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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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casualties. casualties. who has already bailed out of the race this morning. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: and good morning, everybody, now 6:00 on this tuesday morning. it is february 2. hope your morning is off to a great start. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. we are keeping a close eye on those caucus results from iowa where it is still too close to call for the democrats. >> gene: check your forecast. meteorologist shiri spear says temperatures are running below average. she joins us with a time on today's warm-up but not as warm as yesterday. >> shiri: no, not as warm, 60 on the map. 38 right now boston. going down another degree since last hour. 20s in norwood and fitchburg and nashua all checking in at 25 degrees. we have clear skies now, and we are less than an hour away from sunrise. so that means by 8:00 this
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warming into the lower 30s where we have 20s on the map right now. sunshine all day long. at noontime, we have boston at 45 degrees. worcester at 41. lawrence at 44. 45 in plymouth. and so am temperatures are -- are working their way up, and i do think we will have pops of 50s, not 60s on the map this afternoon. this is your evening commute where temperatures again sagging into the lower 40s. not a whole lot going on until we hit these overnight hours and by the time we wake up tomorrow morning, the first of rain actually moving into western new england with even the threat of a couple of icy spots at first. 44 to 50. go ahead and soak up that sunshine while we can. the latest on that wind, rain and even icy threat coming up in just a few. now send you over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic and an accident update julie keeping a close eye on this northbound expressway for you. the orange delays stretching
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yet, but i will let you know if that changes. otherwise things are looking good except on the expressway where the volume builds first. as you can see bumper-to-bumper 13. your live drive times. to the split. 2 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. 11 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. gene and sara, back to you. the clinton campaign is declaring victory this morning, and the final results of iowa's democratic caucus remains in limbo at this hour. >> right now we are still awaiting results from what the state is calling the closest democratic caw news history. clinton and sanders separated by just a fraction. clinton with 49.9%. sanders with 49.5%. >> gene: on the republican side, ted cruz crediting all the time on the ground in iowa with the victory over donald trump. the results were close 27.7 for cruz.
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reporter karin caifa has late details from iowa. >> reporter: after months of listening to the candidates, the voters finally got their say on monday night. the first contest of it the presidential campaign, the iowa caucusesnd turned out in record numbers. long lines to get into sites and overcrowded getting into nose sites. >> tonight is a victory for conservatives across iowa. >> reporter: ted cruz has branded him self as the true conserve any his battle with donald trump and his retail politics and heavy courting of the evangelical vote gave him the win. meanwhile, trump, the most humble we have seen in this race, thanked the iowa supporter race, thanked the iowa supporters for his second-place finish. >> i was told by everybody, do not go to iowa. could you never finish, even in the top ten. and i said, but i have friends in iowa. i know a lot of people in iowa. i think they will really like me i think they will really like me.
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hillary clinton did not suffer a loss like eight years ago, but the results marked a stunning turn from the stunning leads she had in the polls here late last year. clinton acknowledge clinton acknowledging a real challenge from sanders and sanders applauding how far his campaign has come. >> it is their we have the opportunity we do now to have a real contest of ideas. to really think hard about what the democratic party stands for. >> if i think about what happened tonight, i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment. >> reporter: in des moines, iowa, i am karin caifa. already this morning two former governors ended their presidential bids following poor showings in eye spy because of illness, obviously the voters are sick of me, and i need to acknowledge it.
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huckabees made light of his trouble. he suspended his campaign. huckabee earned eye any 2008 and earned less than 2% support this year. martin o'malley is also ending his presidential campaign. the former governor of maryland was chosen by less than 1% of caucusgoers. the nation's first primary will be held in just one week. we have team coverage from the granite state this morning. fox25's michael henrich covering the republican candidates. but first we start, fox25's catherine parrotta live in nashua following the democrats. and we are down to just two candidates in that race now, catherine. >> reporter: just two candidates as we have been reporting all morning. martin o'malley has dropped out of the race; however, hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders both arrived sanders both arrived in new hampshire just after 4:30 this morning. clinton's camp is declaring victory in iowa; however, the iowa party has not declared an official winner. at last check one precinct that was not reporting just yet and
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information. some information on newspapers and social media say the caucuses were so close, some of those caucuses, that the winner were determined by a coin toss in those cases. no official -- both candidates have events schedule pulled into new hampshire, and for hilingz, the day will begin in flash with a this morning at nashua community college where she has a get out to vote event and joined by former president clinton for that event and both go off in separate directions to continue campaigning today. hillary clinton will be joined by one of her events by former congresswoman gabby gifford. bernie sanders has a get out to vote rally at 3:00 in keene. both candidates will appear together on at least one occasion here in new hampshire. they both agree to participate in a town hall meeting tomorrow night. but they have been locked in a debate over the topic of future debates. over the weekend. sanders and clinton tentatively agreed to participate in a debate in new hampshire on thursday. something that sanders initially
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exchange for a new hampshire debate, sanders is requesting three other debates in the spring. he and clinton were not in agreement with a date on that. sander's camp said he has been long interested in doing more debates. they say that the only reason they are talking about this debate because clinton's camp wants this debate because sanders has some momentum come sanders has some momentum coming into new hampshire, so, again, still a week off until the primary. the first in the nation primary. both candidates have a very busy day ahead and we will tell you coming up next hour what the polls say of these two candidates in new hampshire and they even matter in the end. all this coming in the next hour all this coming in the next hour. live in nashua, new hampshire. catherine parrotta, fox25. the republicans will also be busy. chris christie has the first event of the day. michael henrich is live in nashua. michael, the new jersey governor has put all of his focus on champ now. >> reporter: handful of candidates have. all candidates are focused on
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candidates really need a boost in the new hampshire primary one week from today. governor chris christie of new jersey among those. he will be here at the crowne plaza nashua. he dime new hampshire even before the iowa caucus begun to get more face time with new hampshire voters, and spa lek spaer to handful in a couple of hours. senator ted cruz of texas, cruise cruising to new hampshire on a plane after his victory in iowa. the real clear politics average of major polls show cruz in second place here in the granite state. billionaire donald trump is seen with a sizable more than 20 with a sizable more than 20-point lead here in new hampshire. one thing to keep in an eye on is whether florida senator marco rubio's third-place finish last night will attract forkers away from ohio governor john kasich, currently polling in third in the granite state as well as from kristi and fellow floridian governor jeb bush all of whom
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are looking for a better showing. and we will take a closer look in 30 minutes at that real clear politics average of major polls and see how everybody is fairing here in new hampshire. how many candidates will drop out just like former arkansas governor mike huckabee did last night. how many will drop out after the new hampshire primary in only time will tell and we will follow it closely on fox25. live in nashua, a new hampshire, michael henrich, fox25. fox25 is the flies turn to all week long for new hampshire primary coverage. we have live reports and we will be anchoring our coverage from our election studio in manchester. we will also bring you primary specials every night at 7:00 featuring fox25 political reporter sharman sacchetti with in-depth reports on the candidates and expert analysis. then on primary night, we will be with you for our news at 5 p.m. straight to 11:30. bringing you live reports, live reports from candidates' headquarters and the speeches as they happen. will stream it for you live on
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news aptz, and, again, as soon as we have an official you call for the democrats in iowa, we will bring it to you. 6:09. new details just in. a person involved in a motorcycle crash overnight died on main street in woburn just before midnight. our photographer was on the scene as crews were picking up the pieces of that motorcycle. officials tell us the motorcycle crashed into the back of a parked van. now police will not released now police will not release the name of the person killed in the crash but say he is a man in his mid to late 20s. investigators say they are amazed that a woman hit by a car and dragged for miles is actually alive this morning. doctors were able to save her arms, but say she has a long road to recovery. the alleged driver of the car that hit her hid her face in court yesterday. a 44-year-old driver from sandwich pled not guilty of hit sandwich pled not guilty of hitting a woman and man in china hitting a woman and man in chinatown dragging a woman for three miles into the southwest freeway. another driver told police shot another driver told police shotted the you driver stopped
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at a columbia road exit. at a columbia road exit. -- he says she got out of the car, saw the victim on the ground and took off. she was stopped a short time later. she is being held on $5,000 bail she is being held on $5,000 bail. the driver's past. she lists her job as massage therapist. the "boston herald" said she twice have been charged with offering sex for a fee in bright. on in 200and waltham in 2009. both cases were continued without finding. her next court date is february 26. we prac traffic and weather every ten minutes. right now a 29-minute commute on 93 southbound from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri. >> shiri: . outside. 30s at 7 a.m. the warm-up carries us up to 32 by 8 a.m. we will show what you time plan on the 40s and the 50s next. a police officer remains outside this local home where a toddler was taken away with life-threatening injuries. coming up at 6:30, what we have learned about this active
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member could to be blame. plus there are is the talk they are morning, a local college student in big trouble for trying to rent out his dorm room. coming up next, how hundreds of people are backing him up for putting car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused
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banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. a emerson college student is in big trouble for school for listing his dorm room for rent online. he says he was just trying to make extra money, and now he is facing fines.
6:15 am
story and daniel, hundreds of kids are supporting him saying, hey, what is the big deal. >> that is exactly what they are saying, sara, according to the globe, emerson school officials say soft marr violated the school's policy by allowing people to rent his room on the site air b & b. you can see jack is the one in the middle there. he posted this picture on facebook aside two friends declaring their support. he was trying offset the cost of school while providing a service to people visiting the city of boston. he tells, he never read anything in the school's policy that prohibited him from renting out his dorm room, but college officials say it is in their residence hall policy and housing contract that undergraduate residents sign. while emerson may not agree, hundreds are on worth's side appear petition is going online this morning to support him. at last check, more than 250
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it is actually at 257. worth wouldn't say what the school is threatening him with, and school officials, well, they are not commenting. we will continue to follow this story for all morning. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. 6:15 this morning. a local fire fighter has been suspended for a facebook post about drug addicts. the town of weymouth has suspended fire fighter mark herr -- carron for 90 days without pay. on facebook he called drug yourers losers and say patients should be left to die instead of receiving the overs do-reversing drugs narcan. the fire chief said the fire fighter was frustrated but that is not excuse. >> ways to deal with the frustration but instead of putting on -- posting on social media, right a letter to the chief. >> some protesters have called for carron to be fired but the chief tells fox25 no further disciplinary action is planned. the fight against the the fight against the epidemic of drug overdoses is getting a financial boost. governor charlie baker says 2.5 million will go to law
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the grants will help pay for more doses of the overdose reversing drug narcan and fund more treat beds for drug addicts and patients. and a local congressman fighting to stop fake police standoffs become the victim of one herself. u.s. representative katherine clark said she was home in melrose watching tv with her husband sunday night when police officers swarmed her house. they had received a computer-generated phone call saying there were shots fired and that an active shooter was in clark's home. melrose police determined there was no shooting and the incident is under investigation. in november, clark introduced legislation aimed at combating hoax emergency calls known as swatting. good tuesday morning. it is now 6:17. want to start with this live look from skyfox over a stalled box truck. it is in the middle lane of 93 southbound at route 16 in medford. we have a tow truck that is on its way here. saw it in the shop a few minutes
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because in an inconvenience spot being right in that center lane. that is why we are seeing that red shading right through medford on the map. we shift south, the other slow spot on the expressway around morrissey boulevard. 13 minutes on route from 228 to the braintree split. 18 minutes on 93 south from the cloverleaf to the leverett connector. 15 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now, and you are forecasting a very pretty day coming to town with higher-than coming to town with higher-than-average temperatures again. >> that's right. today's weather is going to be pretty quiet yet out there. we will take a look at what is coming to town tomorrow because that is a little more trouble that is a little more troublesome. rain and wind will be the big story for most of us, but. there will potentially be a little ice out there on the morning commute. we want to highlight some of the slippery spots, but right now waking up to 30 in worcester. 25 in norwood. 26 in plymouth. 38 in boston. 30 in lawrence, and this is where your warm-up is headed today in the city itself.
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before 7:00 this morning. so 8 a.m., it stays nice and bright at 38 degrees. here we come, middle 40s which is still above average. in fact temperatures will be 10 degrees above average. not nearly the 60s that we had yesterday. so all-day sunshine throughout your tuesday. i think you are going to like a lot. we have 50s on the map in norwood, new bedford, providence, rhode island, 51. middle 40 nooz central massachusetts around the worcester area. nashua today 47 degrees. name is beverly and boston. plymouth, 48 and about 44 in chatham. bright skies for all of us. you will find a couple of high, thin clouds out there. this is what is going to be tracking toward us. as it does, we will see temperatures jump significantly tomorrow along with just a soaking wet forecast. future cast by 7:00 tomorrow morning has the first of the precipitation moving in, and initially light, the problem is as it comes into town. any earlier than this. a situation where western massachusetts, southern vermont,
6:20 am
just barely anything. a little bit of light, freezing drizzle and only takes trace amounts to of course make for icy roadways initially. and we could see a little sleet mix in and look how quickly things warm up, by 10 a.m. temperatures above freezing. a threat of any icing will be closer to new hampshire and northward and we are seeing the showers fill in toward worcester and lowell by 10:00 in the morning reaching boston by about lunchtime tomorrow. and we just simply got on and off throughout the day. heaviest rain expected to the north and west of boston where you can find heavy rain in and around the boston area and for the evening hours, that heavy rain is going to turn focus over southeastern massachusetts. in front really slow to pull away which means even on thursday morning, we will have to keep that risk of shower at the coastline. high also make it into the 50s tomorrow. a very balmy day. on top of this, winds will likely gust 40 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon and evening. thursday morning slight risk of a shower at 50 degrees. cooler friday. 39, but brighter.
6:21 am
more spots around sunday at 40 degrees. and by late monday, a mix of rain and snow. back over to you, guys. now 6:20 this morning. still ahead on the fox25 morning news, a class-action lawsuit against this popular lip balm company has been settled. the new warning that will come with every egg. plus, he was so popular he had his own hashtag.
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a popular lip balm will not have to change ingredients knew they have settled a lawsuit. earlier this month e os was sued by customers that the limb balm made their mouths break out in rash and bumps. they said their products meet standard. they will come in new packaging to better instruct people how to use them. all right, gene, check this out. republican front runner donald trump is feeling the heat from the big-name singer. . >> sara: adele is calling trump out for using her song "rolling in the deep." a spokesperson said adele has not given permission for her
6:24 am
political campaign. aerosmith steven tyler asked trump to stop his music. he has deep pockets. he can pay them to play their songs. >> julie: i know people are protective what songs are used on the campaign trail. a kid in the audience at a hillary clinton rally stole the show. watch in the upper -- in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. right there peter clingscale. he is a freshman at drake. he has been dubbed sticker kid. >> sara: the prime spot. >> speck barely stand still. dancing, making funny faces. of course he is covered in stickers. here is the real sticker. is not sure who he is voting for and heard she was going to be on campus and wanted to check it out and posted a picture saying he would auction off his famous stick stickers to pay for tuition.
6:25 am
they dress up to be on the jumbo they dress up to be on the jumbotron. >> julie: . >> julie: spilled over to politics. >> sara: a beautiful moment with ted cruz in iowa. it was a prank and pulled off by two emerson college kids, smart kids. a man wearing a ted cruz for president t-shirt got down on bended knee and asked a woman to marry him. cruz congratulated them and hugged them. well, it wasn't a real proposal, and they did it just to get a good picture with the presidential candidate. one of them actually told they feel bad for cruz because he was so excited for them. maybe this will bring out some love and they will actually get married sglooul real life. he just won the iowa caucus. >> sara: it was good luck. >> julie: what if he goes on to be president and they have a photo. the start of something really good. >> shiri: will end up framing that photo down the line. today keeping the forecast bright and dry but as we get into the day tomorrow, heavy at times. lingering into thursday morning. the timeline of that heavy
6:26 am
and sometimes, the bargains
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the facebook s pone of the cool perks of this place pis you can eat as much cereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing) now at 6:30, ted cruz with the win in iowa defeating donald trump. at a narrow margin. declaring victory over bernie sanders in iowa and the democrat sanders in iowa and the democratic race still too close to call officially in the state of iowa. so that's going to go right down to -- this morning who knows how
6:28 am
officially figure that out. >> will take a while and in the meantime whether punxsutawney phil will see a shadow or no shadow, but they are celebrate shadow, but they are celebrating in pennsylvania. >> gene: they make huge deal out of this. he comes out for ten seconds and see it is. >> julie: the rest of the year watches netflix and hangs out. >> sara: a whole celebration around that area. >> shiri: everybody wants to guess what his percent accuracy is. >> gene: 50. >> sara: 75. >> shiri: 39. 39% accurate. i would say that is bad. here is what we have. the temperature change. 20 degrees cooler in norwood as you wake up this morning. plymouth, 22 degrees cooler. not as warm as yesterday, but we temperatures. 30 in worcester as you wake up. 29 in chelmsford. 22 in rindge, new hampshire. 29 in westburg. lexington upper 20s. walpole. boston itself 38 degrees.
6:29 am
salisbury, 31. 31 in duxbury and 36 in harwich. temperatures 20s and 30s as we wake up this morning. it will be all about the sunshine today. noontime, 45 degrees. by 3 p.m., 47. it is not 50 degrees in your community. so that means temperatures 10 degrees above average and if that is not warm enough for you, i have got an even warmer day tomorrow but i am going to be having some of the hardest hit areas we are expecting the heaviest downpours coming up in less than ten minutes. now let's get you over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic keeping a close eye on an accident. >> julie: yes, shiri. we have a rollover on 128 southbound the exit ramp partially blocked highland avenue in the needham area. they don't get that cleared quickly, will cause some delays. that part of 128 is jam-packed for your morning commute. right before treble cove road in billerica. live look at the zakim bridge. traffic picking up.
6:30 am
14 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 30 minutes on 39 south from the cloverleaf to the leverett connector. 19 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. gene and sara, back to you. well, it is nonnew hampshire well, it is nonnew hampshire. the clinton campaign declaring victory in iowa, but the victory in iowa, but of the democratic caucus remains in limbo at this hour. the state is calling the closest democratic caucus in history. clinton and sanders near tie. clinton with 49.9%. sanders with 49.5. a clear winner on the republican side, ted cruz takes it but that is close, 27.7 for cruz. 24.3 for donald trump. details from iowa. >> reporter: after months of listening to the candidates, the monday night. the first contest of the 2016 presidential campaign, the iowa caucuses, and they turned out in record numbers.
6:31 am
to get into caucus sites and overflow clouds at many of those sites. >> the night is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa. >> reporter: on the republican side, ted cruz have branded himself as the true conservative in his battle for donald trump, and his retail politics and heavy courting of evangelical vote gave him the win. meanwhile, trump, the most humble we have seen him in this race thanked the iowa supporters for his second-place finish. >> i was told by everybody. do not go to iowa, could you never finish even in the top ten never finish even in the top ten. and i said, but i have friends in iowa. i know a lot of people in iowa. i think they will really like me i think they will really like me. >> reporter: on the democratic side, a virtual tie. hillary clinton did not suffer a loss like eight years ago, but the results marked a stunning turn from the solid lead she held in the polls late last year. clinton acknowledging a real challenge from sanders and sanders applauding how far his campaign has come.
6:32 am
opportunity we do now to have a real contest of ideas, to really think hard about what the democratic party stands for. >> if i think about what happened what happens tonight i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment. >> reporter: in des moines, iowa >> reporter: in des moines, iowa, i am karin caifa. this morning, two former governor have ended their presidential bids following poor showings in iowa. former republican governor of arkansas mike huckabee and former democratic governor martin o'malley of maryland are both out. now this morning, all the candidates are already in new hampshire with the nation's first primary is one week away. team coverage from the granite state this morning. fox25's michael henrich covering the republican and first we start with fox25's catherine parrotta live in nashua where a
6:33 am
under way in just a few hours. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, gene. nashua community college where you are right now. a little bit of hustle and bustle and mostly members of the media showing up for an event happening around 11:00 and that event is a get out to vote event for hillary clinton. she will be there to kick out that event and kick off a week of busy of busy campaigning of the first in the nation primary. hillary clinton and bernie sanders arrived in new hampshire just after 4:30. and the clinton campaign declaring victim flee iowa. that of course is not official yet, however, they are saying split margin. in the meantime, the democratic party in iowa have not declared those votes official. one precinct was still left to report and waiting for the results to come in and the iowa republican party did call this the closest democratic caucus in iowa in history. because of that slim margin. in terms of what is ahead for the candidates. hillary clintons a we mentioned will be beginning her day of campaigning at nashua community
6:34 am
and so will former president clinton will be with her in nashua. he will go on to another event. she will go on to another event and joined by congresswoman gabby gifford. bernie sanders has his own event. starting the day at 3:00 in keene for a get out to vote. and another event three hours later. with you but, again, they are both very, very busy ahead of the first of the nation primary and will come face to face at least once here in new hampshire. we will tell you more about that coming up next hour. for now, though, i am live in nashua, new hampshire. catherine parrotta, fox25 news. we continue our team coverage from new hampshire. republican events kick off earlier this morning. fox25's michael henrich is live at chris christie event in nashua that is set to get under way in less than two hours from now. michael, christie skipped out on iowa to focus on new hampshire. >> reporter: new hampshire is the big ticket for him and a handful of candidates to really didn't feel they had a great
6:35 am
so they have been focused on new hampshire. several candidates really do need a good showing. governor chris christie of new jersey keep attempting to build voter support here at an event in the crowne plaza in nashua. in 90 minutes delivering a keynote address at a salvation army army event. a look at how things are smaiping up just a week away. a look at the real clear politics. average of major polls. billionaire donald trump only scheduled event at 7:00 tonight in mill. ford and 33.2%. the senator from texas ted cruz won iowa whose only event at a town hall meeting at a church at noon. he is in second at 11.5% ohio governor john kasich has risen to a second-place tie. he has three events starting in newbury and former florida governor jeb bush at 10.3%.
6:36 am
at 9.5% and kristi is at 6.5%. but keep in mind, the polls going into last night's iowa caucuses had trump at about a 5 5-point lead and he ended up losing by about 3.5%tage points. so these polls can be a little bit up, but they are worth keeping an eye on. will help gauge how things are going ahead in the first of the nation primary, but, again, new hampshire voters get the final say one week from today. live in nashua, new hampshire, michael henrich, fox25 news. fox25 is the place to turn to all week long leading up to the new hampshire primary. we have live reports and will be anchoring our coverage from our election studio in manchester. we will also be bringing you primary specials every night at 7:00 feature 7:00 featuring fox25 political reporter sharman sacchetti with in-depth reports on the candidates and expert analysis. then on primary night, we will be with you from our news at 5 p.m., 3 to 11:30 bringing you live reports, live reports from canada's headquarters and the
6:37 am
we will stream it live on, and on the fox25 news app and, again, as soon as we have a winner called in the democrats and iowa, we will bring that to you. we continue to monitor an act -- active investigation in roxbury where a toddler was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and the last 24 hours, we learned that dcf has been to this home before. fox25's jessica reyes is live at the scene roxbury where police have been stationed at the scene overnight. good morning. >> reporter: police have been here around the block since sunday night and you can see a cruiser does remain here. watching the scene this morning. a source tells us this little boy was hurt by a relative of his, but this morning, there are just so many questions. >> came downstairs because i saw all the police cars and emts. >> reporter: boston police haul bags of evidence from this home in roxbury where a helpless 3-year-old boy was found with life-threatening injuries. >> for a 3-year-old, i can't --
6:38 am
to be honest with. you i am just a state of shock. >> reporter: a source tells fox25 that the boy has severe head trauma along with other serious injuries. a source also tells us the person responsible may be a family member. >> we don't want to think that, but that could happen. >> reporter: neighbors like veronica watched as police comb throughout house monday, sickened when she learned why they were there. >> it breaks my heart to think that someone inflicted things on him. it really break my heart. dcf would not comment whether they have been called to the house before. they do say they are working with police and have taken the boy and his 5-month-old sister into custody. this morning, neighbors are pray this morning, neighbors are praying for recovery, ancient for word on what exactly went on inside this home. >> a very quiet neighborhood. it is okay. obviously something like this is obviously shocking. >> reporter: and right now we knee little boy remains at boston medical center in krill boston medical center in boston medical center in critical condition. again, police really not saying a whole lot about this as this is still a very active
6:39 am
reached out to boston police to check out where this investigation stands this morning. as soon as we hear back, we will keep you posted. now four in live in roxbury, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes for you, and serious rollover. it is on 128 southbound at highland avenue in needham. the off ramp is blocked right now, and we have quite a few emergency vehicles on scene. it is the off ramp, so not having a huge impact on drive times. i will have more on those drive times in a few minutes. first, here is shiri shiri shiri check out the rain totals for the day tomorrow. expect the levyest rain to the north and west of boston. up to an inch of rain possible. take you hour by hour through a wet and windy wednesday forecast next. 6:41. changing stories about a deadly amtrak derailment. coming up, the crucial detail the man at the controls just remembered. and next, a scary start to
6:40 am
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investigators are releasing little information into why two virginia tech students allegedly killed a teenaged girl. one of suspects described as a student athlete. for nasa. they both made brief appearances in court yesterday on charges that they abducted and killed 13-year-old nicole lovell. an arrest warrant revealed that one cryptic statement from one of the suspects. he reportedly told investigators i believe the truth can set me free. the aare rest warrant also indicated that lovell was not killed with a gun. divers searched a pond, but police did not say what they were looking for. 6:45. and happening today, comedian bill cosby will go before a judge in a pennsylvania court. house. he is expected to ask a judge to dismiss a criminal charge alleging that he sexually assaulted a woman in his home in 2004.
6:44 am
consensual. today's case goes further than that. cosby testified in a civil case involving the same woman years ago as long as we not be criminally charged. the former district attorney said that promise was never made said that promise was never made. the engineer in a deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia now recalls speeding up moments before the crash. federal investigators have just released thousands of new dock pwuments last year's tragedy -- documents about last year'stage tee eight people died and 200 were hurt. two interviews with engineer brandon bastion. in the interview he describes different accounts of the crash. lawyers for crash victims are questioning those statements. >> we believe that his inconsistent story speaks volume of his credibility and believability at trial. >> sara: the ntsb say the train was going double the speed limit when the derailment happened. another report on the crash is expected this spring.
6:45 am
of super bowl weak for some members of the denver broncos. two of the team's buses were involved in a minor accident. this happened as the buses were leaving for practice. no one on board was hurt, but there are reports that a california highway patrol officer escorting the bus suffered minor injuries. players tweeted about the situation as they waited on the side of the road. good tuesday morning, everyone. it is now 6:47 it is now 6:47, and skyfox is still over the tractor-trailer rollover on 128 northbound rollover on 128 southbound. the offramp to highland avenue. within the last 30 seconds, we saw someone loaded into an ambulance and taken away. we have several emergency crews on the scene and one of those lanes is blocked. so we are seeing higher-than so we are seeing higher-than-usual volume on 128. something to consider if you were headed in that direction. waiting for there are accident to clear route 3 southbound right before treble cove road in billerica. the live drive times. 48 minutes right now on route 3 if you head from 495 to 128.
6:46 am
connector. 22 minutes on 128 northbound from weston to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. and forecasting clear skies all day today. >> shiri: yeah, pin chuck home run perfect tuesday on tap. above average temperatures, and this is all going to be shifting toward us, and that seeing big changes for tomorrow in the form of some mild air, some rainy conditions, some windy conditions. currently, though, going with the sunshine when that sun comes up. the sky already lightening right now. 38 degrees in boston the wind will -- under to 10 miles per hour. with calm winds and all that sunshine, it is probably going to feel a little bit warmer than and will feel very spring-like today. we have march-like temperatures. not april-like yesterday. 8 a.m. 42. 42 at 10:00. by noontime, 45 degrees. boston will reach the upper 40s this afternoon. just sticking with the plain ol' sun. southeastern massachusetts.
6:47 am
50s on the map and taunton at 52 52. 50, bridgewater, mattapoisett. braintree, 49. walpole, 49 degrees as well. in and around boston, lower it by a couple of degrees so boston has 47. so does malden. 50 inform somerset. 50 in dedham. and hang on to the upper 40s. worcester, 45 degrees. manchester, new hampshire. 46. but tonight we are going to drift back into the mid- to upper 30 s. even a couple of pops of 20s, orange, keene and pwraltleboro, where we will -- brattleboro and a real close eye on the arrival of rain tomorrow morning because the potential of a touch of freezing drizzle before transition to all plain rain. of course it is all plain rain. 53 in boston. 5 in fitchburg. 55 new bedford. and 49 in keene. temperatures going to be above freezing. first thing in the morning, we have about 7 a.m. arrival time for that wet weather, and initially mixing with a little sleet and freezing rain.
6:48 am
new hampshire, and western massachusetts. but by 10:00 in the morning, we will have a will have a steady will have a steadier rain developing in those spots and temperatures warming. we will weed out these icy spots. a brand-new futurecast even if you have seen it before. come back over and take a peek throughout morning hours and lunchtime, north and west of boston where we have the heaviest, steadiest rain northern mass and southern new hampshire and we will have the highest rain totals out of those spots. rain showers start to fill in by early afternoon in the boston area and continues straight through dinnertime. still the focus of heavier rain central massachusetts as well as the merrimack valley and then by late evening, we finally get those showers popping up over southeastern massachusetts, and some heavier showers out that. and those will continue through the overnight hours as they start dwindling a little further inland. the seven-day forecast. groundhog day, 47 degrees. check on my facebook page. i posted a little thing of how
6:49 am
you can weigh in. but tomorrow not just the rain we are tracking but the wind. temperature up to 54 degrees. but check out the south gusts. winds will be gusting up around 40 miles per hour. it is not a touch stronger than that on the cape and islands. not necessarily strong enough to do any kind of damage, but it will be a wind driven rain. even early thursday. the risk for a couple of showers out there in particular along the coastline and the cape. likely staying dry and a little bit brighter for all of us. friday brightens up as 39 degrees. 44 on saturday, mostly sunny. a few more clouds around by 40 degrees and monday 40 with a late risk of rain and snow. back to you. >> all right, shiri. a grocery store is warning customers with a scam. wegman's say askew upon posted on facebook is fake, and they are actually not giving away coupons worth $00. a spokesperson for the grocery store say they are working to get the post removed from
6:50 am
customers not to click on it or provide any personal information provide any personal information. a federal disaster has been declared in flint, michigan because of lead in the water, but they are not the only ones exposed. next, the staggering number of children in our region exposed to dangerous levels. and we are kicking off primary season live in new
6:51 am
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>> the zika virus sparking local moms-to-be to consider their travel plans. the mosquito-borne illness circulating through the caribbean and south and central america. among the countries added to the list the dominican republic. fox25 talked to a pregnant woman from medford who was planning to go to the island for her baby go to the island for her baby-moon. she said the outbreak has caused her to change they are plans but haven't been easy. >> get your paperwork. get your doctor's note. do your research and hopefully they should be reresponding to you. >> gene: the cdc has a map of all the countries that zika is spreading right now. you can find that on our web site at under the health tab. well, flint michigan is not the only place dealing with a contamination problem with led. thousands of massachusetts
6:54 am
high levels in their body. our washington bureau dug through the numbers finding that in 2014, 620 8 kids under the age of 6 were found to have elevated lead levels and of those cases 764 had confirmed lead poisoning when retested six months later. there were 92 confirmed cases of lead poisoning in new hampshire. >> there is no pattern. this doesn't just happen in cities, it happens in small towns and rural areas where you have elevated lead levels. >> sara: the cdc say there are no safe levels of lead for children. we reported an to bill to force governments to report any spikes in lead levels within 15 days. the governor is giving a green light for so-called rattle green light for so-called rattlemake island. charlie baker supports the plan. he use a quabbin reservoir island to house rattle snakes. some are concerned that the snakes will swim across the water and attack people, but experts say the snakes will not
6:55 am
escape the island. 6:56 this morning. we are enjoying the warm weather we are enjoying the warm weather, are we not? >> we are. >> i believe that is true, and we are waiting to see this morning what kind of winter we will have the rest of the way. the famous groundhog makes his decision in just a little bit. the live look from punxsutawny, pennsylvania where there is always a party on this day, shiri. >> shiri: celebrating up ahead of the groundhog. groundhog's day, 44 to 50 degrees. a side-by-side comparison. how that stacks up to yesterday's warmth next. and we are learning more about a horrific accident in boston where a woman was hit by
6:56 am
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