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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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the stormtracker weather cente kevin. >> heather this is a pretty big storm and producing a little bit of everything. on the backside you see the colors in blue. that's where the heavy snow is falling and into the great lakes tonight, as well. but to the south, that's where severe weather has been happening including tornadoes tonight and this whole system is pushing towards southern new england. out therein tonight, clouds have started to roll on in. there are still some clear skies in places as well. overnight tonight we'll see the clouds start to thicken up and during the morning hours. we'll stop it around 8:00. notice the green in worcester county, with this high green tends to be thicker clouds, and the darker green tends to be precipitation actually making down to ground level. the problem is at that time, 8:00, 9:00 in the morning there will be towns that are still at or below freezing, and that means there's gonna be spotty icing out there. it's not gonna be for everyone but i want you to be aware of that have threat first thing in the morning.
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out tomorrow as well and our next chance for snow, sooner than you think. >> all right, kevin. talk to you in a bit. >> we are following some developing news to tell you about. a 3-year-old found seriously hurt at this home inbox roxbury over the weekend has now died. new tonight, fox 25's malini basu is live in roxbury with an interview with a woman who says she's that child's mother. malini. >> heather, 3-year-old tanai white was visiting his dad, stepmom and his sister, something he's been doing for a while now. his mom says i didn't think it was the last time i would see my i didn't think i was going to bury my son at 3 years old. she tells us she just wants to know what really happened to her 3-year-old son. >> reporter: for the first time we are getting a look at precious 3-year-old kanai white. in the video, you can see he's a happy-go-lucky boy. sources tell us they believe kanai was beaten to death by a
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>> ashley young claims to be kanai's biological mom, she spoke to fox 25 right after seeing her son for the last time at the hospital. i lost my baby. >> sunday night kanai was rushed to the hospital from his dad's house in roxbury. sources tell us kanai had head and lower body trauma. >> he no response. contusions, everything, body bag, everything. >> everybody loved him. he is just -- he walks in the room and is bubbly. >> reporter: as part of the investigation, dcf took kanai's 5-year-old sister away from the alpine street home and took away ashley's two daughters who don't
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>> all i did was take care of my son. every day he was with him, and then he goes out and takes my baby. >> ashley says the children kept her together. they were all their life and says her life now is a mess. she wants her children back in the meantime. sources are telling us that a relative with mental health issues may be to blame for the cause of the little boy's death. also tomorrow at 8:00, the family plans on holding a candlelight vigil in front of the alpine street home and set up a go fund me account so they can have a proper burial for the 3-year-old boy. that information is on our web site, live at the roxbury, malini basu, fox 25 news. to election 2016 and the primary is just one week away from tonight and all of the candidates. republicans and democrats are
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fox 25's mark ockerbloom and political reporter sharman sacchetti all join us live from new hampshire where i imagine it was kind of a whirlwind day for the can candidates. >> certainly is. the candidates obviously are here. hi, heather. we're at the fox 25 new hampshire primary headquarters here in new hampshire. >> absolutely. you opened up with a pretty windham. i was there early this morning. he's polling in second play right now. a lot of people are saying that's because he's got a big bump off of iowa. question is can he keep it, can he hold on to it throughout this rough and tumble week here in new hampshire where we know
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>> we'll be watching. >> chris christie has been at more than 170 events and ted cruz 75. so that's what you're dealing with here, people really basically banking on new hampshire and a strong turn-out here in new hampshire. and a key endorsement picked up earlier tonight. for donald trump, something we're all quite familiar with here in new england. >> former massachusetts senator scott brown made a key endorsement tonight of well, we'll share that with you, we have a story on that coming up in a little bit. >> first let's go to kathryn burcham live in milford, new hampshire. you've been with the trump campaign all night. >> yeah, they finished up a
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supporters and they say they still have trump saying, just take a look at numbers, pointing to his poll numbers across the national polls, as well they say that here in new harsh, he is strong. and while trump himself did take the blame for his loss in iowa, he believes it's not going to happen again. >> we have a movement going, folks. we have a movement. >> trump showing no signs of slowing down. >> i went there and i think we did really well, we did really well. >> reporter: trump admitted he didn't spend enough time or money in iowa but took credit little effort. >> i spent the least and have the best right. isn't that nice. >> reporter: and that's why some call donald trump a surprisingly good loser.
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one all the time, i think it's okay to get knocked down as long as you get back up and carry forward. >> reporter: the granite state slogan is first in the nation. >> there haven't been many presidents that have won the caucus. it's just the beginning. >> reporter: and with seven more days till the new hampshire primary, many predicted that trump will have a different outcome out here. >> new hampshire people, new england people their independent, if you will, and it's just a whole different atmosphere. >> and very proud, as you can see, all quick to dismiss iowa and talk about the primary in their home state. now tonight trump did direct most of his criticism at ted cruz, criticizing him from accepting donations from companies on wall street and big oil companies. live in milford, kathryn
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hillary clinton narrowly beating bernie sanders in the iowa caucuses. >> ted daniel has been following those campaigns all day and hillary clinton just wrapped up >> campaign clinton just pulled out of hampton a short time ago. the former u.s. secretary state held a rally tonight here at a local high school, here in the gymnasium. hampton is the hometown of massachusetts attorney general morey healy, and healy along with former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords joined clinton on stage. clinton beat obama in new hampshire in 2008 but she faces a much bigger challenge this time around in bernie sanders. i'm looking forward to every opportunity because i know that people here have a choice and i
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your heart and your mind. >> statewide poll shows sanders in the double-digit lead in new hampshire. he's a familiar face from neighboring vermont and his antiestablishment message has resinated, especially well younger voters here. sanders head a number of events today including a rally this afternoon in keene. >> what is this campaign about? it's not about spin. it's not about thirty-seconds, but about the american people. as sanders and clinton criss-crossed the state, they are debating about debate. sanders says he will not participate in thursday's planned debate unless the clinton campaign agrees to future one.
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in new hampshire, i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. trump number 2 in iowa and now being endorsed by a former massachusetts senator. and the trump hasn't had any endorsement from any he senators or former senators since tonight. former senator scott brown may be a potential vice-presidential candidate. trump floated the idea that brown would make a, quote, very good vice-president. brown hasn't held public office sings he lost his race to elizabeth warren back in 2012. he then moved to new hampshire and went on to lose a second race against u.s. senator jean shaheen in 2014. during our new hampshire primary
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asked pat griffen, political strategist and managing partner could it actually happen, could we see scott brown as a potential vice-presidential candidate? i think trump is the one who talked about it, basically said scott brown is from central casting. he's a popular guy, people like it here in new hampshire. bottomline at this point i don't think it's a whole lot of anything. >> we'll see. we'll see if it does.
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primary coverage is in the books. how about day 2? heading over to see john kasich who says tonight if he doesn't have a good showing here in new hampshire, he might be headed back to ohio. we'll see. >> all right. >> on to new hampshire, and he doesn't want to be on to ohio. very good. 5:25 is the place to be for the national primary leading up to next tuesday. every day, we'll anchor the
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>> a tragic development we brought you at 5:00 and 6:00. a 13-year-old boy has been hit and killed by a train in dedham. fox 25's jim morelli reports from dedham where investigators are trying to piece together what happened now. he ran into a whom who said that a teenaged boy went down the platform and just kept going right on to the area next to the tracks. we don't know if that was the victim in this case but we do know a 13-year-old hit by a train in a horrible accident. >> a place maybe known for occasional tears of frustration but tonight it was more a place for tears of pure grief. >> everybody is sad. >> reporter: marissa was aboard the 355 outbound franklin when it came to an abrupt halt in
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from her window marissa watched the conductor check under the train. she was crying, took off her hat, she looked distressed. >> reporter: distressed because the train hit someone on the track, something passengers would gradually learn through social media. >> there was a person struck by the train. >> reporter: that person was a 13-year-old boy. >> i didn't think of it as more than a rumor until now. when you pull up and you see all the police cars, it's a tragedy. i had no idea. >> reporter: for nearly two hours, the train didn't move. some passengers techniqued loved ones as they waited to get to endicott station. but it wasn't that kind of a >> i didn't mind waiting. i just wish there was a better outcome what happened. >> the district attorney's office identifying the victim here as 13-year-old eric plat of dedham. dedham fire sent out a tweet offering its condolence to his family and friends.
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accident. >> new at 11:00, state police tell us a 54-year-old roxbury man driving a car was killed and 4 passengers who were hurt are exacted to survive. investigators think the driver may have suffered a medical problem that caused him to lose control of the can car. a patient in texas has acquired the sikh can came virus through sexual transmits. the patient was infected after having sexual contact with an ill person who returned from a country where zika was present. that virus is normally spread through mosquito bites. now researchers are fiercely working to come up with a vaccine to control it. experts acknowledge the process could take years to accomplish. and a college student says he's in trouble for renting his dorm room on air b&b.
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out the room in january to three guests on three separate nights. the 19-year-old sophomore says the listing was up for two weeks before school officials asked him to remove it. he will not say how much he charged for the room and now facing disciplinary action. >> the storm is hitting the deep west and also snow in the plain states. this system is moving right toward us. outside tonight here in new england it's not an issue. there's a few clouds starting to spill on in here ahead of the milder air that's working toward us. it will be every bit as mild, if not milder than yesterday afternoon. some light green working here, tends to be the thicker clouds of darker green and tends to be the flips this model. temperatures here are going to be marginal.
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well, first in boston, it will be warm enough. temperatures right near freezing as precipitation starts to fall, still 32 degrees near town and can get some spots of ice. not gonna a widespread problem but northern worcester county is west of the berkshires and north of vermont, you have to watch some icing first thing and shiri will be here to let you know what's going on with that. make sure you have your weather app to see what the temperature is in your town before you step waned moderate threat for some some tree limbs during the height of the storm. rain, a high threat, it's gonna rain everywhere and ice will probably be a threat to the small part of the area. overall the morning commute will be good except for the spots of ice off to the north in worcester county. midday we start to get showers in here and the rain for the evening commute and beyond and the strong winds to bring down the travel conditions considerably.
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the heavier rain just to the west at 1:00. by 5:30, the heaviest into worcester and then the boston during the tail evening commute. and sticking around through the nighttime hours and into thursday morning, as well, the front still along the south coast of massachusetts bringing some heavy rain at times to cape cod and the islands and spinning off here but not too far off and that's important to note by 8:30 on thursday. still gonna be some clouds watching this system very carefully. i'll show you why in just a high temperatures tomorrow as the winds shift around to the air into the 50s. areas that could have a spot of ice in the morning will warm up specifically and all because of these wind gusts by noon... another system works along that front and as the cold air works in, a little bit of snow is
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massachusetts because that front is not moving far enough away. week, something we'll be watching very closely. >> thanks, kev. bruins blew one against their opponents and the celtics back
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who has the big night in the big a tough loss for the bruins tonight, sitting on a two goal overtime. this is the game against the bad maple leafs team. when it was 1 a piece, the bruins didn't strike right away in the third. marchand. that was the second of the 26 seconds the later, krachi got one himself. the first shot here is no good, but see him in there to get the rebound. you gotta feel good. 3-1, 18.39 to play. maple leafs score one to draw in one and this, 8 and a half to go. it's 3-3. you're feeling bad already. and then you feel real bad because they lose in overtime. powerplay 4 on 3 and final score is 4 to 3. the maple leafs get it done tonight. the knicks went to new york and took care of business. they have now won 6 out of 7.
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take this one up tied as well. avery bradley, look at this one over to amir johnson. that's an easy bucket buries the jumper at the baseline, a 1-point game. tied again at 62. tyler angle her a good one, 16 for him tonight. kelly checked in with 13 and celtics fell, get this, only 3 of 19 from 3 point range, but it didn't hurt 'em. >> it scored 20 be tonight the celtics win it 97-89. they may actually see each other this week, goodell and brady. still not sure if brady will show up for the special ceremony honoring the former mvp. here's what he said when asked if he's had any recent contact for brady. >> i have great admiration for tom. i know him personally.
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he's an extraordinary player. >> sure hall-of-famer and i have nothing but admiration for him and we have to continue to do the things that are necessary to protect the integrity -- integrity of our game and i'll do that without hesitation. >> lady gaga will sing the national anthem on sunday. part of me thought it was going to a surprise but lady gaga get the gig. garth brooks almost didn't sing this national anthem at super bowl 27. he made some last hour demands at the nfl and nbc, and they said no, so he threatened to sit out the anthem, league officials had to scour the roads bowl looking for someone who could possibly sing the analyst national anthem and did find somebody in the crowd, jon bon jovi. they said can you sing if you have to?
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