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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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new at 6:00, a new england hampshire. live team coverage from our headquarters in new hampshire. a commuter rail train hits and kills a 13-year-old boy in a horrible accident. >> very sad. >> reporter: this morning people on board that train are headed back to work. we are live at the station where it happened. new details on an investigation we have been following all week, the tragic death of a 3-year-old boy. >> he was a happy boy. all he did was pray. aide good time. everybody loved him. only . >> sara: only on fox25, relatives share their grief of
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this morning. is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: good morning, everyone everyone, and thank you so much for joining us. sara underwood. we are under a week away from the presidential primary in new hampshire, and my co-anchor gene lavanchy is live at our primary morning. good morning. >> gene: sara, good morning. i will be up here all week leading to tuesday's primary. almost -- almost every candidate will be from new hampshire with one notable exception. marco rubio will be here trying to gain momentum after a strong showing in iowa and more on scott brown's endorsement of donald trump coming up. >> sara: all right, gene. candidates and voter also need their umbrellas up in new hampshire because we are hours away from heavy rain and gusty winds. fox25 meteorologist shiri spear is in the storm tracker weather center monitoring the time line
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>> shiri: hey, good morning, guys. northern new england and north new hampshire. rain showers. and the spots to watch right now and where we are in the 20s like nashua, new hampshire 28 degrees nashua, new hampshire 28 degrees. fitchburg at 2937 fitchburg at 29. boston safely at 36 degrees. norwood at 28 now, we will warm safely above freezing by the time we get any rain today. between 8 and 10, showers spreading a cross southern new hampshire, nicking northern massachusetts there. we get the focus of heavy rain straight through the early afternoon far north and west of boston. noontime in boston itself 40 degrees and i warn you now. couple of lighter showers around the boston area. picks up in intensity once we 4eu9 that evening commute. 48 to 50 degrees for highs in the planning purposes. heavy rain to the north and west of boston. we will get you over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic and an eye on the new accident. >> reporter: shiri are there are
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morning commute. right at the braintree split. it will cause some issues on the commute if it is not cleared within the next 15 minutes. otherwise, 93 south, route 1 moving along fine north of town. live look at route 1 in saugus where volume still reasonable at 6:00 in the morning. here are your live drive times. tobin. leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. geechb and sara, back to you -- gene and sara, back to you. >> sara: new england is the epicenter for presidential politics with the democrats and republicans crisscross new primary win. gene is anchoring our coverage from our headquarters in manchester. good morning, gene. >> gene: all eyes on here in the state of new hampshire as tuesday's primary gets ever so closer. up to date on the headlines. for the republicans iowa caucus winner ted cruz will start meet
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he has a long day. won't be wrapping up until 9:00 with his final event. john kasich. chris christie in lebanon new hampshire 37 hampshire 37. marco rubio, the first of four events. the first in bowe. donald trump not in new hampshire today. he is headed to arkansas fresh off the endorse frchlt a heavy weight in the former republican worth h party. former scott brown. last night brown joined trump at a rally in milford, new hampshire. three weeks ago brown hosted a fundraiser for trump and at that time the billionaire said that trump trump boo make a very good vice president. he believes that trump has the best economic plan. >> reduce and eliminate our 19 >> reduce and eliminate our 19 thundershower trump told fox news he may have lost the eye cause cuss because he skipped the final debate in that state. he said some voters may have
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marco rubio had a strong showing in iowa, and the republican senator dispatched an amply of volunteers in new hampshire. they are going -- an army of volunteers in new hampshire. they are do you remember to door hoping to get support -- door to door helping to get support. marco rubio will be courting voters. >> reporter: town hall event in bowe, new hampshire. the doors will hope and will see a lot more activity within the next hour or so this comes after rubio had an event in exeter, new hampshire. they were turning people away. marco rubio getting a lot of attention across the country. a subject of two articles one in the new york times and the other in the washington post and making headlines across the nation and all of this is coming
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third-place finish. he is gang support. he got the sought-after endorsement from tim scott. the only african-american senator in the senate. many republican leaders have praised marco rubio pointing to him as possibly being the candidate to shake up the primary and shift the race away from other candidate. just a week to go before the primary, marco rubio is hoping to ride the primary to the general election saying last night new hampshire. >> i can give us the best chance. my candidacy gives us the best chance of to nominate a real conservative. united party. grow the party take our messages to those. and defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders. they admit i am the one they don't want to run against and ultimately that is why i will be their nomination. >> reporter: along with support, competition is growing after marco rubio's strong showing in iowa. tuesday brought fresh attacks against him from governor chris
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christie and jeb bush and a couple of other factor that play here in new hampshire. the mainstream republican candidates are expected to fair better in new hampshire than iowa. des sight in endorsement from senator is senator scott. a lot of those endorsement are still up for grabs. the candidates know still anybody's race here in new hampshire. they are cognizant of that and they will be hitting the campaign trail hard and will see that from marco rubio with the next event schedule pulled into two hours. we will keep you updated on that we will keep you updated on that. live in bowe, new hampshire, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. now as for the democrats, bernie sanders and hillary clinton will santa maria the same stage in -- and bernie sanders will attend the same stage in new hampshire. clinton is expected to appear in dover and manchester and bernie sanders has two stops planned in rochester. the vermont senator leads most polls of voters. both candidates urged new hampshire residents to support them at the polls on tuesday.
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people have a choice. and i hope you will choose with both your heart and your mind. >> what is this campaign about? it is not about spin. not about 30-second tv ads. it is about the american people it is about the american people. >> gene: senator sanders have not decided if he will take part in the debate in manchester. he said he won't unless clinton agrees to a series of future debates. fox25 is the place to be for the new hampshire primary leading up to next tuesday. every day we will continue anchoring our coverage from our election headquarters in manchester. fox25 political reporter sharman sacchetti is getting access to all of the candidates. now still coming up this hour we will talk about the candidates strategy by professor tom whalen and how important is the scott brown's endorse suspect for donald trump.
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sara underwood. >> sara: looking forward to that. a horrific accident on the commuter rail has claimed the life of a 13-year-old boy, and this morning, investigate are trying to figure out why the boy was so close to the tracks. fox25's jessica reyes is back live at that commuter rail station where many of those passengers were stuck for hours just feet from the platform, jess you. >> reporter: they were, sara. the train was stopped before that end could the station. the train left boston a couple of minutes before 4:00 yesterday afternoon and did end up being held here for just about two hours. we spoke with several people on board when they were finally allowed off the train. one told us she first heard an alert for a medical emergency and moments later, she sought conductor break down into tears. others didn't know what had happened until aa while later some take it into their own hands to figure it out.
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found out through twitter a person struck by the train. it is rough. >> reporter: and the district attorney's office has identified the victim as eri c platt of dedham. est just 13 years old. it is not clear what he was doing on the tracks, but the da says this does appear to be a horrible accident. we know investigators will can we know investigators will can back out here later to get a better look at the scene once the you sun comes up. we will bring that to you as it is happening. live in dedham, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. in boston this morning, a relative of a roxbury boy is now the focus of an investigation into his death. sources tell fox25 that a family member with a mental illness may have beaten the 3-year-old. kenai whyte died yesterday and our crews were on scene sunday night after the boy was taken from his father's home on alpine street with severe head and lower body injury.
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to be kenai's biological mother spoke exclusively with fox25. she said that she shared custody with the father. >> i had them -- he had them on weekends and i had them during the weekdays. and during the weekend, i lost my baby. >> sara: dcf taken custody of threeer children. family members of white plan to hold a vigil for him outside of his father's home. police are investigating a series of robbery series of robberies targeting cabdrivers. three drivers have been attacked in worcester. and the most recent in stockton street. 62-year-old in cabdriver arrived 62-year-old in cabdriver arrived. when i arrived the man shot the driver and tried to rob him. the man who worked for red cab saw the aftermath and said he wasn't surprised. >> it is dangerous. you know, especially here at night. you never know what is going to
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>> sara: red cab tells us the driver is out of the hospital and is doing okay. last weekend, two other cabdrivers in worcester were attacked and robbed. today a driver convicted of daysing a devastating crash on arborway will be sentenced. 20-year-old nicholas papadopolis was charged with negligent operation of a vehicle. in 2013 he was driving a car that you went head-noon a pickup truck. the driver of the car and a teenager in the truck suffered severe injuries. the girlfriend of mob boss james whitey bulger is expected to plead guilty in court. catherine greig is charged with contempt for failure totive in front of a grand jury. the couple were capture in 2011 after 16 years on the run. bulger was sentenced to life in prison after being found responsible of 11 counts of
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greig is serving eight years for aiding a fugitive. we track weather and traffic he ten minutes. want to let you know waiting for the accident to clear nvbd on the braintree split. if you see on the map a little orange volume. things starting to slow down. approach the braintree split i will have a look at the drive times. temperatures now in the 30s. about 35 degrees now. 34 at 7 a.m. and by 8:00, 36 degrees. where you will have a soaking forecast on the way home next. a local town is forced to pay a ransom. coming up at 6:30, how much it had to shem out to get important equipment, and why police can't do anything about it. new developments in the zika virus this morning. coming up, the new case right
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other cases, the pers developing news this morning involving the zika virus. a new case in texas was transmitted through sex and not a mosquito bite. this as two new cases are also confirmed in florida. fox25 daniel miller joins us with more on this disease that is quickly become is quickly becoming a public health emergency. >> reporter: it is, sara, a patient in texas has acquired the zika virus after sexual transmission.
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having sex with sun from venezuela who was infected with the virus. the first known case with the current outbreak where the virus was transported inside the continental u.s. it is carried by mass key toes and is extremely the virus broke out in brazil but now present in at least 27 countries. it is also been detected in a number of u.s. states including a boston man who was diagnosed last week but is recovering. zika virus is linked to a birth defect that leads to babies heads. they are waiting to find out more about the transition of the virus and they are working on the vaccine, but that process could take years. the world health organization estimates up to 4 million people across the americas will be infected with the zika next year. in the newsroom, daniel miller,
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a motive in the stabbing death of a 13-year-old girl. investigators say nicole lovell was stabbed to death the day she disappeared last week from her home in virginia. two college students are being charged with her death. her mother says nicole battled health problems her entire life and dreamed of being on "american idol" one day. >> nicole was very lovable person. . >> police arrested two engineering students from virginia tech. someone charged with kidnapping and murder. the other is charged with helping to conceit her body. -- to conceal her body. still waiting for an expressway. northbound at the braintree split. that is causing a little slower conditions than usual. other spots where we are seeing the volume increase is 93 south as you approach the cloverleaf and through medford.
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zakim bridge where volume has drastically increased since the last time we checked in on this shot about ten minutes ago. 10 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 12 minutes from 106 to 128. 13 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now, and shiri, so far morning commute has been relatively calm, but, evening commute will be more of a challenge. >> shiri: yeah, because the wind and the rain will be crank wind and the rain will be cranking. up across southern new hampshire, but nothing coming of it yet. you can see we have a lot of stuff that is tracking toward us. northern new england getting a touch of snow this morning, but it is the rain that is really going to impact us here locally. currently watching temperatures closely. keene nice to see up to 37 degrees. that means as we get rain moving often in, your temperatures are above freezing here and we start with cloudy skies and rain moving in between 8 and 10:00 this morning. and temperatures going
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low 30s to the upper 30s in southwestern new hampshire. temperatures. noontime 41 in keene. 44 by 2 p.m. temperatures there get into the upper 40s. boston at 36 degrees. and you can count from the clouds this morning in the city. the rain really not going to pop up until we hit lunchtime today and even at that initially, it is going to be pretty light. as we hit the evening commute thundershowers showers -- this morning, we are going to the 50s there today. and that is not the only spot. future cast to take you through hour by hour. at 8:00 this morning, we get the first of the rain and the freezing rain into southern vermont and western massachusetts, but by 10:00 in the morning, it builds in across southern new hampshire. also nicking parts of northern massachusetts. so thinking of the merrimack valley, temperatures marginal there as well and could be one or two icy spots, by 10:00 in the morning, temperatures will be rising and all be in that safe zone and by 1 o'clock, you
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of rain from western mass into southern new hampshire. the focus of the heavy rain by the first half of the day. boston back to worcester going to be cloudy no matter where you are driving there to get home from work during the evening on the flip side, heavier showers focus across southeastern massachusetts. overnight tonight, street in early tomorrow morning. 52 in worcester. 54 in boston. we are going to hit those late in the day. so a somewhat slow warm-up. 53 for tomorrow and showers lingering over southeastern massachusetts. the threat am sovereign and snow showers on friday for the cape, the rest of the region dry, straight throughout region with temps in the 40s. next big weather make we are rain and snow lateed for tuesday rain and snow lateed for tuesday. back to you. 56 in february, shiri, not bad. this next story is getting a lot of attention this morning, top military officials say it is time for women to register for the draft. coming up, why two top generals support the idea and the reason for their controversial proposal
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but first, a local girl needs a prom date, and she is aiming high. what she is doing to try to get hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together
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i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them.
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he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. r he's just not ready to be president. pnright to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. well, amazon may be plan well, amazon may be planning to open hundreds of
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the ceo of a large mall group in chicago say amazon's plan is to open 300 brick and mortar store. they opened the first one in seattle and doll a physical extension of the web site. new at 6:00, newbury street may be getting more local flare. according to the globe, the retail group wants to install locally owned pop-up stores. over the holiday season, they opened four. nut plan is to have bunches of shops in temporary locations up and down the street. the group plans to open the stores some time this year. >> daniel: sara, thanks. sometimes it is hard to entertain yourself over a long layover. but check this out. a movie theater is coming to portland international airport. that makes you excited. >>. >> this is where i fly only
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it will screen short videos by. it is becoming a busy trend. minnesota opened one in 2014 and miami opened up a pop-up cinema to play silent films. no word if one will be coming to logan. great way to kill time. >> daniel: prom season is coming up and one girl is hoping that her hero will take her to the dance. standing outside of gillette with a sign saying will you tackle prom with me, gronk. gronk is obviously her favorite patriot. johnson is still waiting for an answer. >> julie: but her prom-posa /starting to go viral. the picture received 2500 likes on the fox25 facebook page. >> daniel: we know who has been on that gronk party bus. >> julie: sara underwood. [ laughter ] maybe you could arrange that prom opinion posal. >> sara: i can try my best and what happens on the gronk party
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>> daniel: good. shiri, send it to you. start off our day with minor rainfall coverage. start our day with increasing rain coverage through the day. once we hit the evening commute, everybody getting soaked. we will take you through it hour by hour next. and we are live at our new hampshire primary headquarters. and coming up, just about every
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state today now at 6:30, it is dry here for now, but look a little to the west. storms in new york and pennsylvania are heading this way. and we are watching the weather this morning, and counting down to the primary. good morning, gene. you. i am here at the fox25 headquarters in manchester and people are going out to to see the candidates today. they will need the umbrellas. shiri spear is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center and when to expect those showers to roll in. >> shiri: a little bit later on, gene. so far so good. some of the rain. barely showing at the top of the screen. rindge, new hampshire at 32 rindge, new hampshire at 32. barre at 36. we have spots to watch for a little freezing drizzle early in
6:27 am
30 in reading. 30 in man field as you wake up. 37 in duxbury and sandwich. we don't have showers getting there until later today. right now 36 degrees. by noontime, 46. we get into the 50s this afternoon with showers spreading but the best chance of heavy rain remains to the north and west of boston as we head through the day where we will get the biggest rain totals. when you will be the hardest hit when you will be the hardest hit. julie grauert with live drive time traffic and a new accident. >> julie: yes, a new accident in another highly part of the morning commute. skyfox is over the accident on the expressway northbound at naponset circle. you can see an surveillance just arrived on scene. the accident happened within the last ten minutes. it is in the second left lane -- the second lane from the left, far left. so you have one lane blocked, and it is creating a bit of a bottleneck situation as you work your way around the accident site. it will increase your drive
6:28 am
to see those drive times until it is clear. north of town moving along fine. typical volume. 30 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave. almost half an hour from the braintree split to the pike. 33 minutes from 93 south from 49 33 minutes from 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. sara and gene, back to you. all right, julie. the race is on for the candidates vying for the oval office. they are heading from one town to the other this morning trying to pick up last-minute votes. gene lavanchy is following all the developments on the ground in new hampshire this morning. necessary our new hampshire primary headquarters, gene. >> gene: good morning to you. the state of new hampshire the center for the political resource. and we start with the republicans, iowa caucus winner ted cruz will meet with voters at 10:00 this morning and have a long day planned because he won't wrap up until 9:00 tonight. john kasich holding three town hall business plans.
6:29 am
the first will be in bowe, new hampshire at 8:00. now marco rubio will start off his day campaign approximating bowe as mentioned after after he exceeded expectations in iowa he wants to ride all the way to the general election. marco rubio campaigned from morning until night in new hampshire yesterday and he is building a large network of support with volunteers making thousands of phones calls and door knocks and gaining support. the sought-after endorsement from rick scott, the only african-american republican senator. and along with support, competition is growing. after rubio's strong showing in iowa brought fresh attacks against marco rubio from governor chris christie and former governor jeb bush. new hampshire republicans haven't always followed iowa's lead so still anyone's race and the candidates know it.
6:30 am
report from marco rubio's first stop coming up a little bather in our seven o'clock hour. the new hampshire primary all the buzz on the streets of damp and of course at the diners. stopped by the historic red arrow diner manchester yesterday to talk all about the candidates to talk all about the candidates. voters here want to hear more from them before they make their final despecial i want to hear from all of them. i met three already. and i am totally undecided. i got to tell you kasich comes across as -- you know, not over across as -- you know, not overly spoken in all the debates and what not, but i did meet him, and i actually like him. i think if more people talk to him and heard what he had to say him and heard what he had to say, they would be impressed. >> honestly donald trump because he is honestly amusing. like -- i don't really take him seriously, but he is funny. >>. >> who am i looking forward to hearing in? ted cruz, marco rubio, and
6:31 am
trump whether i want to or not. >> who do you want to hear from? >> donald trump. >> why? >> because he is my favorite. 's big businessman and can bring the country backs. >> gene: fox25 is the place to be for the new hampshire primary leading up to next tuesday. every day we will continue anchoring our coverage from our studio in manchester. plus our live reports by fox25 reporter sharman sacchetti every night at 7:00. coming up up in 10 minutes, boston approach tom whalen will join us here at our fox25 new hampshire primary headquarters. go them about the impact on scott brown's endorsement and what impact that may have on primary voters. over to you sara for a look at other headlines this morning. >> sara: following tragic development in roxbury where a 3-year-old boy has died where he was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries. we have been following the investigation all week, and this morning a woman who says she is the boy's mother is speaking
6:32 am
fox25 michael henrich is live outside that roxbury house with her interview. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning, sara. this woman who claims to be this boy's mother is part of the family member group that is organize organizing a vigil here tonight at 8:00 at this alpine street home where this 3-year-old boy who later passed away bass hurt. kenai whyte smiles and plays like many other 3-year-olds would, appearing happy in this video. video and memory video and memories, all family members after sources say they believe kenai was beaten to death by a rell sniff he was a happy boy. all he did was play. and everybody loved him. he walks in the room and he is bubbly. >> reporter: ashley young said she is kenai whyte's biological mother. >> i have my son's teddy bear that he passed away and his blanket.
6:33 am
suffered some sort of trauma sunday night at this home alpine street. >> we had an arrangement me and the father. he had him on the weekends and i had him during the weekdays and we would switch off, and that was during the weekend, i lost my baby. >> reporter: what's more, the department of children and family families, you dcf, confirms it is working with police and is conducting an internal investigation of the case. young says dcf not only took away kenai's five-month-old sister from that home on alpine street but young's two daughters who did not live here. no arrests have been made in the case but homicide detectives are on the investigation. we have been working to get an update from boston police and
6:34 am
s in we do we will bring it to fox25 morning news. live in roxbury, michael henrich live in roxbury, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. developing news this morning morning. the marine corps have found dna of marines killed in a military chopper crash in hawaii. search and rescue operations ended on the 19th, and officials now say trace dna was found. corporal christopher orlando of hingham were among those killed in the crash and we are still working to find out if he was one of the marines identified. and this morning, police are investigating the tragic death of a teenager hit and killed by a commuter rail train. the district attorney said the boy is 13-year-old eric platt of dedham. hit on the tracks near end could the station by. passenger on the train were held up for two hours, and most of them didn't know what happened at first. police say this does appear to
6:35 am
we will have a live report you straight ashe had a at 7:00. a local sun to forced to pay ran a local sun to forced to pay ransom. an pwhail a virus arrived. hackers used a virus to freeze the computer network. employees were locked out. police were unable to free the system so the town paid the hackers $300 to gain access again. >> it doesn't appear that anything was taken, anything was rearranged. anything was compromised at all. >> the police chief said the town is now backing up files and looking for better ways to protect the network. tracking traffic and weather every ten minutes. we are at naponset and officers are on the scene talking to people involved in that accident. how it is impacting our drive times.
6:36 am
>> shiri: we have a lot of rain coming our way. expecting anything from half an inch to an inch of rain. hardest hit area southeastern massachusetts, and earlier tonight, we will start tracking showers within the next few hours in southern new hampshire. and a toddler running wild in a courthouse waiting room. coming up at 7:00, the unexpected stranger that stepped in to help her overwhelmed dad. but first, it is called city hall to go, the new way residents of boston can get
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pone of the cool perks of this place pis you can eat as much cereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing) car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. r he's just not ready to be president. pnright to rise usa is responsible
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today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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facebook page. pretty nice digs for gene lavanchy this morning. he is back to talk to us about the gop and a whole lot more, good morning. gene lavanchy. our crews did a wondegene lavanchy good morning to you. our crews did a wonderful job. tom whale a political historian joins us to talk about what is happening in new hampshire. let's talk about this, tom. scott brown endorsed donald trump. how big of a deal is that? >> a political has been at this point and a pretty minimal impact on the race. >> gene: as far as trump is concerned, he is leading and expected to win this. does he have to win by a certain margin to gain momentum back after what happened in iowa. >> i think he just has to win here, hold serve. i think he will do well in south marco rubio has a head of steam right now coming out of iowa. so he might run the table here. gene gene-o is there a surprise
6:41 am
>> two people john kasich and jeb bush. if they finish in second place or even above that, their campaigns are revived. the campaign contribution also come in. and they will be a factor from then on. >> gene: the rest of a thinning of the herd for the candidates. >> i am surprised so many have stayed in including chris stayed in incso ding chris he had a very good showing in iowa. let's say the polls hold and he wins by double digit here, what does that mean for him going forward. >> i think he has to win by double digits because anything below that will be a disappble ntment. clinton will come back like her husband did in 1992. double digits for sander also give him wind to his sails. he will have a tough time south of the mason dixon line. >> does it matter for hillary clinton what happens here knowing what lies ahead? >> i thir w given her past, she is very concerned. it she does a credible
6:42 am
will go into south carolina witls.6 3 3 great confidence. sanders, his problem is, can he expand bpaiond, you . bow, white middle class voters to latinos and african-americans. the polls said he doesn't that mpeal yet. >> anything in new hampshire where a third party candidate like michael bloombee hav, ha, evidence out of new hampshire there is room for someone like me to get into the race. >> right, saernds comes here and -- sanders comes here at gets a 20-point victory, bloomberg, and then democrat someplace a chance of losing the national election if that happens. >> gene: tom will be with us throughout the morning and back to sara underwood and daniel. >> sara: this boston t stop will be back in business. the government center will reopen march 26. an $82 million renovation that has take twon years. it added wheelchair
6:43 am
glass aboveground station entrance. new this morning the former attorney general of massachusetts will not be the next president of suffolk university. martha coakley tells the globe she is not a candidate for the riab, and will not be in the future. last week, some members of suffolk's board of trustees reportedly asked ct weklpai to replace margaret mckenna. the president is at odds with the board but has refused t's 6 3 3 resi tha. the board will meet on friday to discuss mckenna's job status. good mornin0- everyone, 6:47 good morning, everyone, 6:47. and within the last ten minutes, a new update on the t. orange lane seeing minor southbound delays because of police activity at mass ave station. over to a live look at uffyfox. these are the back ups right now because of that accident on the expressway northbound at naponset circle. right there in that center lane. we still have a tow truck and an ambulance on scene. soft it is really slowing things down and increasing your drive times.
6:44 am
attention an accident on the pike eastbound. this is at the pru tunnel, so both of these are in highly traveled areas of the commute. back ps to cambridge street right now on the nd ike eastbound. here are your live drive times where it is right now on the nd ike easrivound from 495 to mass ave. 36 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the nd ike. 30 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolnew ha. meteorologist sh souti spear riaining us from the fox25 storm tracker weather center, and sh souti, a mild morning for you, but it will be more challenging this evening. >> absolutely, because until about 10:00 this mornin0- mosand a6 3 3 of us will stay dry. only got the first of the precipitation popping up o 6 3 3 radar. no rain in southeastern massachusetts until tonight. but we will see winds gusting around 35 miles per houof u so it tends be too wind-whipped rain, them afternoon and evening rain, them athe cernoon and evening. but we have got so much warm air that is coming into town p ahead of this cold front that it is going is going to help bump tegoteratures all above freezing.
6:45 am
blip here in virginia that icy you mix that will be lasting until . ve in boston. above freezing here and i am keeping your boston forecast dry until we hit noontime. 8 a.m., 37 degrees. 10 a.m., 42 degrees. temperatures here er 40s b`i6 3 3 so nchtime. 50s here we come by 2 p.m. and will stay fairly light at first, heavier rain is times for the evening comru te. futurecast as we head to 8:00, similar to what we are seeing right now a lithatle bit of rain in the spots where we are above 32 degrees. te we are seeing pockets of frees cng rain. a possibility across southern vermont and southern new hagotsh soute untilr,i, yo this above freezing. same can be said for the fitchburg area and the merrimack valley. all rain, heavy rain to the across southwestern new hagotsh soute, western massachusetts, over time, though, it won't hit the of tternoon. it starts airiding eastward.
6:46 am
will be slower because jusand a6 3 3 don't have the rain and heavy that throughout most of the reasons. reasons. fog on top of that and gusty winds on top of that. and after 7:00, the focus of heavy rains southeasterots& massachusetts and midnight where we have the oranges, possibly even reds and we could see an isolated t gotnderstorm with 6 3 3 msts over 35 miles per hour. early tomorrow morning, check it out. we have that rain up over southeastern massachusetts. and that will be a thursday morning chance there across the southeast. it will be much brighter the further inland you go tomorrow. today's high tegoteratures gethating into the 5t d with 54 in boston and plymouth. 48 in portsmouth. 52 in worcester and we will get there mds bh later this afternoon and stands very mild tonight as well. go with a low of aboutuse0 deaviees. 53, your high tomorrow, and we maintain that risk for morning showers over southeastern massac gotsetts and even friday,
6:47 am
tegoteratures in the ss and just how close a cst.l it is into the weekend. tegots in the 40s. mostly sunny. next weather make we are rain and snow e& wected on tuesday. back to you, sara. all right, shiri. there is a controversist. new pr0 ram to make urtmen sign p for the draft. c two generals say they support it. she was a cooking lgrend and now a former fan is a new owner
6:48 am
coming up wha h mpening today, the scheduled it visit the islamic society of baltimore today. he will hold a round table witls.6 3 3 coestunity members and deliver remarks. a senior administration official say the president will celebrate the nation. the president has visited mosqcans overseas, butkenever won united states. leaders within the pentagon say urtmen shohat.d be required to register for the draft. restrictions that barred women from combat riabs in the u.s. were lifted by the defense department last year, and this
6:49 am
for st.l ableac > sy for st.l able-bodied americans to register for the draft. they say the matter shohat.d be was ew ring the v tnam war. de8 ite the uprt wer and controversy surrounding deflate controversy assninoundin36 3 3 deflatgrate, the nflkenow says it did not keep track of the pressure on game balls thi`b6 3 3 season. testcontr the a sout pressure and commissioner roger goodell said the data was not kept. instead the tesmos were clst a deteninent. the commissioner did say that no violations were violations were found. the patriots find 1 in the last two draft picks after underinflated fks rivst.lli were use. lady gaga has been picked to sing thekenational an elementary before sunday's super bowl.
6:50 am
award olatard for best actress in a tv mini series for her work in american horror story. a ldonst. aso mni has big plans for the kitchen of the famous cook who attended her same mater. smith college graew ate mf tenna johnson has always been a huge fan of julia child. and she is about to close the she is to u crn the home into a culinary retreat center. the two graduatcontr from smith clench in northagotton about 70 year-over-year years award from one another. reu crning to the site of the tragedy on the track. coming up at 7:00, the a teenwe her was hit by a coestuter rail train. instead of a chance of rain, think of rain coverage. i will walk you through it step by step ne fr.
6:51 am
to land after a midair explosion. new this morning, whations 6 3 3
6:52 am
the cause [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. [dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it great? [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness...
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what if the sweet stevia leaf was discovered... ...before the sugarcane. after people were enjoying truvia in their coffee and everything else... ...sugar would come along and go, "hey, i'm sweet too." "sure, sugar, you're very sweet, but we've already got sweetness minus calorie-ness." it would be kinda awkward. truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet. >> sara: now at seven, primary
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support behind donald
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