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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the sw ogress of storms and what time downpours greet your town. >> gene: counting down to primary day in new hampshire. fox25 has team coverage this morning. the marathon schedule the candidates are on today, and the local heavyweight now backing donald trump. plus, tragedy on the tracks. a teenager killed by a commuter train. we are live as investigators get their first look at the scene when the sun comes up this morning. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, february 3. i am sara underwood. gene lavanchy live this morning at our new hampshire primary headquarters. good morning, gene. >> gene: and sara, good morning to you. and good morning to everybody. we are live in manchester, new hampshire. this will be our home next week as we get ready for the first of
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much more on that coming up, but first check with the rometeorologist shiri spear in the fox25 weather center watching rain that will be moving in today, shizi. >> shiri: could start as a little bit of freezing rain. this is what we have showers for way out west. we still have time before this reaches us and i want to take you through it and point out some spots like orange, fitch some spots like orange, fitchburg, up to nashua, new hampshire. we have 20s on the map, though temperatures are going to continue to warm this morning 37 morning my concern is when we have a little snip place could start as a little freezing drizzle here, and the time on that will be between 7 and 8:00. on the 3457 on the map at 7 on the map at 7. boston at 37 degrees. we don't see showers in boston until noontime and the focus of that heavy rain is well off to the north and west through much of your wednesday here. 48 to 58 when that heavy rain hits southeastern massachusetts coming up. right now julie grauert standing
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and a good time to hit the road. >> julie: yes, it is, shiri. nice and quiet. route 93 south 128 moving down to the pike moving along nicely. the pike, wide open through framingham, newton and the alston brighton tolls. 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 8 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you. all right, julie, it is a matter of days until the new hampshire primary, and this morning, the candidate will be crisscrossing the state. gene is anchoring our coverage this morning in manchester, new hampshire. good morning, gene. >> good morning, sara. we have another busy day here. we want to get updated on the highlights and the headlines. of course, we are getting ever so closer to the vote in the first of the nation primary here in the granite state. today candidates will be crisscrossing new hampshire trying to get out the vote and trying to drum up support.
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winner ted cruz will start meeting with voters at 10:00 this morning and won't wrap up until his final event at 9:00 tonight. john kasich will be hosting three town halls and business forum today. and chris christie pick up his day in lebanon, new hampshire. marco rubio has the first event scheduled in bowe at 8:00. donald trump will not be in new hampshire. he is headed to arkansas fresh from an endorsement from a heavyweight republican party, scott brown. one week ago brown hosted a fundraiser and at that time the billionaire i had that is a scott brown will make a very good vice president. brown said he believes that trump has the right acknowledge plan. >> reduce and eliminate a $19 trillion national debt. a trillion dollar deficit.
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>> gene: also last night, trump told fox news, he may have lost the caucus because he skipped the final debate. he said some voters may be disappointed with that decision. marco rubio came in third. a strong showing and ready to battle in the state of new hampshire and he said when it is all said and done, what happens here in new hampshire will help put him in the oval office before it is all over. fox25's catherine parrotta live in bowe where the doors will open for ruby xwro at an event at 7:00 this morning. catherine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gene. the first one in bowe that the building behind me, that scheduled to start three hours from now at 8:00 this morning. after he exceed expectations in iowa, marco rubio is the subject of two front-page reports in the "new york times" and"washington post,"and he is making headquarters -- making headlines across the country. he got 27% of the gop vote, 1%
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rubio is gaining a large network of supports with volunteers making thousands of phone calls and door knocks and gaining support across the country. he got the sought-after endorsement from south carolina senator tim scott, the only black republican in the senate and then republican leaders have praised rubio over the past several months pointing to him as possibly being the candidate to shining the primary and take the race away from other candidates. just a week to go before the primary, hope primary, hoping to ride a wave to the general election saying this last night in new hampshire this last night in new hampshire. >> i give us the big chance. my candidacy gives us the best chance to nominate a real conserve thoyv can unite the party, grow the party, take our message to people who haven't voted for us in the past and ultimately to defeat democrats and republicans. they admit that i am the one they don't want to run against and that's why i will be the nomination. >> reporter: comprehensive constitution growing after marco
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tuesday brought fresh attacks against him from governor chris against him from governor chris christie and jeb bush. in the past, new hampshire republicans haven't always followed the lead of iowa and still anyone's race here, and republican candidates certainly know that and a long day of campaigning here today, and for marco rubio that starts here in bowe about three hours from now. the latest for this location. live in bowe, new hampshire, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. as for the democrats tonight as for the democrats tonight, bernie sanders and hillary clinton will share the same stage in new hampshire. both plan to attend a town hall event in derry. before that, clinton scheduled to. that dover and manchester. sanders have two spots planned in rochester. leads most of the polls for the granite state voters. both urged new hampshire residents to support them at the polls on tuesday. >> because i know that people here have a choice. and hope you will choose with
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>> what is this campaign about? it is not about spin. it's not about 30-second tv ads. it is about the american people. >> gene: senator sanders has not decided if he will take place it a debate in manchester tomorrow night. he said he won't unless the clinton campaign agrees to a series of future debates. hillary clinton is urging people to retweet her campaign. sanders last week was about republicans wanting to republicans want republicans inging to social security. we will be monitoring all candidates from here all morning long and our analyst will join us live in studio to talk about where the campaigns are going today. fox25 is the place to be for new hampshire primary coverage leading up to next tuesday. every day we will be anchoring our coverage from our election headquarters here in manchester, new hampshire already plus we will have a live special report feature featuring sharman sacchetti every night at 7:00.
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in manchester, back to tsar snare our dedham studio. >> sara: all right, gene, thank you. commuter rail service should be back to normal after a horrific accident. a local teen was hit and killed by a train during the evening rush. fox25's jessica reyes is live in dedham with details. and jess, we still don't know how the boy got on the tracks. >> reporter: that's right, sara, still a lot of questions surrounding that part of the investigation this morning, but we do know it was just an awful scene last night as rush hour was getting started. it had been on this general stretch of the tracks just here near the endicott station and one passenger on board did tell us when a conductor got off and told us what happened, broke down into tears. the train left boston at 3:55 and was headed to franklin but stopped here for two hours after the accident. and our crews spoke with people on board as they finally got off the train here including one woman who saw that conductor get off the train and check underneath.
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we heard the noise and the train just slowed down a stop. the conductor said there was a medical emergency. she was crying. took off her hat. she just looked all distressed. >> reporter: and the district attorney's office has identified this 13-year-old victims a eri c platt of dedham. the investigation continues this morning and the da does say this appears to be a horrible accident. we understand that investigators are be back out here later this morning once it gets light out to have a better look at things. we will keep you posted on any new developments here in this story. i am jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. this morning police are investigating a series of robbery robberies targeting scab drivers. three drivers have been attacked in worcester in the past week. the most recent have been monday night on stockton street. police say the 62-year-old red cabdriver was called there
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man shot him and tried to rob him perhaps man he who used to work for red cab saw the aftermath but wasn't that surprised. >> it is dangerous. especially here at night. you never know what is going to happen. >> red cab tells us the driver is out of the hospital and doing okay. last weekend, two other cabdrivers in worcester were attacked and robbed. this morning, the fbi is investigating a new bank robbery that could be tied to a string of crimes. billerica police put this photo out at thank shows a robbery at the enterprise bank on boston road. they say this man flashed what what appears to be a gun at the teller and took off with cash. officials say the crime is similar to other recent robbery similar to other recent robberies, and the fbi's bank robbery task force is investigating. and police say a fire at a vacant home has been deemed arson. this is a photo of flames engulfing the home on enterprise street in boston.
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haven't building saturday. police are getting reports that people have been sneaking into the building for, quote, some time. the fire marshal is offering a $5,000 reward for details that lead to an arrest. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. right now a 19-minute commute on 93 south from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri. >> shiri: here is what we are planning on for the morning drive. 30s and clouds. and we have rain, fog and 50s on the map. not going to be 50s and sunshine. we will show you where to plan around the heavier downpours next. there is an ongoing investigation in boston this morning. a little boy a little boy who was rushed to the hospital has now died, and we have been following had the story for several days this mo h this morning new details for the woman who says she is the boy's mom. a new scare in the zika outbreak and we are following all of the developments this morning. the new way that doctors say the virus is spreading in this
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developing news involving the zika virus. we learned that a new case in texas was transmitted through sex and not a mosquito bite. this as two new cases are confirmed in florida. fox25's daniel miller joins us now with more on this disease that is quickly becoming a
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>> daniel: that's right, sara. doctor have confirmed that a patient in texas have acquired the zika virus through sexual transmission. the patient was infected by someone that i come back from venezuela and had the virus. the first known case in the current outbreak where the virus has been transmitted inside the continental u.s. the virus has been carry the virus has been carried by mosquitoes and can be harmful to women mo are pregnant or who may be equipment. the virus is born in brazil but now it is present.27 duvts. has been detect in a number u.s. states including a boston man diagnosed last week but is recovering. zika virus has been linked to a birth defect and n at least the babies being born with abnormal babies being born with abnormally small heads. the cdc is trying to find more about the sexual transmission about the virus, and researchers are working on a vaccine. but that process could take years.
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estimates up to 4 million people across the americas will be infected with the zika virus in the next year. we will continue to follow this for you this morning. and in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. well, major lay offs are on the way for yahoo. the company will cut 15% of its workforce. that is about 11,000 employees. analysts stay could be in response a group of shareholders that have heavily criticized ceo marisa maye r for not turning around the company's finances. mayer is expect to address the finances next tuesday. yahoo has 1 billion users and they are not expected to be impacteded by the changes. uber's logo is getting the new logo. ditching the black and white u with a logo for more color and pattern. uber says the new design is an attempt to bring out the human side company by highlighting it as a transportation -- a transportation network that kebingth connects
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the new logo will be used world the new logo will be used worldwide and features a different color for each country it operates in. this boston t stop will soon be back in business. the government center stlaition reopen on march 26. this an 82 million renovation that has taken two years. they have added air accessability, improved platforms and a glass above platforms and a glass aboveground station entrance. good morning, everyone, now 5:17. start with a look at the pike right now. bright green on our traffic flow. that means you are moving along at a speed limit ride. as we shift north of town, 93 south, route 1 also looked good . over to a live look at the zakim bridge where volume is still very minor on the bridge and the leverett connector. your live drive times, and we will tweet out that picture for you in just a moment, but let's get to shiri hoya is tracking some early conditions for the moment, but that will be changing as the day progresses. >> reporter: yeah, because so far so good, julie. nice and dry. a little easy as we continue
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but today it is during the morning commute that i have got some icy concerns that form. and it is this afternoon that we have got rain, we have wind, and goes straight into the overnight hours and even sticks around for part of the day tomorrow. this is a system rolling toward us bringing heavy rain this morning to parts of new york and pennsylvania, out across northern new york as well as northern new england. we have snow showers. as this moves in we are mostly talk plane rain. zoom into the current temperatures. the first spo the to give everything in the form of rain keene. now at 32 degrees. i do like the fact this morning temperatures go up in the last hour since we came on air at 4 a.m. 32 degrees a good place to be as long as we can continue to warm. i think we are going to be good shape by the time rain moves in and that will happen between 8 and 9:00 this morning. as it does, temperatures are still on fringe of freezing which is why a slight risk of ice out there.
5:18 am
keene. by 1 p.m., 43 degrees. look how much you later the rain arrives in boston at 36 degrees. safely above freezing and temperatures here. i have got 46 by 11:00. 1 p.m., 49. we get into the 50s. we really don't see scattered showers and they will start out light until around lunchtime today, getting much heavier in time for the evening commute. futurecast takes you through hour by hour. 7:00 this morning, still very limited, stuff popping on radar. a little drizzle sneaking under the ray dand and the reason i have you on alert for on new hampshire. main rain pushes in between 8 and 10:00 in the morning and you can see all green because temperatures warming above freezing and continued heavy at times, especially southwestern new hampshire into western massachusetts through early afternoon. so i have to say early afternoon so i have to say early afternoon, i am still seeing northeastern massachusetts, central mass, the boston area, with some scattered lighter showers. turning heavier by the evening
5:19 am
the focus of that heavy rain will turn to southeastern massachusetts. and this is when we will get some of these stronger gusts currently expected around 35 miles per hour. if we can get a thunderstorm out of that whole thing, we are going to have to watch out for stronger gust. high temperatures 50s. 54 in boston happens late in the day, and as you wake up tomorrow morning, this is 7 a.m., we are still going to have to be on the lookout for a couple of scattered showers out across the cape and islands. second half of the day is look brighter. the further inland you are, the more sunshine you get and still have 50s on our seven-day forecast. 53 tomorrow. 39 on friday with a chance of rain and snow over the cape. dry elsewhere straight through the weekend.temps in the 40s and mix of rain and snow. monday, slight chance, better chance, tuesday. back over to you, sara sara. dirt bikes and atvs found on city streets.
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including tornadoes have moved into the south. in alabama, the storm damaged self-homes and the federal correctional facility there. only minor injuries have been reported. in mississippi, there are reports of tornadoes across several regions. the storm is the same one that killed a woman in california earlier this week when a falling tree crushed her car. well, talk about delays. look that the incredible video. thousands of people stranded in southern china at a train station because of snow. trains were delayed as huge groups of people tried travel for lunar new year's celebration for lunar new year's celebration. a chinese newspaper said as many as 100,000 people were stuck. that is quite a wait, daniel and joy. it just makes me want to snuggle it just makes me want to snuggle. >> julie: snuggle >> julie: snuggling. probably why you are such a nice person, sara, your parent snuggled you. we are learning new information about moms and dads that snug well-their kids.
5:24 am
snuggled kids grow into healthier, happier adults. they have less anxiety and better mental health. best advice moms and dads should hug and hold their kids as much as possible. >> daniel: you want to cuddle me? >> julie: come on. >> daniel: just kidding. a police officer in utah may have a new job to add to his resume this morning. baby sitter. check it out. he was sitting outside traffic as a rambunctious toddler as you can see drove her father literally crazy you can see on the surveillance video. the little girl just bounces around the room constantly. the dad was waiting to go inside the court room, when it was his turn, he was told could not bring the little girl in with him. so the officer offered to watch her. >> not just officers who are out there to arrest people. we are out there to make our community a better plain. >> reporter: he days he took her for a walk, purr car soons on the cell phone. just minces later the little
5:25 am
how incredible is that. super cool you. >> julie: super sweet. a way to show support for team. you will wear your julian edelman shirt under your suit some days. >> daniel: sometimes. >> julie: one woman in colorado is showing her love for the broncos by clothing her goats. orange and blue coats for baby goats. the girls will get orange ones, boys blue. babies won't be born in time for the super bowl, but for now she will be watching the super bowl with the 14 goats she now has on her farm. >> daniel: a lot of time on her hands. >> julie: a lot of work. what will i be wearing. maybe i will dress like lady gaga for the super bowl because she is doing the national anthem she is doing the national anthem. >> shiri: not a bad idea actually. think of this as rain-could have had today. 7:00 only 20% of the area seeing showers, but as we make our way deep near the day, we get more and more rain. by evening, it is raining everywhere.
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your breathing or causes rash or hives. kidney problems sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported. some people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this happens. r using januvia with a sulfonylurea or insulin p may cause low blood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may p prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. now at 5:30, it is dry here for now. but look a little to the west, storms in new york and
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this way. and we are watching the weather this morning, and counting down to the primary. good morning, gene. >> gene: sara, good morning to you. i am here at the fox25 new hampshire primary headquarters in manchester. people coming out to see the candidates are going to need their umbrellas today. meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 stormtracker weather center when to expect those hours to start rolling in. >> in fact that will be one of the hardest hit areas. we have time to go and stop with clouds out there right now. these areas on your scene from worcester at 32 degrees to 29 in leominster. 26 in hollis. and 31 in swansea. these be the first spots to get rain. it develops around 10:00 this morning. out to the boston area now at 36 degrees for you. you have light stuff by about noontime, and picks up in incense tee.n time for the evening commute. and physically 30 degrees in hanover.
5:30 am
not moving in for you folks until 7 p.m. tonight. clouds out there and noon, 46 degrees. and 3 p.m., 52 degrees. heaviest rain north and west of boston, but i do have an hour-by-hour look at those rain with totals coming up in less than 10 than 10. traffic. things are shaping up fairly quiet. >> 5:30 is always a good time to head out because we haven't seen the volume start to set in yet . route 1 you can see bright green as is 93 south, really no complaints about those major roadways as you work your way down into boston. pike wide open from framingham through the weston tolls into the brighton area. the volume has increased reasonable. live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 12 minutes from the weston tolls to the ked williams tunnel. ten minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. sara and scene, back to you. santa rosa santa rosa
5:31 am
>> sara: all right, julie. the race is on for the candidates for the oval office. they are heading from one town other to pick up the votes. gene lavanchy is covering all the you campaigning on the ground. necessary our new hampshire headquarters. good morning, gene. >> gene: good morning to you, sara. if you were going to new hampshire, you may run into a candidate as they are in full swing. iowa caucus winner ted cruz will meet with voters at 10 and won't wrap up his final event until 8:00, 9:00 tonight. john kasich is hosting three town halls and a business -- chris christie will start off in lebanon, new hampshire and wrap things up in milford. and marco rubio, four, the first one in bowe at 8 a.m. donald trump will not be in new hampshire today. he is actually heading to arkansas fresh off an endorsement from a heavyweight in the local republican.
5:32 am
john brown. three weeks ago brown hosted a fundraiser for trump, and at that time the billionaire said that brown would make a very good vice president. he believes that trump has the right plan to improve the economy. . >> gene: wants to ride the momentum all the way to the general election. marco rubio campaigned from morning until night in new hampshire and is building a large network of support with volunteers making thousands of phone calls and door knocks. he is gaining support across the nation. the.sought-after endorsement of south carolina senator kim scott, the only african-american senator in the senate. others praised rubio talking about the candidate that could shake up the primary and shift candidates. along with support, competition also growing. after marco rubio's strong snowing iowa, tuesday brought
5:33 am
governors chris christie and former governor jeb bush. new hampshire's republicans have not always followed iowa's lead. catherine parrotta will have a. >>reporter:if marco rubio's first stop of the day in the 6:00 hour. new hampshire primary all the buzz on the streets of new hampshire. we stopped by the historic red arrow diner manchester manchester and the buzz against all the candidates. voters want to hear from more of them. >> i want to hear from all of >> i want to hear from all of them. i met three already, and i am totally undecided. i got to tell you, kasich comes across as, you know, not -- not overly spoken in the -- ewell of the debates sdaind meet him and i actually like him and i think more f more people talk to him and heard what he to say, that they will be impressed. >> honestly donald trump because honestly he is amusing. i don't really take him
5:34 am
>> who am i looking forward to hearing from? ted cruz, marco rubio, and i suppose i will hear from donald trump whether i want to or not. >> who do you want to hear from? >> donald trump. >> why in? >> because he is my favorite. he is a business man and i think he can bring the country back. >> gene: fox25 is the place to be for new hampshire primary coverage. coming up in the next hour, boston professor tom whalen joins me here in our fox25 new hampshire headquarters. i will ask him of scott brown's impact the endorsement for donald trump what that thank may have on the primary. stay with us every day and continue anchoring our coverage from the election studio in manchester plus also have live special reports feature special reports featuring fox25 political reporter sharman sacchetti at o'clock every night sacchetti at o'clock every night. -- at 7:00 every night. the story from here in manchester, new hampshire. back to our dedham studios and rejoy sara underwood. all right, this morning, the relative of a young roxbury boy is now focus into the
5:35 am
the boy passed away days after being rushed to the hospital. the story we have been following since the weekend. michael henrich is live in roxbury at the scene will there is a visual plan for him tonight is a visual plan for him tonight. you. >> reporter: that's right. they will hold this vigil, family members will at 8:00 at this house onalpine street where this little boy this little lost his life was hurt. this as we are starting to learn what happened that faithful night. >> reporter: kenai whyte smiles and plays like many other 3-year-olds would appearing happy in this video. video and memories all family members have left after sources tell fox25 they believeboy was beatton death by a -- that kenai was beaten to death by a relative. >> he always played. a good time. everybody loved him. he walked in a room and he was bubbly. >> reporter: ashley young said
5:36 am
biological mother. >> my son's teddy bear and his blanket. >> reporter: the 3-year-old suffered some sort of trauma at this home on alpine street in roxbury and unresponsive when rushed to the hochlt. the young child died yesterday. >> we had an arrangement me and the father. he had him on weekends and i had him on weekdays. and we would switch off. and that was during the weekend i lost my baby. >> reporter: once more, the department of children and families, dcf confirms it is working with police working with police and they are conducting an internal investigation the case. young says dcf not only took away kenai's 5-month-old sister from that home at alpine street but young's two daughters that did not live there. no arrests have been made in this case, but boston police say homicide detectives are working on the investigation.
5:37 am
from police and dcf and we will bring that you update as soon as we get it. live in roxbury, michael henrich live in roxbury, michael henrich. the girlfriend of boston mob boss james whitey bulger is expected to vote in court. catherine greig is charged with contempt for refuse contempt for refusing to testify before a grand jury jury. he bulger is serving life in prison after being found responsible for 11 killings as part of a racketeering you case. greig is serve greig is serving a 8-year sentence. we will be in court for the proceedings. also today, a drive convicted of causing a deadly crash on the arborway will be sentenced. 20-year-old nicholas papadopolis was found guilty of negligent operation of a motor vehicle. in 2013 he was driving a car
5:38 am
both the driver and the injuries. the marine corp found dna of the americans killed in a chopper crash in hawaii. the the two helicopters crashed off of oahu's north shore. search and. officials now say that trace dna was found. corporal christopher orlando of hingham was among those killed in the crash, and we are still working to find out if he was one of the marines identify identify. comedian bill cosby will be back in court attempting to have sexual assault charges thrown out. a former district attorney said he testified that he barred the state of pennsylvania from prosecuting the case next change for cosby's testify in a civil case. he only ditched though because he didn't think there was enough evidence to bring charges. how about this, a local town is forced to pay a ransom in order to dig in control of its computer network.
5:39 am
arrived at medfield's town hall on january 25. hackers used the vy trous freeze the computer network. employees were locked out. police and computer experts were not able to reboot the system, so the town paid the hackers nearly $300 to gain access again nearly $300 to gain access again. >> and it doesn't that anything was taken, anything was rearranged, anything was compromised at all. >> sara: police chief says the town is now backing up files, and looking for ways to better protect the network. police in one new england town is search for a vandal who is a is a talented artist. someone spray painting cartoon characters on walls of war rick, rhode island. one shows the road runner and another stitch. they think the graffiti is being painted by young person. they are asking for help redirecting the person's talent
5:40 am
drivers in massachusetts could soon see drones buzzing around local highways. of transportation want to be certified to have large drones top inspect bridges and tunnels. the agency needs approval from the federal aviation administration. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. if you were planning on taking the expressway, an easy 8-minute commute right flow if you were massbrook parkway to columbia road. shiri? >> shiri: last year digging out of 16 inches of snow. this year we are talking about an inch of rain. notice heaviest through 5:00 throughout north and west of boston, but as we travel throughout overnight hours, southeastern mass, which has stripped today, gets hit hard tonight, and hour-by-hour look at that rain next. giving people something to do while they wait for a flight. new england airports are adding
5:41 am
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boston police have seized a hoard of off-road vehicle. a group of dirt bikes were disrupting traffic. they tracked the bikes where they found a total of nine dirt bikes and motor scooters in a storage unit next to improperly stored gas cans. boston police removed the vehicle because they said it was a fire hazard. police say the bikes may have been stolen. the law enforcement web site mass most wanted is getting a new look and a new category. over 14 years, the mass most wanted web site has led to the arrest of 1700 criminals. fox25's bob ward has been using
5:45 am
police identify the wanted criminals. and for the first time in years, mass most wanted is adding a new crime category. atm skimming. >> how significant that atm skimming is right now on the front page of mass most wanted. >> very important because this is a serious problem for the bank industry. we are trying to identify where this is occurring. you identify individuals who are involved. >> sara: the new web site makes it easier for people to search crimes and contact people with tips. we will run our mast most wanted segments every saturday night on fox25 as we have since 2004. >> the boston celtics are one of the hottest teams in the nba right now. the cs won five of their last six and return home to face the pistons. brad stevens and the green at madison square gardens. avery bradley finds amir johnson
5:46 am
later the game tied at 32 hits tyler zeller with a nice pass and zeller uchl slams it home. isiah thomas goes to the rim. he misses and they get the put back. cs twin 97-89. the bruins face toronto and another disappointing report at home. in the third bs go up by go two with a pair of goals 26 seconds apart. the second one goes to david krejci to puts in the rebound. game should be over but the leafs come back, cadrler get the equalizer and then in overtime. toronto on the power play picks up the loose puck and flick it is home. leafs win. and lady gaga has been picked to sing the super bowl for the big game.
5:47 am
best actress best act snres a tv series for her work in "american horror story." already my favorite super bowl of all time just from that announcement. south of town, 228 in rockland through 18, hingham, weymouth and the braintree area. starting to see a little volume build around the braintree split. 24, 95 moving along nicely. expressway, slowing down right around morrissey boulevard. you can see picking up a little bit. still dark out there. sun is not coming up for another 24 25 minutes. 11 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 12 minutes from 106 to 128. 12 minutes on 95 as you approach 128 128. meteorologist shiri spear joining you now, and you are saying showers missing us for most of the morning commute today? >> yeah, the timeline on those showers really will be mostly after about 10:00 this morning which means if you were traveling from lunchtime at all, you will want the umbrellas on hand. evening commute umbrellas will
5:48 am
morning so good. i don't have rain in southeastern massachusetts until tonight, but we also gotten gust tonight, but we also gotten gusts that will be up around 35 miles per hour. so it is going to get a little wind whipped here later on today. but here is the progress of our showers so far crawling across new york and pennsylvania, kind of a slow moving system which is why we have prolonged per of wet weather in the forecast and a lot of warm air coming into play lot of warm air coming into play. important because it is going to help warm all of us above freezing. 36 in boston. an 8-mile-per-hour breeze. winds will be strengthening, sustained 10 to 20 with gusts up to around 35. you can see over of the next couple of hours temperatures here in boston at 7 a.m. 37 degrees. 41 at 9 a.m. 11 a.m., 46 degrees. slight risk of a shower here. real flight boston and metro west. at lunchtime, but the deep neither afternoon we go, especially 5 p.m. when it is 52 degrees. that is when we are going to be seeing some of of the heavier
5:49 am
through 7:00 this morning, notice something we really don't get too much on future cast because the risk a little patchy, freezing drill crawling under the radar. better bet by 10:00 in the morning. between 8 and 10 showers across southern new hampshire and temperatures warming above freezing and keeping a close eye on central massachusetts and those are the area blew 1:00 this afternoon that are going -- are going to see the constant that. evening commute turns much heavier and tonight, the focus of the heavy rain down across southeastern massachusetts and we could even get a rumble of thunder out of this whole thing and we have some of those showers sticking around through the morning commute tomorrow morning. cape, islands, southeastern mass cape, islands, southeastern mass. you 53 degrees. another warm day in the works. and 39. a chance of rain and snow over the cape. dry streets for the weekend with 40s and a mix of
5:50 am
by tuesday of next week. -- and snow by tuesday of next week. back to you. a skin-crawling discovery. why scientists say that creepy creature is nothing to be afraid of. plus, new at 6:00, giving a pop to spring shopping. the stores coming to new alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you.
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a blast blows a mole in a commercial plane thousands of feet into the air, and new this morning, investigators have not found any evidence of a criminal act in the explosion. officials believe that one the explosion. it was flying over east africa happened. the pilot was able to have land the plane. hours later a body was found on the ground, and it may have been thrown from the hole in the plane. incredible video of a teenagers about teenager being pulled from an icy pond in missouri. police say that the 16-year-old fell through the ice and couldn't pull himself out. a fire rescue team showed up just in time to get him out of the water. the whom videotaped the whole thing said the boy wouldn't have made it much longer on his own. >> i am absolutely certain
5:54 am
not responded when they did, this young man would not have had much more time that he could endure the frozen, icy waters out there. >> reporter: the fire rescue team had just undergone a course on water rescues. the teenager suffered from hypothermia, but is expected to make a full recovery. bad news for people who drink seltzer water. it could be bad for you. dentists say the bubbles contain carbonic acid that wears away tooth enamel and increase the acidity. there is good news. swishing regular water around your mouth while drinking it can help cut down on the damage done. a new warning for women who may be thinking of haig a baby. the dcd say drinking any alcohol in the early weeks of a pregnancy can be dangerous. the agency is says 3.3 women are
5:55 am
to alcohol because half of u.s. pregnancy are unplanned. reignited a debate whether light drinking during a pregnancy can cause serious harm to a baby. humors of a new iphone and ipad are circulating and may not have to wait long. apple's next event will take place on march 15. a 4-inch iphone and ipad air. we can find out about an apple watch software update. scientists have discovered a new species of spider and making a lot of us uncomfortable this morning. they are being described as a monster species, bigger than your average daddy long legs. dehue moth. the good news is even though they look scary, scientists say they are actually armless. i would crawl and you bed if i
5:56 am
change the rule for women and military. still coming your way, why some generals say women should be tired register for the draft. and it was a crash that left a train conductor in tears. a teenager killed after being hit by the commuter rail. we are at the scene as the sun rises on the scene for the first time new at 6:00. and right now, that temperature in the 30s and just clouds around, but as you head home from work later on today,
5:57 am
spots, fog an something delicious is happening at dunkin'. come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m.
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