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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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over bernie sanders. republican side senator ted cruz when the caucus there as well. >> thanks so much for being with us tonight we are live new hampshire primary course in manchester. something for boats really begin to pick up. fox 20 50 bring your team coverage from the campaign trail covering every candidate is where is their benson rallies long way in the state. let's begin with our political reporter sharmann saccheti. >> sharmann: absolutely he really was able to spot up the crowd today but the big question is can ted cruz take this victory in iowa and actually make it happen here new hampshire will his politics play well enough here? >> so what a victory last night. brush off his iowa victory republican ted cruz fired up a packed house and wind appeared 's supporters want to hear. anyone here illegally can never
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cruz called himself a true conservative is promising he will follow through his principles if he is elected president including try to repeal obama care in stopping religious persecution. >> but will cruises politics play well in new hampshire. he downplayed polesitter in both ronald reagan's name and the role the state played in getting him elected. live free or die state. took a look at reagan and said that kai believes what he says. we learned quickly from talking to people in this audience cruz to appeal to the state's libertarian group. stand for eliminating the problems that we see in washington but this woman says she still deciding illegal immigration is the issue she is struggling with. >> honestly, i keep going back and forth between cruz and rubio. >> compared to some of the
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had as many events here over the past year. but did have the one today and he has five more set for tomorrow at six going to talk with ted cruz's massachusetts campaign chair and also what you don't know about new hampshire voters. >> was talk more about ted cruz this is not iowa as far as the voters go. new hampshire is not known for evangelical vote. but what they do have is that libertarian i think ron paul is rand paul is still in this race but this is who we found at this rally people who were attracted to his random politics because of his appreciation for the constitution. let's get to some other republican stumping for votes today republican candidate marco rubio will be on to new hampshire with momentum from that third place finish in the
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right candidate for the job and hopes to do even better in the granite state primary next week. not only my principled strong conservative but i can grow this conservative movement. i can take our message to people that have not voted for us before and bring them on and into the conservative movement that's when we win the election in the future. >> chris christie challenging marco rubio today calling him the boy in the bubble christie was one of several gop candidates mostly bypassed i want to focus solely on new hampshire. salvation army breakfast in nashua republican said is not surprised about the 10th place finish in the iowa caucus. >> ohio governor john kasich telling him to voters today is ready to roll to a strong finish in the primary there. republican held a town hall in claremont and spoke to supporters in newberry kasich
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hampshire will fold them to the top of the pack right now polls are showing he's in the running for second place behind the truck. speaking of trump the truck campaign disappointed by the loss iowa but notwithstanding time republican hopeful back in new hampshire will take your letters rally is expected to pick a endorsement up. >> find out the familiar face hacking trump coming up in a live report 5:30 pick hillary clinton wasting no time hitting new hampshire after winning the iowa race very close after was too close to call for hours last night. former secretary of state hillary clinton picking up 23 delegates bernie sanders 21. this race is so close it came down really two a coin toss but according to the roles ties between two or more candidates can be broken by a candidate. there were at least two instances both tiebreakers went to clinton fox25 trent eight covering the clinton campaign today in new hampshire. >> kerry: the race in new hampshire not that close polls
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center bernie sanders by an average of eight team percent which is why they're here today getting out the boat a line forming behind me and hampton high school for the second event of the day hillary clinton had one of her biggest supporters getting out and energetic rallying cry to these voters today. for this moment in history but i've ever had former president bill clinton introducing his wife to the crowd at nashua community college. clinton won the iowa caucuses are the narrowest of margins over vermont senator bernie sanders but the race is a much different one in new hampshire and clinton nose she only has seven days to pull it off. go out there talk to your friends your neighbors your colleagues. clinton spent nearly 40 minutes reminding you have some photos of her plans to drastically reduce student loan get debt chooses to form a coalition
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these voters we met came here today for a variety of reasons. the first woman president of the united states but then asking these voters to get others on board one week from today. new hampshire is going to have to decide who can go toe to toe with republicans. right now these voters allotting up expecting to see hillary clinton here in less than two hours bill clinton went to a second of a of a today you have your primary voters they take their vote in the first primary in the nation very seriously including a mother and a son the sun casting his very first about the present election from them
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>> clinton's competition is not wasting any time getting to work in the granite state of vermont senator bernie sanders looking for a big win in new hampshire. continue our live coverage from king that were said to tell the rally within the past two hours. be one vanessa other than a lack of sleep bernie sanders should be feeling pretty good right now. six months ago many and iowa had never even heard of the vermont senator with a brooklyn accent but last night he certainly caught on quick and nearly hillary clinton and one of the closest democratic iowa caucuses ever. that only raises the stakes for him here in new hampshire the feeling is sanders needs to win and win big to create the momentum he may need for other areas of the country like the south where he's not popular or as popular or well-known. sanders killed this campaign as a political revolution. he was a federal them wage at
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tuition at public colleges and universities a carbon tax public funded election sanders is pretty vocal when it comes to his feelings and he has a very young and supportive crowd. coming up new at six you going to hear from him and what he had to say to a packed house king. that's always reporting live in king ted daniels talks 25 news. >> worn no intention of backing a contender in the yet. democratic senator waiting for in the race. political strategist coming up. row your home for the new hampshire primary leading up to next tuesday every day will continue anchoring our coverage from our election studio in manchester plus will also have live special reports between fox 25 political reporter sharmann saccheti at 7 o'clock
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>> we will see you again at 5:30 with those stories and much more. but for now heather will send it back to you at fox 25 studios in dedham for a check of the weather and the other big stories of the day. >> as you know was another beautiful sunny day and a good day to get out and watch the car but things are about to change as they often do here in new england. fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz is talk about heavy rain coming away tomorrow. not just the heavy rain we need to be concerned about it's clear out there right now in new england to the west a big storm we can talk about it in places like iowa francis for the coxes got out of there just in time because the snow to come down also severe weather dragging its way through the southern part of the country with tornado watches and warnings have been in place all day long. i want you to nose places like fitchburg for instance zoom in on the 25 degrees right now
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temperatures dropping down to freezing levels same idea for the city of worcester to into southern new hampshire. that means when the rain does start to move on and and it won't for the morning still dry but during the 9 o'clock hour see the color change the other greens with some blues and pink showing up a touch of freezing rain possible and northern worcester county out to the berkshires and northward into southern new hampshire in southern vermont that's a first immediate problem. the heavy rain will come later. i will show you a time in weeks but the worst of it to come on through a few minutes. breaking just to tell you about the boss and that little boy who was found unresponsive in a roxbury home this weekend has died. fox25 told you on sunday a three-year-old was rushed to the hospital from an out pine street home for what police called life and trauma. also learned now that the boys sister has been taken into state custody and that dcf has
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right now police are not saying how the three-year-old was hurt or whether any charges will be filed. also breaking right now nbta reporting all trains are stopped on the franklin line as emergency crews respond to a report of a person struck by a dedham. right now bussing is going on between corporate station and read bill right now we don't know anything more about the person who was struck but we do have a crew on the way to the scene will get you more information is as we can. >> police swarming a us congresswoman's home tonight at five:45 only fox25 speaks with kathryn clark about the call that caused a big scare for her family. there is a brand-new mass moat wanted site fox25 featuring it
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of your plac welcome back we're still waiting to learn more about it definitely will recycle crash that have less nonmainstream in woburn. police of the motorcycle crash parked in the motorcycle driver was only his mid-to-late 20s. right now police are releasing his name investigation and what happened is ongoing but
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witnesses to the crash. >> another round of threats causing evacuations at not one but two local schools today. sky fox over the scene today at tucker elementary school in milton were police a bomb threat was called in and stewards were evacuated to a church across the street. police swept that building. fortunately nothing was found and stewards were allowed back inside but sky fox also flying of the scene of a very similar bomb threat at arlington high school this morning. students and staff were sent out to the front lawn whether building was searched no threat was found in classes resumed. >> take a look at the sub somehow got stuck under some scaffolding today sky fox flying over the scene at the corner porter and arlene street crews were eventually able to get that sub out of the scaffolding are still waiting on word from police about exactly how that could happen. >> after two years every parent government center t stop will reopen the time for spring
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hard and the masses $82 million innovation project station scheduled reopen on march 26. improvements include added wheelchair accessibility improved platforms and a glass above ceiling. >> spring the last couple of days the official groundhog in massachusetts not so fast ms. g saw her shadow today. so she's predicting six more weeks of winter famous carter part punxsutawney phil early spring up to failing to see his shadow at don. trust him if you like. discuss over southern new england right now we know going to get to the taste of winter in here so that the seven-day forecast after the midwest played states dissing that when you look at the snow all the way to the great lakes stretching back to the planes severe weather stretching down the spine of the midwest and into the south tornado watches
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moving toward us. we're clear out there this evening to come some clouds during the morning although still be a dry morning drive unless you're late driver. after 9 o'clock for instance to get some rain appear the problem here is the temperatures going to be marginal for freezing. that rain actually start to freeze on certain surfaces watch for spotty freezing the worcester county western massachusetts seven new hampshire vermont and points north. meteorologist sherry speer to that first thing in the morning. and then everybody warms up and is heavier rain arrives during the afternoon and into the evening from worcester to boston really right along the call for that's going to be coming on through. here's what i'm concerned about the temptress back your worcester bedford nashua cain all getting below freezing the
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it is to bedford but will be the worcester county at least a little bit of rain during the first part of the morning that's we have to be concerned about in this area. here are the risks when wendy tomorrow moderate risk for some wind tomorrow strong winds possibly knocking down a couple of tree branches with some of the higher cost a high threat of rain is going to come down heavily tomorrow evening into tomorrow night not out of the question pick up an inch of rain and some towns tomorrow especially on cape cod and islands the rain will hang around the ice threat can happen it would be a high threat that is for northern worcester county into new hampshire vermont in western massachusetts. look at this eventually after any kind of an icy threat first thing in the morning tempted warm up nicely during the day tomorrow. expecting high temperature tomorrow to really start to crank up about 55 watertown came at 54 raintree quincy
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appear to the north shore 51 ipswich 49 essex where the water 54 in lowell 53 in billerica and back into worcester can start out icy know the worcester county not going to stay that way certainly tempered is getting into the 50s as well hundred 51 uxbridge 54 only be called a spec from hitting 60 tomorrow would be the increased cloud cover in the rain that will move on in. but get up at 7:30 p.m. with a futurecast does the rain coming on by continuing to come in waves through midnight and into the morning hours. as a start to shut up to the north and west that front is so slow it still here in southeastern massachusetts allowing rain to fall and have lit times during the morning commute time on thursday morning. then everybody starts to dry out during the day thursday more sun father north and west you go away from the front that sitting offshore. but you will see the seven-day forecast it stays mild on thursday that front is so slow but the coldest to come in during afternoon as it
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and into the weekend as well. by sunday it's 44 degrees with some sunshine but notice the snow we have been here on monday and tuesday potential for focus on that for a moment. this that gfs computer model several days away why we have any kind of snow in the seven-day forecast pretty big ocean storm out there looks a little too far away to be a big hit again for us to close nothing could bring some snow england. it's not the only computer model showing us that so it's
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to 7 days out on that seve congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks
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my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight
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boston police showing us is evidence from a dorchester drug bust the youth violence strikeforce confiscating more than two pounds of marijuana. thousand dollars in two guns. all recovered from home and the street for people now facing charges. >> big changes coming to the law-enforcement website mass most wanted for years the site has been the cutting edge of landing wanted criminals in jail. but now mass most wanted his relaunching and is focusing on a new trend crime fighting. bob ward has a story bob this is a crime that could hit any of us anytime. >> reporter: credit and atm cards are day way of life for most of us and criminals are going high-tech to steal not just a identities but our money too.
5:22 pm
site it's fighting back. >> it's been a critical tool helping law enforcement wanted criminals off the street. it's mass most wanted the site does help to identify 1700 criminals now the site has relaunched its highlighting a new crime that's being seen more often. the new mass most wanted site has a whole new category of crime for atms giving. that's when the bad guys make a copy of your atm card just when you enter an atm. it's an exploding crime that everyone needs to be aware of. kevin kiley's executive vice president the massachusetts bankers association group that helps graded most wanted. this is become a very serious crime for the bank industry try to highlight and identify engines was occurring and by individuals that have been involved in mass most wanted
5:23 pm
surveillance pictures of bank robbers hundreds caught because of images like these. it's one of the critical steps we need to do with an investigation fact we post every bank robber on most wanted really trying to make the world a very tiny place for these bad guys. >> very small place in a very open place but they cannot hide the cannot go into a store and robert and leif they cannot skim an atm and be on their way. the new mass most wanted website is designed to make it easier for the public to get involved and identify suspects. and of course we continue to host our regular mass post wanted segments every saturday night as we have since 2004. this is breaking right now a hazmat incident near boston university this is a live picture from sky fox right now giving us this look at the area. on pickett street near mass avenue. boston university police
5:24 pm
area until further notice you can see multiple multiple crews out there right now. looks like they have a hose a couple of hoses out there as well right now no word on any injuries or why there is been such a large emergency response we are watching this closely for you bring you any new information the moment we get it. >> a big scare for a local congresswoman all 5:45 only fox25 is catching up with kathryn clark we will tell you about the call that left police swarming her family's home overnight. x send it back to mark and vanessa will live in a studio. >> we are at a new hampshire primary headquarters here in manchester. coming up donald trump is about to give a big endorsement we will take you to his rally next. >> plus why won't democrat
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now at 5:30 president can turn the focus to new hampshire primary exactly one week away and can it back in the great state bright and early to look at the pickup boat after the iowa caucus. big winners in iowa senator ted cruz with the republicans and hillary clinton for the democrats. we are live now from a new hampshire primary headquarters and manchester is a something for boats leased out to pick up he's been taking header leading ahead of the polls rather but donald trump could not pick up the wood less not in iowa you remember back in 2013 trump treaty quote no one remembers who came in second fox25 now with the truck campaign looking to bounce back. >> reporter: are here on the backside of the hampshire hills athletic club with the press corps you can see behind me but on the other side of the building a huge crowd of voters who tell us the results in iowa
5:27 pm
now donald trump say that he plans to address the second-place finish in iowa caucus during a speech here tonight. just within the past few hours we learned he will hold a news conference prior to the rally along with senator scott brown. many were waiting to hear from trump tell us this is not the first trump campaign event and they came out especially tonight to show him that the new hampshire voters will turn out en masse to the primary. >> i've been chatting with the people behind me in front of me were all very excited the consensus i got was we are voting for trump. so look at the crowds these are boats. news comments tonight set to begin in just over an hour and trump will take the stage here at seven we will be here as the action unfolds and bring you
5:28 pm
>> joining us now pat griffin political strategist a managing partner for purple strategies to england pat griffin is with us now we appreciate you being here. >> let's talk about crews. it let's talk about the fact that he's coming into a state where donald trump has many would consider en masse of lead. is the lead he could lose potentially we saw what happened in iowa. i think one of the things with donald trump didn't count on was a political campaign to let building golf courses and casinos kind of show up into the stuff as opposed to doing flybys to the soundtrack of air force one. this is a very different place for donald trump place he is found himself so frankly i think trumps a lot to lose here and crews waiting as are some other folks to 20 that slot. let's turn to the democrats now requested had a razor thin win last night in iowa. we know that bernie sanders at about eight point lead your new hampshire so how concern threatened should clinton be right now.
5:29 pm
this is a very untraditional year hillary clinton is being embodiment of the establishment they tractor across the finish line last night i'm not sure that she can get that back your new hampshire to see. >> he is a real threat he's very very serious this thing lots of prayers and hillary center right now. a lot of talk about people who are in this race. one person we're hearing a lot of talk about not the race at least not yet. senator elizabeth warren for massachusetts. a lot of talk establishment things perhaps this is the candidate down the road she's not backing anyone yet is she leaving the door open potentially if we have these fbi pills on hillary clinton she stepping in? i don't know about that. all of that is too far down the road elizabeth warren not stepping in here endorsing hillary clinton one of the only democratic members of the senate not to do that as a whole are more about hillary clinton then we can begin to imagine. if she were to get here i don't
5:30 pm
personal credibility at station not ready to do that for hillary clinton. this is a very very telling sign as to why hillary has a problem she has this time. i think bernie sanders is going to continue to take the to her the winter new hampshire he will do better i think when you get to more ethically the first seven states for african-american turnout and so forth will mean a whole lot more so elizabeth warren staying away from this because her people don't believe that hillary clinton is someone who can present the things that she claims to stand for. big statement or non-statement. it's a big non-statement. you be covering politics for quite some time as his primary differ from years past we have a 24 hour news cycle with twitter we have facebook everything is coming at us nonstop what kind of a role or impact is at play here. i've never seen a primary in new hampshire like this i've never seen a contest in iowa
5:31 pm
something like donald trump he sucked all the air out of this particular contest and now looks like he may be finding that he's the hindenburg of this whole thing. i predict that this is still unsettled in new hampshire three a kaiser could still do very very well here so let's wait and see on friday were going to whole lot more as we head into the weekend. good to have you here. we are your home for the new hampshire primary leading up to next tuesday every day will continue anchoring our coverage from right here election studio and manchester new hampshire. >> also have live special reports at 7 o'clock every night fox 25's political reporter sharmann saccheti. on primary night will be with you for my news at 5:00 p.m. straight through all the way to 11:30 will be with you watching live results of the comment or newsroom also bring new lab reports from the candidates headquarters the speeches as they happen.
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you on and on the fox 25 news app. >> we will see you back here again live at 6 o'clock more live reports from new hampshire. but for now heather will send it back to you and kevin. >> mild evening here in the city of boston we've seen some really warm temperatures over the past couple of days. beautiful sunset. this is from a beacon hill studio camera here.but the biggest or that were following tomorrow is a rain moving into an afternoon and chief meteorologist is tracking it all in a fox25 weather center. >> gorgeous but the clouds rolling in during the morning but tonight it's clear out there allow these temperatures to drop look at the high 50 in fitchburg 51 norwood 50 in plymouth 49 in boston now this is a temperature scheme for tonight boston going down into the 30s with increasing cloudy skies out was to come to the is with the issue is at least in the very beginning of the storm from worcester and northwood and worcester county westwood
5:33 pm
some new hampshire southern vermont so well it's clear now we're waiting for the storm system from the midwest to make its way here but heavy snow to weather all to the midwest and deep south including tornadoes that's good be pushing away. with tornadoes but with the potential for a little bit of icing .this first thing in the morning the berkshires eight 30 a.m. already icing and some snow that's happening depending on elevation that makes way to northern worcester county where those temperatures are likely to be at or below freezing the very beginning of storm that's bursting will be watching for when the heaviest rain will move through a few minutes. update now and some breaking news actually following several breaking news stories right now. person struck by that train your endicott station in dedham we've learned has died. mbta transit police confirming for us the last two minutes
5:34 pm
try to cross the track you expect severe delays long you plan on taking it tonight will have more as we get it. also breaking right now hazmat incident near boston university sky fox live look at the area on beacon street near mass avenue. just moments ago the boston fire department tweeting out that a fedex truck had a box with a bottle of hcl leaking in it. emergency crews called in as a precaution but fortunately no one was hurt boston university please telling everyone to a boy that area until further notice. watching this one for you continue to bring new developers on this one as well. breaking news out of boston tonight little boy found unresponsive in a roxbury home this weekend has died. fox 25 told you on sunday three-year-old was rushed to the hospital from alpine street hope what police are calling life threatening trauma.we've sister has been taken into
5:35 pm
been involved with the home before. police are still not saying how the three-year-old was hurt or whether any charges will be filed. will stay on top of all three
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we want to (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. back. complete nightmare for several drivers the cars are
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else's at those cars on fire. police in portsmouth have to say they received several reports this weekend one witness city called 9-1-1 after he saw flames shooting from a car on melbourne street. the flames were shooting upward and they were yellow. the windows blue you know glass flew and everything. it did explode. there was some explosion. police say all the cars that were targeted unlocked a reward is being offered now for any information at least two arrest. talk with police get a new tool to keep drugs out of the hands of kids. this drug collection unit that's now in the police department lobby thanks to a grant from cbs but it will give people a safe and responsible way to get rid of unused or expired medication so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. take a look at the surveillance photos of a man wanted in connection with a convenience store that this morning. watches and no have to police say this guy stole from the cumberland farms in north main street men took up in a silver
5:38 pm
could help crack the case. >> back here in massachusetts the governor has given a green light for so-called rattlesnake island.governor baker says he supports the department of fisheries and wildlife plan to use a quabbin reservoir island to house a colony of rattlesnakes now some worry the snakes will flow across the water attack people but experts say the snakes would not survive any kind of escape. >> were checking pretty big storm coming out of the middle of the country producing heavy snow and severe weather how it will affect us and when the
5:39 pm
but first lease swarm the us (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom,
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it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. r it's what you do. where are you?r it's very loud there. are you taking at zumba class? north korea claims will launch a rocket sometime this month now. country has notified to national organizations that it
5:41 pm
between february 8 and the 25th. top us diplomat for east asia says it will be an unmistakable slap in the face for those who are arguing against more sages for north korea. the us has been pushing for the imposition of sanctions following north korea's january nuclear attack. police swarmed the home of a massachusetts congresswoman over the weekend. following an emergency call claiming an active shooter was at her address. but there was no shooter and congresswoman catherine clark under self caught up in the middle of a hoax called swatting. george called and spoke with clark about the incident and how is pushing her now to make swatting a federal crime. >> reporter: that moment us representative catherine clark came on sunday night for teenage children were in bed she was relaxing with husband watching tv but she noticed flashing lights down the street and pulleys on her front lawn with weapons out.
5:42 pm
the victim of a hoax that somebody had called them there was an active shooter at our house. it's become known as swatting in the fake emergency calls are leading to very real responses law enforcement all over the country. practice something reps and the mark is very familiar with she's been advocating congress for a bill which would make swatting a fiddle crime. this is serious. can have real ramifications for people it can be deadly also is expensive. clark says she knew immediately what it was she not surprised it happened to her considering how it's open on the issue but since going through it yourself gives her empathy for any of the victims. i think anyone who they thought this was going to deter us or silence us underestimated. this really will make me double down on her efforts. if a bill the interstate swatting hopes act becomes law penalties would range from fines up to life in prison.
5:43 pm
charged with encouraging a friend to kill himself is asking a judge now to put that case on hold. michelle carter is charged with manslaughter for sending conrad roy dozens of text that is encouraging his suicide. her loyal getting today the k should not move forward to the state's highest court decides if that man slaughter charge should be dismissed. that appeal will be heard until may the. bill cosby in court today again looking to get those sexual assault charges against him thrown out. the former pennsylvania da testifying today he believes his decision to not prosecute cosby in 2005 is binding. and you can stand claiming that cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her back in 2004. but the da said he couldn't find enough credible evidence admissible evidence to bring the charges back. the standard letter filed a civil lawsuit which was settled in 2006.
5:44 pm
a speeding train last year that killed eight people and that is from the former head of the ntsb who told us that an exclusive interview about the amtrak one idiot wreck. debbie hirschman is now the head of a safety advocacy group she led the she fought for positive train control that is technology that automatically slows speeding trains. she also supports installing video cameras like an form what's going on in the controls train and jenna told the ntsb he remembers very little about the accident hirschman says a answers. without any doubt they would've been able to determine what was happening with that engineer. train engineer unions however say cameras on trains would violate privacy. they're also doubtful that kevin would actually make trains safer. fbi is now joining in on the investigation into the water
5:45 pm
agents will now be working alongside several agencies including the epa 2014 switched its water source to the flint river to save money. but the water wasn't treated properly causing led contamination. >> should bury them wharton bulletin missing person try to track down old man winter tongue-in-cheek post led please know let me know to this guy tony feel anything to say about it will be seen very much of old man winter at all. groundhog made his prediction this morning. there is no shadow to be cast in early spring is my forecast. famous groundhog didn't see a shadow so the folklore says that means spring to be just around the corner for the record bill predicted that more weeks of winter last year we
5:46 pm
there only about four more weeks in march became spring. there are some of the people on twitter they say things like this check this out. my twitter feed today.fingers crossed for at least one more storm. talk more about that nine straight days about 40 three about 50 of their in hopkinton been a warm stretch paul says he misses last year storms i kind of do to paul. this is from new hampshire would reminded six more weeks of the winter we pad maybe we'll get that this kind of tongue-in-cheek as well. this what's happening outside right now it's in the 40s was there at 43 degrees here's the issue tonight under clear skies is dropping down to freezing. you go north of worcester county place like fitchburg goodbye the same thing clear skies 45 now going down to freezing there as well.
5:47 pm
keene new hampshire same idea for 70 have just southern vermont western massachusetts is a freezing spot of the overnight not an issue right is clear the storm tore west and has no in the northern bridges has rain stretches all the way down to the deep south all pushing away severe weather with it to treat out that checkup at twitter feed picture of a tornado that's happening itself alabama picture came from we will not get that kind of severe weather but here's what will happen. crowds will in tomorrow morning to come some showers the western part of the state with the elevation higher come in is a mix of snow in some freezing rain perhaps even some sleep very beginning that may actually occur in northern worcester county as well. talking to from worcester northwood to fitchburg leominster up northwestward lake erin all the way to orange get some of this to happen
5:48 pm
everybody warms up in the steadier heavier rain comes through mostly during the afternoon and into the evening for worcester to boston points north will see it just a little news. it will be rain rockport 50 ipswich 46 topsfield 46 you don't get snow with that even back in worcester county temperatures warming up to the 40s and 50s even after a cold start there in northern worcester county to the areas west of boston to the actual west area natick at 50 chelmsford 40 degrees here in the south shore into the 50s here new bedford 50 brockton 53 degrees tomorrow night the front is slow and still clips out southeastern massachusetts with rain into thursday morning. here's a seven day forecast i want to point out yes were going to start to get colder by the weekend by the end of the weekend and next week we'll talk about the possibility of some snow heading our way and by tuesday this is the other
5:49 pm
coming sunday into monday this one more likely tuesday into wednesday that would be a big problem with the new hampshire primary bottom-line storm computer models were watching it closely keeping in the back of your mind keep you updated. >> we are following several breaking news stories i had at six. first level live report were present was just hit and killed by a train in dedham. reporter on the scene just spoke with investigators. what they're telling us all knew it six. also breaking first responders tried to get a hazmat situation
5:50 pm
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minutes. patient texas has acquired the zika virus to sexual transmission. that patient was infected after having sexual contact with an ill person returned from a country with a zika virus was present. the virus is spread through mosquito bites is a been reporting and now researchers try to come up with a vaccine to control it. french drugmaker says is accelerated efforts but experts acknowledge that the process could take several years.>> even if we got lucky and found a biologically vulnerable virus to get a vaccine the procedures would take i think a minimum months.
5:53 pm
the us are also rushing out to try to develop testing vaccines. combat units are now open to women in the us and today the senate asked questions about how these new rules will now be implemented going forward. in december defense secretary ash carter announced a new military with a woman serving all combat roles but one big question remains whether women should have to register for selective service. that's a program that shoot to determine who is eligible for the draft women are currently exempt by law which only congress can change. >> asking women to register as we ask men to register with maybe possibly open up more recruits. i'm concerned that the department is gone about things backwards. this consequential decision was made and mandated before the military services could study its implications. dennis and army marines said they believe women should have
5:54 pm
behind the new plan to open all military roles to women saying as a matter of national security. >> just a drink or two with dinner soon put millions of americans in danger of raking the law. national transportation safety board wants states to lower the legal blood alcohol content for drivers right now you might not know this .08 with the feds one lowered 2.05. for the average woman that would be a drink an hour. attention shoppers big local grocery stores warning customers about a scam wegman says coupon posted on facebook page is fake it is not giving away coupons worth $200 a spokesperson for wegman says the company is working to get the post removed from the facebook page and asking customers not to look on it. >> the race for president take the shape what a victory last night.ted cruz publican leader but you might as well the coin for the democrats. >> because that's what iowa
5:55 pm
their attention to the granite state. in-depth coverage live my primary headquarters in manchester new hampshire. on tracking the storm coming our way tomorrow the risk of freezing rain first thing in the morning when downpours will come through. then breaking news the three-year-old that suffered traumatic injuries has died. what investigator now telling fox 25 and cabdrivers lord in and robbed. where police are trying to catch the man who shot at driver over 40 bucks. >> now with breaking news this is fox 25 news at 6 complete new england news coverage. we will have complete coverage from fox 25 new hampshire primary headquarters in manchester new hampshire we begin tonight with breaking news out of dedham where a person has been hit and killed by a train. we've been following the story for you just over the past hour. we want to get right up to fox 25 who is live near endicott station with the details police
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