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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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highland street identified getting some of the heavy rain look at the red and highland street biggest over carriage lane as well some of the heaviest coming down right now and all the state city of worcester you're feeling the effects this heavy rain coming to your area push off to the westborough into shrewsberry as well using those downpours continue along 20 and nine just to the north and west of north and east of the city of worcester chestnut street greenstreet some of that dark red showing right your weight route 20 nine with the yellow showing up already heavy rain as well still tracking with this will be falling into the evening drive but also look at the latest information on the potential for snow friday morning. with that rain expected to fall during the next several hours possibly to tomorrow morning be sure to download the new fox25, or whether app you custom forecast team of meteorologist your neighborhood. it's free just search fox25 weather.
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three-year-old on the roof of a burning building this happened at apartment complex and more street in chelsea. worthen 100 people live there. fox 25's robert goulston spoke to several residents. before little boy was up on the third floor albany the building is four stories high someone outside in a neighboring the actual he saw him up there ran outside and told the firefighters were just arriving on scene they ran inside the burning building and were able to help him get out. >> a fox 25 your called some of the firefighters arriving on scene as smoke and flames were coming out of this apartment building on elinor street in chelsea. >> i was with my kids when the alarm went on in this father grabbed his four and five-year-old and be lined up for the door. the fire started in a third-floor apartment. the fire spread quickly got into the walls.the first five parties on scene were told by a neighbor that was a young boy who appeared to be trapped on
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many of the residents had already left for work. >> 20 picture in your head. firefighters also helped several residents like linda find their beloved cat. when i was going up they told me go go go now they would let me take her. i didn't think was going to be that bad so they went and got her for me. >> and that three-year-old boy is okay we're told he's did not have to go to the hospital the red cross telling us they are helping right now about two dozen families with emergency supplies and temporary place to live as far as the investigation right now investigators say no foul play is expected. >> we have some breaking news now sex assault case against bill cosby will go forward and just the last few minutes heads of being a judge decided not to throw out the case.the crest
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attorney claiming he gave cosby immunity years ago we just learned the case will go forward. i flip and everything will be back determine the project's have enough evidence to prove the cosby assaulted his accuser in her philadelphia area home in 2004. >> special coverage of the new hampshire first in the nation primary. as we been reporting most of the candidates stepping across the state hoping to win the hearts of voters. my coanchor mark ockerbloom live in a fox 25 primary headquarters in manchester it seems the entire country is definitely focused on the granite state. >> each passing day continues to grow and interest you could certainly feel it here in new hampshire you also get the sense that candidates are throwing every political punches at one another prep some of get desperate to find out. get you caught up what happened so far to two republican kids have dropped out of the race completely.
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news republican rand paul announced he suspending his campaign after i left the mediocre finish in iowa also dropping out today rick santorum wasn't even were showing in that state. on the democratic side from aunt senator bernie sanders is canceled to have events that was scheduled for tonight. but he did hold a news conference that just wrapped up in concord and that's where we begin our coverage tonight. fox 25's kerry kavanaugh. >> kerry: they are as you mentioned bernie sanders holding his first public event late this afternoon joined here by local union members opposing tpp the transpacific partnership he called this trade agreement a job killer and said as president he would oppose it but the conversations soon shifted to hillary clinton and comments he made about her earlier this week questioning if she's a true aggressive. >> i don't have her exact quote front of me but it was accused of being a moderate i
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speaking with voters here that support senator or other secretary clinton they said the concern with their camp and they don't think he can go the distance what would you tell these voters about your campaign nationally? we are going the distance we have office is now set up and i believe 15 states and we are raising significant sums of money from small individual contributors. >> senator sanders says his contributions are going to take them all the way to the convention meanwhile hillary clinton was in derry this morning joined by former arizona congresswoman gabby gifford. five years passed since gifford survived a mass shooting together they took aim at the gun lobby. you're in your opponents backyard you have to always famous neighbors which i think is neighborly.
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if it's about our records, hey i'm going to win by a landslide. >> exchanging jabs but together tonight this was to come together for a town hall meeting in derry at 9 o'clock there was a brief scare at the bernie sanders event carey just told you about less than an hour ago a sanders supporter ground. it caught everyone's attention including the presidential candidates. oh my god. >> quite a moment the man was standing behind sanders the democratic hopeful spoke about his opposition to proposed trade agreement the man was able to get up on his own power before walking away sanders
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taking a deep breath and continuing continuing. republicans are try to stand their ground here in new hampshire give you a look at the leader board as it stands right now these will be the average percentages after combining several polls among new hampshire voters. here are the numbers from real clear politics. your leader as it was donald trump with 33 percent of the vote the next four candidates are within two points though of each other making this a very close race. ted cruz has 12 percent of the vote john kasich and marco rubio tied at 11 percent and jeb bush comes in at 10 percent. we want to bring in fox 25 political reporter sharmann saccheti the number show it is a race for second place in new hampshire one of those kids john kasich we talked about admits if he doesn't do well here they could be headed back to ohio. >> sharmann: i can tell you what the mood was like in that room it was a small crowd women
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john kasich has a very folksy way about him usually it works for him that john kasich but now casey is really paying his hopes on new hampshire he told the crowd he wants to move on to south carolina but that if he gets quote smoked in new hampshire he's going back home to ohio. >> former ohio john kasich telling the crowd he gets beaten badly in the new hampshire primary, he's out of the race and heading home. i talked with him behind the scene. this is make a break here and you have to pick it's very important because you know we have to do well casing pushed back on the idea that he's a member of the establishment at a time when voters want anything but a politician. he calls himself a troublemaker. looking for a change agent looking for something not only going to shake up the status quo but be able to deliver the results. >> i've always done right now the latest real clear politics
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well behind trump in crews type a third-place with marco rubio is trying to stay up. right now. no i don't think so i think we're in second place really in some polls solid second casey questions from the crowd and adjust the va loan debt healthcare we estimate the growing nastiness of the race. some of the other opponents have in fact been trading parts of each other and at you. >> while you know arnold schwarzenegger told me when i was first running for governor when i was whining about being attacked he looked at me and said john love the beatings and that's what i do. >> casing also tells me it's critical of course that he does do well in new hampshire but that there are millions of dollars in attack ads running against him here perhaps you've seen some of those ads he asked me though if it's not worth
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and why the running so many attack ads against him never stops here today that's going to continue for the week and is really hoping for good showing next week. >> for second place according to his camp no smoking. >> thank you sharman. ready for 7 o'clock special that's coming up shortly right here on fox 25 all about the new hymns are primary but first let's show you what the other gop candidates did today. but we start at the center ted cruz working to continue the momentum from his win in iowa town halls today and had a clear gosh town new hampshire voters a notice with the challenge of what iowa accomplished. >> .[indiscernable] >> cruz victor and i will sell record-setting photos turn out and brings into question just how deep donald trumps support really is. after graciously conceding the iowa caucus between cruise monday donald trump is now calling him a fraud trump accusing cruz of stealing the iowa caucus on twitter. claiming he told voters ben
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could grab the boats. meanwhile fellow republican jeff bush is not holding back about his thoughts on trump on the campaign trail. >> mr. trump comes into play occasionally because you know is not a serious candidate does have serious ideas living in dangerous times we need 70 serious. after coming in six and iowa bushes baking on voters in new hampshire to lift his struggling campaign. >> new jersey governor chris christie continued to court new hampshire voters with laser focus in lebanon today he reminded them that he's been in the state since the start. with dicks aimed squarely at trump and rubio. >> i hear marco rubio's here but he does what about a day you never see them to answer any question. christie finished 10th in iowa but says he's not worried because his focus is always
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new hampshire. two a look live at the campaign rally marco rubio hosting right now at the seacoast and dover new hampshire ahead in the next half-hour political strategist joins us onset to examine the momentum rubio's writing in the grant state. that's ahead at six:30. >> we will be with you for my news at 5:00 p.m. straight through 11 30 p.m. and you live results live reports from the candidate headquarters in the speeches as they happen also streamed live on and on the fox 25 news app for now and it back to professor fox 25 studio in
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>> we are learning the popular bar right outside of fenway park is closing. next at six why fewer people might be asking who's on first. then we reveal alarming study showed a huge percentage of doctors discipline for sexual misconduct at the hospitals do not get the state level agreement to get why not and ask if they should all knew it six. >> but first time corporate convicted mobster james whitey
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car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. r he's just not ready to be president. pnright to rise usa is responsible
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a live look at the radar shows steady rain moving to the area. latest preparing to write now for the field roxbury boy who died last night to being rushed to the hospital. police return to the home today were can i what was found suffering from trauma on sunday. a woman who tells fox 25 she's a boy's mother says his father had custody at the time. the cfi just ticked on the child on friday found them in good condition his family will i can't remember him outside of the home tonight at 8 o'clock. please are still trying figure what a 13-year-old boy killed by a commuter rail train was on the tracks in the first place. we fall the story as it developed yesterday morning eric was hit did a few hundred
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in dedham. new tonight we learn the victims school south shore christian academy in weymouth is called for a day of warning. statement the school says today is a sad day for the entire ssc a eric was loved early by his friends and teachers. >> boston red sox are forcing a troubled fenway park to shut down. who's on first had garnered a reputation for violence for boston police even before to recent shootings. last thanksgiving mbta conductor was gunned down by outside a store and the month before that two women by gunfire is a was getting ready to close. who's on first was cleared of any wrongdoing both of those incidents the owners have not released when the bible officially close or what will be going up in its place. police want to take a closer look at this gas station robbery suspect the menu see here robbed the station it inborn police there say you can see the guys raise the still
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the close is wearing or even the backpack is caring if you do give detectives a call. >> warning to parents about highly contagious disease showing up into local elementary schools.nor will public schools confirming three cases of been caught between the two elementary schools. the district now asking parents to watch the children or signs of whooping cough the cdc's as symptoms often begin like the common cold and then after about two weeks the couple slowly get worse. the district encouraging parents to contact the school nurse with any questions. >> tracking that rain moving through the evening commute become heavy in many spots expected that's going to continue into late hours tonight closer up look at that satellite radar picture with the yellow and the orange showing up on a live storm tracker radar switch over to this you'll see it covering a lot of the area here in the south shore wednesday to braintree randolph think some of that southward toward
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area some of the heaviest rain right here in weymouth near the shoreline you can see the spots of darker gold and orange show. along some of the roadways like iiia comes on through here greenstreet getting into some of that heavy rain as well. slide up to the west here metrowest area seeing heavy rain wayland over to southborough sherborn medfield in norwood seeing that walpole right down your lung one and 95 singh rain come through right now to the doctor orange showing with that is there a road that one and route one and 95 cutting right through here as well with some heavy rain so the west of their into worcester county to the north of their first toward holliston 126 into hopkinton seeing heavy rain happen right here along 85 as well 85 will stretch right to the middle of the shot of orange words coming down for heavily right now one of the main stretches through hopkinton then over 27 worcester county bellingham millville seeing some of that heavy rain move in uxbridge just had that batch of continue
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shows a timeline of the rain coming to boston 8 o'clock at its heaviest and then to the south shore 9 o'clock and then by 10 o'clock out to cape cod but the front while moving fairly quickly going to stall the winds above jet stream talk about that sometimes lowing right along the front so rather than pushing out of here installing it just to our south the consequence of that is the clouds and rain don't want to leave very quickly out here in the cape and the islands and the other batches of rain and heavy showers will come through during the morning commute tomorrow this will take you through seven 15 a.m. for the still heavy rain out there around constable county out there on cape cod. high temperatures current temperatures 57 in norwood that's right now that's a good set of forecast mild out there also windy getting reports of tree limbs and one trend all night long in the 50s stay that way across southern new england
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storm watch. simply behind this front while it doesn't alter or sell it's going to allow cold air to start to come in behind it so the front offshore by 10 o'clock tomorrow night but what more precipitation works up along the front early friday morning showing up his green here but by 4:00 a.m. switching over to this color that showing a mix is invitation most like the wet snow mixing in with rain and then flipping over to snow before pushes out of here during a friday morning timeframe. we're expecting a quick shot of some snow just enough to dust up or shovel off your walkway out here in cape cod one to three inches potato was four inches on the bridges out here to the upper cape around falmouth a dusting to maybe an inch just north of plymouth the south shore keeping boston out of it for now. everything backs up a little bit more so something will be watching closely over the next 24 hours. seven day forecast your weekend in view weekend includes temperatures above average once
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but at least quiet those two days opposed to early next week will be tracking a potential for winter storm. >> he was once one of the most wanted men in the united states but whitey august girlfriend is still refusing to tell the feds what she knows about her time with whitey bulger. she could spend the rest of her life in a federal prison. but first president obama makes a worst visit to us mosque as commander-in-chief what he said about muslim americans
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>> today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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in response florida governor declared health emergency in four counties help officials believe all the cases of people got the virus traveling. the virus is mainly spread through mosquitoes it's been linked to brain deformities in babies. a boston man was diagnosed last week but is now recovering. we know you may have a lot of questions surrounding this seeker virus that way posted of the need to know this website also learn how it spreads and how you can invent it go to the help section our website >> present obama speaking to a mosque in maryland the present came to the islamic society baltimore to meet with muslim leaders the roundtable meeting focused on religious tolerance and anti-muslim prejudice this comes at a tense time for
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terror attacks religious extremists in the us and abroad. >> grizzly we've heard inexcusable political rhetoric against muslim americans. that has no place in our country. the president speak about donald trump calling for a band of muslims he says extremist groups like al qaeda and isis twist passages to justify the terror. whitey bulger's longtime corporate leads guilty in federal court of next at six what she admits to doing and why the length of a prison sentence is still a mystery. >> for families the driver who changed their lives in a car crash and how long he'll spend in jail. some of the heaviest rain right
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begin this half hour with a fox 25 weather alert steady and heavy rain moves to the area not just the rains and strong gusty winds really pack a punch out there too. first you're right over to fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz is tracking that very active rain right now. >> coming out hard many locations posing in the boston area there is a yellow and orange showing up on radar zoom
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radar to see the yellow and orange in boston and southward to quincy and braintree zoom in a couple of the spots see some of the roadways being affected for instance right here in the quincy area sing a lot of yellow orange and even some deeper orange showing up along herrick drive center street is 93 in granite avenue right there on the southern part of the screen into dorchester as well off to the south of their through braintree and randolph southbridge abington seeing yellow and orange pop up again heavy rain for the evening drive for the long 128 of to the west norwood in dedham northwood to the mass like west to sherborn and medfield seeing some of that franklin on 495 and some of the heavier rain right now as well pockets of heavy rain to hopkinton and holliston over sherborn and then southwestern toward worcester county uxbridge up to northbridge here seeing some of that heavy rain continue to track heaviest falling right
6:29 pm
end the week with a winter storm watch. >> with more weather on the way b should wake up with fox 25 morning news show and keeping a close eye on the radar overnight while you sleep that you are prepared before you walk out the door the fox25 morning news begins tomorrow at 4:00 a.m.. >> woman who's been years on the lam convicted mobster james whitey ogre could now spend the rest of her life in prison. catherine greg pleading guilty to criminal contempt charges in federal court today. bob borders been covering the bulger case for years now and is bob shows us greg is unshakable and she will not give up her mob sequence. >> reporter: catherine greg is refusing to talk to the feds about her boyfriend whitey bulger and that refusal could mean a lot more time behind bars maybe even a life sentence. but catherine greg is standing up for whitey bulger. catherine greg stood by her boyfriend james whitey alger when they busted in santa monica california and now
6:30 pm
standing by her man. this time in a federal courtroom in boston were catherine greg said she rather played to criminal contempt towards the risk life in prison until federal grand jury about her fugitive years with whitey bulger. the judge asked greg you pleading guilty because you are guilty catherine greg answered i am.kevin writing catherine greg's lawyer i asked him why greg won't just talk. >> i'm not getting into any reasons as to why you think it's readily apparent that she does not. it's not something that you know you can abuse or put her in jail and threatened her with more jail or more contempt. the feds found $800,000 cash and a santa monica apartment is believed millions was still hidden away. stephen davis brother bulger victim debbie davis believes there is a simple reason why catherine greg still standing by her man. >> it's all about money. he has no loyalty to anybody else. so catherine greg is keeping her mob secrets to herself and
6:31 pm
shall find out at sentencing in late april. >> unbearably difficult day in court for families as a driver who changed their lives with a car crash and his punishment. the crash on the arbor way back in 2013 left a young dad her life and unable to talk. a teenage boy was rain injuries. today the families testified in court and heard from the driver himself. >> kevin cellucci a young father of three playing with her three boys laughing and living life. now kevin is paralyzed and receiving around-the-clock care at a rehab center. >> his brother spoke for him in this video because kevin no longer can. >> mick pack up annapolis listen to it all prosecutors say he was speeding when he crossed the median and hit the pickup truck on arbor way in 2013.
6:32 pm
hurt including telomere. mark is in a wheelchair now and his mother says he struggles with rehab in school. >> he entered a guilty plea but withdrew in november he told the court he doesn't remember the accident but is ready to accept responsibility. >> the judge sentenced him to two years in jail with one of those years suspended and ordered him to thousand hours of trinity service. his family wept as they watched him leave in handcuffs, the families of kevin and mark are happy with the sentence. >> it was a very difficult case and horrible for everybody involved but the sentence that are imposed on kevin cellucci and mark are life sentences. both the cellucci and element families now considering a
6:33 pm
had a drivers license revoked until 2020. continuing coverage of the new hampshire primary let's take a live look now from over new hampshire where republican marco rubio is trying to win over the hearts of voters there. we want to bring back my coanchor mark ockerbloom from had cores in manchester political expert seem to agree that rubio getting a lot of momentum following the strong finish he had in iowa. rubio actually on the front page of both the new york times and the "washington post" today. fox25 heather hegedus is live one of many stops rubio made the greatest day today. >> heather: rubio stop here in laconia was his 35 stops today in new hampshire he's been crisscrossing the state as his volunteers make thousands of phone calls and knock on houses of doors. and that more moderate message
6:34 pm
>> i think we keep working hard growing our organization. continue to do what we've been doing to the process going everywhere we can to make as many voters possible. a copy of marco rubio already has design set past new hampshire at the white house. he says he is capable of uniting conservatives and republicans going up against them aquatic nominee. but he still has convincing to do there were plenty of undecided voters in this audience today. >> i like three. i like ben carson i like marco rubio and like ted cruz still rubio seems to be doing remarkably well for a freshman senator one measure the amount of attacks against him. today jeb bush took out a full-page ad against rubio but rubio seems to be taking the high road. i'm not running against the other candidates in this race
6:35 pm
today rubio laid out specific policies dances from picking up the military to opposing embassy for a little little illegal immigrants asking rubio he supports passage of one audience member made this old admission. >> i hire illegal alien almost every weekend even has a master key to 15 of the apartment units i mentioned i do sympathize with a store that you toe but also sympathize with the american people. who have to bear the burden of people coming into the country illegally in the to this for every fernando by the way i know stories of people that are in this country legally and what will your blood. by my calculations rubio campaigning for at least 12 hours today but here the other republicans left in the field know that granite status don't always follow i was lead so it could be anyone's game here new hampshire. reporting in laconia i'm heather hegedus. >> breaking the latest
6:36 pm
republican strategist. what you make of this momentum here? i think this is a guy who came in third in iowa is turned into something the comeback kid bill clinton ask you should get up bounce in iowa this is the guy who exceeded expectations when you exceed expectation or the story the problem is as we talked about here before new hampshire sort of resets everything we now have four candidates weeding over 40 percent of the vote. >> despite what donald trump says it doesn't say still a race for second place here is it not. if you look at the politics average is up 21 points over his nearest competitor to probably ted cruz at 11 but the fact is that's not going to hold that will not hold the donald trump is not a new arkansas. but he let his voice be loud and clear. are we going to do cage match wrestling or are we going to
6:37 pm
i think these guys are doing the tall hall meetings like uncle rubio and christina bush at that new hampshire shoe leather. is it resonating and why isn't it if it isn't. christie has practiced sort of living in new hampshire doing it the old-fashioned way he does townhall of the town hall this is a hard-working guy he's been successful in drawing crowds to these things but he hasn't turned that into battle he's at the low end where is for five guys all fighting for second i don't know what happened very very clear to me one of three governors is going to come out of this thing i think therefore tickets to south carolina. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton mixing it up again today this is will become contentious i mean right out the gate you had the split-second decision finally by a thread it's hillary yesterday over santos but state is writing this momentum let's talk about that because today
6:38 pm
defensive saying you're from neighboring vermont we know the place new hampshire. what you think. hillary is playing the expectations game bernie's way ahead it's got nothing to do with geography everything to do with he's tomorrow and she's yesterday democratic party so far left may come around to the right today bernie and she are having bad about whose more progressive. i don't know the castor brothers to keep fighting that the problem hillary because at some point she denomination gutted talk back to the middle to win the general election so it's a fascinating thing i'm not sure the people like this but i don't expect it to be here pick up tonight the going to go toe to toe let's talk about that what he expected the tonight. i think the key for these town hall meetings televise when real voters ask questions is when they say something like i
6:39 pm
very specifically please tell me exactly what you would do about that the cool thing would be to say and please at the end of the answer would you please ask me if i'm satisfied if i believe you've addressed my question that way i like to do what was out there tonight with hillary so we should ask you that question. let's talk will quickly about what it takes to win over a voter in new hampshire i worked here radio television for 10 years as you know friends back then let's talk about kissing babies making the town halls your priority going for the rubber chicken what? >> all the above? >> the old stories about the woman focused years and years ago late in the 60s 70s said never vote for candidate in the primary left i danced with him at least twice. that is kind of a exaggeration i know we're going there. i do think that what trump found in iowa was you cannot fly over and make a lot of funny speeches and one a circus you've got to practice retail politics that will pay off for
6:40 pm
be one of these free governors. >> less than a week to go pat will be joining a bus for fox 25 primary specially comes up at 7:00 p.m.. we'll have more live reports from new hampshire primary headquarters here in manchester bring you primary specials every at 7 o'clock. preaching talks 25 political reporter sharmann saccheti. primary night with you 5:00 p.m. news straight through 11:30 p.m. for now send it back to vanessa. >> for all your updates from new hampshire a man who runs austin police department getting ready to run milestone marathon.he's tackling austin
6:41 pm
you hear how many he will finished after he crosses the finish line. but first fox25 exposes question the car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on
6:42 pm
credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused the credit card records. major votes... immigration... r to be president. pnright to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. best way to help you you the best prices, selection. wake up with wegmans family pack 1,2,3,4 or more. energy bars to creamy and delicious yogurt. perfect balance of size & savings. how can you save 30% or more? sfx: finger snap wegmans family pack.
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work. live look at the radar show steady rain moving to the 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz analyzing the data right now updating a forecast bring it to us about two minutes.
6:44 pm
number of physicians is a plan by the healthcare facilities for sexual misconduct faced no consequence when the state medical board. although six george coley reports from washington on this disturbing report. >> reporter: 70 percent of physicians who paid malpractice payments by the medical facility for sexual misconduct were not disciplined for sexual misconduct by the state medical board this according to a new study released by consumer advocacy watchdog group. it shattering founder of the public citizen health research group is 177 2053 physicians over tenure. who paid malpractice claims base cost was for medical facilities remain licensed he says but future patients at risk. worse betrayal the doctor-patient relationship. then a doctor engaging in sex with the patient. study finds that more than half of the perpetrated are men over 40 one and half of the victims being women under 40.
6:45 pm
offenders brings a conscious ob/gyn and family physicians. we did reach out to state federation of medical boards to comment but they've yet to respond. >> these women are depressed they feel betrayed their relationships with other people including their spouses our altered. the study defined actual misconduct as being verbal and/or physical. these doctors employ exploit should lose their license for life. the study does find punishments are more severe for sexual misconduct cases when the medical boards to act. >> he run the city's police department and now commissioner william evans getting ready to run his 50th marathon. 57-year-old is trying to run the boston marathon in april also ran the race in 2013 across the finish line long before the bombs went off. he just finished his 49th
6:46 pm
>> heavy rain moving through yellow orange live storm tracker radar closer look at that zoom into a couple of spots here critically boston to the north shore sing that yellow and orange minutes heavy rain coming down in these locations peabody lynn especially looks like this in orange here is a breakdown to street level with lime storm tracker and find some of these roadways one a 107 coming to lynn south street summer street getting sound of that heavy rain around woodlawn read showing up on radar minutes coming down coming really hard there through boston quincy braintree westward to walpole norfolk sharon with heavy rain into franklin for 95 sing some of the heavy rain happening zoom down here as well find some of these getting some heavy rain kenwood center long grove street west central street coming across 495 part of town singh heavy rain
6:47 pm
boylston lancaster sudbury local area singh heavy rain right near 495 zooming down the line storm tracker writer yellow and orange right in there that's coming through here charles rumble for 95 cutting through the city of lowell getting some of that heavy rain tough commute much everywhere you look some of the heaviest rain on the south shore by just after 8 o'clock this evening continuing southward to cape cod through later tonight i'm talking 10 o'clock news cast legible start to come to an end overnight but look what happens along the south coast and south shore at the cape cod still be some. to bring that continue to move on through. front causing all the stalling just tore south temperatures will be mild along and have that front tonight the 50s even to the morning staying in the 50s and was to same thing rain but then it comes to an end
6:48 pm
tomorrow for sure but traveling conditions going to be poor the rest tonight they get a little better for the morning except for southeastern massachusetts and good too much of the afternoon tomorrow all across the area. there is a winter storm watch not for tonight for friday morning here's a reason why that front stalling to a self allows a cold air started draining slowly by friday morning it's just cold enough that you get some cold rain changing to wet snow here in southeastern massachusetts with another ripple comes along that front it's going to be a quick shot it's going to move off but expecting one to three inches of snow i put an area where you have the highest chance of seeing a little bit more than three inches here right along the bridges of cape cod to the upper cape drops off quickly to the north and for now i'm keeping i-95 corridor including boston to west along the pike out of this one. seven day forecast with your weekend and view showing the milder for the weekend just above average but staying
6:49 pm
over the last couple of days by monday and tuesday tracking potential for another winter storm models are showing another one that's going to make a run at us closer look at that track and how close it will be later on tonight.
6:50 pm
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level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight to take back our government. recruits. was lost last night may police overtime not fooling run a practice today get the guys in the ice for 90 minutes which turns was also there was a group of 30 players. we got to keep improving were not where we would like to be right up it was a frustrating dealing with for his team to a tough hour and half workout in wilmington on wednesday. today's practice pretty spirited.
6:52 pm
like giving up the two-goal lead to their never good to see it's actually pretty been like that for the first time that we've done that. actually the seventh time the bruins of the two-goal lead to ship it and now they face eight road games in the next 13 leading up to the very 29th trading deadline. we've been pretty good on the road the entire year in the home that challenge for sprint road record good this year but you don't want to obviously rely on winning on the road to with two games to go the bruins are right in the middle the playoff picture in a week eastern conference they are contenders and they have some decisions to make. be a part of this team hopefully we can get on a roll before that you know with the bruins which stearns fox 25 sports. alternate world tom brady would be in california right now
6:53 pm
but instead he was in ann arbor michigan taking part in the most of the top national signing day strap against ever orchestrated. we talked about the season that michigan where team needs when the national championship it got up on the board coach car as a team he said what's should some of our goals be just like previous years we used to write them down carry them in our wallet there was so many goals it was like 15 goals when home do this do that do that. our fullback was a great player from michigan he's from the state of michigan chris floyd said about we just have one just win. i like it to a half hour ceremony streamlined in the place tribute derek jeter's website brady and derek also talk today we blew it we had a good chance to win.>> thank all of you for joining us for the fox 25 news at six don't go anywhere because were taking you back to the granite state where mark ockerbloom what anger have a special first in
6:54 pm
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