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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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that wake up forecast, 15-degrees in the morning. this will be the mild. as it stalls, it will allow rain it will be to oh the north the an west and showers to the southeast. we will be talk more about this the more rain coming tomorrow night and some cold air matching up and changing it over snow. that's the latest information coming in now. i will give you my updated snow forecast for friday morning as well as tracking those winds. >> those high winds you mentioned taking a tree down. it landed a home and narrowly
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another tree now leaning on wires. that's caution more power outages in the area. be sure to stay informed as this rain and wind passes through by downloading this fox 45 weather app. it is free for your apple or an droid device. a high school principal is on leave night. >> these winds are intention tonight as we get details from the fire chief here on scene. fox news. >> not the sound you want to hear. the sound of power lines buzzing an popping. huge flashes of e electricity there. we have this video just in the the last 30 minutes on where that power line hit the sidewalk. they quickly disconnected the power. be sure to download our weather app. we can get up to the minute details in the forecast where
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sit free for your smart phone. >> a high school principal is on leave night. this stems with what may have happened during detention. >> reporter: that's right. we are trying to figure all that out. tonight we spoke to some parents and students and shocked by whatever the allegations are. we have a photo of the the principal. here is what we is learned. that principal has been on paid administrative leave it has to do with a recent sunday detention at the school involving -- [ inaudible ] was sent out to parents earlier today saying: >> one parent and student we talked to were stunned. >> he's a good guy. we all like him.
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relate. >> i'm shocked because it's news to me. it's been a trouble free zone here. >> i'm shocked because it's news to me. here. a great even environment. principal has been put on paid administrative leave. the vice principal said this has nothing to do with sexual allegations. as as soon we know, we will let you know. presidential candidates turning up the heat more in the granite state and against each other.
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at our new hampshire primary headquarters now. a lot of announcements and some name calling today. >> we have been up here breaking it all down for you. >> we saw that they begin with a couple of republican candidates dropping out of the race. we saw donald trump criticizing ted cruz and we saw hillary clinton and bernie sanders start to get into it. so a lot of heat today a lot to talk today. he just stepped down where cruz
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>> while ted cruz may promised people that he would not insult donald trump the texas senator did spend a lot of time talking about donald trump tonight addressing the controversy over his recent win in the iowa caucus. he called for a redo of the caucus. he said he was having a trumper tantrum. he said he wouldn't answer with jabs of his own. there are business loans from wall street companies and flip flopping on universal health care. >> so now, i wake up every day the to read a different insult from donald. and it is -- they are always amusing. if you will get insulted by someone -- >> i think we lost the last part of that bite. he said he wakes up every morning and laughs at donald trump's jabs instead of being insulted by him.
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from primary voters. coming up at 11:00, we are talking about their concerns and they want all these insults an >> krao usz talked about his plans far flat -- cruz talked about a flat -- when he came to money he couldn't help at get a jab in. >> while i was running for senate, my opponent was incredibly rich. good thing i never have to run against a rich guy again. >> so perhaps the gloves have come off. it certain hi got a great reaction from the crowd who cheered or laughed every time name. it will be interesting to see if trump responds when he returns
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we are live, fox 25 news at 10:00. a up to hall just wrapping up with the democrats after a day of con tense between hillary clinton an bernie sanders. clinton responded to criticism about how progressive she is from sanders while sanders was talking trump. me. i know where i stand. i know who stands with me. i know what i've done. >> i would love the opportunity. i want trump to win the republican nomination. and i would love the opportunity to run against him. i think we would win by a lot. >> live outside that up to hall. >> reporter: the town hall forum just wrapped up it took place in that grand old building behind me. the opera house. this is the last of many stuff. both the democratic candidates
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started to get a little contentious. in the the sprint before the first in the the nation primary, no more mr. nice guy or nice lady. it started with bernie sanders response on whether hillary clinton is a true progressive. >> except when she announces she is moderate. then i guess she's not a progressive. >> reporter: it's a person favoring or eupltlymenting social reform or new liberal ideas it' become the "it" word in new hamshire for the democrats. >> i was disappointed the yesterday it is a low blow. >> reporter: it's a war of words and tweets. hillary clinton listed this one and asked who is the real progressive. sanders fired back with several tweets of his own. >> most progressive that i know really do not raise millions
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>> i am the only candidate running on either side in this race who has said i will raise your income not your taxes. >> another theme that we've spaoepb play out over the last couple of days is who is the real under dog. well, according to the poll, it's clinton here in new hampshire and sanders throughout the rest of the country. why are voters picking one over you will hear from them all new at 11:00.
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we this give you live results. >> for now we will send it back to vanessa. >> great work. thanks so much. >> a 3-year-old rescued of a burning building. a viewer caught some of the first firefighters arriving on scene as they were first coming out of the the apartment building. neighbors could see a young boy who appeared trapped from the top floor. the pouring train postponing a vigil for the 3-year-old boy who died after suffering trauma at his home. police turned up where he was found scuff suffering from that trauma on sunday. the mother said his father had custody at the time.
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condition. >> the fed thes want katherine to testify for the brand jury about the couple and who may have helped them on the run. she is ree fuseing and pleading gill toy a federal -- guilty to a federal contempt charge. she will be sentenced on april 28th. >> stphaou we have learned there is a man and woman who lived in this house for decades. they are concerned about them. as for their eup -- injuries. we learned the woman had burns to her face.
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have learned that their injuries were not life threatening and transported to a rhode island hospital. you can see the garage where most tphaof fire damage -- fire damage is. i spoke with the fire chief who told me is is in that garage happened before 8:00 and that was minutes after power ifer this neighborhood had been turned back on following a power outage. whether the two were connected he's not sure but a neighbor did tell me that one of the homeowners had gone to turn on the switch to his electric garage door opener and that's when an explosive happened. the man came running over to that neighbor's house for help. >> slamming on my door. he's in the house. he's very elderly. pretty frightening.
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>> the fire marshal came out here as well as several expert crew us. not only to help clean up but you can see the flames are out now but also to investigate an find out what did cause this and what their connection with that power outage. the fire chief also tells me that fire crews this remain here through out the night and investigate no hot spots do spark out. sorry to say it it's not for everyone.
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i this show you where >> . cosby admitted to giving drugs
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with. cosby settled the lawsuit. amount not made public. the case was closed. cosby's testimony sealed. a judge opened those civil court records and in december a different prosecutor citing new evidence charged cosby with criminal sexualle assault. cosby's attorneys cried foul claiming the promise made by the former district attorney protected the entertainer from prosecution. the star's attorney argued kospi only testified in the civil case tpaus state agreeed to drop the criminal case.
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>> this the lift outlineed some of the strongest wind gusts we've had so far. look at rock port. >> wesley, fair haven are all south of boston but gusts in the 40s. years overnight tonight. we still have these gusts out there this evening. steut warm outside.
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there is your heavy rain that still exists. that's down to nantucket and over into sow they were plymouth county and going in to the bridges. by noontime a break in the action that continues in to the afternoon. thousand we this fast forward in to the thursday night, friday morning time frame.
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that is a mix of snow and rain nap will determine how much snow you will get. were waiting to see where that front settles. the less this goes to the norse. right now my forecast to keep it one to three inch snow falling here. nor will be more mixing and will be a sweet spot where the heaviest is coming down. we will be watching this all day tomorrow. there is your winter storm watch out to cape cod and martha's win srard. the 7-day forecast keeps your weekend in view. temperatures seem to be near normal but the potential for another storm next week. >> an incredible effort with steph curry tonight. the celtics were across the
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have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. >> that is not as easy as it looks there. you to go off the board and second half.
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celtics who have 18 and they did come back and ice interesting. steph curvy a major reason why. true wins after last night's loss to the league. pretty grinding practice today. they will catch up with the guy. >> it was frustrating and his team far tough hour and a half
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>> we needed it. they are -- it's practice and experienced. >> yeah, --. it's been the home in the challenge for us. >> it's really good this year put you don't want to obviously move or rely on the road. >> it will be on the roll before
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>> dennis suspended to came games. that happened january 27th. he had to economic against the board and the call and the lead rules today. that cross check was intention and he will sit out wenty games. u you cannot touch an official. he is trying to get back to the bench and see henderson until the final minute. that's a typical story. that's a big chunk of the season. that's a quarter of a season. >> that's a big chunk of money. >> the winds are plowing hard. you have a chunk and that is including trees down in cambridge and in dorchester. it's 53-degrees on average in the morning. winter storm watch in place with cape cod in the island expecting more in snow in an area. make sure you check with the latest.
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