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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the rst mark we want to get a chief meteorologist was checking the rain. the rain is coming through right now some of its heavy and a problem for the evening drive talk about flooding rains here just disruptive enough to make your commute the worse than it normally would be anyway. this rain right now and satellite radar pockets of yellow showing up switch over to a live storm tracker doppler radar especially when that rock plymouth zoom and down there and find a couple of the areas getting hit the hardest but look at the yellow and orange it shifts just to the coast line is i'm zooming down comes on through their 3a as well getting some of that heavy downpour activity up to the north with the boston sing some of that yellow park up well i thought over to greenfield new hampshire limits are getting some of that well there are some pockets of heavy rain out
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area showing up right in the middle of your screen the yellows all the way down the street level tickets northwest down to street level you see some of the roadways being impacted like roads road right there for showers coming on through from green to yellow to white or yellow or orange showing up there that's heavy rain that's going to be seen this evening the next on the agenda to see this rain starts move on out it's going to take and going to be some heavy rain through tonight until midnight was it come through boston in the southeastern massachusetts that's what's going to hang out that's a problem that stalling there complicates things in fact that they were to storm watch in place for roddy morning because of that front. alex played why that's happening what you're going to expect snowfall coming up pickax when the storms moved through this winter you want a new fox25 whether app. it's free to download to any device. >> fast-moving fire test apartment building whereby 100 people live.
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responded were told there was a three-year-old on a balcony of the burning building. they acted very quickly. fox 25's robert goulston is live. >> robert: cruise right now i just shoring up the building blocking up the windows but earlier today there was a three-year-old up in one of the upstairs balconies.four-story building and wire fighters got wind of that they immediately ran up inside the building were able to make a quick rescue. i smell the smoke and hurt other ruckus. at first linda thought the smoke alarms going off insider building were just another false alarm. >> this father grabbed his four and five-year-old and be lined up for the door. the fire started in a third-floor apartment. the first firefighters on scene were told by neighbors they could see a young boy who appeared to be trapped in the top floor.
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helped linda who was outside while kat crystal was inside. when i was going up they told me go go go now they would let me take her. i didn't think was good to be that bad so they went and got her for me. >> and that three-year-old boy is okay firefighters telling us he didn't have to go to the hospital able to leave here with his family apparently they just got disconnected while all the commotion was going on during the fire. tonight at six were going to little more about how many people the red cross helping out here in chelsea. we are live in chelsea. >> police are still trying to figure out what a 13 oh boy hit and killed by a commuter rail train was on the tracks in the first place. we fall the story as it developed yesterday and learning eric was hit a few hundred away from endicott station in dedham. tonight we learn the victims school south shore christian academy in weymouth cop a day of mourning. a statement the school says
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entire ssc a. eric was loved dearly by friends and teachers. relatives preparing vigil right now for the three-year-old roxbury boy who died last night after being rushed to the hospital. police returned to the alpine street home today where can a white was found suffering from trauma on sunday. a woman who told fox 25 to the boy's mother is bothered custody at the time dcf had just taken a child friday and found them in good condition. his family will like candles to remember him outside the home this evening at 8 o'clock. >> that gets continued to hit the campaign trail hard in the grant state hillary clinton getting support today from gabby gifford an event in derry. clinton wasn't the only one stumping for votes with six days to go several candidates on both sides of the ticket appearing all over the state. let's go to mark ockerbloom right now the fox 25 new hampshire primary headquarters in manchester. >> hi vanessa another busy day for sure and we expect it to be
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tuesday but today getting a bit smaller two candidates dropped out of the race fox25 team coverage tonight political reporter sharmann saccheti covering the case in the paint today but will start with twin eight covering the democrats. the sand is about to hold a news cop is here first event of the day addressing a transpacific trade agreement which he says he opposes but this week is also talking about his opponent hillary clinton calling into question whether she's a true progressive. earlier today clinton fired back saying if this race is about the records she did win by a landslide. i want to say these madam president. it was five years ago former arizona congresswoman abby gifford survived a mass shooting but today she was in derry new hampshire introducing hillary clinton who she says will stand up to the gun lobby. >> we cannot nor the overwhelming power of the gun
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mark have laid out that i've endorsed. really is a common sense one for copperheads of background checks and closing loopholes. linton also took aim at her apartment vermont senator bernie sanders responding to his criticism she's not true progressive. because of it's about our records, hey i'm going to win by a landslide. polls have credit drilling in the grant state by an average of 18 percent but she says that's not keeping her from competing and the first in the nation primary. >> you're in your opponents backyard new hampshire always favors neighbors which i think is neighborly. i just could not ever skip new hampshire. sanders then fired back with a statement saying in part quote the people of new hampshire will a will to the polls to the info for the candidate they believe will for them. to repeatedly suggest otherwise is an insult to voters and the
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>> will be monitoring this upcoming news coverage will bring you the highlights coming up in the next hour. >> iowa ran paul announced today he's dropping out. republican president primary he captured just for a half percent of monday's caucuses putting them in a disappointing placement kentucky senator placer happy so the state college child hoping to inspire younger voters with his libertarian message paul says he may be out of the race but he isn't challenging the status quo. although today i will suspend my campaign for the presidency i will continue to fight on for liberty for the constitution for justice in the united states senate. >> policy now expected to shift his focus to his senate reelection. >> forces on the campaign trail saying tonight that republican candidate rick santorum plan to drop his bid for the presidency. former us senator from pennsylvania planted tour of south carolina but those plans
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reporting santorum was another candidate he finished 11th out of 12 in the iowa caucus. >> meantime today governor john kasich holding his 94th town hall meeting in the granite state today. sharmann saccheti was there. he's really pinning his hopes all his hopes at this point on new hampshire he told the crowd and raymond today he wants to continue on in the race but if you get smoked new hampshire is going home to ohio.>> i really want to go on. it will depend on the state how will i do. former ohio governor john kasich telling a crowded dfw and raymond have that he gets smoke in the primary he's out of the race and heading home. i talked with him behind the scenes afterwards. >> this is make or break it for you here new hampshire.>> is very important to do well right now the latest politics average shows casey is pulling well behind trump in crews tied
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rubio. he's trying to stay up beat. hovering around third place right now. no i don't think so. i think when second-place really is a polls solid second bit casey answered questions from this crowd everything from reforming the va to student loan debt to healthcare we asked him why photos would even buy into his politics this election season as a member of the so-called establishment pit but he pushed back on that. never been establishment i'm not really antiestablishment but i'm a troublemaker who's been able to get the establishment to do many of the things that i've wanted to have done. >> coming up at six what he says about all of the attack ads and there a lot when it gets him in the general negativity of the campaign on the republican side. >> lot to go around in this race. real quickly want to ask your opinion. his folksy demeanor his folksy matter is that going to resonate with us so much
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draw closer to this tuesday primary that seems to get ramped up in his a guy with a folksy nature try to connect with folks.i think that was his way he's able to connect very well with voters not sure if there is an appetite right now for that out there but we have a lot of rhetoric on either side and people who are trying hard to avoid the establishment candidate they want to go outside the usual politicians try to say is not that we will see. >> will check back with you shortly. >> republican ted cruz in the meantime rolling on the momentum from his win in iowa talking to supporters in town hall forum. he's now the target of fraud claims from donald trump who says who's tainted the iowa results by telling voters the fellow candidate and carson was quitting the race. trump himself is not in new hampshire today. but in arkansas pick which is a governor chris christie continues his laser focus on grant state primary he spoke to
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them while other candidates fly in and out of the state he's been there consistently. finding out what new hampshire voters really want.he's made a lot of trips here. marco rubio picking up steam in today's poll rubio move past jeb bush and all one point away from second-place we catch up with the 40 senator is laconia campaign stop. tonight at 5:30. special coverage of the primary continues at 7 o'clock tonight sharman brings it in depth report of the candidates expert analysis as well special half hour starts at seven will see you again here at 5:30 with more live reports manchester new hampshire. within it back to you when kevin fox 25 student. >> the driver responsible for horrific crash that left two people dead is speaking out we will have that coming up in just a minute. kevin. >> tracking that rain is coming through so when right now yellow it onto the radar that's heavy rain about to come
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timeline of that and a winter storm watch. >> the driver responsible for that crash as we mentioned the crash left two people severely injured these finding out his fate in court. >> . [indiscernable] the driver of emotional message to the families whose lives he changed forever. >> whitey bulger's government spent the rest of her life in federal prison she is refusing
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storm tracker radar lit up right now with tracking heavy rain moving into a rendering will be heavy at times even in late in updating the forecast back with an update but three minutes. >> girlfriend of the toys south boston gangster james whitey bulger could spell it the rest of her life behind bars in a federal prison. captain greg is pleading guilty to a criminal contempt charge because she won't say anything about the couples time of the run together. fox 25's bob ward is becoming the case for years now he joins us live in the courthouse. >> reporter: no she's not the federal judge even warned her today that he is a power to give her as much prison time as he wants but catherine greg didn't seem to care she is absolutely refusing to help
5:15 pm
way she is standing up for whitey bulger. my name is catherine elizabeth greg i will be 65 in two months so said whitey bulger's girlfriend "as she refused to divulge any secrets about her years on the run with one of the fbi's most wanted fugitives. south boston mob boss james whitey bulger and catherine greg busted in santa monica california five years ago greg is already serving eight years for harboring a fugitive. but now there's a new federal investigation the feds want to know details about those who did years and who may have helped the couple. in november 2014 rick appeared before a federal grand jury and defied federal judges order to testify with immunity. that refusal means catherine greg could get more time up to life in a federal prison. judge saylor asked greg are you pleading the because you are guilty catherine greg answered i am.outside court greg's
5:16 pm
i'm not getting into any reasons as to why i think it's readily apparent that she does not. the feds found more than $800,000 cash in the santa monica apartment it's believed millions more are still in the way. stephen davis brother of the victim believes there is a simple reason catherine greg is still standing by her man. >> it's all about money. >> so catherine greg is refusing to give up her mob secrets and she could pay a very high price for this. she was sentenced in late april. >> this car here just angled after crashing into a handicap ramp in front of a local home firefighters say the crash or crash at the intersection of east water street and liberties street last night one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. if you good samaritans stepped
5:17 pm
until the homeowners could get it repaired. >> still tracking some of that rain coming out to the area right now seen alive storm tracker behind us some of it yellow and orange that's because it's coming down a little heavier in those places right now switch over to live storm tracker doppler radar to show you more specifically what's happening out there. look at the yellow coming into plymouth county it's raining heavily there just about to hit cape cod provincetown wellesley area getting some of that zoom identifying some of the closer in spots with this happening was its bay right here at the shoreline in onset seeing some of this heavy rain at this point all the way down the street level on the beaches of onset and find out who's getting the worst of it deep cold color right here that some of it's happening coming down the hardest. on the edge of that take you into the center onset avenue right now. also rained northwest of boston coming down heavy in spots behind the t in leominster was
5:18 pm
this is north christian worcester county and right here just before it gets into surely there getting heavy rain along two for the evening commute north of their some of the again deeper gold color showing you where the heaviest rain is coming down right now in downpour happening on these roadways here. over to fire road here august the heavy rain and some of the spots. so track it along with this user talks 25 whether app to see with the rain is going during these evening hours it's just one of our concerns. let's track this through here tonight heavy rain coming to boston to providence later tonight eight:15 continues off to the southeast to the south shore and cape cod boston after midnight tonight it was outside of a few stray showers back in here but the steadiest is over southeastern massachusetts. takes you on the morning drive right now sherry will be tracking the show is coming to tomorrow morning and that is
5:19 pm
just not going away that front stalling off shore tour south. is in good news attempts overnight will stay mild so this is going to be a rain situation tonight anyway in boston and for you and worcester as well it's good to get colder down near 50 by 5:00 a.m. warmest images of the day will likely be in the morning. coldest us to filter in behind this front but again that front is stalled just to our south and it rallies rain showers continue to come across southeastern massachusetts. so by noontime thursday, we're getting some sunshine out and it's making its way southeast but the still of clouds around because of the proximity of that front. keep mentioning that because the problem with that is another area of low pressure storm will ripple along the front to start produce precipitation southeastern massachusetts again thursday night into friday morning. highs tomorrow will be early on most likely in the 50s starts to fall in the afternoon as a cooler air begins to filter on
5:20 pm
in framingham tomorrow afternoon. this is what is a winter storm watch friday morning not for tonight not even tomorrow morning or tomorrow night it starts at 2:00 a.m. friday morning. the reason is we're going to be tracking that little waves that area of low pressure along the front rippling along producing some precipitation throwing it back in toward cape cod and the islands. this computer model shows it all is green the cold air is also filtering and i cleaned this pushes back in the southeastern massachusetts it's going to be some snow on the cape and the islands. it's all going to be determined by where this front stalls i remember the fronts not even through us right now. seven day forecast with the weekend in view. by friday morning with that's no potential we do think there'll be some snow putting together right now the latest forecast map with snow totals on it based on the latest computer model information coming in right now
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father three playing with us three boys laughing and living life now kevin is paralyzed and receiving around-the-clock care at a rehab center. his brothers spoke for him in this video because kevin no longer can. nick papadopoulos was into it all prosecutors say he was speeding when he crossed the median and hit the pickup truck on arbor way in 2013. three teenagers and suv were hurt including mark lemaire. mark is in wiltshire now and his mother says he struggles with rehab in school. he entered a guilty plea but with to in november he told the court he doesn't remember the accident but is ready to accept responsibility.
5:25 pm
two years in jail with one of those years suspended and ordered him to thousand hours of committee service. while his family wept as they watched him leave in handcuffs, the families of kevin and mark are happy with the sentence. but the sentence imposed and kevin cellucci and mark telomere a life sentence. both families are considering a civil lawsuit papadopoulos also had his driver's license revoked and till 2023 but wanted for parents tonight about the contagious disease showing up at two local elementary schools. norwell public schools confirms there are three cases of whooping cough between the two elementary schools.the district is now asking parents to watch the children for signs of whooping cough the cdc says symptoms often start off the common cold then after about two weeks the cop will slowly get worse.
5:26 pm
parents to contact the school nurse with any questions. >> coming up ahead in next half-hour several feet of snow falling from the rockies to the midwest and devastating tornado starting down in the south. the incredible of the wicked weather that swept across the country coming up. we are alive it man had in manchester new hampshire. push through during this evening commute mark it's getting heavier coming to
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my tempur-pedic cuddles better than my husband does... ...but that's just between you and me. it's really cool to the touch. r at mattress firm, get zero percent apr financing. visit mattress firm, america's number one tempur-pedic retailer today. heavy rain expected tonight on the evening commute it's going to keep falling throughout the night. you can see storm tracker radar is lit up that rain moves through. we're also keeping an eye on a
5:29 pm
this week. fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz track it all forth in a fox 25 for the center. >> busy right or early next week the way looks right now vanessa the first things first rain moving through tonight heavy rain and the yellow and orange are showing up in central and western massachusetts go to switch over to our life storm tracker doppler radar you see that yellows out here in plymouth county to cape cod as well but also back to the west to worcester rain right now some of it's coming down fairly heavily so some of that will continue to push this way and will keep tracking that of course let me slide over and you see the little better yellow and orange coming to worcester county along the massachusetts turnpike just north into worcester that's a heavy rain they were expecting for this evening drive to continue up to the north of their receipt heavy rain as well also getting some strong wind gusts between 25 and 35 miles per hour as reports of
5:30 pm
have come down so investigating right now as well. this rain will continue track on through expecting it to come out of boston just after midnight tonight continue up to the southeast. the rain is hanging on to the southwest coastline that's going to be an issue. the brain will come on through during the thursday morning drive. because that front stalling there in southeastern massachusetts it's also going to allow some colder air to come in behind it the same time another batch of precipitation moves in for friday morning. looks to us like that's going to. of snow or at least southeastern massachusetts will talk more about that possibility what you can expect the snow. >> kevin says the rain will continue throughout the night so sherry will be tracking storm what you're sleeping and she opted forecast in the morning. a morning crew get started at 4:00 a.m.. >> let's get back now to a special coverage of the first
5:31 pm
local rubio appearing in several treaties in one poll the 40 senator has pushed past jeb was. >> reporter: vanessa marco rubio getting a lot of buzz and momentum florida senator appearing in front page of the new york times and the "washington post" today to wed read newspapers. our heather hegedus caught up with him rubio seems to be on a roll. >> heather: he doesn't mark and stopped here in laconia right here was a third of events today is crisscrossing the state 's volunteers are making thousands of phone calls knocking on thousands of doors and that combined with his more moderate message may be why his campaign seems to be picking up steam. >> and there were a lot of undecided voters in his marco rubio audience and laconia today despite the primary being
5:32 pm
>> still rubio seems to be gaining ground ever since he nearly beat donald trump for second place in iowa. he continues to ride that way. >> what do you attribute your increasing momentum? >> i just think we keep working hard and going our organization continue to do it would be doing so this process the matter going everywhere we can't meet as many voters as possible. today rubio laid out specific policies dances for beefing up the military opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants. asking rubio if he supports passive citizenship one audience member made this bold admission. i hire illegal aliens almost every weekend. >> i do sympathize with the story that if tobin also sympathize with the american people. who have to bear the burden of people coming into this country illegally and the truth is for every fernando by the way i
5:33 pm
this country legally and would boil your blood. >> rubio's next stop is about 30 minutes from now at a pub in dover by my calculations he'll have campaigning for at least 12 hours today coming up in 15 minutes what ruby had to say today in response to a page attack ad that was taken out a local paper today pick taken up by one of rubio's opponents. >> new hampshire republican donald trump spent the day in arkansas tweeting about iowa. stay with me on this one after graciously conceding the caucus victory is now calling cruise a fraud. trump sing a twitter take cruise didn't win iowa he stole it that's why all the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. then during prime time the iowa caucus was put out a release that ben carson was quitting the race boat cruise waste on the fraud by senator ted cruz during the iowa caucus either a
5:34 pm
our cruise results nullified. anything but boring folks. is now to talk about the day's biggest lyrical headlines as pat griffin republican liberal strategist. not in new hampshire but certainly not making news. you know any minute minute hockey grade is going to break out this incredible cruise is suggesting that trump has on that trump tantrum which i think is terrific and you're right donald trump isn't here tonight forgot his word about his for public he's in arkansas so to me this is a very strange thing was how it voters react to that. >> couple of kids dropping out today rand paul's rick santorum your thoughts on that. no i don't think so all six of their people places to go these are guys who really know. i mean seriously senator santorum and rand paul got into the thing rand paul biggest problem with that isis start to come and become a real threat
5:35 pm
america didn't want to hear that. rick santorum form of bit tour the campaign maybe. at some point now but with talk about some of the people trying to resonate appear one of them would be jeb bush. he was at a town hall in hanover reported last night he gave a very presidential and impassioned part of the speech. to absolutely no applause but in fact he asked the crowd quote please clap for me. yeah that doesn't resonate and again i want to know who's a person who sent jeb bush to hanover new hampshire that's not exactly republican territory if you're looking for a good chris chardonnay and of brie that's place to go is not the place to be looking for republican primary voters so i can see why some of the governor bush i talk about would fall on flattened audience. i think the big thing here is that the sexy candidates the
5:36 pm
outrageous things got lots of headlines and this thing we don't see what new hampshire does we know it's early people make up their mind late year and sometimes tested kind of slowed as you go jeb bush said he is the tortoise and the race will see the taurus can catch up but i will tell you in that lane christie rubio bush and casey are all tied up they are jammed together for number two. >> much more coming up in a 6 o'clock hour also a special at 70 will be back with us again at six and seven we look forward to it. the every day until next tuesday primary will be answering our special coverage from a studio here in manchester also apply special reports 7 o'clock every night political reporter sharmann saccheti will bring you in-depth reports on the candidates and expert analysis and on primary night will be with you from our news at 5:00
5:37 pm
p.m. will be with you watching alike results as a come into our newsroom will bring you live reports from headquarters also the speeches as they happen. also stream it all live on and on the fox 25 news at. see you again here at six with more live reports from new hampshire. see you again shortly still ahead here on the fox 25 news at five president obama doing something he's never done
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for. bustamante convicted of killing a 10 boy once a new trial lawyers for charleston people federal court today james and another man were convicted of killing jeffrey curley in 1997 for resisting sexual advances james lawyers say he deserves a new trial because the public was barred and had effective attorney during the first trial. >> bill cosby in court for the second day in a row try to get sex assault charges against him dropped. cosby's lawyers were asking a pennsylvania judge to toss out criminal charges. sing the cut immunity deal years ago with the former district attorney. the current the aces his predecessor didn't have that authority. a lawyer for great barrington school for boys special needs. eagleton school's attorney says their systematic abuse of the school this afternoon scored mistress how the news comes with parents to address the situation.
5:40 pm
already starting to pop up locally the irises trying to keep people from falling for the scams with a list of things to look out for. the irs says you always get a bill in the mail before calls. it will never demand immediate payment. it will also never demand a specific payment method or ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone. and finally will never threaten to bring a local police to have you arrested. >> yellow and orange back there on the satellite radar picture shows with the heaviest rain is moving in right now i'll track it to the evening also a chance for snow with a winter storm watch this week. >> up next incr what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to
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during this drive home is will click on the mass pike and brighton traffic moving pretty well right now. but you know the ring can always be a problem latest on the rain in less than three minutes.>> wicked with a sweeping across the country heavy snow plank at the rockies to the midwest and down south the picking up the pieces after debiting 20s like when you see right here. jonathan sarah shows us how the damage left behind. >> reporter: a powerful storm system is moving through the country bringing snow from the rockies to the midwest. and severe thunderstorms to the southeast. late tuesday series of tornadoes touching down in mississippi and alabama causing widespread property damage only minor injuries. >> thank god for all okay.
5:44 pm
>> the storm damage also felt in tennessee and parts of georgia. with flooding and high winds causing widespread power outages. some evacuations will emitting a place overnight. and just residents now waiting to return to the homes to assess the damage. >> meanwhile the powerful snowstorm that buried the rockies and more than a foot of snow is now crawling into the upper midwest. bringing heavy snowfall from colorado to northern michigan. prompted schools and businesses to close and making travel a nightmare in the skies and on the roads. >> the storm system is expected to blow into the northeast by late wednesday with snow tapering off to rain as it moves east.
5:45 pm
mosque in maryland the president came to the islamic society of baltimore to meet with muslim community leaders. the roundtable meeting focused on religious problems and anti-muslim prejudice comes after the 10th times for muslim americans in the wake of terror attacks by religious extremists in the us and abroad. >> recently we've heard inexcusable political rhetoric against muslim americans. that has no place in our country. the president speak about donald trump calling for a band of muslims he says extremist groups like al qaeda and isis to justify the terror. >> considering the rain so far but update you on the situation the wind gust of the out over 35 miles an hour reporter tree down shelburne kingsborough so there are some wind gusts bringing down some tree limbs and possibly some small trees as well so will be watching that very closely i'll get back
5:46 pm
disruptive part of this forecast at least during the evening hours but there's rain pushing across zoom in a little more closely if you didn't see it there actually snow in maine earlier today that's left over to rain snow but it's no look at the heavy rain that's in here as well switch up to live storm tracker radar again the yellows making their way out of rhode island into southeastern massachusetts for 95 getting some of that from milford different than bellingham right now city poster getting some of the heaviest rain look at the red and orange happening here as well. long 395 into the city of worcester along the mass pike coming to worcester as well, your through athol into central massachusetts and western mass seeing some of the heavy rain right now too so it's coming down hard in many places expected during this evening commute and at times it will continue until late tonight. it is futurecast showing that coming to boston at 8:45 pm and onto the south shore really
5:47 pm
hours of the southeastern massachusetts and offshore. boston after midnight drying out same with you worcester points northwest couple of lingering showers but nothing steady southeastern massachusetts weather concern will be. thursday morning to tomorrow morning that front installed just off shore it's too close to really cleared out and along the pieces of energy little storms can ripple push showers back on in here that's going to be the case in the morning thursday. something we will be watching closely is good news. all that's falling at least for now too warm for anything but rain to fall 54 cambridge 55 quincy morning temperatures especially going to be this warm in the afternoon some cold air started to filter on him but look at the north shore 54 lawrence 52 in essex tomorrow there is a winter storm watch despite those 50s how does that compute here in southeastern massachusetts remember the
5:48 pm
the front it will start to holder tomorrow afternoon by friday morning it will be just cold enough for some mix as a petition to make it on input let me show you one futurecast thursday morning that the rain and waits for the next system to come along that same front. here's my one caution if that front goes a little father to the south this all misses us installs everything is going to stall watch another batch come ashore during the early morning hours for friday. winter storm watch that the two and look what happens from the screen of rain to a mixed precipitation color working on and most likely wet snow mixing with rain and then you will see some of that blue showing some snow in the futurecast data during the friday morning commute this all sticks around until the middle of the day and pushes offshore this is not a huge storm the way it see right now for forecast is for one to
5:49 pm
from about southeast toward the cape cod and nantucket darker blue in here when i'm trying to show you here is maybe a couple of areas get to four inches of snow but generally one to three inches will fine-tune in the next for 24 hours get closer to the storm actually happening you want to call storm off to the north and west of plymouth dusting up to an inch of snow can fall from the system. it's not our last chance for snow in the seven-day forecast even our best chance for snow after the weekend always in view tab is going to be well mild for this time of year and a quiet weekend look at monday into tuesday the potential for under the storm and a big storm is existing will get the latest information that went to an eye on the list track for you. >> love you like to treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure but fox 25 investigates uncovered some
5:50 pm
health at risk. started with just a little blister by that evening it started to spread. i could barely walk on the foot. >> that blister turned out to be mercer she blames it all and what happened when she got a pedicure.were digging into what could lead to health risks at the salon and the things you should look out for to protect yourself the next time you go in for pampering. while the for tomorrow morning on the fox 25 morning news. >> final round hollywood week on american idol rep cutting our three local contestants to make it to the top 24. contestants will sing one less time for the judge's in tonight showcase round then the field is narrowed to 24. weston sonic of aids beverage melanie johnson and was to jessica cabral also delay in the running we talked with jessica via skype today she told us hollywood week is even crazier than she expected especially considering she was fighting a bad cold.
5:51 pm
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we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay! next. people of flint michigan took their fight to t about the water contamination that left them exposed to let the story and picture of anger and betrayal children who developed all kinds of health issues
5:53 pm
water.for the house of that committee when mother demanded nothing be done to fix things. >> broken policy and procedures are smothering the outcry of the entire community suffering financially physically and mentally and emotionally. i urge you to help store some of the trust lost and protect other citizens in the united states by never allowing this to happen again. >> in response to the flint crisis ohio senator introducing a measure that would require public officials nationwide to act faster cases of water contamination. a new study links nail polish to problems with weight gain researchers found a chemical used in many polishes cause tb hp can make the skin into your bloodstream. participants in the study showed a 700 percent increase of the chemical in the system just hours after painting the nails. duke university researcher the farm to working group found michael can affect amounts and lead to those extra pounds.
5:54 pm
women about drinking and the early weeks of pregnancy the agency says any alcohol can be dangerous in its early stages. more than half of all pregnancies in the us are unplanned the cdc says any woman considering children to take note. >> gas prices they are continuing the downward trend one month into the new year. average price of regular unleaded is down to a dollar $.86. that's a dollar 86 is a gallon here in massachusetts according to aaa the debate about the national average of a dollar $.78 but far from the worst drivers in hawaii are paying $2.63. last year at this time we are paying $2.11 here in massachusetts. warm weather has maple syrup flowing ahead of schedule in maine according to the bangor daily news farmers are struggling to keep up with managing their taps. farmers need warmer temps during the day for the trees to tap properly and make it syrup. farmers a warm weather early in the winter makes their season shorter and it could mean less
5:55 pm
breakfast table. >> prompted going to be here soon and one pager fan open to score big and land her dream date. taylor johnson wants to go to the big dance with the one and only rob housekeeping here in this picture you can see her standing outside of gillette stadium with a sign that reads will you tackle prom with me gronk she is a student at bristol county agricultural high school she still waiting for the answer from gronk but her prom proposal starting to go viral pictures seemed more than 2600 lights on the fox 25 page good luck taylor were rooting for you. let us know how that turns out. >> still tracking heavy rain moving through during this evening drive and some snow on the way a timeline when you can expect that. flames ripped through an apartment complex dropping a three-year-old inside. how firefighters rescued the toddler from a burning building. present your field just got smaller were live from our new hampshire primary headquarters with the two candidates who
5:56 pm
>> this is why we're under that alert steady rain and gusty winds will be to the area right now just in time for your ride home. >> will have in-depth coverage of all the candidates try to win over boats before next week's first in the nation primary. we begin first with a cheap meteorologist whose tracking . storm tracker radar get a better idea of where the heaviest rain is coming down right now take you to the box were shifted off to the north and west of there and some of this town is being affected include walpole right now sharon getting some of the heaviest rain as well still goes back into portions of foxboro at this hour as well that's what we're watching right now in and around the sharon area right around one
5:57 pm
highland street identified
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