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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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storms causing wind gusts. fox 25 anchor and political reporter has full coverage tonight from our new hampshire primary headquarters. you will get to that in a few minutes. first we this get again with our chief meteorologist. he is in the storm tracker weather. we are getting reports of trees and power poles down all over place right now. >> dozens of them it' amazing considering we have seen high wind gusts between 40-45 miles per hour. one just in from rock port. with the amount of trees the power lines are seeing down. we will expect wind gusts well in the the 50s. more's the heavy rain on live storm radar that's still coming down. we are seeing it down headed the toward cape cod. that heavy rain will continue
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to the north and west. so it' part of the area seeing the heavy rain. while the rain is gone, that's where the strongest wind gusts are being felt right now. cape cod pushing on out of here with that dry continues through boston through midnight and then to the south shore by s-bg in the the morning -- by 1:00 in the morning.. there will be a front stalled off to our south. that's an important part of our forecast. it's a cold front after all and will allow some cold air to drain in. so even though we will see some clearing off to the north and west, showers will continue to come across the south shore and cape cod and reach northward the to boston during the morning hours instead of clearing back here, that will be the progression of this. that front is stalled to the front to our south and allowing the showers and push in to aur area. on the north shore especially 30 miles per hour and 39
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these are the areas where the airports are main recording stations from the national weather service. you will find gusts on the south coast at 42 miles per hour. that rock port 48 miles per hour wind gusts. i this continue to watch those and let you know where the highest winds are. with all the rain in in places 3/4 this or more. you will have a soggy ground. it may take less than a wind gust to knock some things down. hopefully you are staying safe out there. i will be tracking the heavy rain across the area and still talk a chance of snow this week. >> it is causing hundreds of power outages in massachusetts. there are several reports of trees down down. some of them hitting wires before falling to the ground. this is the scene right by the cemetery. police say branches hit power lines at the end of horn street. you see officers on scene
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in new hampshire night. another tree now leaning on wires. that's caution more power outages in the area. be sure to stay informed as this rain and wind passes through by downloading this fox 45 weather app. it is free for your apple or an droid device. a high school principal is on leave night. this stems with what may have happened during detention. >> reporter: that's right. we are trying to figure all that out. tonight we spoke to some parents and students and wor shocked by whatever the allegations are. we have a photo of the the principal. here is what we is learned. that principal has been on paid administrative leave it has to
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detention at the school involving -- [ inaudible ] was sent out to parents earlier today saying: >> one parent and student we talked to were stunned. >> he's a good guy. we all like him. >> i can't -- just real. relate. >> i'm shocked because it's news to me. it's been a trouble free zone here. a great even environment. >> reporter: were being told that the prince fall -- principal has been put on paid administrative leave.
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nothing to do with sexual allegations. as as soon we know, we will let you know. >> less than one week to go until the votes are tallyed in new hampshire. presidential candidates turning up the heat more in the granite state and against each other. our political reporter are live at our new hampshire primary headquarters now. a lot of announcements and some name calling today. >> we have been up here breaking it all down for you. we have seen some heat on po t sides of the aisle. >> we saw that they begin with a couple of republican candidates dropping out of the race. we saw donald trump criticizing ted cruz and we saw hillary clinton and bernie sanders start to get into it. so a lot of heat today a lot to talk today. >> they are bringing their the
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we will have more coming up. how about iowa winner ted cruz in the republican side. while fighting off the attacks from donald trump that he stole the iowa caucus. he just stepped down where cruz promised not to sling mud. >> while ted cruz may promised people that he would not insult donald trump the texas senator did spend a lot of time talking about donald trump tonight addressing the controversy over his recent win in the iowa caucus. he called for a redo of the caucus. he said he was having a trumper tantrum. he said he wouldn't answer with jabs of his own. there are business loans from wall street companies and flip
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>> so now, i wake up every day the to read a different insult from donald. and it is -- they are always amuseing. if you will get insulted by someone -- >> i think we lost the last part of that bite. he said he wakes up every morning and laughs at donald trump's jabs instead of being insulted by him. cruz was here to feel questions from primary voters. coming up at 11:00, we are talking about their concerns and they want all these insults an mudslingings to stop soon. >> and at this hour, bernie sanders taking part in the cnn presidential town hall. sanders just speaking, answering
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at the boston marathon in oh 2013 when the bomb occurred. she's running again this year and asked bernie sanders about fighting terror. >> we have got to crush isis. and somebody who voted against the war in iraq, what i believe they this learn a lesson. we have to destroy isis but we have to be smart. >> now live outside that town hall. ted, democrats getting in some jabs all day today. >> mark, a non-stop day and a non-stop night for the democrats with a lot of back and forth. both are inside the house for that town hall forum. they are trying to win the heart and votes here in a nor heated race.
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in the nation primary. no more mr. nice guy or nice lady. it started with bernie sanders response on whether hillary clinton is a true. >> except when she announces she is moderate. then i guess she's not a progressive. >> reporter: it's a person favoring or eupltlymenting social reform or new liberal ideas it' become the "it" word in new hamshire for the democrats. >> i was disappointed the yesterday it is a low blow. >> reporter: it's a war of words and tweets. hillary clinton listed this one and asked who is the real progressive. sanders fired back with several tweets of his own. >> most progressive that i know really do not raise millions from wall street. >> i am the only candidate running on either side in this
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your income not your taxes. >> another theme that we've spaoepb play out over the last couple of days is who is the real under dog. well, according to the poll, it's clinton here in new hampshire and sanders throughout the rest of the country. why are voters picking one over the other? you will hear from them all knew at -- new at 11:00. >> there was scare at the bernie sanders event earlier this afternoon. a sanders supported fainted and slammed against the ground it slammed everyone's attention and including that of the presidential candidate. >> oh my god. >> the man was standing behind sanders as the democratic hopeful spoke about his position to protpoes trade agreement. the man was able to walk away.
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deep breath then continuing. the third place iowa finish marco rubio held an event with voters. he pushed his plan to rebuild the military and discuss this immigration stance and education stance. she picking up steam and is now one point away of second place. republican at new hampshire beating the possible end of the road for his deal. the ohio governor said he wants out of the race but if he gets smoke, he's going to go home to ohio. a lot to recap tonight and still six more days to go. >> we have so much. everything happens every day new happens. we this continue our coverage throughout the fox news and including a closer look at how heat. these coming up in the next ten minutes. >> we send it back to vanessa in our fox 25 studios now. a few minutes.
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trapped on a balcony connected to a burning building. coming up, the incredible rescue firefighters made before it was too late. the shocking international route that had plans to hold rallys in weekend. >> and under arrest, the crime
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police custody is next and all we are battleleing breaking news. >> you are hearing some people were hurt in this. >> reporter: >> we understand their injuries are not life threatening but they did suffer from some sort of injuries perhaps at the very least. smoke inhalation and were taken to a rhode island hospital. as you can see behind me this, is a very act give scene. firefighters looking at this. you may have been able to see a charred car in the garage behind me. firefighters believe that might be where the fire started is in the garage but right now the fire marshal and several crews are out here cleaning up this fire. you can see the claims have been put out and they are also investigating. i did speak with the chief. he tells me that crews have been out here earlier in the night minutes before this fire broke out for a power outage in this area. he's not sure whether there is
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the good news is that although when they arrive, neighbors did tell them that people were trapped. inside. they did find both occupants, a male and a female outside very much alive but definitely suffering from sort of injury. we expect to have much more information coming up. we are live, fox 25 news. >> rain postponing a vigil for a boy who died after suffering trauma from his home. police turned up where he was found scuff suffering from that trauma on sunday. the mother said his father had custody at the time. dcf checked on the child on friday and said he was in good condition. >> >> the fed thes want katherine to testify for the brand jury about the couple and who may have helped them on the run.
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gill toy a federal -- guilty to a federal contempt charge. she will be sentenced on april 28th. >> the look that the mug shot of a local nun charged in a hit and run charge. she turned herself in to police after a warrant was issued for her arrest. the crash happened in a khole's parking lot. she took off while the other driver was trying to get her information. a guy stole a car and he took a white honda accord from the honda cars of boston lot on broadway on monday. if you know who she, you can give an anonymous tip to the police. >> joining live from our new hampshire primary headquarters here in manchester tonight. we saw a razor thin finish for hillary clinton if iowa and things aren't looking up for her
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>> not all. the polls are showing bernie sanders is beating hillary clinton by almost 20 points in new hampshire. there are questions about whether or not she's having expect taeugs in in point. >> reporter: for the first time in this race the heat is turning up on the democratic side. >> she said she's progressive. you can be moderate but you can't be both. >> reporter: now there are questions about whether or not hillary clinton is lowering expectations in her performance. >> you are if your own own tphapbts backyard. neighbors. >> they wonder if she registered a lower than expected showing. >> if sh eul camping down expectations because she's so far. hind here in this state. >> yes, of course she is. there's a real chance that hillary clinton will not win this time here. >> a couple strategies and managing partner tells us
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with geography and more to do with her opponent's ability. >> bernie sanders has not run a campaign but he's created a political movement ap the last time we saw this is when president obama became >> th eul -- hillary clinton held back. bernie sanders held a news conference before the town that event this evening. new hampshire is not looking so great but if she gets to south carolina she is heavily favored to win there. this a national race. we will see if bernie sanders can keep up some of the momentum he has right now. we will check back later on. we want to remind you now that fox is the place to turn all week. coming up next tuesday we will have more live reports and we will continue to anchor from our
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bring you specials at 7:00 featuring -- along with the special guest as well. she will have in depth reports. we will bring you live results and live reports and the speeches as they happen. we will also stream it live online and on the news app. let's send it back to vanessa in our studio. >> see you again. his dying wish is to become famous. we into ducesed you to the vocal little boy. his wish has been heard all over world and new tonight, the brand new honor drivers on the the road will soon be sporting in rhode island. the crisis declared over the zika vie srus. the state where cases keep growing and the decision just made by boston public schools. all this as we continue to follow several reports of damage to the strong wind gusts along the area.
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we will get you a report right now as well where a tree has fallen on to a home. stay with us. you're watching the fox 25 news at 10:00. the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now for people p i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused
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police are try trying to figure out why a 13-year-old boy -rgs hit and killed on the tracks was on the tracks in the first place. tonight -rs we learned the victim's school called far day of mourning. in the statement the school says: >> the teen convicted in car crash that left two people with permanent disaboutdisabout -- disabilities prison. the driver of that truck is paralyzed and unable to talk to his three children. wheelchair-bound.
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life since the crash. >> [ inaudible ] >> he feels remorse every day. the judge suspended one year of his sentence and ordered him to 2,000 hours of community service. >> a second arrest tonight in the human remains. she was arrested tuesday in connection with the case in connecticut. police say he was wanted in the question of the the death of 8 body. they found human skulls and blood in the home where delgado was arrested. the zika vie truce forcing a state of emergency tonight. after at least nine case of the the no mosquito-bourn illness
10:23 pm
the people contacted the disease while they were traveling outside of the country. >> the boston public schools are canceling trips to some of the areas effected by the zika virus. it is known to cause birth defects and can be dangerous for pregnant woman. a boston man is now recovering. woman not invited. men hold a gather to a popular spot to promote rape as a legal act. plans to stop in new england this weekend. the winds stealing the headlines now but on live storm tracker radar there's still some heavy downpours and a chance for
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an international gathering of masculine men about a man who makes rape legal as long as it is happening in private. police are aware of those planned meetings and both boston and police say the groups are
10:27 pm
now the blogger behind this meet up is calling it off. tweeting the events have been canceled because he cannot promise privacy or security for the meetings. he said he cannot stop people from the gathering. >> the city coup still resolution to call the holiday peoples day eup stead. this is the third time now the council put off a vote on issue. some r-p considering how they can change the name and still honor italian americans. >> the boston red sox are forcing a bar to shut down. it's garnered a reputation for violence an before two recent shootings. last thanksgiving, the conductor was gunned down outside a store. just the month before that, two woman were hurt by gunfire as the bar was getting ready to close. they are cleared of any wrong doing. the owners have not released when the bar will close or what will be going up in this the
10:28 pm
>> back now to the damage reports that are flooding in our news room tonight. a tree has fallen on a house there. john surveys the scene in the area. >> reporter: a tree came crashing through a roof here. it's a pine tree that went through the area in the home where the bedrooms are. firefighters tell us four children were asleep inside when the tree came crashing in those bedrooms. the family is now out safely and they taken someplace where they can get rest. you can see the damage here than caused the massive tree that came crashing down. the winds are up in the north shore in the north of boston. we also caught side of another tree blocking the entire street. than is closed down. these winds are tonight and we will keep on this story and give you the latest as we get details
10:29 pm
for now, i'm john manahan, fox 25 news at 10:00. >> >> everybody out there is that when you get the heavy downpours you will take the winds and blow them down to the surface. that has not been the case this time. rain coming through on that live storm tracker and the winds follow behind it. there have been wind gusts with some of the heavy downpours as well. the ones that are causing damage seem to be behind the heavy rain. if you are out in the cape cod where it's really coming down here to -- and also southward. out in cape cod or in the south coast of cape cod and seeing that heavy rain hugging the coastline here and continue to chatum. off to the south and spots of yellow showing up here. also over to east bridge water and in the coast here in the area. we are seeing some yellow
10:30 pm
roads for sure and some of that yellow where some of the heaviest rain is. you can always track with that fox 25 weather app. these are damage reports showing up from the national weather service. there are also reports showing u up from spoters i have as well. thunderstorms wind damage from the tree branch on wires causing a power outage. wires down in section that was just before 9:00 this evening. here to the north shore we can talk about this one already nap is the tree on the house on kim ball road. the fires are what looks like horn street. also this report and multiple reports of wires down and power outages in the city. back here to worchester county report here for wires down op east county road. so plenty to talk about out there and the wind gusts have not been so impressive to think it's this much damage. wind gusts have been on the
10:31 pm
i would expect gusts higher than that. these are the airport reporting stations. lawrence at 38 miles per hour. not overly tim pressive. you impressive. near westburg, trees down and things were and coming in on twitter. always send us reports on twitter. i really appreciate your help tonight. it's also known as holden, massachusetts. those wind gusts in car lyle and while they say it wasn't too 59-degrees. it's so warm outside and temperatures will be in the 50s all night long in the city of boston. go out to worchester, it will be cooler but not by much dropping in the upper 40s. notice the warmest temperatures progresses.
10:32 pm
showers and the heaviest by midnight. most drying out thereafter. notice how the showers continue to linger near cape cod and go northward again nap will happen again on friday nap is important note. by friday the cold air will start to come in now will be to south. so if the other system works along that same stalled front. precipitation runs northward and notice changing over and e eventually snow. we are now forecasting this. these are the numbers on that computer model showing up to six inches in this area. i have up my forecast for a pit. still one to three inches generally and there will be an area of four inches or more along the canal and gusting to an inch pheup put that as far north as boston on the south shore. your 7-day forecast with your weekend always in view. so much going on out there. some snow friday morning. another shot far storm early next week. latest information coming in right now on the wind and that
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>> kevin, we will see you in a bit. some new warnings for moms to be. some information about drinking alcohol in the earliest stages >> >> a gas station robbery suspect on the cape. the surveillance photos that people are taking a good look at the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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america runs on dunkin'. a car crashing in to a handicap in front of a local home. one person was taken to the hospital with minor injures. police want you to take a closer look at this gas station robbery suspect. the man robbed the station. people are hoping you recognize the clothes he's wearing or his
10:36 pm
are investigating the sunday deaths. the woman's son found them if their home after noon and called 9 11. they were both found in their bedrooms on different floors of the home. >> the tsa says within the month a lot of new pilot programs to provide immediate notification
10:37 pm
is arrested or charged with a crime. president obama making his first visit seups taking office to an american mosque. president met with muslim community leaders at the islamic society of baltimore. the meeting focused on religious tolerance. it comes at a very tense time for muslim americans at the wake of terror attacks. both here in the u.s. and abroad. >> recently, we've heard inexcusable political rhetoric against muslim americans that have no place in our country. >> the president speaking about donald trump calling far ban of muslims. he said extremist groups like al qaeda and isis are twisting passages to justify their terror. so,. >> well the term has become a movement -- how their home state of rhode island is honoring him so,. >> a 3-year-old pulled from a
10:38 pm
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i am hoping that bernie really goes far. there's a tight race between him and hillary. >> are you looking at any candidate at all? we should be alright. >> and undecided. >> in case it would be medicare issues.
10:42 pm
>> the thing the about new hampshire people like to kick the tires on the candidates and see people going to one after another. . >> there's people that will wait for the very last minute. so in they actually go an see a town meeting and see a personal appearance at a restaurant or a tpho e r. >> they need to find these candidates and ask them these questions. you will the watch it all unfold. >> . we will see the little boy rescued just in time from the roof of a burning apartment billing in chelsea. more than one hundred people live in that complex.
10:43 pm
who were forced to get out quickly. >> they this all get out -- >> i was with my kids when the alarm went on. >> this father grabbed his 4 and 5-year-old and b-lined it to the door. the first firefighters on scene were told by neighbors they called see a boy appeared to be trapped on the top floor. >> we had crews up to him an were able to remove that child. >> the fire started this morning so many had already left for work. so, definitely something that was really scary. trying to picture it in your head. you never know what you will come home to.
10:44 pm
>> when they were coming up, they said go now and wouldn't let me take her. i didn't think it was going to be that bad so they went and got her for me. a warning about a highly contagious disease showing up at two elementary schools. there's a case of whopping cough. so they are asking parents to watch their children close hi. they start off with a common cold and the cough will get worse slowly. the district is encouraging parents the to contact their school nurse with any questions. >> the dcd was warning woman -- the cdc is warning people about drinking in the early stages of pregnancy. >> two local singer, one step
10:45 pm
top 24. >> she sounds amazing. she brought her mom tears with her hollywood solo. hoping that her per or -- performance will improve. >> >> she battled through a sickness and a scratchy voice to deliver a performance that really impressed. she said hollywood was crazier than expected especially because she was fighting that cold. >> you learn how strong you are in a situation like this. what's why it's crucial to see who's ready for america to watch them. >> she is definitely proving she is one to watch. you can find out if they will
10:46 pm
tomorrow night on fox 25. the t they will be right in their neighborhood so good to create some space tonight. they are on all cylinders, alone down the baseline. they this poke it free and then get the pass up front and easy two for him off the board it was 20-point lead at the break. evan turner somehow get this is one to fall. they it gets somewhat interesting. this is real any dagger. than is 7 out of 8. how about the effort from stepha curry. he was crazy ridiculous. finished one short of the all-time record. the record is the by kob e
10:47 pm
he did shoot a lot of threes down the stretch. steph curry with 51 to night. they go pack to last year. later in the the first he admits there. it's nine and 6 1-47 is the final score night in virginia. another hockey headline. extended 20 games for this. that cross check with d tpho
10:48 pm
>> you are in california now. >> it's over the top. . he talked ability the season of michigan when he and his teammates won the national championship. just win. they did. undefeated in that year. we will have more sports ahead on the fox 25 news at 11:00. we are down wires are caution power outages right now. the brand new way the state of
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some nail salons could be putting your health at risk. it started bay little blister. by that evening it started to spread. i can barely walk. >> that blister turned out to be mrsa. she blames it all on what happened when she got a pedicure. what could lead to health risks at the salon and what you should look out for the next time you go in for some pampering. that's next. >> the showers pushed south of boston but there's still some problems out there it's because of the wind. this is a shot of a pull down on some wires up this way.
10:52 pm
miles per hour on the north shore in southern new hampshire. there notice the yellow out here. it's just getting off most of the cape still some hanging around out here in nan the tucket as well. the back is right here fromly mouth. it's drying out for the rest of this evening. there will be showers in most of massachusetts. that's to north and west of boston. the sun will be poking out.. an avenue ram of 50- de -- an average temperature of 50-degrees in the morning it's showing more showers coming in tomorrow night in to friday morning along that same storm front that's coming through tonight. look at this the rain changes over to snow gradually and by friday morning it will be snowing around here and we are
10:53 pm
accumulation it's not a huge storm but it's likely that gets a little bit more of four inches of snow from this. it's far north as boston. the latest computer data coming in right now. look at the snow accumulation forecast from the different computer models and it's with that forecast. >> we will see you then. now drivers can prove they are strong all in honor of a boy battling terminal cancer. we are been telling you about him becoming famous before he becomes an angel. now he has his own vanity license plate it eup colludes a nod to be strong day. the validation sticker coincides with dorian murray day in january. >> it means a lot to have a son to show how u much support the t the state is giving us. >> the dmv employees made a
10:54 pm
>> >> we begin tonight with that fox 25 weather alert. rain still an issueer across the area at this hour. there have been trees down caution damages as well as power outages in some spots, too. hi, everyone. mark is live many our new hampshire primary headquarters. she will join us in complete coverage from across the moment. kevin, is th is still al big issue out there. the winds and the rain. there's a question about how high the winds will be the rest of the night. they not any worse than they are right now. they will start to come down as this front continues to push off in the southeast an offshore. still some heavy rain coming here. some heavy rain in chattum and also the yellow showing u up here northwest moving towards -- and over buzzers bay and seen
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