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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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elderly couple running out of their home. the emergency in the neighborhood just moments before the fire started, and how neighbors helped them escape. >> former friends now foes on the campaign trail. the battle between ted cruz and donald trump heating up in the granite state. we are with the candidates as the primary inches closer. the democrats square off in a new debate. why the clinton campaign is trying to lower expectations in new hampshire. we have team coverage from our primary headquarters in the granite state. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news julie good thursday morning. it is now 4:30 on february 4, i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. stubborn rain and fog sticking with us this morning. meteorologist shiri spear is in the storm tracker weather center and shiri, show us which towns and cities get hit the hardest. >> shiri: fog is our main concern.
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encounter tons of visibility down the cape and islands. mile and a half in rye annis, chatham, vineyard and nantucket and that fog can spread through 7:00 this morning. right now we are seeing hints of a sprinkle out toward bourne. a little more rain toward providence, rhode island, that is rolling toward us here. foxborough getting a little bit of a sprinkle. still dry in boston at 54 degrees. 54 in boxford. clearly just rain this morning because temperatures are so mild out there. we have worcester at 53 degrees. and a couple of sprinkles popping up toward webster and auburn as you wake up this morning. here is what we are going to go with. fog. scattered mostly over southeastern massachusetts at 7:00 this morning along with patchy showers. noontime comes along 52 degrees. temperatures are not moving very much here. showers will only be across the cape at lunchtime. the rest of the area dries out, brightens out. further inland brighter with temps still hovering there in the lower 5s.
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means we are pulling in cooler air. the winter storm watch going into effect early tomorrow morning through the early afternoon for up to 6 inches of snow accumulation from the south shore down to the cape as well as the vineyard, and i am going to break down the hardest hit areas coming up in a couple of minutes. now over to julie grauert again with live drive time traffic. things looking quiet out there, shiri, if you were taking the pike. speed limit from framingham through newton and into the center of boston. 93 south, route 1, wide open. a live look at the zakim bridge bridge and the leverett connector without any issues. over to the live drive times. to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. flames en gulf a home for their lives. neighbors. this morning that couple is injured, but overall okay. fox25's michael henrich live in
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video, and pretty incredible they are doing all right, michael. >> reporter: yeah, thankfully they will be okay in time. they do have some injuries and even more amazing that they made it out all right. when you take a look at how damaged this house here on tucker road in norfolk is. it is absolutely incredible that their injuries are not life-threatening. as fire fighters say they do plan on staying here, and they are in the driveway here to guard against any potential flare-up flare-s at this house until the sun rise today protect the neighborhood. fox25 on scene as this was breaking last night, but new this morning, a fresh glimpse of the flames in this video sent us to by a witness. now this fire started around 8:00 right after the power went back on following a 90-minute outage. the neighbor tells us the man who lives here tried close his garage door which shorted causing a fire and a small explosion and one that is large
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>> so he ran across the street and slamming on my door like mike, mike, she is in the house. she is very elderly. walks with a cane. can't move very quickly. so it was pretty frightening. >> reporter: fire fighters say the woman who lives here was somehow able to get out the back door on her own with singed hair, smoke inhalation, and some minor burns. both were expected to be okay, and the official cause is under investigation. now, mike, the neighbor, also told fox25 about the demeanor of this elderly couple that was taken to the hospital. we are going to try to turn that around within the next 30 minutes and get that to you in the next report. again that is ahead at 5:00. live in norfolk, michael henrich live in norfolk, michael henrich, fox25 news. new this morning, flames shoot through the roof of this home. it started on sergeant street during our news at 10. heavy winds knock a power feline a tree and investigators that i started it. the tree fell on to a car in a
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but everyone is okay. downed power lines wreaking havoc on the north shore. those wires were buzzing and popping as they hit the sidewalk and started a fire in swampscott and started a fire in swampscott. police posted this video on banks road on their facebook page this morning. they were able to disconnect the power to prevent any further damage. no one was hurt. that same storm sent a tree crashing down into children's bedrooms. this morning, there is quite a bit of cleanup. take a look at the tree that smashed through the roof of kimball road in amesbury. branches fell in two separate bedrooms. four kids were asleep at the time and the tree narrowly missing them. everyone was shank up. >> my middle son he didn't go into his bed. he sat on his chair to watch tv. if he was in his bed, the tree would have landed on top of him. >> when i came out all the kids were in the dining room crying and screaming and freak out. >> julie: the damage was to
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find somewhere else to sleep. it knocked down the power down the treat on haver road. and this tree narrowly missed a car in boston. that tree. and there were power outages during the height of the storm, but this morning things are getting back to normal. the severe weather caused 9,000 outages. right now national grid are reporting 1200 people are still in the dark. eversource are reporting just 30 eversource are reporting just 30. in new hampshire, about 1,000 homes are still without power this morning. we will update those numbers throughout the morning. as shiri said, we are tracking more rain and fog this morning. she will bring us updated information as she gets it, and you can also get her custom forecast any time. it is on the fox25 weather app free for your apple and android device. the presidential candidates are marching full force toward the new hampshire primary and starting to get ugly. fox25 anchor gene lavanchy is back at our new hampshire primary headquarters in manchester this morning with what we can expect from the campaign today.
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>> gene: good morning, daniel. good morning, julie. the democrats this morning are focusing on the debate. they will go head to head at unh later tonight. as for the republicans, donald trump returns to the granite state with his first event this morning in exeter. meanwhile, ted cruz is making three stops in portsmouth, weare and laconia. marco rubio will also start the day in portsmouth before making three other stops throughout the day. john kasich, meanwhile, his day in pelham at 9:30 and chris in pelham at 9:30 and chris christie the elks lodge in keene christie the elks lodge in keene, new hampshire. meanwhile, ted cruz is -- is going to be talking a lot more about donald trump today because republicans are sparing over allegations of dirty trick during the iowa caucuses. both donald trump and ben carson
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they claim that carson and his -- cruz rather sent staffers an e-mail telling supporters to say that carson was dropping out of the race. also tweeted that cruz, quote, stole the caucuses in iowa. and yesterday, texas senator said that he and his staffers were wrong to imply that carson was leaving the state of florida -- leaving for the state of florida. yesterday the texas senator said that in fact he realized that carson was only going to florida for one day after the caucuses. >> i apologized to him directly. i said, listen, it was a mistake for our team. >> i think forever -- whoever is responsible for blatant lying should be dismissed. >> gene: last night cruz responded to trump's allegations
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the texas senator called the example of a trumper tantrum and said cruz should be qualified as winner of the caucus. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be facing off at a debate at unh. last night both candidates took part in a town hall forum in derry, new hampshire. the pair took questions from voters on issues to the economy, climate change, and fight against isis and they sparred over which candidate is more progressive and highlighted their goal for the presidential campaign. >> what this campaign is about is not just electing a president, it is creating a political revolution. >> but the goal has to be pro-vent the republicans from getting back in the white house and undoing all the progress that has been made under president obama. >> gene: both clinton and sanders have agreed to add three more debates in the coming month more debates in the coming month. the sanders campaign initially refused to participate tonight unless an agreement was reached on future debates.
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caucuses, clinton does remain behind sanders in most of the polls here in the state of new hampshire. for the first time clinton appears to be lowering expectation of her performance in the granite state. she made comments of running in her opponent's back yard and they are neighbors. sander s is a neighbor because of vermont. and credits sanders for the job he has done in new hampshire. >> bernie sanders has not run campaign, but he has created a political movement. the last time we saw that is when barack obama became president. >> gene: in 2008, then senator obama won the iowa caucuses and finished a close second to hillary clinton in the state of new hampshire. two more notes from the campaign trail morning, pennsylvania senator rick santorum is dropping out of the republican race and endorsing florida senator marco rubio.
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support this year. as we told you as it was breaking, kentucky senator rand yesterday. stay with us through election day here in new hampshire, primary day. you fox25 is the place to turn primary. i will be here at our primary headquarters in manchester for you all morning long. and, also, we will be bringing you primary specials every night at 7:00 with our reporter sharman sacchetti. our political reporter. we will have in-depth reports on the candidates, as well as expert analysis. on primary night, we will be with from you our news at 5 p.m. straight through 11:30 bringing you live results and live reports from the candidates headquarters and speeches as they happen. we will also stream it live on the fox25 app and to our web site, of course, you get more details on the campaign and what is going on here in new hampshire this morning. we will be here throughout the morning. right now go back to daniel and sglooul our dedham studios.
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back at the top of the hours. a terj behind the wheel of a car that crashed and left two people with permanent disabilities is going to jail. prosecutors say nicholas papadopolis was speeding on the arborway when the car crossed the median and crashed into a pickup truck. the driver was paralyzed and unable to talk to his three children. he was injured and the passenger in his car is now wheelchair in his car is now wheelchair-bound. a judge sentenced him to one years behind bars and five years of probation and 2,000 hours of community service. this morning police still haven't charged anyone in the death of a roxbury boy. 3-year-old kenai whyte was found seriously injured on monday and died in the hospital on tuesday. our crews were on the scene when the police came back on alpine street to investigate. fox25 confirmed that dcf was investigating the family. a vigil was supposed to be held last night but heavy rains postponed that event.
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every ten minutes. a look at the live drive times, south of boston an easy 10 minutes from 228 in rockland to the braintree split. shiri. >> shiri: this morning watching out for rain and fog. so much easier going home this afternoon. things get way worse tomorrow morning. i am timing out heavy snow and where we are expecting up to half a foot for that friday morning commute. >> the nfl wants to go over sea >> the nfl wants to go over seas, and now so does fantasy sports. coming up on the fox25 morning news, the international sports team draftkings is now pairing up with. and working to keep guns off airplanes.
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5:45, meteorologist shiri spear here, and we have a couple of showers popping up in places like franklin. the big map show we have more to come from the west and the southwest as the morning goes on. this morning a second person is under arrest accused of steaming human remains from a cemetery. on tuesday, police arrested a 40-year-old man who practices the religion known as santoria in connection with a theft from hope cemetery in worcester. police found alatars with human skulls and blood in the basement of his home in december, another connecticut man was arrested in connection with this case. police say eight body were taken from locked mausoleums from a sem ter flee october. 4:46.
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remains a powerful force in iraq and sir ye despite a u.s.-led bombing campaign. u.s. intelligence experts say they believe 20,000 to 25,000 islamic fighters. 30,000 isis fighters have been killed by coalition air strikes. the group has replaced those from areas that seeds control. first time during his presidency, barack obama makes a visit to an american mosque. the president met with american leaders at the islamic society in baltimore yesterday. the roundstable focused on religious tolerance and anti-muslim prejudice. comes at a tough time by terror attack by extremist notice u.s. and abroad. >> recently we have heard inexcusable political rhetoric against most of americans that have no place in our country. >> daniel: the president was referring to the recent call to ban muslims to enter the u.s. by presidential candidate donald trump.
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security screenings of airport employees following a security breakdown in 2014 when a former delta employee was allegedly using his id badge to smuggle dozens of guns from a flight from atlanta to new york. the tsa agent said to increase the amount of employees screened to 600%. they say it is not enough and they want employee background checks to be more thorough. >> we have people working at airports employed that are osteoporosised to be vetted. >> tsa will rule out a pilot program that will improve employee veting and let if an airport or airline worker is arrested and charged with a crime. the boston bruins begin a home-in-home series with the buffalo sabres. the team will face off in western new york this evening before doing battle at the garden on saturday. the celtics remain on a roll the celtics remain on a roll. the nice passing with the piston the nice passing with the pistons.
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ends up with a ball on the break going, going -- that is off the class. cs up by 20 at the half. cs up by 20 at the half. the ukraine. watch this. here we go. and it drops somehow -- evan turner gets this one to go down. beat detroit 102-95. they won seven of their last eight. here we go to a look at the map right now. things are still a little bit quiet on the expressway and 128 north and southbound. moving to north of town, 93 south. route 1 looks good. zakim bridge and leverett connector wide open. over to those live drive times. 2 1/2 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now with a look at with a we can expect today as we head out the door. not as cold as you may expect for a february day. >> shiri: if on this map i had 50 degrees weather it would be
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what is going on. temperatures holding steady throughout the day. showers and fog around this morning but the threat for any kind of damaging wind will be as low as it can get. we have got 20-mile-per-hour gusts but that is not going to do any damage. the showers this morning will be far weaker than the rain we had pounding the area yesterday. but we have some scattered showers on this front. this front is then going to hang tight pretty close by throughout next 48 hours, and that's what is going to bring back the chance of snow tomorrow. so that looks like that whole system will be a little bit closer here into the morning. but for the time being, sprinkles and fog out there. this is your temperature trend for the boston area. i want to point out see low and mid-50s all day long. you are dressing now for what you have this afternoon. we have this slight risk of a passing shower before noontime today. in boston, it would be light, it would be isolated out toward hyannis. better chance we will tap into on-and-off showers and fog throughout morning hours. temperatures here also hanging
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a little cooler out toward worcester. right now you are waking up to those 50s. slight chance of a morning sprinkle around 8 a.m. otherwise keep it dry and you end up brightening up with temps in the upper 40s. upper 40s orange and keene. 53 in finchburg. plymouth at 55. and 51 in hyannis and those clouds will be way thicker closer to the coast you get, and especially the closer to the cape you get. because that is closer to that front. so through 10:00 this morning, you can see we have scattered showers mainly south of boston coming to an end by 1 p.m. last of that wet weather over the cape. here is that problem that little piece of the front that ends up swinging back toward us. even though a little bit of a break with partly sunny skies throughout the afternoon and early evening through 7 p.m., we will see that rain starting to work its way inland. this whole thing now looking a lot closer than it did even yesterday when we were checking out that friday forecast. so with that closer now and that
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that means that after midnight, we see a change over from rain to snow and will be a sticking snow. the timing worst will be during that friday morning commute. even with a burst of heavy -- close to that rain-snow line and the south shore and south coast down to the cape and islands and you can see this snowfall reaching into the merrimack valley in central massachusetts. by 1 p.m., i expect that we will still have snow over the cape and comes to an end between 1 and 4 tomorrow. and then we actually fwriten up significantly from west to east. as far as the accumulation goes, outer cape and nantucket 1 to 3 inches. 3 to 6 from the middle cape all the way to the cape cod canal to plymouth, bridgewater and fall river. 1 to 3 around the brockton, boston, canton, franklin, that coating to 1 into the merrimack valley into central massachusetts and watch portions of north shore like lynn and gloucester for that 1 to 3 inches of accumulation friday afternoon brights up.
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flurries on sunday with a chance of more snow monday into tuesday. back to you. >> julie: julie, speak to you soon. a nurse goes above and beyond to make a young patient comfortable. magic carpet ride >> his performance that is understandably going viral. up next $63 million belongs to someone.
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it is a caped crusader caper. police in orlando is looking for
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and robbed two dollar stores. he made off with a little cash. no one was hurt. time is running out to collect adds 63 million lotto prize in california. the california lottery is sending thought urgent plea on twitter looking for the winner. a 7-eeleven sold the ticket in august and unless someone shows up by 5 p.m. today, the money will be forfeited. wallburgers is looking to expand again. the haverhill chain is looking to branch. they hope to open 100 to 50 more locations within the next five years. drivers in rhode island can honor a little boy battling terminal cancer. the state just launched a vanity license plate for dorian murray. the young boy fighting cancer who had a dream of becoming famous. thousands took photos and posted them online with the hash tag "be strong." >> means a lot for us.
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state has given us and everybody is d strong. >> to honor dorian, the dmv employees made a donation to the american cancer society. a dangerous fire sends an elderly man and woman to the hospital. coming up this morning, how neighbors helped them get to safety and what happened on their street moment before the fire started. our team coverage from the campaign trail continues this morning. gene lavanchy is anchoring from our primary headquarters in manchester. the battle for the here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. x evening, sir. hello! here's the keys. and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that beef wellington... to see how much you could save on car insurance, go to zah! (car alarm sounds) it's ok! alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology.
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and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. now at 5:00, a winter storm watch has been extended into more parts of massachusetts. the towns and cities that could wind up with half a foot of snow. frantic calls for help as a house goes up in flames. >> my kid is in there. >> no, he is out. he came on down. >> sara: sart rescue and what
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before the fire started.


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