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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> reporter: very little information at this point as you say someone apparently was struck and killed a want to show you a look up the tracks we are endicott station on the outbound side that's where this train was coming and it appears as though it's getting ready to finally move into the station keeping in mind that after it struck and killed that person there were many many commuters home this train goes all the way out to franklin for many people anxious to get home. we did speak with one witness let's hear what he had to say. >> man: came up he said they hit something like debris i thought debris it took about 15 minutes before any rescue or any rescue or police crew came all of a sudden you know it's quite the crime scene now. >> there again is that train again getting ready to come into the station we spoke with someone a little bit ago was
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the train she's been waiting quite some time were going on about two hours now those people have been stuck on the train but important thing someone was apparently struck and killed we understand it was a male we are hearing that perhaps this person was along the side of the track when they were struck and killed. i did speak with a group of young boys teenagers here and asked them to people play along these tracks and they said no they usually do not. we try to sift out the information here and hope to be up to bring you more on fox 25 news at 10. >> also telling you about breaking news over the past hour in boston pretty big scene happening on beacon street right now. take a look at this first responders have been working on a hazardous materials situation there this happening just outside of kenmore square in the boston university area. investigators telling us a fedex truck and a box with a bottle of hcl leaking in it and just within the last 15 minutes
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safely neutralized now. creating traffic types you can imagine good news we are told that no one has been injured. ask send it back out to mark and vanessa were live in our new hampshire primary headquarters in manchester new hampshire a big night and now all eyes are on new hampshire. >> big night last night the big week ahead here in the granite state. tonight at six these are your leaders in the race for president. descending on new hampshire tonight hillary clinton declared the democratic winner of the iowa caucuses afternoon was thanks to a coin flip will explain that in a minute. republican side it was ted cruz cruising to victory. but all that is over and now to candidates on both sides of the island focused on new hampshire. as you take a look at the statehouse all lit up. >> we are broadcasting live tonight from our new hampshire primary headquarters here in manchester.
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covering all the candidates were stepping across the state right now. we begin right now with fox 25 political reporter sharmann saccheti you were there today is hillary fired up a crowd. >> sharmann: there all support is very very excited to see them undecided we got the impression in that crowd. certainly fresh off his big win in iowa with the big question is can ted cruz take this victory in iowa and make it happen here in new hampshire. live free or die state where he is pulling so well does well with the evangelicals not everywhere. it is a movement of people who are curious with washington d.c.. the washington cartel. first of his iowa victory publican ted cruz fires off a packed house of the crossing the church in window.
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six weeks ago, donald trump was saying every day that i was his friend and he loved me that i was terrific but i was a was nice. and now i'm in aggravated. crews called himself a true conservative is promising he will follow through on his visible if elected president including repealing obamacare stopping religious persecution. >> to rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by barack obama. the bubble cruise is politics play well in new hampshire. downplayed polled invoked ronald reagan thing we talked with quizzes messages campaign chair state rep jim lyons of andover. >> still the key here is to capture the undecided vote. >> compared to some of the
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really hasn't had as many of the new hampshire he did have the one today and is five more scheduled for tomorrow. so certainly stepping up his game here. was a carry that momentum over from iowa. >> let them have a hard time with that certainly there are issues let's talk about that is a good problem to have on your crosshairs of people. so let me ted cruz one last night at a time when he was and new hampshire donald trump has historically trending to the top of the polls and so is getting attacked by trump he's being attacked from rubio you're going to see this race i think we ship itself over the course of this week certainly here new hampshire are that voter we talked with the end they like to make up their minds at the last minute it's true.
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7 o'clock. for the candidates finish behind ted cruz in iowa last night marco rubio owning event in manchester today fish 30 iowa caucus behind donald trump and ted cruz rubio says is a right candidate for the job in hopes to do better in the new hampshire primary x week. >> not only my principles a strong conservative but i can grow the conservative movement. i can take our message to people that have not voted for us before and bring them on and into the conservative as we we win the election. >> rubio also shot the democratic candidate clinton and bernie sanders saying the country cannot afford to have either of them as president. ohio governor john kasich new hampshire voters is ready to roll to a strong finish in the primary he held a town hall in claremont and spoke to supporters in newbury. k-6 is a positive campaign in
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the top of the pack. the key to it is bringing people together to get them out of where there stuck to rise up and do things to help get this country in a position of where successful. right now polls show casey is in the running for second place in new hampshire behind donald trump. chris christie challenged marco rubio today calling him the boy in the bubble. christie was one of several gop candidates who bypass i want to focus only new hampshire. salvation army breakfast in nashua christie said is not surprised about his 10th place finish in the iowa caucus. meanwhile donald trump will move the campaign rally lesson in our new hampshire before me with former senator scott brown. the "washington post" reporting that brown will endorse trump will have a full report from milford as trump tries to follow up a second place finish in iowa the first place finish here new hampshire.>> as for the democrats hillary clinton
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iowa caucuses and it was a coin flip that helped her in the end. grace for president will be interesting. especially because bernie sanders is leading to have to polls right now. fox 25 ted daniel live in keene new hampshire citizens campaigning. >> reporter: bernie sanders should be arriving in claremont new hampshire now it's about an here he spoke to a big crowd at the colonial theatre just a couple of hours ago. santos calls his campaign a political revolution and his supporters they adore him one thing you definitely see and feel at a sanders rally excitement and a lot of it. he didn't spend a lot of time talking about his strong performance in iowa but his campaign has to be thrilled the vermont senator really came out of nowhere and iowa and nearly beat hillary clinton.
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50 point deficit in the polls and last night we began the political revolution not just in iowa, not just in new hampshire, but all over this country. >> sanders success in iowa essentially raises the stakes for him here in new hampshire. he is from a neighboring state is well known here the feeling is that sanders not only has to win, but he has to win big for the momentum to move on to other parts of the country like the south where he's not as well known. santos did bring some star power with him this afternoon. he was introduced by watertown native elijah to screw the actress and she yes did make a couple of references to her role in buffy the vampire slayer. that's a list reporting live in
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>> hillary clinton only as we to make of the major ground to take the new have to primary. fox 25's kerry kavanaugh continues our coverage. carey. >> kerry: major ground is right. hillary clinton down 80 percent so she is here hours after the iowa victory rally getting the boat where the line forming here in hampton outside of this high school where she is expected to speak in less than an hour the boaters was a with our about the day they take their role seriously in shaping this presidential election. i believe she's the best qualified person for this moment in history. >> that i've ever had chance to vote for. former president bill clinton deducing his wife to the crowd at nashua committee college. >> i am so thrilled that i'm
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winning iowa. >> clinton won the iowa caucuses are the narrowest of margins over vermont senator bernie sanders. but the race is a much different one in new hampshire. clinton knows she only has seven days to pull it off. go out there talk to your friends your neighbors your colleagues. clinton spent nearly 40 minutes reminding new hampshire voters are placed to dramatically reduce student loan debt create more jobs and on foreign policy she says she form a coalition that would defeat isis. >> you have to boaters taking it in seven days forecasting the votes including his mother and son going to the process together for the first time. >> clinton asking these
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one week from today. >> she's going to be here tonight shall be back at it again tomorrow several more events planned throughout new hampshire as well as a town hall meeting with senator bernie sanders. >> fox25 the place to turn all week leading up to the new hampshire primary will be with the kids getting analysand latebreaking polls also bring you primary specials every night 7 o'clock to fox 25's political reporter sharmann saccheti. on primary night will be with you from our news piping all through 11 30 p.m. bring you live results lab reports and candidate headquarters and the speech is as they happen. also stream live for you on my fox boston .com and the fox25 news at. for now though we want to send
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fox25 studio in dedham. >> we are following more breaking news tonight at three-year-old who suffered traumatic injury over the weekend. has now died. were live outside the home with the new details and the investigation. plus the video from skybox right here tells a story after sub slams into a construction zone. tracking the storm moving on in here pictures of it coming and damage of the tornadoes happening [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm
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following breaking news about a story we've been following for use in sunday night we first told you than that a three-year-old suffered traumatic injuries alternate will learning the child has now it six live outside the roxbury home where it all happened. >> reporter: just about two and half three hours ago boston police have informed us that three old child has died. he lived directly behind us at this house and all data investigates have been here what it shows some video fox 25 the crew here today shooting homicide detectives walking in and out of this house they been collecting evidence throughout the day still at this hour we're being told that charges
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as i mentioned detectives been here source tells us that the boy had severe head injuries and that the boy may have been kicked or beaten on the lower part of his tiny body. police were called to the house initially on sunday night that's when the three old boy was rushed to the hospital we've also learned that a relative was mental health issues they be responsible for the child's death. we can also tell you right now that the little boy has a five-month-old sister and that little girl is also taken away by the state. at this hour we're still waiting to hear back from detectives about charges. >> take a look at this. s ub somehow got stuck under some scaffolding today and sky fox flew over that scene at the corner of porter and orlean street east boston crews were eventually able to get that sub out and tow it still waiting on word from police about what happened there. another round of rats leading to evacuations at two local schools today. sky fox lying on the scene at
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police say a bomb threat was called in students and staff work sent out to the front lawn while the building was searched no what was found to classes resumed by a similar threat today and milton as well police under the bond that there was called in at tucker elementary school. students were affected to the church across the street from the school while police swept that building. nothing was found in students were allowed back inside. >> another mild dry day out there great day to get your car washed because i'm forecasting rain tomorrow. follow. right down the road from your laser was pretty cool you go on through their here's the deal. you could've waited till tomorrow and get washed by major critic onto the other way there is rain coming in is not out there now it's clear out right now but the storm system were talking about has both
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the backside and severe weather and tornadoes i promise you a look at some of the things are happening out there these pictures coming in from some of the people who are watching these things some of the colleagues this is some of the damage and alabama this is more damage reports right here and typically the popout i'm not sure what's not working tornado touching down here this is from the other side of the storm with a had upwards of 16 inches of snow and portions of wyoming from the storm system coming on through so pretty nasty situation in that part of the country same-store moving toward us were not going to get severe weather or blizzard conditions we are own problem so tonight clouds start to move in mostly clear morning commute start to get cloud even on eastern massachusetts northwestern mass has been mixing going on the berkshires with elevations be the northern worcester especially can see some freezing rain at the very start of the spirit is not going to be for very long and
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but just take a little ice to make things slippery that's where the area of concern is northern worcester county southern new hampshire vermont points northward especially in the connecticut river valley snow would only be in the highest elevations look what happens by 11:30 p.m. into the noontime hour almost anybody getting raynaud's warm air comes flying in ahead of the cold front there's rain that's following through the evening commute in boston worcester into the early morning hours high temperatures check this out the rain moving in first of warm air well into the 50s only reason we're not getting 60 is because of the closet move-in ahead of the ring 54 framingham 51 gardner 50 in milford new hampshire chance of rain is 100 percent tomorrow we're all going to see some rain by thursday the still a chance for rain but mainly southeastern massachusetts where the front has stalled slow down considerably and that were dry friday and saturday this
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stalled front southeastern madison early on thursday it's heavier little while pushes off the rest of start to see some sunshine where the clouds hang tough in southeastern massachusetts. here's your seven-day forecast because our front is so slow it's going to be mild to start thursday temperatures fall during afternoon much colder by friday morning more normal for this time of year saturday and sunday still in the mild side but we get the sunday would be watching because our computer models are all hinting at the potato for another storm system is going to coming our way that would push us toward another bow of snow especially along the coast but there are some differences in the model trends as far as which day they would come in sunday monday or tuesday it looks like it would be in the monday to wednesday time frame is likely to be watching this very closely since it stays 527 down the road is not something to be
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that i'm watching working to learn the name of the driver killed in a crash in plymouth police there tell us the man hit a tree on cherry street overnight. crews pulled him from the car but he didn't survive. no word on the cause of the crash yet.
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a deadly recycle crash that happened last night this was on main street in woburn police in a motorcycle crashed into a parked van that was a good driver was in his mid to late 20s. no police are not releasing his name the investigation into what happened is ongoing but officer said they were no witnesses to that crash. >> boston police showing off this evidence for dorchester drug bust. the youth violence strike force confiscating more than two pounds worth of marijuana thousand dollars in two guns this was all recovered from a home on the street for people i know facing charges. local town paying hackers a ransom after the computer network is locked down with a virus. if you tell me to say the ransom where virus arrived by email january 25 and locked the town's computer network. so the town reached out to law enforcement and computer experts but no one could free the system. that's when they had to pay the roughly $300 to get a password that gave them access again.
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anything was taken anything was rearranged anything was compromised at all. >> police chief there tells us midfield is now back up in its files are back up as well now they're looking for ways to better protect the network. >> a special coverage of the new hampshire primary continues right now fox25 after primary headquarters in manchester new hampshire we want to send it back out once again to mark and vanessa. >> thank you the buzz is building here in the granite state as president of candidates from both parties try and make their mark in new hampshire. coming up in the next half hour ticket to donald trump's event which is about to get underway just south of here in milford will also speak with a political strategist about how pivotal new hampshire is for the rest of the race to the white house. we do have a lot more to get to
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you the crime that's getting so out of control that mass most wanted ask a dedicated an entire section of his website to it. but first cabdrivers rattling
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big storm in the middle [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan.
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news stories we've been following for you since 5 o'clock. first the person why a trainer and i station dedham has died. mbta police telling us a mellow struggle trying to cross track should delete long line if you plan on taking tonight has long more information when we get it. >> also breaking first responders are working on a hazardous materials situation on beacon street in boston as we speak this happening just outside of kenmore square there. investing is telling us that a fedex truck had a box with a bottle of hcl leaking in it. just within the past 45 minutes we've been told now that has been safely neutralized. however as you might imagine is creating traffic tieups from the area were told no one was injured. >> we want to send things back to our election headquarters and manchester new hampshire where the nation's attention is now shifted to as we take a live look. and mark and vanessa in his life. >> thank you heather tonight like a shining bright atop the new hampshire state house is a
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the granite state in the race for president. we are broadcasting live from new hampshire primary headquarters are in manchester will tell you what you can feel the buzz all around the area you can see it as well. present of candidates to both parties stumped across the state fighting for both votes. >> my experience in iowa was a great one i started out with all the experts saying i couldn't do well there and i ended up in second place.>> trump is wasting no time trying to get new hampshire on his side. >> reporter: perhaps some reaction from donald trump could come in next few minutes as he said to hold a news comes
6:30 pm
the boat as we spoke with they they're not looking back at iowa there looking ahead to their own primary. >> despite the loss to the competition last night in iowa the enthusiasm of supporters is not dampened tonight as they stood in the cold waiting to see donald trump in the hampshire hills athletic club it will be trump's first public appearance as he conceded the iowa caucus to fellow presidential candidate ted cruz in sports told us there hoping to hear his spirits are not daunted by second place finish. boaters told us they also don't believe the caucus truly matters noting new hampshire is known as first and the nation for good reason. >> the have been many presents that if one the caucus just beginning only 480 caucus members so may not be a true cross-section of the state of iowa. >> supporters told us they thought comes results in iowa were present considering the small amount of money and time that he spent there. trump is said to take the stage
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next half hour will bring you all the developments tonight at 10. >> trump gets ready to host that rally of a lot of attention on a tweet that he ago. but if you talk about this today on december 30th 2013 trump tweeted a quote from walter hagan that read no one remembers who came in second tonight that is exactly where the republican provincial opal finds himself after the first round of official results. turning us now is pat griffin lyrical strategist mentioned see you. >> we know that trump is declared front-runner when it comes new hampshire at least is a school polls are always changing but cruise casey busch rubio all the point of each other you be watching the closest new hampshire and who is finished they don't have a good showing. >> i think that some of these candidates we gotta get to the bottom sector line up to this
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do well here i think that case it has to do well here they don't they probably won't be going on some of the other candidates jeb bush got a lot of money he needs to well here recently built for the long run i think that the other key thing is we have to find out what is donald trump support go if in fact he begins to sort of trend that direction the other question is how long is donald trump only asked to win stan this thing if it looks like is not winning. democratic side because this cast us up all night all day. kept hillary on two. the one he made in iowa but a people for his camp have to say that was a victory for us clearly in a loss for clinton bullis talk about this. how does his grassroots campaign get to the point where it is now and what does hillary do to try to hold back. >> heller is at the heart problem of having to basically say to the party i know you want all these free stuff but an effort of sort of projecting
6:33 pm
she's got a check the left to be the austerity candidate democratic party part of the believe that everybody should have as much as they can get not an easy assignment. the other problem is generational bernie sanders has lit on fire the 74-year-old man a whole bunch of college kids who agree with him i want to pay for college hillary keeps gonna pay. the interesting thing democratic side is only fishback the old-line margaret that used to say which was the problem with socialism is related one out of other people's money on these two are in a real conversation about how do we spend how we raise it. fascinating. >> every state in a candidate being produced from the state and more often than not have support will say i know him i know more about them than the other candidates i'm going to go with him. this whole sort of next door neighbor thing with running i don't buy that so much bernie
6:34 pm
doesn't this party is a summary that they can count on regularly i think this is more national phenomena of the bernie sanders has put himself up against hillary and he has made himself formidable this plays well be lawn just a good neighbor thing watch them take off here if he beats her and he should. >> 's campaign doesn't seem to be quite as organized as hillary clinton so how will that have an impact here. any good revolution vanessa is never terribly well organized but often effective. i think that hillary clinton has proven in iowa or get out the vote effort or ability to identify voters and use grassroots on the ground stuff as well as very strong momentum of the revolution versus the grassroots. it's going to be very interesting to see i do know what happens here but if nothing else, bernie sanders right now is 10 points ahead of right now the question is what does she do to catch him not
6:35 pm
it's going be fun to watch. >> 40 percent of the voters here new hampshire do not align with either party. they can be swayed the poster up for grabs how does that play into new hampshire. the independent thing looks much more like a national election. this is sort of the thing that happens people go to the polls in november. interesting here bishop gets made in this primary because a lot of republicans go all and they will pull them a credit democrat balance. i think republicans would love to see bernie sanders as the nominee and there are many democrats out there would like to see ted cruz as a nominee. so that kind of thing does not independence single most important and largest voting bloc in the state. gets bigger every four years no exception this year. >> is a big shape cup potential here. if donald trump doesn't do well here is not that he can't
6:36 pm
he doesn't like to be in second place is you just talk about i don't think trump hangs around things don't go well here. and then the other question is what happens if in fact hillary clinton doesn't meet expectations here and going into the south is bernie sanders really in fact the candidate who can draw african-american votes hispanic votes in greater ethnicity and i think he can. checking out rubio is coming up that big win last night and iowa. if you look at the rubio speech and the obama speech from eight years ago you listen to some of the things he said last night some of the barack obama said it's fascinating some of the similar things. so two guys from very separate places and very different ideologies rubio's a smart guy is young he talks about tomorrow not yesterday. he's rfk and a party that is never nominated an offtake kind
6:37 pm
we usually nominee the person's terminus marco rubio didn't wait is turn so it's going to be very interesting. cruise rubio casey is talk about case for a quick second. he says hey if it doesn't happen you have gone back to ohio. this is a guy who said basically my engine is running already to go home why because i said there would that's a guy who's leaving my campaign that's a guy were put in place on i gotta think that is campaign strategist is hit his head against the wall. >> that's like the third quarter of the game the coach so that we don't score forget the fourth quarter it's all over. i don't quite get that up either. when things casey has done for himself is kind of a folksy guy. he follows with his words. something shoulders a bit this is him sort of freethinking sort of him talking aloud is being if nothing else honest i think if he doesn't do well he will be headed back to ohio.
6:38 pm
for special coming up at 7 o'clock. all week long leading up to new hampshire primary more live reports from our election studio here in manchester also be bringing primary specials every night as mentioned 7 o'clock between 25 political reporter sharmann saccheti with in-depth reports on the candidates and expert analysis. >> on primary night we will be with you for my news at 5:00 p.m. straight to 11:30 p.m. in your life results live reports from candidate headquarters and the speeches as a happen. also stream all of that life for you on and on the fox 25 news at. but for more now said rebecca fox 25 studios in dedham. >> thanks very much we'll see at 7 o'clock that new hampshire primary special but right now a lot of people talk about how warm it is outside fox25 meteorologist is here sure does feel like spring out there.
6:39 pm
today yesterday 60s the cola but still way above average 41 boston. temperatures dropping below freezing processes but is a look at worcester county going down to freezing tonight worcester and northwood with a problem will be from the storm system will be no way the first raindrop start to fall in linda may actually be freezing in some parts and cause a little bit of spotty icing i promise you some of these pictures my colleague in atlanta and a sister station that picture of a tornado coming to that's a alabama that's part of the same storm system moving toward us lots of damage being reported while we won't see that severe weather we will see some heavy rain that comes away and possibly the icing timeline just ahead. >> right now worcester police are looking for the person during a bunch of cabdrivers to a certain area of the city
6:40 pm
in this fox25 robert goulston reveals force tonight shot over just $40. 62-year-old cabdriver was just dispatch escorted pick about their but when he got her police say the caller wanted more than a ride. gary and monty took these pictures from her upstairs apartment window two doors down what happened. police say taxi driver was shot after being ambushed by someone who called for the cab. >> rodriguez saw the aftermath to use to drive a red cab the same taxi company the driver who shot was working for last night. it's dangerous. especially here at night. you know you don't know what's going to happen over the weekend at many comes to a woman driving for a livery company tonight held up to her throat during a robbery during that same day in your coupler dorchester street another livery driver was robbed at gunpoint.looking at the fact
6:41 pm
this one resulting in person being shot. we talked to the vice president here at red cab who says all of the drivers rattling around the victim to also talk about better ways to make sure they all stay safe. red cab reminding all of its employees to be extra aware of the surroundings. urging the drivers to even drive off their fair is coming out of the physical building with a cab was dispatched to. >> read kept telling us a driver is already out of the hospital expected to be okay. >> right now police looking for the person responsible for a car crime investing is a summers break into a bunch of cars all over town. next at six the dangerous act that the deep carries out after he steals what he wants. how police a training bald
6:42 pm
[mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness...
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breaking into a bunch of cars taking what he or she fire. tonight we're hearing from a exploding. take a look at this magic being woken up in the middle of the night your car broken into and set on fire from the inside.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
6:44 pm
was going. francis: that's in the west end of nobles to witness a car full engulfed in flames after someone broke in and set on fire.shooting out of the car by this time flames were shooting upward. cormier is across the street from the cars on fire. tarmac still left in the ground today. he remembers seeing the yellow glow from inside his bedroom and then calling 911. the windows blue and you know glass blue and everything. it did explode. there was some explosion. within the car seemed to be but up in the gas it might've been heat rupturing the windows i'm not sure but the windows loop. within a 24-hour. police took additional seven calls for vehicles that had been rummaged through had items stolen and lit on fire. police said these are crimes of opportunity all the vehicles
6:45 pm
>> sounds like i would say this is a normal everyday event. my brother police are advising everyone not to take the neighborhoods for granted. and keep your cars locked. >> police there are asking anyone with information to give seacoast crime stoppers a call. >> check this out dutch police are training eagles to take out drones. the hoping that eagles can target the unmanned device that some consider to be a nuisance bald eagles have been trained to sue been and get rid of any unwanted tronic distractions the company came up with the idea calls them a low-tech solution for a high-tech problem. >> clear skies over southern new england tonight that will change because the storm is pushing toward us. it's bringing the conditions to the plane states snowing in the great lakes and severe weather all the way through the midwest
6:46 pm
having tornadoes rip on through and cause damage tonight we will not see tornadoes or severe weather we are going to see some action from the storm system as it pushes toward us at the very beginning early tomorrow morning the mix is a petition so the vermont bleeding into the berkshires perhaps even to know the worcester county. latest futurecast data keeps it warm enough pushes reservation up to the north part until it warms up that it would be icy continue to warn you know the worcester county southern new or two of ice. start to fall first thing in the morning will fall below freezing out here tonight. not a huge deal but something will be watching. the study of heavier rain arrives in the afternoon from 3 o'clock on worcester to boston especially during the evening commute late-night hours that. temperatures of talk about worcester 31 kean 29 brattleboro 31 know the worcester county for straps
6:47 pm
couple spots of icing as far as high temperatures go definitely warms up well above icing problems as they heaviest rain arrives worcester 43 in douglas to 50 w. and north of boston chelmsford 80 50 south foxboro at 51 degrees. so a nice smile day again with the rain coming on in with that front so slow that continues to rain into the morning hours southeastern massachusetts nor the west of plymouth we start to see some sunshine that's going to work its way southeast during the day on thursday the high temperatures because of the snow find will be close to 50 degrees and start to fall in the afternoon colder air rights for friday upcoming weekend and view on the mild side both days by 1 o'clock and you watching computer models for the storm to come off the coast middle next week perhaps early as monday and make it on here that would bring some snow mix precipitation here this was a little father out this is the gfs model conversion would be a little cold and snowy for us although not a huge hit the
6:48 pm
showing similar storm of an update timeline for storm tomorrow. >> roads back in action tonight preview the matchup against the maple leaf next week to hear what roger the only way to get better is to challenge yourself, and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20.
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mike babcock in town for the first game of the all-star break is currently for the atlanta ready to go he knows this is where has to get the guy credibly focus. we are right now is in the playoff position we can't lose that we've got our young team players here that i find it pretty quickly how tough the second half can get. so we need to get tougher as a group when i see tougher mentally tougher probably physically tougher too. maybe going from here on in for the most part will be playing every second night. store the keeps on ticking to
6:51 pm
know that data the nfl was gathering this is a realtor ball pressure don't expect to see any of it. roger could tell that pillow from the issue today and asked about it which i then she listen to this. i have great admiration for tom i know him personally obviously i respect his playing ability is extraordinary player sure hall of famer of nothing but admiration for him. but have to make sure that we continue to do the things that are necessary to protect the integrity of our game. i will do that without compromise. >> you will not see the ball pressure data. more good reaction peyton manning on the conversations he had with tom brady bill belichick up to the afc championship game little more insight from peyton about what was on his fine he said it might be his last rodeo. >> is going to play italy 70 bellatrix going to coach to these 90 maybe hit the family
6:52 pm
plane of the tenures maybe we play and 10 more championships against each other but just in case we don't take the time to tell them both man-to-man ultimately i shook the hands whether did it because it was that. >> late this afternoon league confirms that lady gaga will perform the national anthem this sunday at the super bowl we typically know who's going to perform much earlier than this action that might be a surprise but the announcement came today it is lately, a gets a gig for super bowl 50. thank you so much for joining us fox25 news at six don't go anywhere because coming up take you right back out to new hampshire where mark and vanessa will anchor half hour special on first in the nation primary from fox 25 election studio in manchester also fox25 political reporter sharmann saccheti will be there dividing in-depth reports on the candidates as well as expert analysis is the first in our special series all with five minutes to kill,
6:53 pm
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[mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it.
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