close to call at this point. a.p. sources by the way say martin o'malley another democrat has now ended his run for the democratic nomination. and on the republican side, let's take a look at the numbers here. you can see another tight race.
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at 28% donald trump 25%, and marco rubio in the hunt as well at 22%. whenever the winners are announced three leave iowa with some momentum for sure while the rest try to make up ground just to our north in new hampshire. our political reporter sharman sacchetti is live in manchester now where she has been tracking the candidates already here. sharman? >> reporter: that's right, after iowa they all head to new hampshire. we're live here in manchester, new hampshire, and this is where jeb bush just wrapped up a town hall event. he held just a couple of hours ago. they are all set to arrive here at least starting tomorrow. but we caught up with a few candidates who cut their losses early and decided to make new hampshire a priority starting tonight. >> you asked to us get better and to be better. >> reporter: we showed up to jeb bush's crowded town hall meeting in manchester where we found him working to sway voters who haven't yet made up their minds. he's hoping new hampshire will help revive his struggling campaign.
10:19 pm
reset elections that's what you all do. >> reporter: former candidate lindsay gram sitting front and center amid a sea of undecided voters and bush isn't the only one who left iowa to start early here. >> i'm happy to be back in new hampshire. chris christie spent the first half of the day in iowa but headed to new hampshire for a town hall earlier this evening in hopkinton. >> i understand there's still some undecided voters in this state. maybe some of this undecided voters in this room. i hope there won't be. >> reporter: like the others he wasn't taking questions afterwards. is new hampshire make it or break it for you governor? >> reporter: john kasich in louden and sports mouth is hoping for a good showing in -- portsmouth is hoping for a good showing in new hampshire. >> because win or use it has been unbelievable. it has been amazing. >> reporter: new hampshire prides itself on being the first in the nation primary. so does iowa even matter here? we sat down with the executive director of the new hampshire institute of politics at st. anson
10:20 pm
>> whoever wins in iowa they let get on the front page get fund-raising money, they're activists are going to get enthused. new hampshire voters are sitting watching all of this activity they're very interested in this race. >> reporter: and that's true. there are going to be candidates who come here with momentum indeed. question tell you though new hampshire has a long history of doing whatever it wants, certainly. and we have seen plenty of comebacks. all of those candidates most of them anyway, expected to hit the ground running tomorrow and we will be here covering it for you. we're live in manchester, new hampshire tonight, sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. >> look for them in a city and town near you. fox 25 is the place to turn to all week. we'll have live reports from new hampshire every morning and night. we'll be anchoring our coverage from our election studio in manchester. we'll also have be bringing you primary specials every night at 7:00 featuring fox 25 political reporter
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in-depth reports on the candidates and expert analysis. this own primary night itself we'll be with you on our newscast 5:00 p.m. straight through 11:30 bringing you live results. happen. we'll also stream it all live on and on the facts 25 news app. she's an accomplished dancer and marathon bomber survivor. coming up adrian haslett is adding runner to that list. how she's keeping her promise tonight to run this year's boston marathon. love for tom brady and gronk but not for others. who aaron hernandez is single out in a new letter sent from his prison cell.
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a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused
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marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. r he's just not ready to be president. pnright to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. want to update you on breaking news. fox news is now reporting that texas senator ted cruz will win the caucus in iowa for the republicans. again on the democratic side very close to call. 50% to 49% hillary clinton on top of bernie sanders. we'll continue to update these numbers throughout the newscast. new jailhouse meantime letter from arnz has surfaced. the three page note is
10:24 pm
posted by tmz sports. he still roots for his former team was once close to brady and gronk but also blasts owner robert kraft the feeling is clearly no longer mutual. hernandez is in prison for the murder of odin lloyd and is facing charges in two other deaths. the denver broncos are back in their hotel in california tonight after the team's buses were involved in a minor crash. the team was leaving practice to run up to the happened. no one on board was hurt despite what you see here with the cracked windshield. there are reports that a california highway patrol officer did suffer some minor injuries. the players twed about the situation as they waited on the -- tweeted about the situation as they waited on the side of the road. good news for chipotle an e. coli link appears to be over. during the last several months dozens of can customers in several states reported getting sick after eating at chipotle. to win back customers
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big discounts for super bowl weekend. soon you won't have to go hungry when you're flying united or american airlines. new at 10:00 tonight both airlines have announced they'll be bringing back free snacks for coach passengers. today united brought back the complimentary treats american says it will have those snacks available this month for some flights, including those connecting to new york and california. all domestic flights will soon follow suit in april. the zika virus now called an international emergency. ahead at 10:00 the great lengths some local travelers are being forced to go to right now to make changes to their vacation plans. tracking some heavy downpours moving off the coast tonight.
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jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like a
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and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> fox news texas senator ted cruz 28% of the vote tonight, and it was donald trump in second, marco rubio appears to be finishing third in this race. on the democratic side, let's take a look at this right here. again it is very close between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. clinton with the edge if you are just joining us martin o'malley he has suspend his campaign after a poor
10:29 pm
waiting to hear from ted cruz at this point. not sure when that's going to come. but when it does we'll bring it to you live. two virginia tech students are accused of killing a 13-year-old girl. students are both freshmen and people who knew them are shocked at the charges. >> reporter: in this picture 13-year-old nicole level looks like a happy young teen. the 13-year-old who recently had a liver transplant vanished wednesday from blacksburg, virginia. then a series of shocking announce s including the discovery of the body and the arrest of two virginia tech students. >> we believe our doors open here sometimes people don't even steal from other rooms. so to hear that a kid is somehow is connected to a 13-year-old girl abduction is pretty sickening. here. that would happen. >> reporter: 19-year-old natalie keepers was arrested sunday morning facing a felony charge for improper disposal of a body. and a misdemeanor charge for accessory after the
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10:30 pm
>> i was originally shocked let's be honest it's not something you expect in your average run of the mill neighborhood, if you will. i don't have a whole lot of interaction with her. but its sort of surprising to say the least. >> reporter: 18-year-old david eisenhower was taken into custody saturday charged with first-degree murder and felony kidnapping. >> eisenhower and nicole. eisenhower used his relationship to his advantage to abduct then kill her. >> reporter: divers with the virginia state police spent the day searching a pond for evidence. investigators know what they're looking for but haven't released that information. >> today additional counsels were brought in to help students grieving over the death. a blacksburg middle school. the counsellors were busy in the morning but students seemed to be getting back to their routine by the afternoon. a driver turns the table on police. basically pulling over an officer for speeding.
10:31 pm
officer sped past her going more than 90 miles per hour so she tailed him eventually leading him to pull over. when he approached her car she began asking him why he was going so fast. >> you were leaving me behind and i was going 80 miles per hour and i just wanted to know what's the emergency? >> hmm i don't know how fast i was going but i can tell you this i'm on the way to work right now. i don't believe i was speeding. >> you're speeding. >> well, i apologize and i'll be sure to slow down, ma'am. >> yeah, all right. >> that officer's police department says they will now investigate. >> storm tracker radar getting put to work tonight as some heavy downspours across most of our area. temperatures they're dropping. let's talk about the satellite and radar picture first of all. but the rain in southeastern massachusetts this was happening at 5:00 and 6:00
10:32 pm
heavier rain though has come across nantucket especially. much of it now pushing offshore. but there's still some shots of yellow in here on nantucket. then up to cape cod these were just over chatham a few minutes ago now they made their way offshore. so cape cod you are done with the rainshowers from this point on. temperatures throughout have fallen certainly fitchburg down to 34 degrees right now under clear skies. look 34 is not brutally cold that's about the average high temperature for fitchburg this time of year. but tonight you're dropping below freezing down to 31 right back up to near 40 by 10:00 tomorrow morning. in norwood it is 46 right now under clear skies and the temperature dropping there below freezing tonight as well. now the only caution here as temperatures fall in southeastern massachusetts anywhere you still had some snow to melt you can get some spots of ice on your walkway and driveway. had some great pictures sent in by social media.
10:33 pm
what a beautiful day for some spring-like skiing out here. look at this beautiful sunset thank you, kristen for this gorgeous shot we saw. then our own sarah wroblewski reminding us that there's groundhog day. this is howard dean national heavenly hash day tomorrow. tomorrow groundhog day is a big opportunity to well see if winter will continue at least that's what the theory is. i'm here to tell you the next couple days with sunshine tomorrow and even warmer weather wednesday despite the rain the next couple days aren't going to feel like winter at all. in fact, with that sunshine tomorrow right through lunchtime and into the afternoon your high temperatures are going to look like this. north shore first. 42 andover 42 . now this is 20 degrees cooler today but still above average for the date. it will feel mild with that sunshine out there. in worcester county, worcester is 44 , milford at 43 . metro west tomorrow dedham at 44
10:34 pm
here on the south shore middleboro 44 new bedford at 45 and taunton at 44 coming up tomorrow afternoon. now here's that seven-day forecast it takes you right through the next few days. look what happens on wednesday. there's going to be some precipitation moving in on wednesday. we talked about how it's going to be mild again into the mid-50s on wednesday. that's coming with a trade-off. it will be a front that comes by in the morning. then here comes the rain that takes you through lunchtime. rain starting to make its way through worcester county. light at first then heavier blocks into the evening. so your evening commute figures to be very wet out there in worcester county. then pushes offshore late at night on wednesday into early thursday morning when things start to clear back out. with very that to contend with coming up. but beyond that it also cools down starting up friday into the upcoming weekend. your weekend is always in view. here 38 on saturday with sunshine and on sunday another front coming on with rain or snow showers. high temperature about 41 .
10:35 pm
coming up over the next couple days decidedly mild. newest information coming in this hour on the timeline for that rain on wednesday. all right kevin. back to more breaking news out of iowa at this moment. former arkansas governor mike huckabee bowing out of the race. huckabee just sending out a tweet saying that he has suspended his second run for president. democrat martin o'malley also announcing that he will end his campaign within the last hour. we're waiting on the official numbers from the democratic side. we'll have those for you as they come in. meanwhile putting some skin into a game a local tattoo parlor offering free tattoos of bernie sanders. the offering they're putting on table now for those who already got their donald trump tats. a proposed bobcat sighting. the results of hearings on something that hasn't happened in that state in decades. plus, we told you last week about an idea to give rattlesnakes their own island in the middle of one of state's largest water
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want broing you live to iowa right now. marco rubio speaking to his supporters following a third place finish not far behind donald trump who finished second to ted cruz. >> for the chance he has given us to be apart of this endeavor here in iowa it has been a phenomenal experience. i want to thank my wife and my family. [applause] >> i want to congratulate my friend senator ted cruz he worked really hard here in iowa he earned his victory here tonight. >> i want to thank another good friend of mine governor mike huckabee for his service to our country, to the state of arkansas he's announced tonight that he's suspending his campaign. we have tremendous admiration for governor huckabee and we thank him for all he's done.
10:40 pm
>> marco rubio after a third place finish tonight made it very interesting on the republican side just a point back of donald trump as you can see right here and senator ted cruz from texas taking it at 28%. again on the democratic side we are still waiting to see how that's all going to shake out. not a done deal there yet. hillary clinton with a one percentage-point lead over bernie sanders at last check at 50 to 49. closer to home governor charlie baker giving the green light for a rattlesnake island. baker saying he supports department of fisheries and wildlife plan to use a reservoir island to house a colony of rattlesnakes. experts say the snakes would likely not survive if they did escape the island. >> the fight against the opioid epidemnick massachusetts getting a financial boost. the governor announcing more than $2.5 million in grants to help lawsuit battle the
10:41 pm
the grant will help pay for narcan in some chunts communities. flint, michigan had not on the only place you will find dangerous levels of lead. our washington bureau digging through the numbers finding in 2014, 6,208 levels were found to very well vade lead levels of those cases 7 can 64 had confirmed lead poisoning when retested six months later. there were 92 confirmed cases of lead poisoning in new hampshire. we caught up with pennsylvania senator bob casey who expressed concern. >> there's no pattern it doesn't just happen in cities it happens in small towns and rural areas where you have the elevated level. >> we reported on a bill last week which would force governments to report any spikes in lead levels within 15 days. the c.d.c. says there are no safe levels of lead in children. new dangers involving the zika virus. the new issues local moms-to-be are trying to navigate a alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology.
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we want to update out latest in iowa. ted cruz is the winner on g.o.p. side tonight edging out donald trump. the democratic side so very point. take a look here. hillary clinton with 50%, bernie sanders with 49%. that is 88 precincts reporting. still very tight here. clinton with that narrow lead. we'll continue to catch those numbers come in. following an emergency meeting today about the zika virus. >> it's now circulating in more than two dozen countries. ted daniels tells us many of those people or many of those places are popular vacation spots.
10:44 pm
>> travel warnings have been issued for a number of countries in central america, south america and the caribbean. those warnings are mainly aimed at pregnant women because of a possible connection between zika and birth defects. with school vacation weeks in massachusetts and new hampshire this month, some are changing plans. >> somewhere like california, the south. >> reporter: those are some of the destinations brian and samantha buck are considering after cancelling a trip to the caribbean planned for february school vacation week. samantha is 15 weeks pregnant with the couple's first when she booked the dominican republic early last month many in the u.s. had never even heard of the zika virus. >> the reason that i found out was because a family member forwarded me the information on the zika virus and said you know please pay attention to this. >> reporter: samantha began reading up on the mosquito-borne illness and her doctor advised her not to go. >> the concerns about
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10:45 pm
and really not really worth it. >> reporter: microcephaly is the condition with a baby born with an unusually small head. the c.d.c. believes there may be a link between pregnant women who have the zika virus and this rare but increasing type of birth defect in the countries where zika is present. >> we don't expect a major, major outbreak in the united states despite fact there's considerable problems in south america. >> reporter: with the dominican republic recently added to the growing list of countries where the zika virus is present, samantha buck feels like she made the right call. she a difficult time getting a refunding. her advice, persistence. >> get your paperwork, get your doctors notes do your research and hopefully they should be responding to you. >> reporter: the c.d.c. has a map of all the countries where zika is spreading right now. you can mind that and more information on the virus on our website
10:46 pm
in the u.s. have been confined to people who were in one of the affected areas. live in our newsroom. ted daniel, fox 25 news. a grocery store coupon post making the rounds on facebook today but it turns true. they are alerting customers they are not giving away cows ponce for $200 worth of groceries. they are working now to try to get the post removed from facebook. they are urging customers not to click it on or information. new hampshire residents voicing their opinions tonight when it comes to a planned bobcat hunt. the fish and game commission is proposing to issue 50 bobcat permits to a lottery system. the first bobcat hunt since 1989 and it's being met with a lot of criticism two. separate hearings were held at the state house tonight one for opponents and one for supporters. >> the boston marathon is full of lots of supporters. adrian haslett vows to run
10:47 pm
today we got a look at how she's training to make good on that promise. >> reporter: stretching out and ready to run. marathon bombing survivor adrian haslett is on pace for a major milestone. >> i'm running for those who cannot run. >> haslett is returning to the race that changed her life. >> this is another way for me to heal but i don't believe you're ever fully healed. >> reporter: haslett was near the finish line when the attacks took place nearly three years ago. her left leg from the knee down was amputated but the ballroom dancer was determined to dance again and she did. now she's running to raise money for the limbs for life foundation which provides prosthetics for those who can't afford it. >> this will give them the chance to be able to dream big and run and dance and do whatever it is that they want to do because you feel so homeless when you don't have -- hopeless when you don't have a leg. >> reporter: she's never run before and is now up to 10 miles and will use a carbon fiber blade.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: she admits crossing the finish line will be emotional. >> i want to just stand there for a moment and hopefully not get hit by another people behind me and take a minute to just absorb what just happened. >> reporter: she knows she has a lot of people way. >> i'll be thinking of a lot of people who don't have legs. i'll be thinking of the people who have reached out. i'll be thinking of the people who sent letters and most of all thinking of anything that will not make me think of how much i hurt. >> reporter: she is amazing we will all be cheering her on. she's hoping to finish the marathon in under six hours. if you would like to learn more or make a donation just go to our website one other note haslett is hoping to raise $10,000. take you back live to iowa right now. donald trump off the second place finish g.o.p. caucus there behind texas senator ted cruz addressing his supporters tonight. >> we're leaving tonight and
10:49 pm
in new hampshire and that will be something special. it's going to be a great week. we're going to be up here next week. i think we're going to be proclaiming victory, i hope. i will say this, i don't know who's going to win between bernie and hillary, i don't know what's going happen with hillary she's got other problems maybe bigger than the problems she's got in terms of many different indications and polls that we beat her and we beat her easily. we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or bhov the hell they throw up there. iowa we love you, we thank you. you're special we will be back many, many times. in fact, i think i might come here and buy a farm. i love it, okay. thank you. thank you everybody. >> second place finish
10:50 pm
interesting than many people suspected. he loses to texas senator ted cruz and holds off marco rubio by just one percentage point. tonight he thanks the people of iowa and makes plans to head to new hampshire tomorrow. kevin. >> all right, mark we're tracking some rain out there tonight some of the heavy downpours out here in nantucket that will continue to move away overnight tonight things are going to improve. we'll see some clearing skies. your wake up forecast 30 degrees on average with lots of sunshine out there. sunrise you see it there at 6:57 a.m. another mild day. i'm tracking our next batch of heavy rain. a timeline on that at are what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. how about register to vote? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy.
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that was easy. register today. hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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i do everything on the internet but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here. (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. >> it is a boston tradition unmatched.
10:53 pm
ourselves a familiar matchup. this one just finished moments ago think they havet to get past northeastern first. finishing it off. look at charlie mcavoy. >> doubleheader started tonight with b.c. facing harvard. didn't take long for the eagles to strike just five seconds in. ryan the breakaway. b.c. scored two power play goals. that made it 3-2 that's how it ends the eagles move on with a 3-2 win. of those this was the most
10:54 pm
players and college hockey now. >> bruins are back action tomorrow. >> they had a rapd heart rate he did undergo tests the team hopes to clear him to return once those test results come back. malcolm has been called on from he won 14 games. may or may not get in but he will be ready. the traditional super bowl media day now opening night at the super bowl. he did address the h.g.h. story one more time. what this report alleges
10:55 pm
not true it's fabbated and junk and garbage. i can guarantee you this investigation what it will find coming up pitch stearns joins us from t.d. garden plus, a nasty, nasty dunk from andre drummond you do not want to miss that's on the fox 25 news at 10:00. picking a winner the gates are open and the race for the white house is. on we're live in iowa as caucus goers head home. plus, outrage, action and losers. the punishment that's angering some residents. they were together till the end.
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