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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 4, 2016 4:00am-4:29am EST

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. now at 4:00, a new feud between donald trump and ted cruz all over another candidate in the race. how it is impacting the race headed into primary. plan in particular calls for help as a house goes up in flames. >> my kids are in there. >> daniel: the rescue and how a power outage may have sparked that fire. plus, violent weather making a mess across the area. how close this big tree came to falling on four kids sleeping in their beds as the cleanup begins this morning. >>announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning and happy thursday, february 4, i am daniel miller. >> julie: good good morning, everyone, i am julie grauert.
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we have rain, fog, they will cause some issues as you leave the house. meteorologist shiri spear in the stormtracker weather center with a timeline when the rain will stick around. shiri. >> reporter: showers out there. redeveloping around providence, rhode island and push into southeastern massachusetts. the vineyard, hyannis, chatham. we have fog in place this morning and a couple of sprinkles from nantucket. coverage is going to grow over the neck couple of hours. maybe a little mist or drizzle from boston back through worcester and we will have to watch the fog reaching those locations, but it is the morning hours that we see that rain focused. once we bit noontime, it is restricted to the cape and islands. boston at 53 degrees. worcester at 49. we tend to brighten up for a period this afternoon, but we are not done with the rain yet. it actually comes back during the evening hours, changing over to snow by this time tomorrow. 48 to 56 degrees today.
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especially south of boston. and brighter conditions the further inland you go. tomorrow we are talking about up to 6 inches of snow. we will break down the foggy hang-ups. back to julie with a check of live drive times traffic. >> julie: shiri, you and i will be working closely to monitor where that rain and fog is impacting the commute. right now things nice and quiet. route 1, 93 south moving along fine. pike wide open from framingham into the alston-brighton. 8 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 20 minutes on 93 south from 49 to the leverett connector. it is 4:02 right now. an elderly couple is recovering this morning after escaping a fire inside their home. neighbors were frantic as they saw the house go up in flames. >> my kid is in there -- >> no, he just came down. >> daniel: incredible video. the couple was able to make it
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but the regulars is ongoing. our crew on scene when this was just breaking in for folk. an explosion occurred when the man turned on his garage door opener. the fire spread to the rest of the house. the neighbors ran to help. >> slamming on my door like, mike, mike, she is in the house. she is very elderly. walks with a cane. can't move very quickly. pretty frightening. >> daniel: the couple are in their 70s. both had singed hair. and we are told the wife's face san mateo have been burned. fire chief says heavy wind and rain knocked out power in that area and the power just came back on when the homeowner turned on his garage door opener that is being looked at as a possible cause this morning. new this morning, flames shoot through the roof of this home in lawrence overnight. fire officials tell us it started on sergeant street during our news at 10:00. heavy winds knocked a power line on to a tree, and investigators that i started it. the tree fell on to a car in the
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everyone is okay -- the house is damaged, but everyone is okay. downed power lines wreaking havoc on the north shore. those fires those wires were buzzing and popping as they hit the sidewalk and started a fire in swampscott swampscott. police posted this picture of banks road on their facebook page. they were able to disconnect the damage. that one was hurt. that same storm sent a tree crashing down into a children's bedroom. this morning, there is a lot of clean-up to do. take a look at this tree that smashed through the roof on kimbell road in amesbury. branches fell in four different bedrooms. four people were asleep at the time and the tree narrowly missing everyone. everyone is shaken up. >> my middle son, he didn't go into his bed. he sat on his chair to watch tv. if he was in his bed the tree would have been on top of him. >> when i came out the kids were in the dining room crying and
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julie the damage was so severe the family found somewhere else to sleep. winds knocked down trees down the road. >> daniel: this tree missed a car parked in front of.tampa limbs fell across maverick and artie street. you crews there were to remove the tree. >> julie: power outages at the of the high the storm but now back to normal. it caused 9,000 outages. national grid reporting 1200 in the dark. eversource reporting 30. in new hampshire, 1,000 are still without power. we will update these numbers throughout the morning. as shiri said, we are tracking more rain and fog today tracking more rain and fog today. she will bring us more updated information as she gets it and will always have the custom forecast on the fox25 weather cast free for your android and weather device. 4:05 right now. the presidential candidates are going toe to toe. the democrats have another debate at unh. as for the republicans, donald trump returns to the granite state with his first event this
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ted cruz is making three stops today in portsmouth, weare and laconia. marco rubio will start the day in ports mouth before making three other stops throughout the day. john kasich starts his day in pelham and chris christie at the elks lodge in keene. sparing over allegations of dirty trick during the iowa caucuses. donald trump and ben carson have accused supporters of cruz of fraud. they said that cruz's people told everyone that carson was dropping out of the race. the texas senator said he and his staffers were wrong to imply that carson was leaving the race for the fact that he was leaving for one day. >> i apologize him. it is a mistake for our team.
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responsible for blatant lying should be dismissed. >> julie: cruz responded to trump's allegations of voter fraud in iowa. he called the comments an example of a trumper tantrum, like a temper tantrum. trump said that cruz should be the caucus. democrats hillary clinton unh. the pair took questions from voters on questions from the economy to climate change and the fight over isis. they spared over which candidate more progressive and highlighted their goals for the presidential campaign. >> what this campaign is about is not just electing a president president, it is of creating a political revolution. >> the goal has to be to prevent the republicans to get into the white house and undo all the obama. >> reporter: clinton and sanders have agreed to add three more
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the sanders campaign initially refused to participate unless an agreement on future debates. despite winning the caucus, clinton you appears behind bernie sanders. she seems to be lowering expectations in the granite state. she made comments of running in her opponent's back yard. sander s is a neighbor from vermont. experts believe she was trying prepare for supporters for potential defeat in next week's primary but credit sanders for the job he has done in new hampshire. >> has not run a campaign, but he created a political movement. the last time we saw that is when barack obama became president dan in 199 8 barack obama won the caucuses and finished a close second to clinton. rick santorum is dropping out of the republican race and
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rubio. santorum won the iowa caucuses in 2012 but received almost no support this year. as we told you as it was breaking, kentucky senator ran d paul you dropped out. .fox25 anchor gene lavanchy will can at our primary headquarters in manchester all morning long and we will bring you primary specials every night at 7:00 featuring our political reporter sharman sacchetti. she will have in-depth reports on the candidates and expert analysis. on primary night we will be with you through our news at 8 p.m. through 11:3. live results and from candidates' headquarters and the speeches as they happen. we will stream it live on and the fox25 news app. it is now 4:9. south boston mob boss whitey bulger's girlfriend could be spending more time behind bars help in want catherine greig to testify to a grand jury of the
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who may help them while they were on the run. she has refused and pled guilty to federal contempt that could mean life sentence. she will be sentenced april 8. a person behind the wheel of a car that left two people with injuries is going to jail. nicholas papadopolis was speeding when his car slammed into a pickup truck two years ago. the driver of that truck kevin lucy is paralyzed and unable to talk to his three children and a passenger in the car is now wheelchair-bound. a judge sentenced him to one year behind bars followed by five years of probation and 2,000 hours of community service 2,000 hours of community service. this morning, police still haven't charged anyone in the death of a roxbury boy. 3-year-old kenai whyte was found seriously injured on monday and died in the hospital on tuesday. our cruise were on the scene when police went back to the house on alpine street to
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dcf was investigating the family. a vigil was supposed to be held last night but heavy rains postponed that event. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. live drive times. an easy 12 minutes on the pike eastbound from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. shiri. >> shiri: i just wanted to zoom into the area where we are seeing that thick fog, specifically the cape and island, quarter-mile visibility in falmouth, dense fog. the vineyard, chatham, location where is we will not just get the rain but the fog as well. boston visibility okay now, but watch out the next couple of hours it will thicken up for you as well. coming up, we will zoom into the heaviest snow expected for your friday morning commute. a tip from an unexpected source leads police to two escaped inmates. still coming your way, how this homeless man was able to help police make an arrest. a mystery surrounds a loaning high school principal this morning. how a weekend event has him off
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is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. back at 4:14. meteorologist shiri spear here and more of these light showers coming into southern new england coming into southern new england. right now watching those showers from providence, rhode island up to plainville, attleboro, moving to mansfield this morning. we are going to increase as the morning wears on. a 3-year-old is safe this morning. they were pulled out of a burning building. a fox25 viewer caught fire fighters arriving on the scene
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street in chelsea as smoke and flames poured out of that building. neighbors could see the toddler tropical disturbance trapped on the top floor and fire fighters rushed to rescue them. a picture of the boy coming out of the building. two fire fighters were hurt trying to put out the flames, but they are going object okay. parents in arlington are waiting to learn why a long-time high school principal is off the job. fox25 has learned that arlington catholic president steven bagione has been placed on paided a measuretive leave. the source said something that happened during a recent sunday detention at the school. an e-mail to parents from the school says there no reason to believe that the case involved allegations of sexual abuse but does not go any further. parents and students are surprised. >> good guy. he always helps us not get in trouble. he is always there for us if we need him. >> a trouble-free zone here. a great environment >> the principal has worked at arlington catholic for almost two decades.
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is happening right now in rhode island. their home. one of the women's sons found them in the home on skunk hill road in exeter yesterday. investigators tell us 8 investigators tell us 85-year-old wilma reynolds and 6 85-year-old wilma reynolds and 64-year-old carol lytek were both found in their bedroom. the their rooms were in different floors of the home. no carbon monoxide in the home and officers found a dog perfectly fine. the death is not considered suspicious this morning. 4:16. millions of drivers are being told that the new car mace involve a faulty air bag. 12 automakers have been warned that air bags in cars built over the last eight years could explode sending pieces of metal at drivers. so far more than 20 million cars built before 2008 have been recalled. the recall is expected to be expanded to include newer models expanded to include newer models. the faulty air bags are linked to nine death notice united states. toyota is saying goodbye to be to an entire line of cars.
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the automaker started scion in 2003 and targeted it to younger drivers. the cars had an unique look to them and minute len yells are less interested in standing out and would rather buy cars from long-time brands. it is 4:16. if you were getting ready to head out the door. this is what you need to know. things nice and light. you will see some wet roads out there, but you are moving along fine. not that cold. so we aren't expecting to see any freezing patches. expressway moving along speed limit ride. pike wide open from framingham through newton and through brighton. two or three cars in the live shot. 25 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 13 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. meteorologist shiri spear joining us. shiri, you are keeping an eye on some fog that maybe working its way close near boston. >> shiri: we have fog. we have rain. all that we are tracking this morning. notice your highest chance of rain is going to remain over the cape, the islands and south
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area. a 50% chance you will have a passing shower and the chance is not zero off to the north and west and will likely stay dryer in most spots. the first to brighten up. the cape again, a foggy set-up with more of the showers along. something look something more like hyannis at 5 something more like hyannis at 53 degrees. the best chance of showers. windy as well. 18-mile-per-hour winds. gusts will be way less than we were yesterday, so not expecting any kind of damaging wind along with these morning showers. most of them pretty light. 6 a.m., we have showers in the forecast. and that threat really goes until noontime or 1:00 in the afternoon. all the while temperatures wavering in the 50s. boston at 54 degrees right now under mostly cloudy skies. and temperatures here as well, low to mid-50s all day long, and we only have a slight risk of a shower and further north and
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brighten up this morning. i will warn that you boston was at 56 degrees at midnight and chances are temperatures steady and by late afternoon start to drop. afternoon temperatures, 54 in lawrence, beverly and boston. plymouth at 55 with clouds around. 51 in hyannis. sunshine in worcester at 49. keene at 48. and nashua at 53 degrees today. here is that lingering front that is spawning these showers this morning, and by 10 a.m., i peaking. that means we will have a couple of those sprinkles up to the boston and norwood area. perhaps a little bit of a sprinkle out toward worcester as well. after that, they really do recede and they draw away. by 1 p.m., we are seeing the last of those raindrops over the outer capes. we have a breather during the afternoon but the moisture swings back toward us during the evening hours after 7 p.m. and after midnight, cold enough air to switch it over to snow. 7:00 tomorrow morning if you are an early riser, we have a situation where we have snow in the boston area down across the
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got a transitioning happening that is even going to roll across the cape. so snow accumulation will occur during the morning commute. tomorrow, we have snow in the forecast until about 1:00 in the afternoon. and then we clear out from west to east here. as for snow accumulation expectations, highest from the south shore down to the cape. you are going to see lesser amounts as we get into the boston area. so some of those jackpot locations include barnstable, sandwich, plymouth, mattapoisett to bridgewater. 3 to 6 inches. one to three to brockton to canton in boston and falling in to lynn and gloucester. to the north and west of that, we are looking at a patchy coating to an inch of snow. the seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view. by friday afternoon drying out. sunshine on saturday at 40 degrees. 44 with morning flurries on sunday. and monday into tuesday, we are bringing back that chance for snow. back to you, guys. victims say it is an unspeakable theft at a local cemetery.
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priest now under arrest for his connection to the bizarre crime. and someone is not in the right place.
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aisles this morning new details of how police tracked down two dangerous prison escapees. the men broke out of a california prison two weeks ago. they were on the run until a homeless man spotted the van they stole on saturday night. the criminals were apparently sleeping outside whole foods in san francisco. a homeless man flagged down a police officer. >> he sees me across the street -- directly across and i am going -- right behind. i am like this. body language. boom. that's the guy. >> police say one of the suspects actually ran right to the police station. they found the other guy still sleeping in the van. billably stand trial accused of sexual -- bill cosby will stand trial, accused of sexual assault. cosby claimed he had an old deal in place with a former
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deposition he would not face criminal charges; however, a judge did not buy it. no trial date set yet for the case. a car ends up on the roof of a two-story home in california. police say the driver had a medical condition. his foot hit the gas and his lexus hit a parked car before going airborne. fire crews said the man was hot you were in the in the crash and treated for the original medical issue. refugee groups in greece, escaped isis sex slave and donald trump all have something in common this morning. they are all nominated for a nobel peace prize. somebody who wants to remain anonymous nominated him for the title. one of hundreds of people nominated and he is likely not to make the short list. we are keeping track of the local singers trying to make it on "american idol." two of them are one step closer to the top 24.
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brought her mom to tears with the hollywood solo. the judges loving her voice but hoping her performance improves. that is worcester's jessica cabral, battled through sickness and a scratchy voice to deliver a solid performance. hollywood week was harder than expected because she was fight expected because she was fighting a cold. >> you learn a lot how strong you are in a situation like this you are in a situation like this. that's why hollywood week is really crucial to seeing who is ready for -- for america to watch them. >> julie: good luck to them. always fun to have locals to cheer for. you can find out if jessica or sonica make it to the top 24 right here on fox25 tonight. a popular movie series about fast car also go on for several years. green lit the 9th and 10th movies in the "fast and the furious" series. one of the stars paul walker died last year in a car crash. the studio did not release any
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the is, no shoes, no shirt, no service, even if you are a sea lion. this little guy found his way into a store and hopped right up to the counter. video that just popped up on facebook this morning show customers running into the still wet sea lion. getting there was no small task. the sea lion climbed 145 steps up the staircase from the beach to get into the store. the store owner had to bait the guy with canned salmon to get him back to the beach. glad he made it back safely. >> julie: he had some birthday shopping to do. a big event coming up. >> daniel: absolutely. the wal-mart brothers. they are branching out. the new place the family is look the new place the family is looking to open up one of their burger joints, and the expansion plans for the rest of the country. from crime fighter to just
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