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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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days after being fou wit a serious injury, a 3-year-old boy passes away. the family member police are investigating, and the interview investigating, and the interviews you will find only on fox with the woman who says she is the boy's mother. plus, it could be the last time she is in public for a long time. what is happening today that could keep whitey bulger's girlfriend in prison even longer girlfriend in prison even longer. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news julie good morning, everyone wednesday, february 3, 4:30 in the morning, i am julie grauert. >> daniel: the new hampshire bream is the big story and we have team coverage. gene lavanchy is anchoring from our new hampshire primary headquarters. good morning, gene. >> gene: daniel and julie, good morning to you as well. the battle for the granite state is in full swing today. candidates will be crisscrossing the granite state here in new hampshire. they are looking for votes as we are a week out now from the
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for republicans, iowa caucus winner ted cruz will start meet meeting with voters today here in new hampshire at 10:00 this morning. he won't wrap up this final event until 9:00 tonight. right now, though, we want to check the weather forecast, and for that go to our dedham studio and check in with shiri spear. >> shiri: good news for those in southern new hampshire. the rest of the area for the morning commute, mostly dry conditions. we have that little bit of snow falling central and northern new england. for us it is not really flowing until after 7:00 this morning. starting off pretty chilly. barre at 27 degrees. rindge, new hampshire at 29. hollis, new hampshire at 27. and there is concern initially for a little bit of icing in those spots with the 20s. reading at 30. milton, 34. boston at 36 degrees. 29 in mansfield. 30 in hanover. 38 in sandwich. 25 in harwich this morning. and southeastern mass is dry for
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7 a.m., 73 1egs downpour still cloudy by noontime areas north and west of boston, southern new hampshire, southern vermont, southern and western massachusetts, rain through the afternoon. 3 p.m. kids coming home from school, 52 degrees and still have showers to the north and west of boston. even boston getting in on lighter rain by then. and at 7:00 this evening, i have got heavy rain in boston that can definitely commute -- could complicate, excuse me, the evening commute, and i have got a closer look into exactly what you will be dealing with coming up in less than 10. right now get it back over to you, julie, for a check the roads julie thank you, shiri. nice and quiet at the early hour nice and quiet at the early hour. you are on the pike. we have a stall over by route 9 in framingham. overall volume is so light it won't be problem mat pick. 93 south. route 1 and leverett connector clear. live drive times. 25 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston
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4:32 right now. the race is on for the office. >> they are heading from one town to the other to pick up votes. gene lavanchy is following all the developments on the ground in new hampshire this morning. he is in our new hampshire primary headquarters. gene? >> gene: and, julie and daniel, good morning to you. as we started to say a little bit earlier, all the candidates will be crisscrossing the state here in new hampshire today. they are trying move granite state -- woo grat granite state voters one week ahead voters one week afrom the first of the nation caucus. ted cruz won't wrap up his final events until 9:00 tonight. john kasich hosting three town halls and a business forum. chris christie in lebanon, new hampshire and wraps up in. dlonz not be in new hampshire today.
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off an endorsement from a very popular and influential politician here in new hampshire. former massachusetts senator scott brown. >> i am here to endorse donald trump. >> gene: last night brown joined trump at a rally in milford, new hampshire. three weeks ago brown hosteded a fundraiser for trump. at this time the billionaire said that brown would make a very good vice-president. brown said he believes trump has the right economic plan. >> reduce and eliminate our $19 trillion national debt, a trillion dollar deficit. get that economic engine going again. >> gene: also last last night trump told fox news he may have lost the iowa caucuses because he skipped the final debate and some voters may have been disappointed with that decision. for the tem s tonight, bernie sanders and hillary clinton will share the same stage here in new hampshire. both ran to attend a town hall
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before that, clinton scheduled it appear in dover and manchester and sanders have two shots planned in rochester. the vermont senator leads most polls in granite state voters. both urged new hampshire residents to support them at the polls on tuesday. >> because i know the people here have a choice and i hope you will choose with both your hearts and your minds. >> what is this campaign about? it is not about spin. it is not about 30-second tv ads. it is about the american people. >> gene: senator sanders still -- have still not decided whether he will take part in the debate in manchester tomorrow. he says he won't unless the clinton campaign agrees to a series of future debates. we have a team of we have a team of. >> reporter: ers covering the primary in new hampshire.
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hampshire where vb kicking off the first event of the morning and i will be hearing anchoring our coverage all morning. our political analyst will join us at 6:00. and i will be back in 30 minutes with much more coming from new hampshire. until then, to our dedham studio with julie and daniel. >> daniel: thanks. the relative of a young roxbury boy is the focus into the investigation of his death. >> daniel: the boy passed away days after being rushed to the hospital. a story we have been following since weekend. hen then live in roxbury where new details of where the investigation stands. hi, michael. >> reporter: good morning, daniel and julie. we learned that the family hold we learned that the family holding a vigil at the alpine street home where the boy who lost his life was hurt. for the first time, guys, we are seeing video of 3-year-old kenai whyte. you can see him there smiling, playing like any other 3-year-old would 3-year-old would. boston police who didn't release the victim's name and said that the 3-year-old found
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event sunday passed away in the hospital yesterday. now sources tell fox25, they believe kenai was beaten to death by a relative. a woman who claims to be kenai's biological mom spoke to fox25 about her loss. >> we had an arrangement, me and the father. he had him on weekends, a, and i had him during the weekdays, and we would switch off, and during the weekend, i lost my baby. >> reporter: the department of children and families, dcf released a statement saying they are working with police and conducting an internal review of the case. as fox25 reported on the news at 10 already dcf has taken kenai's 5-month-old sister out of the home on alpine street. ahead at 5:30, kenai's mother explains who else dcf nook custody after her son's death. that is coming up in 60 minutes.
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live in roxbury, michael henrich, fox25 news. 4:37. police are investigating the death of a local teenager who was hit and killed by a commuter rail train. fox25's jaes jess is live in -- jessica reyes is live in dedham where this happened just before rush hour yesterday. jess, we still don't know how the boy got on the tracks. >> reporter: that's right, daniel. still a lot of questions surrounding that whole part of this investigation, but we do know that this was just a horrific scene here near the end could the station yesterday afternoon. this as rush hour was getting started. it happened on this general stretch of the tracks here in dedham, and we know that the conductor was brought to tears when she figured out what had happened. now it was at 3:55 and headed to franklin but stopped here for more than two hours after the accident. our crews spoke with people on board as they finally get off the train including one woman who saw the conductor get out and check underneath the train car. >> we heard a noise, and the train just slowed down to a stop.
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emergency. she was crying, she took off her hat. she just looked all distracted. >> reporter: and the district attorney's office has identified the victim acer rick platt of -- victim as er rick platt of dedham just 13 years old. the da says this appears to be an accident. this is still a very new investigation, so we believe investigators will be out here later this morning once the sun comes up to get a better look at things and we will have that for you later today on the fox25 morning news. we will be talking to passengers back to work. live in dedham, jessica reyes, happening today, the girlfriend of former boston mob boss james whitey bulger is expected to plead guilty in federal court. catherine greig is charged with contempt for refusing to testified testify before a -- refusing to testify in front of a grand jury testify in front of a grand jury.
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16 years on the run. bulger of serving life in prison for being probably for 11 killings. greig is serving an eight-year sentence for aiding a fugitive. a driver convicted of causing a devastating crash on the arborway will be sentenced in nicholas papadopolis was found guilty of negligent operation of a vehicle. his car collided head-on with a pickup truck. the driver of the truck and the teenaged passenger in the car suffered severe injuries. this morning, police investigate investigating a series of robbery robberies targeting cabdrivers. three drivers have been attacked in worcester. the most recent happened monday night on stockton street. police say the 62-year-old red cabdriver was called around 10 p.m. opinion when he arrived, the man shot the driver and tried to rob him. the man in worked for red cab saw the aftermath and he wasn't too surprised. >> dangerous, especially here at night. you never know what is going to happen.
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is out of the hospital and doing okay. last weekend, two other cab last weekend, two other cabdrivers in worcester were attacked and robbed. this morning the fbi is investigating a new bank robbery that could be tied to a string of other crimes. billerica police put this photo out that shows a robbery -- a robber at the enterprise bank on boston road. they say the man flashed what and to be a gun at the teller and took off with crash. the crime is similar to other recent robberies and the fbi bank robbery task force is investigating. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. here is a look at your drive times south of boston. 10 minutes right now on route 3 from 228 in rockland to the braintree split. shiri? >> shiri: good morning, everybody for your wednesday morning commute. plan on 30s. just the clouds out there but getting home from work later today, more complicated because of the rain, because of the fog. very, very mild out there with mostly 50s on the map. i will time out the warm-up and arrival of showers in your town next.
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air, coming up on the fox25 morning news, how drones could be used to track traffic problems. and she is bringing her poker face to the world stage.
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a tragic update about a dog found starving and abandoned. this 2-year-old dog named stitch was found hear bridge street in dedham.
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had a muscular condition so severe he couldn't drink water on his own. they decided the most humane option was to put stoych sleep. boston his seized a hoard of off-road vehicles. police got a call that dirt bikes were disrupting traffic in roxbury. they tracked the bikes down to a storage facility in mass ave where they found a total of nine dirt bikes and motor scooters next to improperly stored gas you cans. fire officials removed the vehicle saying it was a serious fire hasard. police say the bikes may have been stolen. the incident is under investigation this morning. the boston celtics are one of the hottest teams in the he nba. the cs won the five of the last six and return tonight face the piston. the green at madison square garden. in the third avery bradley finds amir johnson for the easy bucket amir johnson for the easy bucket.
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with a nice pass and slams it home. in the 4th, isaiah thomas goes to the rims, he misses -- but zeller gets the put back. cs win 97-89. the bruins hosting toronto at home. in the third, bs go up by a pair -- up by 2 with a pair of goals 26 seconds apart. second one goes to david krejci to put in the rebound. the game should be over, but leafs come back. and cadry gets the equalizer. it nice deflection. continue to roar toe on the power play in overtime. flip it is home. leafs win 4-3. big news from the super bowl big news from the super bowl. all of the little monsters out there are celebrating because lady gaga has been picked to sing the national anthem before sunday's big game. she recently won a golden globe award award for best actress in a tv mini series for her work in "american horror story."
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see lady ga ga. a look at the maps right now and things are nice and light as you are getting ready to head out the door. no major issues to tell you about. we have a stall right after route 9 on the pike eastbound in framingham, but the volume so light that it is not going to cause a lot of problems. i will have a look at your live drive times in just a few minutes. first here is shiri. >> shiri: good morning, everybody. and i have got our eyes on a couple of things morning. break down what we will be dealing with throughout the day, mostly dry until 10:00. for many of you getting into work, pretty easy going, getting the kids you off to school. pretty easy going. once we hit lunchtime and beyond, things get sloppy out there. heaviest rain will remain north of boston during the daylight showers today, epicentral, western mass, southern new hampshire, but tonight it will slide into southeastern massachusetts. and gusts are going to pick up to 35 miles per hour which isn't necessarily a damaging wind, though we could see some stronger gusts. if we are able to muster up one
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rain on radar, be very careful out there. and then you can see as you hit noontime, a lot of those showers noontime, a lot of those showers, worcester, manchester, new hampshire, heaviest still off to the west. i expect that in and around boston and -- boston and metro west a couple of lighter showers at that time frame. this is a very helpful day nor fox25 weather app to keep an eye on temperatures in your town, make sure you are above freezing and get the first of the rain in town and helping to time out some of those for a few. at 5 p.m., boston will start seeing heavier rain in time for the evening commute. still heavy if you are headed new hampshire. lighten up if you are traveling south at all and those are my problem spots tonight. 8:00 this evening, heavy rain here planted over southeastern massachusetts. on and off downpours expected through the morning hours. freeze-frameing it at midnight tonight. screen. indicates to me that we could even get a thunderstorm out of this and that's where we will have to watch out for stronger
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time tomorrow, look what we still have, showers lingering across eastern massachusetts. those showers will be somewhat slow to let up. high temperatures today, 54 in boston, 54 in plymouth. 51 in hyannis. 51 in worcester and manchester, new hampshire. 48 in keene. it will be kind of slow to get there. be there late in the day. temperature-wise, we have temperatures hanging close to 50 degrees. it is mild. just plain rain tonight and for the day tomorrow, a lot of us will be dry. things actually brighter the further inland you go. boston saw it at 53 degrees. we have that chance of showers from plymouth down to the cape and islands for your thursday. check out that friday forecast. that 39 degrees with your seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view. on friday, again, the cape where we have to watch for a snow or rainshower. rest of the area dry, saturday and sunday featuring the 40s and partly sunny conditions for your weekend. into next week, an ocean storm that looks like mostly a miss on monday, and tuesday a better
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there, and possibly some mixing along the coast. more details on that, of course, to come. back to you, guys. >> shiri, talk to you soon. a scientific study on snuggling may want to make you a little late for work today. still ahead on the fox25 morning news, how cuddling up could benefit the whole family. the skin-crawling discovery.
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creature . a blast blows a hole through a commercial plane thousands of feet in the air and this morning, officials believe one person may have been killed in that explosion. the plane was flying over east africa to somalia when the explosion happened. the pilot was able to safely land the plane. hours later a body was found on the ground, and officials believe it may have been ejected from a hole in the plane. it is still unclear this morning -- it is still under investigation, and no one has claimed responsibility. now to some pretty incredible video of a teenager being pulled from an icy pond in kansas. look at this. police say the 16-year-old fell through the ice and couldn't pull himself out. a fire rescue team showed up just in time to get him out of the cold water. the woman who videotaped the whole thing said the boy wouldn't have made it much longer on his own were. >> i am absolutely certain that should these rescue teams have not responded when they did,
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much more time that he could endure the frozen, icy waters out there. julie the fire rescue team had just undergone a course on water rescues. the teenager suffered from hypothermia but is expected to make a full recovery. bad news for people who drink sellzer water. a new study stuingts could be bad for you. dentists say the bubbles contain carbonic acid that wears away tooth enamel and added flavors increase the acidity. swishing regular water in your mouth after the drinking can help caught kut back on the damage done. a new warning for women who may think of having a baby. the cdc says drinking any alcohol in the very early weeks of pregnancy can be dangerous. the agency says 3.3 million women are at risk of expose women are at risk of exposing an unintentional pregnancy to alcohol, because more than half of all pregnancy in the u.s. are unplanned. the new stance is reigniting an old debate whether or not light
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cause serious harm to a baby. ruchlers to a new iphone and ipad are circulating and we may not have to wait too long. apple's next event will take place march 15. the announcement is expected to be a 4-inch iphone and new ipad wear. we could find more of a apple watch software update. amazon may be opening 100 of physical book stores. the ceo says amazon's plan to open 300 brick and mortar stores open 300 brick and mortar they describe it as a physical extension of their web site. they promise everything sold in the book store also not differ in price with what is sold on line. family families with small children will be able to board american airlines flight early. parents kids 2 and under will preboard after passengers with disabilities and uniformed military personnel. united dropped the policy, that is, in 2012 but said going back
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to do. scientists have discovered a new species of daddy long legs that is making us a little uncomfortable. i say check it out but i hope you had your breakfast. the monster beast actually called daddy long legs. good news is even though it looks scary, -- >> i used to pick up daddy long legs as a kid. i wouldn't pick that one up. >> julie: no. dangerous return in the search for a mosquito-borne virus. the new way of transmission that affected an american with the zika virus. teen coverage from the granite state, our gene lavanchy and catherine parrotta are both
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and will join now at 5:00, hours away from
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