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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  February 3, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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living a nightmare. it's killing me all over again. >> tonight the people versus oj backlash. >> it hurts so muc watch it. >> we break down the mini series with two of the trial's key players, marcia clark and kato kaelin. >> i think they make me look like a ston >> find out what they think as the show digs into marcia's person >> do you regret being part of oj trial? >> jennifer garner stopped by cops in new york. we'll explain what happened. >> plus what happens when you get the power actresses together
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>> kerri, ol reese and amy unguard ep. >> "e.t." exclusive. celine dion's new song released on the same day as her late husband's las vegas tribute. >> little women, big drama. >> still under investigation. >> reach out to the star in the middle o bar brawl. a new low for reality tv? it's hard to watch. >> now for february 3, 2016, th"entertainment tonight." after months of hype, the oj mini series hits tv and sets fact checkers into overdrive. >> this we know for sure. episode 1 had rave reviews people were tweeting like crazy during the process. >> can we trust what saw? to find out we talk to the man who play oj, cuba gooding jr, the real kato kaelin and marcia clark. at it took an emotional t >> it's killing me all over again.
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>> he got away with beating her, he is not going to get way with killing her. >> everything got so far out of control. anyway, watching it happen again on television is enormously painful. >> even 20 years later? >> oh, yeah. >> i say everything is on the table. >> i'm sure there ar that are very true in this and some things that aren't. what are some of the things that oh, they hit that right on the head or or those that -- >> i would say there are inaccuracies. and even in a documentary, and this is not a documentary, there would be inaccuracies >> in every scene, sarah smoking. is that true? >> yes. >> since then she quitsmoking. was jeff clark clueless about the famous defendant? >> i have no idea who you are talking about. >> marcia, oj, the juice. >> i never foll sports. so that scene with sarah, that's exactly right. that is what happened. >> but clark h questions about
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>> lacy kelly never talked to anybody about what happened in there and certainly simpson did not either. cuba gooding jr who plays oj was out celebrating with fa new york after the premier. "e.t." asked him about the chase scenes this morning at men's fashion week. >> there was actual audio from oj talking to thenegotiator. and rest is my job as an actor to do what i do. >> a what about this scene with oj arguing with robert kardashian in kim's bedroom? >> come on, oj, please, do not kill yourself in kimmie ae bedroom. >> did producer's really replicate it, down to the joey lawrence and thomas post sners. >> every detail. >> next, kato kaelin's role. sitting down with him p today. >> the portrayal made you look like may of a stoner.
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their choice was to make kato look like ga "wayne's world." would i really say, i think he said s like i'm not an official humor something. >> right. >> and it went crazy on twitter. >> i'm not an official pe >> i would never say that and it is an embellishment of so many things >> kato is giving weekly reviews for the new york daily news and he hosts an on-line anti-sports show called sports hater >> back to marcia clark. and we talked to marcia all of that and what did she say it saura paulson the first time they met? that is coming up. >> right now the, the decision going into overtime. and they struggle to reach a ruling over his sexual assault case. >> putting on a brave face of day two of the preliminary
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smiling and waving t onlookers. on his lapel, cosby wore what appeared to be a service pin that wasn't there yesterday. he did serve in the navy in the' 50s. was the promise by the former d.a. not to prosecute cosby in the andrea assault case years ago ever binding? in court today cosby's lawyer claims that it was. >> if the judge finds that the promis prosecute is binding, the case may be over. >> if the judge rules that the promise isn't binding then the assault case, first of against cosby, could go to trial. >> and that new evidence could be used against him, he could be convicted of this crime. >> keep an eye on cosby's court case. there is a lot of news coming out of new york. jennifer garner was stopped by police. but not what you think. >> an arrest visual for sure. but this w stop and frisk. new york's finest just wanted a photo op. then without solo on 8 avenue
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but she wasn't getting past this guy. maybe an "alias" fan. over in the east village, hugh jackman hitting up a screening of "eddy the eagle." but is he prepared for april 11th, his 20th weddin anniversary? >> i'm not telling you man. which could be my way of saying i haven't quite finalized plans yet. >> meantime, debbie, your husband gives us relationship goals. >> i was a very, happy single man when i met my wife and the moment i met her, this is ten times better than my own life. >> family is also on the mind of kristin calf larry spotted out on the east side and giving us sit down since her brother's shocking death and her scary car acciddnt. >> getting in the car accident and everything else going on in my life the past fewmonths, i have such an appreciation for life. >> her brother, michael, went missing and under december was
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one later, kristin was in car crash. >> did you black out? >> i don't think i blacked out. but i couldn'tmove. my arm was dangling in my lap. i thought i broke it. >> she was joined the boys and girls club, promoting fitness, and how she got fit ten weeks after her daughter, sai birth. >> her husband plays quarterback for the chicago bears so you can bet he will watching super bowl 50 this sun dion cbs. >> kevin i know there is a lot more than foot going on. >> coldplay is busy putting on final touches for their hal performance and right now we will take you behind the scenes of the big commercial that will air right before they take the stage. >> it's a little madonna throw
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single janel monet. >> from the 60s to the 80s and to the present and the prese is the future. >> coldplay's latest rehearsal video for the halftime show is up on and football nuby chris martin took road trip. did you know the rules of american football? >> you have 9teams, right, and 2 balls. >> maybe chris could learn more about the game by watching the rich eisen show which airs on nfl now and will air tomorrow on the nfl tonight. >> and the nfl network asking kevi for a celebrity scoop. >> we are hearing rumblings that vanity fair will have a party. >> and when lady gaga sings the national anthem be the game,
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beside her performing the song american sign language. >> marlee oscar winner. lady gaga nominated for an oscar. lots of stars expected to hit town this week. we will talk olivia munn and ryan reynolds. well tal ryan about his new movie "dead pool." later in the show we will take you behind the scenes for the very different but v cool superhero movery. nancy? >> got ryan in it, totally cool. thank you. ? it is girl ni >> i love we goat celebrate each other and we are doing this. >> which of these ladies wants to be the next james bond? celine mourns her husband. have her emotional new song. inside the reality tv fight of the year. >> she hit me in the head. >> the little women l.a. star in the middle is here. that is coming up.
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birthday today, , talulu willis is 22. blythe danner is 73.esell braeting an "e.t." birthday today, talulu willis is 22. blythe danner is 73.lesell braeting an "e.t." birthday today, talulu willis is 22. blythe danner is 73.bsell braeting an "e.t." birthday today, talulu willis is 22. blythe danner is 73.rsell braeting an "e.t." birthday today, talulu willis is 22. blythe danner is 73.asell braeting an "e.t." birthday today, talulu willis is 22. blythe danner is 73.tsell braeting an "e.t." birthday today, talulu willis is 22. blythe danner is 73.isell braeting an "e.t." birthday today, talulu willis is 22. blythe danner is 73.nsell braeting an "e.t." birthday today, talulu willis is 22. blythe danner is 73.ll braeting an "e.t." birthday today, talulu willis is 22. blythe danner is 73. braeting an "e.t." birthday today, talulu willis is 22. blythe danner is 73. braeting an "e.t." birthday today, talulu willis is 22. blythe danner is 73.braeting an "e.t." david schwimmer is having a great time shooting a tv series
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make it look like her head is detached from her body. >> amy is one of the women in hollywood calling her own shots. for more reese witherspoon, kerry washington, eva longoria and alicia banks. >> how much do we admire these ladies? they got together for a special roundtable discussion about breaking downbarriers. >> real human beings, from the past or current, that would want to portray? >> tomhanks. >> i would like to be james bond. >> yeah. >> so badass. >> we love to see that. the camaraderie was clear and conversation candid. reese relating why she close to produce her film "wild" on her own. >> i knew if i took it to a traditional studio, tle hey would be like, it not very likeable. we don't want to reese do drugs. >> very chatty about every topic we threw at them. >> were you the only girl on the side lines -- >> i never did -- >> all in the new issu entertainment weekly where reese also dishes about a rl she didn't take bec was what
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dumb comedy and eva longoria sharing desper housewives inside info. >> she and her other three co-stars were negotiating for pay raises. one of the husbands asked if they would negotiate on their behalf and eva thought, you know what? no. when on any other television show is the lead man negotiating for the second tier female in the part. >> i love that we celebrate each other and we are doing this. but the need to do this is a problem. so exciting when we don't have to do this. >> indeed. and reese said originally she was afraid of social media. until she realized what powerful tool it can be to have your voice heard. >> she has used her social media for a lot of good. coming up, little women in reality tv bar fight. was it staged for camera? >> feeling the pressure to amp
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>> why marcia cl calls the oj oj trial sexist. her hair and clothes picked apart. >> celi after her husband's death.
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celine dion singing about mortality and h poignant those words are now. following the death of her husband.
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just months after recording this emotional new ballad. to hear voice, the heart of the man >> the song is for a french animated classic. >> i did this for the movie because of my son, rene-charles. i think the first time he watched the movie, i don't know, maybe around six, eight years old, roughly. it was pretty touching. >> both the film and sound track are out february 19th. this song "him" was recorded while renee was at home fighting cancer. >> i still feel those v and i want to pass them along to my children.
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her husband, it'll be at caesar's palace, where celine has her residence. we have the star of little women l.a., erupting into a big big fight. and i mean really this is no joke. definitely not. claiming she suffe brain injury as a result of the scuffl with tara joe and she stopped by "e.t." to give us her side story. get you're lying to my face. >> no, i'm not. >> once a liar, always aliar. >> [ bleep ]. >> how did it start? >> honestly, it started as a verbal discussion and things escalated to an unfortunate situation. >> unfortunate an understatement. watch what happens next. >> i got to tell this is hard to watch. >> definitely difficult because i'm not that person.
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captured lifetime's little l.a. cameras, sent to the hospital, and is now being investigated. >> bcowboy. >> it's been a situation that changed my life. >> talk about that. >> i can only face so much because it is still under investigation. and there was ice tea that i thre her. but there were multiple things thrown at me. >> everybody gets hit by a damn drink. >> you say ice was there alcohol being consumed? there was no alcohol involved in any of this. more just emotions. >> she hit me in the head -- [ bleep ]. >> let's face it, these l.a. women don't have a monopoly on fights. just ask the real housewives of new jersey or beverly hills. on many reality shows there have been many heated confrontations and i wonder if there is any
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amp up the drama. >> the root of it h nothing to do with the reality it other than our friendship. >> do you have input from producers how they want you to behave. >> we were never ever never. a lot of girls are a little bit intense. especially when it comes do like finding is the dominant female. and i really feel like that goes on in any group setting of girls. >> back to the big tv event from last night. the people versus oj simpson american triem store crime story. people may not remember all of the personal attacks that marcia clark bent through. appearance mocked. demeanor critiqued. during ordeal marcia was going through a custody battle so in a way she was put on trial herself. >> i'm a prosecutor, not a model, not an actress. i'm lawyer. suddenly everybody is talking
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>> tell me aboutmarcia. >> i had two little boys in diapers. i didn't want to be bothered. i just wanted wash and wea hair. then i didn't have time to get hair and i thought oh, the media won't notice. >> they did. >> yeah, they did. >> the only woma a court full of men. marcia saying it was used against her. talking ab her hair, suites, skirts, attitude. >> we certainly aren't going to yell at your honor and become his iter cal. >> to make that sexist remark. >> is extremely painful. >> by episode six, american crime story dives into marcia's life. a topless photo sold to tabloids. >> photo satabloids. no one would have said that to a man can be too tough, aggressive woman.
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>> sarah paulson wasn't allowed to contact marcia until she was almost done. the street shut down for a private dinner and two talked for hours. >> first thing i said is sorry about the hair. >> first thing i said was oh, my god, i got the voice wrong. her voice is objectives higher now because she quit smoking. >> do you think there would have been more women behind you to rally for you? >> yes. but on the other sigh within we have the internet now. can you im we today try this case with twitter and facebook and -- god. >> i'm sure your hair would have been made into a lot of means. >> it would have been tre that's for sure. >> an not a good way to trend. >> marcia is also trying cases. and has her sixth crime novel coming out in may. >> she has a lot of experience to draw from. still ahead, why you might want to spend valentine' with ryan reynolds.
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again em gwyneth paltrow opened up about ex, chris martin. and sleepover they have. and her brother. and aeye in the sky co-star alan rickman. >> i think would he be proud. >> and breast reduction surgery at just 17. now she defends showing her scars.
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award season. all on welcome back to the show, everybody. tomorrow, don't miss our interview saved by the star tiffany thesen. when is the cast getting together for a reboot? check out your cooking show, dinner attiffanys. returns tonight on the cooking channel. >> i will leave you with a look behind the scen with r reynolds, "dead >> i love you. >> we can beat this. >> he is a guy can cancerdying, a very short window of time to live. >> all of the cancer stuff that they go through is so sad. but so funny at the same
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>> setting up the rom com, but dead pool is also a drama and of course blockbuster superhero film. yet r rated for its humor. >> oh, come on. leave me all alone here with less angry rosie o'donnell. >> more people offended than this movie then we know he done a good job. >> taxi! >> dead pool like an unlimited pop culture cannon at his disposal. >> finish the tweet. there you car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on
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